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File 154060721621.jpg - (439.25KB , 640x720 , HalloweenTitle.jpg )
126192 No. 126192 ID: 2474dd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hey guys, did ya know ol’ Dr. Lilly has her own derelict-style mansion to host wacky Halloween parties outta? ‘Course I do! All mad scientists do.

So since Halloween’s been kinda quiet, I thought I’d jazz it up a little by invit’n ya to my LILLIVITALALIZING HALLOWEEN EXPERIME – EXPERIENCE!


See, y’all seem to be kinda stuck for Halloween costumes and activities so I thought I’d help ya out. I even got Clay to stop being such a stick in the mud n’ join in.

Don’t mind the decorations. I mean, they’re spooky an’ kinda frighteningly realistic but they’re harmless. An’ fragile. Don’t go bash’n dem.

So anyhow, everyone loves Halloween ‘cause it’s spooky AND because they get to pretend to be someone they ain’t, right?

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No. 126288 ID: 91ee5f

Roland is gonna be high as fuck! XD
No. 126296 ID: 70be57
File 154101547683.jpg - (1.41MB , 2191x1458 , BB 118.jpg )

Dervan: This costume doesn't fit me at all, I am not a girl and this mask over my face just looks ridiculous!

Fortune Ana: Hey, you were the closest thing to the devil that we know. So in a way, that custom fits you!

Laura: Besides it is a fun celebrating holidays with others, seeing all the interesting, creative costumes and people who wear them

No. 126329 ID: 2474dd
File 154121841827.jpg - (306.88KB , 640x720 , Futuristic Tentacle Slasher Spike.jpg )

Spike: A painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior!

Kitty: And are you fe-

Spike: NOPE!

Kitty: God. Dammit. Spike.

Spike: Ima gonna eat a candy!
No. 126330 ID: 2474dd
File 154122203364.jpg - (161.52KB , 640x720 , PantyGetSpike.jpg )

Spike eats an Anon 44-Flavour Bean!

** PANTY GET! **

He eats MANY Anon 44-Flavour Beans!

** PANTY GET! **
** PANTY GET! **
** PANTY GET! **

He probably ate ALL the Anon 44-Flavour Beans!

** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **** PANTY GET! **

God dammit, Spike.
No. 126332 ID: 2474dd
File 154122357054.jpg - (165.61KB , 640x720 , MeanwhileWithPantyNinja.jpg )

Meanwhile in other quest...

File 153682138447.jpg - (146.65KB , 608x558 , Q3125Dj.jpg )
125429 No. 125429 ID: d49498 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Alternate title: Spambot is trying to spur some productivity in himself so he's poking tgchan again.
This'll have a lot of NSFW in it, depending on player choices.

Third time's a charm. For this quest I'm trying to add more overt game mechanics to work with and dumping the more melodramatic writing tone, or at least what I felt was a too melodramatic tone. Hopefully this'll make the world a bit clearer and the tone wont have people taking things too seriously and complaining about other posters in the dis thread. Please don't do that.

Hopefully the super RNG heavy play wont be a put-off, I dusted off an old dice RPG system I never finished to make the 'logic' behind the game. Just kinda the first thing I have at hand. I'm still keeping details obscured so there's some exploration and discovery to be had.

I haven't worked up any kind of concrete plot to things, the rough idea I'm messing with is a kind of endless survival rpg. So the intent is to have mostly dice-rpg style character building and constant world building stuff being generated based on player character actions, and I'm largely just playing dungeonmaster while suggesters get total control over the players' character. No great plots or specific story though, well nothing super rigid anyway. Also shitloads of porn because I need the practice. 8D

I haven't been paying lots of attention to tgchan for a while but people keep bringing it up in conversation now and then so I got tempted. Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything important by just diving in this time. Posting the discussion thread first here so I can link it in the first post in /quest/ itself.
Hopefully all things will go smoothly enough this time and I'll be able to run a long and entertaining thread or two. Also draw lots of porns.

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No. 125871 ID: c9a8c5

Been a little swamped, sorry for the weeklong gap there, I'll be getting onto the next update today or tomorrow.
No. 125878 ID: 93f082

Thanks for the status update. I was starting to get kinda worried!
No. 126126 ID: 1d9a0d
File 154014028115.jpg - (188.81KB , 587x1063 , Spolikujyhtgrs 001.jpg )

There we go, I'm back.
Kind of glad I didn't do the writing for those panels at the time, by the looks of how rough they are my attention was divided pretty thin.
Have an extra doodle, it's not too much of a spoiler, I was doodling to try some things out.
I don't think people will be too wired about spoilers in a half-porn quest I hope.
At least it's a nicer pic than the two panels for this update, it'd just be a bit of a waste to redo them.
No. 126128 ID: 7efe6b

Seems "an update every day" was a bit too optimistic hehe

Even if you say it's a spoiler, I wouldn't be able to tell since it's not a character we've see yet, or know if we'll ever even see.

Discount huh? Even if she was 99% off, I'm not sure if I'd buy her with a face like that...
No. 126294 ID: 1d9a0d

Yeah, a little ambitious, but circumstances haven't been too great at the moment so the unpaid stuff was the first to suffer when I had to prioritise. Still, I've been having fun and I'm looking forward to getting more constant updates out sometime. Hopefully the wait isn't going to be too much of a pain for folks at the moment.

File 149344266248.jpg - (101.56KB , 674x1000 , __original_drawn_by_houtengeki__38650c84ba1f6721f0.jpg )
111249 No. 111249 ID: 68b0a8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hi guys. Discuss your plans for/opinions of wrong side of morning here. If you have questions or suggestions then post them here.
Pic related: Ray's mother.
23 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 114345 ID: 5b93d3

I'd like to see it continue. Moving the current thread out of the graveyard makes more sense than starting a new one.
No. 114437 ID: 31fd44

Good to hear! How would I go about doing that though?
No. 114444 ID: 5b93d3

Either message a mod on IRC, or 'report' the post asking for it to be resurrected.
No. 114548 ID: ffbc52

Ok! Reported thread, now we wait.
No. 114884 ID: bcfb0f

We're officially back in business!

File 154080522151.jpg - (7.00KB , 240x240 , mspfa icon.jpg )
126253 No. 126253 ID: 3501a4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hey so, there's this site MSPFA, that was originally created off of the Forum Adventure board (a forum adventure is basically the same as a quest in all ways that matter) on the MSPA forums. It was made to hold quests in a streamlined format without any of the discussion or commands separating updates. The MSPA forums shut down in 2016, but MSPFA has stayed up.

The reason I'm saying this is because i want to offer to mirror anyone's quests who would like that. There's pros and cons, some quests lose a lot without their surrounding discussion, but its a source of readers, so it might be worth it.

Here's someone else's mirror of Nan Quest as an example https://mspfa.com/?s=23588&p=1

If you have any questions, ask them, tbh i havent really thought very much about this other than i want to do it, so it would be good to hash out how its going to work.

I made this thread in the General Discussion board but i felt like probably not many people would see it there, so I asked if I could make it here.
No. 126255 ID: 2007b6

How would you handle text-only quests?
No. 126266 ID: 38ab47

Text-only quests wouldn't need to be handled differently, its not required to have images on MSPFA. I'd put each post of an update on a new page, unless you soecified otherwise.

File 144033017287.png - (48.05KB , 800x600 , arh_questdis.png )
94347 No. 94347 ID: 8177e7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Thought it was about time I made a combined discussion thread for all my quests.
508 posts and 59 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 125653 ID: a255bd

I went through the archives, looking for the forbidden topics.
The obvious ones are:
· Source of and events leading to damage to heart,
· Trying to repair the heart and
· Source of voices.
The less obvious one is that she can't talk about it, not just can't think about it (https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/780479.html#807623). We can't tell her about the plans.
Also sky power is NOT a forbidden topic (though its aura is, for some reason)

That injured left wrist, that's from the Mahou Shoujo episode (https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/568343.html#711173)

Now then, about the plan. I've noticed that Merud cannot stop talking with people about stuff. I don't think he'll keep the secret. Would that be a problem? I'm not sure we should care.
In any case, I think maybe we should give the letter to Moriko, she already knows about us and has seen Deem tearing off one of the manacles. I'll write a letter if I get some agreements.

(btw, I completely forgot about the mushroom potion options.)
No. 125655 ID: a255bd

well, knowing arhra, if he wanted me to drop it he'd have told me to drop it, either here or on irc (btw come say hi in #tgchan - the server is irc.rizon.net. most people are usually nice.) worst case, if it's not supposed to work yet then it'll fail hilariously, which is fine. things failing hilariously is like 20% of the quest.
No. 125657 ID: b1b4f3

>hurt wrist is from the april fool's thread
Interesting! Odd though, it didn't seem to weaken the seal. Must be some redundancy in its structure.
Initially, seeing the image where she breaks the chain, I got worried, but... her behavior is not that different afterwards. She's not going berserk or anything.
No. 125664 ID: a255bd

no, if anything i wish we got her to break the other one too.
No. 126254 ID: d18b05

Hmm this has been a busy month and November's looking worse. First half is actually a holiday for me, but that's meant more work on either side! Afraid updates are going to be sparse for a bit.

File 153394890650.gif - (20.31KB , 768x432 , g52LgVtNctIeJfOaNinKoHYe3DZWrRpM8l76gA.gif )
124748 No. 124748 ID: 04df57 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

This thread is for long-term planning, theories, or really anything that isn't a suggestion or directed at Morgan.

This is my first quest, so feedback is appreciated!
I am also willing to answer questions. Speaking of which, the answer to "Who are the suggesters?" is long overdue.

The suggesters are a race of beings known as the Busaskan Kinter. Your species shared its planet of origin with a close relative, the Castemor Kinter. In general, the Castemor Kinter didn't get along very well with other species, including yours. Unfortunately for you, the Humans, and quite a few other species, the Castemor Kinter acquired technology first and proceeded to enslave or exterminate any other sentient race they encountered. And so, here you are, a small group of Busaskun Kinter bug testing Macrocosm Production's newest game before it hits the market.
3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 126007 ID: b1b4f3

Updating more regularly could help encourage participation?

Also note there were a decent number of suggestions when shopping, so there is some interest. At the moment the fight we're in looks pretty straightforward so there's probably not gonna be much excitement about it. We're still kindof grinding for exp right now, aren't we?
No. 126008 ID: afdebc

I'm not sure making sure we have a map is necessarily the important thing (Maze Quest, after all, implies one of the challenges should be navigation).

It sort of feels too early in the quest to make meaningful constructive criticism, at least for me. Not enough data point, or distance to see how decisions or stylistic choices play out (which might be frustrating to hear since it's been months irl).

I did really like the bit where Morgan reached out and asked us to teach her how to play some of the games we were talking about.
No. 126116 ID: e8b597

>Overly complicated mechanics
Yeah, I may have gone a bit overboard with some of the mechanics. Ill try to simplify them where I can and keep things organized.

>More regular updates
Unfortunately, more regular updates are off the table at the moment. I am trying to fit more updates into the same time period, but with how long they can take to make, that isn't exactly providing astonishing results.

>I did really like the bit where Morgan reached out and asked us to teach her how to play some of the games we were talking about.
Thank you. Speaking of which, should the game take place on screen or off? (I know that so far we haven't had an "off screen", but we will eventually.)

So far the plot hasn't gone where I had initially expected, but I have a few things planned to keep it moving.

Thanks for all the feedback.
No. 126147 ID: afdebc

>Speaking of which, should the game take place on screen or off?
Doing (part of) the game onscreen could be fine, though you probably want to timeskip over the intro so we're not typing the rules to monopoly into our suggestions or what have you.
No. 126216 ID: a3d02f

Here's an explaination for some of the formatting I have been using.

"words" is stuff that I am saying.
">" is stuff that you guys said.
"[]" is stuff that you (the Kinter) know.
"words" is a game message.
"[name]: "words"" is someone named "name" saying "words" in english.
"[name]: [words]" is someone named "name" saying "words" in some other language.

File 149586418968.png - (128.29KB , 540x480 , D3Quest.png )
111978 No. 111978 ID: 8a947d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

I made a quest, guess I should make one of these too!

614 posts and 73 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 126161 ID: a451fc
File 154035649845.png - (875.73KB , 577x577 , HangedMan.png )

He's Hangedman from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Should've put the name of what he was here too otherwise it kinda doesn't make sense.
No. 126162 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, it might be time to make a new disthread.
No. 126166 ID: 1872dc

No. 126173 ID: eeb7d9

Yeap, make a new thread for that, it will get kinda messy if you don't.
No. 126174 ID: eeb7d9

That is a nasty Stand!

File 153371825031.png - (711.55KB , 1400x1197 , Beach Day 2018.png )
124701 No. 124701 ID: b5fb67 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Beach Day is the sandiest day ever! It is the day where various quest characters hang out at the beach. A little sand between your toes always takes away your woes. Have yourself a good time!

Remember: minimize lewdness; the beach police are still roaming around and they have tasers.

Previous Beach Days:
48 posts and 42 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 125352 ID: ab52c1
File 153638685595.png - (41.80KB , 900x840 , beach_day_2018_golems_waterfight.png )

rolled 13 = 13

Deem: "Quick, get that one in the shark swimsuit!"
No. 126151 ID: 2755f5
File 154031877077.png - (504.77KB , 697x752 , Limbo1.png )

Mizzit: "I'll totally win this limbo contest!"
No. 126152 ID: 2755f5
File 154031897399.png - (498.45KB , 697x752 , Limbo2.png )


Mizzit: "MYAAH!?"
No. 126153 ID: d887c0

No. 126165 ID: 70be57
File 154038112346.jpg - (346.93KB , 1500x552 , BB 109.jpg )

Wicker Stump: What an unfortunate turn of events, Mizzit do you need a towel?

Rubber: Because of this kind of happy little accidents, this job is worth putting up with


File 153960227620.png - (134.07KB , 700x600 , disthread.png )
126039 No. 126039 ID: c1eaac hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Figured I might as well make a separate disthread for AGGREGATE! If you haven't taken a glance into the Hearts Goetia disthread, my (sfw) curiouscat is https://curiouscat.me/hellpolitics and I'll crosspost any relevant questions over here if I get 'em. I'll also answer questions here, and it can be a space for you to develop your Aggregate-sonas!
7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 126065 ID: dc3ea2

here's a super basic rundown on how the hivemind works:
you can pick up on and be influenced by strong emotions/thoughts from people in close proximity to you who are also in the hivemind, but usually can’t detect the underlying intent behind the thought/feeling (so you have to ask out loud if you want to know, and people can lie)
you can hop into the heads of hivemind members literally anywhere in the city and be fully immersed in their thoughts/feelings/intents, gain physical control over their body, or psychically talk to them one on one without the rest of the hivemind listening in. it’s considered a little rude to do most of that with people you don’t know intimately or have permission from
some people keep their minds “open access” so the rest of the hivemind can see/comment on what they’re doing sort of like a livestream, some stay closed off unless they need something from another member
people can and Do offer unsolicited advice/support to other people in the hivemind, some people appreciate it and some don’t
everyone in the hivemind has the innate desire to assimilate others (mostly on the grounds of ‘it feels awesome, everyone else doesn’t know what they’re missing’) but they prefer people be voluntarily assimilated bc if someone gets added involuntarily it kind of screws up the emotions of the whole hivemind
No. 126068 ID: 1872dc

That's really cool, thanks!
No. 126135 ID: 1872dc

Uh, holy shit thanks for pointing out Limetown, it's so exactly my wheelhouse.

Okay, since you mentioned the similarity, and also talked about emotions, I'd like to ask if that also worked in reverse. To push your own emotions on someone?
No. 126138 ID: c1eaac


omg isn't it great?? season 2 starts on halloween so i just re-listened to all of it in one day.

also pushing your emotions on someone via Aggregate probably works but only to a certain extent? you can send vibes to nearby people to try and calm them down or etc but pushing strong feelings on someone or forcing them to feel/act a certain way can only be done if you're entirely immersed in their mind.
No. 126148 ID: 1872dc

Yeah I'm really looking forward to season 2. I wonder what the format of it will be, especially.

Alright I'll definitely keep that in mind for later. It really helps to have such a clear picture.

File 145369842883.png - (11.68KB , 500x500 , ITQ_OP.png )
97324 No. 97324 ID: 3a9db6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]


The more they come, the worse they look!! JUST JOSHIN' YOU my friend! MY MY is it good to see you. Come on in, my friend, the thread is warm and toasty and BOY HOWDY do we love newcomers.

Make yourself right at home and DON'T YOU DARE be shy. Go ahead and answer any gall dang question you want! If you feel like askin' your favorite character ANYTHING at all, well you better call me CORRESPONDENCE McANSWERTON because you'll get your answer here, by gosh.

Previous ITQ threads, newest to oldest:

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
486 posts and 153 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 126022 ID: 891b91
File 153949917134.gif - (323.77KB , 1024x1024 , itq001-3.gif )

"Don't you fuckin' judge me."
No. 126024 ID: 06fdc0

...uh, did you finish before your laundry did?
No. 126027 ID: 7efe6b

Look, washing machines can get really loud. So there's nothing wrong with sitting on it so that it washes the laundry more quietly.
Wait, there is no laundry in there...

Thanks for the answer! Really well done and way better than I expected!
No. 126075 ID: 094652

Dr. Greene from Aux Oculo:

How much social life do you get outside of your little experiment?
No. 126103 ID: 7969eb
File 154001806615.png - (43.15KB , 557x587 , greeneanswer.png )

"I have not left this building in over a year, and unless my work is complete or somebody makes a better offer I'd prefer it stay that way."

File 153986961695.png - (181.50KB , 735x490 , 153980512722.png )
126088 No. 126088 ID: 54d1d9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hello everyone. This is the disthread for The Sultan's Curse. This will mostly be used for discussion among players, upcoming updates, and for me to answer questions as they come up.
thread - https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/907309.html[/spoiler]

File 150647530353.png - (37.39KB , 900x220 , First Fragment of the Frontier by strngy.png )
116125 No. 116125 ID: d36af7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

And the underground stuff, too. Drawing laughably inaccurate yet strategically indispensable maps is a big part of the old-school dungeon-crawling experience.

Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Please_do_not_Take_these_Organs
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4587981
home team: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/829557.html
away team: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/807859.html
discussion: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/116125
879 posts and 26 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 125651 ID: add037

So, would something like this be allowed?

Agatha Spires
Class: Townie
Ambitions: Giving things back to their rightful owners / candied apples
Phobia: Thunderstorms
left hip: lantern
right hip: coin purse
left shoulder: Azarthraine's spellbook. How fortuitous!
right shoulder: dried fruit
chest/neck: chain armor
top of head: helmet
somewhere uncomfortable: jade amulet
No. 125652 ID: 2007b6

Yeah, that's fine.
No. 125662 ID: 094652

From Azure's mentors:

"The core aspect of modern dancing is the consistent fact that it is a physical art recorded by the concept of vision. As you move, you concentrate the focus of the vision of your audience in the corresponding direction of your force. Do not, under any circumstances, discard this force. If you must be the center of attraction, balance every outward motion with an accompanying inward one. If your show and its producers demand a sacrifice of attention towards the scenery (read: other dancers), be sure to move the force towards the ones that have been demanded in turn to return it back to you once their meager display is complete. And finally, understand the limits and tendencies of your audience. Though we are unable to truly comprehend the scope and range of vision itself, we can say with certainty that those who live in the Blood Mire have a certain tendency: when they crane their heads upward, they get a crick in their necks and feel the compulsion to re-align them back. What goes up must come down, so to speak. Thus, usually you can perform an upward show of hands as your flourish and expect the focus to come back down relatively quickly. Just be sure to catch it."
No. 126081 ID: 2007b6

Now that Azarthraine has his spellbook back, I can't keep playing him as an NPC. Who's going to take over being the lizard wizard?
No. 126083 ID: afdebc

I'm juggling less characters than Santova, Kome and Strgy, and I'm already ostensibly in-charge of the Fire Hawks through Dav, so my taking over the other leadership character might make sense.

I'm really not at all confident about being able to manage the resources an nth level caster provides, though (good gods the spell per day preparation), and it feels pretty weird having a PC 10+ levels higher than everyone else.

Any reason why he doesn't work as an npc? I get not wanting one very powerful npc to overshadow player agency, but I sort of thought his position was going to be advice, artillery, logistical support, getting us jobs, crafting spirit sanctums and stuff in exchange for divine or magical favors / resources, etc.

Also I sort of liked having a character in a position to refine plans and rein us in when we come up with plans that don't make sense in-setting, or badly use resources we don't understand well.

File 153663556294.png - (105.30KB , 700x600 , disthread.png )
125380 No. 125380 ID: 11b5c9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

ask me all your dog-related questions
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 125398 ID: 11b5c9


like at least four maybe more but you have to meet their extremely specific dating requirements and also be dead to meet them which might be a roadblock


she just has the one that she found on discount and she's very proud of it and also very afraid of getting blood on it because that shit doesn't wash off. some sexy bullet holes from a shootout would probably be fine though


this will probably be explained a bit more in canon, but it's basically... the average person's impression of magic is sort of vast. like anything that's unexplained... could it be magic? we don't know! it's scary! magic can do anything! it's dangerous! stuff like that. in actuality it's limited and only demons use it. A is a little more familiar with it because she hangs out with demons, so you'll probably get a more accurate impression of it from her explanations. feel free to ask more about it tho!


IM SO SORRY if it helps there are like at least three more hot demons coming up that you can try that line on. i believe in you anon
No. 125416 ID: dbf422

This is exactly what I wanted, thanks! I trust that we'll see and figure out more during the story, but I really like having the very basic ideas people might have about magic.
No. 126049 ID: ef3ce2
File 153963049998.png - (671.04KB , 1098x1172 , Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 9_27_29 PM.png )

howdy y'all it's been a while! i have the next update basically done, i just got hit with a lot of exams and projects due at the same time! i have managed to draw a little though, so here's iris for you to look at while i gather the energy to color these panels :-)
No. 126050 ID: ef3ce2
File 153963083159.jpg - (73.01KB , 896x660 , DotnKqmUUAAfoUX.jpg )

i also drew a height chart for the currently-revealed characters. demons are Big
No. 126052 ID: 2f34ce

yeah theyre big. big sexy

File 151469440943.jpg - (289.07KB , 1000x800 , labyrinth-logo.jpg )
119222 No. 119222 ID: 12b116 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

General disthread for Labyrinth, where we will design cutebolds etc.

This quest is sort of an already planned out module, and any mechanics questions will also be answered here.
46 posts and 23 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 123446 ID: 5fa661

Someone suggested getting Oubliss pregnant and now all I can think about is Oubliss and Chop having a litter of musclepups.
No. 125622 ID: 93f082

I think that some sort of a minimap would be really helpful in this quest because every time I'm trying to suggest, I have to reread a bunch of posts to be able to figure out where we are and where we can go.
No. 125629 ID: b1b4f3

Probably best to just not think about where we are until we start running out of places to go.
No. 126015 ID: b1b4f3
File 153946994354.png - (15.31KB , 796x680 , map.png )

I made a shitty map!!!

Should be self-explanatory for the most part.
No. 126034 ID: 12b116

I am not going to provide a map, but

This is correct so far!

File 152239794386.png - (46.00KB , 640x640 , Title.png )
121946 No. 121946 ID: 413b9f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Quest here: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/871667.html

This thread is for questions/comments about the story itself, not suggestions. Ask anything!
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 121967 ID: 413b9f

They don't actually glow, just something that happened as a result of experimenting with the art style for this. Decided to just go with it.

They do float!
No. 121968 ID: b93a7b

well it makes her look striking and cute!

so I think you made a good call
No. 126023 ID: 413b9f

Hello to anyone who's been following this quest.

I know it hasn't gotten very far and I hardly ever update this anyway, but I'm putting this on an official hiatus.
My mental health has been quickly getting worse over the past couple of months and Curequest is the last thing on my mind right now. It isn't looking like I'm going to get much better anytime soon. I can't update anything like this.

Given the reasons, this hiatus is entirely undefined. I could be gone for a couple days or for the coming year, I have no clue.

I'll come back when I feel better. Thank you.
No. 126026 ID: 2755f5

take all the time you need to recover!
we'll be waiting whenever you can come back!
No. 126028 ID: 1872dc

If that's what you need, that's what you need. Hope to see you again someday.

File 145603709539.png - (519.12KB , 1500x1000 , discution copy.png )
97971 No. 97971 ID: 939c7f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

I get the feeling this thread will end up being quite necessary...
388 posts and 50 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 125804 ID: 3740b1

Dang, that's a shame. You going to have time for any commissions?
No. 125806 ID: a62780

Aww, you and your quests here will be missed, but you need to do what's best for you.

Good luck in your other ventures!

>how about quests as webcomic
would that even work?
No. 125809 ID: 4854ef

Like Prequel does it I suppose.
No. 125814 ID: eeb7d9

God damn it... now i am sad... Oh well, if this is the best for you, then go forward, you perverted devil you! And good luck in all your future endeavors!
No. 126016 ID: 900f15
File 153947884787.jpg - (619.30KB , 3000x3000 , starters.jpg )

hey guys, just a little follow up here~

Thank you all so much, I honestly didn't think this many people cared and really liked my work. it makes me wish things worked out better...

I'd like to make a webcomic at some point but im not sure how or when I'll be able to. I might need help with it if it ever ends up happening.

I might have time to take commissions, but I've been very preoccupied with the podcast lately. Soon I'll be back to my Tuesdays drawing sessions on twitch around 2pm, I'm always looking for new material and I take suggestions... but I'll keep it tame on twitch...

that being said the first episode is tomorrow, sunday the 14th around 6:00 6:30 Pm... Arceus Willing... on my twitch Chanel Twitch.tv/paladinfisher

With all the shilling out of the way...

I'd just like to say again, that writing stories on this site was some of the better times of my rather bleak life, and I'm happy about every post, even the really lousy early ones... thank you all for such a great ride~

File 131205523908.png - (61.34KB , 500x500 , cirrquestdis.png )
40905 No. 40905 ID: 89de88 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

This is the general "say a thing at Cirr in relation to quests" thread now, so if you have any comments, criticisms, complaints or otherwise let me know here.

The World Is Mine: >>346287
Defective: >>326221

OLD THREAD: >>331563
160 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 125990 ID: 9bb347

It would only cause damage, I imagine. The ichor gain comes from material removed from the target, maybe it would be useful on Chaos creatures if a way of excluding colours could be found?

Given the behaviour the bubbles had on Zu's minions and the fact that they are well, bubbles of ichor, they probably contain very high pressure air.
Because of this the barriers must be getting part of their strength from the counter-force of all that air. Maybe the barrier ichor would also rather flow to other bubbles than an ichor tool strong enough to puncture it?
If we find some tubes a blowgun could also be made for Calliope, in case we encounter something that can resist an ichor bubble popping or isn't a target we want to paint the ground with.

Hit points in this smell of safety margins to me, self-healing must be a result of manipulating non-structural material. Given that Scanner and Zu can both work at a distance we have some basis to develop external ichor manipulation.
No. 125991 ID: b1b4f3

Excluding colors? Are you implying ichor is merely chaos material that's been purified?
No. 125994 ID: b67388

No, we encountered chaos creatures in Reformation that had corrupted ichor and were mixed in with it.
No. 126012 ID: 7efe6b
File 153946851884.png - (29.97KB , 642x676 , sprintslash.png )

I'd like to suggest an update to Render's Sprintslash skill.

The skill currently has an elaborate description of how you can move up to 5 hexes with each hex dealing more damage. But if you can just move back and forth, then you can pretty much always guarantee a 5 hex move, no matter where the enemy stands, and it would be the same if the skill just dealt static 10 damage.

So to make the skill a bit more situational, I'd like to propose the following penalty:
When moving with Sprintslash, consecutive turns and turns for more than 60 degrees reduce the bonus damage.

This would be logical considering Render needs to build up speed for maximum damage, while sharp or consecutive turns reduce speed.

Attached some damage examples.
No. 126014 ID: b1b4f3

Render could be surrounded or some other obstacle in the way preventing the 5-hex move.
I kindof agree though, him being able to "sprint" in a tight circle like that is weird.

It didn't matter at all during the fight since when he did it he would've been perfectly capable of attacking twice, for MORE damage even.

File 144072216743.png - (30.29KB , 800x600 , HALLDiscussion.png )
94495 No. 94495 ID: 979117 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Talk about that one quest with the sad-looking cat here. Just try not to embarrass Andrew too much.
88 posts and 25 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 119536 ID: 245a0f

Believe it or not, I've been working on the HALL comic a lot. Though unfortunately, most of the time was spent on a script (most of which cannot be shown yet as to prevent spoiling my own story) and I've only semi-recently gotten to drawing out the first page(s?). So yeah, turns out I'm bad with comics. Bear with me while I learn how to get good with comics! (I'm estimating it should be released at least in two weeks. We shall see. In the meantime, I'll get back to updating HALL again.)
No. 119538 ID: ae9b99

take as much time as you need.
No. 124022 ID: d03d44
File 153082378805.png - (231.23KB , 845x978 , 7-5-18+HALL_returns+.png )

And we're back! Yeah, turns out I'm not all too fast adjusting to changes in life. I'll work on that. But yeah, sorry for the lack of transparency as well as the sudden slowdown (with both the comic and quest itself).

I'm having troubles creating a script that I actually like for the comic, but I think I'm on to something now. No promises though, as I really can't deliver on them at the moment with life kinda being all over the place.
No. 125927 ID: d03d44

Alright, I know I do this crap a lot, but I'm sorry I haven't been updating much lately. Though in most cases it's life based, this one is more-so motivation.

I've sorta been feeling like I've been doing quite poorly on HALL lately and I've been trying to fix that up. The current puzzle is poorly explained and that's something I'm making an effort to learn from.

As for the HALL comic, I'm still working on it, I'm just struggling to get it to a point where I'm satisfied with it as I'm unfamiliar with drawing comics.

I'll continue working on HALL until the end as I'd like to at least have one completed quest (I've a nasty habit of just quitting when things go wrong) but it'll be slow for a bit while I try to figure everything out here.
No. 125932 ID: 7c96ce

Sorry to hear you are feeling burnt out. Take your time. I am glad you are still posting on the draw thread.

File 153814962346.png - (279.96KB , 700x600 , gwdtcover.png )
125679 No. 125679 ID: 4ac654 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

something something making the fish gay??
No. 125681 ID: a307f1

question: will the fish be gay?
No. 125687 ID: 4ac654


the fish will be super gay!! thank god!!
No. 125708 ID: 6ca046

question: will the gay be fish?
No. 125746 ID: 4ac654


not all gay will be fish!! some gay will be cats!! but lets be honest here: there will be a lot of gay
No. 125747 ID: 4ac654

with those v important qs out of the way, i should probably introduce myself!! i'm stelle, and i've wanted to do a Quest for a long time and now uhh i'm finally doing it? im still kinda finding my footing in regards to art and writing but thank you for bearing with me as i get adjusted!! i was really anxious abt starting (and i kinda still am whoops), so your suggestions, interest, and support has meant so much to me!

i guess!! if you have any qs abt me, ilde, the story, etc, feel free to post them here!!

File 131002726334.png - (134.44KB , 800x800 , chee.png )
39266 No. 39266 ID: 651982 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Because it's nice to have one of these things.
468 posts and 26 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 49554 ID: b6edd6

The changes needed are fairly small, though somewhat unintuitive.
My experiments with the secrets of the secrets of life and death are documented here:
The list of the things that need adding are in the Summary section.
No. 125722 ID: c42ffc

Man. I get such major crisis 2 vibes from this quest. Like how chee is really a dead-man-walking, how she becomes stronger by sacrificing more of herself and taking on the abilities of her enemies, and how she (un-purposefully) replaced her previous body with another's and transferred the echoes of her personality into it.

Major crisis 2 vibes.
No. 125725 ID: c42ffc

"It all comes down to how much you're willing to sacrifice"
No. 125729 ID: d5442a

Chee was a great quest, very popular, and one that led to a lot of great stuff after that's still going now. But it's generally considered to be not the done thing to dig up a thread for a quest that's been completed for six years.
No. 125730 ID: afdebc

Eh, there's a reason dis threads don't normally get locked or archived like quest threads. If new readers want to discuss completed quests, or share their reactions or feelings, or express appreciation (or criticism, etc) it's the most appropriate place on the board to do so.

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