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File 149409944540.png - (3.50MB , 2400x3150 , Kalez2.png )
111417 No. 111417 ID: d1d42a

Thread for discussing King of Pentacles

numerous questions and complaints have been voiced
probably best to have them answered outside of quest
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No. 120095 ID: 9876c4

I like the colored acid on a B/W sketch. Makes magic seem more alive.
No. 120350 ID: b93a7b
File 151792024301.png - (88.15KB , 698x765 , NThar_Bonus.png )

Abin left in nothing but a pair of pink panties

this is a Patreon sponsored bonus image!
No. 120351 ID: a8ee52

I'm glad the duchess has a rule of only recruiting cuties to work for her.
No. 120352 ID: b93a7b

it's not a hard rule, but she likes having minions others find desirable
No. 120375 ID: b93a7b
File 151796757929.png - (146.38KB , 698x765 , Tawny_Bonus.png )

Tawny Lanix serves as a sister harbinger of Purity

she uses her magic to cure disease and protect the clean with holy blessings

this is a Patreon sponsored bonus image!
No. 121007 ID: b93a7b
File 151975056086.png - (351.40KB , 768x842 , Yappa Bonus.png )

Feeling the need to redeem herself, Yappa arranges a rematch against one of the freedom fighters . . . things don't go as she had hoped
No. 121013 ID: a363ac

bee good
No. 121018 ID: a8ee52

Yappa might be the cutest kobold, an that's saying a lot!
No. 121070 ID: b93a7b
File 151992478276.png - (458.96KB , 799x1049 , Dorunjir.png )

This holy berserker is known by her prey as "The white wolf of Turith"

Inquisitor Sabria Dorunjir has dedicated three decades of her life to fighting the undead hordes and corruption in all forms.

sometimes seen as a hero past her prime she also serves as Mother Superior to the Ivory Fields Harbinger Convent where she trains hundreds of sisters to match he fervor to keep the purity of the world
No. 121282 ID: b93a7b
File 152053864351.png - (409.33KB , 799x1049 , Envoy.png )

a couple minor characters
both of them loyal servants of the realm
No. 121418 ID: b93a7b
File 152086896888.png - (787.74KB , 1601x2101 , Herocea.png )

A somewhat peaceful giant, her people are the enemy of the king so she keeps as low a profile as she can manage and focuses on tending her crops
No. 121425 ID: daa216

The earrings are a nice touch there. Shows us a bit of personality without using a word.
No. 121426 ID: d887c0

She's quite lovely. Very regal and statuesque.
No. 121428 ID: 9876c4

Agreed. good design. Just a touch of easter island going on.
Glad to have suggested her service.
No. 121442 ID: 33cbe7

Eh, I wish she had a head of hair instead of a head of a moai. Hopefully not every giant is bald.
No. 121443 ID: d887c0

She'd look weird with hair.
No. 121450 ID: b93a7b
File 152095376858.png - (188.95KB , 723x915 , HeroceaHeadgear.png )

all the stone giants in the kingdom of Teroth are completely hairless, there may be hairy giants in far off lands however.

for fun I added some head coverings Herocea
a head scarf, a hat, a wig and original bare head for reference
No. 121452 ID: d887c0

She looks pretty good in a hood.
No. 121457 ID: 9876c4

I like the bare head, because she narrows from the bottom.
No. 121463 ID: 33cbe7

Hair even on the elongated head looks surprisingly good! Maybe Kalez can offer a wig as her reward.
No. 121575 ID: b93a7b
File 152122777943.png - (186.64KB , 600x788 , Garrin.png )

Garrin Veraki,
Kalez' second acolyte and and spy within the King's court

to the rest of the kingdom Sir Garrin has a long standing career where other than his adamant loyalty to the crown and sober nature he has proven unremarkable.
No. 121579 ID: daa216

Birds make the best spies.
No. 121773 ID: b93a7b
File 152191026445.png - (216.69KB , 768x842 , Azzeki Bonus.png )

Azzeki's faces the Hydra's wrath for displeasing her Dushess
No. 121870 ID: b93a7b

I was thinking of adding an "ask the characters" mid tier reward

or maybe doing an Interactive thing where Princess Reefa (who also serves as kingdom ambassador) where she tries to convince people (maybe quest characters/ maybe peoples OCs) to immigrate to the Kingdom

just some fun Ideas I had floating around in my head, would love to hear what people think
No. 121880 ID: daa216

Guess that means we should do our best to make sure the princess survives the encounter then!
No. 121910 ID: b93a7b
File 152234219021.png - (379.60KB , 768x842 , RolitaBonus.png )

Sister Rolita rescuing the Princess of Chulmundt on one of Dorunjir's Crusades.
Rolita's Heroics earned her much recognition by the Inquisitor
No. 121936 ID: daa216

Anyone else feel like talking about the upcoming battle and the possible ways to make sure those that we keep those that need to live alive?
No. 122366 ID: b93a7b
File 152368222318.png - (204.47KB , 768x842 , IckerBonus.png )

Icker Patching up her wings in preparation for her battle against Yappa (shown earlier)
No. 122425 ID: a080fd

Do the wings naturally heal over time?
No. 122429 ID: b93a7b

her limbs including wing regenerate when she molts about once a year
No. 122430 ID: 2fe26a

Luckily Acid Dagger has a much shorter cooldown than that.
No. 122431 ID: b93a7b

yes, fortuately arthos like Icker don't get permanent scarring, however year long disfigurement still sucks a lot
No. 122851 ID: b93a7b
File 152559116511.png - (629.12KB , 768x842 , RolitaBonus2.png )

Sister Rolito continues her rescue through the kingdom of Chulmundt.
Leading Princess Veraska through bramble flats has it's issues, but the resolute harbinger has more concern for the safety of the princess and less the safety of the princess's property.
No. 123003 ID: b93a7b

one of my wonderful patrons has generously donated one of their monthly rewards to the community!

I am now taking open requests!
No. 123009 ID: 4854ef

Wouldn't mind seeing Reefa doing her generous acts of donation to the impoverished.
No. 123025 ID: 1fc6de

The rabbit and the bee seemed to have something going on.
Or maybe show us how the kobolds wind down after such a crazy trip?
No. 123057 ID: b93a7b

Here's a poll! lewd options will be marked as NSFW!

(had to fix the previous version)
No. 123120 ID: ac6625

Is this thread still in use?

If so how are the interactions between Kalez and "The Hydra"? If any have taken place. Does Kalez treat them like she does with most of her other servants or slightly better (or worse). I can sort of imagine there's a hint of mother-like affection in the way she treats them, they were after all raised by her husband. Certainly keeping them watching over the jails and torturing would-be rebels is also keeping them safe from the zealots of the church.
No. 123124 ID: b93a7b

Kalez mostly sees The Hydra as Midas' prized pet, she admires their loyalty and devotion but is disappointed by their limited intellect.
over all she prefers The Hydra to most of her other minions, chiefly because they excel with small minds. and her servant fail despite their educational advantages.

if Kalez does have any motherly feelings towards the Hydra, she does not voice them

(and yeah, this thread is still in use, it's not very active though)
No. 123127 ID: daa216

Seems most people prefer discussion battle tactics in the actual thread instead of the discussion one here.
No. 123129 ID: ac6625

Ah alright, I'm pretty new to this. Quests looks fun, yeah I'm sticking around to see where this goes.

Doesn't bother me, just have to adapt and roll with it.
No. 123177 ID: b93a7b
File 152705286147.png - (284.90KB , 768x842 , SezedaBonus.png )

After convincing The Hydra to let her near the prisoners
Sezeda decides to have some fun interrogating the Freedom fighter's bard.
No. 123180 ID: b1b4f3

Why is she naked though?
No. 123182 ID: daa216

Because she wants to enjoy it.
No. 123191 ID: ad51b8

is this were she get's her revenge for him saying she wasn't pretty?
No. 123195 ID: 91ee5f


And The Hydra is watching and/or teaching how to properly torture someone to inflict maximum pain and/or get info outta them.
No. 123468 ID: 2755f5
File 152833430840.png - (563.52KB , 768x842 , SlipBonus.png )

Princess Reefa and Sister Tawny have gone on many trips across the Countryside

however on this outing they've taken a couple wrong steps off the beaten trail!
No. 123799 ID: 2755f5
File 152994384561.png - (1.08MB , 1536x1684 , TerothMap.png )

Teroth was once viewed as a powerful and wealthy and luxurious kingdom.
and is still viewed as such among those not up to date on current events.

everything changed when the undead hordes flooded in from the south thirty years ago, though ultimately victorious the Price Teroth had to pay for this victory was staggering,

with millions dead (most twice over) and much of their food stores corrupted the kingdom had no ability to defend itself from further attack, they had no choice but to sell vast amount of their now empty lands too their neighbor, the goblin kingdom of Globala in exchange for "protection".

the call for immigrants has been a strong one, leading to a diverse group of people populating the lands. Life in Teroth is sacred, and murder seen as one of the greatest crime, every warrior you kill is one you gift to the ultimate enemy.

Teroth is now desperate to hold onto what is left of it's past prestige, while still holding vigilant to the ever present threat of the undead hordes.
No. 123800 ID: fcd056

When I see this map only this video comes to my mind
No. 124552 ID: 2755f5
File 153283917731.png - (295.12KB , 768x842 , SabriaBonus.png )

Even before the horrible giant attack, Princess Reefa's trip wasn't a whole lot of fun.
No. 124591 ID: 4854ef

It's like the world is conspiring just to mess with her slight bit of enjoyment.
No. 124623 ID: 2755f5

at least it's all gonna be fun from now on!
No. 125059 ID: 2755f5
File 153516257436.png - (578.91KB , 768x842 , RolitaBonus3.png )

A practice match becomes an "exhibition" match
when Sister Rolita battles Sister Corixa Feyn
much to the shame of everyone involved
No. 125061 ID: ff82d2

What are the chances that a single hit would be able to take out everything in the front, including bra and panties? Rolita must a genius!

Also, I like the way in which Corixa looks slightly chubby. The shape looks just right.
No. 125064 ID: 2755f5

Thanks I've been trying to mix it up with body types, to keep things interesting

as for Rolita, Mother Sabria can't decide if the mouse is a talented pervert or an accident prone idiot, neither are acceptable
No. 125065 ID: daa216

Could be a jinx. The people around her keep ending up naked.
No. 125073 ID: 2755f5

It's quite possible!
No. 125174 ID: 2755f5
File 153562006189.png - (264.03KB , 768x842 , ReefaBonus.png )

Princess Reefa cleaning herself
rather than using water (like a peasant) the princess uses holy cleansing oils to magically remove filth
No. 125178 ID: eeb7d9

Who's peeping?
No. 125180 ID: 2755f5

someone who better make sure they don't get caught, the Harbingers who look after the Princess are not merciful when it comes to perverts
No. 125182 ID: daa216

We are. We all are peeping.
No. 125508 ID: 2755f5
File 153729535026.png - (248.12KB , 768x842 , NiffleBonus.png )

Niffle gets a new set of armour
No. 125510 ID: 4854ef

The look of someone who has class changed, he looks incredible.
No. 125512 ID: eeb7d9

Looking good. Can't wait to play with these guys again!
Did the rest changed their clothes too?
No. 125513 ID: 91ee5f

>class changed
I’d like to think that it looked like a Fire Emblem class change. A really bright light surrounds him and then when it disappears, he’s standing there with a new outfit, new weapons, and he’s learned some new skills.
No. 125514 ID: 2755f5

There will be costume changes on all the characters from chapter 1, ranging from minor to major

expect to see some familiar faces in chapter 3~
No. 125520 ID: eeb7d9

That was all i needed to read.
No. 125559 ID: 9876c4

Little guy just went full Sephiroth.
No. 125834 ID: 2755f5
File 153873161574.png - (107.26KB , 352x380 , QGarr.png )

>Q:"Garrin, how exactly did you find yourself becoming a spy for the Kalez? Were you a spy before then or did she just put you in that position? If she made you spy, what caught her attention that caused her to make you one?"

Garrin: "it was Thirty years ago, I was a boy barely strong enough to hold a sword when the undead hordes came to my homw town Z'Garr. The unliving monsters had no intention of sparing anyone so I fought, I would have been killed were it not for the Arch-Duke.

I was young and stupid, dreams of heroism rushed through my head. I felt I owed my life to Duke Midas and followed him to battle in a counter attack that would end the war. In the aftermath of that battle I was among only a handful that survived.

The King knighted me for my valor, and would in the years to comes welcome me into his household. But always I had a stronger loyalty to Midas, the noble lord I had fought beside. King Flagrion was too weak to ever truly earn my respect.

Somehow Kalez knew my doubts about the king, and at a social gathering she asked if I would help her save Teroth. As any loyal son would I agreed. step by step I became her eyes and ears for the royal court. It was many years before I could admit what I had become, but when I finally did Duchess Kalez was ready with a whole new set of tasks for her most valuable spy."

No. 126387 ID: 2755f5
File 154151572160.png - (94.05KB , 352x380 , QAzze.png )

>"Dear Azzeki, how has your little skirmish with the rebels and the encounter with the undead affected you and your teammates? Has anything changed with you as well? Also when did you start 'interacting' with Duchess Kalez?"

Azzeki: "Kalez? I . . . I don't wish to sspeak of Kalezzz . . . . . .it'sss only been a few weekss."

The undead attack . . . at first everyone was frightened. but the koboldss they are ssstrange later they started getting excited asss iff ssome big event wass fortold . . . they are odd creaturesss.
No. 126512 ID: 2755f5
File 154263730789.png - (488.93KB , 768x842 , EeyfelVsRolita.png )

Eeyfel and Rolita battling in the Teroth arena, both sporting new outfits
No. 126589 ID: 2755f5
File 154342343422.png - (172.10KB , 768x842 , HolidayBee.png )

Icker is not pleased about the festive outfit she's been given
No. 126590 ID: eeb7d9

I am positive that nobody would be pleased about that.
No. 126599 ID: daa216

I on the other hand, am quite pleased.
No. 126602 ID: eeb7d9

I mean, you are not dressed like that so... unless you are?
No. 126606 ID: daa216

Afraid I'm not a bee dressed as a turkey. Just pleased at the image.
No. 126614 ID: 70be57

I get a weird feeling from this costume like she is going to teach us about the birds and the bees
No. 126665 ID: 2755f5

Created a new favorite character poll, since it's been a year and I've introduced many new characters
let me know what you think!

in other news
https://www.patreon.com/KingOfPentacles my Patreon donations are just under it's next stretch goal, consider donating if you'd like to garantee more "King of Pentacles" content!
No. 126737 ID: 9876c4

Data point.

N'Thar, Herocea and Garrin have turned out really interestingly. Rolita is adorbs.
All my old favorites are still that.
No. 126743 ID: 2755f5

I'm glad the males in chapter 2 are resonating with people, the chapter 1 guys didn't really receive much interest.
Herocea and Rolita are real surprise hits, they were never planned but they're popularity will go a long way to seeing them serve as reoccurring characters!
No. 126764 ID: 2755f5
File 154446874574.png - (141.94KB , 352x380 , QHydr.png )

>Re-Mi-Fa-So-La Teedo or "The Hydra". Question for well all of them as a whole.

>"Other than keeping making sure no daring escapes happen in the prison and serving justice to all who offend her majesty. What do you five do on your off time? Hobbies or anything? What's it like all being stuck together? If it was possible to leave the dungeon without the church of purity attacking you all, would all of you take that chance?"

Remia:'we have no off time, we have no on time, we live in the dungeon, it is our only home, its master is our master.'
Mifal: 'sometimes we also feel caged, like the ones we watch, but that is not so, we are not like them, we have the power here.'
Fason: 'we bring the caged pain, it is what we enjoy, it is fun for us, does that makes us bad?, I do not think so.'
Solia: 'it is a great burden, to be five different minds, to only have one body, other get one whole life, but we have to share'
Lareta: 'we hate the surface people, as the surface people hate us, owe will be free soon, then they will all suffer, and we will be happy'
No. 126767 ID: daa216

Uhhhh....huh. Well that sounds comforting.
No. 126771 ID: 2755f5

they're real sweet once you get to know them . . .
No. 126788 ID: ac6625

They're cute. Can't wait to meet them in the quest and learn more.
No. 126884 ID: daa216

And thus we cut to the dog with the shifty eyes.
No. 126897 ID: 9876c4

Probably a cat, but same difference really.
No. 126901 ID: 2755f5

are you referring to a specific character?
No. 126902 ID: 9876c4

The hoodlum in the foreground, natch.
No. 126903 ID: daa216

I was referencing that one old Simpsons gag with my post.
No. 126943 ID: 2755f5

So this is the end of a chapter, I'd like to take this time to discuss what people think worked, what didn't work and what they'd like to see in the future!
all questions comments and concerns are welcome!
No. 126987 ID: 54c395

All the characters were great! I think that’s the best part of the quest. If I were to make any complaints I would ask for more nudity but I know story comes first
No. 126989 ID: daa216

All seems good to me. Had the right amount of story versus battle.
No. 126999 ID: 9876c4

Because it wasn't a straight red vs. blue skirmish, there was less erotic tension than the prequel.

But this is necessary for the story to grow.
No. 127002 ID: eeb7d9

I think it's going pretty good so far. There is a lot of characters to face. I feel it might be a little overwhelming, but it might just be me. I have no complaints besides that.
No. 127015 ID: 2755f5

thank you everyone for the support!
I always aim to put in a decent amount of nudity, but with the nature of quests it's difficult to know what direction people will choose.
maintaining a cohesive narrative makes it difficult too.
suggesting lewd actions helps a lot too!

what do you mean by "erotic tension"?

it is a lot of new characters especially in this chapter, next chapter expect to see more familiar faces
No. 127017 ID: 9876c4

Each side was trying to defeat the other, but also to see their enemies naked.
There's a lot of this tension between taxmen and terrorists, not so much between inquisitors and a giant, or undead and anybody.

Strip poker with 6 nuns wouldn't be as interesting as strip poker with 3 nuns and 3 barbarians. Shame and lust raises the stakes dramatically. But I know this isn't always possible, sometimes the world needs to be built before those players can live in it.

Does that make sense?
No. 127237 ID: 2755f5

yes! you want to see nuns stripped by barbarians.
this may happen . . .

there will typically be more sexual tension when both male and female characters are involved, it also depends on the nature of the opponents some are more perverse than others
No. 127239 ID: 2755f5
File 154713411278.png - (91.20KB , 352x380 , QIcker.png )

>"What did you do before all of this? As in what was your job at the hive before joining the Freedom Fighters. What is your specific reasons for joining them? How were the relations between members of your little raiding party before you got captured? Particularly is there any chemistry between you and Dolan?"

Icker:'back in Abeilia I was a brewer for my hive, it was my job to create honeys and other salves or potions.
When the freedom fighters begged my hive for aid I was selected as the most viable candidate.
It has been a difficult task for me, the other freedom fighters have trouble seeing the difference between service and slavery, they are a weird sort flighty and perverted, living in chaos.
It took me a while but I've learned they are good people, Dolan seems to like me . . . maybe to much, I think he wants things that I can't give.'

No. 127366 ID: 2755f5
File 154812205012.png - (147.58KB , 434x670 , Ladis2.png )

Ladis Oropesci

Teroth's Labor shortage following the undead invasion has brought all sort to the kingdom.
hardy folk looking to start a new life.
much to the surprise of the surface dwellers many Ichthians of the Talon Sea also came in to seek work.

Ladis is a child of these pioneers, hatched in the shallows of the Ivera Province.
her family is well integrated with the native Terothians, and are recognized as skilled messengers.
Ladis is hearty and proud, her hard work earned the recognition of the Hatchely & Hearth Adventuring company.
It was not long before Lady Vivian Hearth hired the Ichthian on as her personal attendant
No. 127367 ID: 2755f5
File 154812305980.png - (125.14KB , 434x670 , Ladis1.png )

nude version
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