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File 152787662193.png - (398.07KB , 1024x1024 , disthread.png )
123379 No. 123379 ID: 891b91

Wherein we discuss dead dust, and possibly other sorts of dust as well.
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No. 127403 ID: 78dbfb
File 154848583535.png - (8.23KB , 219x394 , isador1.png )

If you're wondering, his name is Isador.
it's not often i get to say anything about him online
No. 127404 ID: 864e49

He dosen't look very much like a door :y
No. 127405 ID: 78dbfb
File 154848773606.png - (37.22KB , 500x552 , angery_isador_2.png )

I haven't heard that joke in years jesus christ
No. 127406 ID: 891b91
File 154848845097.png - (357.75KB , 1222x1470 , isadoor.png )

I disagree
No. 127407 ID: 78dbfb

i'm very disappointed in you son
No. 127519 ID: df1b0b
File 154914349061.jpg - (76.84KB , 1024x1024 , image.jpg )

By Auldin, Penny is the cutest protagonist on TG. I am elated every time we get a close up.

I don't know what the design and concept process was, but something went very right.

(Also, what drug induced fever dream led you to make a flat chested female on TG, Teegee? It's almost like you're trying to have a narrative drivin story!)
No. 127535 ID: 05ebc7

I need to get back into this quest. Very interesting.

Fuckin' Happy Happiest Cult shit right here. I ain't about it, chief.
No. 127564 ID: eeb7d9

Hey! Flat chests are cool! They are perfectly fine in TG, if you ask me.
No. 127607 ID: 7f3520

Oh no, I absolutely agree. I was just making a joke about how, like, 79% of tg females have huge boobs. And how suggesters are often pushing for female characters to get larger boobs whenever possible. (*Cough cough* Venji.)

I appreciate greatly Penny's lack of bust. And I will continually vote against her gaining more boob.

It's not that I have a problem with some, eh, well endowed characters. And in less serious quests, it doesn't bother me at all. It's just that it gets a little old when virtually all the girls on tg look like fifty percent of their body weight is hanging from their chest.

When the extreme becomes the mundane, the mundane becomes the extreme.
No. 127609 ID: eeb7d9

I could not agree more. I don't specifically remember a quest where females got their boobs bigger, but i don't find it strange. I don't find it strange to see desportioned breasts. So it is a fine change of senary when girls have small/normal sizes boobs.
No. 127611 ID: 20aff4

You know, I suspect there are better things to talk about in a quest's discussion thread than the bust size of the main character and others.

PS: All of Dead Dust's characters have very good designs.
No. 127674 ID: 10c408

Does "enhance knockers" ring a bell?

Anyways. teegee. Your handling of the hufflepuff reference in the latest update is hilarious and well thought out. Kudos.
No. 127703 ID: 891b91
File 154984559402.png - (610.28KB , 1440x1082 , penny_concepts.png )

Thank you, I'm glad you like her so much!

>design and concept process
From what I remember, designing Penny was a pretty organic process. I just kinda put pen to paper (or, rather, stylus to screen) and started doodling. I think at the time I knew I wanted the protagonist to be diminutive and a bit androgynous, as a sort of visual reflection of the powerlessness and confusion of her predicament, so that's definitely a more intentional aspect of her design, but aside from that I mostly doodled the design and refined it until it felt right. There's definitely some subconscious influence from the kobolds I've drawn, too, particularly in the tail.

(Here, have an early concept image I drew last April.)

>(Also, what drug induced fever dream led you to make a flat chested female on TG, Teegee? It's almost like you're trying to have a narrative drivin story!)
Honestly, it was just another decision that just happened organically. I don't think I even was considering tgchan's tendency towards well-endowed female characters -- it just kind of worked out this way. Variety is the spice of life, anyway, so I find myself inclined towards trying to mix up characters' body proportions.

>Hey! Flat chests are cool! They are perfectly fine in TG, if you ask me.
>I appreciate greatly Penny's lack of bust.
I agree! I appreciate pretty much any bust size, but I think Penny's sub-a cup endowments add to her cuteness.

>You know, I suspect there are better things to talk about in a quest's discussion thread than the bust size of the main character and others.
Probably, but I'm happy with bust size discussion so long as it doesn't detract from more serious discussion about the quest's plot, etc.

>PS: All of Dead Dust's characters have very good designs.
Thank you, that's really encouraging to hear!
No. 127704 ID: 891b91
File 154984578756.png - (1.04MB , 2981x3406 , penny-enhance_knockers.png )

>Does "enhance knockers" ring a bell?
Well, knocker enhancement is definitely a possibility in Dead Dust's universe... but just don't overdo it! (pic related, doodled this for laughs a while back)

Seriously though, increasing Penny's bust size is a definite possibility, if she ever gains access to the means to do so -- but it would absolutely take an overwhelming majority of votes to make it happen.

>Anyways. teegee. Your handling of the hufflepuff reference in the latest update is hilarious and well thought out. Kudos.
Thanks, I'm glad it went over well! Also, I don't want to spoil anything, but I didn't go for it solely for the sake of comedic relief.
No. 127705 ID: 891b91
File 154984588834.png - (172.76KB , 1000x1068 , penny-breakfast.png )

Also, I happened across some non-canon doodles that I drew a while back and forgot about, so I figure I might as well dump them here now.
No. 127706 ID: 891b91
File 154984594269.png - (331.37KB , 1015x1330 , penny-facial.png )

No. 127707 ID: 891b91
File 154984598615.png - (265.35KB , 1011x1394 , penny-preggo-confusion.png )

No. 127708 ID: 891b91
File 154984607825.png - (270.85KB , 1024x1024 , tiddy.png )

A mildly lewd edit of a panel from Chapter 0.
No. 127709 ID: 891b91
File 154984627354.png - (227.57KB , 668x1110 , penny-dontlook.png )

And finally, a doodle I did as part of a pose/gesture practice session.

(Full disclosure -- the pose is heavily referenced from an image drawn by Siroc: https://www.furaffinity.net/full/25814813/ )
No. 127711 ID: bad12e

Just popping in to say this is my favorite quest and I look forward to each update.

Penny is too precious~
No. 127712 ID: 891b91

Thank you, that's an enormous compliment! I'm really happy you're getting so much enjoyment out of this quest -- I find it really rewarding, not to mention motivating, to hear stuff like that.
No. 127715 ID: e51896

ENF Penny is best Penny.
No. 127717 ID: 891b91

Considering that I've just started a new quest alongside this one (Arzfayz Amazing Adventure Quest -- but let's call it 3AQ for short), I'd like to head off any concerns people might have about how it'll impact this quest. I've thought about it quite a bit -- whether I can manage running two quests at once, whether a new quest is likely to affect my interest in working on Dead Dust, etc., and I've come to the conclusion that it isn't going to harm this quest.

First of all, I'm going to follow a strict policy of putting this quest first; so if it turns out that I'm wrong and I can't handle running two quests at once, I've already decided that Dead Dust will continue and 3AQ will put on the back burner. Secondly, I've designed 3AQ to mesh well with DD. I put a significant amount of time into the writing and artwork for this quest -- that's especially true for the writing, since DD's story is very important to me and I try very hard to get the writing "right". (In retrospect, this is the main reason why I had a large delay at the end of last year -- I had writer's block and had to let things sit for a while.) 3AQ, on the other hand, is deliberately designed to be "easier": it's more light-hearted and open-ended, and so I expect the writing won't be so time-consuming; and I'm deliberately going with simpler art overall to keep the time spent drawing low. Additionally, I don't foresee myself becoming so enamored with 3AQ that I lose interest in DD, because I've got a ton of stuff in store for DD that I'm very excited to get to.

I suppose this raises the question of why I decided to do this. I suppose the biggest reason is that I've been itching to run an explicitly lewd quest -- while lewdness is certainly a welcome possibility in DD, it's also not the main focus of the quest and I refuse to allow it to compromise the plot. Having something like 3AQ lets me have that fun without running the risk of harming the quest, since the entire point of the quest is to explore the sexual misadventures of a goofy kobold girl. Also, I feel like 3AQ will be nice for those periods where I have writer's block and need to let the ideas congeal in my head for a few days before I get back to work on DD.

Anyway, I hope that answers any questions/concerns anyone might have, but if it doesn't, I'd be happy to discuss it further.

No. 127724 ID: 864e49

How do you make your gifs, also why.
No. 127728 ID: 891b91

It's a pretty simple process. After I finish the character line art, I trace over it loosely on a couple new layers, resulting in 3 frames of animation. Then I just export the whole thing as a PSD, load it up in Photoshop, and set it up to display each frame for 0.2 sec.

As for why, it's not just a stylistic choice -- there is a point to it that pertains pretty deeply to the quest's plot, setting, and backstory. At this point in the story, I don't think I've introduced enough clues for anybody to have a reasonable chance at figuring out what the animation is supposed to mean, but that'll definitely change in the future.
No. 127749 ID: 864e49

You crafty bugger you.
No. 127813 ID: 891b91
File 155031433981.png - (233.51KB , 1800x1252 , penny-triglyceride.png )

A warm-up doodle today ended up turning into a chunky version of Penny.
No. 127815 ID: 556568

big chonk
No. 127871 ID: 9a89ed

Just saw the update. I'm wondering if the next update we will get to customize what Penny wears like some of the other quests does.

Loving these non-canon pics of Penny. Thanks.
No. 127873 ID: 891b91

That's the plan for an upcoming update, yeah -- assuming more people vote for the wardrobe change than against it, of course. It'll be the typical sort of paper doll stuff you see in quests, although I plan on providing a bunch of pre-made options so that people who don't want to draw their suggestions can participate too. Most likely I'll ask suggesters to come up with 4-5 outfits so that there can be a bit of variety in Penny's wardrobe.

>Loving these non-canon pics of Penny. Thanks.
Glad you like them!
No. 127876 ID: 05ebc7

So I'm thinking, actually, that we could go about this another way if we REALLY wanted to risk it for the biscuit.

Simply put, they tend to get newbies in on a semi-regular basis, right? 'A few weeks' is still pretty often if that pattern holds. I'm wondering if maybe we can't extrapolate on that 'bring others with us' idea, and instead try to do our best to extend our influence among as many people here as possible. Try to do favors, keep our ears to the ground, get people indebted to us in non-monetary ways.

If we keep things subtle and entirely voluntary (with maybe the odd circumstance here and there to convince people of our goodwill) we could de-facto run this place!

This idea was brought forth by the idea of Mob Boss Penny just popping up in my head.
No. 127884 ID: 158da5

That's great! Having options is really cool, since I can't draw at all.
No. 127885 ID: 7969eb
File 155054611673.png - (675.38KB , 1478x1051 , unknown.png )

No. 127887 ID: 891b91

this is now canon ok maybe not really
No. 127946 ID: 05ebc7

So, the fact that everything is "free" is definitely something worth looking into. They seem to have some sort of influence, so they might be financed by someone of importance, as well as some other ventures. And if we can get IN on those ventures, then we'll be in an excellent position.
No. 128189 ID: 773e32

There was a big argument here about sexuality and sluts and slut shaming and stuff that wildly degenerated from quest suggestions into personal attacks.
This hit both the quest thread and the questdis thread.
If you wish to continue having this discussion I have carefully and delicately extracted the posts from both the quest and questdis thread and thrown them into the cesspit they belong, the Big Dumb Arguments thread on general. I'm not linking it because it doesn't deserve linking.
Consider this a warning to all parties involved in the argument, and if someone decides to dredge the argument back up or fire off any parting shots, they're getting more than a warning.

Friendly reminder that if your suggestion in a quest is starting to turn into an argument directed to another suggester about their personal moral or ethical code, you are getting far too off track of what a quest is supposed to be. There's not that a fine line between trying to point out why someone's suggestion is in error based on facts of a quest setting and trying to point out that someone's suggestion is bad because you're bad and you should feel bad.

Thank you to the two people who did actually clear the air between them before I hoisted the argument out of this thread, but you were not the only part of the problem.
I still moved your posts, though, because without context they make no sense and clutter up the disthread.
No. 128208 ID: eceda8

So, uh, I missed the argument when it happened, but I'm sorry to hear that it happened. It can be incredibly off-putting to an author to see people arguing over their work in a bad way - I hope that you're doing okay after all this, teegee.
No. 128209 ID: e51896

While I (and most likely others) despise arguments as they can be quite a downer to everyone and it is a shame when it happens, we can at least know that this means that there are people who really care about this quest enough to argue over it.

That said, You have some very passionate fans for your quest, Teegee. Keep being awesome with what you're doing.
No. 128215 ID: 891b91

First of all, thank you to Cirr for stepping in and handling the situation.

>It can be incredibly off-putting to an author to see people arguing over their work in a bad way - I hope that you're doing okay after all this, teegee.
I'm doing fine, but I appreciate the concern. I wasn't put off by it, since I accept that this is the internet and fights are going to happen from time to time, but I do worry a bit that they could drive people away from the quest if they happen often enough.

>we can at least know that this means that there are people who really care about this quest enough to argue over it.
This is how I prefer to look at it. While the argument was partially about semantics, I don't think the people involved would have said anything at all if they weren't personally invested in this quest.

>You have some very passionate fans for your quest, Teegee.
I agree, and I'm grateful for all of you. (This includes anyone who was involved in the fight; it's over now and I don't hold it against them.) I find the continued enthusiasm for this quest really motivating, and it's frankly the greatest compliment I can receive as a quest author.

>Keep being awesome with what you're doing.
Thank you, I'll do my best!
No. 128349 ID: 05ebc7

I'm loving this mystery and hope we can do some really cool things later. I've got some ideas and hopes for Penny's future.
No. 128354 ID: 891b91

I'm glad you're enjoying it so much!

>I've got some ideas and hopes for Penny's future.
I'd love to read them, if you're willing to share them.
No. 128370 ID: 05ebc7

I mean, it really depends on the players, but basically I'm hoping we can learn how the Vesper Society ticks, and perhaps we can eventually integrate ourselves into the system in a way that allows us relative autonomy without anyone realizing it- something like building up favors from a lot of individuals by doing this and thats for them. We'd need to keep everyone at an emotional arm's length while making them feel special, use their eventual trust in us AND the positives that they get from our doings in order to build clout and influence.

I like the idea that eventually we could become a 'hidden power' like figure in the Society, and basically instead of escape the Vesper Society, we turn it to our advantage and use its resources to accomplish our goals, even beyond our search for our identity. We would have to make sure everything can be interpreted in a clearly positive light, and we'd have to keep Cider in the dark, or at least unable to retaliate in a way that DOESN'T make her look bad. We can essentially usurp power right from under our nose if we play everything right.

If unable to do that, then we just escape this Happy House Cult as intended and I'll have to rethink things from there. My main point is really that it seems like the Vesper Society has tools we can use if we're careful.

I'm kinda obsessed with the idea of Penny becoming this mafia-like figure by the end of it all and I really want to fight to make it happen.
No. 128381 ID: 8d23f0

finally got around to reading this quest today and I got to say its really really good. well done on world building, art, writing, and moving along at a very reasonable pace which some quests get bogged down in the details.
it was also funny to see my other nickname as one of the name suggestions "Pwaffle"
I am looking forwards to seeing how Mint shakes out and Rosalyn is incredibly cute and I adore her.
No. 128397 ID: 891b91

Thank you! I'm happy to hear that the pacing is good, since that's one of the things I worry about the most -- balancing between not rushing things and not going too slowly.
No. 128455 ID: 891b91

>mafia boss Penny
I think this is a pretty cool idea! I shouldn't say too much about it, but if most suggesters want Penny to pursue that strategy, I won't block it from happening. (Whether Penny would succeed at it is another matter, but as with any strategies for her to improve her position in life, I would try to make it a fair challenge with balanced chances of success and failure.)

I should add, too, that it's only one of a variety of possible ways forward, and that I want the choice of how to proceed to be left up to suggesters whenever possible.

On an unrelated note, I think this is probably a good time to mention that it's starting to get later in the semester for me, and so I'm going to be getting a bit busier with coursework. If possible I'm going to try to maintain my current pace of 1-2 updates per week, but depending on how things go with class, things may slow down. Also, given that it's happened twice before, I'd say there's a possibility of another month-long hiatus towards the end of the semester, although I'm going to try to avoid it if I can. This time around I'll try to be a bit more communicative about it if I find I do need more time for school.
No. 128458 ID: 42c2a3

My brain reads 'Chits' like shits, so I actually had to take a break from reading for a moment to let my mind process out all the terrible jokes that come from my mispronunciation.

Anyway, I'm really excited about this new 'mods' revelation. I am now imagining Penny with a ton of military-grade augmentations. Greater mobility, reflex boost, targeting solutions programmed straight into her brain, software to aid in social interaction, a navigation system. Oh the possibilities are endless.

I thank you, Teegee, for this plentiful food for thought.
No. 128459 ID: 42c2a3

Don't worry about it, take as much time to do what needs to be done as you want.

If there's another month long hiatus? So be it, I'll still be here to read and suggest whenever you update. A quest like this is worth waiting for.
No. 128464 ID: 05ebc7

Been a hot minute since I've had to deal with school... How far in are you?
No. 128471 ID: 891b91

>My brain reads 'Chits' like shits, so I actually had to take a break from reading for a moment to let my mind process out all the terrible jokes that come from my mispronunciation.
It's cool, who gives a chit anyway ;)

>Oh the possibilities are endless.
Quite, as are the implications.

>A quest like this is worth waiting for.
Thank you, I'm glad you think so!

I'm in my first year of grad school. (Still feels weird to say I'm done with undergrad, but it is what it is.)
No. 128620 ID: bcc41d

Y'know, I didn't really think that checking whether the dates as listed were 'correct' compared to one another was going to lead anywhere, but here we are. Deviant dates discovered!

Hella kudos on some sneaky-ass worldbuilding there, teegee.
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