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File 151744561363.png - (146.47KB , 700x397 , 3-1.png )
863633 No. 863633 ID: a30024

Chapter 3
NSFW warning!

The city of Moot point glows in the sunlight, its white stucco neighborhoods scattering brilliant beams across Akasha Bay. The founder, Augustine Moot, smiles down upon it from her plinth atop the sheltering cliff, making it all the more radiant. Under her watchful gaze the city bustles with activity: filling its marketplaces, cafes, and in the case of small children, its fountains. The sea air wafts through the streets, carrying the promise of fair skys and the smell of something baking…
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No. 870176 ID: 7c21bb

I mean, maybe look for any signs of shapeshifting. They had to have taught a course or two in... uh... Spirit Guide University??? 

Also, get REAL loud. Let 'em know you're enjoying it. You want everyone to hear you, including that Kelpie. Just ham it up.
No. 870186 ID: 91ee5f

>give her a big hug and say you caught her
No. 870266 ID: 18b08e

Hang on, did we ever actually define what counts as catching?
No. 870288 ID: 555f33

Looks like the kelpie got one over on them. Other than submitting, could be the only way to catch her is with an airtight trap.
No. 870300 ID: 18b08e

Her eyes are huge, and was her muzzle always that square?
No. 870377 ID: a30024
File 151969350998.png - (83.08KB , 700x461 , 3-84.png )

Casey bobs her head on Kol’s shaft and he puts his hand on her head encouragingly. “Mmm, thats good.” She gives him another wink and her head dips lower. Kol feels himself slip down her throat and lurches with surprise, “Woah, that's new. You been practicing?” She hilts him inside her mouth several times before pulling away.

Casey pumps his slick cock with one hand and coughs, “Maybe. Maybe I’m a sneaky kelpie trying to steal your heart...”

No. 870378 ID: a30024
File 151969351515.png - (69.17KB , 479x600 , 3-85.png )

She turns away from him and thinks, “Well, if I were a kelpie, I think the best way would be to bend me over that bench there...”

No. 870379 ID: a30024
File 151969353428.png - (80.05KB , 700x500 , 3-86.png )

Kol steps behind giving her a push. She obliges him and lands on the bench, rear in the air.

“And pin me down...”

No. 870380 ID: a30024
File 151969355074.png - (117.42KB , 500x700 , 3-87.png )

Kol looms over her, clamping her arms to her side.

“And make me yours..”

No. 870383 ID: a363ac

Anal basiclly.
No. 870386 ID: f6785d

...I don't want to sound pessimistic, but this is going FAR to well. I REALLY don't like to deal with Fair Folk.
No. 870387 ID: 67456a

Kol I hate to sound like a boner killer but how much longer do you have?

You can keep going, but maybe try something to ensure that even if you're pounding the real Casey the Kelpie will have a reason to come find you?

Unless this is, like, the Conjugal Visit before you get shipped off to the Titania Memorial Penitentiary in which case go nuts.
No. 870388 ID: 2e22fa

Well, if she were a kelpie, then that's a pretty nice glamor she's got there.
Not perfect, but that's a problem with all glamors.
No. 870389 ID: b1b4f3

If that is the Kelpie, you've definitely caught her. May as well say as much.
No. 870409 ID: 91ee5f

Don’t stick your dick in yet. Just lean down and say, “I caught you!” and wait for her to admit defeat before you continue your fun.
No. 870424 ID: 324920

Tell her that the two of you are going to have to be much louder if you want to have any chance of attracting the Kelpie's attention. Then give it to her, so that she can't even keep her voice down. Plus, if it is the Kelpie that'll improve the chance of getting the attention of the real Casey's attention.
No. 870432 ID: bb78f2

My only conclusion that this is the kelpie is that I don't think Casey would fuck around like this during an assignment involving a fey and your life.

I know we managed to talk the fey down to a mortal night, but who KNOWs what she has up her sleeve? What if fucking a fey like this kickstarts an obscure fey law?
No. 870435 ID: 91ee5f

Good point.
No. 870439 ID: e1c8f7

Oblige the lady. Give her a good ride.
No. 870440 ID: 7ad049


No. 870447 ID: ed67d9

Dooooo it. Do iiiit.

"Involving your life?" "Last day?" Holy shit guys, I think you've 100% missed the tone of this quest. It's honestly kind of a downer to be ready this light-hearted comfylewd thing, only to have suggesters insist that it's going to end up horribly for everyone involved. I mean, geeez.
No. 870448 ID: 91ee5f

We’re allowed to have our opinions on the possibility of the kelpie screwing us over. And not all quests keep the same tone throughout the entire thing, the tone can shift to a more serious one before going back to being fun.
No. 870457 ID: a363ac

see quest dis
No. 870462 ID: 10c408

"Well, I suppose if you WERE the kelpie I wouldn't mind giving her a good shag after catching her."


"I've caught you, obviously."
No. 870463 ID: 13cc26

I'm not sure which of these things you should say but regardless of which one you pick you should totally do it.
No. 870472 ID: 906811

Then anal!
No. 870480 ID: 6780f5

Lube her up, then do buttstuff.
No. 870498 ID: 9c2d0c

"Well, I better show that Kelpie how nice it is to be caught"
No. 870499 ID: b0bda0

Can you apply wards to the room while you fool around, or do they require too much concentration for that?
No. 870533 ID: 9aca35

now where
have I seen that expression before?

Still go ahead though. If you screw her and win the game, everyone is happy, no nights in the feywild required.
No. 870568 ID: 1561e1

>>870533 Hey, you forgot one

No. 870572 ID: 9aca35

I'd considered it but it seems more like earnest happiness or excitement than a cheeky smirk.
No. 870588 ID: a30024
File 151978115905.png - (87.49KB , 700x336 , 3-88.png )

“You ready?” Kol rolls his hips against her and she gasps.

“Mmmhmmm!” Casey moans, writhing in his grip.

“You want me to catch you?” He teases.

“Yessss, catch me...”

He leans over her so that he can growl in to her ear, “What’s that? I don’t think anyone heard you?”

Casey's lewd echos against the tiled walls, “Catch me! Make me yours! Give it to me!” She shivers with anticipation as she grinds against him.

No. 870589 ID: a30024
File 151978116521.png - (120.23KB , 581x700 , 3-89.png )

Kol dips his hips and thrusts into her in one smooth motion. Casey’s back arches and she squeals an impossible, pleasurable note.

Kol holds her there, hilted inside and immobile. Casey rolls an eye back at him as she is pressed against the bench, panting and wordless. He pulls her close and snarls in her ear, “You’re mine...”

Then he starts to fuck her.

No. 870590 ID: 7b53bd

wait, has she always had green eyes?
No. 870591 ID: ed67d9

Time to show her just how much warm iron you can pound into her over and over again.

the warm iron is your erection
No. 870593 ID: a363ac

hold her tight and loving show her what it means to be yours in words and actions.
No. 870594 ID: dfd2f7

Decisive Victory!

Now go to pound town, sport. You've earned it.
No. 870595 ID: 324920

Lean in close and whisper into her ear huskily, "You're going to admit you've lost the seeking game now, otherwise..." Then slowly make to remove yourself from her rear. That should get an admission of defeat out of her.
No. 870606 ID: 10c408

Tell her to change her appearance back, but keep the same size.

Then bang her. Fuck train has no brakes!
No. 870655 ID: e1c8f7

Right? Love on her, gently.
No. 870667 ID: 906811

Is is in the pooper right?
No. 870826 ID: a30024
File 151987424205.png - (146.19KB , 598x700 , 3-90.png )

Kol slams into her with slow, powerful thrusts, punctuating each with a question.










As Kol watches, her figure changes; the kelpie’s glamour crumbling bit by bit as he hammers away at her.

He pauses mid thrust, leaving only the tip inside as he waits for her answer.
The kelpie writhes in his grip and begs, ”Yes! Yes! You win! Good fun! Good catch!”. Kol rolls his hips into her claims his prize.

No. 870829 ID: 67456a

Well I'd recommend celebrating.

But you seem to have that well in hand. Go nuts!
No. 870831 ID: a363ac

or really empty your nuts
No. 870832 ID: a363ac

be sure to tell her how cute she is~
No. 870834 ID: f6785d

Good girl. Now, to celebrate!
No. 870860 ID: e1c8f7

Celebrations are in order then. Proceed as you were! You're gracious in victory, yes?
No. 870888 ID: 324920

"Good girl" Now go ahead and wreck 'er most tenderly.
No. 870914 ID: 24f307

Fuck the fairy.
No. 871041 ID: a30024
File 151995846294.png - (136.77KB , 700x484 , 3-91.png )

As the kelpie changes size, Kol shifts his stance and finds better leverage. He lets go of her arms, grabs her hips and drives his cock into her like frenzied animal. His partner moans as she’s stuffed, urging him on with strange fey gibbering.

“I think... I’m gonna...” Kol warns as the urge to finish rises. He can feel her getting close as well, welcoming warmth that urges him faster.

”Yes! Yes! Give to me! Please!”

Kol manages a staccato of thrusts, before coursing over the edge. His hips slam home one last time and he clutches himself to her. Her body shivers in ecstasy, riding a wave of orgasmic bliss as a tide of warm cum pours into her. Kol gasps for breath, his body sweating as though he had just run a marathon and glowing with a rush of endorphins.

No. 871042 ID: a30024
File 151995846817.png - (134.23KB , 664x700 , 3-92.png )

He slips free on wobbly legs and plops down on the bench beside the Kelpie. She lays still, her mouth stretched into a satisfied, impish grin.

“Have fun?” Kol asks between pants.

”Very good! Good game! Much fun! Fun for me! Thank you!”

“Heh, you’re welcome.” He looks at her a little warily, “So what happens now?”

She rolls over, giving him a strange upside down grin. ”You catch me! Now me for you! Good for you! This is rules!”

Kol blinks back bafflement, “What.”

No. 871043 ID: a363ac

ask for some water
No. 871045 ID: 3abd97

Uh, can I have a minute to catch my breath.
No. 871047 ID: ed67d9

She's on her back?

Sneak a peek at that glorious cream-pie she's rocking now.
No. 871048 ID: f6785d

My words exactly, Kol. Care to elaborate miss kelpie? I don't think i quite catch what that meant.
No. 871051 ID: f785a3

Well, okay, making her leave would just be cruel. But as much of a SEXUAL GOD as you are, Kol, I doubt you'd be able to keep up with her all night.

I recommend a sleepover. Comfy pajamas, scary movies, and pizza.

And some banging.
No. 871052 ID: 4324ce

Iiiiii think that means she considers herself to belong to him now since he caught her and those are 'the rules'.
No. 871054 ID: 2d1231


KELPIE has joined your party, whether you like it or not!
No. 871056 ID: 96d2ce

It took me a few times to figure out what she meant!
If you look at their lewd banter you can see that she set up another game when she said "are you game?" and then the whole thing of "make me yours!"
No. 871057 ID: b1b4f3

I don't remember that as part of the rules of the game... what are the terms of... ownership?
No. 871086 ID: 600f38

"That wasn't in the rules of the game. What rules are you talking about?"
No. 871087 ID: 555f33

Ohhhh. I dunno how to go about getting that annulled but make sure she's at least allowed to leave if she wants to. She's fae though so who knows. If she wants to stay though, she's fun to have around!
No. 871112 ID: 4f78c3

Hey, don't look a gift kelpie in the mouth.
No. 871116 ID: 094652

"Okay. Now get in this box and don't come out for the next 24 hours."
No. 871148 ID: e54266

While I don't remember ever agreeing to that, I am not going to argue against it because that was a damn good lay and having a fairy on call could be very useful.
No. 871193 ID: 56e50f

Yeah, we got one night with her so let's make it count.
"I think my friends would like to meet you."
No. 871296 ID: de6d84

"*pant* Please, some time to recover..."
No. 871304 ID: a30024
File 152005409093.png - (80.26KB , 600x414 , 3-93.png )

“W-Wait... are you saying you belong to me now?” Kol stammers.

The kelpie rotates her head so that she’s the right way up, keeping the same expression. “You’re mine...” she repeats in an uncanny imitation of Kol. "Rule of Fae. You caught fair. Fair as fae, fine as wine!"

“Oh...” he contemplates this, “What do you mean? I didn’t mean to...”

She shushes him with a smooch that sends a shiver down his spine.
No. 871305 ID: a30024
File 152005409405.png - (51.66KB , 531x600 , 3-94.png )

As she pulls away Kol feels something in his mouth. He shifts it between his cheeks and spits it into his palm; finding a perfectly round, black pearl a couple of centimeters across. He stares into the iridescent surface, “T-thanks...” Kol looks back at her, “What is it?”

”For to call. Bring me to you. We do more fun, make games, yes?” she beams at him, ”Speak to it, I hear it call to me, I come to you!” she purrs ”We have another game?”

"Uh…" Kol hesitates, before gripping the pearl tight in his palm, "Okay! We'll have more fun next time!"
No. 871306 ID: a30024
File 152005410021.png - (100.76KB , 426x700 , 3-95.png )

She stands up and stretches, her head nearly scraping the ceiling. "Mmm, was good game. You make me sore. Shame you not lose, would be a good, long night. You and I. We have good night next time."
No. 871307 ID: a30024
File 152005410511.png - (60.35KB , 303x600 , 3-96.png )

"Oh! One thing…" Kol hods the pearl up, "What do I call you? What's your name?"

The keplie blinks her dark eyes and brings an enormous hand to her lips. "A name, you to give?" its hard to tell whether she's confused or touched by the question.
No. 871309 ID: a363ac

No. 871311 ID: 7b53bd

No. 871315 ID: b1b4f3

No. 871316 ID: ed67d9


Variant of "nixie", a water spirit.
No. 871320 ID: e1c8f7

Vanessa. Ness for short, Nessie for an affectionate name.
No. 871321 ID: 555f33

Braelynn is a nice name.
No. 871332 ID: 094652

Do not give a fae a name!
No. 871334 ID: 555f33

Changing to this
No. 871346 ID: 75c814

This seams good
No. 871354 ID: 8ef863

This one is far too good to pass up
No. 871359 ID: 8a204b


No. 871372 ID: 138717

No. 871392 ID: f6785d

I like the reference, Nammu is cool.
No. 871393 ID: 67456a

This is a good one.
No. 871487 ID: a30024
File 152013672857.png - (166.74KB , 700x666 , 3-97.png )

"You want me to name you? Um…." Kol rummages in his head for something fitting, "How about Nixxy? That’s cute, right?"

The kelpie's eyes slowly go wide and utters a rising squeal that, in the tiled room, sounds like a pack of dolphins fighting over a power drill. "Nixxy? A name for me and I! Good name, yes!"
No. 871488 ID: a30024
File 152013673247.png - (110.56KB , 700x698 , 3-98.png )

"A name! I go use it, yes?" She twirls in a quicksilver flash and is out the door.
No. 871489 ID: a30024
File 152013673649.png - (156.21KB , 700x500 , 3-99.png )

The rest of the guardians, drawn by the unearthly squeals are astonished when the fae suddenly appears in front of them. She seizes Casey's hand and shakes it warmly. Hello, I am Nixxy! Hello, I am Nixxy! Hello, I am Nixxy!" introducing herself in turn, she continues to pump Casey's arm enthusiastically, "Nice to meet you!"

Gabe mutters out of the side of his mouth, "So… uh, did we win?"
No. 871492 ID: a363ac

speep~ I mean PILE!
No. 871494 ID: 3b1718

Well, I don't think she'll bother bathhouse patrons anymore...
No. 871495 ID: f6785d

It would apear so. VICTORY. A plesure to meet you Nixxy!
No. 871496 ID: 2ff99b

Well shes a cutie
No. 871508 ID: 555f33

It turns out that the real victory was the friends we made along the way.
No. 871512 ID: 67456a

No, Gabe, she just forgot we were playing. Short attention span, y'see.
No. 871515 ID: 8a204b

Try not to notice the dribbling river of white oozing down her thighs.

No. 871739 ID: e1c8f7

No. 872080 ID: a30024
File 152039136114.png - (210.02KB , 700x500 , 3-100.png )

Kol comes running up, wrapped in a towel. “Yeah I- I think so.”

Delilah breathes a sigh of relief, “Okay, good. That means you’ll leave my patrons alone, then?”

”Oh yes. I go. Good game! Much fun! You all play more games with Nixxy next time!” She smiles, showing an unsettling amount of teeth.

Casey shoots a worried look at Kol, “Next time?”

He clears his throat and holds up the pearl with the helpless shrug of a big guy looking self conscious, “Nixxy says I caught her, sooo she’s kind of... mine now?” He stares up at the massive fae and scratches his head, “I don’t exactly know what that means, but she said that I can call her with this.”

Casey sighs, “Well at least we don’t have to worry about Kol getting whisked away...” She stares up into Nixxy's smiling eyes, “but I guess that means you’re our responsibility now.”

A large, gentle hand pats her on the shoulder, ”You good friends to take care of Nixxy. Nixxy no trouble, yes?”

“Yeah, don’t worry. We’ll figure it out, Case!” Gabe gives her a thumbs up. He scratches his chin, “Wait, doe’s that mean she’s gonna be living with us? We’re gonna need a bigger bathroom... Hey Delilah, can I set a beacon here?”

The healer chuckles, “You can come back any time you want.” She adds, “As long as Nixxy is well behaved. Hopefully a couple of up and coming spirit guides as regulars will be enough to bring back our guests. I can't thank you guys enough!"

Gabe rests an elbow on his partner. "Yeah, see? Told you it would be fine! Another satisfied customer!"

End of Chapter three!
Kol received: Kelpie's pearl- Use at any point to summon Nixxy
Gabe added a new gate waypoint: Coral Pools
No. 872089 ID: f6785d

You forgot to add: Gabe has a date~
But hey, mission accomplished! Good job everyone!
No. 872286 ID: a30024

Next thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/872282.html#872282
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