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File 152787662193.png - (398.07KB , 1024x1024 , disthread.png )
123379 No. 123379 ID: 891b91

Wherein we discuss dead dust, and possibly other sorts of dust as well.
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No. 125122 ID: 891b91

It's been a couple weeks, so I guess it's time for another post on how things are coming along: I've been steadily working on this update, but it's proven to be a ton of work due to the amount of detail I've put into it. It's going to be a pretty big setting dump, so I think this is justified; most updates in the future won't require this amount of detail and effort, so there won't be so much of a delay. At this point I've got the line art nearly finished, and then I just need to throw some color/shading in there; my hope is to get the update posted by Thursday, at the latest.

One of my concerns with this quest is that the somewhat "blank slate" nature of the protagonist might make her boring, so I'm happy to hear that you like her and that you're enjoying the fact that her condition makes her effectively a neutral party in the world.

>(though I'm sure trouble will come to find her at some point regardless I'm sure, lol).

Generally speaking, I try to go with whatever length/amount of detail seems to best fit the situation. I expect that there will be a lot more single-panel updates once we have more opportunities for drawn-out dialogue, but whenever I need to show successive actions/events, multiple panels tend to be my go-to strategy. I also try hard to make sure that all the decisions left to the suggesters are meaningful and have at least a small impact on how the story plays out, which sometimes leads me into situations where I can't split up a large update into smaller ones. That's basically what is going on with the next update, in addition to having a lot that I want to show in it.
No. 125141 ID: ae9b99

that sounds exciting. But do not feel like you have to rush. If you need to get it done by Friday or the weekend instead of Thursday, that is understandable.
No. 125185 ID: a48264

Glad to see you're back! I look forward to the next update, but I hope you don't feel like you have to rush!
No. 125299 ID: c0641d

Man, sorry if I've been overthinking things after that 6-part update. I'm guessing there's no "perfect answer" to how to go about getting through customs scott-free while also hiding our zombie status? I might be married to the idea of us becoming a woman of mystery; no past, nebulous present, completely untraceable. (I even have this cute idea of naming ourselves "Taffa" to frustrate anyone trying to ask around or search for us, in the same vein as David Wong from "John Dies at the End.")
No. 125306 ID: 891b91

>sorry if I've been overthinking things
Don't be! I think this sort of speculation/debate/etc. is really interesting to read, as well as helpful with developing the quest. I wouldn't call it overthinking things, either, since a lot of factors could influence how things go for us in customs, and since there is no obvious best outcome to the situation.

>I'm guessing there's no "perfect answer" to how to go about getting through customs scott-free while also hiding our zombie status?
I think it's best if I don't give a clear answer to this, but I'll just say it might be helpful to consider why the Concourse requires evacuees to submit to a customs inspection in the first place.

>naming ourselves "Taffa"
I plan on leaving the choice of name up to a vote, but I have to admit that I like this idea! I think it could cause some... fun situations.
No. 125319 ID: ff82d2

Time to get off my lazy ass and write another update review.

That went well. Or not. I have a lingering feeling of a missed opportunity here, tho I can't quite guess what it was. Perhaps there was a chance we could've convinced this pilot to stop our shuttle and give us a lift instead. That might've been a way to avoid the customs. It seems kinda obvious now with all the talk about wards and stuff that there would be customs involved. No one to blame but ourselves :p

So you chose not to go with the video. Yeah, I think gif's are a better choice because, sadly, video uploads lack the in-place video player and thus, unlike gif's, have no preview. Also, I think that making videos is not worth the effort. Heh, come to think of it, the video file extension support was added when I requested it and I don't think that anyone else besides me uploaded any videos (btw, seen >>110900?)

A nice general view of the Concourse. Quite a floating city... oh. From the initial design (>>/quest/891554) I thought it would just be a boring bunch of thick plates. Of course, it's my fault for failing to realize that the simple design hid the buildings and it turns out to be a much more dynamic landscape.

>prison or mandatory hospitalization
The information presented here does confirm what I suspected, tho I'm worried about the involvement of mandatory hospitalization. In other words, if we officially reveal that we're a taffa syndrome sufferer, it could lead to a lot of action that's outside MC's control.

Geez. This is way too high quality! All the effort... I can certainly see why the update took so long to make. 1, 2, 3.. 24 animated characters (27 including holograms)?! It's like 5 updates in one panel. Madman I say! ... I like the lady up in the window.
Anyway, this panel is excellent at portraying the diversity of species in this universe and the building architecture which looks surprisingly old-town considering the high tech it's built upon. The real estate must be pretty cheap hehe.

Amazing perspective work. I noticed that you started using a ruler to draw straight lines during this update instead of the usual freeform stuff. It looks great and I got nothing against it, tho personally I'd prefer the freeform style. Not sure how to explain... freeform looks more artsy? Also maybe for consistency reasons. Oh and, the speed. Generally, precision comes with a cost.

>renaturalization process
I'm definitely against picking the name "Taffa". That's like wanting to be called "Cocaine" heh. Surely something better than a drug name could be thought of.

>licking the glass
Poor thing. Should give him something else to lick. Damn you lewd thoughts!

Again, props for all the hard work. I just hope that all of this doesn't cause you to burn out, which is something I fear greatly D:

>why the Concourse requires evacuees to submit to a customs inspection
The most obvious reason would probably be to prevent the import of illegal/hazardous goods. But there could be any number of reasons, laws that require the inspection, or for tariff purposes.
Perhaps some of the items in our possession aren't strictly illegal but require a handling license. I thought that perhaps, in that case, we could ask the customs to mail the items straight to Delaney (who should have the required licenses), or call them to come pick them up for us. Hmm.
No. 125337 ID: c0550f

When we get around to choosing a name for our character, I am hoping we choose a name that is gender neutral. I think it will be interesting in the story to play with the idea of our character being female, yet being mistaken for a male by some people from time to time. A gender neutral name will add to the confusion towards other characters. Just a fun thought.
No. 125339 ID: 91ee5f

So you basically want to pull an Undertale and name our character Frisk?

I mean, that’s not a bad idea, but I’d rather name her “Taffa“, since Teegee has implied here: >>125306 , that some fun things could happen if we did that.
No. 125358 ID: ae9b99

well not exactly like undertale, as the gender of the main character in that game was left to the gamer's interpretation. We already know our character in this quest is female. So I just thought giving our character a gender neutral name would make it so that if allies, or people we come across believe our character is male this whole time, but finds out much later our character is actually female, it would make for some confusing awkward, yet hilarious reactions.

Taffa does sound gender neutral enough though, so going with it would be kind of ok by me giving the same possible results from the characters we come across.
But as I must admit as >>125319 stated, it would be kind of weird as it is: like wanting to be called "Cocaine"
No. 125362 ID: 69d4b9

The character's gender is the least interesting thing about her in this game.

It was an interesting decision in Undertale not because gender identity is inherently interesting, but because Fox used the ambiguity to keep Frisk's interactions with the other characters childish and to emphasize that Frisk was a stranger in a strange land. Frisk's exploration of relationships wasn't about eros but instead had a very strong focus on philia and ludus, divorced almost entirely from the roles that our society imposes on people because this monster world is a weird quirky reflection of our own with its own rules where the particulars might not quite match up but the first principles of love, fellowship, and charity still apply.
No. 125399 ID: ff82d2
File 153669495660.gif - (68.46KB , 600x305 , VirginVsChad.gif )

>You think you can afford to lose any of your other items
Yeah, I think that, strictly speaking, none of the items are so important that we couldn't just toss them away. After all, we did start out without any of them so the chances that any of them would be a major plot element is pretty low. I'd guess that at best they might lead to side plots, but even then there's no saying we wouldn't get access to those plots anyway.

>you should hold on to [the vial with the faded label] no matter what
There's one thing that I intentionally chose not to suggest in the last update. That is, to detach the label from the bottle. In which case the bottle could be discarded and there would be no need for any hiding hehe. But that wouldn't be very fun now, would it?

This panel cracks me up so much. And she looks so cute!

This room looks like it's seen better times heh. And hey, there's a WC. A place where stuff might be disposed.

>Window licker
Actually, out of all the people in the room, this guy seems like the biggest mystery. Why is he licking the glass? Did he take a bit too much taffa and now believes he's some sort of a washing machine? What could've caused him to act the way he does? And would he notice if we stole his boots? We may never find out.
>portly woman
I bet she hates memes. Other than that, she's the only one here who actually looks unhappy which is why I think she would be easy to talk to.
>The llama(?) guy
I wonder what he's so scared of. It's not like he's waiting for a dentist or something.
>the strange, tentacle-armed canine girls
Don't have much to say about them, altho I wonder how they walk with those tentacles.
>the wolf-shark-thing woman at the end
Now there's someone that looks confident in herself. Definitely looks like a go-to person for all our needs.

>The two guys snoring by the door
Image attached ;)
Altho I couldn't think of much funny stuff to describe them with.
No. 125402 ID: ae9b99

Oh crud, I just realized, what if the reason this place is clean despite it being in disrepair is because that window licker didn't just lick the window, but licked this entire room clean. Gross.
No. 125487 ID: 93f082

Umm, I'm not sure how you came to the conclusion that he's getting paid to lick the glass. Can you elaborate?

Also, I don't understand why you (and others) are so obsessed with "Spade". There's absolutely no precedent that would link that word to the MC.

The MC's original name (as appears here >>/quest/887022) was not only jumbled but specifically written that it was wrong. What appeared to us was 14 jumbled characters. It could've been any characters, but it just so happens that we ended up with these ones.

Of those 14 characters, the first one looks like a spades icon. But there's also a sun, a smiley, a note, etc which are ignored. Why would you choose the first character and discard the other 13? Isn't that mean to the other 13 characters?
Again, those characters have absolutely no meaning as they were supposed to be jumbled. So drawing any sort of conclusions from them makes no sense.
No. 125490 ID: b1b4f3

I think the window licker is being paid to collect tastes. I suspect this society can outright manufacture memories/experiences, not just forget them via Taffa.
No. 125500 ID: 93f082

>"Cowwectin' paysps. Good mummy."
Would probably translate to
"Collecting payslips. Good money."
Of course, that doesn't tell us much. Only that he believes that he's earning money with whatever it is that he's doing. Whether he's actually getting paid, or is simply crazy, I still can't tell. As for what he's doing, it could be cleaning, applying a glossy substance, or collecting something unseen. In any case, there doesn't seem to be much purpose in coming up with theories about him right now as it would be inconsequential.

Heh, it's definitely amusing that she called us that way. Would it be because of our chest or because of the floppy ears? Or is it some sort of a nickname attached to the suit we're wearing? Pancake baker suit!

>how obvious it is that your undies are missing
I'm sure it's gonna be fine!

>"Nice box."
It's interesting that she took notice of this box of ours. Perhaps there's something special about it. Maybe this box is shielded in a way and would allow its contents to pass the customs undetected.

It looks like a lot of suggesters have already started voting on the character name. Sigh. I'm not fond of the name "Spade" because of how common it is for /quest/ to do this, that is, I'm tired of quest characters getting names based on the first thing / pun that comes to mind.
Please, please don't let something as important as the MC's name get chosen preemptively or with little to no thought. If possible, come up with some naming guidelines and use a proper 2-step voting process.
No. 125584 ID: 7969eb
File 153759295926.png - (27.81KB , 458x760 , penny spade.png )

No. 125589 ID: 93f082

Ahaha, so true
No. 125591 ID: 93f082

>"it's a dustbender. This baby'll write, rewrite, erase, extract, inject... pretty much anything you might wanna do to someone's dust."
*fistpumps* I was right. It is a tool to extract dust. Well, one of its functionalities at least. It also explains the purpose of the extra canisters on the tool. Probably to hold the donor and extracted dust.

I'm a bit worried at how casually she talks about this tool. I mean, wouldn't erasing someone's dust kill them? Then again, a kitchen knife can be used to kill a person also so... it's all about perspective. It seems that playing around with people's dust really is an everyday thing in this culture. It's just odd to us because we're not used to it the way they are. Either that or she's just a total geek about it.

Ah, maybe the violet liquid is some sort of a fuel or oil used for tools and devices. It makes some sense considering we already found two jars, always next to a device.

>body-mod, modder
It seems logical that the people who swap bodies would be called body modders. But it looks like some suggesters got confused and think it's to modify parts of the bodies. Or maybe I'm confused? Can we use dustbender for breast expansion? :x

I had a funny thought. We could try out the dustbender by swapping the dust of Virgin and Chad.
No. 125606 ID: 10c408

We have absolutely no clue how this device works. It might not even do any of the things you just thought of.

We should try and find a manual or person with explicit knowledge about it's operation before we do anything with it. (assuming that we still have it after getting processed through customs)
No. 125609 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, that’s a good point. Penny Spade is an incredibly stupid name.
No. 125612 ID: b1b4f3

I hope we can change it later.
No. 125613 ID: 91ee5f

The name hasn’t been decided on yet, so hopefully we still have a chance at not giving ourselves that name.
No. 125614 ID: 93f082

> >>125606 >We have absolutely no clue how this device works. It might not even do any of the things you just thought of.
Umm, in the last update (I even quoted it), it's quite clearly written what the tool does. And hey, we just happen to be talking to a person that knows how to operate one.
Don't worry, it was just a thought. I'm sure that no one would actually vote for such a prank, right?
No. 125616 ID: 891b91

Since the protagonist's name is unknown, any name that you give her is effectively just an alias. There's no reason why it couldn't be changed at some point if enough suggesters want it, although there may be in-quest consequences for it. I definitely wouldn't disallow it, though.
No. 125623 ID: 05ff2f

Wait, are we sure it'll be a alias? I was under the impression that customs would scan the protag to get something like a DNA or dust ID or some other unique personal identifier and run it through the citizen and public records to get her name. If so, that'd mean we'd be choosing her real name, or at least what the government records consider her real name. ...Though, I'm not sure if this is the way it would go was said in-quest, so I may be speculating too far.
No. 125626 ID: 93f082

Considering the protagonist was scanned (>>/quest/890360) and they couldn't read our ward affiliation, it's safe to assume that the rest of our records are going to be unrecoverable as well.

Unfortunately, once a name is voted on, I think it's highly unlikely to be voted again in the future. This is because suggesters get used to a name over time, and it sorta becomes an acquired taste. I don't recall a single instance where a named quest character would have their name changed based on suggester demand.
No. 125791 ID: 891b91
File 153854176387.png - (41.27KB , 1088x896 , asstits.png )

so channel3 and I were discussing the possible merits and pitfalls of using a dustbender for breast augmentation

and then he drew this
No. 125800 ID: 06fdc0

I don't see anything wrong though?
No. 125807 ID: ad51b8

can't decide whether or not your an ass or tit man? while why not be both?
No. 125808 ID: 3cf5f3

That's awful! Even with the enhancement she's still flat D:

Also, it gives me an idea. What if the more dust one had, the sexier or the chubbier they became?
No. 125811 ID: 891b91

>even with enhancement she's still flat
Serves her right for cheaping out on it! And hey, she got lucky. She could've gotten titties on her forehead or her knees or something.
No. 125848 ID: 93f082

>a poke at its glyph
Interesting. I had no clue we could poke the glyphs to get more info. Based on this, poking the glyph on the Vesper page seems like a much better idea now. Of course, when we have privacy.

>Moira Elgin
Considering what happened, I'd be very surprised if she was ok. So it seems like a high-priority goal to try contacting her.

>up on holo
Holo... chat? That's probably what she meant. Altho this is a very important piece of info, unless that ball we got is a holo-projector, we currently have no means of using holo-chat. But yeah, a high-priority thing to do after we're past the customs.

Gonna take some getting used to this name. In my opinion, the name would sound a lot more legit if was, or also had a non-diminutive form of the name.

>He lets out a terrified shriek
Haha, poor guy!

>pancake ears
At first I thought it was a coincidence, but now I'm certain. You changed her ear design, didn't you? I think I like the new design better. It's a bit hard to say since I was used to the previous design, but yeah, thumbs up from me! However, I refuse to call them pancake ears - it's just not nice :p

>purple liquid is taffa
I found this to be quite unexpected; another form of taffa? This opens a whole venue of questions. Like how are the two forms connected, and how is this form used. Quincy says that the dustbender primes it, so maybe my guess about this taffa being some sort of fuel wasn't wrong but, more info will need to be gathered to confirm or deny anything.

>internal storage
I totally missed this. Or rather, I think it's unlikely that the canisters on the bender would contain anything - any filled containers should be immediately removed and replaced with empty ones. Because it would be dangerous to leave stuff inside bender in case someone accidentally tried using it. Considering we found bender in a proper place inside the equipment case indicates that whoever used it before had plenty of time for whatever standard procedure they needed to do.

>I can't sell it if I don't know what it is.
If she doesn't know what the ball is, then we either need to find an appraiser or experiment with the ball ourselves.

>I don't got a whole lotta use for stem taffa
Well, this confirms that the legal taffa is neither rare nor very useful.

>You're a bit shocked that you actually suggested that.
I am downright electrocuted! But really, it had to be done with how she keeps calling us pancakes.

>Play with your ears?
She really hates to use the word ears, huh?

>I ain't the kinda girl
Well, this does say quite a bit about her character and it's not a bad thing. Personally I think it would be a bit uncouth to immediately hook up with the first friendly character we get to talk to. How to say, it feels a bit too much of a coincidence.
No. 125850 ID: 93f082

And dayum, you really pushed Penny's sexiness to the next level here. I kinda wish there existed an uncensored version of the panel.
No. 125851 ID: 7969eb
File 153879509022.png - (9.85KB , 117x75 , Capture.png )

There is, but teegee won't let me post it. The insider info of what Penny's dick looks like is killing me inside.
No. 125852 ID: 891b91
File 153879595447.png - (178.39KB , 681x798 , DICK.png )

the horrific truth is revealed
No. 125855 ID: 06fdc0

does she faint when she gets an erection because of sudden blood loss?
No. 125856 ID: 891b91
File 153879910484.png - (193.72KB , 1024x1024 , lewd-031.png )

I always enjoy seeing these reaction posts you do; I tend to avoid saying too much in response to them, out of fear of accidentally giving something away that spoils the mystery of the quest, but please know that I do appreciate and read them.

>You changed her ear design, didn't you?
Her design has changed over time, although it was less intentional and more a result of me getting used to drawing her. (In retrospect, I should have spent more time practicing drawing her before starting the quest, so that most of that semi-conscious design iteration would've already been out of the way.)

>She really hates to use the word ears, huh?
Nah, she just took "play with my ears" to be a really awkward euphemism.

>And dayum, you really pushed Penny's sexiness to the next level here. I kinda wish there existed an uncensored version of the panel.
Thanks! I went with censoring the panel because I thought it helped illustrate her discomfort with offering her body for rent like that. It can't hurt to post an uncensored version of the drawing for shits and giggles, though, so here you go.
No. 125858 ID: 891b91

it'd be impressive if she's able to get one at all, with a dong that long
No. 125860 ID: 93f082

Haha omg
May our beloved protagonist have a fun time stepping over the "knots" of her(?) journey.

>I should have spent more time practicing drawing her
I think it's only natural that all designs evolve over time (in most quests the evolution can easily be observed) so I don't think that would've really mattered and you don't need to be worried about it. I also found it particularly coincidental how in this case the design changed to better match the nickname she was given.

>she took it to be a really awkward euphemism
Mmm, I see. Thanks for clarifying it. She almost made me think she had a fixation on large round objects!

I'm not criticizing it at all. It was perfectly in place there, elevating the humor of the situation and protecting the casual readers from the unexpected exhibition. So great job!

>here you go
Thanks a lot!
No. 125920 ID: 7efe6b

I wonder what the reasoning would be for someone to decide to live there. I mean, I don't see an obvious advantage to not simply living as a hobo on the Concourse. Maybe it's to bypass certain restrictions on drugs and alcohol but... wouldn't they just starve to death?

>the itch
This definitely seems connected to the rhythm spikes. Probably the same thing but simply much weaker. I can't wait to get to experience it hohoho. Well, or just find one of the freemen and ask them about it. Like, is it simply uncomfortable, or can it actually hurt and kill you?

>You're gonna need some boots
If this turns into a paperdoll where suggesters submit their boots designs, I'd like to say that I can't draw a straight line to save my life.

>Wow, that's pretty forward of you
Lol, now she's gonna keep teasing us for being super easy on top of calling us Pancakes. I am ok with this development.

>the address is 217U
Good thing we got a photographic memory~

>Furthermore, you somehow feel certain that she knows you know this.
What manner of dust sorcery is this!

>make your amnesia a little too obvious
We did make it known that it was our first time scavenging, but I still wonder if she suspects anything now, with all the questions about scavenging that we had. Well, even if she does, she probably doesn't care.

>time skip
I find that the only time suggesters would vote for a time skip (outside of MC sleeping) would be if there was literally nothing to do. After all, suggesters like using time efficiently and exhausting all the options. So I don't think you can rely on suggesters to decide on this.

What do you mean an art error? But the newer ears look cuter!
You aren't planning on reverting them back, are you?
No. 125961 ID: 891b91

>After all, suggesters like using time efficiently and exhausting all the options. So I don't think you can rely on suggesters to decide on this.
Honestly, that's what I expected, but I thought I should give the option in case I was wrong.

>What do you mean an art error? But the newer ears look cuter!
>You aren't planning on reverting them back, are you?
Nope, I was talking about the way they look in >>/quest/905835 specifically. The shading and perspective makes them look round and bulbous, when what I was going for was having them draped down her back.
No. 126002 ID: 1872dc

Well, given what the magazine from the latest update says, there's now plenty of implications of trouble in paradise. If "terrorism" is seen as a necessary step to better conditions, maybe living in abandoned cities isn't the worst idea.
No. 126010 ID: 7efe6b

Your reasoning seems plausible, although there's a few problems with it.

>May have physically altered appearance thru taffa
While Quincy has confirmed that body swapping is possible, I'd like to point out that "dust scanning" is a thing. As the name suggests, I believe that a dust scan relies on your dust, rather than the body you're in, to retrieve your info. In this case, would swapping the body even have a point?

>presence of taffa expert being worrying is understandable
He looked worried even before we started talking with Quincy. Also, Quincy's no taffa expert. Knowing about taffa is just common knowledge.

>start a life under a new identity
If changing your dust to the point of changing your identity is possible (other than how we did it), then it should be possible to do it anywhere and pick up a new identity in any government bureau. Does it make sense that we found Preston here, considering that using an evac shuttle seems unnecessary in the process?

I think there's many equally possible options for what Preston is hiding. Assuming that he changed identity seems a bit strong on the conspiracy theory.
Alternative conspiracy theory: He's an undercover agent here after returning from a mission, knowing what his mission was but not knowing his identity which was removed to protect him. He's here to return to the HQ where his identity will be restored. Heh. Sounds way too cheesy.

But yeah, as far as I can tell, it would make just as much sense if he was a nerd whose nervousness is causing him difficulty in forming coherent sentences. And he just wanted to know what time it was.
No. 126017 ID: c0641d

> Dust Scanning
We don't know if dust scanning happens during evac, if you need a warrant to scan someone, if a register is kept across concourses, etc. (though I could be wrong; I forget where it was mentioned). Altering your name and body would certainly help to prevent people from recognizing you by sight.

> Quincy (Not a Doctor)
Actually, she said she had a forensic taffa license. Perhaps that means she (or the contact we openly discussed) could legally perform that dreaded scan?

> How to Disappear
Never said he needed to change his base taffa. It's possible that while he's evac'd before, it wasn't here. We don't know how taffa registries and jurisdictions work across fleets and concourse platforms.

> Hypothetical Spy / Nervous Nerd
Those... both seem possible as well, despite my rebuttals. But then, I knew that there was a real chance I was wrong, even if I was sure my reasoning was sound. That's why I wanted to test my theory by gauging his reaction to Quincy's occupation and the stuff she can potentially do with it, to see if he panics even harder than he did before. It would certainly prove whether whatever he might be hiding is related to his taffa identity.
No. 126025 ID: 7efe6b

>We don't know if dust scanning happens during evac
Err, yes we do.
> >>/quest/890360 >Please wait while we perform a limited scan of your dust

>she said she had a forensic taffa license.
She did not. She implied that she's got a "license". A license that allows her to pass the customs with a dustbender. So it's more like a driver's license? I don't understand how you came up with the "forensic taffa" part.

>change his base taffa, taffa registries
I'm confused. I think you've started mixing the terms dust and taffa. Taffa is a drug. Dust is... physical manifestation of a person's ego or something like that. We don't know exactly.

>reaction to Quincy's occupation
Again, holding a license says very little about a person's occupation. However, what we do know is two things that she said:
> >>/quest/905080 >I deal in equipment
> >>/quest/905834 >I wouldn't've gotten into scrappin'
Based on this, we can assume that her occupation is "a scavenger and dealer of scavenged equipment". But that may simply be a side job for her, with her day job being something else.
No. 126053 ID: 7efe6b

I'd guess it's a name of a race. Maybe some sort of a slime or sea creature considering they can't move around freely.

>enclaving pact, terrorism between the wards
I'm having less and less clue as to what a "ward" is supposed to be. I thought it was a name of a residential area but, that can't be right.
In >>/quest/892989 I think it was implied that Chaser Fleet was a ward. And yet, that's just a collection of ships. So a ward is definitely not a region/district.
When we used the evac shuttle, we were told that we'd have to board the Concourse since our ward affiliation was corrupt. This implies that belonging to a ward is mandatory.
A ward also seems to govern certain resources, so it's not just a legal description / domain or a family name of sorts.

I think that for now the best way to describe what a ward is would be "a clan".

The way he answered the question about his first time being here makes me think that he's been on the Concourse plenty of times, but first time using evac system. This would make sense if he's been flying around with a personal shuttle. Maybe something happened to it, or there's been problems between him and his ward.

Heh, let me write what I originally wanted to suggest here.
"Oh, you know her? Are you her friend? Friends shouldn't hurt each other, you know. But she had to go, huh? Btw, how did it feel? You know, when you last saw her."
But that would've been too alarming to him haha. Anyway, let me explain my reasoning.

>So you... don't know her?
The fact that he changed his tune when he learned that we don't know who she is tells us a ton of things. First, it means it's highly likely that he knows her (he wouldn't care if it was a random person). And, it means that he thought we knew her - the reason for his fear of us. And not just us, he was already nervous the moment we got there, so it seems that he was involved in something disturbing quite recently. One plus one... something disturbing involving her. What could the disturbing thing be? We saw the remains.

We don't really know who she was collecting evidence on. Maybe him or his ward. But all of this leads me to believe that he already knew that something bad happened to her. And this makes it likely that he was either one of her assailants, or is directly related to them. Him asking for a location to "help us" sounds like him trying to cover up tracks.

Yeah, it's a funny theory.
No. 126099 ID: 2054c0
File 153997848969.png - (51.57KB , 771x1562 , toilet_candy.png )

>letting the toilet eat all the candy
eat it all before the toilet does
No. 126107 ID: 7efe6b

I know, right? It must be some really good candy if they have to smuggle it!

Also, I like how despite the simplification, the tentacle girl boob sizes are kept proportional.
No. 126108 ID: 7efe6b

>he pleads
His desperation seems somewhat unusual. It's as if his life depended on finding this person. I would assume his superiors threatened him or something. Perhaps they had captured her but then lost her. And he's the one responsible for losing her. Such a meek guy. Good luck to his endeavors!

>Moments later, the big guy and little guy in the back of the room jump up and rocket over to the door
I can't stop grinning when looking at these two.
Virgin: Even when his number is called, he's reluctant in making his move!
Chad: Always waits for his number to be called the second time to ascertain its importance!

I'm not surprised Preston was able to enter before them.

Haha, totally Chad-like behavior

Hmm, so they were going to smuggle some drugs but now they chose to flush them. Why?
I guess a logical explanation would be that security wasn't great and they would normally have been able to smuggle without a problem. But since Chad decided to go on a rampage, they're probably afraid that additional security will arrive and do a thorough search of everyone in the vicinity of the incident.

That's one theory. The other theory is...
...the toilet is the smuggling channel. Since Chad went on a rampage, it means their own ticket number would be turning up much sooner, and that's why they're in a hurry to send the drugs through the toilet. It also makes more sense that this is what they would be afraid of us reporting.

As far as suggestions go, I'd like to mention that I'd default to "not telling on the twins". But since I saw that that course of action would already win, I took the liberty of providing an alternative suggestion. So there's a bit more variety of what we could do if we weren't acting super nice. I almost felt bad writing it lol
No. 126121 ID: 7efe6b
File 154010551281.png - (1.24MB , 1400x990 , PennyByTac2.png )

Penny doing totally non-canon things.
No. 126129 ID: ae9b99

How lewd~

I hope she doesn't get caught.
No. 126142 ID: 7efe6b

Who knows if these shuttles have live audio and video broadcast.
No. 126170 ID: ae9b99

...can they~?
No. 126292 ID: 7efe6b

Ask teegee :x
No. 126293 ID: 7efe6b

>Dust is the essence of a person,(THAT has been spelled out, at least)
We both assume that but, sorry to disappoint you, that hasn't been written anywhere either.
The stuff that we know about dust is:
- It's called "Hoefler-Kurosawa corpuscles"
- It can be scanned to retrieve a person's information
- It can be recovered after a person dies
- It can be manipulated (as a whole) via a dustbender
So... it surely is an essence in a way. But still, it was never spelled out :P

>taffa syndrome is a problem with your Dust
We know that amnesia is one of the symptoms of taffa syndrome, sure. But that isn't the same as saying that amnesia is a result of a problem with dust. Just because a person has no memories it doesn't mean that there's something wrong with their dust.
Now, in the beginning we did see that our name was unreadable, so perhaps this is why you're assuming that our dust was corrupt. I have a counter-argument. In computers, when you try to read unallocated memory space, you'll get random data. So it's possible that the name we saw was simply the result of trying to read blank memory space.
So yeah, we don't know if anything happened to our dust. We know that our memories were probably erased, but that doesn't necessarily mean our dust was corrupt. In fact, we don't even know for sure that we used raw taffa or that we actually have a taffa syndrome.

>so raw taffa is needed to mess with memories
Yes, we know that using raw taffa can erase memories and cause taffa syndrome.

>the tool we handed off is further evidence
The dustbender does not use raw taffa. In fact, we don't even know if it uses stem taffa. We just know that stem taffa came with the bender.
Even if we assume that the bender uses stem taffa in a way, "extracting a person's dust" is not the same as "erasing person's memories".
There's proof for this. We know that raw taffa is needed to erase memories. If erasing memories was as easy as getting a dustbender and some stem taffa, then there would be no need for raw taffa at all. Considering that raw taffa is in high demand, if stem taffa could perform the same function, then Quincy wouldn't have said that she didn't have any use for it. This proves that stem taffa and dustbender cannot be used erase memories.

Hmm, writing all of this got me thinking.
Maybe a person's dust is like a cartridge. And memories are the contents of this cartridge.
No. 126341 ID: 7efe6b

Do we post suggestions, or wait for a new chapter to start first?
No. 126342 ID: 10c408

Great, we lost three whole days and almost starved to death.

Let's never do that again.
No. 126343 ID: 891b91

Now that the first chapter of the quest is complete, I want to thank all of you for reading and participating in it. Doing this has been fucking blast for me, and I hope everybody else is enjoying the quest as much as I've enjoyed making it. What makes it particularly special, too, is the influence the suggesters have had on the quest. Obviously there's the overt influence that comes from your votes on what to do next; but in addition to that, some of your suggestions and theories have ended up causing me to revise or otherwise change my plans for the quest. I think these changes have been overwhelmingly positive for the quest. To put it simply, I think I now have a better story to tell than if I wrote it completely on my own as a comic, and it's all because of your participation.

Anyway, I'm considering taking a brief hiatus before starting the next thread, but I'm not completely decided on it yet. I don't think it'd be for more than a week, but if that changes, I'll be sure to make a post about it in this disthread.
No. 126344 ID: 891b91

If there's something you really want to see addressed at the start of the next thread, feel free to post it, and I'll try to work it in, if possible.
No. 126346 ID: 7efe6b

No, was just wondering. I don't feel there's any particularly important things to suggest as any questions we may have for the newly introduced characters would probably get answered no matter the order.

Anyway, I'll write my comments on the last few updates a bit later and afterwards I'll probably also add some general thoughts on the chapter as a whole.
No. 126350 ID: 1872dc

The glyph might as well have been a skull with an X over it, and yet here we are.
No. 126352 ID: 05ff2f

Penny nearly starving to death after three days without eating anything? That feels off to me 'cause the rule of thumb I remember is that it's three days without water before a person dies of dehydration and three weeks without food before starving to death. Though, Penny could have significantly different biology from us so it basically comes down to whatever the author chooses.
No. 126353 ID: a0504f

To be fair she isnt human (anymore?) So perhaps wherever species she is can survive without water for a long time?
No. 126354 ID: 26bb62

Maybe not to death, but she would definitely be starving.
No. 126355 ID: 05ff2f

But I thought all the folks we've seen have been classified as "human," despite how different their bodies are. I figured it was 'cause of such common and easy bio-modding that basically every human changes up from baseline.

So going on from that, my guess for why Penny was nearly starving to death after three days without food is whoever designed the body Penny has wasn't concerned with calorie efficiency, figuring food is so readily available why bother. But it could also be 'cause Penny is so skinny and didn't have any fat reserves to burn. Or a combination of factors we know and don't know. We can ask about it next chapter to get answers.
No. 126380 ID: 7efe6b

>>126342 >>126355
>nearly starving to death
First of all, it's not said anywhere that she was starving to death. The word famished simply means very hungry so it would be a non-sequitur to claim that she was dying.

Secondly, as >>126352 mentioned, one normally dies from thirst, rather than from hunger. The feeling of thirst will always triumph the feeling of hunger. Yet when we woke up, we were feeling hungry. This implies that during our time out, our body did ingest water. Either during the trip, or when we reached our destination. Btw, any theories that we don't require water are discredited in >>/questarch/889360 where it's written that we've been feeling thirsty.

Lastly, and most importantly, Vesper protects us.
Does Vesper want us dead? No, they want people alive. The whole reason they spread these glyphs around is to bring taffa syndrome sufferers safely to them. They certainly wouldn't have done so if these glyphs could harm anyone or decrease their survival rate. It would go against their own interest to harm their own kind so I don't believe there was any chance of us dying at all.
No. 126381 ID: 7efe6b

RIP candy D:

Heh, Pico looks kinda cute with that fang of hers.

>Ponytail seems surprised by the question, as though she was expecting something else;
My guess here is that after we laid out the items, she was expecting us to ask her to smuggle them, or how to do it at least.

>she whispers something to her sister, who also reacts with surprise.
Yeah, they're probably aware of our lack of memories now. Perhaps this makes us look a bit more trustworthy.

>"Trouble," she says solemnly, giving you a confused look. "Taffa."
It's interesting how fast she was able to recognize raw taffa just from some residue. A pro at work!
I was actually not expecting this. If this jar held raw taffa, then was it us that emptied this jar? If so, then what's the weathered vial for? Well, I think it's more likely that this jar's simply been in that room from before our visit, and we only picked it up coincidentally.

>You want kroy-vons?
Do I want candy? Yes :P

>"...You tell, you get big trouble,"
What could they possibly do to us with those small tentacle hands? I dare them to try it!

>finally, an inky darkness overtakes you.
How exciting! My theory about the glyphs is that they're imprinted dust. And whatever dust was in that glyph reacted with ours. Also, as I argued before, this is probably only possible because our memories were erased. Something that only works once, and only on taffa syndrome sufferers. The reasoning for this is, if glyphs could do this on anyone and at any time, well, it would be quite a dangerous, possibly illegal weapon, and the Vesper organization would get in a lot of trouble for producing them.

I also find it interesting how quickly the glyph moves... faster than anything we've encountered before.

To be honest, I kinda expected this to happen. However, I didn't want to argue against it because I didn't want to scare the suggesters and... well, it's for meta reasons. Since we found this glyph at the start, it's quite clearly an important plot element. And as such, I didn't want to, quite literally, flush a part of the plot down a toilet.
It turns out it was pretty important after all.

>You try to open your eyelids, only to discover that you can't feel them.
Sometimes, to open the eyelids you need to feel them. Other times, you just need a screwdriver.

>it feels as though you are traveling a great distance, very quickly.
I doubt teleportation is possible, so the feeling of traveling is probably the result of a lack of perception of time. A time skip during which we travel to a place far away.

>it seems plausible that the glyph might have knocked you out.
Knocked out people don't think. Maybe dream, but this isn't a dream. We're capable of rational thought. So quite a strange state of mind.

>I think it's better to just wait.
>You don't think you have much of a choice.
For my suggestion here I first wrote a whole essay of what kinds of things to try to force our mind to overpower the effects of the glyph, only to delete it all as I realized that I'd prefer a skip to our destination. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to do nothing.

>You wonder idly what led you to that conclusion so readily.
Probably some of the knowledge that was embedded in that glyph. Now that I think about it, if we obtained this knowledge, then we probably also obtained other knowledge. Perhaps if we asked ourselves questions, such as where were we going, we'd get interesting answers. A wasted opportunity :P

As far as the panel goes, I did notice the change in the color of the noise that we see. Progress!

>whatever it is that drove you -- her? -- to that point.
Or perhaps it was a guy trapped in a girl's body and he just couldn't take it anymore~

>if you lost more than your memories alone, what else might be gone now?
Sadly, I don't think our virginity was restored.

>Unpleasant ideas of what may be happening to your body bubble up from your subconscious
To each their own~

>Still, thousands more lie quiet, dark. Dormant, waiting for something.
Oh? I was not expecting to see something like that. These are clearly our own, the question is just, are these temporarily deactivated due to Vesper glyph, or are they our past self. Or something else.

>It pains you to think about what it might be, but if you can just --
if we can just what? WHAT?!

>...Right, stay focused
Inner enlightenment, denied QQ

I'm just kidding. It would be boring if too much would be revealed too fast. All in its due time.

>you still pick up hints of concern and weariness in their speech.
It looks like at this point we've already arrived at the destination. It seems there's some problems with restoring control of our body. We'll have to ask them later on the specifics.

I do hope we're in a Vesper-owned building as that would put Vesper in a better light and make things more intimate.

Yeah, there was no way we could've guessed that was the name of the firm on the vial. Still, it's a very important clue since now we have a lead where to begin looking. Tho the state of the building we see makes me a bit worried.

>"...relief. I'll go... cider... you get... revived."
This isn't the time to be drinking cider!
I wonder why she's called that way.

>the situation between your legs is normal
Normal or... an emergency?!

>Perhaps feeling a bit delirious
Yes, it was a crazy suggestion heh. Thank you for not using it. It wouldn't have done us any favors and besides, Penny just isn't a joker so it would've been waaay out of character.

>"We were just about to intubate you. Three days is a long time to go without eating!"
I'm not sure what he means with intubate and three days is nothing special if you're sleeping the whole time.

>They sit down on the side of the bed and grasp your hand in both of theirs, rubbing it gently. There's something... warm about it, in an almost maternal way.
Mom! Is that you?!

If the doctor and Cider know each other on a first-name basis, it would mean this person has been here several times. It implies that this situation has repeated in the past, so it's highly unlikely to be our real family.

>"Welcome home, Sigarzghar."
You've done a great job making her look friendly. And "Sigarzghar" sounds way better than "Penny" hehe. Altho it's probably just an expression.

This is where things get complicated due to the nature of things she's going to offer to us. Will the suggesters accept, or will they choose to go their separate ways. Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter of Dead Dust!
No. 126382 ID: 05ff2f

Well, I'm foolish for just going by what >>126342 wrote and not going back to check the quest itself before writing my posts and ending up wrongly thinking Penny was nearly starved to death.
No. 126402 ID: ae9b99

Well that is one way to get through customs. Success?

The tentatwins must've had quite a terrifying experience, first the alarm spooked them along with the angry guy trying to bust the door open, then they are panicking over getting rid of their contraband with the fear of getting caught by someone (us appearing didn't help much on their fears) and to top it off, they most likely witnessed us falling in a coma. I'm wondering if they are okay.

Actually the main thing I would like to see addressed is what happened at customs from the time we collapsed to the time we got to the hospital. Quite a lot has happened there.

As for Cider, I wonder if she is a religious figure of some sort. Hopefully not a dark religion. I'd say we be careful with what we say to her.
No. 126417 ID: 7efe6b

>I want to thank all of you for reading and participating in it.
It's really us that are the beneficiaries of your creativity. Thank you for writing this quest, it's been a pleasure suggesting. I really liked the sheer amount of suggestions that you've been able to include in the updates as it really made me feel how important our actions were.

As far as the chapter goes, the story has kept up the interest as each update introduced something new to think about. I like the unique premise, the many mysterious concepts it introduced, and I have to commend the variety of character species and personalities that we've witnessed in such a short time span. And even though the atmosphere has been quite heavy/serious, I couldn't help but laugh at the occasional humorous element.

Critique? Perhaps it would be a good idea to put sentences mentioning permanent changes to the character (such as picking up items) in their own lines so that they stand out better (easier to notice in case a person is skimming the text). But other than that, I can't really think of anything in particular. The events seem well-connected and logical, the art is great, the updates have been steady, the pacing is good, suggesting isn't confusing, suggesters have agency, the nsfw parts are there, a Sunny was included (yeah, I noticed it now lol, are there any memes I missed? >_>)... wait, there is one thing. I don't like cliffhangers! But then, no one does hehe.

There's a few specific things that I'm curious about.
The chapter's number is 0 instead of 1. Does this mean it was a prelude? Hmm.
Also, I wonder if the same thing would've happened had we looked at the glyph right away at the start. Probably not since the Old Town is much further away from the Vesper HQ than the Concourse is. Well, it's kinda pointless thinking about it as that would've been a different storyline then.

>a brief hiatus
No. 126419 ID: 10c408

I may have been a bit overly dramatic with my response to the ending of the first thread but A: Penny is still pretty small and we have no idea when the last time she actually had something to eat was and B: using the glyph which we had little to no factual and established information about was still a bad idea and, again, almost resulted in starving to death on a toilet.

(We also have no idea who found us during our glyph induced coma, odds are likely it was the tentacles twins but it could have been someone else entirely, like the janitorial staff sweeping the concourse and finding us after several hours had passed.)
No. 126420 ID: b1b4f3

I don't think the glyph was malicious.
Either it didn't work right due to something weird going on with Penny, or it did what it was supposed to do but we didn't do it in a good spot. It's possible it was intended to put the user into a deep sleep until the Vesper group can go find them, but we did it somewhere the Vesper group couldn't reach in time(either because Customs didn't let them through, or the incident broke the door so they couldn't get in). In that case what was intended to be a temporary nap turned into a permanent one, until Penny woke herself up.
No. 126422 ID: 10c408

We won't know for certain if it was either us that caused a problem with the glyph or if the one we had was faulty in some manner, not until the new thread starts.

And as for as maliciousness goes... Well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. If the glyph is suppose to render a person unconscious to ease retrieval efforts, then I wonder what the actual ratio of successful retrieval missions is like given the giant city destroying things, the freemen and whatever the heck the itch does to a person.
No. 126424 ID: 7efe6b

>until the Vesper group can go find them
But how would they find us? You see, I don't believe that a glyph can act as a beacon. If sending signals was possible, then that would mean any two-way communication would be possible. In that case, we could just talk to Vesper directly and receive instructions. No need for any blackouts.

>If the glyph is suppose to render a person unconscious to ease retrieval efforts
I find very little merit in the idea that the glyph disconnected us from our body just for the sake of putting us to sleep. In that case, a simple written message to stay still would've done the job. As you explained, forcing someone to stay still wouldn't really be a safe solution.

Let me present my theory.

In >>/questarch/887433 we notice that a guy uses a gadget to have the girl stand. This implies that control over motor functions is something well-researched and common in this quest. It's probably used to easily transport bodies around.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

I'm about 90% certain that the glyph took control of our body to move it to where we needed to go. An autopilot. It needed to disconnect us so that it could move us around.
Perhaps it also had the ability to talk with people, that is, maybe Vesper has a contract with the authorities which would allow Vesper-piloted bodies to pass the customs and/or arrange transport to the Red Shelf.

>it did what it was supposed to do
It did. It brought us to a certain location and then shut off. And then we were moved to a room where we would rest until we could wake up.

At least that's one theory. A bit different theory is that it tried to pass the customs where it was stopped, and we were simply taken to a hospital.
No. 126425 ID: 10c408

If the glyph allows for vesper personnel to remote control our body and move it along, then there's a new slew of problems with the glyph

A: how is this even legal
b: Why did it take three days to move us to wherever they needed to go
C: what gives them the right to bodyjack us and how did they even get us through customs
D: they couldn't grab any kind of food along the way
E: Did it even work properly?
and finally, F: if it did work properly, it still amounts to kidnapping and thus we should not associate ourselves with a group that has legal grounds to do this kind of shit.
No. 126426 ID: 10c408

Also, adding "do you see where I'm going with this" after listing an example to support your theory is INCREDIBLY rude and demeaning.
No. 126428 ID: 7efe6b

>how is this even legal
I guess the same way that moving a patient to a hospital is. Assuming it's legal at all.
>Why did it take three days to move us to wherever they needed to go
It probably didn't. I think the autopilot did its job fast, and then we slept for 3 days.
>what gives them the right to bodyjack us and how did they even get us through customs
Same as A. And we don't know if we passed the customs. Maybe Vesper has certain privileges. Or maybe we were simply redirected to the Red Shelf.
>they couldn't grab any kind of food along the way
I guess we weren't hungry back then.
>Did it even work properly?
We don't know. It's something we'll have to ask.
>it still amounts to kidnapping
Yeah, it's a pretty unconventional way to help someone. The way I see it is like this. Vesper pulled us to safety. Sure, getting pulled isn't nice as it's something done without our consent. But I would rather that they pull us to safety than get crushed by a falling boulder. So the way I understand it is that sometimes, if you want to help someone, you have to do it without their consent and this is what Vesper did in this case. No one was harmed and we even got an important clue during our time out.

>rude and demeaning
I'm sorry if that statement sounded rude. I did not write it with any such intentions or feelings at all. It was a rhetorical question akin to "You know?", "Understand?", "Right?".
No. 126433 ID: 02a0f7

I just think this is a cute protagonist and an interesting setting and want to watch her hang out and explore. Just 2 cents.
No. 126437 ID: 891b91

Just a quick update, since it's been a week since I posted >>126343 -- The first update of the new thread has been written, and I'm in the process of drawing the panels now. I'm hoping to have it finished and posted either tonight or tomorrow.

Thank you for the kind words! I'm happy that people have been enjoying the quest so much.

>I really liked the sheer amount of suggestions that you've been able to include in the updates as it really made me feel how important our actions were.
Suggester agency has been a major focus of mine throughout the quest, so I'm happy to hear that it's paying off. I figure that it's best to try to include as many suggestions as possible, even if some of them just get mentioned only as something Penny considers and then decides against.

>Perhaps it would be a good idea to put sentences mentioning permanent changes to the character (such as picking up items) in their own lines so that they stand out better (easier to notice in case a person is skimming the text).
This is a great idea, considering that there seemed to be some confusion regarding Penny's items during the first thread, particularly the vial and empty jar. Most likely I'll include a recap at the end of relevant updates, where I'll explicitly list inventory changes, etc.

>a Sunny was included (yeah, I noticed it now lol, are there any memes I missed? >_>)
Yeah, that panel had several cameos of characters belonging to friends of mine, including Sunny; as well as a cameo from a character of mine that may appear as a main character in another quest I might run in the future. Someone picked up on it late in Chapter 0, actually, but it had been so long since the update in question that I decided against responding to it.

Thank you!
No. 126469 ID: 7efe6b

Hmm, is that a painting of the Red Shelf in the background? The shape seems to fit. It implies that we're with Vesper now.

>Yesterday was a blur.
I guess the hunger was such a minor issue (and easily dealt with by eating some food) that it wasn't even mentioned. This is pretty much what I expected.

>sometimes it feels like they find you familiar in some way.
It's unusual that so many people are visiting us in the first place since none of them should know us personally. I think the most likely reason is the fact that they're Vesper and most of them went through the same thing that we did.

>your possessions are missing
Something to ask her about. Of course, I think more important questions should be asked first, such as who she is, where are we and what exactly happened.

I can't really guess what opportunity they're talking about. Probably something political. Still, it implies that Vesper is an active organization which does more than just help the recovering taffa syndrome sufferers. This is also supported by the article we previously read which mentions Vesper's comments on a law.

My first impressions of this guy would be that he's a very serious person. Focusing less on the sentimentalities and more on the business side of Vesper. That's probably why he's not too fond of us as helping us might be perceived as a financial inconvenience. I'd expect his views not to be shared by the majority of Vesper members tho since we've seen that many people chose to welcome us at the infirmary. Alternatively, he might simply be jealous hehe.

>a compact, dimly-lit room
A very decadent-looking room. The fact that she's wearing a robe implies that she feels very comfortable being in this room and it's likely that this is her private apartment.

>fyura sabiha
The unknown words that she uses seem to be used by all the Vesper's members. As for why she's using them, I'm not sure. Perhaps they have unique meanings, or it might be to improve the familial sense between the people. Or perhaps these words have something to do with dust. In any case, from the context in which they're used, I can guess pretty well what they mean.

>her robes
The top part of her robe implies... that my first question for her is going to be what's her breast size :x
No. 126471 ID: 7efe6b

>these guys are throwing up a lot of mafia flags
Interesting. Can you elaborate on which flags exactly do you see and where in the quest they appear?
No. 126483 ID: 7efe6b

There's one thing that I missed here. The symbols on the carpet... they seem meaningful. Especially the sun-moon one, since it also appears on the door. It might represent the shape of our world.
No. 126507 ID: 891b91

In light of some stuff that happened recently in regards to another artist's work, I'd like to make it clear that I'm fine with it if people create and post edits or other modifications to my quest panels, art, etc. (Just try to let me know about it, because I'd like to see it!) My only stipulation is that I would prefer that nobody tries to make money off of my work without getting my permission beforehand.
No. 126524 ID: e95cec

Hey, I noticed a thing!

may have been on the money; look in the crosswalk in
It's the protagonist from Aux Oculo! And this image was posted 16 days before Aux Oculo started!
No. 126525 ID: e95cec

Uhh. I know how to use the questdis, definitely.

No. 126526 ID: e95cec

Ok. That was a lie. I have no idea how questdis works. Those are supposed to be links to the guy who posted "half of those characters are real OCs", and to the post of all the people on the crosswalk. How do I link posts from /quest/, if not either of the ways I tried?
No. 126528 ID: 05ff2f

Once a quest goes in the archive, you gotta use 'questarch' instead of 'quest' when creating new inter-board >> links. Like so:

Also, through mysterious board magic, already existing inter-board >> links to /quest/ posts will still link to the correct post in /questarch/ when the quest is archived. For example, the /quest/ links farther up this thread.
No. 126533 ID: e95cec

Ah, I see. Thanks
No. 126546 ID: 891b91

Just a heads up: the next update probably won't be out until sometime Saturday or Sunday, at the earliest. I had hoped to get it done earlier, but my free time has been pretty limited lately, between school and family obligations.

Yep, that's Sunny alright! naileD mentioned it in >>126417 as well. Channel3 is a friend of mine, so I wanted to throw a Sunny cameo in there for shits and giggles.
No. 126759 ID: 891b91

Sorry for the wait; things got really busy for me at school again. I'll be done for the term as soon as I finish my final this week, though, and soon after I'll finally draw the next update.
No. 126760 ID: b70ae2

Thanks for the info. Good luck with the final!
No. 126859 ID: 891b91
File 154501386418.png - (103.34KB , 371x602 , pennyclaus.png )

Class is finally finished for the term, so I plan on getting the next update out within the next couple days. I'm officially on vacation now, and my hope is that I'll be able to keep up a more frequent update schedule during the coming weeks.

Thanks! I feel like I did pretty well.
No. 127196 ID: fd3369

Cider said she'd be a couple minutes, but that was last year.
(Obligatory New Year jokes are obligatory.)

Okay, serious time.

This quest has been awesome so far. I love mysteries, and this is a brilliant example of how one should unfold. Our protagonist is amnesiac, not uncommon for the sake of mysteries, but the way you've used this to introduce a deep lore universe is well thought out.

The art is pretty swish as well, I love the contrast between the almost neon pallet, and the way it's used to portray a decaying environment. I'm generally not a fan of the color-tint art, but I've caught myself several times just staring at the pictures, transfixed by the beautiful colors and unbelievable detail.

I'm ranting. Point is, this quest is great. My sincere thanks and applause.

Keep doing what you're doing, dude.
No. 127219 ID: eceda8

Any word from teegee lately?
No. 127220 ID: c2508b

This is information I require as well. perhaps he is mearly tied up in post holiday shenaniging. Speculation however, is just that. As I have a severe deficit of information pertaining to our elusive author.

I call to you, tgchan! Anons, regulars, and quest authors, I behest you; find teegee's whereabouts!

(Perhaps it's milk-carton-missing-poster time.)
No. 127244 ID: 6ebee4

The only thing we can do is patiently await teegee's return
No. 127249 ID: d0b835

Totally. I just meant more like, if he's been suggesting on other quests or if he's been talking on IRC that would be confirmation that he's alive. Not that I doubt he is, but the illuminati could have gotten to him by now. You never know when they'll strike.

Until then, I'll wait as long as it takes. This quest is worth it.
No. 127303 ID: 891b91

Don't worry, I'm still around! So sorry about taking so long both to update the quest and to post in this thread. Holiday stuff ended up taking up much more time than I expected, and aside from that I just kind of let time get away from me -- I don't really have an excuse for it aside from getting lazy due to being on vacation. (I also had a lot of trouble early on with writing the update -- I just couldn't get it to a state I was happy with at first.) In retrospect, I probably should have just given myself a longer break between the first and second threads.

As I write this, I've got two panels out of six finished, while the third is partially colored and the rest are fully sketched, so I don't think it's going to take me too much longer to get it done and posted.

One of my worries with this quest was the possibility of leaning too hard on the amnesia trope, so I'm glad to hear that it doesn't seem too contrived. I don't think it'd be spoiling much to say that Penny's amnesia and the implications surrounding it will be a major theme of the quest, and my hope is that upcoming events will prompt some pretty interesting questions.

Admittedly the color tinting has become a bit of a crutch (color filters are a cheap way of forcing a bunch of colors into a more cohesive palette), but I do intend to use it for thematic purposes as well. I'm glad the attention to detail has paid off, too!

>Point is, this quest is great. My sincere thanks and applause.
Thank you! I'm really happy that people have enjoyed it so much.

Thank you for your patience! It won't be much longer now, I think.
No. 127314 ID: 73866c

Im glad to see youre good and well. Welcome back :)

I'll reread the previous updates to refresh my memory and find anything we might have missed before the new update.
No. 127331 ID: 725bd3

Yo man, that's cool. I definitely don't mean to rush you, I just wanted to make sure you were still doing the quest.

I always have this fear that a quest auther will disappear without a trace forever, and I'll never know what happened. I've seen it before.

I'll wait as long as it takes, and I urge you to take your time, there's no rush.

Just wanted to confirm the quest wasn't dead, and now I've got my affirmation.
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