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File 155139694284.jpg - (30.33KB , 300x300 , d2u0160-66bdee57-32e9-40d3-ad67-060e14b23136.jpg )
127983 No. 127983 ID: e9f8bf

I'm not exactly sure where to post this sort of question, so if this is in the wrong place, please let me know.

I have a concept for a sort of quest that i haven't seen before.
I'm fairly new to this, so I'd greatly appreciate any input you have, on the idea's viability.

I'm trying to create a multiplayer quest, where the actions of each MC, are controlled by a specific MC player, who also writes their dialogue.
The non-MC players, instead play on the side of the QM, making suggestions, and voting on options, to determine world actions, and outcomes,derived from influences outside of the MCs control.

I'm a visual artist, and i'd like to create each of them an avatar, with a set of expression icons, to use, and allow them complete control of their characters posts.

I was thinking, that i would run a twitch stream, allowing players to give input behind the scenes, and make votes to determine outcomes.
I feel like players miss out, on playing the perspective of "the world/god", which i think, is one of the most interesting things about "writing/QMing/DMing".
being in control of fate, is a thrilling, and mind opening experience.
I'd like to open up that experience to the players.

Interactive storytelling, is still such a goldmine of unexplored territory.

I feel like switching around the format in quests, to allow for multiple authors, could lead to some interesting outcomes.

If MC players felt like it, they could open their own streams, to allow input from regular players, on their characters actions, behind the scenes as well.
Though that would be up to their comfort levels, and prerogatives.

Examples of my art:

If the story get's interesting enough... i may start creating more elaborate illustrations, to go with it.

What do you think...
Is it possible?
Would it be fun?
Any other thoughts, suggestions, idea's, doubts, questions?

Thank you for your time, and input.
No. 127984 ID: 0b4df3

Holy shit, that sounds interesting as heck! :O
No. 127985 ID: e20bdf

The major problem with your idea will be the timing. Coordinating the players input and the suggestions simultaneously may be difficult, the necessity of quick answers will reward poorly thought out decisions making the story somewhat impulsive.

If you stream the game, changing the narrative according to the proposals of the comment section should be enough, assuming you are good at improvising. Maybe you could have one DM trying to construct a narrative from the comments while other improvise events between suggestions to avoid interrupting the game to interpret the suggestions.

Another way would be planing each game section in a thread but play the game on your own. In this case I suggest you write the events of the section as the updates because if you require the readers to watch hours of stream to understand what is happening many people may not have enough time to spare.

If the game also happen in a thread or something similar on the side of the players, updating whenever there is a response, the simultaneous DM thread become more viable. In this case I would suggest choosing a game with fast combat, otherwise you could have weeks dedicate to a single fight.

Obviously letting anonymous people invent whatever they want may be a bit chaotic. I don't know what people would prioritize, the story development, players collections, helping a popular character, challenging the players or constructing insurmountable obstacles. You could regain some control by imposing limits, but be aware that doing so would stimulate a resource efficiency mentality favouring a competitive dynamic between the DM thread and the players.
If competition is what you want you could abandon the DM thread idea in favour of making the enemy faction controlled by a tg quest. This would mean the suggestions control different groups of characters for each encounter regardless of the outcome.

Whatever method you chose make sure the player either don't read the suggestion thread or be able to act in character independent of the spoilers and strategies discussed in the thread. The opposite would also be necessary if the suggestions become antagonistic to the players.
No. 127991 ID: 080aaf

It sounds like you want to make a tabletop RPG session where a stream audience is influencing your actions as DM? I'm not sure it fits into the quest thread format, but... sure, give it a go.
No. 128009 ID: 0cfbce

99% of suggestions:

also, closest idea to your thing would be
No. 128011 ID: 59ed7a

>twitch stream
Sounds too optimistic, there are not enough players here to do that really.

While it's not common here, games with multiple players controlling their own characters are usual thing where I came from. It works. But honestly you may want to search for real RPG-oriented place instead.
No. 128211 ID: 87dacc

Your idea is rather intriguing, but there are several possible problems I'll point out.

One: the tg crowd isn't known for doing things on a schedule very well. I think you'd have problems with timing; suggesters coming in too late, completely missing the window of opportunity for their action, that sort of thing.

Two: the tg crowd is fairly small, I think the sheer lack of bodies would cause problems. Maybe.

Three: you might have trouble with the narrative. Often, you'll have multiple parties of suggestors pulling in exact opposite directions from each other, making it difficult to keep a cohesive plot going. Often, no matter what you choose, a certain number of people will be disappointed.

But I'm just poking holes right now, there's a lot of good things to be said about your idea.

Overall, I'd say go for it. The worst that happens is it's unsuccessful, then at least you can say you tried; believe me, that's better than feeling like you could have, but never did.
No. 128217 ID: 0cbe79

>Overall, I'd say go for it. The worst that happens is it's unsuccessful, then at least you can say you tried; believe me, that's better than feeling like you could have, but never did.
Idk, I had a lot of projects which never left my head and it's always a pleasure to dream about some new ideas and adventures, and if you never went for it, then there are no hard feelings - you just lost interest and moved on to something else. On the other hands I had games which I still mad about, like several years later I still have butthurt about what happened there, it's scars which will never heal and trust in world which you'll never regain.
But you, OP, should go for it.
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