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File 151477816123.png - (918.31KB , 900x600 , SVQLS9z.png )
119248 No. 119248 ID: 395c02

The old thread was getting large, so have a new one! This image was drawn by AQR!

If you're new, my wiki page links to every quest I've made: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Slinko

I also have a patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Slinketza
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No. 125505 ID: eeb7d9

Sure thing mate, take a rest and don't fry your brain with overwork.
No. 125540 ID: 91ee5f

I just thought of something: What is Ceri’s family’s last name?

We know their first names, Myra (Mom), Sheriim (Dad), and Ceridwen, but I don’t think we’ve ever been told what their last name is.
No. 125554 ID: 395c02

One was never decided. At one point I went back to thread 1, intending to be cute and use the second-place winner of the 'what do we name this dragon girl' vote... only to realize 'Ceridwen' was kind of the only real name anyone came up with. oops.

Rather than come up with one myself, this could be an opportunity to have a faux quest decision while I recover a bit:

Gimme some last names for our dragon family!
No. 125556 ID: de6d84

Mercia - Compassion or forbearance, which could relate the names, albeit maybe a little simple
Ester - Capable, performing large tasks with success
Fernande - Adventuresome
Blithe - Happy, wanting to live life without tradition

Some that're kinda neat from sound: Escanes, Viera

My naming sense is probably not the best, but here's some ideas maybe who knows
No. 125557 ID: 2e0f31

No. 125562 ID: a62780

How about Tethis? I think it'd sound nice.

That said...
I giggled heartily at Blithe, it'd fit too well wouldn't it? Ceridwen Blithe!
No. 125563 ID: afdebc

No. 125580 ID: b1b4f3

Guys remember this is her parents' family name. So it's either Myra or Sherim's original last name. Unless they're SUPER rebellious and came up with a brand new one when they eloped I guess? Regardless it should be something that suits them first and foremost.
Though I guess I don't know much about their races' naming conventions.

No. 125593 ID: 65c9b9

Ceridwen's family name is probably Hugge.
No. 125597 ID: eeb7d9

I am split betwwwn Mercia and Blithe. Really liked those.
No. 125603 ID: ab8afd

Ok, so, this is sort of goofy but I think it works: Merriden.

Originally "Merryden", which is the sort of surname a little hobbitlike furry in a silly fantasy story would have, but this is a silly fantasy story and why not some happy lizards? It would be originally Myra's name, taken by Sheriim when they married. It implies a story, like that when the pressure was on and he suddenly had to think of a name while distracted he went uh uuhm names what's a name uhh and not being able to jump very far at a moment's notice his brain just went to a name that rhymed with his wife's name. Ceridwen.

So she'd be Ceridwen Merriden, daughter of Myra Merriden and Sheriim Merriden. It's cute and would make it hard for people to take her seriously (perhaps explaining why it hasn't been used up until now) but that in itself would suit her pretty well!
No. 125641 ID: 06fdc0

is Sekani an unlockable character in sibling smash 2
No. 125642 ID: 395c02

After a prominent role in the Smash Siblings meta, there was a huge public outcry at his exclusion from the sequel. Hopefully he makes a triumphant return for 3!
No. 125801 ID: 06fdc0

slinko your quest is pink why
No. 125812 ID: 65c9b9

what is the emoji board cheat code Ceridwen?
No. 125813 ID: 395c02

(for those playing at home, wondering why DR turned pink when the konami code was mentioned...

Why don't you try typing the konami code? Like, right here?)
No. 125818 ID: 06fdc0

slinko, you somehow made it worse/
No. 125828 ID: 395c02


I should also say that you can turn it off by putting the code in again.

fun fact: this easter egg wasn't added for DR purposes-- it's been something you could do for a few years now. DR was just referencing it!
No. 125949 ID: b1b4f3

It's almost time for the Picnic!!!! Are you excited I'm excited
No. 125953 ID: 06fdc0

i'd like to say that the art in last DR thread was wonderful, the faces and poses were pretty good; you've really been improving, slinko!
No. 125977 ID: ae9b99

what do you guys imagine might happen at the picnic? I'm expecting the naturals to show up to crash the party for some reason.
No. 125979 ID: 395c02
File 153936189572.png - (263.48KB , 800x600 , stats.png )

O-oh gosh, thanks~!

So! DR7 is done! After the struggles in 5, and figuring out where I want things to go in 6, I think 7 is when I get my stride back.

I have high hopes for 8, because we no longer have to introduce new patreon characters. We can take everything we have and build on them to make the best story I'm capable of telling which hopefully people will find okay oh no who put this spaghetti here.

Anyway, someone wanted to see the stat screen, so here??

I might talk about the stats more later. Of note is the fact that there's now spreadsheets keeping track of things instead of relying purely on the graphics and remembering things. So organized!
No. 125983 ID: 8e1ef2

That's our thing, you're not allowed.

No. 125984 ID: 395c02
File 153939191111.png - (13.54KB , 140x140 , what.png )

No. 126004 ID: eeb7d9

We are going to like, clean this chart, is a mess.
No. 126005 ID: 395c02

Oh right, future plans.

I got extremely burned out near the end, and I don't think a normal 1-2 week break is gonna cut it. I need a big, proper break from things to recharge.

I'm not giving a hard date for DR thread 8, as it's better to do it when I feel ready rather than force myself to do it at X time. But I do know I need at least a month away from our blue-ish dragon-ish hero.

So the plan for now is I'm going to rest until NOVEMBER 12th. On that day, I'll determine how I'm feeling and if I need more time or if I'm ready to go. I'm going to say now that the odds are decently good that I will need more than a month. The burnout is very strong.

I'm not going to vanish completely, however, as I hope to spend the time doing SQ updates. But I'm not doing anything for a couple weeks at the least. SQ will be kept at a slow pace, as resting and other art obligations are my priority right now.
No. 126006 ID: de6d84

Take your time man, your efforts everywhere deserve it. Still hype as hell for Slissa Quest so that'll be fun!
No. 126009 ID: eeb7d9

All right, sounds good. Have your rest, you deserve it, Slinko boy.
No. 126056 ID: 575ec0

>SQ updates slowly at all

Error: The class "Sq Update" is obfuscated and is not compatible with "Rest".
No. 126066 ID: 396f54


Holy crap, I can't breathe.
All jokes aside Slinko, take as long as you need, you've earned it a hundred times over.
No. 126089 ID: 395c02


SQ is gonna be on a low stress setup (whereas DR kept shooting for 3 a week even if it was failing a lot near the end). I'll do it on my own pace, and if I don't feel like it for a bit I'll just not.

I already wrote an update though-- I think I might be less burned out on questing in general and just a bit burned out on DR itself. It didn't help that I felt pressured to continue doing DR at all costs, something I hope can be fixed going forward by just offering bonuses to patreon people on the 'off months'

But yeah. A lot of my time has been spent chilling and sorta regaining my artistic mojo. I'm already feeling myself bounce back a bit, so I'm hopeful!
No. 126090 ID: de6d84

[Hype intensifies]

Best of luck on finding something that works out for less burnout, Slinko.
No. 126386 ID: 5b4e02

Hey Slinko this thing you made is really good. Thanks for giving me something good to binge, I'm gonna have to be around for Thread 8 once you've got your stamina back! <3
No. 126457 ID: 395c02

Time flies! And I actually took a break, what a concept.

I super appreciate the nice words, and the patience everyone has shown! Things are starting to gear up, but as I kinda expected I'm not fully 'there' yet.

Work on DR8 is progressing, but it'll be a few more weeks before everything is ready to go. I hope to hit the ground running, putting out content I can be proud of and hopefully you all will enjoy.

Let's tentatively put DR8 starting on the 26th, assuming I can get done the things that need doing.
No. 126458 ID: de6d84

Continuous best of luck, man.
No. 126459 ID: b1b4f3

I await your return, questing pillar.
No. 126540 ID: 395c02

Some bad news.

Due to insurance shenanigans, I'm without a certain fog-clearing pill until December 03 (...and there's a bit of 'fingers crossed' on me getting pills at that point).

With an addled mind, my ability to be productive has dropped dramatically, and since DR8 has some Things planned, I can't quite say what the overall delay will end up being.

Due to all this, I'll be reducing my normal year-end break to just a few days around X-mas, since I don't exactly need a big ol break at this point. Once DR8 begins, it'll run with minimal interruption for a good while.

Certainly not feeling burned out anymore, at any rate. Just need my brain to turn back on...
No. 126552 ID: 40faf8

Aww, hope you get things sorted soon, Slinko :(

you should eat other people's brains to heal your brain, isn't that how it works?
No. 126555 ID: de6d84

Dang, we'll be hoping for the best with you, Slinko.
No. 126556 ID: 91ee5f

Take all the time you need!
No. 126657 ID: b0eafe

(hopeful) Return soon hype
No. 126756 ID: 06fdc0

hi slinko, i hope things are going better for you now!
No. 126758 ID: 395c02

An update: Work on DR8 is underway and things should be up and running soon! I got new pills thankfully, it's just taking me a bit to get back into the groove because of the giant downtime.

As I said before, I'm skipping my usual Year End Break (except for a few days around christmas) because I got a break and then some.

As much as being a mental zombie can be counted as 'a break'.
No. 126763 ID: bdb209

but hey at least you got then in the end! hideously late but you finally got them! also I had sportsdrink save your ask blog content because of the great tumblr (and apparently soon the rest of internet) lewd purge as I am sure topless duban ceri and other such pics would not survive it.
No. 126824 ID: 2202fb

hol up, there's an ask blog?
No. 126826 ID: 465a14

Yes, link is in his wiki page
No. 126838 ID: 2202fb

Yeah, i did my own sleuthing and discovered it. It is about what i expected.

Found out where Chei came from (and i assume ketzas came from slissa quest...?).

I feel like there is a need for some more backstory on the DR aliens since they seem kinda 2D at the moment; especially since they were created prior to DR. Tbh, most of Slinko's characters were pretty 2D until relatively recently. Imo it is because the quests get bogged down by tangents that keep the story from moving forward. The characters just haven't done enough to get fleshed out.

Maybe it is just me, but it just doesn't feel like we have really gone anywhere. There has been backstory about conflict and battles and dragon politics and then we find out the prince (prince of what? and why does that matter?) has been taken by a dragon. With all these dark undertones, it seems to want to build up towards a fairly big shift from its slice of life feel (not that that should go away cuz i like that too) towards a drama sort of like Asteroid Quest (the drama part, not necessarily the setting or characters. Comparing cuz it seems to have a good story balance), but instead it is just kind of sitting here stagnating, stretching out a few days much longer than they should be.

I do love DR, I just think that while it is currently great, with the amount of potential it has, it could be Legendary.

inb4 i get mobbed: I am not trying to criticize anyone, i am just expressing my views. Slinko is absolutely amazing and i will keep reading regardless of what is decided (if anything).
No. 126841 ID: 2202fb

I think i may have voiced this at some point earlier, but idk. If i am coming off as annoying, just ignore me.

I don't like making people mad at me.
No. 126842 ID: 395c02

I can go ahead and say that part of this was just that introducing all the patreon characters slightly fuzzed the pacing a bit. Should be clearer sailing going forward.
No. 126849 ID: de6d84

Ketzas do originate from Slissa Quest, yes.
No. 126856 ID: 395c02

Now that everyone's in (and the Daatra stuff is effectively done), things should improve in that regard. The aliens were added awkwardly, something I'd have to reboot the quest to fix, really. But I learned some important lessons from that and I'm going to do my best to make it all work.

I can't promise it'll be 100% perfect because quests are flawed by nature (they're essentially rough drafts), but I'm gonna try. There's things I really want to do, and we can't do them if the quest spins its wheels!
No. 126864 ID: 2202fb

Since ceri is going to visit them, this could be a good chance to hear their story since ceri doesnt know anything about their backstory either. Siphon is probably to cryptic and omniscient to be the one who tells their tale, as is Eezeryh (sans omniscience), but Gulketi seems to be a good option, especially since we dont know much about them.
No. 126865 ID: 2202fb

aside from the accounting skills

tell me if i am forgetting anything
No. 126875 ID: 395c02


I mean, it's not like the quest didn't delve into their backstory a little.

There's no clean way to go into details without bogging DR down even further, sadly. I'm going to try to drop bits and pieces as we go, since I feel a giant wall of backstory text all at once wouldn't be an easy segment to swallow.

Again, as much as I enjoyed doing the Daatra segment (and how important it was to me to be able to do it), she really did kind of get in the way of everything else. Getting things back on track is the general theme of thread 8.
No. 126954 ID: 395c02
File 154542377980.png - (14.75KB , 120x120 , chei xmas.png )

Hi again! Since X-mas is just about here, my plan is thus:

a DR tomorrow, assuming nothing goofy happens.

the next DR after that will come on FRIDAY the 28th, and continue as normal from there.

Happy Holidays!
No. 126957 ID: 91ee5f

>nothing goofy happens.
But doesn’t something goofy happen in DR all the time?
No. 126958 ID: 06fdc0

nothing as goofy as slinko's holiday thumbnail
No. 127116 ID: 395c02

Sorry for there being even more delays. We got a bit sick and are dealing with that. I have an update written, and will try to get it drawn. DR might only update twice this week, but it's being worked on!
No. 127120 ID: a9af05

Hope you get well soon!
No. 127124 ID: 395c02
File 154632420003.png - (110.22KB , 757x600 , fatissa.png )

Due to popular demand, we're exploring new options for Outissa's design in DR.

You see, Noxons store magic in their bellies. And, well... Ceri's eggs have a lot of magic.
No. 127125 ID: 65c9b9

No. 127126 ID: 10b02e

>Magic Fat TF

Raptie, this is your fate! Muahaha!
No. 127127 ID: 87bb36

the dangers of D'EGGnog I see
No. 127128 ID: 094652

I expect this is some kind of New Year Fools' poll but if you want my opinion make her fur grow uncontrollably longer in random places due to magic overload along with uncontrollable animated shaking due to her teleportation dash overloading.
No. 127133 ID: daffb0

But it's Ceri's magic! And Ceri's magic, we have seen time and time again, is focused on enhancing one thing before all others.

Well, technically two things.
No. 127134 ID: 26e358

By the way: I seem to have forgotten the important! How is Outissa's scarf related to her being recently involved in some ~-time?
No. 127143 ID: 66577a

Tyrsis x Kliss! I watched the original video of them. IT WAS ADORABLE!
No. 127144 ID: 66577a

forgot to put name...
No. 127150 ID: 395c02

I felt better enough to do the last update, but now I'm feeling unbetter

if only there was a word for feeling unbetter.

I'm calling the DR vote, but it might take me a second to make the update in full as I combat illness.

I really hope we hit a point where stuff stops getting in the way of my mighty return...
No. 127151 ID: de6d84

Hope you feel better soon man.
No. 127152 ID: a9af05

Get well soon! Don't push yourself too hard!
No. 127374 ID: 395c02

It's been a while, so I figured I'd go ahead and post an updated collection of all the music from slinkoquests (now with pretentious titles!).

I went back and adjusted most of the tezakia music to be less randomly loud in places hopefully. I wouldn't say I did enough to call them 'remastered', but they sound a tiny bit nicer than the original MP3 files do??

songs made by Typo are marked thusly. The rest were made by me (though some newer songs had typo help!).

The .zip of the songs is here: https://tgchan.org/slinko/Slinkoquestmusic.zip
No. 127455 ID: 864e49

are you
trying to
retcon out
the penis
No. 127456 ID: b1b4f3

The good thing about the internet is sometimes you can fix your mistakes.
No. 127459 ID: 823813

It's a bit untrustworthy and creepy when "fixing your mistakes" involes using their mod powers to modify old posts in secret to make it seem somthing never happened.

I do admit it was a weird scene and I don't believe there were any evil intentions(unlike a lot of the secret mod stuff that happens on the internet) behind the secret modification but I still feel we should of been told (in quest or questdis) "that was a weird scene that gave some improper impresses, so I'm laying down a quick fix" or something like that.
No. 127461 ID: 395c02

If I didn't mention it, it's cause I forgot.

The scene was very uncomfortable in hindsight, and people kept making very... concerning jokes in relation to it.

The new scene sticks as close as it can so none of the overall story is affected.

I'm not going to argue about it, though. It's my quest. I do what I want with it. Others can ask the mods for the same.

That's all there is to say about it.
No. 127466 ID: 864e49

Completely understandable Slinko, but many of us will forever remember the princes package tied up in a bow so you just need to wait for us all to die and then you won't have to worry about it.
And I'm still gonna reference it every now and again cause I found the whole scene and some of the reactions hilarious.

What I wanna know though is what that read thing in the background is?
No. 127467 ID: 06fdc0

Jesus, it was a dumb joke made in good humor that didn't quite stick the landing, and who cares if a quest author edits his/her quest? And it didn't happen "in secret", there was actually a discussion about it between Slinko and the suggesters.

Please don't get on Slinko's case about a silly thing that happened two and half years ago.
No. 127468 ID: 395c02

>...two and a half years ago
wait... what?
No. 127485 ID: 06fdc0

The joke the ass of hat referenced was from two and a half years ago, when Ceri and Skif met prince Chei for the first time as kids. Then some other anonymous poster said that editing old posts was creepy for some reason.
No. 127487 ID: 395c02

No no I get that!


two and a half years????

No. 127489 ID: 5be368

it was time well spent drawing big dragon tiddies
No. 127491 ID: b1b4f3

Time keeps on slippin slippin slippin
into the future
No. 127502 ID: 395c02

You probably noticed DR's pacing has been perhaps... lacking.

I don't have any excuses anymore, really. Depression a shit, and in general I think I'm reaching the point of being kinda done doing quests.

10 years is a long time to be doing something, after all.

It could be burnout, but it feels like the burnout that needs not a couple months off, but an entire year.

Of course that option is off the table, so I keep forcing myself to continue, caring less and less that DR's quality and speed are slipping.

I don't know a real way to fix it. I'm desperately hoping I can get into a proper habit of doing it such that, at the very least, it feels like a job and not 6 hours of doing a thing I don't really wanna do.

If you have advice, I'm all ears.
No. 127508 ID: 5fc3a0


I'll take a shot, although this may not be advice so much as my thoughts on this sort of thing.

I'm not good at advice, but I've had to work through burnout 98% of the time for a few years now, and depression for much longer, so your troubles are hitting close to home. For me specifically, I consciously want to quest and draw consistently, but every time I sit at my computer, all non-conscious parts of my body very bluntly say 'no'. Often if I try to do so much as grab my tablet pen, my arm won't move to do it, and that's a weird thing to explain to people who haven't personally experienced that sort of will failure.

I've combatted this sort of thing directly for a long time, acting like willpower is a muscle that gets better the more it's exercised. Maybe that's worked for some people, but I don't know any and it sure hasn't worked for me. I'm not the slightest bit better at ignoring burnout or forcing myself to do things I don't want to do any better than I was years ago, when UnSe started choking on its own mechanics.

It's only recently that I've started to come to terms that short of calling it quits and stopping my quests (I'm not doing this) to move elsewhere in life for some new novel career/hobby/whatever, I have to to treat burnout like a permanent obstacle that has to be navigated, rather than an obstacle to be permanently removed. Same thing with depression. This comes with a simultaneous desire to have updates be top notch quality while also wanting to knock out update after update without a fuck about the end result.

What success I've had has been more about focusing on things I can do, things the rest of my body won't bluntly say 'no' about and also lend themselves to doing what I'd like to do. For instance, instead of attempting to draw an update, I'll just look at my drawing program and sit there gawking at it until I'll finally actually start doing something with it. I've spent upwards of 45 minutes doing nothing but putting an ass dent in my chair staring at the screen, knowing that if I let myself get distracted from that for even a little bit, I'll ruin all momentum I have against the inevitability that my body will eventually draw. Alternatively, I've also just had to treat it like a job, and accept that 8 hours of my day will be sacrificed whether I like it or not. These are just examples, not necessarily recommendations that are universal solutions.

All I can recommend is to try your best to find where your priorities are, and figure out what actions best solve/pursue those priorities. If something remains a priority even after difficulty and suffering is factored in, then said difficulty and suffering should be accepted through the pursuit of the goal, and I don't believe there's nothing wrong with that. There are things worth doing even if you don't enjoy them. If, on the other hand, you end up completely disinterested in questing, inside and out, then maybe the priority should involve an escape plan.

This sort of outlook is something I've only recently started to internalize, so my thoughts here may be very prematurely delievered. I'm only doing it now just because of the timing of your post. If my wall of text here doesn't seem helpful, then I won't be surprised, because a lot of this is stuff you have to figure out on your own. If you manage to find an answer through someone else or some other external means, then great, but I wouldn't count on it. If nothing else, now you know some of my issues.

On the other hand, if you solve burnout and figure out how to passionately care, let me know how you did it.
No. 127509 ID: 06fdc0

so, I'm not an artist, so I don't know if this will help, but I found a blog post:


Maybe you'll find something that will help!

Also, as a fan whose read a lot of both Slinko and Lagatrope quests, the most important thing to me has been the characters and how they interact with each other. For Slinko, watching the Ceri and her friends and family all interacting is my favorite part of Dragon Romance! I haven't actually noticed a decline in quality of quest, I think the art still looks great, so don't be too hard on yourself, Slinko!

A lot of that also goes for you, Lagatrope. UnSe had me alternating between laughing out loud in the wrestling sections, and on the verge of tears in others, like when Likol sacrificed himself. Asteroid and Polo Quest are wonderful, and Three Stripes is adorable!

You are both great artists, which means that the art doesn't need to perfect. I almost flunked out of school when my dad pulled me aside and said, "It doesn't need to be perfect, son. It just needs to get done." You guys are both talented and practiced artists, so it's okay if the art isn't perfect; don't kill yourselves over it!
No. 127510 ID: 06fdc0

I'd also add on to this something else.

I've also suffered depression for a long time, and it wasn't until just a few months ago that I finally started getting it under control. I'd tried different therapists and medications for years until something actually worked and it wasn't just a temporary placebo. I don't know your guys's situations, but um, I guess you could contact me if it would help? I don't if I could do anything, but depression fucking sucks, so let me know, I guess?
No. 127511 ID: 395c02

oh no we both have these struggles up to and including staring at the tablet pen wishing our hand would move to grab it

I wish I could figure out some way to bring the 2009 tezakia hype magic to 2019, or to not have had a Questing Embargo rob me of a few years of productive hype (and the early completion of slissa quest).

There are moments I'm still excited about, but they feel so impossibly far away now.

Almost all of the people we were inspired by have left or otherwise minimized their output. We might be the only two people who stayed here that whole time.

I guess it follows that we're the two who need to figure this out...
No. 127512 ID: 395c02

Oh! I'll check this page out, thanks
No. 127513 ID: a9af05

This isn't really advice, but maybe this'll help you speed up to the events you want to do.

On the calendar in the quest, all the days with events marked on them can be the focus for most of a thread. And if we finish the event fairly quickly, the rest of the thread can be spent doing 1 thing until the end of the day.

However, all of the days that are blank with no events marked on them, we can skip through them. Just give us a list of options at the start of those days and we'll vote for which 3 we want to do that day. Then you just give a general summary of what happened during that day along with any stat increases. Then once we get to another marked event, that event becomes the focus for the rest of the thread, unless we finish quickly enough, then it's back to 1 activity for the rest of that day.

I hope that I explained this good enough. And if you can understand any of it, then I hope it helps you!
No. 127514 ID: b1b4f3

Disclaimer: I'm not really what I'd call an artist, so you can probably stop reading if you don't want to hear an outsider's most likely useless advice. I just want to try saying something on the off chance it might help.

When I get bored of video games I like to put arbitrary restrictions on what I'm doing. Like, using only certain jobs in a job-based game like FFT, or using items I don't normally use, or gimmick builds in something heavily customizable like path of exile.
What I'm saying is try doing something different with your art program to mix things up. Even if it's something as simple as a different color on your sketch layer. Or maybe draw something completely unrelated before you start drawing updates. You know, silly sketches to warm up. Maybe with your off hand, or with a different brush than usual. Play around with digital painting, sketch something from real life, see how many dickbutts you can fit on your canvas...
No. 127517 ID: 395c02

Not to get too far ahead of myself, but I do intend for thread 9 to finish out the remaining days with a strategy similar to that. Depending on what happens we could see it require both 9 and 10, but I'm really committed to getting the plot going places (as much as I like the slow slice of life stuff-- which isn't going away! just being streamlined).

To think I originally wanted to do the entire 2 week bloc in thread 5...

Koror's doing that a little bit. It's being drawn in CSP instead of SAI, meaning it lacks the SAI smoother and the familiarity I have with that program. In exchange, I have a whole bunch of new tools to play with for coloring and digital painting.

Anyway, I've made a decision in light of all the drowning I seem to be doing. For now, DR is going to drop to two updates a week, with no hard set days. Koror will go up in between it, but will likely hover at 1 to 2 updates a week itself.

Once I'm in a better place I'll go back to my intended schedule of MWF, but for the moment I think crawling along at 2 a week is better than floundering out until I stop completely.
No. 127525 ID: 04e62f

Words fail me. The English language doesn't do this often, normally I've got eloquent speech, synonyms, and over-long words out the ass.

Not this time.

You two are the quest authors. Not some of the quest authors, the quest authors.

I've read Chee quest, Fen quest, Asteroid quest and Story seeker. Venji quest, Dragon romance, and Koror quest.

And I can't think up the words to express what these stories mean to me.

You two are the icons of TG, the patron saints, the vanguards and the heroes.

You were here in the beginning, and you've stuck with it the whole time.

You've shaped this website into the amazing place it is today.

You deserve more praise than this fanbase could ever give.

I know the feeling, you stare at a blank screen, chastising yourself for not having the will to write, the will to draw.

But both of you, in a display that can be called nothing but heroic, kept going.

And you just keep on going. And I just don't know how to explain how incredible that is.

I'm crying right now. I haven't cried in four years, but there you have it. I can't tell if they're tears of joy, or if I cry for the sacrifices you've made, but I'm crying.

On this day, words, who have been a steadfast and reliable companion for my entire adult life, have failed me.

But you two? You've never failed me.

And maybe this sounds weird, and maybe you won't believe me, but I love you both.

Maybe I do have the words after all: Thak you.
No. 127538 ID: 395c02

I find I lack the words to respond in the way I feel is deserved. It's hard to fathom that my silly stories and scribbles would mean anything to anyone. I can't speak for lago, but it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of assuming nobody cares (even as people tell you they do).

But I'm not thinking that now.

I'm struggling a bit, but I've no intention of giving up. I crawled out of a similar hole when I started DR, so I just need to do it again.

For those who find my stuff worthy of their time, and to those who stuck with me through mistakes and bad times, You have my sincere thanks.

Rest assured, I will do everything I can to keep the promise I made ten years ago: To see this through until the end.
No. 127539 ID: de6d84

We'll keep being with you 'til then, man.
No. 127544 ID: d564f6

You just keep doing what you want to do, man. If you need a break, than you go ahead and take it.

Days, weeks, months, any break would be justified after the decade-straight marathon that is your questing career.

Seriously, I love Dragon romance, and will always be there to read it when it updates, but don't brake yourself over it. Quests are only worthwhile if the author wants to be a part of it.
No. 127745 ID: 395c02

Lil update:

I'm doing better! But DR will remain a bit slow while I prepare Something Special Tilde.

Depending on how things pan out, it might even have to pause for a bit. I'll let you know

Once Something Special is finished, I'll possibly take a week off, then see if I can get back to 3 a week.
No. 127746 ID: befa5f

Geez Slinko, take it easy when you're done! We worry for you.
No. 127805 ID: cea4f8

I'd like a music video of Ceri in a Mario outfit out to defeat Skif's mom and rescue Skif... 7 times followed by her one true love Princess Spaghetti

Lots and lots of gainaxing

And all in SMG4 style
No. 127810 ID: 575ec0

The only question burning in my brain is: Who will prove to be the better meta-mancer, Ceri's Dad, or Syphon?
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