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File 151477816123.png - (918.31KB , 900x600 , SVQLS9z.png )
119248 No. 119248 ID: 395c02

The old thread was getting large, so have a new one! This image was drawn by AQR!

If you're new, my wiki page links to every quest I've made: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Slinko

I also have a patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Slinketza
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No. 128893 ID: 4e9aae

If my life classifies as an anime, then I guess it is.

My hair does tend to form naturally into anime-style cuts, though, so there's that. *shrug*
No. 128906 ID: 395c02
File 155418962164.png - (188.71KB , 1108x900 , Quest 181.png )

To give a visual idea of my earlier point, here's one way I might have handled a moment that happens in the next update.

The original is here: https://tgchan.org/archive/tezakia/Images/Chapter%203/Quest%20181.png

For a fun bit of authenticity, I did this with a few caveats:

This isn't Tayza's modern design. Rather, it's the original image done with the knowledge that it does eventually become Tayza. (I would say this is closer to tayza's end-of-quest design)

2009 me didn't know what a smoother was, so I didn't use it here. I also mimicked the way 2009 me drew fur. It's worth noting that I didn't actually start drawing fur this way until chapter 9 (I believe the very first image of Dilia's normal form gave me the idea to do it that way). But who let details get in the way of fun?

This is still done at DR-speed, meaning don't spend too long on the shading. Very simple shading to give a rough idea of shadows, nothing fancy.


One thing 2019 me would have done is put more of Tezakia in darkness. Dark is spooky! But the original spends very little time in dark areas, and the time it did spend was usually in total darkness (black). A modern version would likely go with a darker environment, but still bright enough to not be doom 3 (do I get a prize for making such a timely reference?).

I'd have kept some areas bright, like the entire command building (explored in chapter 1) and the MEDICAL ROOM specifically. That area acts as a sort of base of operations later on. In contrast, the building Amiel explores in chapter 3 is really broken down, and it'd make sense for a lot of lights to simply not work anymore.

...It'd make sense for none of the lights to work anymore, but we can assume the ki-jaara did some amount of upkeep. In fact, it would totally be in character for Tayza to purposefully keep the place dim but not black specifically so she can enjoy the hunt.
No. 128907 ID: 395c02
File 155419149175.png - (61.23KB , 666x459 , bonus_comparison.png )


Here we talk about the elephant in the room: The fact that the TGchan version of Tezakia is not an exact copy of the original.

Tezakia is the only quest on tgchan that gained the benefit of not being a rough draft. When we made the conversion to the webpage version, I was given a rare opportunity to fix things up a bit. Of course, I did said fixing circa 2011, so it's not quite the makeover I'd be able to give the quest now.

In the image you see three versions. At the bottom is the original Lifejournal post. In the middle is the modern TGCHAN webpage version. And on top is the FLASH VERSION. Let's take a moment of silence for the broken images in the original.


Okay. The flash is, in general, the original quest with some of the text cleaned up. The TGchan one, however, made some slightly more noteworthy adjustments:

All the weird scratch-mark nipples I drew in 2009 were replaced with actual simple C-nipples. I wanted Tezakia to be adult, but I was too shy/afraid to draw actual nipples so the scratchmarks were a weird stopgap solution. I felt this was too... distracting... so a more nipple-friendly me gave everyone the nipples they deserve.

The TGchan version has more direct dialog. Trying to be like RubyQuest (which used dialog sparingly), Tezakia has very little talking until it finds its own voice around chapter 8 or 9. To help the early parts of the quest feel a little less 'slinko failing to be rubyquest', the TGchan version has more actual dialog.

In generally it replaced indirect dialog. "Amiel says she's okay." -> "I'm okay, I'm fine."

Little personality bits were added too; The image shows one such case. "Why's the door locked!?" helps convey the sense of panic Amiel's feeling, letting you get a mood for the text much earlier than the original.

Most of the changes are minor like this and almost not worth talking about, but there was one 'george lucas' style change possibly worth mentioning.

In the original and flash versions, Amiel and Sekani start using the L word pretty early. This is because Tezakia was supposed to be a 4 chapter quest. The flashes were made as the chapters completed, so they too had this assumption. I figured I didn't have time for a slow-burn romance.

But the TGchan version is fully aware how long the quest is. Because of that, Amiel and Sekani still get flirty and sleep together rather quickly, but the L word takes much, much longer to show up (I believe the TGCHAN version saves it for the end of chapter 8).

Because of this, I had to make one actual proper change to one image(beyond the nipple thing). I honestly forgot where it was, but there's a scene in the original where Sekani did... something... and Amiel responded lovingly. It felt a little out of character originally, but became rather jarring with the slower romantic buildup!

So one of the images was edited to give Amiel a different reaction that was more in character and made more sense for where their relationship was in the newer setup.

Now you might be going 'Golly! Even though half the images are gone I'd rather read the original and not deal with all these changes!!!!'

You shouldn't. The above is the only noteworthy change. Everything else is the same in both versions, the original is just slightly sloppier at telling it.
No. 128908 ID: de6d84

Sharp snoot; I like this design's certain menacing look to it.
No. 128910 ID: 395c02


No. 128919 ID: 864e49
File 155424251328.jpg - (79.92KB , 286x699 , Graphics.jpg )

>Remembering Tezakia Quest
Yeah I remember.
No. 128931 ID: 91ee5f

You forgot this: ゴゴゴゴ !

Yes, this is a Jojo reference!
No. 128935 ID: 2202fb

I think if you made the mouth a tad longer and made the eyes less detailed and more 'gash'-looking, you would probably nail a pretty surreal look not dissimilar to the original look.

Imo, the thing that seems to make them surreal is the slightly-off proportions that trigger the uncanny valley. The new pic is very menacing, but the proportions are too accurate to really give the viewer the feeling that something is wrong.

Idk, this is just my two-cents.


Soo, you seem to have backed yourself into yet another corner, and this one is even closer. Soo, how do you plan on handling this one, champ? :3
No. 128939 ID: f5d2df

I'm one person, granted, but if you mean the current update, I'm not getting the impression it's going that route.
No. 128978 ID: b1b4f3

It's a little funny how I was expecting the picnic to be about keeping our friends from being too lewd but instead we're trying to keep mom from being too lewd.
No. 129190 ID: 395c02

DR8 was a little shorter than usual, partly because I really wore myself out doing the Picnic Of Doom minigame and partly because it felt like a really good thread-ending moment to go for!

I'll be taking a break from questing for a few weeks due to fatigue. And because my DR fatigue is especially high, I'll be coming back with finishing SQ1 rather than jumping into DR9 right away.

I'll keep you posted as things happen.

Koror might continue at a slow but steady pace... but I'd like to not think about it for a week, at least.
No. 129198 ID: de6d84

Stay well, Slinko.
No. 129318 ID: 395c02

i had one job and i blew it.

Typo and I caught an illness that seems to take a couple weeks to go away. I saw a doctor and got pills, but this is going to end up delaying things a bit further.

not dying is haaaaard
No. 129339 ID: 79eaac

ugh, how dare you get sick
think of all the people who wanna see dragon tiddy

smh my head
No. 129364 ID: 91ee5f

I heard you got sick, so I thought I’d share this wonderful fan art of Ceri doing a Jojo pose with you, in the hopes that it’ll help you feel better: >>/questdis/129280 !

This was not drawn by me and I’m not claiming it as mine!
No. 129440 ID: 395c02
File 155803490154.png - (74.88KB , 603x464 , quest93.png )



Today's topic: Love!

Wait no come back I didn't mean it.

Okay I actually did mean it but you're too far in to quit now. That's how I getcha.

Amiel was the primary antagonist for... let me just count real quick...

22 images. About 5 updates.

Back then I had a hard time saying 'no' to suggestions, if you can imagine such a thing! The decision not to Bad End the quest when Sekani complimented her tits set the quest on the PATH of love and romance.

We didn't have democracy and choices back then though so nobody knew that yet not even me.

I always intended for Amiel to be Sekani's friend, but I was ill-prepared for how much the suggestors would enjoy teasing her. And how much I would let them get away with it.

So things escalated, and escalated even more, until we reach this image with them both sharing a blanket while naked. My modern art style lets me make Sekani way more poofy than he was in the original (which is to say, not at all), though the overall differences are minor since nowadays I'd keep the simplicity of the image for the sake of the joke.

but the blushu though. I had not yet grasped the true power of blushu.

Put on the path of romance, I looked at that whole '4 thread test quest' thing and realized I wouldn't have a lot of time to mess around with setting up their relationship. The end result is they jump into things insanely quickly (though the TGCHAN version very slightly smooths this out).

The moment Amiel reciprocated taught me a lesson that stuck with me to this day: suggestors don't want romance. They want to be teased. Never admit feelings, never hold hands. Leave it up in the air, they love that stuff!

Astute readers might be looking for an amused emoji to respond to that paragraph with, considering all the feeling and holding in Dragon Romance. But like, 'romance' is literally in the name there. Also I since learned from a certain sad cat comic that there is absolutely a limit on how much teasing people will put up with. Eventually something has to actually like, progress.

Doing a romance quickly is certainly doable, but 2009 me didn't quite have the knowhow to pull it off. The end result is a relationship so clunky I'm still deciding if they're together or not in the sequel. Kinasa... Okay we can't get ahead of ourselves we're still in chapter 2. Pin that on the board, or pintrest, or whatever you kids do to remember stuff nowadays.

Siri, tell me how kids remember stuff.


i don't own an iphone...
No. 129441 ID: 395c02
File 155804041856.png - (106.46KB , 806x691 , Quest 136.png )

See? Teasing!

Tezakia didn't have anywhere near as many silly faces as my later works, and the ones it has are considerably more subdued. In general the characters stay 'on model' much more in Tezakia than in later quests by me.

You would think the reason for that is Tezakia ostensibly being a 'horror', while everything since has fallen into the 'sometimes romantic comedy' genre (except that one time I did a cirr quest, whatever it was called. You'd think I'd know, being its creator).

:retcon_venji_3: "I get it!"

oh god it's you

This is about Tezakia so if you could just...

... ok i think she's gone. Where was I...

Basically see the earlier discussion on majibeast and art to see what happened when I'd go 'off model'. Anyway, Sekani's actions in chapter 2 are weird in hindsight. Tezakians don't see nudity as sexual, and even back then he commented as much... but you can only do so much to stop suggestors (who are largely human) from making the face Sekani made above at the thought of naked lian goodness (Or naked bird goodness? I'm not judgin').

Speaking of lian goodness!

Amiel was my first proper female character in a story (klissa and the ralians are older, but they were little more than basic ideas and character designs vs Amiel who actually had to like, Do Stuff).

Because she was the one I cut my lady-writing teeth on, she ended up being arguably the weakest main character in the quest. In many ways she tried to be the "remove the 'female' from 'female character'" character, but giant globs of 'GIRL!' fell on top of her, leading to things like blushing lots and being drawn cute more than she was drawn being cool.

Contrast her to Ceri, written years later. Ceri is feminine, but 90% of DR would be the same if she was a boy. Her gender is only one of many notes in the melody of her character.

This is less true with Amiel, to the point that Retcon Quest genderflipped her and the result was someone with no character.


Yes apparently you're relevent to Tezakia somehow in this one specific discussion congratulations now sit down please.


Anyway. Despite Amiel's flaws as a character, she's near and dear to me. Writing her taught me a lot, like how I should probably wait a bit before having characters use the word 'love' on each other. It is through her that I would learn to write fan favorites like Tayza or...

:retcon_venji_1: "me!"

Oh god you're still here. Actually, you fell into a lot of the same traps when I wrote Ven...


No. 129443 ID: de6d84

Ooh neato; another good two posts of insight as usual, Slinko!
No. 129461 ID: 395c02
Audio - (1.10MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz , TQ_Ch4 redux.mp3 ) Length: 0:48

Typo's been teaching me some things, so have a this~

the first 20 seconds are the tezakia theme circa 2009, and the remaining time is the modernized version circa yesterday.

One version plays after the other so you can compare!

10 years is a long time, huh?
No. 129463 ID: 1a32ff

>10 years is a long time, huh?
In a way, yes. But also not. You get older, time starts feeling shorter and shorter, and sooner than later ten years have passed and you look back thinking 'that was fast'.
But it doesn't matter how long a span of time is, how many years you spent doing something, all that matters is what you see when you look back. And I should hope that when you look back, you see the empire of quests and collection of worlds you have shaped and wrote, the many hearts and minds that have touched and been touched by your adventures.

You've a rich, storied history behind you friend, and that is worth so much more than I can quantify.
No. 129464 ID: 9c293c

Typo's been teaching you well, the modern version sounds splendid.
No. 129471 ID: 395c02

In quest news... things are moving after a way-too-long period of being sick.

DR taught me the power of actually keeping documents and spreadsheets, so those are being put together for SQ's benefit. Still some work to do before things can get going properly, but the gears are starting to turn~
No. 129507 ID: 91ee5f

Wait a minute, aren’t you supposed to be a bird? Why do you still look like a tozol?
No. 129509 ID: e51896

One thing I would like to do in DR is talk to Siphon about Mr. Ilan. Siphon did asked if we remembered something perfectly that didn't happen during the secret password conversation with her, and I want to tell her that we did when we somehow knew Mr Ilan's real name as Euia even though we never were told his real name. Mr. Ilan said we weren't supposed to even know what his real name was. I want to see how Siphon reacts to this phenomenon.
No. 129600 ID: 395c02

TLDR: SLISSA QUEST OMEGA, a hard reboot, begins in a couple days. DR-GAIDEN, a series of side-stories with the HOARD MEMBERS, starts next week.


I could ramble about it for 20 paragraphs, but I think I'll keep it short.

DR-GAIDEN: This is simple. I'm gonna do a simple and easily-drawn side thing for DR so my patrons aren't left in the dirt while I do a personal project (Slissa). It's going to follow the hoard members instead of Ceri directly, though she's likely going to introduce the thread and might show up as an NPC. The thread is canon, but I'm going to try to make it not Required Reading for folks who just want to follow Ceri's story. But hopefully you'll want to read it anyway cause I have some fun stuff planned!

SLISSA QUEST: Originally meant to be my Magnum Opus (as i ignore the advice i literally wrote in the 'how to quest' wiki page), it's getting 'demoted' to a normal quest and actual-properly rebooted.

The original 2013 slissa quest (now known as SLISSA QUEST BETA) was a weaker showing than I liked, among other things holding me back at the time. It did about 1/2 the plot it was supposed to do, ending thread 1 early.

the 2018 quest, now known as SLISSA QUEST GAMMA, had the ambitious goal of keeping BETA canon and trying to both continue the story as well as sort of restart it.

The problems with this approach became immediately obvious. For one thing: I wrote myself into a corner in BETA, and this problem was inherited by GAMMA keeping BETA canon.

It was also impossible to get myself to work on GAMMA because it required a huge amount of effort, and my desire to work on it was hurt by the corner I was written into and realizing I split my audience between those who read SQ-Beta and those who hadn't.

So... I'm doing a hard reboot. We're throwing it all in the trash and starting over. Here's the main things to know:

-SQ-BETA and SQ-GAMMA are no longer canon. We might revisit some of the events, but almost certainly in different contexts. I'm going to do my best to minimize how much I repeat myself.

-This will still just be called 'slissa quest', but I'll refer to it as SLISSA QUEST OMEGA. If this attempt fails, I won't make a 4th try. It's now or never.

-The art and writing will be toned down. I think way more people would want slissa finished than would want it to get halfway and die.

-There will be less shading. There will be plenty of images that won't have any shading at all, though the 'colored light' effect will be retained from previous versions.

-Said shading will be soft shading. Soft shading's way easier than cell-shading for me.

-AQR is going to help so we might end up having shading anyway. The above is what will happen under my own power, though.

-I will no longer be trying to put a background in every image. My other quests save a lot of work by keeping the background plain, and that's going to come over to SQ to help me not die. The BG won't be white or anything, though.

-The writing will be less perfectionist. You might not even notice this one, but behind the scenes I can spend hours rewriting a single paragraph until I'm happy with it. I'll be trying to avoid that and shooting for 'good enough' as I usually do with DR.

-Lore focus is being toned down. I'm not Bitequest. Most of you don't even know who that is. My ability to Lore and Worldbuild is much weaker than my ability to write characters. SQ will still be more lore heavy than, say, Dragon Romance, but the focus is going where it belongs in a slinko quest: on the characters.

-The intro for SQ-GAMMA will be reused in SQ-OMEGA. The music's being touched up a bit, but it's otherwise the same intro. If you saw it in GAMMA, you won't lose anything by skipping it this time. Or maybe watch it again for the improved music~

-The Creator is switching from an implicit prequel to an explicit one. The end of Creator made the connection very obvious, so it was silly of me to downplay it in SQ proper. Reading The Creator isn't required, but doing so would give you better context for some things.


And that's it. Slissa Quest Omega might be awkward for a while, but these changes will greatly improve the odds of me finishing thread one, and once we're past thread one, the weirdness with SQ-BETA and SQ-GAMMA stop mattering.
No. 129602 ID: 9c293c

Hey man, however it's gotta happen. I'm on board for the third try being the best!
No. 129604 ID: b1b4f3

ANOTHER slissa reboot?!

Well, the changes are reasonable.
No. 129606 ID: 8dcdd3

I'm very excited about this reboot. I have every confidence in your abilities, but all the same I wish you luck.
No. 129607 ID: 83bf07

Oh shit, here we go again.

No. 129613 ID: 395c02

Third try's the charm!!

let's say gamma was a test run, with a bad idea attached. I shoulda done a hard reboot to begin with.

I didn't do this lightly, I should note! Scholars will argue for years on if this counts as breaking my 'never abandoned a quest' gimmick, but...

I think if nothing else, choosing this over 'abandoning SQ as a grand idea too large in scope for a slinko already having to do DR for money' was the right decision, because the idea behind sticking with things is my desire to give people a satisfying ending, something we see far too many projects fail to do.
No. 129620 ID: 91ee5f

>Third try's the charm!!
Confirmed that Kliss will be a shameless flirt and will attempt to charm her way out of any bad situation!

.....nah, just kidding!
No. 129625 ID: 864e49

I see you got a little err author insert going on in the beginning there.
No. 129626 ID: ad51b8

the one thing I always find myself worrying about in slissa quest is at what point are we going to have to worry about that evil creator coming down and ruining everything? I mean I doubt it will happen but still I worry.

Also great intro slinko. Always impressed by how much effort you put into your stories.
No. 129628 ID: a9af05

>Scholars will argue for years on if this counts as breaking my 'never abandoned a quest' gimmick
They're also going to argue if collaboration quests count as breaking your "never abandoned a quest" gimmick.
No. 129629 ID: 395c02

It's probably for the best that I downplay that 'gimmick' nowadays.

For years I clung to it as the one thing I could be proud of that nobody could prove wrong. People can go 'your writing is bad' or 'you draw bad', but it's hard to argue every quest getting to the end... or it was.

Partly because it became less 'fact' and partly because I have so many more things to be proud of nowadays, I'm content to just say 'I try my best to finish every story' rather than 'I will literally never fail to do so'

because it's the trying that matters~
No. 129637 ID: 7c1196

On the contrary, i think that DR feels like it has a fuckton of lore that is just subtle and a tad vague, like Dark Souls lore. Idk what it is, but you seem to be pretty good at making "phantom lore." Hell, just have us (the collective) start theorycrafting and then just use your favorites (i have theorized that many a modern drama has done this very thing to keep the writing fresh).

Holy shit! DR/patreon is your only income!? You need to write a proper book or publish something! (or at least invest in some stocks or something, idk :P) Part of me feels like it was kind of irresponsible to make this your sole livelihood (appeasing a fickle audience just seems like it is doomed to eventually fail), but more than that I have to respect you for not only (presumably) following and sticking to your dreams, but also being as successful as you are (unless you are homeless or starving. in that case we can send help).
No. 129638 ID: 7f8782

So Siphon is a Duduk, apparently. And I had thought that that was an original race, but now I've seen it in another quest. And I just gotta ask, where do they come from? Like, what's the setting and who created them?
No. 129639 ID: 395c02

I did
No. 129640 ID: 9c293c

I don't think it's being said enough, but that Slissa Quest intro's fantastic.
No. 129645 ID: 395c02

Minor delays ahead, due to getting a new PC. I should get SQ done tomorrow, but I might end up taking a 4-day weekend of sorts as I need to set it up and get all my programs and files and such on it.

DR started as a quest where I kept everything in my head, but got complex enough that I had to actually write things down...!

My living situation is fine and stable, fear not~

Siphon is a Duduk, a species created by Typo and is part of 'Fishverse'. Siphon herself is from Fishbowl, which was a campaign cirr ran that crammed Fishverse and...cirrverse? together into some kind of container that could perhaps hold fish or something. Wish I had a word for that.

Thanks~ We worked super hard on it!
No. 129692 ID: 631909

Ahah, now, I feel a bit sheepish asking this, but can I use Duduks as a race in one of my own quests?
No. 129693 ID: 526fb9

Go for it! If you want to be lore accurate or whatever feel free to ask me questions, but if you just want to do your own thing that's probably fine too.
No. 129694 ID: ea7e4c

Thanks my dude! I appreciate it.

I'm gonna think up some pertinent questions to ask, just to make sure I portray the species correctly.
No. 129747 ID: 834f3d

Apologies for my lateness, I got IRL stuff going on. But that's irrelevant. If you don't mind I'd love to take advantage of that lore offer now, just a couple basic questions so I don't clutter poor Slinko's thread as I tend to:
Are there any particularly glaring cultural or biological differences in Duduk opposed to humans?
Are Duduk's secondary arms fully posable/functional?
Is the diet comparable to humans? Any strange intolerances/nutritional needs?
Do the triple-pupil eyes grant any special visual acuity?
Are their senses comparable to humans?
How intelligent are they?
What's the median lifespan?

That wasn't short at all. Hopefully you like sharing lore as much as I like learning it. We'll say that this is on-topic because Siphon is a Duduk and therefore this has pertinence to DR.
No. 129767 ID: 395c02

Lemme try to knock these out.

1. The big thing is that duduk have an unusual gender setup going on, which also affects their social structure. Basically, there are two types of female duduk — the more common, passive, fertile kind, who are physically smaller than males, and the less common, aggressive, infertile kind, who are physically larger. In addition, males are dramatically less common than either of these. As one might expect, the basic social family-ish unit reflects the imbalanced gender ratio, with one male having more or less a harem of females (of both kinds).

2. Yes.

3. Probably? I have a vague notion they might prefer somewhat more meat in their diet than humans, but they're still omnivores, and (perhaps as a bit of a setting conceit) the various races from their setting are all roughly tuned to the same sort of environmental needs.

4. Nah they basically just look neat.

5. Probably close enough? They likely have a noticeably better sense of smell, I guess.

6. Human-level-ish, I'd assume?

7. Human-ish. However it's worth noting that the tech in their native setting routinely allows for significant improvement here (if not indefinite extension).

I don't think I've contradicted anything I've said previously about them in these answers, but if I did I'm sure someone will point that out.
No. 129768 ID: 395c02
File 156165809165.png - (130.19KB , 900x600 , 16.png )

So AQR has made it his mission to keep SQ's art from falling to the mundane 'normal quest art' level employed by DR, and this has so far often lead to him redrawing images.

I tell you this not just to avoid taking the credit for someone's hard work, but to say this: Tyrsis wasn't originally intended to be staring at her butt.

"Does that mean it isn't canon?"

Don't worry about that part.
No. 129769 ID: 395c02
File 156165824545.png - (219.73KB , 900x600 , 21.png )

An important moment like this is one I went ahead and did a 'full' picture of, but AQR redrew it anyway???

I was kinda happy with this one, but it clashed with the rest of the update so AQR's version went live and this one is bonus content.
No. 129774 ID: 54c656

Awesome. Well, more like perfect, actually.

I think I've got enough to make an accurate representation, and moreover, this is exactly the kind of species I was looking for. I seriously want to thank you for not only letting me steal your creativity, but humoring my curiosity. So I'll say I'm grateful in faith that you understand what an understatement that is.
No. 129840 ID: 395c02

So things have been slow, figured I'd talk too much about it.

It's a combination of getting a new PC set up (with some fun* shenanigans therein), and part of it is ...I guess the kids call it 'self care'?

Normally when I have depression periods or bad sleep periods, I just power through and make an update even if it's bad. Doing this a lot caused me to really kind of hate making updates, and after a while I lost the will to force them out (which is why DR8 ended early)

So for the next while, I'm going to just do updates as I feel like doing them, not pushing myself nearly as hard. This means everything is slow, but I greatly reduce the overall stress and limit 'breaking points'.

Over time, I hope to get back into the flow and for things to pick up, but for now I'm going to take it a bit easy and focus on moving forward at all, rather than moving forward quickly.
No. 129844 ID: 2df440

Please take care, Slinko. I hope you feel better soon!
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