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File 148309725619.jpg - (4.85MB , 1748x2480 , Discussion thread 1.jpg )
107070 No. 107070 ID: 23060e

Here you can ask me theauthor about anything connected to the quest and I will answer it as soon as possible
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No. 126164 ID: 70be57
File 154037789536.jpg - (271.43KB , 1204x816 , BB 110.jpg )

No. 126167 ID: 70be57
File 154038603579.jpg - (425.50KB , 1100x840 , BB 111.jpg )


The way how she interrupts you is because what she is. All those abilities and even you being something like a transparent phantom come from Essence the first one who was merged with the Ash tree. You are connected to her and she is the one in the control of this coexistence that you share. There is a reason why she sees herself as the chains on the devil card, it is because she knows that she is in control of you two. That is why this fight is so important, this is your chance to break the chains and be free from her influence once and for all. This is a battle to the death only one side will come out of it alive
No. 126171 ID: ae9b99

We'll wait until Harbard comes back before we continue then. Besides, I could use the time to try to continue working on Nathaniel's short ghost story (I was going to finish it for the ghost stories quest from the draw thread, but I needed to job search as much as I could at the time)

I'm looking forward to the halloween costumes as well.

fair enough.

One last thing, sorry if what I posted for Null was weird. I was thinking about the post and thinking it might have been kind of out there. I like to imagine that once Null consumes someone, he holds a friendly job interview to determine what their roll for his body is. But that is just an idea. Feel free to retcon, or ignore any part of what I posted, I'll understand. It is your story after all. :)
No. 126172 ID: 70be57

The thing that you posted for Null wasn't weird. I did let you say anything you wanted and the thing that you made him say is something which I can work with
No. 126351 ID: ae9b99

That scene with Gray face reminds me of this gem from Vinesauce: https://youtu.be/RUd3jShUcLE?t=248
No. 126356 ID: 70be57

Yeah pretty much
No. 126360 ID: ae9b99

After seeing the youtube link to your latest update, all I can say is I'm glad you listen to Jack Stauber's weird music as well.
No. 126361 ID: 70be57

Yeah well, that was more of using his music and making an animated music video out of it. But I must admit that I heard some of Jack Stauber's work and it feels like it belongs on Adult Swim. Right now I am waiting for the other participator to continue the story with the battle, Scarred is the only one who needs to make a move in your team. Speaking of which have you been talking to Harbard Grim on discord?
No. 126362 ID: 37fbee

I haven't spoke to him recently on discord. I know he has been pretty busy as of late. I will try to get in touch with him tonight after work.
No. 126363 ID: 70be57

If it is alright with you, I would like to talk with you on Viber. You already have my number
No. 126384 ID: ae9b99

Been messaging Harbard. Seems he has been busy, but he has gotten caught up with a lot of stuff which is good to hear.

I'll see what I can do about Viber depending on my schedule. I'll aim to contact you either a day or two (from where I live).
No. 126385 ID: 70be57

Ok, I am glad that Harbard is alright, I was afraid that something happened to him. As for our chat just send me a message on the discussion thread when you are ready to talk
No. 126390 ID: ae9b99

Getting used to Viber right now. There is a bit of troubleshooting that I need to figure out first, and I am asking Harbard for help on Discord. After I figure it out, I'll let you know I am ready. Thanks for you patience.
No. 126391 ID: 70be57

No problem, I must apologize for being so pushy about using Viber in the first place
No. 126392 ID: ed7bfe

It's cool. Harbard helped me out and i now got you in my contacts. Sent you a couple text messages to test it as well. I will be at wotk though so i will try contacting you tomorrow.
No. 126423 ID: 3583d1


Thank you very much! How’s it going?
No. 126427 ID: ae9b99

nice Tarzan reference. Welcome back.
No. 127411 ID: 70be57
File 154860479677.jpg - (401.25KB , 591x1653 , BB 345.jpg )

Soon something dead will be alive once again
No. 127857 ID: 70be57


I returned from my trip and I am ready to continue where I left off. I must apologise for not updating but I was out of the city and somebody showed interest in continuing the 4-way chess quest. Hmmm I must admit that I didn't anticipate that happening but as long there is interest I will keep it going
No. 127975 ID: 1f01a6

Why? Because fuck this bullshit that’s why.

I’m not going to sit through months and months of this anymore, and because this year long railroad has gone on far enough. I’m done wasting my time with Essence and her bullshit, and I’m done wasting time on this dumb jrpg, those games usually suck anyway. And fuck the items we were supposed to get by the end. My patience can only be worn so thin.

Absurdity, dude, you asked me if you were a mean story teller. No, it’s not mean storytelling, this is ungrateful storytelling. The issue is that you’re unwilling to comprise and end things that should have ended months ago. I know you’ve been planning this for month and your whole “pascifism isn’t easy,” I’m sorry but that’s complete crap and you know it. This isn’t undertale, so far our choices have had zero impact and “pacifism” as you define it means jack shit. So I’m derailing this crap. And as for the promised rainbow, god damnit we deserve a god damned rainbow because we’ve put up with this for literally a year now. I think that’s completely fair. I’m not asking for things to get easier I’m asking you to be a better story teller and quest author and know when things have dragged on for too long, and DONT LIE ABOUT IT BEING OVER. That’s what makes me mad the most, YOU LIED.
No. 127978 ID: 70be57

Yes you are right, this is me right now
No. 128689 ID: e51896

Sorry for the wait. this is one of the hardest choices in this quest after all.

Here is what we know: Harbard's main goal in this quest is to try to save the world by stopping the fog, while My main goal is to just save Ana's life and her soul by finding a way to stop the dimensional cycle since she is linked to it by Essence (preferably without releasing Andrew, or find something else to imprison him with.)

Currently the cult sees Ana as an enemy, but Lawrence has stated that he will currently only attack Ana if he comes across her implying that even though his mission is to kill Ana, she is currently not their top priority especially since we told him Ana only wants to survive. Top priority for Lawrence and the cult currently seems to probably be rescuing Root from the wolves, and acting as a lawyer for Godfrey's trial (which makes me wonder why he can't have someone else take his place as prosecutor, like Luvia for example, but whatever, just means the cult has more distractions for Ana to take advantage of).
If we go for Harbard's goal of trying to stop the fog to turn things back to normal, then that will mean Ana will be put on the cult's top priority to kill. Not to mention, it was stated that the wolves, and the Ambassador, and many other groups and gods prefer to keep the fog going, so they too might try to kill Ana, not just the cult. We can't also forget Cera foretelling Ana's death if we go after them. She spoke about that like it is a guarantee as if she saw it with her own eyes.

As for Absolution, he might want the fog to continue, but he seems more intent in making sure the dimensional cycle is not messed with to keep Andrew imprisoned, and so that he can continue using the cycle as a way to experiment and play with the universe like his toybox, using its inhabitants to his advantage and as his play things. If we go for my goal to try to destroy the cycle in order to save Ana's soul, that will mean that Absolution will see us as a main enemy and send his crusaders after us. Not to mention if the dimensional tribunal finds out about us trying to break the cycle, he too may send his men after us.

Here are my personal thoughts: I don't really want to play a hero, I just want to save Ana's life and her soul by stopping the cycle. I know escaping this world will probably save Ana's life but I know that escaping with Dervan is most likely only a temporary solution as while her life might be saved, her soul will still be tied to the dimensional cycle and won't truly escape from that world. Her spirit will most likely not find peace after living her life, and only find herself stuck in the cycle and not being able to enter the afterlife like the other spirits we saw (like Scarred's old warrior buddies we saw during the battle) I also spoke with DeVoid, and he said that looking into the prequel will only reveal how to stop the fog. It will not reveal anything on stopping the dimensional cycle

that being said, if we go for the goals of both saving the world from the fog like Harbard wants, and ending the cycle like I want, then we should not expect to make anymore allies on this quest, and be prepared to have just about everyone as our enemies whether we like it or not, even expect some betrayals. Basically, I feel It'll pretty much be almost like an us against the world scenario.

saving the world by stopping the fog (Harbard's goal) is already one of the hardest paths in the story, and trying to stop the dimensional cycle is also probably a goal that will be just as hard, so accomplishing both Harbard and my goal will be like the difficulty of both of those paths put together. We will basically be against everyone with just the allies we currently have with chance of betrayals as well. That said, failure at certain points will be expected, and bad stuff for us like betrayals and deaths of some of our allies (Boxhead, spider kids) or even some of our own playable characters (the voices, Dreamwalker, Nathaniel, Null, Anthony) I feel will be a guarantee.

Harbard, take no offense to this, but from past experiences in this quest, I find that you do not take bad situations or failure all too well. And with the higher difficulty that we will face with trying to accomplish both your goals and mine, I fear you might go a little overboard off the deep end with how you will react, and your reactions doesn't make me too happy to play as I cannot stand such drama.

That said, I have a favor: I will go with your choice to look into the prequel, but only if you tell me why you want Ana to risk her life to stop the fog, and if you promise me that you will expect the worse, and not expect most things to go the way we will want (because it won't). Promise me you won't take failure too seriously and overreact, but instead embrace them, learn from them, and adapt to the situations in a calm collected manner. You can't gain success without failure after all.

I admire your passion towards the quest, but please remember that overall It is just an interactive story, we shouldn't take it all too seriously. That said, overall, I still want to play through this quest with you, Harbard.
No. 128690 ID: 70be57


Magnificent truly magnificent! Responses like this shows that you are really passionate about the story and that you are paying attention to everything that is happening, you have no idea how much this long coment means to me. You sir are a true trooper!
No. 128691 ID: 70be57

Also there is one thing that you didn't account for and that would be Happy. Do you know what that that person wants to accomplish?
No. 128692 ID: 8b660e

I do tend to take things very seriously, and for that I apologize. I don’t really know why I do it but sometimes it just affects me more than it really should.

Now, you’re both right and wrong about the goals that I want. The main reason I want to continue with the prequel actually has nothing to do with the fog or anything like that at all. Hell I really only want to continue the prequel because of curiosity to how it all began. Nothing more.

Secondly, the moral quandary I face has nothing to do with “saving the world.” In fact what I want is to save Ana and get her out of the dimensional cycle. But here’s the thing, the problem I see is like “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” So we break Ana out of the cycle, and then what? There are still a shit load of people that are trapped in the cycle who probably would also want to get out. The way I see it, the only conflict worth stopping are ones that want to keep us in the dimensional cycle.

Unfortunately this will place us at odd with Absolution, but I think certain members of the cult would be more willing to listen to reason. Because if we are all trapped in this cycle, the conflict of the fog is meaningless.

Essentially what I want is to have EVERYONE leave the cycle. Everyone leaves, only one person stays. The one person who this whole cycle was created for, Andrew Goodwill. If we all go, he has to stay.
No. 128789 ID: 70be57
File 155380398822.jpg - (1.16MB , 1796x2320 , BB 349.jpg )

No. 128803 ID: 8b660e
File 155384665232.jpg - (601.73KB , 2623x1197 , 08BE2987-05E1-400B-9E30-F5239A7ED93D.jpg )

For Scarred Ana
No. 128804 ID: e51896

I apologize for the wait. I just didn't have the motivation at the time to do just about anything at all other than nap. I'm not sure why, but I'll probably blame it on being too drained from work (or maybe I shouldn't? it's too easy to blame our own shortcomings on other things). whatever the case, I needed a break.

For the grading: there is no such thing as perfection. the most we can do is look at our weaknesses from this grading and see what we need to improve on. In fact, perfection is BORING!!!
But I will admit we are pretty much the worst when it comes to being stealthy or keeping secrets from our enemies. Not just from our stealth from Essence, but from other moments including being caught during the date with Felafaf and Lawrence (totally forgot Felafaf could see my character and forgot to tell her to keep me a secret), or revealing AJ to Andrew and the cult, or revealing checking out the prequel to the Ambassador (that was Null's fault. I wanted to at the time establish Null as a villain. I apologize to Harbard for that and feel really bad for doing that). There are other examples, but you get the idea
Overall At this point, we need to get some serious training on how to be stealthy and keep secrets (or at least what little we have) from our enemies if we are to succeed in any kinds of goals.
At the very least, I am starting to see a little bit of improvement (just a tiny bit) when we kept Absolution jr a secret from Absolution Prime. It might not be a secret for long since some members of the cult and Andrew already know of AJ, but it's an improvement nonetheless.

For the prize: getting Laura out alive is enough of a prize. You didn't need to give us a secret about Essence as a prize, but thanks. Honestly, I checked and I still can't figured out what Essence is hiding in her appearance as you say. I'll have to look harder later.

Thanks. I'm sure there were some things I missed (like Happy as you pointed out), but I wanted to point out what risks we will have to face from my knowledge depending on which choice we make. Honestly sometimes there is just so much things to keep track of that I fear that I may forget something important that could cost us dearly

I'm not sure what Happy wants to accomplish. He doesn't appear or say all that much, The most we can do is guess. Essence did mentioned he is someone who doesn't like destiny. As Essence puts it, he wants to show the world what true freedom looks like, to disregard all rules or humanity's decency and mold reality into what can be desired. Essence did also say she wanted to rule over the world with Happy and then kill it, but Spirit contaminator said Essence's comment could be from the bad things she is going through mentally and didn't actually mean it when she said those words after I brought it up with Spirit Contaminator.

My guess with Happy's goals is since the world of Roots and Branches is filled with miserable people seemingly stuck and destined to face constant failure and broken dreams with very little happiness or success, especially with the cycle taking everything away at the end, and considering Happy is someone who hates destiny, perhaps he is trying to teach the world they can escape from their miserable "destinies" for something better. However, his way of going about it might not be so "just" though but more "chaotic", but we'll have a better theory about what he wants to accomplish once we learn more about him.
One thing is for certain is that he seems to have a lot of allies, and the fact that we killed Essence means that his allies will probably come after us, especially Anubis.
(Oh Wow, taking account with Root's Cult, Happy's group, and Absolution Prime's followers, we certainly have tons and tons of enemies, don't we? Yikes. It's us against the world)

>The main reason I want to continue with the prequel actually has nothing to do with the fog or anything like that at all. Hell I really only want to continue the prequel because of curiosity to how it all began. Nothing more.

It's crazy how both our goals have changed from when we first started to now.

Also, I too would love to see the prequel out of curiousity, it's a very fun story on its own, but we will have to consider at what cost. Honestly it would be cool to check into the past and stop right before we learn how we can stop the fog but that isn't a choice we are given. We only have the two choices: It's either stop the story now, or go all the way.

But I have considered this: even though we might not learn anything about the cycle itself, perhaps we might just learn a different kind of secret from the prequel aside from learning about the fog.

>The way I see it, the only conflict worth stopping are ones that want to keep us in the dimensional cycle.

>Unfortunately this will place us at odd with Absolution, but I think certain members of the cult would be more willing to listen to reason. Because if we are all trapped in this cycle, the conflict of the fog is meaningless.

Agreed. That's pretty much my main goal too, to escape the cycle. The fog is meaningless.
However, I do not think it will be as easy as you think to try to get people who see us as enemies to listen to reason even if our goal isn't to stop the fog (especially since we might be continuing the prequel). Not saying it's impossible, just going to be difficult. Caution, careful thinking, and considerations of consequences will be needed.

>Essentially what I want is to have EVERYONE leave the cycle. Everyone leaves, only one person stays. The one person who this whole cycle was created for, Andrew Goodwill. If we all go, he has to stay.

that is a goal I can totally get behind, but we will have to acknowledge that not everyone can be saved as you say though. I think this battle against Essence hit the nail on that fact on the kind of quest this is. This isn't a quest where everything can end the way we want it to. Instead, I think we will have to settle for what we can manage to accomplish with our end goal of freeing ourselves (and anyone else who is interested) from the cycle. We can only accomplish things with the cards we are dealt with

Okay. I think we have established together what our main goal is now. We are no longer focused on stopping the fog, but instead to free Ana, ourselves, and whomever else is interested from the cycle. Our enemies are now the ones who wants to trap Ana's and our characters' souls in it.

That said, just because we are looking into the prequel does not necessarily mean our goal is to stop the cult or the fog. With that in mind, I'll agree to continue the prequel on account that we might learn something new other than the fog itself even though we won't learn anything about the cycle. But I want us both to acknowledge that even though we are not going to stop the fog, we will still have more enemies target us because of the knowledge we will gain, and as such, things are going to get a whole lot more difficult. Bad things will happen, failure will happen, but we have to make due with what we have.

Overall, if we can both acknowledge the consequences I had mention and as such try our best not to complain when some of the worst events or failure happen to us and instead try to get by with the cards we get dealt with and adapt, I'll agree to continue the prequel. Things will get tougher.
No. 128806 ID: 70be57
File 155386641038.jpg - (312.94KB , 1156x760 , BB 350.jpg )

No. 128811 ID: 8b660e

If he is willing to continue then so am I
No. 128833 ID: 70be57
File 155394397735.jpg - (2.13MB , 1970x2788 , BB 351.jpg )

This will be a small preview for the April fools joke, also enjoy the relaxing music

No. 128865 ID: e51896

after speaking with Devoid and speaking with Harbard on the decision. And while I really want to continue strange abnormalities, I think I have to bite the bullet and make the decision to not continue Strange Abnormalities.

Just know that this was a very tough decision for me to make and I didn't take it lightly. I consider this a large sacrifice, but I feel that considering what is going on and what happened, such as Lawrence and the cult being distracted on multiple things (like saving Root from the wolfpack, dealing with Logan and Absolution Prime, Godfrey's trial), and the dangers that will come from continuing strange abnormalities, I think it is probably for the best to take the opportunity to have Ana make progress and finally enter the forest before things escalate instead of having things escalate while Ana sleeps and checks the past. If I remember, Clarence said he has a hidden bunker or bomb shelter in the forest, so I believe that will be our next goal to reach for Ana before shit really starts hitting the fan.

I can only hope this sacrifice of the story won't be for nothing. Harbard and I would love to see strange abnormalities to get a complete story of the roots and branches series, but sadly, I don't think it is worth the risk and there are other opportunities to pursue.
No. 128867 ID: 278e86

I said I would only go forward with it if my co-player was. I don’t like this and I don’t really want an abridged version or one that’s just propaganda. Being honest I hate the idea of sacrificing story for this, I just think the idea of risk vs. reward for this is pretty lame in general. But it is what it is.
No. 128869 ID: 70be57

No. 128871 ID: 8b660e

Oh ok.
No. 128911 ID: 70be57

I fear that I am going mad with power. Or maybe that already happened and only now I am noticing it

No. 128912 ID: 8b660e

Yeah you are.
No. 128914 ID: 70be57


Well in that case...
No. 129032 ID: eb97d8
File 155476468922.jpg - (42.30KB , 739x447 , 432CD341-3E3C-45DD-8AC7-829EC83FBE24.jpg )

>be me
>work for the city as a handyman and groundskeeper of a local park.
>get nicknamed “the clipper” by coworkers cuz I’m always stuck with trimming hedges
>I usually don’t mind, it’s peaceful work.
>wake up one morning to see a black fog has rolled through town
>think it’s some kind of urban detoxification or some shit
>get ready for work
>go downstairs of apartment to see a plague doctor
>plague doctor is a lady and is actually really nice
>she tells me that a great epidemic is sweeping across the city and she is trying to save as many people as she can.
>she gives me a mask and says it will keep me safe.
>she’s wearing one too and so are a few other people nearby
>think it’s some kind of weird fashion trend and just go with it
>put on mask and head to work
>almost get mugged by two weirdos in masks like mine
>oh shit!
>use sheers to beat them up and run
>somehow get away
>get to the park see someone without mask sleeping on a bench
>assume it’s some homeless guy and I don’t get paid to deal with them
>spend the day trimming hedges and grooming trees
>out of bushes comes a weird cosplayer
>turns out the cosolayer chick is fucked in the head and knocks me unconscious
>wake up in some cold dark room missing two fingers on right hand and unable to speak
>cosolayer girl is talking to herself and ties a bomb to my left hand
>it’s a grenade and she pulls the pin
>am holding on to grenade for dear life.
>bitch lies down under my chair and talks to herself about how her life doesn’t matter.
>reaches the end of her internal debate and gets up feeling sorry for herself
>says she won’t untie me though
>”Somebody who is a better person may come along and help you.”
>mfw when this crazy cosplayer leaves me tied to the chair holding a live grenade.
No. 129033 ID: 70be57

No. 129035 ID: e51896

for the maximum reading experience, play this music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjbNoa5GV3s and put all that in a text to speech program, lol

I'm kidding of course.
No. 129094 ID: 8b660e

The fight with Essence in a nutshell, with me as Arin and my cosolayer as Jon.
No. 129118 ID: e51896

No. 129119 ID: 70be57

No. 130353 ID: 9dda2b
File 156387378578.jpg - (3.68MB , 2448x3264 , BB 375.jpg )

No. 130949 ID: f7ff14

I have a question for all of you participators. Do you think that the Spirit Contaminator will become the next threat big as Essence was or even bigger?

No. 130970 ID: e51896

Not sure. We have so many enemies that it is hard to gauge who's the biggest threat anymore. But I thought Happy had made it clear he is our next opponent after Essence. I guess the threat of Spirit Contaminator depends a little bit on how Null interacts with her maybe?

btw, I have a question, in the beginning of the discussion thread, there is that picture of the spirit from Strange Abnormalities. But who or what is that bird?
No. 130979 ID: bfce93

Gods I hope not...
No. 130985 ID: f7ff14

No, that spirit on the beginning of the discussion quest is just something that was supposed to be the first spirit portrait in the prequel story. But I change it for that other one that showed just the head of the girl.
No. 131075 ID: f7ff14
File 156992630609.jpg - (709.65KB , 1440x1703 , BB 418.jpg )

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