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File 154041445407.png - (297.77KB , 1039x709 , D3Quest-Slight Return Discussion.png )
126175 No. 126175 ID: a451fc

Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/D3:_Slight_Return

I should've done this sooner.
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No. 126176 ID: fa2b06

Hey, just for checking! Are we going to be able to use other party members? Troy and Ichigo is our usual squad but I think that Chopper and Eto are also a good ideia when scavanging or completing certain jobs.
No. 126177 ID: a451fc

Maybe, if you go to meet another character and talk to them you might be able to ask them to help on a job, you do know where most of them live or hang out most of the time. Though they might ask for money if it's a job. You won't be able to round up a whole posse and just storm an abandoned bunker though, not yet anyway.
No. 126178 ID: eeb7d9

Gotta love the art!
No. 126181 ID: d3602f

Yep, The Fool definitely fits Roland.
No. 126184 ID: eeb7d9

Wasn't that Troy? I thought Roland was The Hanged Man.
No. 126187 ID: 0e2ebe

That was Roland's Halloween costume, and honestly very different from the tarot version.
No. 126188 ID: d3602f

The way I remember it, Troy was the Emperor, at least prereboot. Gallows was the hanged man, yes, but tarot cards are not just about personality, they are about situations. As far as I can remember, Gallows only fit The Hanged Man so far as that he was almost hanged. In this reboot he's never been in danger of being hanged. At least, not as far as I can tell. The Gallows came from his father, so we don't really have any reason to think he was almost hanged.
No. 126191 ID: fa2b06

Oh, I think it was more methaporical than literal, prereboot gallows wished to reset the world. As quote, unquote, the "The Hanged Man is the card of ultimate surrender, of being suspended in time and of martyrdom and sacrifice to the greater good."
No. 126197 ID: eeb7d9

I see. So, what kind of card would represent Roland in this SR?
No. 126200 ID: fa2b06

The fool, The Magician and The Chariot, depending of the context and general ideias. Honestly I'm not really that experienced in tarot reading but I think I can pinpoint theses three.
No. 126202 ID: 1872dc

Sounds about right. Is there one specifically for scholars? I kinda remember that falls under the Magician but is that the specific card, or is that just for learning magical knowledge?
No. 126211 ID: d3602f

I think the Magician represents great potential, and the capability of using that potential. It doesn't necessarily mean
potential in knowledge though, I think it could include great skill in using a specific weapon, or someone's expertise in sculpting. If you're incredibly skilled at something, or have the potential to become so, it falls under the Magician.

I think the most scholarly card might be the Hermit, which kind of represents, well, being alone, searching for knowledge, and giving that knowledge to others. I think the card is more related to wisdom and knowledge about the nature of people, not intelligence, or external knowledge about the world and it's functions. Think more psychiatrist who understands why people feel a certain way and how they can become at piece with it, rather than an engineer or biologist who work immutable facts.
No. 126231 ID: 1872dc

No. 126236 ID: 787c3d

Is TempleOS the standard operating system in this world?
No. 126250 ID: 26bb62

The Hermit is more symbolic of inner knowledge and solitude. The closest Major Arcana card to seeking outside knowledge would be The Moon, which can symbolize revealing answers.
No. 126251 ID: 26bb62

I think Temperance might fit Roland better. It represents patience, calmness, and finding meaning in our lives.
No. 126333 ID: a451fc
File 154123210313.gif - (252.99KB , 1039x709 , Infestation.gif )

I wanted to use this gif instead of the still image, but used the wrong one on accident. I'm having fun making gifs, anyway is there a way to replace an image without having to delete the whole post and reposting?
No. 126334 ID: 080aaf

Certain mods can replace images - report your post with a link to the new image.
No. 126335 ID: 05ff2f

>...is there a way to replace an image without having to delete the whole post and reposting?
On your own, no. Only a site moderator can do that, as far as I know. If you get on the #tgchan IRC channel you could ask one on there to swap out the image for you.

It's also possible a mod will see your post here and replace the image without you even needing to contact them further, but being proactive would probably work better.
No. 126336 ID: 05ff2f

The report function is really for that too? I always thought it was supposted to be just for stuff like reporting spam and other rules violations.
No. 126337 ID: 080aaf

Right at the top of /quest/ it says to report completed threads. It's a function for getting the attention of mods.
No. 126340 ID: 26bb62

Is Vol's tail supposed to be moving too?
No. 126347 ID: a451fc

It wasn't at first but when I saw it I thought it looked fine doing that.
No. 126400 ID: 79ee83
File 154154895217.png - (541.64KB , 748x932 , unknown[1].png )

Y'all remember that god I made a few months ago? He did hit puberty. Redesigned Orffe to be more angel-like, might change name. Still with no saint.
No. 126403 ID: d3602f

This guy looks like some monstrous tooth fairy.
No. 126406 ID: 91ee5f

I agree. It makes me wonder if your tooth will still get replaced by a quarter under your pillow?

Or would this guy leave something else instead of a quarter?
No. 126410 ID: d3602f

I bet he doesn't even need a pillow to replace your teeth with quarters. Heck, he could probably do it while they are still in your mouth.
No. 126411 ID: 91ee5f

Imagine trying to explain a mouth full of quarters to your dentist next time you see them! XD
No. 126413 ID: eeb7d9

I want this thing far away from my children's mouth, thank you.
No. 126436 ID: a451fc

Perfect design for an angel, I like it. He does looks sort of tooth oriented rather than sound oriented but I feel like that comes more from the wings than anything else.
No. 126514 ID: 79ee83

one day we're going to strip-tease to someone and I think this fate is unavoidable.
No. 126519 ID: eeb7d9

I can think of worst.

Why do i get a feeling that we are going to end up with a demon inside Roland all buddy-buddy?

It would actually be cool, a Lige of Incredible "Gentlemen". We have Roland, craizy action nerd, Princes the possessor, Vol the bard, Troy the subterfuge, and Ichigo the mutant. Yeah. I like that. Or would it be more like star crusaders? Somilite many possibilities.
No. 126520 ID: 91ee5f

>Or would it be more like star crusaders?
And now we have to get Roland to learn how to make multiple barriers, so that he can use Caesura Sharp to rapidly punch things while saying “ORA ORA ORA!!!”
No. 126574 ID: a451fc
File 154336988257.png - (278.68KB , 1039x1417 , Heresick.png )

Sorry for the lack of updates, being sick kind of saps your energy doesn't it?
No. 126577 ID: eeb7d9

Mate you are a drawing and you look like shit. Take care of yourself, ok? Get better.
No. 126585 ID: 91ee5f

Yes, it does. Go back to bed and get some rest. Take all the time you need to get better!
No. 126591 ID: d3602f

Don't worry, just focus on getting better. Health comes first.
No. 126629 ID: cf4efa

For anyone who still cares, a liter of propane can fuel a hot air balloon burner for roughly thirty seconds. Those burners are probably the same size as Gallows' flamethrower.
No. 126683 ID: eeb7d9

>Roland turns out to be a masochist.
>Starts to realize all the possible future shenanigans.

And this is when the Quest went from Good to Great!
I actually was seeing some traces of this fetish lurking around, but it was just speculation. It turned out to be correct. Who would have thought.
No. 126685 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe he'll like it more if he's tied up with spider silk.
No. 126690 ID: d3602f

Or getting pinned by someone twice his size.
No. 126691 ID: eeb7d9

Possibilities are endless. You think we´ll get to see some?
No. 126692 ID: 91ee5f


Spider silk has to be more comfortable than chains.
No. 126694 ID: d3602f

Spider silk is actually stronger than steel. Not sure how comfortable giant spider webs would be.
No. 126697 ID: 91ee5f

It’ll probably end up being a “I can control certain things about my webs when I make them” kinda thing.
No. 126698 ID: eeb7d9

I don't know how is her spiderweb, but the real world ones are annoying as fuck. I hate them.
No. 126701 ID: b1b4f3

Fuck Logias.
No. 126711 ID: 7aa6d2

Hey, your name got fucked up again. It should be "Hard Reptilian With No Extremities".
No. 126715 ID: eeb7d9

Oh, you are right, shit i hope i didn't carry that out all over the place!

There, it should be fixed now. It probably happened because of my laptop's pad is fucked up, so sometimes when i am typing something, i accidentaly touch the pad and i do things by mistake. It is a real pain in the ass. Some times is a silly mistake, some times it ruins a whole League of Legends's game, fucks a part of my homework, makes me re-write suggestions, etc.
No. 126722 ID: a451fc

There's no need to police what other suggesters suggest, If Troy could or couldn't make it I would have pointed that out in the next update. If something's not possible then it most likely won't happen but everybody's free to suggest what they want (within reason). If one suggester is locked on a certain goal they'd like to accomplish they are free to continue to attempt to do it whether it will or will not happen. I'd like to keep hostility in the quest down as much as possible please.
No. 126724 ID: 91ee5f

Sorry, I shouldn’t have been an asshole and started an argument like that. I’ll try not to do stupid shit like that again.
No. 126749 ID: 341a80
File 154433027887.png - (175.42KB , 732x870 , Shackles.png )

Imagine waitin' for Chucklehead's soul (?) to arrive so you can go full highway to hell while meanwhile checking who killed you in the post-dead internet just to see the biggest thing you made was making him discover his own kink.
No. 126750 ID: eeb7d9

That is actually worse than no hurting him at all. You gave him pleasure. It's terrible.
No. 126752 ID: 341a80
File 154441200911.png - (64.89KB , 240x320 , Shackles2.png )

No. 126753 ID: d3602f

We were focusing on the wrong people. We were waifuing Ada and Hazel, ignoring the perfect husbando. His chains had ignited our passions, for we had our heart chained to him. No one could make us feel the way he made us feel. The lightness of breath, the heat of emotion, the angelic aura about him. He, and the possible interactions we may have had with him, shall be missed.

If he wasn't an asshole who deserved to blow up in a Lucy fueled fire.
No. 126761 ID: eeb7d9

No. 126762 ID: 341a80

You're absolutly right but I must call a exorcist to fend off the demon inside your body before you say any cursed words like that.
No. 126778 ID: 3583d1

Starting to get caught up on this story again. I seem to do that, fall behind then catch up with it. Anyway, I found this song a while ago after hearing it on the radio and the tone of it just screamed D3 to me. If D3 were in an anime I would want this to be the opening
No. 126784 ID: eeb7d9

You are absolutely right, that was anime as fuck!
No. 126921 ID: a451fc
File 154526747214.gif - (135.31KB , 859x965 , yayb(no100).gif )

I did this once and now I want to do it again. If anybody has questions I'll try to answer as best as I can.
No. 126922 ID: d3602f

Do you have a favorite demon design?
No. 126923 ID: 3209d3

What's your current favorite character in D3 - Slight Return?
No. 126924 ID: a451fc

Love the simplicity of Imps, but Hobgoblins are also beginning to grow on me.

That's hard since I like almost all of my characters I can't just pick a favorite. I think right now Troy's up there, I like the design I gave him plus his ability is one I've had in my head since high school so I'm glad I get to use it. Sooner or later I should do one of those favorite character poll things like they do in manga
No. 126926 ID: 4294c6

When are we going to see the rest of the fan characters/designs.
No. 126927 ID: 3209d3

Hey! Any plan for the church/priests type of characters returning?
No. 126931 ID: eeb7d9

Where do you get most of your inspiration from? Besides JoJo, of course. It feels like i am reading a manga with your work.
No. 126934 ID: 4294c6

When do we meet Ada's hot older brother?
No. 126935 ID: a451fc

I think only two or three didn't show up? Somewhere in the future maybe I'll find a way to use the characters, but it isn't guaranteed. I'd also love it if the original creators of some of the characters talked a little more about them, but I have no idea if any of them still read or follow this quest.

I foreshadowed the church a bit. I do plan for them to show up in the future.

That's kind of a hard question. I guess I get inspiration from whatever I'm reading or watching at the time. Delphi's super stretchiness came about after I began reading One Piece. Overall I think post apocalyptic fiction like Mad Max and Fallout were a source for the setting.

One of these days. Maybe soon, maybe later who knows?
No. 126942 ID: eeb7d9

>One of these days. Maybe soon, maybe later who knows?
Based on this response, can we assume that Ada's hot older brother is indeed, hot?
No. 126955 ID: 8b05ae

The basic concept behind Lady was someone who sacrificed her identity to cleanse her home of a ghost plague. Her previous self has been erased from the memories of everyone who knew her, including herself. I could probably flesh out her past a bit more, but I don't want to make something that would conflict with your setting.

As for current Lady, she has a few goals that she would be working towards. The most important goal is to hunt down whoever caused the plague. The second most important is to clean up any other messes that person made. The third is to buy back her identity.

If you're alright with changing her design a bit, she could do with a shovel and bowtie. Baron Samedi was one of the inspirations for her.

Let me know if you need anything else. I'm always lurking.
No. 126956 ID: 3209d3

Hey, we're seeing saints a lot! Could you show a few of their angel designs? I've been curious for some time.
No. 126959 ID: d3602f

Look, overkill or not, we've known that he was an enemy for quite a while now.
No. 126960 ID: df5c09

Er, were you trying to link to a post in the quest board? If so, you need to put /quest/ before the post number. Also, in general, you gotta put the target board name in your links every time you inter-board link.
No. 126961 ID: a451fc

He is as hot as I can make a circular face with some circles for eyes.

Glad to see you're still here Shaman. I was sorta worried you'd stopped following the quest, but it's good to know you're lurking here. Say whatever you want to say about Lady, I'll do my best to stay faithful to your character but the new setting might mean that somethings will be different.

I was thinking about making little character cards to give characters a little fun trivia and enemies more backstory they don't get in the quest since so far all of them die in like 10 panels. When I do I'll draw their angels too.
No. 126962 ID: d3602f

Ah, thanks for the information. I'm not especially versed in the more technical aspects of this site.
No. 127003 ID: eeb7d9

That makes two of us.
No. 127037 ID: 9423c9

What Smash fighter each character would use? I think it's a nice flavor thing to know more the characters.
No. 127040 ID: a451fc

Hold on let me play each character to see who'd play who I need this to be completely accurate. Lol I can't do that I don't even have all of the characters unlocked Incineroar still eludes me but from what I know...

Troy plays Mario
Roland plays Bowser
Ichigo plays Metaknight
and Vol plays Kirby

This list is not accurate but sooner or later I'll come back to this.
No. 127048 ID: eeb7d9

>Roland plays Bowser
I wasn't expecting that one.
No. 127052 ID: d3602f

Is this sarcasm? Hard to tell.

Well, I'll speak my piece anyway. It makes sense to me, seeing as Bowser is pretty strong and good with defensive play, like the Caesura abilities. Caesura isn't very effective at long range combat though, at least not right now.
No. 127053 ID: eeb7d9

No no, i honestly didn't expected Bowser, i imagined something like Villager or Snake, or someone who uses tools or something like that, Roland's best wapon is his imagination, always getting out of situations using his ingenuity. Or maybe Ness, He has powers but uses tools as well.
No. 127059 ID: a451fc
File 154606281027.png - (289.22KB , 1039x1417 , Cover-pg1.png )

REGAN: Just like humans, demons have multiple forms of communication. The human languages however are different from our own; This difference allows certain demons to utilize a dormant ability known as Omnilingualism which allows the demon to understand the human language just by hearing it for a long enough time. Imps are one such demon who utilize this ability, however it takes them around 2-4 Months of being exposed to a human language to understand it fluently.

REGAN: Some demons think that the reason human and demon languages are so different is due to the fact that each respective language is so internalized into each respective species that the meaning and power behind their letters and words give off a different energy, but this is only a theory.
No. 127060 ID: 91ee5f

>Roland plays Bowser
Hey, I also main Bowser!

Uh, Reagan? How are you holding that pointer with your wing?

>language lesson
*furiously takes notes in notebook*
No. 127070 ID: d3602f

Will this be on the test?
No. 127072 ID: eeb7d9
File 154611077347.png - (203.34KB , 437x419 , The more you know_.png )

>Uh, Reagan? How are you holding that pointer with your wing?

Pick related. But seriously, that is kinda cool.
No. 127081 ID: 9423c9

If the QaA is still open, what was the suggestion/action that you didn't expect at all? We went in any path that got you off-guard?
No. 127082 ID: 9423c9
File 154613677723.jpg - (290.14KB , 1600x800 , H2x1_3DS_MarioAndLuigiDreamTeamBros_image1600w[1].jpg )

No. 127123 ID: a451fc
File 154631655328.jpg - (83.61KB , 460x215 , yumenikki.jpg )

Not really, I guess that time suggestors actually used the drugs and mandrake corpse to capture a displacer beast like I meant for them to do was sort of close? Not to make it sound like I have no faith in readers but after the door puzzle before it I wasn't sure.

Also I was thinking less Mario and Luigi and more Yume Nikki
No. 127221 ID: 8848bd

Hey I read this over the last few days, its quite good. My favourite character is Vol for some reason.

I have some minor questions which probably arent things you have to stay quiet on for spoilers' sake.

If demons can't return to the Aether, how do they know whats in the, material plane(did the real world get a specific name, i dont remember)? What do demons in general think of the material plane? How common are demons anyway?
No. 127226 ID: a451fc

Glad you like the quest! Sorry it's been slow lately

Low demons like Vol would usually have no idea how to get back, but high demons do and High demons tend to talk about what they see, and the majority of lower demons in the Aether don't think about the material that much but high demons do think there is a lot to gain from it. Demons are fairly common in D3.
No. 127469 ID: 91ee5f

Heretic, you must’ve thought we were a bunch of idiots when you were watching us struggle with that simple puzzle and over complicating it.
No. 127476 ID: a9af05

Honestly, I was going to suggest 784, but then, like you said, I started over thinking it and thought that was too easy and it couldn't be the correct answer.

Now I feel dumb for not saying it sooner!
No. 127482 ID: 255b3c

Just got some hard Killer 7 vibes. Good stuff.
No. 127483 ID: c22978
File 154897365665.png - (110.70KB , 572x512 , Navi.png )

I didn't draw human people for a whole month. I can't belive I struggled with this drawing more than the necessary. But anyways, I liked Julia, she sounds like a cool person. (・ε・`*)
No. 127486 ID: a451fc

Yeah, I feel like I could've made it a bit more obvious though.Then again all the other puzzles were pretty easy, so it's good to have one that wasn't solved so fast.

Killer what? I've never heard of Suda 51's Killer 7 released on gamecube and re-released on Steam which I may or may not have bought a version of earlier this month...

Well done as always Lammar
No. 127488 ID: 91ee5f

Is Troy being gay a thing that was carried over from the original D3 or is it a change you made for the reboot?

Because if it was carried over, then man we did not get to know Troy very well at all the first time around!
No. 127492 ID: a451fc

Just for the reboot
No. 127496 ID: d3602f

Must say, it's nice to have a gay guy. Most of the places I go to only have lesbians, and with such regularity that it becomes a bit tiresome. This is a nice change of pace.
No. 127541 ID: eeb7d9

I like gay Troy. Just think of how much we can mess around with him using Roland's sweet ass.
No. 127542 ID: d3602f

Roland is too feminine for him. But apparently Ada has a hot brother. I'm rooting for Hazel, but if things go a certain way Roland and Troy could end up double brother in laws.
No. 127563 ID: eeb7d9

Roland still has a great ass, weather he has a feminine body or not, but you have a point.
I like where this is going though. We need to make a double date!
No. 127807 ID: a451fc

It's a little annoying to come back to like 5+ replies to see most of them is arguing but I don't seem to have control over that. Don't discredit someone else's suggestions, unless they're seriously offensively dumb or bad. Suggesting that a character who has the most interest in demons may be related to the presence of demons somewhere they normally shouldn't be isn't too outlandish. If you think the demons naturally occur in the dream world you can always suggest asking that inquest. These arguments happen too often for no real reason, if they continue at this rate we'll have one argument per thread and I'd hate for that to happen.

On a different note. Sorry for the inactivity once again. I don't think I'm going to abandon Slight Return anytime soon, I'll try keep up with the updates as best as I can, If anybody want's to ask questions or have things to say I'm always happy to hear.
No. 127809 ID: d3602f

Yeah, some people need to disagree civilly. Even if you're very much against a course of action, there is no need to make it personal.

I liked that background that you did when Troy shot the demon, kind of gives me a fighting game "finisher" vibe.
No. 127811 ID: a451fc
File 155029799165.jpg - (163.51KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )

When I drew the panel at first the background was empty, but for some reason I though of the all out attack screen in persona 5 and put something like that in the back instead of the trees.
No. 127816 ID: eeb7d9

Oh yeah, i noticed that too. Didn't know it was from that. It was pretty cool actually, even more so now that i know the reference.
No. 127817 ID: 8bc1b2

I like how there's a afterlife, seem's a nice place to see old rivals or people that tried to kill us in other lights than "trying to kill us".
No. 127875 ID: a451fc

Part of me really wants to retcon certain parts of D3, but I'm worried it'll be messy or just plain unnecessary for the story since the things I want to change are inconsequential to what's happening in the narrative.
No. 127882 ID: 4294c6

I'd say only retcon stuff if it affects things going forwards. Needing to write around plot holes or defunct character traits is worse.

You can also edit the previous threads and convert them into a visual novel.
No. 127883 ID: a451fc

It's really just tiny stuff, Like wanting to change Troy's ability name from 「The Doors」to「Escape」. I guess that's really it since the other thing I want to change is basically just a character design thing, but I feel like it'd be so obvious people would wonder why it's there.
No. 127886 ID: d3602f

Personally I think "The Doors" makes more sense, seeing as we can use it to do a lot more than escape. Our fight against Johnny and Jitter saw us using it to shoot from unexpected angles and cut at snakes without getting near them.

Whichever you choose doesn't really matter that much to me though.
No. 127888 ID: a451fc

It's more about how I like the way Escape's lyrics about personal freedom and living life your own way work with Troy wanting to get away from Channing. I guess the name doesn't really matter all that much.

>You can also edit the previous threads and convert them into a visual novel.
How would I go about doing that?
No. 127889 ID: eeb7d9

>visual novel
I have no idea how to do that, but it sounds cool as fuck, and i can imagine it. You could make it in the future, if you learn how. Hell, I would pay for it.
No. 127892 ID: 4294c6

There's a few programs. Twine and Ren'py are some of the most common.

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