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File 151658145272.png - (94.38KB , 499x600 , mootpoint.png )
860238 No. 860238 ID: a30024

NSFW content ahead!
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No. 862353 ID: a30024
File 151708105648.png - (67.04KB , 438x600 , 2-17.png )

Friday, January 26, 2018
9:43 PM

Casey smiles, "Don't worry, I'll take care of this, Mr. Ochre."

He sags as a sigh of relief escapes, "Thank you! I'm sorry to have asked this of you… You can't imagine what this means to me. Um… There's a robe behind the screen if you need it, as well as um… "He cough's politely, "lubricant. Um, if you need anything, come get me." He turns to leave, looking behind him as he closes the door quietly.

Casey ducks behind the privacy screen and there's a rustle of clothing. She reemerges wearing a fluffy robe. "There we go. Okay, so we want to reproduce the conditions in which the ghost appears right? I guess that means no prying eyes."
No. 862354 ID: a30024
File 151708106182.png - (74.23KB , 600x341 , 2-18.png )

Kol and Gabe slouch behind the folding screen with a quiet "Aww".
She sits on the couch, leans back and picks up Mr Ochre's prized toy.
No. 862355 ID: a363ac

after you are done staring into the dildo's eye like a lover I guess stick it in your mouth for lube.
No. 862358 ID: 3ce125

Start worshiping that dildo. He adored it, try to replicate that feeling. Get yourself really worked up before you stick it in.
No. 862364 ID: 6780f5

Ask the nice tendril to the left if they want to join in.
No. 862365 ID: 3ce125

That is Gabe's tail.
No. 862371 ID: 6780f5

My point stands
No. 862377 ID: fda98a

Gabe, your tail is showing, hide properly you dingus.
No. 862394 ID: a30024
File 151708668024.png - (119.79KB , 600x518 , 2-19.png )

Casey starts by running her tongue over it experimentally; tasting the synthetic shape. It really is quite a pretty blue.
No. 862395 ID: a30024
File 151708668457.png - (93.25KB , 600x510 , 2-20.png )

She takes a deep breath and lets it slip into her mouth, testing its depth. Getting it warm and wet for the next part.

No. 862396 ID: a30024
File 151708669232.png - (112.37KB , 600x432 , 2-21.png )

Her hand slips beneath the robe and between her legs. A single finger slides back and forth. She angles upwards and finds that she's not quite ready yet, so she withdraws and returns to rolling it in easy circles around her entrance.

She huffs as she feels her self warming up and pulls the dildo out of her mouth with a slurp.

No. 862399 ID: a363ac

No. 862403 ID: 3ce125

Well, anal IS what he used it for, but I dunno if it's going to be needed. Use it in the more comfortable hole first.
No. 862404 ID: 8cb228

Nah, just try what comes naturally, if that doesn't work, THEN use it like he would.
No. 862405 ID: 678ddd

secret better anal
No. 862423 ID: 37dad1

Try all the holes.
No. 862433 ID: a30024
File 151709465959.png - (124.03KB , 547x600 , 2-22.png )

"You okay, Case?" A quiet voice comes from behind the screen.
"Mmm hmm," she moans, slipping the toy between her legs. "Just trying to forget that I'm in a stranger's house, about to get fucked by a haunted dildo."

Spreading herself with her fingers, Casey relaxes and lets the shaft slip inside. She sighs as it fills her and pushes it in deep, feeling herself get used to it. "Mph, glad it’s not too big."

No. 862434 ID: a30024
File 151709466889.png - (102.74KB , 463x600 , 2-23.png )

She starts to slip it in and out at an easy pace and getting comfortable. She closes her eyes and tries to imagine what it must be like for Mr Ochre, trying to recreate the joy he must feel when using it. "Ah, come on…" The strangeness of the setting is a little distracting, so she's not quite there yet. She needs… something else, trying to think of how to do that without disrupting the sense of privacy.
No. 862435 ID: 3ce125

>strangeness of the setting
Hmm, how do you usually use sex toys? Stick it to a wall or the floor and pretend it's someone else?
Or you could start fantasizing. Think of your ideal sexual encounter.
No. 862436 ID: 33cbe7

Think of your special someone while using it: Nicolas Cage.
No. 862437 ID: a363ac

rub belly.
No. 862438 ID: 45aab1

Caw like a bird. Maybe the spirit is attracted to birds!
No. 862446 ID: fda98a

Hmmm, maybe this?
No. 862448 ID: ed67d9


Think of Miki's cute little waggle butt, her warm smile, giving you a hug with her soft arms....
No. 862469 ID: f25286

Think of Mr. Ochre. Such a reserved guy with such a lewd hobby he goes to such great lengths to keep secret. I bet he makes some of the cutest sounds 'experiencing' this work down here alone, where no one can hear him.
No. 862528 ID: a30024
File 151710827927.png - (82.05KB , 600x428 , 2-24.png )

Casey arches her back, imagining someone there with her. She spreads her legs for them; welcoming them closer. She imagines their breath on her neck, their body against hers…

No. 862529 ID: a30024
File 151710828334.png - (127.26KB , 600x428 , 2-25.png )

…feeling their touch…
No. 862531 ID: c2051e

Just a hand. Keep going, don't want to scare it away intervening too soon.
No. 862537 ID: 33cbe7

Maybe they're into handholding.
No. 862538 ID: 3ce125

How much does a ghost have to manifest before you can grab them? Let your imagination go further, try to get them to kiss you. Then once the ghost tries to do that, you let loose with the coils.
No. 862551 ID: de6d84

Don't stop, the hand's the only part showing itself right now. Getting a look at what's haunting this object will bring insight for what to do.
No. 862552 ID: 3abd97

Keep going, the client usually stopped at this point.

Then maybe once you've got them involved you can snare them with your tentacle magic.
No. 862553 ID: 258190

Patience. Need to wait for the right moment.
No. 862559 ID: e1c8f7

Keep going. Imagine they're all over you. Your thighs, hips, stomach, breasts.
No. 862585 ID: a30024
File 151711907646.png - (151.78KB , 700x500 , 2-26.png )

She leans in, imagining her partner coming close for a kiss.
No. 862586 ID: a30024
File 151711908148.png - (96.93KB , 600x428 , 2-27.png )

No. 862587 ID: a30024
File 151711908475.png - (88.85KB , 600x428 , 2-28.png )

"Hi there…" Casey smirks.
No. 862589 ID: 3ce125

Tell the others you have the ghost. Time to send it to the Zone.
No. 862590 ID: 258190

"Guys, I got the ghost! She's kinda cute. Does saying that make me a necrophile?"
No. 862593 ID: ed67d9

We can let them finish up over there behind the screen first. They're having fun... we might as well have some fun too!
No. 862619 ID: 8cb228

Politely ask her name and kiss her again! Tell her not to be shy and she doesn't have to stop if she doesn't want to. Maybe tease her a bit with those tentacles? But you do want to talk to her too... decisions decisions!
No. 862623 ID: 4324ce

Well, they're having fun...why not you?
No. 862635 ID: 636da5

Put the ghost at ease by whatever means come naturally...
No. 862654 ID: a363ac

hey guys I caught dinner.
No. 862669 ID: fda98a

Well hello there! Now, do not panic, we are not going to hurt you, we are just going to ask you some questions.
No. 862695 ID: 3abd97

Wipe that confused and surprised look off the ghost's face with an aggressive smooch.
No. 862705 ID: 68550e

"Hey guys, I got 'em!"
Keep them captive with more kissing.
No. 862713 ID: a30024
File 151716623596.png - (86.98KB , 312x600 , 2-29.png )

The ghost stares at her, aghast. "A-are you going to banish me?"

Casey croons softly, reassuring her, "No, its okay. We don't work like that. We're Spirit Guides: our job is to show you the way and help you move on. We only banish a spirit if someone is in danger."

She notices a soft rhythmic sound coming from behind the screen and smiles, "Besides, my partners seem to be distracted right now, so I'm in no hurry. Do you want to keep going?"

The binding spell winds itself between her legs and the ghost gasps at the touch. She smiles and nods bashfully. "What's your name?" Casey asks as the spell caresses her partner.

The specter confesses "Allayne."

No. 862714 ID: a30024
File 151716624435.png - (182.42KB , 700x500 , 2-30.png )

"Nice to meet you, Allayne." She takes her hand off of the toy, "Do you think you can take over for me?" A spectral hand wraps itself around the dildo and starts pumping it in and out with surprising force. "Ah! Good job! Yeah, like that…" She sinks down and closes her eyes as the ghost pounds into her, nibbling the knuckle on her free hand.
No. 862718 ID: a363ac

let the tents run free.
No. 862721 ID: d2d65a

Time to get spoopy!
No. 862722 ID: 66dad9

Ride it out!
No. 862728 ID: 7c262c

Ride that feeling!
No. 862729 ID: 3ce125

You can't control your tendrils but can you like, encourage them to do some probing?
No. 862765 ID: fda98a

Distracted with what? What are those two doing?
No. 862776 ID: a30024
File 151717838145.png - (133.13KB , 600x428 , 2-31.png )

Casey's fingers twitch and her spell surges. It pushes into the ghost, spreading her around the tentacle as it blindly seeks her inner places. "Ohhhhh fffuuck…" Allayne moans; the sudden sensation of mana, raw life energy, filling her is overwhelming. She pushes back onto the spell, trying to drive it deeper, feeling as if her soul were on fire.

Casey experiments with her aura, using her fingers to push and draw at the spell. Each time it withdraws from Allayne, a needy gasp escapes her. She stretches out her right hand and lets more aura uncoil itself.

No. 862777 ID: a30024
File 151717840260.png - (137.55KB , 509x600 , 2-32.png )

"AH!" Casey gasps as the spell finds itself somewhere unexpected. She blushes, having never used it for something like that but, after a moments hesitation, drives it forward. She feels it slip inside of her easily and fill her. "O-ha-kay, yeah that’s- wow." Once she relaxes, her initial discomfort gives way to a rising sensation of pleasure. Between the ghost thrusting into one end and her spell at the other end, any semblance of rational thought starts to dissolve.
No. 862778 ID: a30024
File 151717840626.png - (83.06KB , 340x600 , 2-33.png )

Above her, the otter's ghost's mouth hangs open as the mana tentacle pounds its way into her. Casey watches with fascination, able to see the line of aura pushing its way through her transparent body and stuffing every inch of Allayne. Having been touch-starved for so long, she's quickly reduced to a begging mess by the pulsing coils of Casey's aura.

No. 862785 ID: a363ac

touch a ghost titty
No. 862824 ID: de6d84

Give Allayne what she needs, RELEASE!
No. 862828 ID: 3ce125

Can't think of anything more to add except maybe move the tendril(s) faster.
No. 862845 ID: 56e50f

Touch starved huh? Maybe you should feed the poor girl. Give her a buffet. Neck, arms, hips, mouth.
No. 862864 ID: a30024
File 151719411266.png - (112.18KB , 600x428 , 2-34.png )

Casey reaches up to the floating figure with her hands still encased in aura. There's not much dexterity to them, but the feeling of mana massaging her body makes Allayne writhe uncontrollably. "Please, yes- yes oh yes…" Her begging ends in a squeek as she struggles to hold on.

No. 862865 ID: a30024
File 151719412005.png - (232.47KB , 700x612 , 2-35.png )

She shudders, her hands driving the shaft deeper into her partner and grinding the base against Casey's clit. With that final bit of stimulation, the mouse gives up on holding back, surrendering to the waves of pleasure overwhelming her. Casey goes crashing over the edge in a long, senseless howl. Her muscles clench and spasm helplessly and her aura runs wild.

Allayne feels the swell of energy pulse inside of her. The binding spell suddenly overflows, spilling out of her in a gush of ethereal energy. The ghosts eyes open wide as orgasm wracks her body, causing her spectral form to flicker and blur. She looks down at where the tentacle enters her body in wordless shock, watching the glow of mana suffuse her form.

No. 862866 ID: a30024
File 151719412892.png - (164.41KB , 500x700 , 2-36.png )

Casey lays against the sofa and blinks back the spinning stars in her vision, realizing that its not just her eyes sparkling, "Woah… I… I didn’t know I could do that…"

Allayne holds her hands out, feeling the energy spread to every fingertip like spring sunlight, "It- its beautiful. I- I can feel you in me. You're so alive…Thank you…"

No. 862867 ID: 559610

"No sweat."
No. 862871 ID: 3ce125

Time for aura-assisted cuddling, then broach the topic of helping her move on.
No. 862885 ID: e1c8f7

Invite her to lay next to you. Ask her how she's feeling.
No. 862931 ID: de6d84

Cuddle a bit.
No. 862980 ID: 6c2cf5

After the cuddles are finished let’s go show mr ochre exactly who’s been haunting his most prized dildo.
No. 863014 ID: b15da4

Perform the sending: BEGONE, THOT
No. 863053 ID: dced91

There is also quality of 'life' to consider. Just because she is non corporeal doesn't mean it's impossible to have a meaningful existence with friends and romance and such--after all, her 'owner' and she might be compatible. Or, moving 'onward' might be best for her. More discussion and investigation is needed!
No. 863084 ID: a30024
File 151727015765.png - (191.01KB , 560x700 , 2-37.png )

The glowing ghost drifts down to lay next to Casey. "It's what we're here to do…"

"Have sex?"

Casey chuckles quietly, pulling the toy out of her and setting it aside, "No, we're here to help you."

The otter gives a contented sigh, but a look of worry crosses her face.
"Are you okay?" Casey asks.

"Its just that…I suppose that means I have to go, doesn't it…"

Casey puts her hand in Allayne's, passing through the spectral fingers. "Yeah. I'm sorry… Its our duty to help you along. You know what happens to ghosts that linger too long?"

Allayne confesses that she does not and Casey continues. "When a ghost doesn’t cross into the Ghost-Zone, it starts to seek out sources of life energy: some call it mana. Life is the most addictive thing in the world: it's a power that lets us change the world, create more life, its what gives us the will to survive."
"If a ghost starts feeding off that power; it grows stronger, more stubborn. It starts seeking out more powerful sources of mana, until its able to feed off of living things. It-" She stops and looks worried.

Allayne looks down at little coruscating points of light filling her body, "I think I understand…"

They lay side by side for a while quietly. Allayne whispers, "I'm kind of scared… Do you know what the Ghost- Zone is like?"

Casey shrugs, "The only people who have seen it first hand are the Spirit Guardians. They say that there's a great sea of mana there. When someone is born, the Fates draw their soul from the sea and send it to earth, where it fills their body with purpose… and when we die, we return to that sea."
No. 863086 ID: a30024
File 151727022734.png - (121.93KB , 500x700 , 2-38.png )

The quiet rhythmic sounds from behind the screen stop and are replaced by a series of short gasping grunts, punctuated by a drawn out “Nhhhhhh!” A moment later a warm, giddy chuckle is shared between Kol and Gabe, both of them sounding out of breath.

Casey calls out, "Hey, guys. You can come out now."

The guys shuffle out from behind the screen with some surreptitious adjusting of clothing and buckling of belts. Gabe blushes, "Heh, sorry. Listening to you do your thing, couldn't help ourselves…"

Kol clears his throat, "Anyway, nice to meet you. I'm Kol, this is Gabe. Um- I guess we're your spirit guides for the evening."

The ghost giggles, "Nice to meet you, I'm Allayne. So what happens now?"
No. 863087 ID: 33cbe7

Now we suck the stolen life energy out of you in pretty much the reverse of the previous scene.
No. 863095 ID: 8cb228

"We help you move on, to the place you are meant to be."
No. 863098 ID: 3ce125

Ummmm... how DOES this normally go?
No. 863102 ID: fda98a

Yeah, how is the drill?
No. 863115 ID: 56e50f

"Well, first we ask you, 'Are you ready?'"
No. 863118 ID: 2efe4b

You could ask what her relationship to that toy was. Find out who she was and why she ended up haunting it. Or does she have a connection to your client?
No. 863176 ID: a30024
File 151728612223.png - (107.32KB , 700x410 , 2-39.png )

Gabe threads his fingers together and cracks them. "Depends, on how're we doin'. I take it Casey told you why we're here right?" She nods. "Well, all that needs to happen is that I open the gate, and you step through it. But I can't do that 'till I know you're ready. Anything you needed to wrap up before you go? You know, last messages, haunting confessions, locations of hidden treasure-" Kol elbows him gently and he smiles, "-Kidding."

She puts her hand to her cheek, "Oh! Um… yeah could you tell the guy who lives here that I'm sorry for… creeping him out… I didn't mean to."

"Sure. How'd you end up in that thing anyway?"

"I- I think that, when it was my time, I got scared and I just ran. I- I couldn't take it. But after a while, I just started to grow cold, and I could see all these lights around me, like candles. I think its that life energy you were talking about. But when this guy would, you know, do his thing, it burned like a bonfire. I just couldn't resist. I wanted to be with him, to feel that alive again… I didn't mean to make him upset. Tell him that, will you?"

Casey pats her on the back, her aura eliciting a little shiver. "Its okay. Anything else?"

Allayne smiles, "Just… thank you, and I don’t think I'm scared any more." She kisses Casey, leaving little tingles of mana tickling her lips. "I think I'm ready."
No. 863177 ID: a30024
File 151728613238.png - (205.91KB , 556x700 , 2-40.png )

Gabe nods and closes his eyes, channeling his power into his hands. A pinpoint of light opens in the world and, with great difficulty, he pulls it open; until he's holding a disc of pure white light a couple of feet across. It is without question a hole in the universe: beyond which is something too glorious and brilliant to understand. Despite the ferocity of the light, its hard to look away.
Straining, he holds it open for her, "Good luck…"

Allayne turns, says goodbye once more, and passes into the light.
No. 863178 ID: 3ce125


Casey can clean up a bit and get dressed, then let's go give Mr Ochre the good news!
No. 863180 ID: 33cbe7

Toss the dildo in so she has something to remember you by.
No. 863182 ID: 91ee5f

No, don’t do that!

It belongs to Mr Ochre and we have no right to give away his property!
No. 863210 ID: fda98a

Well, that's that. Lets report back to the owner.
No. 863221 ID: fe7355

Time to report to Mr. Ochre your success, the who, what and why of his haunted dildo and Allayne's message. But first, Casey has to clean up a bit and get dressed. Y'all also look each other over for visible signs of sex, clean 'em off and get presentable before heading out. Tidy the room back to what it was before, too.
No. 863222 ID: 35089a

if not the dildo then toss your panties or the robe
No. 863255 ID: 5da7c4


seconding this
No. 863301 ID: e1c8f7

See ya, Space Otter.

Get cleaned up and report back.
No. 863322 ID: a363ac

toss in panties.
go give Mr.Ochre his blue back
No. 863323 ID: 3ce125

Please don't litter in the hereafter.
No. 863397 ID: a30024
File 151736495742.png - (81.14KB , 600x389 , 2-41.png )

“Hang on!” Casey grabs something and tosses it at the portal. A spectral hand reaches through for a moment, snatching the little bundle of cloth out of the air just before the gate winks out of existence.
No. 863398 ID: a30024
File 151736496294.png - (172.74KB , 700x536 , 2-42.png )

Mr Ochre looks up from arranging his collection to see the guides emerge from his private chamber wreathed in smiles. He rushes to their side, only one question on his mind: “Were you successful?”

Casey nods, “She’s gone to the other side. You should have all the privacy you need.”

The bird sags as the stress leaves his system, “Oh Fates, Thank you! You have no idea the piece of mind you’ve brought me.”

“‘Course, it could happen again. From what she told us, you stood out like a lighthouse to a ghost. You might need to invest in a spirit ward if you intend to keep things private. Or, you could always give us a call.” Gabe shrugs and smirks.

“Oh, dear. I had no idea! Thank you for warning me.” He rubs his forehead. “I’ll have that done immediately.”
No. 863405 ID: a30024
File 151736566376.png - (74.10KB , 600x380 , 2-43.png )

Casey takes his hand, “Mr Ochre, the ghost, Allayne, wanted us to tell you that she was sorry for disturbing you. She said that she was ready to move on thanks to us.”

“Oh, I- I’m very happy to hear that. Perhaps, I should have tried to meet her... perhaps, someday I shall.” He sighs and looks back at the vast walls of his collection. “These have brought me years of pleasure and contentment, but I wonder if that is all that there is to this life. Maybe its time I let others experience this joy that I cherish.” The corners of his beak curl into a smile, “Or at least its time I stop living with the worry that I might never be understood.”
No. 863406 ID: a30024
File 151736567448.png - (186.36KB , 570x700 , 2-44.png )

Having said goodbye, Mr Ochre stands at the foot of his steps waving. “Thank you again! Perhaps next time you visit, it should be as guests! And should you ever need my help, don’t hesitate to call!”

Casey examines the card given to her as they left:

Cecil Ochre Asset management

Aside from that, it contains his contact info and address.

Hearing the thunderclap of Gabe’s gate opening, she smiles to herself and tucks it away in her top. Feeling a bit breezier under her skirt, she follows her partners through the gate and heads home.


skill up: Casey improved her dexterity when using a one handed binding spell.
No. 863417 ID: fda98a

We are on a good run!
No. 863441 ID: 258190

Let's keep this party hopping!
No. 863569 ID: 56e50f

Rest up, party. Did good!
No. 863908 ID: a30024

https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/863633.html Next thread!
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