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File 154948376700.png - (314.56KB , 1099x585 , cute cat 1.png )
127585 No. 127585 ID: 465a14

I'm reviving my tradition of making polls about hot topics to spark discussion, and this time the topic of choice is which cute furry boy on tgchan is, in fact, the cutest furry boy. The preliminaries are being held at:


Vote for any and all boys on the list who you find cute. I didn't set up any measures to prevent multiple votes because that presents a barrier to entry, but please don't anyway- I can still notice when votes are being sus and the bar to move on to the semifinals aren't high. I realize the list may not be comprehensive but there are over 50 options after asking a whole bunch of people.

To make it clear- vote for any number of boys who you consider cute or want to move on to the semifinals, where you will only be able to vote for one boy to move on to the finals, where again you will only be able to vote for one boy as the cutest.

For transparency's sake, criteria for appearing in this poll are listed-
1) Is a furry.
2) Shows up in a tgchan quest.
3) Was nominated when I went around asking people for cfbs they liked, it's too late now, apologies if one you like isn't on the list but I'm hoping that with 50+ characters from a bunch of quests they'll be well represented.

Also the image is a cute cat because I didn't have a more relevant cute furry image on hand, before anyone asks.
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No. 128294 ID: 132a50

bika from enemy quest. she's 50% male!
No. 128295 ID: cdc164


Would Emils count considering she’s an amorphous slime in a meat puppet?
No. 128296 ID: 465a14

No. 128297 ID: 4294c6

No. 128299 ID: 834378

But isn't she a magical girl?

Personally, I'd consider slime in Emils form as fully female, but slime in Slime form would be ok.
No. 128302 ID: 465a14

Then you're free to vote reflecting that, but your opinion does not affect which nominations are accepted, Delian.
No. 128311 ID: b1b4f3

I wonder if Slime (from I Am) would be a separate voting option? If so, I'd nominate it.
No. 128319 ID: 130f18

Slime in Emils form is also an elementary school aged girl, no?
No. 128323 ID: 834378

That's up to personal interpretation I suppose. When I look at Emils, I only see the Slime underneath. An ageless, genderless, shapeshifting character. Emils is just a puppet persona that's entirely controlled by Slime.

When I wrote that I consider Emils fully female, I meant for the purpose of these polls, because Emils was already entered in the "female" poll. So for the nonbinary poll, for consistency reasons, I'd simply nominate Slime without any form.
No. 128324 ID: 9582af

If I remember correctly, Emils is a persona of Slime, and technically separate. There was a discussion that Slime could create these personas and that they could develop separately. Could be misremembering, though.
No. 128327 ID: 465a14

It was a good question so I asked Radial offsite. They're the same, Emils is a persona of Slime.
No. 128341 ID: 91ee5f

I’m curious about something:

Is this going to end in a 4th and final contest, where the winners of the Cutest Furry Boy/Girl/Non-binary contests are all entered and we have to vote on which of those 3 we believe is the cutest out of all of them?
No. 128368 ID: 465a14

hahahahhahahahaha no

At least not one run by me, I've had more than my fill of drama. If someone else wants to, feel free but please make it clear I'm not associated with it beyond having providing a springboard.
No. 128422 ID: ff764d

Best non-character poll when
No. 128440 ID: a9af05

That would be a fitting conclusion to all of this.
No. 128447 ID: e20bdf

Elementary? I though her class was composed of teenagers, or preteens at least.
She doesn't look that young, just flat chested.
No. 128888 ID: 465a14

And back from the dead comes this thread, with the announcement of the cutest tgchan nonbinary poll being underway, here:


We have 34 candidates. The structure will be similar to earlier polls- for a refresher, in the preliminaries vote for all characters you find cute, and 16 or so will move on to the semifinals, where you'll only be able to vote for three of those 16, and then the top 4 go to the finals where, naturally, you'll only have one vote.

Have fun, everyone, and remember that you can replace viewform at the end of the URL with viewanalytics to see how the results are doing!
No. 128916 ID: 465a14

The preliminaries are over, and now we move to the semifinals, with 16 contestants. The unofficial winners so far-

Bika, with 15 votes.
Miki, Emils/Slime, Chee, and Feist with 13 votes apiece.
Rulekeeper, with 12 votes.
Red and Muo, with 11 votes.
Vivian and Nishalm, with 9 votes.
Sable and Cecil Ochre, with 8 votes.

Vote for up to three of them (and no more) here:

Top 4 will go to the finals, where you'll be able to vote for one.
No. 128917 ID: 465a14

It has been brought to my attention that Bag actually did qualify, with 12 votes. They have been added to the poll, and I apologize for the error. Google forms' display was being weird again, and wouldn't show me Bag until I specifically combed through the results.
No. 128918 ID: 834378

I know this isn't wasn't supposed to be serious but, could you go with ranked voting instead of single choice for the finals?
No. 128922 ID: 465a14

That's beyond my capability, so no.
No. 128926 ID: 834378

You create 4 drop-down style questions like this:
No. 128976 ID: 465a14

The semifinals are over, after a longer-than-usual voting period to make sure everyone had a chance to participate! Congratulations to the winners, namely...

Rulekeep, with 16 votes! An extremely strong lead ahead of the other three...

Emils/Slime, Chee, and Red, all with 9 votes apiece! We'll see how long that tie can last when you can only vote for one, here:


Remember: please replace viewform with viewanalytics in the URL to view results, don't try to submit blank votes. And as usual for the finals, you'll now need to sign in to a Google account to vote.
No. 129036 ID: 465a14

After another few days of voting, the finals are over! Without further ado, the results:


👑Rulekeeper👑, with 14 votes! Congratulations to everyone's favorite face-toting blanket! And similarly, congratulations to everyone else who got in the top 4, namely...

Red, with 7 votes!

Chee, with 4 votes!

and Emils/Slime, with 2 votes!

Next month... I'm opening in the floodgates and making the poll broader. Nominate your favorite tgchan character- just one catch. You have to draw the character you nominate. Maximum of three characters per drawing/post, no maximum number of posts you can make, and drawings must be recognizable as the character you nominate to an observer at least passingly familiar with said character. Have fun, and once more- good luck!
No. 129037 ID: 0cb682
File 155478432098.png - (15.82KB , 725x597 , PenjiTozol.png )

No. 129038 ID: 0cb682
File 155478464788.png - (16.13KB , 725x597 , PenjiTozol2.png )

No. 129039 ID: 465a14

To be clear: I don't require you to be good at drawing, I just hope people actually give it a shot rather than drawing a stick figure and declaring it's $character. If it's clear you actually tried I won't fuss about details.
No. 129040 ID: 465a14

And since I missed the Penji post, to clarify again: by stick character I mean one drawn with no distinguishing features. The Penji nomination is fine for me, the tails, head shape, and guns work nicely to identify her.
No. 129041 ID: 130f18
File 155478497888.png - (10.28KB , 451x356 , kata.png )

Kata22ti, from Cirr Quest Defective
No. 129042 ID: 8d23f0
File 155478919997.png - (32.35KB , 1026x849 , slinko from slinko quest.png )

Slinkoboy the quest character from multiple quests including SLINKOQUEST
No. 129044 ID: a61746
File 155478948866.png - (7.65KB , 147x220 , Humiliatingly Crude MSPaint Likol.png )

Likol, from Unnatural Selection
No. 129046 ID: c4809e
File 155479143161.png - (21.60KB , 1600x1200 , RenDribSlorsnis.png )

Rendamel from Rendamel, Driblis from Driblis quest, and Slorsnis from Labyrinth!
No. 129047 ID: de6d84
File 155479520696.png - (12.52KB , 297x257 , Kliss_For_Favorite.png )

Cute lizard, here we go!
No. 129048 ID: de6d84
File 155479523814.png - (6.35KB , 470x260 , UnSe_Favorites.png )

Rulekeeper and Chief from UnSe.
No. 129051 ID: 5fc3a0
File 155481980932.png - (221.33KB , 900x810 , FenNomination.png )

No. 129052 ID: de6d84
File 155483936826.png - (41.78KB , 281x260 , Annie_Sunfish.png )

No. 129062 ID: 20b7eb
File 155491681145.png - (4.87MB , 2340x2832 , bikas.png )

a wise man once said "I can only narrow it down to a top ten for you, and all ten of them are skut."
No. 129063 ID: 20b7eb
File 155491773295.png - (3.30MB , 2265x1354 , Dio and Squires.png )

two more bad drawings:
Dio from Eivr and Nessie Squires from Oren
No. 129064 ID: 20b7eb
File 155491788720.png - (476.11KB , 942x949 , poly.png )

Polyphema from Enemy Quest.
No. 129065 ID: 20b7eb
File 155491831793.png - (1.85MB , 1977x1802 , arhra1.png )

Deem and Kallia from Dungeoneer.
Alice from Bloom.
No. 129066 ID: 20b7eb
File 155492177087.png - (1.19MB , 2082x1598 , alkaline, meg and krin.png )

this 3 per post rule is a pain in the ass.

Alkaline from Dungeoneer.
Meg and Krin from Enemy Quest.
No. 129067 ID: 20b7eb
File 155492213543.png - (2.29MB , 2039x2094 , GG sara and 73-6.png )

GG from Enemy Quest.
Sara and 73-6 from Static on the Wire.
No. 129068 ID: 20b7eb
File 155492490356.png - (1.35MB , 2212x1248 , ruby and nan.png )

ruby and nan, because someone had to.
No. 129069 ID: 20b7eb
File 155492526914.png - (1.42MB , 1863x1830 , sophie naz and marcie.png )

no seriously, this 3 per post rule is a pain in the ass.

Sophie Naz and Marcie from Coxwette.
No. 129072 ID: 20b7eb
File 155492701122.png - (3.42MB , 1983x2443 , marie ellen and eth.png )

more evidence i shouldn't start a quest.

Ellen from Coxwette
Marie from Rollback.
Eth from Eth.

also, i miss Apollo.
No. 129073 ID: 20b7eb
File 155492797052.png - (3.54MB , 2316x2752 , nem.png )

drew this months ago, but it counts.

Nem from Nem's Quest.
No. 129095 ID: 20b7eb
File 155510251792.png - (2.59MB , 2241x2164 , bromstuff.png )

screw the rules, i don't give a fuck

Oren from Oren.
Strela from Bruco and Strela are Married.
Bruco from Bruco and Strela are Married.
Stryza from The Tyrant Star.
No. 129096 ID: 20b7eb
File 155510281054.png - (1.72MB , 2055x1657 , harpy.png )

Harpy from Forsaken.

(yes, i know her name is officially Kyreli but she was Harpy until like thread 3 so that's how she's staying for me)
No. 129098 ID: 20b7eb
File 155510476604.png - (1.20MB , 1994x1174 , emils' name is fucking brilliant.png )

Emils from I am
Lupa from Lupa
No. 129100 ID: 20b7eb
File 155510679118.png - (284.46KB , 1500x1696 , zack.png )

he's got a lot of personality for someone without a face.
also, i ran out of sharpie half way through and had to get another one

Zack from Enemy Quest.
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