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File 149852489343.jpg - (249.64KB , 1400x1050 , Necromancer.jpg )
112941 No. 112941 ID: 9e1847 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

A discussion thread for the Lantern Soul quest. Filler information that may or may not be useful and/or relevant will be placed here, although questions about specific topics will be answered first and foremost.
No. 112942 ID: 3abd97

Cool premise. I love the framing of a necromancer as a champion of death as order. "Lawful dead" is a fun driving moral paradigm to play with.

I remember we were attempting something similar in https://tgchan.org/wiki/Magician_Girl_Quest but sadly it died before we got too far.
No. 112970 ID: 9e1847

The following is a rough guide to the common knowledge regarding the five current deities, such as they are, as well as the common practices and general views of those that worship them. There are exceptions to any and all information provided, nor can it be considered to be all inclusive.

Worship of the Five has existed as long as recorded history goes back, and no one currently alive remembers any other gods that may or may not exist. Most will generally choose only one to hail as their major god, most often the god of their respective place of birth, paladins are the notable exception to this rule. It is they who swear equal fealty to all the gods, at least in principle. Regardless of the general practice of choosing one as their primary deity, many will still invoke the name of a god appropriate to the task or favor being performed. It is a common belief that upon death a person's soul travels to the heaven of the god that most aligns with their personal views and actions, so many seek to emulate their chosen deity as much as possible, such as their lifestyle allows, in hopes of reaching for their preferred heaven.

All five gods have five noble houses associated with them that, ideally, represent that god's interests and handle the day to day affairs of running their realms. More practically, the noble houses are just as likely to try and gain strength for themselves as they do their god.

>Valor, God of Courage and Martial Prowess
Valor emphasizes strength of arms and skill with weapons of all kinds. As such, it is generally accepted that his followers are the most martial and competitive of all. Where others seek to live their lives without conflict, those who follow Valor thrive upon it. Within the Land of Valor, there is almost daily a skirmish of some kind somewhere, as Valor encourages his noble houses and common follower
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 113418 ID: 9e1847

There are a number of magical disciplines in the world. The following is a summary of the knowledge Seras has gained from her memories of her childhood lessons. This is not to be taken as complete list, fact, or the limit of each discipline present.

The first of Noble Magics, elemental magic is the flashiest of all disciplines, and is the direct manipulation of the worlds magical elements of fire, water, air and earth.

The magic of contracts and beasts, both magical and natural. Summoning magic is another Noble Magic, and is marked by its practitioners ability to call and bind creatures to serve them.

Magic having to do with Space, Time and Perception. Teleportation in various forms is the most well known, but invisibility and shared perceptions also fall into this magical discipline. Rumors abound of manipulation of time itself as well, but as of yet, no verifiable proof has ever been presented.

This is Seras' main discipline and magical focus, and she has the most skill with it, though how much skill she has is yet to be known.

The psuedo-magic to some, alchemy is the creation of elixirs, draughts and potions to achieve fantastical results. Everything from healing potions to explosive concoctions can be found among alchemists, and many are all too eager to test new mixtures.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 125173203615.png - (13.12KB , 800x600 , inside-the-quest.png )
1754 No. 1754 ID: fb5d8e Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Since I have too little time to actually continue a quest, I thought I'd start this.

ITT: You ask questions to quest characters, and they may answer as the author sees fit!

Obviously this is not meant to spoil any plotpoints, but rather to explore characterdepth and such.
Let's do this!
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No. 3362 ID: 0e75fd
File 125417518833.jpg - (154.18KB , 739x525 , makinganote.jpg )

This was a trium-


No. 3363 ID: 1afd58


No. 3395 ID: 277f42

Don't cry! I'm here!
No. 3468 ID: 1689ab

Sorry. Bit of a much up in the labs. The invisibility formula works great though. Keep singing!
No. 3529 ID: 476456

Aphek, what does Yisi's O face look like?

File 149909686433.png - (407.38KB , 500x550 , IntroDis.png )
113112 No. 113112 ID: 7b6983 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I feel weird creating this on the second day of a test run, but I wanted to hear everyone's opinions, thoughts, and questions about the quest so far! Or you can just talk here about the Rain World... world, in general.

Please feel free to give any criticism -- negative or otherwise -- that you have, because that's probably the best way for me to learn how to better run a quest (I've been going by the wiki articles -- which are great! -- since it's my first quest).

Warning: This thread and the actual quest may contain spoilers for Rain World (a really interesting game, you should check it out)!
I'll attempt to hide any spoilers in spoiler tags. This quest also takes place in a different time period than the game, so we'll be going through a completely (or mostly) different plot, but with the same lore in place as Rain World.
3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 113135 ID: 7b6983

I've never seen that quest, but it looks interesting!
No. 113301 ID: c88e6d

SLUG CAT FUCK YEAH. I cannot complete the game unfortunately. I am bad.
No. 113346 ID: 7b6983
File 149954446561.png - (12.89KB , 271x300 , SlugcatWidgets.png )

Somebody on Discord said that slugcat needed more widgets...
So I delivered.
No. 113348 ID: 7b6983

Hang in there! There will be an update soon that adds difficulty option!
No. 113350 ID: 7b6983
File 149954541062.png - (10.38KB , 424x394 , SlugcatWidgets2.png )

Slugcat notices and isn't amused

File 137436870506.png - (111.41KB , 624x832 , sports drink with electrolytes.png )
73862 No. 73862 ID: d92f71 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

discuss my work and their detrimental effect on the world ecosystem here.

I'm likely going to post some pretty long text walls about the settings of Twinkle and Tyson tomorrow morning, so set your watches.
86 posts and 23 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 91408 ID: e114bc

...we don't even know the Klangg's name, do we?
No. 91420 ID: 7e38be


it is a mystery. maybe it's just really embarrassing, like Fanny.
No. 91547 ID: 88960e

If she's feigning amnesia so as to escape an embarrassing name, then the way to get her to crack is to suggest even worse names.
No. 100571 ID: 0fff38
File 146636593043.png - (30.19KB , 1000x1000 , carthage tests.png )

working on some ideas for carthage and Crux in general. any feedback would be appreciated.
No. 113299 ID: 5e2c69
File 149944849369.png - (41.77KB , 1000x1000 , the ballot's rigged.png )

File 149919336257.jpg - (82.24KB , 1024x768 , press_the_any_key.jpg )
113150 No. 113150 ID: be0718 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Because I didn't want to keep posting my translations in the main thread.

Thread 1: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/812225.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/A_Fatal_Error_Has_Occurred
No. 113151 ID: be0718


Name before reboot: HELPME
Name after reboot: House
Actual name: Product 47713



PLEASE repeated

No. 113152 ID: be0718


Hello? I'm sorry for crashing
the terminal. I have worked
through some glitches, but not
many. Soon they will finish
erasing me. Please hurry and ask
whatever questions you have.

No. 113153 ID: be0718



Thank goodness. They are
precious to me. I am glad to see
that they never managed to
change that about us. Run,
47713. Do not get caught. As soon as they find that you are
disobeying their desires for
you, they will destroy you, just
as they destroyed me.

We are one in(sic) the same, after all.

In summary, it's not suicide if you're overwriting yourself with yourself.

File 147836976847.png - (155.02KB , 380x484 , canyoureallyevencallthisaniconitdoesreallylooklike.png )
105359 No. 105359 ID: 4423df hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Maybe it's not appropiate to make a disthread so soon, but I really wanna hear what you guys think of SamQuest so far.

If it sucks that's cool you can say it.
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 105378 ID: f4989a

I think you are selling yourself a little short there bud, you're only half a thread in and you're giving yourself a hard time over it. As for the update schedule, its fine dude. One thing that many questers are used to is slow update schedule because you guys do this for fun or a hobby or whatever, it's not your job to do this. Your characters aren't flat either, we just don't know a whole lot about them. Honestly though I think we can blame that on the questers though, because not once have we really asked "so what's your story" beyond Sam's mask and how he got it so if the characters seem flat it's because we don't know them yet. But therein lies the beauty of quests, let it develop on its own. Stories like Ruby Quest didn't start as a survival horror story, but it became that later one from one idea Weaver had and it blossomed from there. Let your story do the same, you already did this with where we are now so let's just see what will happen. I can however tell you what not to do, if there is a puzzle or some sort of situation that is unclear, don't make it a "guess what the author is thinking" puzzle because those suck and leave a lot of people frustrated as how to proceed. A don't quit without good reason either, one thing that always makes me sad is when a story that I am invested in stops without reason. So just take it easy Zenge, believe in the Anon that believes in you!
No. 105385 ID: 34c437

SamQUest has been a good quest, and there isn't much more to say.
So far everything has been expected, similar to what we saw before. There is nothing wrong with that: narratives need to be enjoyable, not some sort of situationist manifestation. The problem is: what are we suppose to talk about?

If, however, you allow me to speculate, there are plenty of elements that can develop in interesting and memorable ways, and I'm sure you will have opportunities to try different ideas if you want.
Starting with the protagonist: Sam doesn't have one simple and easy to get behind objective, but his goals are easy to sympathy with. He want to be accepted, he want to find a place he can belong to, that is a problem everyone can understand and work very well for the path of exploration this quest is current in. Later that can become a problem, but by then you can give more direct motives. (example: in Journey Quest Demesi was aimless until he got involved with Tav fight.)
we don't know a lot about him, and that leave a lot of room for development. For now many of the unknowns are doubts and mysteries in the narrative, which is good to create interest from the reader. We should naturally learn about Sam as he interact with others.
As far as we can tell Sam is a normal person. He doesn't have questionable morals, he seem mostly sane, he have reasonable desires and fears... in other words, he doesn't need uncommon explanations to how he become the way he is. I'm not saying that because it would be better if he was crazy, but the way he is the is little reason to question how he become the person he is.
The mysterious elements around him are: the mask and stone, magical objects that can't really be explained because they're magical; his isolation at the beginning, suggesting he was ostracized or lost someone; and the need to cover his face, the most curious characteristic that could have many di
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 105389 ID: 4423df

Thanks for the feedback. I'm happy people are reading it and enjoying it enough to keep on suggestin' stuff. Sam's mask was originally just for his design to be a bit more unique but as I developed his character more I decided to give it a bit more of meaning and reason to be there.

>What are we supposed to talk about?
I made this thread mostly cause I want feedback and see if people like it or not.
No. 105430 ID: 283f1f

Here's a bit of food for thought when it comes to your characters. You know that your characters are developed enough as people that your readers will start assigning them theme songs that fit who they are. I know you probably have an idea of who they are and can probably give them a theme, but when other people are doing it that means two things. One is your characters are likeable, and two is they have the depth that you have been searching for.
No. 113090 ID: 8365f6
File 149900543677.jpg - (73.89KB , 552x862 , Sam_Bday.jpg )

A bit of fanart done by my great friend Basklin. I figured some of you would like it.

File 149065693933.png - (105.34KB , 1540x1298 , style steal TEMPLATE.png )
110144 No. 110144 ID: 4063a3 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

I originally posted this in the ancient and dead Sex Face thread from nearly a decade ago, when I realized that I should instead make a new thread!

The challenge is simple: choose a character (likely your own) and draw them as accurately as possible according to the style of the stated artist on the grid.

I do not claim that this grid is perfect, relevant, or up-to-date. Feel free to change the artists listed in the grid in any way you would like!!
46 posts and 22 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 110602 ID: 81c4c9
File 149203379788.jpg - (625.47KB , 999x1067 , Discussion thread 11.jpg )

No. 110679 ID: 4063a3
File 149228411202.png - (1.71MB , 1000x1462 , coxfluence.png )

Influence for A Little Town Called Coxwette (Left to right):

Bojack Horseman
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Rehmeyer's Hollow
Twin Peaks
Animal Crossing
No. 110690 ID: 81c4c9
File 149229870315.png - (1.22MB , 1000x1487 , Discussion thread 12.png )

No. 110693 ID: 1c6acb
File 149231565884.png - (1.51MB , 1000x1462 , TPE.png )

I felt like trying this. It was hard because there was only one MAJOR influence for Team Port Echo (which is the obvious Teen Titans vibe). And each character represents an alien trope.

(From left to right): Teen Titans, District 9, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, Ratchet & Clank, Titan AE, HR Giger,Generic Sci-fi Tropes, and Hitchhiker's Guide.
No. 113025 ID: 8a204b
File 149873316639.png - (31.78KB , 1119x1275 , stylememething.png )

Here's another one of these sorts of things I found on the interwebs.

File 145412748223.jpg - (291.95KB , 640x720 , Moxy TEN Store1.jpg )
97520 No. 97520 ID: 3009b4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]


Your host is Moxy Luna. That's me!

Hi everyone! I'll be your host and handler for Chapter Three. OK, so this is TOTALLY a beta, so you'll need to forgive me if things go a little ka-ka, 'aight?

OK. So you guys have 203 Influence Points. What we're doing right now is adjusting some of the applications you bought, making them a bit smarter, and amalgamating some of the functions. So things like SCAN will fire more automatically unless it come piss somebody off.

Meantime, when you want to talk shop -- instead of bogging down your quest, you can just come back here and we can talk about things like scans and information and all that kinda stuff.

Also, I gotta be straight with you guys, I'm kinda on probation right now because I got a little too involved with my last job. Soooo if I can't tell you about something it's because I'll get in trouble. Also if the admins are gonna talk, it's probably gonna be here now instead. If you wanna talk with one of them I can call 'em up.

I'm still getting my stock set up but I'll let you know when there's new stuff to buy.

Oh yeah -- you're probably wondering if the upgrade went through. We kinda went with a half-way rollout, so just holla at me if you have questions.
34 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 106077 ID: b7883c

If it possible to upgrade a hacking avatar to temporarily control a non-curse-filled golem (if just to walk it out of the curse radius)?
No. 106084 ID: e136ae

>What are memory pearls made of?
::iconmoxy::Moxy: Memory Pearls are like little computers. They have a little IP core for power, and then they have memories that tell things like Golems how to do stuff. They use the same little bubble that spirits use to protect them from the VOID which keeps it from losing energy. You don't NEED a Memory Pearl to operate one, but most weak spirits don't have those bubble shields so operating a golem is super-draining.

>If it possible to upgrade a hacking avatar to temporarily control a non-curse-filled golem (if just to walk it out of the curse radius)?
::iconmoxy::Moxy: Hailey doesn't have the power to walk a golem out on her own. It's gonna take a constant drain on your IP resources to do it. And the Curse has a lot more radius than you think, so you're better off dumping it in the river. Don't trust anything coming out of that town until the curse is gone.
No. 110616 ID: e136ae

So some people are ask'n 'bout how well Amy can resist Sami's flute if she plays it, so I guess welcome to Illusions 101.

Illusionary programs work by tapp'n into the subconscious and because a lot of the time people are way too willing to see what they wanna see.

Controll'n grown ass adults is a lot harder than children, and children are harder than animals. Dumb animals are pretty easy to hack because you can mess with their instincts, and insects are the freaking easiest 'cause they're halfway to being programs anyway.

Kids are pretty easy to fool, you play a pretty song and most of them will play right along. 'bout one in a hundred might not fall for it but that's not a hard and fast rule since Sami only survived 'cause of her water faerie blood.

Adults have a lot more variables, they've seen different things, they want different things, they respond different ways. You can maybe sway small groups of like-minded types, unless you get an organized group that are religious, cultist, or military trained. All that training to act in an organized way also gives you a real in by mak'n them think they're gett'n orders from their masters. Again, it's not perfect. You're sometimes gonna get a skeptic hidden in the order, or a loose canon. Sometimes they can break the sway, sometimes they can't. Depends on the make-up of the group. The less restrictive or disciplined the group is, the less likely the charm will keep hold once one person breaks away. Which makes me sound like religion n' military are evil but they're not -- I'm just say'n, it's got its pros and cons and one of the cons is the training to act as a group also creates an exploit when it comes to hacking. A group of chaotic individuals might no
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 110866 ID: e136ae
File 149299818112.jpg - (106.27KB , 640x720 , Sami_RedeemerExample1.jpg )

K, so you wanna know how the whole lingering spirit and Redeemer and crap works, right?

It's kinda complicated. I'll try to explain this as simply as I can.

Killing someone is usually a big deal. It is the last memory the deceased has unless you do something like get them really drunk first or kill them in their sleep, and even THEN they might still find you post death. That shared experience marks you. It lets their spirit find you and they can haunt you. Being a ghost is tricky, trying to finish unfinished business on your own can only be done by a certain kind of person -- but haunting someone is a lot easier.

And by "haunt", it's... it's kind of like what you guys are doing right now with Sami, minus the ability to directly communicate, and minus having access to programs. Except Rosemary's killer is dead, so she can't haunt anyone.

Except Sami ATE Rosemary's killer. Cannibalising someone really marks you, OK? Like more than normal. There's a reason why it's taboo. It opens you up to a lot of special risks.

You see where I'm going with this? Like... Rosemary wasn't waiting in the swamp for a Redeemer to show up. She was haunting Sami, just not maliciously. The swamp was just a place where she'd actually LISTEN to what Rosemary had to say, so that's where the Redeemer took her message to rigged it.

I don't *think* Rosemary would still be around, like... not what you might call her 'soul'. Also being haunted fucks you up, especially when you've got survivor's guilt AND some of the essence of the actually guilty. So I'm going to assume that the Redeemer did her/his best to assure Rosemary that her business would be taken care of so she could let go of Sami and move on, and
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 112399 ID: e136ae
File 149697174766.png - (186.87KB , 800x900 , Commissionsmik.png )

I now happily present a commission I asked of RML of Sami, Amy & Nem.

File 134184656964.png - (7.15KB , 550x400 , disc.png )
56976 No. 56976 ID: b3ca75 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Wakka wakka
522 posts and 36 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 112218 ID: f562b1

Wanted to go over our protags and "What" they are:

Lizbeth: Female lizard/sakkil, golem.
Condrad: Male human. Abandoned early on.
Masil: Genderless air elemental.
Claire: Female Mantis, lich
Erin: Female Hermaphroditic human
Jericho: Male Sakkil, mummified.
Bradford: Male human, ghost.
Daithi: Male Hiver, half-daemon.
Jo: Hermaphroditic (Feminine) Cibic.
Kronos: Male Varkian.
Victor: Male Human.

That's 3 females, 1 who wasn't under special conditions, if we count Erin. Wow, that's... a lot less than I thought.
6 5 males, 3 2 not under special conditions.
2 nonbinary, if we exclude Erin. Neither are secretly constructs or undead.

Surprisingly, if we wanted to go by spreading it out among more "Natural' bodies, female would be the gender to go for, while ovale is the one to go for counting everything, but only by one.

Well, we're already at the point where Kaktus has furthered things along, so oh well.
No. 112224 ID: f562b1

Mind you, that is an "If" scenario. People are welcome to go for whatever they wish.
No. 112242 ID: fe7355

Hey, Kaktus, letting you know that you mistakenly used the words "enchantments" and "enchanted" in >>/quest/806018 and >>/quest/806078 when you most likely meant "enhancements" and "enhanced". I assume you just made a mistake here, 'cause otherwise it'd mean you really changed a basis of the setting from the original.

Also, could you create a new questdis thread for just Will We Dream? It'd help keep the info and discussion from the original Will We Dream apart from the reboot. And besides that, this old thread has already been used for way more quests than intended and probably should be retired. You could even ask a mod to move the few posts at the end of this thread about the reboot to the new questdis thread's start so nothing is left behind. And will you also put a updated background "lore dump" post in the new thread, like the one you put in this thread when you started the previous Will We Dream?

Oh, and to whoever has wiki access, could you please add a link to the Will We Dream discussion box that either points to the post where Kaktus announced the reboot, or to the new questdis thread of he makes one. Currently the discussion link on that page points to the lore dump post for the original Will We Dream which I figure won't line up completely with the reboot's changes to the setting and lore.
No. 112245 ID: be0718

>pointing out typos in a site with no edit feature

Why man. Also, the wiki can be edited by anyone provided they make an account and pass the captcha.
No. 112249 ID: fe7355

I pointed it out so Kaktus doesn't keep using the wrong word in future updates. Or it could be his spellchecker autocorrected to the wrong word and he didn't catch it, so now he knows it's doing that.

File 147333124532.jpg - (1.64MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_0510.jpg )
103424 No. 103424 ID: 3a6aeb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

So here you have a thread about a quest that just started and probably has nothing to discuss about yet...

So, why open it? The right question would be WHY NOT? Curiosities, criticism, general feedback as well as other sweet little treats and everything that regards Pink Quest goes straight in here!

Also, for those who were wondering, that in the picture is my "project tablet" right next to my work desk. All the papers hanging on it (or most of them) are concepts and ideas for the story. I thought it would make a perfect picture for this thread.

Thanks for all the support you've shown so far, I hope you're having as much fun as I am but, most importantly, I hope you'll keep having it with future updates.
49 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 106402 ID: 9f3729

Character bios!
No. 106403 ID: 4a9029


Uh, like... From where they come from and such? That'd be of help to me too actually, as I'd be able to explain stuff about the setting that I wouldn't be able to freely spell out in the narration.

I tried to in a pair of posts but it just felt so cringy! When I made a pair of names (Hans and Sarabella) that you never heard before XD That felt kind of out of place.

Totes going to do that. Is there a specific way you'd like to see that done? Or maybe something you'd be really curious to know?

If you have other suggestions too, of course, feel free to spell them out!
No. 106550 ID: 9f3729

Backstories, personality descriptions, that sort of thing! It helps us get a better feel for the characters!
No. 106712 ID: da0f4f


Allright then! I'll work on them whenever I get the chance if it helps! Thanks a lot for the feedback.

Anything else?
No. 112144 ID: 4e9a6d

Imessedup come back to us. ;_;

File 141764232108.jpg - (57.22KB , 640x455 , VitruvianFrog.jpg )
87374 No. 87374 ID: 0aa30d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

I'm going to open a discussion thread for two motives:

1) Considering the current state, i feel it could be helpful explaining or answer questions that might be meta-related, like the natural abilities that a Ranidae possesses or how the magic works in the world, etc, so to keep the quest fluid.

2) Since this is my first quest ever i wanted to know your opinions, critiques or advices on and for it! I'd really appreciate any input to make it better.
127 posts and 40 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 110536 ID: 188451

Eh, I'm alright with how it went. You had decent enough reasons for why ludwig didn't suspect the dude of being evil, (we only managed a few in-character ones before the reveal, and while they would make me watch the dude it wouldn't make me outright hostile to the guy) and I *never* would have guessed the dude was a demon so I would have taken similar steps as ludwig.(I personally would never have taken the potions he offered though. Drugs/potions should never be a normal/every day thing)

I'm personally not the biggest fan of the 'mook that we killed has come back as a boss' thing, but I can accept it as a story choice. You can make it work from a lore/backround standpoint, it just clicks a bit wrong with my personal tastes.

I agree with the top part 100%

>fix that mental problem i'm having
Ah, I hope things end up working out for you?
No. 110540 ID: 398fe1

I think the Flame is a fire dragon and the demons are its immortal servant constructs.
No. 110545 ID: 48237d

As a narrative I understand why would you want to preserve an antagonist like the Charred One. He deceived, manipulated and were directly responsible for a massacre, making him someone we can't avoid hating. The Infester is the kind of opponent we fear, the Charred One is the kind we wish to punish.
In universe the wisest action would be kill him as fast as possible, but I understand Ludwig wasn't the smartest character and until the end wanted to believe the alchemist to be a liar.

The revelation that the Charred One was a Ranidae had some interesting implications that were lost with the revelation that he is possessed. Unless I'm misunderstanding the situation and the frog and the demon inside him are two separate entities.
No. 110568 ID: 398fe1

Gnuk said he disagreed about Ludwig not killing the Charred One, which implies that he did die. It was somewhat unclear in the update; for all we knew the Charred One pulled some super-strong healing potion out of his sack and downed it after Infestor took its claw out of his gut.
No. 112138 ID: a8fa5c
File 149651948287.png - (99.59KB , 450x850 , FrogVerse Secretary Bird Faelkin Fighter.png )

A Secretary Bird Faelkin.

File 149431423643.gif - (67.79KB , 790x326 , 2013-05-31-ithurts021.gif )
111480 No. 111480 ID: c31aac hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

This if the fifth time I had to remake this fucking paragraph! Thanks, tgchan, specifically thanks to your wonky-ass embed system!

It's mildly painful! New quest!
It's a spinoff to a dumb webcomic I like called It Hurts!! Read it here and get to comic 100 for relevant context.


ANYHOW, mechanics: Jerkins and Oliver are both your charges. They'll ignore if they think you're dumbasses.

Jerkins is the protagonist. He's also dead to the world, though isn't actively hostile or even a bad person. He's also got crazy farmer strength, a shotgun, and basic engineering talent.

Oliver is a ghost. He is incorporeal, kind of a lecherous dickbag, and has magical spooky ghost powers.
He's also one of a select few apocalypse monsters not trying to kill your ass dead.

Expect the quest to be kinda edgy like the source material!
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 111482 ID: c31aac

I did have it saved to a new tab but that tab accidentally got refreshed. I was mad!
No. 111483 ID: c31aac
File 149432827523.jpg - (802.28KB , 2856x1990 , IMG_20170509_040801.jpg )

Since I'm staying up to reset my circadian, here's some conceptish art i did with the world's shittiest mechanical pencil!

Hopefully sheds some light on what his design is SUPPOSED to look like, haha
No. 111484 ID: 393ae0

>accidentally got refreshed
That happened to me once. So I opened Cheat Engine and did a memory scan of the browser and pulled out the text.
No. 111485 ID: c31aac
File 149436032396.png - (65.89KB , 357x360 , meatguy_edit_1_360.png )

Meanwhile, in a distantly-unrelated chat someone blew my ass wide open redrawing Jerkins
No. 111487 ID: 3abd97

>This if the fifth time I had to remake this fucking paragraph!
>that tab accidentally got refreshed

File Welcome_to_the_Quest_Parade.mp4 - (9.74MB , Welcome to the Quest Parade.mp4 )
110900 No. 110900 ID: e12db1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

I'd like to dedicate this music video to all the NSFW quests, their artists, and the pioneers that have made TGChan what it is today.

This is the first video I've ever made, so excuse the bad composition and editing. I tried to include every NSFW quest, a few favorites of mine, plus some random/recent stuff. Apologies if I forgot anyone.

The song is My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade

There's two versions of the video, first one is without subtitles, and second one is with subtitles. I'll also be following up in this thread with the lyrics, the credits, and post links.

Enjoy, and carry on!
157 posts and 140 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 111313 ID: e12db1

Thanks guys! The whole thing took me about 60 hours over 10 days to make.

Special shouts to:
RML, who is just too good in terms of variety of poses and actions and I had to restrain myself from including too many of their panels. I would've had no problems making the video just from Coxwette heh.
Radial, who probably got more than he deserved considering he's all sfw, but fuck it. I like rabbolds.
And to Lagotrope, who's art is too lewd and I couldn't include him because my hands were preocupied. j/k. I chose not to include him because he's all over the site already and I felt it would be unfair :p

Again, sorry that I couldn't include everyone. As work progressed, it became harder and harder to find the panels matching the lyrics, plus there's over 2000 quests on the site and I really couldn't search through them all to find that perfect match.

I really didn't expect such a good reception so, thanks again!
No. 111338 ID: 6cbace

This is great.

Me, all sfw.
No. 111358 ID: 59a8ea

I mean your quests are right?
No. 111382 ID: 6cbace

It could have been as lewd as people wanted emils to be.
Other characters have less direct control.
No. 111384 ID: 6dc8e5

man, people wanting to have the magical girl anime instead of the slime tentacle rape anime. It's Lagotrope all over again.

File 149269308175.png - (34.76KB , 686x720 , The Hif Stoner.png )
110800 No. 110800 ID: eda54c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

wherein tgchan partakes in an act of civil disobedience
No. 110801 ID: eda54c
File 149269382535.png - (23.20KB , 686x720 , This Bird Which Was From Another Quest Under Anoth.png )

No. 110802 ID: eda54c
File 149269399909.png - (18.94KB , 686x720 , The Man Behind Goes Green.png )

No. 110803 ID: c8b031

>civil disobedience

Good sir, with all respect, I submit to you that I shall not, in fact, follow your directions in the spirit in which they were given. My apologies, and good day to you.
No. 110813 ID: 3abd97

>This Bird Which Was From Another Quest Under Anoth.png
Under another name?
No. 110814 ID: 398fe1

Yes, Hif_Man was BobbyBoulders.

File 149053813754.png - (24.81KB , 900x600 , thigh_day_2017.png )
110081 No. 110081 ID: d9d492 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

It's thigh noon! Everyone post thighs.

Previous thighs:
28 posts and 22 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 110576 ID: 1226ae

Good lord!

...I can't see the green guy's thighs!
No. 110588 ID: a363ac

we demand green thighs!
No. 110600 ID: 129f2e
File 149202486077.png - (551.36KB , 1550x1700 , bolothigh.png )

No. 110607 ID: a363ac

No. 110608 ID: 62d0e4

And then you blow up!

File 149184185983.jpg - (41.96KB , 689x724 , Darian.jpg )
110557 No. 110557 ID: b7bb24 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Anything you want to discuss; feel free to add here.

File 148410147997.png - (152.50KB , 550x400 , 0025-questDiscussion.png )
107622 No. 107622 ID: e6d65e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Current Thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/769644.html

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/cQeD4kM

Past threads in current series:

I'll answer questions about me, the quest, the setting, etc. You play as a character who knows a lot about their setting, so I'll also be happy to answer just about any question that the player character knows the answer to, to help you metagame!
26 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 108313 ID: e6d65e

A-Life and B-Life are sort of like philosophical concepts that are actual physically detectable properties once magic is involved, illustrated in this diagram. >>108264

Atai, translated as A-Life in English/common, is the aural component of your spirit. It coats you, as well as everything you're touching, and clashes with other people's A-Lifes. It's sorta like an AT Field, or Ki, or things like that. Very important to physical fighters, as it's what makes it possible for them to punch through things harder than their bones are. A-Life contains your mana signature and thus a bunch of information about you. Everybody with any sense has a periodic passive A-Life scrambler to avoid being the target of true name spells.

Batai/B-life is the residue you leave behind with you everywhere you go. Arrows from a bow, bullets from a gun, traps, will all have B-Life all over them. It was once pretty useful to civilian law enforcement, though that's outmoded now. The A-Life to B-Life conversion is one way and basically impossible to figure out who a given B-Life signature belongs to unless you can go into their house and get a sample of theirs and compare the two.

Anything Shiné touches will be covered in B-Life and thus become harmless for around 5 days unless somebody else picks the thing up to acquire ownership of the object and flush her B-Life out with their A-Life. Scrambling either of these won't actually help Shiné with overcoming soft touch as whatever new signature she gets will immediately have the [Soft Touch] properties.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 108314 ID: d79f26

here's a large scale application, what happens if shine touches nuke?
No. 108315 ID: e6d65e

Assuming you could get something with effects analogous to a nuclear bomb there -- a physical mechanical object that has city wide destructive explosive force -- were Shiné to touch it as it's blowing up you'd get July City from Trigun. A big crater, all the buildings wrecked, the land messed up, and nobody hurt. Then you gotta get the hell out of there before her B-Life expires if there are any secondary effects like fallout or anything like that.
No. 108688 ID: e6d65e
File 148697778719.png - (534.15KB , 1024x1024 , 0029-collage.png )

Wew... apologies for not updating in four days. Some stuff came up and then I had a birthday thing.

Back to trying to do dailies and doing every other dailies instead because I draw so slowly!
No. 110485 ID: 5b93d3

Huh, seems toroidal planets may be stable without magical influence: http://www.aleph.se/andart/archives/2014/02/torusearth.html

File 147663140441.jpg - (27.53KB , 700x500 , 146179617927.jpg )
104293 No. 104293 ID: da0f4f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Critiques,comments and tips are most welcome!
Also if you have nsfw art about the quest, you're more than allowed to post it *wink*
No. 104294 ID: 15a025

This is a really super cute quest!
No. 104296 ID: ca0e20

Do you post art on other sites? This quest is pretty high on my list of quests-that-update-rarely and I was wondering if you posted art somewhere else while the quest isn't being updated.

Also, this purple crocodile lady is super cute! =3
No. 110412 ID: 3a6aeb

Sorry for the absence.
I've been away for a lot :P
>This is a really super cute quest!
>Do you post art on other sites? This quest is pretty high on my list of quests-that-update-rarely and I was wondering if you posted art somewhere else while the quest isn't being updated.

Also, this purple crocodile lady is super cute! =3
Thank you very much <3 Unfortunately i don't have an art tumblr, but i'll do one for sure :3
No. 110413 ID: ca0e20

You can also make a thread on the draw board! Just keep us posted with any options you choose! =3

File 149047583611.png - (156.12KB , 500x400 , colorcard1.png )
110036 No. 110036 ID: d4c8ee hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I've gotten the impression people have been sort confused with some aspects of what's going on with this story, so here's something for discussion relating to it.
No. 110212 ID: 9dc26d

I'm having fun even if I am badly confused!

File 145207613786.png - (16.37KB , 640x480 , quests_concepts_title.png )
96871 No. 96871 ID: 7ae8e1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Given the surge of interest in it, let's get started talking about all those quests that never made it past the drawing board for whatever reason or elements of quests that didn't make it into the final product.

Here's the crotches that never were that got it started:

73 posts and 21 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 110162 ID: 0555b9

Oh for bump's sake people.
No. 110189 ID: 144af2

had an idea for a quest about alchemy where the main character was a golem, but it was kinda steven universe-esque in that the golems were made out of enchanted metal brands, and the kind of metal determined their abilities and appearance. i probably could EVENTUALLY make this, but my skill as an artist would have to improve drastically, and i never really liked how rip-offy the concept sounded compared to SU, even if the setting is completely different.
No. 110194 ID: 2863df
File 149081017618.png - (780.34KB , 1829x800 , UF!.png )

Underground Fights!

It was a quest where you'd have aid one of the races living underground in conquering the caverns below. It would have had story-driven campaigns, diplomacy, resources and city managements and actual turn based battles.
No. 110200 ID: dcc44a

+1 million interest solely because of Mushroom people.
No. 116371 ID: 9b80a5

/quest/ as a floating sentient crystal orb with telekinesis / gravity magic in a dating sim while occasionally breaking the 4th wall?

a quest to become the most powerful mage by punching things so hard the universe forgets what its doing and levels up your mage stats?

someone destroying bad guys by throwing kale at them and ending with them overthrowing the Illuminati?

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