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File 151477816123.png - (918.31KB , 900x600 , SVQLS9z.png )
119248 No. 119248 ID: 395c02

The old thread was getting large, so have a new one! This image was drawn by AQR!

If you're new, my wiki page links to every quest I've made: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Slinko

I also have a patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Slinketza
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No. 123501 ID: 575ec0

No. 123502 ID: de6d84

Bless these Pile building names in the Ketza Kapital
No. 123529 ID: 7fad5d

Reptilian still only has the one 'l'.
No. 123531 ID: bb4e90

Apparently I can't spell either.
No. 123537 ID: eeb7d9

Oh yes, i did actually saw that. I didn't say anything about that because i thought it wasn't necessary, since it is proof that she is a dragon and i had nothing to argue about that. If anything, i say it is a good way to prove to Daatra that Ceri is a dragon.

Why didn't anybody told me about this!?
I must have look like an idiot!
Honestly, i didn't noticed the lack of the "e" at all.
Although, i can use the excuse that english is not my first language. Wich is true.
No. 123538 ID: eeb7d9

There, it should be correct like this, right?
No. 123540 ID: efcc58

Yeah, you're fine now.
No. 123541 ID: eeb7d9

Good. Let's not speak again about this.
No. 123605 ID: 2202fb

Dragon Romance

Aside from anything the alien crew have/had, does this world have firearms?
With all of the dangerous adventuring we plan on doing later (checking out those hotspots), we should probably learn how to use a weapon of some sort. I suggest an assault rifle for versatility, although if that doesn't exist, I would then suggest (going further back in history respectively) a semi-auto hunting rifle, a bolt-rifle, a crossbow, and lastly a bow. Ranged weapons are much more versatile allowing you to use them for hunting as well as fighting.
No. 123606 ID: 4ecc08

The tech level is high enough for there to be firearms, but the presence of magic may have stunted any sort of weapon development. There's no great need for guns when you can spike people in the forehead with spears of ice.
No. 123616 ID: 2202fb


What you are saying makes sense, which is why I included a few suggestions. I actually remembered that Ceri's dad has a small army's worth of Lethal Weapons in a gun safe.

Regarding the use of magic, it is for precisely that reason that Ceri should learn conventional combat/survival. iirc, while magic is prevalent, it is rare for people to know more than a small handful of spells. If Ceri wants to avoid attracting unwanted attention while traveling, she should avoid using magic unnecessarily.
No. 123618 ID: 2202fb


Change it to Rptilian. It is like reptilian, but it is rp, like roleplaying.


Aww, can't it just go on forever like Asteroid Quest?
No. 123619 ID: eeb7d9

Hmmm i will consider that about the name...

I don't know if Asteroid Quest will be eternal. I would love to, but that is kind of a stretch.
No. 123620 ID: de6d84

Good things must come to an end, rather than get stale over time, which is a bittersweetness I think prefer

But hey, I'm also glad that so many different great quests were made and some still continuing by Slinko!
No. 123622 ID: 2202fb


While I was exaggerating slightly, i would like to see Slinko keep the universes and just start something new thats related yet different rather than abandon them entirely.

...I am the type to get emotionally attached and invested in characters, however.
No. 123663 ID: 395c02
File 152921779112.png - (55.93KB , 560x521 , tefatzia.png )

oh um

I guess I radio silenced a bit there. long story short: things aren't ideal, but will soon be much more ideal.


I've been working on what will be the last cutscene/minigame we'll be seeing for a while, at least the last 'intended' one. I've been making these a lot lately, and I'm definitely at the point where I'd like to go back to normal quest mode for a while :X

This means things might not update for a little bit longer, but soon the updates will flow again like wine and bird juice!

Yu and Typo-related things

To help Typo regain his questing mojo, I'm eventually going to be reviving and running Koror with Typo playing support instead of sole writer. He's also having a 'RL situation is not ideal' ...situation, which will also be resolving soon.

So I'm hoping that doing this with Koror will help him get back in the game!

Sadly, this does mean Yu might be sleeping for a while, but in the long run I think there will be some good stuff to look forward to.

But Koror isn't reviving for a little while. It's a month or more out.

I definitely need to be in a better RL situation first, as right now I can barely handle doing DR and SQ (and if I'm being honest SQ maybe started sooner than it should have, since it really needs me firing on all cylinders and I haven't been for months).

Between the next big scene going up and things returning to a normal quest normal schedule, I'll be taking a week to try and close the Patreon gap that was worsened by my deteriorating mental state. By this point, the RL stuff should be way better, meaning I'll be way better, meaning I can finally do thing.

Reacting to posts time

S-spoilers !

Ceri's dad is shown to be the owner of several firearms. Ceri isn't likely to use them, because I don't like drawing them and people take them way too seriously.

You really have to write a different type of story to handle guns, since they tend to 1-shot everything. In general, guns require quests to have Combat Strategy, and this is an area I'm very weak in.

That said, there is a plot blob that might do something with Sheriim's DEADLY WEAPONS, but who can say if I'll ever find time with the many many other things DR has to do.

All things must end, but... who knows?

Tezakia 2 is the last 'planned' quest in the uh... slinko cinematic universe? hmm.

it's the last one that's been 'planned' since 2010, is what I mean. Once tezakia is done, I'm out of things I was planning to do, and... who knows? Maybe I'll find new stories to tell with what I've built, or I'll be inspired to build new worlds.

We'll find out, one day...
No. 123664 ID: de6d84

Good to see you're still doing okay! Don't worry about us over here, just take the time you need to catch everything up.
No. 123738 ID: 32dc9c

Just finished reading all of the Tezakia Quest and all of the smaller sequels few days ago.
I don't normally read interactive fiction that much. The only other major one, that I read before this is the Prequel (A.K.A. Making A Cat Cry: The Adventure).
But I gotta say, it's been a blast reading through the chapters.
Currently reading the Venji Quest, though would love to see Tezakia 2 come into fruition someday.

I also have couple of questions:

Are you still updating the character ask blog on the Tumblr?

Also (This might be a wrong place to ask), is there more info about Only Peep? I've read about it essentially being Only War, but converted into Tezakiaverse.
The descriptions on Trout's pictures about it only made me more curious. Is there a campaign log or something, considering this is a tabletop game?
No. 123739 ID: 91ee5f

Sekani’s probably too fat to wear his favorite super stretchy pants anymore!

But lucky for him, it’s gonna be a while before Slinko starts up Tezakia 2, which gives Amiel more than enough time to whip Sekani into shape! XD
No. 123742 ID: de6d84

(Welcome aboard to Slinko-quests, woo!)

The ask blog's low priority so quest up-keep is manageable.
Only Peep things, uhh, that'll need Slinko's answer.
No. 123779 ID: 395c02

That DR took a while to make!

Thanks to Dylan for code, and Typo for making a somber version of the main DR theme~

Normal updates will resume soon, after I knock out some patron arts.

>Are you still updating the character ask blog on the Tumblr?
The ask blog is likely dead, due to being busy with other things and also Tumblr made some changes I don't like.

I might actually try to answer questions asked in the Inside The Quest thread on tgchan, though.

>Also (This might be a wrong place to ask), is there more info about Only Peep?
If there is a log, I'm afraid I don't have it. Only Peep was a campaign that ran in a modified version of the tezakia world. From what I understand, there was a lot of shooting and bird sex.

And Bikki, who was canonized.
No. 123994 ID: 2202fb

>Bikki, who was canonized.

Saint Bikki, pray for us.
No. 124056 ID: 395c02
File 153097353578.png - (3.66KB , 64x64 , eyes.png )

No. 124058 ID: ae9bd9
File 153098139720.png - (72.23KB , 455x1120 , 6-5122.png )

No. 124084 ID: 395c02
File 153116349362.png - (68.63KB , 455x1120 , yup.png )

No. 124239 ID: ae9bd9

Previously you said that you want to stay away from combat since you dont think you are very good at it. Lago seems to do it pretty well, and since you are both (TGChan) celebrities you might be able to ask them for advice in that area.
I personally think that DR should have some more conflict once Dr. Snek comes back w/ the dragon. Dragon riders could show up, the main chars could investigate the energy spikes or try to save the prince, or something else might happen.
Guns (in addition to bows, melee weapons, and possibly alien weaponry :3) should probably make an appearance since they have already been shown to exist, however with the presence of magic, advanced alien technomancy, literal metal-headed adversaries, and plot armor, guns dont necessarily have to be one shot one kill.


Quite a while ago you offered to share your milk story which created your aversion to lactation. Since discovering this, I have been really curious as to what this is. Would you mind sharing it now? :3
No. 124254 ID: 7fad5d

>Quite a while ago you offered to share your milk story which created your aversion to lactation. Since discovering this, I have been really curious as to what this is. Would you mind sharing it now? :3
Not him but the tl;dr is that during a certain quest milk became a joke and then people beat the horse into a corpse and then the corpse into its component molecules. It went a fair bit beyond what Slinko was comfortable with. It's not a particularly cool or fun story.
No. 124275 ID: 395c02


DR is combat-light as heck, but does intend to have some in places. I might seek lago's council, but part of it is you need to actually draw backgrounds for people to hide and strategize around, and drawing BGs is raw unrefined suffering.

I don't like drawing guns, and people get way too serious about guns, so it's unlikely they will ever play a major part in any of my quests. Amiel's DEADLY WEAPON was played a bit tongue-in-cheek, and that was before I spent time around gun-fanatics.

The milk stat was a joke I almost didn't do, was pressured into doing, then regretted for many years.
No. 124283 ID: f0e552

can we add a protein stat so we can min-max our intangible GAINS?
No. 124289 ID: ae9bd9

A flexibility (or DEXTERITY) stat would fit yoga better, plus add a metric for reflexes.
No. 124384 ID: 86239e

My city was hit with a 3 storm combo and a huge chunk of the city is without power, including us...!

Expect delays.
No. 124388 ID: ff82d2

That's terrible! I hope that everyone's alright and that any damage can be easily undone.
No. 124417 ID: 8e1942
File 153228262145.png - (61.95KB , 800x600 , blegh.png )

Power is projected to return at midnight.

On Tuesday.
No. 124504 ID: 03d323

I just wanted to say that seeing Slissa update again put the happiest grin on my face, and that my days are always the best with it around.
Thank you for doing such amazing quests!
No. 124520 ID: 2202fb

Well, if you have a laptop, you could probably go to a fast food joint and use their free outlets and wi-fi.

Regarding backgrounds, you could probably get away with recycling backgrounds or just using very simple ones. Alternatively, you could draw a bunch of assets(like trees, rocks, buildings, etc.) and save them without a background and then use them to quickly paste together a background.
No. 124529 ID: 395c02

aww, thanks! It's been taking me a bit to settle back into a routine now that the excitement (and power outages) are behind me, but I'm confident that we'll be seeing more SQs more often soon.

To aid this, I'm slightly reducing how perfectionist I am about SQ's art. I think people generally prefer a quest that updates consistently to one that tries to wow the audience with every image, you know?

The desire to use a laptop instead of a phone almost beat my social anxiety screaming at the idea of me doing something so awkward in public.


I do reuse things here and there, but the front-loaded effort needed to make 'sprites' tends to keep me from going this route.
No. 124531 ID: 33cbe7

A trick for backgrounds I once saw is making a nice background of respectable size - for example, a city block - and then in panels, zooming in on different parts, or even rotating it if you can get away with it (such as in a cave system).
No. 124571 ID: 2202fb


Omfg, i feel you there. Social anxiety is a bitch. I will say, however, that there are usually spots in the corners of places that are usually pretty secluded.

As far as the workload goes, you could probably just ask and i'd wager that people would be more than happy to donate (matching) sprites. You could also just make sprites as you need them (i mean if you have to draw the tree anyway, might as well) or go back and take the raw files from your past frames and turn parts of those into sprites.
No. 124614 ID: d5c00e

Know what's more fun than a power outage?

Two power outages in two weeks
No. 124620 ID: 91ee5f

Oh shit! Are you ok?! O_o;;
No. 124629 ID: 864e49

What the fuck! Where do you LIVE!?
No. 124644 ID: 395c02
File 153342655778.png - (918.31KB , 1920x1080 , 151477816122.png )

Thankfully this time it did come back a few hours later instead of after 3 days !


for posterity, I'll post the old one here~
No. 124692 ID: 395c02
File 153368177488.png - (91.01KB , 624x600 , ghjkhg.png )

>btw, the weight difference from >>895789 to >>895790 is pretty extreme. I am not saying either are bad, but you might want to try to keep them a bit more consistent. Ofc i cant draw for shit, so i suppose i dont really have room to judge.

I find a lot of critiques I get are things I already know, when they're not just 'try being less bad'. Especially for quest images, I prioritize the images existing over the images being perfect. Slissa Quest is a slight exception, but even it has a 'okay I've spent 3 hours on 1 image let's call it good enough' point.

I recently figured out a new way to draw stomachs that lets Ceri look actually chubby instead of 'thin girl but there's a stomach sometimes'.

Problem is, it's a complete departure from how I was drawing tummies before, meaning I need practice to get used to it and to be able to be more consistent. Until I get it down better, she'll sometimes look too fat or too skinny.

She didn't actually gain like 50 pounds, I'm just using the quest as practice to get to where she looks 'a bit chubby' using the new method, something even harder to do at quest-art speed. The included image shows roughly where the 'intended' level of chub is.

Dilia, on the other hand . . .
No. 124696 ID: 91ee5f

>The included image shows roughly where the 'intended' level of chub is.
That looks nice.

>Dilia, on the other hand . . .
Oh? What about Dilia? Now you’ve got me curious!
No. 124698 ID: 395c02

i mean, Dilia is actually canonically overweight, so this new stomach method works quite well for drawing her??
No. 124740 ID: 2202fb


Speaking of drawing, i have been wanting to learn how to draw. In the past, when i tried, i could never find a decent guide. Most said to just practice, but they conveniently forget to mention what to practice and how to practice it. The best i could find was simple exercises with circles and such, and while that is great, there is a pretty huge and overwhelming gap from drawing circles and squares more-or-less consistently to drawing people, landscapes, and things.

How did you learn?
No. 124795 ID: 395c02
File 153422485959.png - (1.18MB , 770x1866 , old dragons.png )

Many years ago, drew crude comics of Sonic, a popular thing to draw comics of when you're a teenager.

I started wanting to learn how to draw properly, which was spear-headed when I found an artist who drew well enough to look nice, but simply enough that I could just barely understand how their lines came together to form a picture.

I spent a while just drawing pieces of their style, trying to understand it. They mostly drew dragons, so I'd mimic their claws. Their legs. Their other set of legs. Piece by piece.

I didn't do this for months or anything, it was a single afternoon spent on this. Eventually, I took what I was practicing and used it to draw dragon 1, seen in this image.

Now, at this point most art tutorials were useless to me because they are obsessed with circles and I have a hard time thinking of things in shapes (which is why some of the 'just get it out' DR updates look pretty 2D, as do older images of mine).

After dragon one, I would continue to spend time practicing bits and pieces of that artist's various drawings, making more dragons as part of the Dragon Project. Around the time of dragon 15, I expanded out to looking at what tutorials I could understand and practicing pieces of things other artists have drawn.

I ended up skipping over the 'basics' of drawing, instead practicing and memorizing how to make an image through guesswork alone, and knowing roughly which line connects to which and how.

Because of my struggle with understanding 3D space, a lot of my stuff was either from the side, or facing the viewer. It was actually a challenge for me to upgrade to the 'default angle' every artist knows, 3/4.

Around dragon 33 I fell into an art slump that would last from 2001 to 2009 when tezakia happened. So I'd advice skipping this step.

Tezakia and the quests that followed gave me an insane amount of practice, much more than the previous 10 years.

Around 2012 I decided to start trying to learn anatomy by studying various naked ladies in various naked poses. I gained an obsession with drawing breasts, partly for obvious reasons but largely because of the insane challenge they represented-- many artists well above me in skill struggle to make them look remotely real or natural.

In december of 2017, I would once again look at proper art tutorials and understand, if only barely, the Shapes Method (drawing rough shapes to get an idea of how the pose will look and where things go in relation to each other), finally enabling me to draw things in a slightly more 'standard' way with slightly less guesswork.

Still a lot of guesswork though.

And that's why people always say 'practice a bunch'. At the end of the day, there really isn't a tutorial that magically makes you draw good. There's a lot of required intuition that only comes through practice and studying how things work in real life and slowly but surely understanding what line you need to draw where to achieve the results you desire. It's a never-ending process, but one full of little eureka moments where you can look back upon where you were, where you stand now, and feel a hint of pride.
No. 124796 ID: afa802

lol slinko
>Little tight around the belly, but that should fix itself as you stop being drawn 30 pounds too heavy. Er, you mean, as you do a bunch of off-camera situps and tighten things up. That's what. You meant to say.
No. 124835 ID: 2202fb


Honestly that is a huge help. Just the insight of how one could carve a path from point A to B helps immensely.
While i dont plan on copying what you did exactly (not to mention you probably would recommend against it), i can still use some of what you did to gain direction so i can start moving toward the end goal.


Somewhat unrelated, but do you draw professionally, or is this just a hobby and you have a separate job?
No. 124847 ID: de6d84

Dragon Romance is the result of Slinko's patreon (his main source of income) hitting a goal, so in a way, DR is his job.

Slissa Quest and the others are through the passion of wanting to tell grand stories.
No. 124884 ID: 2202fb


Idk about that, i mean his patreon currently doesn't seem like it is generating enough income to live off of.
Speaking of, while i would love to donate, i am currently a broke, jobless (but searching), college student, so i literally cant afford to give anything.
No. 125053 ID: 395c02

>Slink why is one that recesses of this planet a pokemon?
No. 125056 ID: 395c02

Speaking of which.

All patreon characters have officially shown up in DR!

There are no additional slots for new people to take, either.

This should lead to a somewhat smoother story flow from here on, as the focus is no longer on getting everyone in, but in making a narrative everyone can be a part of.

A lot of the pressures plaguing me since mallventure (itself originally a segment to introduce a patreon character whose owner pulled out last-minute) are finally gone.

DR is unlikely to open itself to new people again, especially as the period of my life where every dime counted is moving behind me.

For better or worse, it's time to focus on the story itself now.
No. 125176 ID: 2202fb

Look Stanley, the story!
No. 125183 ID: a48264
File 153567593719.gif - (13.35MB , 800x446 , a1bc9fd8e11495b914e6f678800c6625.gif )

>tfw you try to hide all of your spaghetti but it's just too much
No. 125488 ID: 395c02

Gonna pause DR for a week, as I'm suffering pretty heavy burnout.

DR will resume on the 24th, hopefully benefiting from me not running on fumes as I have been. The next segment should be a lot of fun!
No. 125489 ID: de6d84

No worries man, just take any time you need to relax.
No. 125505 ID: eeb7d9

Sure thing mate, take a rest and don't fry your brain with overwork.
No. 125540 ID: 91ee5f

I just thought of something: What is Ceri’s family’s last name?

We know their first names, Myra (Mom), Sheriim (Dad), and Ceridwen, but I don’t think we’ve ever been told what their last name is.
No. 125554 ID: 395c02

One was never decided. At one point I went back to thread 1, intending to be cute and use the second-place winner of the 'what do we name this dragon girl' vote... only to realize 'Ceridwen' was kind of the only real name anyone came up with. oops.

Rather than come up with one myself, this could be an opportunity to have a faux quest decision while I recover a bit:

Gimme some last names for our dragon family!
No. 125556 ID: de6d84

Mercia - Compassion or forbearance, which could relate the names, albeit maybe a little simple
Ester - Capable, performing large tasks with success
Fernande - Adventuresome
Blithe - Happy, wanting to live life without tradition

Some that're kinda neat from sound: Escanes, Viera

My naming sense is probably not the best, but here's some ideas maybe who knows
No. 125557 ID: 2e0f31

No. 125562 ID: a62780

How about Tethis? I think it'd sound nice.

That said...
I giggled heartily at Blithe, it'd fit too well wouldn't it? Ceridwen Blithe!
No. 125563 ID: afdebc

No. 125580 ID: b1b4f3

Guys remember this is her parents' family name. So it's either Myra or Sherim's original last name. Unless they're SUPER rebellious and came up with a brand new one when they eloped I guess? Regardless it should be something that suits them first and foremost.
Though I guess I don't know much about their races' naming conventions.

No. 125593 ID: 65c9b9

Ceridwen's family name is probably Hugge.
No. 125597 ID: eeb7d9

I am split betwwwn Mercia and Blithe. Really liked those.
No. 125603 ID: ab8afd

Ok, so, this is sort of goofy but I think it works: Merriden.

Originally "Merryden", which is the sort of surname a little hobbitlike furry in a silly fantasy story would have, but this is a silly fantasy story and why not some happy lizards? It would be originally Myra's name, taken by Sheriim when they married. It implies a story, like that when the pressure was on and he suddenly had to think of a name while distracted he went uh uuhm names what's a name uhh and not being able to jump very far at a moment's notice his brain just went to a name that rhymed with his wife's name. Ceridwen.

So she'd be Ceridwen Merriden, daughter of Myra Merriden and Sheriim Merriden. It's cute and would make it hard for people to take her seriously (perhaps explaining why it hasn't been used up until now) but that in itself would suit her pretty well!
No. 125641 ID: 06fdc0

is Sekani an unlockable character in sibling smash 2
No. 125642 ID: 395c02

After a prominent role in the Smash Siblings meta, there was a huge public outcry at his exclusion from the sequel. Hopefully he makes a triumphant return for 3!
No. 125801 ID: 06fdc0

slinko your quest is pink why
No. 125812 ID: 65c9b9

what is the emoji board cheat code Ceridwen?
No. 125813 ID: 395c02

(for those playing at home, wondering why DR turned pink when the konami code was mentioned...

Why don't you try typing the konami code? Like, right here?)
No. 125818 ID: 06fdc0

slinko, you somehow made it worse/
No. 125828 ID: 395c02


I should also say that you can turn it off by putting the code in again.

fun fact: this easter egg wasn't added for DR purposes-- it's been something you could do for a few years now. DR was just referencing it!
No. 125949 ID: b1b4f3

It's almost time for the Picnic!!!! Are you excited I'm excited
No. 125953 ID: 06fdc0

i'd like to say that the art in last DR thread was wonderful, the faces and poses were pretty good; you've really been improving, slinko!
No. 125977 ID: ae9b99

what do you guys imagine might happen at the picnic? I'm expecting the naturals to show up to crash the party for some reason.
No. 125979 ID: 395c02
File 153936189572.png - (263.48KB , 800x600 , stats.png )

O-oh gosh, thanks~!

So! DR7 is done! After the struggles in 5, and figuring out where I want things to go in 6, I think 7 is when I get my stride back.

I have high hopes for 8, because we no longer have to introduce new patreon characters. We can take everything we have and build on them to make the best story I'm capable of telling which hopefully people will find okay oh no who put this spaghetti here.

Anyway, someone wanted to see the stat screen, so here??

I might talk about the stats more later. Of note is the fact that there's now spreadsheets keeping track of things instead of relying purely on the graphics and remembering things. So organized!
No. 125983 ID: 8e1ef2

That's our thing, you're not allowed.

No. 125984 ID: 395c02
File 153939191111.png - (13.54KB , 140x140 , what.png )

No. 126004 ID: eeb7d9

We are going to like, clean this chart, is a mess.
No. 126005 ID: 395c02

Oh right, future plans.

I got extremely burned out near the end, and I don't think a normal 1-2 week break is gonna cut it. I need a big, proper break from things to recharge.

I'm not giving a hard date for DR thread 8, as it's better to do it when I feel ready rather than force myself to do it at X time. But I do know I need at least a month away from our blue-ish dragon-ish hero.

So the plan for now is I'm going to rest until NOVEMBER 12th. On that day, I'll determine how I'm feeling and if I need more time or if I'm ready to go. I'm going to say now that the odds are decently good that I will need more than a month. The burnout is very strong.

I'm not going to vanish completely, however, as I hope to spend the time doing SQ updates. But I'm not doing anything for a couple weeks at the least. SQ will be kept at a slow pace, as resting and other art obligations are my priority right now.
No. 126006 ID: de6d84

Take your time man, your efforts everywhere deserve it. Still hype as hell for Slissa Quest so that'll be fun!
No. 126009 ID: eeb7d9

All right, sounds good. Have your rest, you deserve it, Slinko boy.
No. 126056 ID: 575ec0

>SQ updates slowly at all

Error: The class "Sq Update" is obfuscated and is not compatible with "Rest".
No. 126066 ID: 396f54


Holy crap, I can't breathe.
All jokes aside Slinko, take as long as you need, you've earned it a hundred times over.
No. 126089 ID: 395c02


SQ is gonna be on a low stress setup (whereas DR kept shooting for 3 a week even if it was failing a lot near the end). I'll do it on my own pace, and if I don't feel like it for a bit I'll just not.

I already wrote an update though-- I think I might be less burned out on questing in general and just a bit burned out on DR itself. It didn't help that I felt pressured to continue doing DR at all costs, something I hope can be fixed going forward by just offering bonuses to patreon people on the 'off months'

But yeah. A lot of my time has been spent chilling and sorta regaining my artistic mojo. I'm already feeling myself bounce back a bit, so I'm hopeful!
No. 126090 ID: de6d84

[Hype intensifies]

Best of luck on finding something that works out for less burnout, Slinko.
No. 126386 ID: 5b4e02

Hey Slinko this thing you made is really good. Thanks for giving me something good to binge, I'm gonna have to be around for Thread 8 once you've got your stamina back! <3
No. 126457 ID: 395c02

Time flies! And I actually took a break, what a concept.

I super appreciate the nice words, and the patience everyone has shown! Things are starting to gear up, but as I kinda expected I'm not fully 'there' yet.

Work on DR8 is progressing, but it'll be a few more weeks before everything is ready to go. I hope to hit the ground running, putting out content I can be proud of and hopefully you all will enjoy.

Let's tentatively put DR8 starting on the 26th, assuming I can get done the things that need doing.
No. 126458 ID: de6d84

Continuous best of luck, man.
No. 126459 ID: b1b4f3

I await your return, questing pillar.
No. 126540 ID: 395c02

Some bad news.

Due to insurance shenanigans, I'm without a certain fog-clearing pill until December 03 (...and there's a bit of 'fingers crossed' on me getting pills at that point).

With an addled mind, my ability to be productive has dropped dramatically, and since DR8 has some Things planned, I can't quite say what the overall delay will end up being.

Due to all this, I'll be reducing my normal year-end break to just a few days around X-mas, since I don't exactly need a big ol break at this point. Once DR8 begins, it'll run with minimal interruption for a good while.

Certainly not feeling burned out anymore, at any rate. Just need my brain to turn back on...
No. 126552 ID: 40faf8

Aww, hope you get things sorted soon, Slinko :(

you should eat other people's brains to heal your brain, isn't that how it works?
No. 126555 ID: de6d84

Dang, we'll be hoping for the best with you, Slinko.
No. 126556 ID: 91ee5f

Take all the time you need!
No. 126657 ID: b0eafe

(hopeful) Return soon hype
No. 126756 ID: 06fdc0

hi slinko, i hope things are going better for you now!
No. 126758 ID: 395c02

An update: Work on DR8 is underway and things should be up and running soon! I got new pills thankfully, it's just taking me a bit to get back into the groove because of the giant downtime.

As I said before, I'm skipping my usual Year End Break (except for a few days around christmas) because I got a break and then some.

As much as being a mental zombie can be counted as 'a break'.
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