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File 151477816123.png - (918.31KB , 900x600 , SVQLS9z.png )
119248 No. 119248 ID: 395c02

The old thread was getting large, so have a new one! This image was drawn by AQR!

If you're new, my wiki page links to every quest I've made: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Slinko

I also have a patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Slinketza
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No. 128594 ID: 32216d

Truly, slinko’s life is defined by titties.
No. 128597 ID: f5d2df

Would a female Tezakian player pretty much be brave up until the moment they see blood?
No. 128603 ID: 395c02

That was more or less the intent. They'd face the monstrous ki-jaara without hesitating much, but unlike Sekani they wouldn't hurry to reach for the glimmering item in a pool of blood.

Anyway, DR news.

Writing and drawing DR is hard. It's hard normally, but it's going to be very hard for this picnic segment.

I'll warn now that it's not likely the quest will update faster than once per 3 days. One day to collect suggestions, one day to write, one day to art. Writing has gotten that slow.

There might also be heavy use of the simple art style. Normally I use it for effect or to keep myself from dying, but in this case I might need to make entire updates in the simpler style.
No. 128605 ID: b1b4f3

That makes sense, you have almost every character in the same place. You'd have to consider all of their actions.
No. 128608 ID: 575ec0

It's gonna be text heavy right?
Simple art is fine.
Hell, go full Br0m style [Dialog] fillers.
I dunno why more people don't use that...
I wonder what ever happened to that guy...
No. 128613 ID: ad51b8

don't quote me but I heard he got hitched and had a kid and being a dad was eating up all his time. Also heard that once things settle down in his life he might come back but I have no idea if any of that is true or not.
No. 128614 ID: 465a14

Can confirm Brom's IRL stuff took up too much time for tgchan, but it's also worth noting that he landed a job he loves and started playing TTRPG with workmates. Besides, this is Slinko's thread, so... hmm, about Tezakia, does Ami*l still dislik the forbiddn lttr?
No. 128618 ID: 864e49

>The red thing in background
>Red ball
Slinko what fucking level are you operating on?!?!?!
No. 128619 ID: 2202fb

He is a god.

One of the greek ones which explains why he is so airheaded/flustered at times, but still

A God.
No. 128621 ID: 4e9aae


Take the time you feel is right, Slinko.

Don't sweat it on using a simpler art-style to power through the picnic. As another poster had said, the upcoming segment/scenes will have a TON of characters, and that definitely adds a considerable complexity overhead.

Also, as Jeff Vogel has taught the internet, there is always the option of refactoring/improving/remaking a given work of art at a later point in the future. It's even financially viable, judging by the work of the "crazy old uncle" of the indie gamedev scene.

Alongside the mantra of "An art piece is never finished, only the artists stops working on it" and other wise words crappy generic pep talk.

Anyway, cheers from the sidelines!
No. 128625 ID: b1b4f3

Haha, I guess Siphon is gonna have to beat the crap outta Slinko!

Or am I thinking of it the wrong way? Is the red ball evidence of Siphon's involvement?
No. 128631 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, what if Sky disappeared because Siphon got really good at meta-magic in the future and stole him from the past to save him from an otherwise terrible fate? She has the ability to perceive alternate timelines so I'm guessing eventually she'll just remember doing it and he'll pop in.
No. 128633 ID: 0ab3ed

So what was the secret in the minigame? Something about time travel? Anyone willing to summarise it?
No. 128640 ID: 2202fb

just use the password that was posted.
No. 128643 ID: 91ee5f

They were asking for a story summary, not how to get to the minigame.
No. 128644 ID: 2202fb

Someone did post a youtube link.
No. 128645 ID: 395c02

Funny you should use that particular combination of words...
No. 128649 ID: 2202fb

He's a real smoooooth operator
No. 128651 ID: b1b4f3

>combination of words
No, it can't be...

No. 128652 ID: b1b4f3

Slinko, is your quest author template on the wiki supposed to say Retcon Quest is still in progress?
No. 128654 ID: 2202fb


idek what this is insinuating anymore.
No. 128657 ID: 864e49

Look on bed.
No. 128658 ID: 0ab3ed

Where? there's a youtube video accompanying the minigame but it doesn't show the secret.
No. 128659 ID: 395c02

No. 128661 ID: b1b4f3

There's a red ball on the bed at the end of Retcon Quest.
No. 128662 ID: 61b5e1

Oh yeah, even slinko didn't notice that one for over a month~
No. 128670 ID: 395c02

Today I'll be talking about chapter 2's opening animation. I considered redrawing it, but looked at how many images that'd require and noped the hell out.

But, I decided to redo the song. You can check it out here:


I redid the song for a few reasons:

1: I really didn't like the original.
2: It gives a rough idea of what Tezakia 2 might sound like (though that will hopefully have typo helping)
3: This animation is actually a decent thing to talk about.


I almost forgot to mention that Tezakia was a 'test quest' in multiple ways. For example, it was the first time I drew anything in Painttool Sai.

Before Tezakia, I used a really old kinda janky version of Photoshop, but one of my friends basically bullied me into using SAI and I figured I'd humor them by doing this tiny itty bity short quick little quest in it.

...So yeah, I still use SAI to this day.

As for the scene itself... well. Originally this quest was only going to have two animations: an introduction and an ending.

But one of the readers got really, really hype about seeing what animation would accompany thread 2. They had hit on my greatest weakness: the fact that I really hate disappointing people.

So I scrambled over about 4 hours to make some kind of song and a basic animation, just so one guy wouldn't be disappointed in the lack of a flash on top of the thread.

That mentality would lead to the quest having 13 animations.

These animations were made in Macromedia flash studio 8 (circa 2006), a program I would use for every animation until DR would switch to a Dylan-coded cutscene engine.

...Funny how history can repeat itself. DR was also intended to be smaller and shorter (and lacking in animations)...

This'll be the only animation I do this for. The song was just... so bad. I had to.
No. 128671 ID: f5d2df

Your music prowess without Typo doing things after (I'm assuming on this one) is great! The redid song turned out pretty well. It makes me wanna see some cinematic orchestra combo in the future.
No. 128673 ID: 395c02

T-thanks! It's been something of a dream to have That Big Orchestral Moment in one of my creations. It's no exaggeration to say I probably spent nearly 20 years trying and failing to make such a moment. I certainly could have if I focused on music, but music took a pretty constant back-seat to art and animation stuff. I don't regret that, especially nowadays with Typo willing to help out, but that part of me never fully died out.

One day...~

Anyway, thanks everyone for indulging this old man's nostalgia. Looking back is cementing my realization that if I get to the point where I'm making tezakia 2, I'll absolutely have the resolve and excitement in me to finish it no matter how worn out I get before then.

Onwards we forge~
No. 128674 ID: 2202fb

With advances in CRISPR, no matter how old you get, we can have you working on this! :D
No. 128675 ID: 4e9aae

Just saw the newest DR update.

Utterly. Brilliant. Choice.

Dunno if my silly comment about Jeff Vogel's M.O. had any influence, or if Slinko came up with the idea on his own.

Don't care.

It's a completely awesome method of recycling reusing repurposing assets in a way that made the whole update a delight to read.


I'll stop now before I become complacent and demand wish for all key updates to have portrait reactions added to the dialogue.
No. 128730 ID: 395c02
File 155363807637.gif - (7.89KB , 64x64 , DRCPS_ceri_neutral_lookaway_blush.gif )

These updates are really big so please be patient okay I'm working on it!
No. 128733 ID: a9af05

Take your time! We're not going to rush perfection!
No. 128780 ID: f45dbe

Don't sweat it, really. Not a single fan of yours that actually cares about the quest is going to mind a wait. Your update schedule is beyond reproach, so fast is it.
No. 128832 ID: 395c02

Minor thing: I'm going to try something a bit different with the update schedule. I'm going to keep to updating roughly every 3 days, but I'm going to start including the weekends in that. Meaning updates will sometimes go up Saturday and sunday.

I think overall this will be less stressful than forcing myself to finish an update on Friday, as often would happen.

This might also lessen the overall stress vs trying (and often failing) to commit to every two weekdays, which itself should leave me more able to do other things (like Koror!).

Let's see how it goes~

That said, the picnic might still need an extra day here or there for the huge multi-character updates.
No. 128863 ID: 395c02
File 155408971859.png - (98.58KB , 770x575 , Quest 179.png )



You might notice this is the original image and not a redrawing. Hang on! There's a reason for this beyond laziness! mostly

The topic this time is... the art itself! See? Gotta have more faith in your good buddy Slinko to only sometimes things out of laziness.

Enough stalling. The monster in that image is later revealed to be Tayza. But the monster in that image looks absolutely nothing like Tayza. There's actually a few different points to hit here.

1: Majibeasts weren't all female yet. I don't think I gendered them at all at this point, because they were originally supposed to be mindless monsters. That little curve you see isn't meant to be feminine (which is easily proven by actual tayza's mighty flat chest), I was just bad at drawing big muscular chests.

2: Speaking of that. Like most artists who actually care about learning and improving, I'm extremely aware of my weaknesses and failings artistically. Tezakia quest actually uses this to its advantage! Things that wanted to look cute (like our plucky lian protagonist up there) were drawn in a very simple style. I knew I couldn't make cute eyes, so I reduced their eyes to a single dot. This was the first time I had ever done so.

This was reversed for things that wanted to be spooky. Knowing my ability faltered when drawing detail, that's exactly what I'd draw for the ki-jaara. By not just drawing them detailed, but being really bad at drawing them detailed, they gained a real surreal quality that I can't actually recreate nowadays. At least, not in the same way.

Once you've gone through the practice and gained better line control, it's really hard to 'turn that off' and fake the terrible line control 2009 me had. My line control nowadays isn't even that good (I'm often saved by a smoother), it's just 2009 me was very not good.

3: A lot of Tezakia was winged, but this segment was after a flip of the coin decided tezakia would have magic rather than high technology. I don't think it was officially called 'majicka' yet, but the idea that some kind of magical force corrupted people was in mind even this early.

So the first ki-jaara had me choose a race (I don't remember if I rolled a dice or not), and then I aimed to make them look more... feral. ferocious. Then I let my iffy art abilities carry them to full monster-hood.

Later in this same quest, Tayza's design would show that my ability to use this tactic really didn't last very long.
No. 128885 ID: 4e9aae

You know, reading this 10-year anniversary lookback made me realize I, too, kinda have an anniversary of my own, though in a different context.

I made a bet 10 years ago. It was during the last year of high school - me and a good friend of mine were having a major fallout. He was dealing with his first heartbreak, and the inability to cope made him very depressed. I tried to help him by encouraging him to let go and gave advice how to make things go smooth in the future. He didn't listen at all, going as far as not speaking a single word on some days. I kept trying to help, to offer support, but it was to no avail. In his resent to the world, my friend called me childish, immature, naive goof who had no idea how life works. In a way, he was right. In time his despair drove a rift between us. Until one day, he heard the same advices I was giving him from another "cool kid", and started following them with blind zeal.
He did also a few other petty things, but by that time the ship had sailed sunk.

It was the last straw, and I told him in a very direct manner what was wrong with him and how his solutions wouldn't work. He accused me in turn how I was wrong and my methods are meaningless. So as we finished high school and went our separate ways, we made a bet that both of us shall walk our own paths, and that we shall meet again in 10 years and see who was right, and who was wrong in our worldviews.

The end date of this bet is somewhere in May later this year.

I had vowed to myself back then that I'd show my friend how successful I'd become, how grand my life would become by the time I'd be approaching my 30s, and would become not only an example to him, but to anyone else who would give themselves to despair and defeat.

Instead, I spent those 10 years fighting my own inner demons. I battled failure and depression time and again, giving into overwhelming misery, coming several times a knife-edge away from suicide. I became neither rich, nor famous, nor a shining example to anybody.

I simply learned a lot about life, and about living.

Is it a coincidence I discovered Dragon Romance and tgchan in general so recently? Is it some kind of noospheric synchronicity that Slinko has such an important anniversary in the very same period? Some kind of random cosmic irony?

I don't know. It's very probable there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who are also arriving at and/or celebrating/reminiscing about important moments in their life. I simply lack the awareness to perceive their own trials and triumphs. I am just a random guy on a random site on the Internet, and I know about an important period in the life of another because said other had chosen to share it with the wider world.

Yes, Tezakia's anniversary definitely made me contemplative. Even though I've known about it's existence for two months, and haven't even read it yet. But it warms my heart to see such life stories, where success seems to have had come out of nowhere, yet in reality it has been the perseverance, resolve, and commitment of the individual that had made possible the end result. It gives me hope for and faith in my own endeavors.

Perhaps, like Slinko wrote in a previous post, I just have to say 'screw it' and try one more time. Try to live the next 10 years with the experience I'd learned, and strive to walk my own road.


Huh, I did not intent for that to turn into yet another wall of text, but I guess it did...
No. 128886 ID: b1b4f3

Is this a reference to some anime?
No. 128887 ID: f5d2df

There's probably something you could still get out of not using a smoother nowadays, but shrug
No. 128892 ID: 395c02

Well, that's what Koror's for...or.
No. 128893 ID: 4e9aae

If my life classifies as an anime, then I guess it is.

My hair does tend to form naturally into anime-style cuts, though, so there's that. *shrug*
No. 128906 ID: 395c02
File 155418962164.png - (188.71KB , 1108x900 , Quest 181.png )

To give a visual idea of my earlier point, here's one way I might have handled a moment that happens in the next update.

The original is here: https://tgchan.org/archive/tezakia/Images/Chapter%203/Quest%20181.png

For a fun bit of authenticity, I did this with a few caveats:

This isn't Tayza's modern design. Rather, it's the original image done with the knowledge that it does eventually become Tayza. (I would say this is closer to tayza's end-of-quest design)

2009 me didn't know what a smoother was, so I didn't use it here. I also mimicked the way 2009 me drew fur. It's worth noting that I didn't actually start drawing fur this way until chapter 9 (I believe the very first image of Dilia's normal form gave me the idea to do it that way). But who let details get in the way of fun?

This is still done at DR-speed, meaning don't spend too long on the shading. Very simple shading to give a rough idea of shadows, nothing fancy.


One thing 2019 me would have done is put more of Tezakia in darkness. Dark is spooky! But the original spends very little time in dark areas, and the time it did spend was usually in total darkness (black). A modern version would likely go with a darker environment, but still bright enough to not be doom 3 (do I get a prize for making such a timely reference?).

I'd have kept some areas bright, like the entire command building (explored in chapter 1) and the MEDICAL ROOM specifically. That area acts as a sort of base of operations later on. In contrast, the building Amiel explores in chapter 3 is really broken down, and it'd make sense for a lot of lights to simply not work anymore.

...It'd make sense for none of the lights to work anymore, but we can assume the ki-jaara did some amount of upkeep. In fact, it would totally be in character for Tayza to purposefully keep the place dim but not black specifically so she can enjoy the hunt.
No. 128907 ID: 395c02
File 155419149175.png - (61.23KB , 666x459 , bonus_comparison.png )


Here we talk about the elephant in the room: The fact that the TGchan version of Tezakia is not an exact copy of the original.

Tezakia is the only quest on tgchan that gained the benefit of not being a rough draft. When we made the conversion to the webpage version, I was given a rare opportunity to fix things up a bit. Of course, I did said fixing circa 2011, so it's not quite the makeover I'd be able to give the quest now.

In the image you see three versions. At the bottom is the original Lifejournal post. In the middle is the modern TGCHAN webpage version. And on top is the FLASH VERSION. Let's take a moment of silence for the broken images in the original.


Okay. The flash is, in general, the original quest with some of the text cleaned up. The TGchan one, however, made some slightly more noteworthy adjustments:

All the weird scratch-mark nipples I drew in 2009 were replaced with actual simple C-nipples. I wanted Tezakia to be adult, but I was too shy/afraid to draw actual nipples so the scratchmarks were a weird stopgap solution. I felt this was too... distracting... so a more nipple-friendly me gave everyone the nipples they deserve.

The TGchan version has more direct dialog. Trying to be like RubyQuest (which used dialog sparingly), Tezakia has very little talking until it finds its own voice around chapter 8 or 9. To help the early parts of the quest feel a little less 'slinko failing to be rubyquest', the TGchan version has more actual dialog.

In generally it replaced indirect dialog. "Amiel says she's okay." -> "I'm okay, I'm fine."

Little personality bits were added too; The image shows one such case. "Why's the door locked!?" helps convey the sense of panic Amiel's feeling, letting you get a mood for the text much earlier than the original.

Most of the changes are minor like this and almost not worth talking about, but there was one 'george lucas' style change possibly worth mentioning.

In the original and flash versions, Amiel and Sekani start using the L word pretty early. This is because Tezakia was supposed to be a 4 chapter quest. The flashes were made as the chapters completed, so they too had this assumption. I figured I didn't have time for a slow-burn romance.

But the TGchan version is fully aware how long the quest is. Because of that, Amiel and Sekani still get flirty and sleep together rather quickly, but the L word takes much, much longer to show up (I believe the TGCHAN version saves it for the end of chapter 8).

Because of this, I had to make one actual proper change to one image(beyond the nipple thing). I honestly forgot where it was, but there's a scene in the original where Sekani did... something... and Amiel responded lovingly. It felt a little out of character originally, but became rather jarring with the slower romantic buildup!

So one of the images was edited to give Amiel a different reaction that was more in character and made more sense for where their relationship was in the newer setup.

Now you might be going 'Golly! Even though half the images are gone I'd rather read the original and not deal with all these changes!!!!'

You shouldn't. The above is the only noteworthy change. Everything else is the same in both versions, the original is just slightly sloppier at telling it.
No. 128908 ID: de6d84

Sharp snoot; I like this design's certain menacing look to it.
No. 128910 ID: 395c02


No. 128919 ID: 864e49
File 155424251328.jpg - (79.92KB , 286x699 , Graphics.jpg )

>Remembering Tezakia Quest
Yeah I remember.
No. 128931 ID: 91ee5f

You forgot this: ゴゴゴゴ !

Yes, this is a Jojo reference!
No. 128935 ID: 2202fb

I think if you made the mouth a tad longer and made the eyes less detailed and more 'gash'-looking, you would probably nail a pretty surreal look not dissimilar to the original look.

Imo, the thing that seems to make them surreal is the slightly-off proportions that trigger the uncanny valley. The new pic is very menacing, but the proportions are too accurate to really give the viewer the feeling that something is wrong.

Idk, this is just my two-cents.


Soo, you seem to have backed yourself into yet another corner, and this one is even closer. Soo, how do you plan on handling this one, champ? :3
No. 128939 ID: f5d2df

I'm one person, granted, but if you mean the current update, I'm not getting the impression it's going that route.
No. 128978 ID: b1b4f3

It's a little funny how I was expecting the picnic to be about keeping our friends from being too lewd but instead we're trying to keep mom from being too lewd.
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