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File 149409944540.png - (3.50MB , 2400x3150 , Kalez2.png )
111417 No. 111417 ID: d1d42a

Thread for discussing King of Pentacles

numerous questions and complaints have been voiced
probably best to have them answered outside of quest
299 posts omitted. Last 100 shown. Expand all images
No. 128678 ID: e9d41b
File 155346960044.png - (103.29KB , 352x380 , QSabria.png )

>"A few questions for Mother Sabria on the undead. Were the undead always here existing in the world and only now gathered in large numbers to become noticeable or did they just show up out of no where. It's also said that anyone who dies usually comes back as one of the undead, is there some special ritual or crude method to ensure the body doesn't become an undead? Lastly, are the bodies becoming undead on their own or is someone bringing them back?"

Mother Sabria: 'Thank you for inquiring, I will assume you are a young sheltered child as this is crucial information you should already know.
but the truth can never be heard often enough.

It is with endless regret that I admit that these abominable creation have plagued this world for an eternity.
it was Absolon; Demon lord of Despair who brought death to our world,
not a day had passed before his brother Churzegar; Demon Lord of hungers exploited this curse.
The fiend offered mortals freedom from death and freedom from the judgement of the gods that it brought.
cowards, traitors and every sinner imaginable flocked to this promise and damned themselves everyone.
every demons deal has an unthinkable price, one inflicted upon the innocent and guilty alike.
the guilty suffer as slaves to the demon's hunger, the innocents murdered so that ever more can be offered this curse.

however, all is not lost. The depraved servants of Churzegar would have you believe every corpse will serve him.
This is a lie.
There are four methods to assure the dead will not rise.

the first and most important is that the demon lords are bound to the hellish realms, they have no power but what mortals give them.
mortal souls can only hear the demon lord's offer if a particularly corrupt servant offers a connection through fell magic

the the second, only those who fear death, only those who fear judgement will accept his vile offer.
a pure soul, who knows the gods will accept them will never become such a monster.

the third is through divine power of the gods, which only the most devote servants can wield. such power can bring judgement to a soul even in the mortal realm.

the forth is more complicated, but I recommend it for those you doubt the innocence of, which honestly should be everyone.
and more importantly the already risen.
it is a complicated method, which I will only cover the basic concepts of here.
we strip the bones of weak flesh with holy acids, and bleach the bones with the purifying rays of the sun
then entomb the bones in a vessel that cannot rot, stone will suffice if you can do no better.
you're local church will be able to provide you with further details, and texts on the topic.

Stay loyal to the true gods, and always strive for virtue.'

No. 128853 ID: e9d41b
File 155406839743.png - (153.04KB , 780x682 , Dummies.png )

Help design an outfit for Garrin, Reefa or Garcio!
No. 128857 ID: 9876c4
File 155408489716.jpg - (124.06KB , 780x682 , Totally Legit disguises.jpg )

Nothing to see here, just a medical professional and his rancher friend taking their ward for a ride...
No. 128861 ID: daa216
File 155408908639.png - (157.70KB , 780x682 , Not an artist.png )

Nothing says art like mspaint and a laptop touchpad. Basically drew some janked up herder clothes. Seeing with all the animals with them, the will want to use that as a cover. Also because I'm the deviant who suggested they steal the scribe's outfit for the princess, I left the middle dummy blank.
No. 128862 ID: e9d41b

being a deviant is excellent and encouraged!
No. 128873 ID: 2870a3

a paper doll, and no steve shirt? what is this, some sort of timeline where the joke fillaly over? it cant be!
No. 128874 ID: 41e231

We can only pray that it might finally be laid to rest
No. 128876 ID: e9d41b

agreed, it dying on april fools day seems like destiny
No. 128877 ID: 9876c4

I thought mine would cause more of a stir, tbh.
No. 128895 ID: a664e3
File 155416633663.png - (134.39KB , 780x682 , King of Pentacles Disguise Ideas.png )


In spite of the holiday, here's a serious suggestion. I tried to give them very unassuming looks, and I think I did okay. Garcio may stand out with the contrasting vest/shirt and the ripped sleeves, but it fits his louder more brash nature well.
No. 128901 ID: 080aaf
File 155417836883.png - (108.38KB , 538x682 , stephen_couture.png )

You're right! Steve shirts are so passé. Tee shirts aren't even periodically appropriate! Introducing the latest in womens' fashion, the Steve Skirt!
Also comes in poncho flavors!
No. 128902 ID: 080aaf
File 155417839296.png - (75.15KB , 329x682 , Ickers_revenge.png )

En cuanto al pájaro, una broma diferente, que refleja su necesidad primordial de polinizar la delicada flor de la princesa.
No. 128913 ID: 688dd6
File 155420660152.jpg - (18.30KB , 454x404 , him.jpg )

No. 128929 ID: 54c395

I’m a fan of this
No. 128936 ID: 8275cf
File 155432611192.png - (523.55KB , 768x842 , Wasbee.png )

Icker meets a wasp at the ball
No. 128938 ID: b1b4f3

What's with the manacles?
No. 128940 ID: 9876c4
File 155433197002.png - (12.42KB , 226x223 , images.png )

I like the little handbag.
No. 128941 ID: ad51b8

they look like they're going to be good friends
No. 128942 ID: daa216

A character we will meet later?
No. 128943 ID: 8275cf

She's an escaped convict

I wasn't planning on it.
she was created to show what a wasp in my setting would look like
however there's a good chance her design will find it's way into the main story
No. 128946 ID: 080aaf

I look forward to us meeting her.
No. 129029 ID: 8275cf
File 155475130925.png - (115.16KB , 352x380 , QGarcio.png )

>"Sir Garcio, how long have you served in the king's army? What was your first meeting with Sir Garrin like? Any strange or funny stories you two were involved in?"

Garcio: 'Oh it's gotta be twenty years since I got taken in as Garrin's squire, and we've been inseparable ever since.
his first day of training started with a lecture that changed my life, taught all about how much you can get away with if just do a good job with the important stuff.
this idea has probably given us a thousand glorious adventures! like the time we to strip those Binder nuns in the public square just to get the keys to the chapel,
or when we had to pretend to be foreign princes and the local farm girls showered us with affection, LOTS of affection if you know what I mean.
And then there was that strange event where goblins were smuggling stolen wine into the kingdom, which we had to confiscate of course.
All in the name of the crown!
hah! it's GOOD to be working for the king.'

No. 129030 ID: 54c395

How old exactly are Garrin and Garcio
No. 129031 ID: 8275cf

Garrin is about 44 and Garcio about 31
No. 129124 ID: 54c395

How old is Reefa?
No. 129125 ID: 8275cf

Reefa is 27
No. 129150 ID: 094652

To the undead travelers, is your hunger separate from your power source? Have you considered magic surgery to reconnect the part of you that induces horror hunger into something... more lively? Lots of dancing especially in the pelvic area perhaps?
No. 129183 ID: daa216

Afraid questions like that require coin kome.
No. 129184 ID: 8275cf

it's true I will reserve in character responses to patron donation.
No. 129185 ID: b9ddbd

I appreciate Garcio's penis.
No. 129241 ID: addb1a

I do very much as well. I wonder how long he amd Garrin are
No. 129246 ID: 8275cf

I'm glad you enjoyed the fanservice!
special thanks go to one of my generous patrons who paid for the extra panel!

>I wonder how long he amd Garrin are
Garcio is about 8", as for Garrin we'll have to wait and see . . .
No. 129247 ID: 54c395

Darn I was hoping you’d tell us Garrin’s size. I can’t wait to see his peen in its full glory
No. 129249 ID: daa216

And dont forget, if you give LW your coin,we get more pages a month. (That means faster peen reveals!)
No. 129257 ID: 8275cf

it's true! at the next milestone I'll be adding a minimum of 8 panels a month!

but that's just the minimum! for every dollar donated I add 5 minutes to my monthly KoP quota, that I spend exclusively on King of pentacles content!
however I end up going over quota almost every month because I just love drawing my quests!

and since I can never say it enough, a huge thanks to all my super generous patrons who've kept this ball rolling with dedicated support!
No. 129320 ID: daa216

I know people are changing their votes over the tail position of the scorpion but I'd like to point out the other times we've seen it, it is in that position. I dont think we're really in danger.
No. 129323 ID: 8275cf

that's correct Xiatzu's tail curls even when at rest.

however if she WERE to strike it it would be in the same position
No. 129327 ID: 8275cf
File 155695796034.png - (128.62KB , 520x682 , Goblin.png )

how the goblins in King of Pentacles will loo
No. 129328 ID: daa216

Those clothes sure look sturdy.
No. 129329 ID: eeb7d9

They are goblins, you can't expect much from them. Look, they can't even match boots or gloves!
No. 129332 ID: 54c395

I hope everyone voting B doesn’t bring about anything bad lol. I’d usually totally for lewding Garrin but I’ve got a bad feeling about the situation
No. 129333 ID: 9876c4

If we're going to stand a chance against those undead hordes, we must first stake Cockblocula.
No. 129335 ID: daa216

Well it looks like A won that one so lets hope its not a false alarm.
No. 129363 ID: 54c395

The suspense is killing me for this update
No. 129365 ID: 8275cf

update is being worked on!
No. 129368 ID: 54c395

I’m very excited woo!
No. 129519 ID: 8275cf

sorry the update took so long, it's been a crazy busy month for me
No. 129521 ID: 9876c4

I appreciate the update, even if it's not the one some of us wanted.

Keep dangling that ecchi, and someday we'll seize it!
No. 129527 ID: 54c395

Is that a boner I see in garrins underwear lol
No. 129531 ID: 8275cf

that's the spirit!

maybe . . .
No. 129533 ID: 54c395

Heheh wonder if garrin will be pleasuring himself to the memory of the close encounter when he’s done with his mission
No. 129534 ID: 8275cf
File 155880232722.png - (526.47KB , 768x842 , BugBonus.png )

Icker and Xiatzu stripped at a dance

brought to you by a generous patron!
No. 129565 ID: 8275cf

Firstly I'd like to thank all my extraordinary and generous Patrons for everything they've done for me.
in addition to all my public readers who enjoy my quests.

My patreon sadly is in decline. I have to wonder if this quest has over stayed it's welcome or whether interest is simply waning.

I've made no decisions thus far, but if thing continue to decline I may have to make changes.
these changes could range anywhere from adjusting my patreon to working the quest to a satisfactory ending this year.

again I have made no decisions and would greatly appreciate and feedback on this situation
No. 129566 ID: 322af8

All things need to come to an end at some point. Don't fret and remember the fun we all had here.
No. 129568 ID: 8275cf

thank you for your participation, but you seem to have missed my meaning.

I have made no decisions regarding the future of this quest, I have not decided to end the quest.I am only considering options and curious as to my audiences thoughts on what could be done and how.
No. 129571 ID: 91ee5f

>My patreon sadly is in decline.
Doesn’t Patreon have a system where people need to renew their subscription or whatever it’s called?

Maybe some people haven’t realized that they need to resubscribe and that’s what’s going on?
No. 129572 ID: 54c395

Maybe adding more nsfw scenes would attract more people there was a heavy incline of replies right when Garrin was with Xiatzu
No. 129573 ID: 9876c4

Maybe there was a misconception that people were funding guaranteed smut rather than the interactive text adventure this is.

You haven't hit a high point with these characters yet like a major stripfight, or the bombing of the bridge. Maybe people are feeling antsy.

I don't think you should change how you do things to better monetize them, though.
No. 129574 ID: 8275cf

Patreon payments are automatic, and the declines were not accidental

I have noticed a steady incline of suggestions, which I am very happy about.
I love how much people seem to being enjoying participating in my quest.
however I've not noticed any increase of patronage with lewd content.
many of my existing patron seem more interested in the stories, characters and designs.

I feel it's very important to allow the suggesters to guide the story, but from everything I've seen my suggesters and patrons are largely on the same page, wanting less lewd content rather than more.
No. 129575 ID: eeb7d9

Huh, that is unexpected...
No. 129586 ID: 54c395

It’s less I don’t want lewd content it’s just that whenever a possibility for something nsfw comes up it stands as a risk towards our character
No. 129589 ID: 8275cf

I want to encourage risk taking, being too risk averse leads to a very boring story.
No. 129591 ID: 864e49

Be an asshole, got it!
No. 129593 ID: 8275cf

I think you misunderstand
No. 129595 ID: 73e698

That's something you might want to think about in the future, then. I'm not too sure if it applies as directly as I think it it does to King of Pentacles specifically, or if I'm carrying over a feeling that I got from other quests of yours I read before, but it seems like it's common to come out of an encounter with a sense of "this isn't the best result you could have gotten, you didn't make great decisions", which is something that'll teach suggesters to be more paranoid.

Like, I can't remember much in the way of story points that had a feeling of "yes, you did great, good job!" Maybe it's something inherent to the overall story and tone you're going for, so it might not be easy or simple to avoid, but it rarely feels like the characters (and therefore the readers) have a reason to be happy or feel good about themselves without some sort of "but" hanging over it.

So you might want to either include more "oh, I did well!" moments, or make it clearer what bad consequences are being avoided.
No. 129596 ID: 8275cf

the thing is that is incredibly difficult
King of Pentacles is not a game you can "win" or "lose"
both of those entirely depend on what the individual suggester wants out of the story
for me to congratulate them on doing very well there needs to be some ultimate objective
there isn't.
typically following Kalez' orders will be the normal guideline, but she'll be controllable in many segments as well, and thus her orders are also largely determined by suggestor choice.

however if an individual wants "X" out of the quest I can tell them how good of a job their doing achieving "X".
No. 129597 ID: 8275cf

for what it's worth, I am very happy with how the story is unfolding! so I think everyone is doing a great job!

. . . as long as other people are happy
No. 129599 ID: 73e698

I think you've taken what I said as a broader judgement than I really meant it. It's not so much the larger goal or the overall progress or lack thereof, but more the encounter-to-encounter stuff that I'm talking about. How well did the fight go for Kalez' minions, how well did her meeting with Vivian go for her, is anything Garrin's been doing meaningful? Obviously things are happening and the suggesters are making decisions that make things happen, but there's often some sort of vague feeling we could have done better, or that we stumbled past what we were actually supposed to do... or maybe we didn't? We don't know? It's the not knowing that's the problem. Just to be clear, it's not that big a problem, I'm probably making it sound worse because of how I'm trying to explain it. I'm trying to pin down something that's just a shadow of a feeling to me.

You're right about stuff depending on what people want out of the quest, but at the same time there are some things you can assume. If our player character gets in a fight, we want to win. If they're given a challenge to overcome we want to overcome it. Absolutely you want people to have control over where everything's going, and to make decisions for themselves, but if there isn't any direction at all, and you have different factions of suggesters who want different things (which seems very likely in this quest, from what moral standpoint you want to take, to who you want to ship with who, to story vs. lewds, which character specifically you want to see, etc), then you can end up with a feeling that the quest and the suggesters are just sort of staggering drunkenly through everything never quite fully doing one thing or the other. We make suggestions and then things happen, but what's the connection between what happens and what we intended, or wanted? Can there be any, if different suggesters intended and wanted different things?

It might just be a thing I'm getting. You'd need to ask if anyone else feels anything similar to this before you give it any credit.
No. 129605 ID: 8275cf

I'm afraid you've lost me with most of what you're talking about.

I have no idea how you would have me improve my quest

nor even what is even the problem, truly.

how successful was the battle in the first chapter? beyond being a victory? I don't know tally the pros and cons I guess.
how successful was the meeting with Vivian? she made an offer the suggestors refused. is that not clear? did you want something else of her?
How Meaningful have Garrin's actions been? meaningfull in what way and to who? I thought the Princess' safety had clear purpose.

I can't stop you from imagining superior outcomes, but I don't know them, only different outcomes all with different potentials and hooks
I could tell you as many as I considered, but that would be less than half of what is possible, since most outcomes I never considered.

I'm sorry you feel things lack direction, but either I don't see that or don't understand what you mean.

if you have a specific questions, a specific problem, or a specific thing you'd like me to change
perhaps I can better accommodate you.
No. 129608 ID: 68a433

I'm pretty sure I'm explaining things badly, but I'm not sure I can think of a better way to put it. It's just that when we come out the other end of any particular "scene" in the quest, I can get this feeling that things happened, but not so much that things were accomplished? Most scenes, when I consider suggesting, I feel like I should try to be, like... sensible. Not to think too much outside the box, because what'll get chosen is probably going to be something more expectable. Obviously being sensible is good, but it can also start feeling a little uncolourful if it goes on too long. It might be that the characters themselves, personality-wise, mostly seem like they're not the types that would come up with or go along with more unusual ideas.

It's also possible that I just haven't invested myself enough. I read the quest whenever I see it's updated, and I suggest now and then, but I don't have any strong feelings about what I want to see happen eventually, so I don't have a point of reference for how I should feel about the outcome of whatever's going on at that moment. All that I have to think about is the scene at hand, so if there's not much to think about in for that scene then I feel like the quest isn't asking me to think much in general. On top of that, it might be leaning my motivation more to "I want to try and pick the best answer" when the thing that decides what's best (contribution to a long-term goal) doesn't actually exist in my case. Like I'm looking at the choices too much as puzzles to be solved in themselves rather than as steps to something else. So it's very likely that all my problems are just me.

It's still a good quest!
No. 129609 ID: 8275cf
File 155979865557.png - (493.60KB , 768x842 , IckerBonus3.png )

I'm glad you're at least enjoying the quest!

here's a picture of Icker redundantly dressed as a Bee!
she seems pretty okay with this costume.
or she's just more agreeable when her belly is full of honey.

Picture suggested by one of my generous patrons!
based on bee outfit suggested here
No. 129616 ID: 9876c4

No. 129619 ID: 322af8

An answer to the age old question of how a bee would wear pants.
No. 129651 ID: 8275cf
File 156044533534.png - (393.26KB , 768x842 , EeyfelVsRolita2.png )

A Sequel to this bonus

Rolita has come out on top!
presenting her defeated opponent Eeyfel
No. 129667 ID: 54c395

A nude Eeyfel? Don’t mind if I do lol
No. 129798 ID: 8275cf

Sorry the next update is taking so long, it's going to be a big one!
No. 129799 ID: 8275cf
File 156196427341.png - (112.77KB , 352x380 , QXiatzu.png )

>"Any interesting stories of clients and customers you had before meeting Sir Garrin?"

Xiatzu:'most of my work is copying public bulletins and decrees sent out by noble households, I also copy old records and histories.
Once in a while a very strange person asks for something very strange.
A couple weeks ago a huge woman over eight feet tall comes to my store.
This woman was of powerful build and covered in armor plates and wrapped bandages.
She looked to be of some knightly order, she had the crest of the binder god.
she did not speak a word but through gesture told me she wanted parchment.
I offered her a sheet, and she used it to tell me she wanted all the parchment and ink I had.
obviously I told her I could do nothing for her, I do not deal with adventurers, it always leads to trouble.
She left after that.
I hope to never see such a dangerous person again.'

No. 129828 ID: 54c395

That’s perfectly fine I’m excited to see it!
No. 129954 ID: 8275cf
File 156299049776.png - (224.42KB , 768x842 , HeroceaBonus.png )

Herocea showing off some new undergarments
No. 130237 ID: 8275cf
File 156364278111.png - (335.33KB , 768x842 , ModernPrincess.png )

Reefa as a real world modern princess
No. 130252 ID: 54c395

I’m glad too see that Sir Garrin is doing the harem route lmao
No. 130393 ID: 8275cf
File 156399665998.png - (118.78KB , 352x380 , QKalez.png )

>"Duchess Kalez, it's said that you grew up on the streets. Is that true and if so, what was life like while you were 'living how the other half live' as they say. How exactly did you meet Archduke Midas? Do you think things have changed ever since you've come into power, minus the undead and possible world ending."

Duchess Kalez: 'Peasants are parasites, the weak in their villages huddle around the strong of the castles for the safety and nurishment they think it provides.
like fleas upon a dog they suckle at the life blood of a more powerful creature, they scrape, scrounge or steal any coin they can get.
All the while these pathetic wretches dream of power, thinking it will make them happy.
Yes I was such a parasite, such a filthy degraded theif.
I achieved the dream only for the parasites to turn thier attention on me, I am no longer thier sister I have become thier host.

I learned this long before meeting Midas, he was a warrior eager to learn his place in the universe my insite gave him power and in return he granted me station and alliance that served us both.
and ultimately our divine patron.'

No. 130436 ID: 9876c4

This is quite fetching.
No. 130595 ID: 8275cf

a bonus image slot has been generously donated by a wonderful patron!

Here's a poll! lewd options will be marked as NSFW!
No. 130604 ID: b1b4f3

I don't think we've seen some of these characters yet...
No. 130606 ID: 8275cf

that's right, some of these characters are one's we'll meet in the future
No. 130629 ID: 8275cf

Pick which lady will be most prominently shown
(this is important if you want to see full frontal lewd parts)
No. 130821 ID: 8275cf
File 156694975780.png - (569.19KB , 768x842 , BonusHarbingers.png )

as voted for

Sisters Tawny and Rolita, cleaning Sabria their mother superior
No. 130822 ID: 54c395

Very nice
No. 130823 ID: 58c631

No. 130825 ID: 54c395

It would be supremely cute if the hydra had some kind of crush on Vovo
No. 130827 ID: 9876c4

What if only some of the heads did?
No. 130828 ID: 54c395

And the others had a crush on another *antics ensue*
No. 130966 ID: 8275cf
File 156853290135.png - (151.45KB , 352x380 , QHydr2.png )

>Ever fantasize or think about how your lives would be not fused together? Do you all think things would be the same or different?

Solia: 'we try not to dwell, an impossible dreams for us, that it will never happen, that is our greatest fear. this only makes us miserable . . .'
Remia: 'but this dream is different, we have it every night, we could want nothing more, if only it could come true, we would be so happy'
Laret: 'we would be so free, we could go do whatever, go anywhere we could want, our sisters could not block, we could have fun forever '
Fason: 'There is power in numbers, we would be five wholes, not one with five souls, none could stand against us, all would tremble in fear.'
Mifal: 'We would do just anything, if only this could happen, we have made many deals, the golden scorpion promises much, but she also tells lies . . .'
No. 130967 ID: 8275cf

heads from left to right are Remia,Mifal,Fason,Solia,Laret
No. 131085 ID: 54c395

Still hoping we get to see Garrins dick one day
No. 131088 ID: 6f7a5a

it will probably happen sooner or later
No. 131091 ID: a664e3


At the Duchess' ball, you explore the gardens. The calm of the foliage contrasts the fervor and exuberance of the party. The high energy is nice in its own way, but you prefer meditation with the plants. The bud of a rose lures you towards a field of color, a soft light glistening off the dew coating each flower's petals. Posed there, backlit by the moon beams hitting the lake, is him. Garrin... In this small corner of the garden, which may as well be a world wholly separate from the surrounding guests...

You see his dick.
No. 131092 ID: 11f77a

unfortunately Xiatzu was never really known for her romantic writing in novels.
No. 131141 ID: ca2950

"His penis was erect and turgid, like an erect penis. He plundered her body like a bulldog uprooting a flowerbed."
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