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File 149340643506.png - (13.89KB , 500x500 , morbitdisthread1.png )
111218 No. 111218 ID: 8a251a

big fancy disthread because we've hit the point where we have multiple morbit quests both here AND on other sites, such as eagletime and omegaupdate.

what started as a passion project between myself and my friend como to create a universe snowballed into a huge deal with multiple projects and a proper team behind it. this thread is for talking about both the universe as a whole, and our current running quests- here, that'd be Maybequest and Tiny Cat People.

discuss away, and feel free to ask all the weird questions you want. we love this shit.
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No. 125740 ID: 53b212
File 153839126946.png - (463.30KB , 1000x1000 , wonderland.png )


It's only natural, to follow one's cravings...restraint, however, is the true path to a fulfilling, wonderful life. May we all bind our senses and selves, to the world and one another. Amen. -Rein, Construction Era

(hi i'll be posting ones relevant to current projects in here and ones related to other morbit shit in drawthread)
No. 125755 ID: 643435

There's the new one that's just started, its going well.
Speaking of, if one person makes multiple posts with suggestions in them, not just discussion, are you going to accept all of them Duke or just the first post they make? Because most quests have a "one suggestion post per person" kind of rule to help keep down clutter, so I'm curious if you'll be doing that or not.
No. 125757 ID: b67388

If there`s another session it might be better to keep the two separate from one another. I still suspect that some people from here were trying to sabotage the Frog-Crimes session, since it went even further into insanity after it was linked here.
No. 125758 ID: 1668de

I can't stop people from making doubleposts. Honestly, I'm not gonna take much of a stance short of "please try to make fewer larger posts". There's no editing function right, so I'd feel it unfair to leave fridge thoughts un-posted. I don't see it as a big problem right now but it might be later? Just a general guideline of "dont make 5 posts in a row, I'll probably forgive you for coming back a few hours later with new thoughts but not 5 in a row".

Also yeah I'll take any suggestion. I'm not gonna turn down something I'd think would work because the person posting its netiquitte was in poor form.

No. 125859 ID: 53b212
File 153881042038.png - (388.29KB , 1000x1000 , perscription dreams.png )


No. 125889 ID: b1b4f3

In the prealpha thread, are we deciding on motifs, appearance, name, and domains all at the same time?

I don't suppose we could get an explanation for how domains work? If not, maybe a refresher on motifs? I think those were explained at least...
No. 125898 ID: 53b212

y'all are picking whatever you want to now (name, design, motifs, domains), name CAN come after

good a time as any to have this talk, SO:

domains are straightforward, but not exactly like how domains work for our gods here on earth. a god of time does not control time itself, and multiple gods can share domains. a domain simply says what aspects a god Has powers related to, versus complete embodiment and control. on top of that, the kinds of powers a god has relates to their tier in the cosmic hierarchy.

lesser gods have passive powers relating to their domains, typically also relating to their bodies. eastwood’s crystals are highly addictive to ingest due to his impulse domain, and his smoke is a depressive substance due to his depression domain. miller’s flowers evoke nostalgia, and so on.

greater gods have passive And active powers relating to their domains. rein, being the god of patience and control, has the passive ability of making people in its presence more calm and willing to listen to it, with an active ability of being able to increase this effect while using its voice. spit on the other hand, being the god of violence and vices, has the passive ability of getting stronger in the face of violence (against her or otherwise), and the active ability of causing a person to give into their basic impulses (generally whatever they’re thinking about at the time) with her own voice. active abilities take up strength and energy to use.

high gods have passive and active powers but at an incredibly capable level. wax, having the fear and imagination domains, has passive shapeshifting. this shapeshifting is Not controllable by wax, and happens during emotional distress- taking the appearance of a TCP type based on the person speaking to him's worst fear (or his own, if alone). one of his active abilities is to induce fear, the worst fear a person has ever felt, at will with his voice. all things considered, these are actually pretty weak high god powers, and some have much, much scarier abilities- pretty much all of which are spoilers!

motifs are as the name suggests, design motifs. they directly correlate to the god's form- in some way, a motif must be related to a god's physical appearance. these motifs may be visible or hidden, but they Must be there. if you pick motifs, they will have to be incorporated in the visual design of the god- so pick carefully!

a motif is something a god can control more directly- but it must be a physical element, no abstract concepts- it has to be part of the visual design, after all. (not that we couldn't make that work, but anyway) motif control is similar to elemental bending, but with whatever material the motif is- for instance, spit’s meat motif allows her to twist peoples’ flesh, while eastwood’s crystal motif allows him to move and change his body’s crystals however he wants. this is also tiered, though the tiers themselves are a bit more nebulous.

lesser gods can work with existing motif materials, greater gods can create their own, while high gods can create them in excess. gods are not bound to these tiers- a powerful lesser god (see: eastwood) can use motifs on a greater god level, while a weak greater god (wretch) is bound to lesser god limits, and so on.

gods can have as many domains and motifs as they want, but it's generally recommend you go for 2 each. the more motifs/domains you have, the weaker they are- while a single motif/domain may make your skillset overly specific, and lead to less versatility. 2 is the golden number!

neither domains or motifs have any bearing on a god's personality, morals, and character. it's worth noting that the person a god is entirely independent of any of these things, and two gods with the same domains and motifs will be entirely different people, with different powers and appearances as well.

also congrats you’re not even a lesser god yet, this shit’s mostly just to set up your god’s form, figure out possible powers if they become physical, as well as determine synergy bonuses within the game.

have fun!
No. 125900 ID: b1b4f3

No. 125985 ID: d5442a
File 153939349849.png - (448.15KB , 825x1024 , voidsyclowns.png )

*distant honking intensifies*

The whole clown thing inspired me to draw Voidsy in some sort of clownish outfit, and for the pose I thought hey, Voidsy's ring and masks looks like they're juggling sometimes! Let's do that! But they needed more things to be throwing around, so why not add in some of these little clown wizards we've been talking about?

Originally I drew little gnome-like human clown wizards, but they didn't look great and I thought, eh, that doesn't seem like it fits well with the world we have, anyway. So I made this race of little fuzzy mousey people. Then I thought far too much about them and came up with a whole little society and culture for them, but I don't know if anyone wants me to clog their browser typing it up. Anyone interested?
No. 125986 ID: 53b212
File 153939573383.jpg - (63.43KB , 480x360 , aaaaa.jpg )

this is fucking adorable thank you so much

i DO have some designs drafted up for our little buds but i sure as hell dont have society or anything yet: lay that shit on me
No. 125987 ID: 53b212
File 153939605789.png - (7.00KB , 146x266 , clown.png )

i have shown this preview on discord before also so here take it
No. 125992 ID: 10c408

so, about the hang glider suggestion. I'm okay with it. I think there's a couple of problems with using it that are easily remedied by cooperation by our godly teammates

I'm still against the idea of making anything that isn't pure utility because of how easy it would be to weaponize the item in question. (Even a utility helicopter can be used to crush things if abandoned at a high altitude)
No. 125993 ID: d5442a
File 153941033777.png - (232.04KB , 900x800 , wizits.png )

Looks like we actually thought pretty alike, in terms of looks! I'll try write my ideas out, then, since you're interested. It's a long spiel (don't say I didn't warn you), so I'll put it in a pastebin. Take what you like from it. I only have these little sketches to go with it for now, but if there's general approval then I'll probably see if I can't do some sort of proper reference picture.

No. 125995 ID: 53b212

i've got my design aesthetic pretty much set for these guys, BUT- i will be adding the tails and classes in! please throw us any more concepts you've got, i'd love to incorporate em
No. 125996 ID: b1b4f3

Now I want to see Voidsy as an evil mime.
No. 126041 ID: 1a6dfc

We've gotta win so that Voidsy can go on to bring these guys to life on Morbit
No. 126042 ID: 516408

Shame we went with the furnace goat for the new guy's design, I liked the planet person a lot
No. 126109 ID: 53b212


here's the Encyclopedia of Morbitian Fashion- it looks pretty empty right now, but maybe you could suggest something...
No. 126110 ID: 56de26

Hoopla, perhaps? That's Wretch's zone, right?
No. 126111 ID: 80198d

No. 126114 ID: b1b4f3

What are Morbit clowns like?
No. 126118 ID: 2202fb


This is great, but i think they should have some kinds of weapons they can use. While they may not like using them, if they only have escape as their only option, they are eventually going to get captured and slaughtered by Spit.

I'd suggest
-Deathsticks(the baton thingies-look them up)
-card shurikens
-colorful confetti frags
-gaudy colored teargas
-juggling clubs
-fireblower flamethrower using juggling torch
-magic disco laser ball spell(based on warframe mirage)

I want to stress that i am not suggesting they should use these very often or become militarized. These would only be used if they get caught in a corner.
No. 126119 ID: 2202fb


Deleted my prior post once i saw you did in fact address juggalos in your writeup.

I think the killing penalties are kind of extreme, however. While i can definitely get behind it being an extreme and unthinkable taboo, i think it should stay at regular emotional repercussions but amplified rather than death and/or silence. Additionally, i also think the juggalo "transformation" should be nixed and instead replaced with a proposal outlined as thus:

Much like real people, wizits can snap under extreme emotional strife. Coupled with the heightened emotional backlash of killing something, means that wizits are much more likely to snap once they take someone's life than regular people (of note, killing isnt the only way for a wizit to snap and even then, it is situational and based on many factors such as the circumstances of the killing, the intentions, and the individual's emotional strength). Once a wizit snaps, that is when the originally outlined physical transition would occur. In addition to the shift in appearance, they would also radically shift towards the chaotic and/or evil ends of the alignment spectrum and begin using much more traditional weapons (including, but not limited to: cleavers, bats, chainsaws, and teeth). The end result being anywhere from depressed juggalo to killer clown (or if shit really hits the fan, Gamzee in a bloodrage).

Ofc, due to the infancy of the species coupled with their inhibitions on murder, these individuals are very very few in number. If a wizit is forced to defend themself, they try to do so non-lethally, and only insofar as to allow them to escape.
No. 126122 ID: 5247b0

It was mimes that part of the write-up was hinting at. Also, the whole thing of killer clowns was avoided deliberately, since scary killer clowns is kind of overdone and implied to already be in place as a different thing on morbit. Wizits would make pretty terrible killer clowns anyway, since they're small enough to sit in your hand.
No. 126123 ID: eb2fe2

No. 126130 ID: 2202fb

Guess i missed the size part (and so did mortis, it seems).
I see my proposed transformation not as just an excuse to have killer clowns. Instead, it is more of a manic depressive dynamic. One should sympathize with these individuals and not just see them as monsters to be cut down.
No. 126131 ID: 5247b0

TCPs are also very small. Wizits appear normal-sized in TCP because Tiny Cat People are Tiny. If a normal human appeared in the quest they would be a giant.

I don't see how someone being more likely to act in a monstrous way would make them less likely to be seen as monsters. I get that people subject to violent impulses should be sympathized with, of course, but once again, violence and clowns as a combination seems done. The more subtle fear factor of meeting some sad toy-sized black and white crying-makeup harlequin and realizing that they have killed another person, managed to survive something that kills the majority of those who experience it, and may possibly now have the ability to create any object they want in invisible form on top of never making a sound... seemed like it would be spookier. But that's probably subjective.
No. 126132 ID: b596bb

So, what exactly would a TCP-type TCP do?
No. 126133 ID: 91ee5f

No. 126134 ID: 1668de

That's just wax
No. 126140 ID: b67388

Abstract Type whose ascendant power lets it become any Type, but can only be used once.
No. 126141 ID: 56de26

No. 126157 ID: b1b4f3

A completely overpowered interpretation of that is "the ability to turn objects into TCPs of a type based on the object".

This sounds more reasonable. Not a bad power actually, since it's essentially like putting off the choice of type until later, when you might need something specific. Alternatively when playing as a newly-born god you could pick that for your first TCP and change the type later when you have your motifs set up, for better synergy.
No. 126438 ID: 56de26
File 154190317165.png - (14.02KB , 463x310 , growth chart.png )

I just had a few ideas for Wizit growth and childhood.
They have children in litters of 3-7, litters of 7 being as uncommon as twins are for humans.
They lay cube shaped eggs which hatch after about one day, give or take.
Wizit children aren't classified as Buffons, Jesters, or Harlequins, rather, they choose which class they want to be at around 6 days old. Before this, they are known simply as Jacks.
Their skill in jokes and magic vary by age, but most Jacks prefer jokes which consist of them hiding somewhere small (such as a cubby or a fridge) waiting for someone to walk by or open said thing, and jumping out at them making loud honking noises. They are often found fast asleep in drawers.
Their noses never change in size, much like eyes for humans, so younger Jack's noses often take up their entire face. They also hatch hairless, so a full clown afro is seen as a sign of adulthood. Their magic stored in their tails have only one charge at 1-4 days old, and a mere 2 charges at 5 days old, so they rely more on their physical capabilities than their magical ones.
Wizits raise their children as a pack, rather than just the parents raising their Jacks.
1 day old Jacks are like toddlers, and are very carefully watched over, not allowed out of the camp, out of sight of adults, etc. 3 day old Jacks are given free roam of the camp, but are still carefully watched by those around. 5 day old Jacks are allowed short excursions out of camp, and aren't watched as carefully, but still aren't ready to be on their own yet. 7 days old are seen as grown and are no longer watched.
Once they've chosen their class and turn a week old, they throw their first solo performance for their (pack? clan? whatever it's called), which is met with rampant applause no matter how unfunny it may be. They get constructive criticism and cupcakes afterward.
While different Wizits grow to be different sizes, this height chart should highlight how tall they are at each age in comparison to their final height.
No. 126440 ID: 864e49

This is all clever and cute but
>cube shaped eggs
Fucking ow!
No. 126442 ID: b5952d

Cube shaped eggs seem... far, far less than optimal. And growing over a few days seems much too fast. No-one will have time to interact with cute babies! Making it months instead would line up with how long it takes similarly sized creatures to grow to full size.

Of course, if morbit follows our rules for mental development, even just learning a language would take a few years. Anything you'd call mental or emotional maturity would take even longer. Also wizits are of course partly based on wizards, so I'd have leaned more toward them being long-lived and slower to grow, myself.
No. 126443 ID: a05a9e

That's just how long humans take to learn language and other things, given Wizits are an entirely different kind of creature they may have brains that are structured in such a way that talking and understanding is instinctual, or they may have much higher learning capacity
No. 126444 ID: 56de26

I was going for a Jack-in-the-box theme, but I can see how that'd be highly impractical/painful. Might need to scratch that.
I think the quick growth of the Wizits is completely necessary though, seeing the situation they're in. If they were in Morbit I would be all for a longer childhood, but as it stands, they don't have the time for right now. Thing's are going to get hectic soon, and the last thing we need are kids for Spit to abuse. The sooner they can grow up the better.
No. 126445 ID: b5952d

I think the wizits in the game are probably smart enough to just not have kids yet. They're not dumb, so why would they not see the same problem you can? There's nothing to say they're going to just go ahead popping out babies right away. Even if they did, the ideas so far have pointed them towards being illusionists and tricksters, so even if they were foolish enough to start having kids when they aren't sure about their futures, and if they even get their gestation done before the game is over, they'd probably be pretty good at hiding them.

I think if you did that, there'd have to be downsides to compensate. Like, they wouldn't be able to learn any other languages, or the too-quick learning would make their personalities unstable and unpredictable. Or if you made them magically knowledgeable then other magic could mess with that, or so on.
No. 126446 ID: 56de26

I wasn't implying that the Wizits would have kids willy nilly without a second thought. I was just saying if they were to have kids, we don't really have the time in-game to give them a longer childhood. We want as many Wizits as possible to create ample chaos, and seeing as we can't create too many without the specices/tech level rising, we'll need to rely on the Wizits for that.
No. 126447 ID: b5952d

We don't even know exactly how many we created, yet. We could have an ample amount already. I don't think we're exactly going to get on the wizits' good side by pushing them into having as many kids as possible, either. Remember, they're neutral! They're not on anyone's side, we just let loose chaos on everyone equally to offset Spit and Wax's experience and probably-better-at-planning advantages. Nothing says the wizits have to like us or do what we say. If they had the ability to have a bunch of kids quick, so what? Why would they? Even if they felt like being parents, they'd probably want time to get to know and like their babydaddies/mommas beforehand, and that could take months or years. We don't have any control over them.

So it'd be better not to muck around and give them a maturity cycle more suited to when the game's over.
No. 126467 ID: 1a603e
File 154214021630.png - (93.21KB , 500x500 , m122.png )


Volume 1 of Suplex's playlists for Maybequest is now out!

i have a lot of announcements/news coming up, some good and some bad, but for now- take this while i figure out how to make a big ass post about it

(don't worry my quests are fine none of them are cancelled or anything, completely different kind of news)
No. 126631 ID: 53b212
File 154371966004.png - (20.04KB , 500x500 , 3.png )


No. 126632 ID: b1b4f3

How strange. A session where the player isn't a god? Does that mean there are no stakes?
No. 126636 ID: e26f77

The stake is your pride as a gamer.
No. 126686 ID: 53b212
File 154404509766.png - (36.84KB , 660x560 , clover.png )

some mothlies for design practice
No. 126687 ID: 53b212
File 154404510578.png - (47.53KB , 780x690 , train.png )

No. 126688 ID: 53b212
File 154404513403.png - (29.05KB , 700x504 , nova.png )

sorry for being so scarce, lots going on

it's been a hell of a year
No. 126693 ID: b1b4f3

Mothlies are cute.
No. 126751 ID: 53b212
File 154439345883.png - (660.74KB , 750x750 , holiday1.png )


[comics will resume ASAP, i have a massive commission queue rn due to helping team members out of homelessness and also dealing with a dying relative on the side]
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