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File 155505063973.png - (1.35MB , 1500x2333 , scan072.png )
129093 No. 129093 ID: 5a5548

our friends at the firm and I have rewritten and redrawn one of SportsDrink's old works dutifully for you, the quest reading masses! don't worry about it being written and drawn in advance, your free will was never an issue.

here we will be answering any questions about the setting and story as best we can, given the incomplete notes SD left. feel free to argue amongst yourselves about which of these nonexistent women would make the best live in maids!

here are two characters he seemed to be fond of from the first run! Sakura Kusinagi and Ysmir Redlude. unfortunately they won't be appearing in the current project, according to his notes, Sakura would be a teenager at this time, and Ysmir won't be born for an other 5 years. what a shame! let's not let that stop us from depicting them as willing adults, hmm? have fun, friends.

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No. 129194 ID: b1b4f3

Gotta say I'm not a fan of the new protagonist. What a fuckup.
No. 129255 ID: 5a5548


yes she does seem to be a bit of a dweeb, doesn't she? Emerald is rather common for a Gargoyle. they're not a very cheery bunch, it turns out. don't fret, though. all good heroes must start out small. we are just learning to walk right now, but soon, we'll all be running for our lives.

No. 129256 ID: 4854ef

Eh, it's starting, she's got plenty of time to be molded into a proper adventurer! Or one who will constantly mess up, but hey it should work out either way.
No. 129266 ID: 9876c4

Are we roped into this initial romance or will we have options?
No. 129268 ID: 9ffa1f


Of course you have choices! We all make choices in life. Well, most of us do. Actually, perhaps "choice" is a bit of a misnomer. Some conceive free will to be the capacity to make choices in which the outcome has not been determined by past events. Determinism suggests that only one course of events is possible, which is inconsistent with the existence of free will thus conceived. In the context of the story, however, emerald is free to explore her own views of romance and sexuality, so long as those that will her to make choices allow her to make that choice. If that's not free will, I don't know what is.

No. 129313 ID: 864e49

Can we get some notes on Gargoyle culture?
No. 129345 ID: 9ffa1f


What a fantastic idea! The partners at the firm keep telling me to do something with these old notebooks, the ones we could recover, at least. I'll have the boys at the lab work on some fun little summaries of the races present in the setting and we'll post them here for your perusal. Maybe some of you smart cookies can use them to make those "power level" things the kids seem to be into these days.

No. 129377 ID: 5a5548
File 155745776092.png - (1.58MB , 2000x2033 , gargoyles.png )

The Gaudian Bible claims the Gargoyle race began long ago, when a Greater Daemon rebelled against the Daemon Prince of the third circle of hell. The Daemon and his followers crawled their way up from hell and emerged onto the plains of Alt, free from the tyranny and injustice of their dark, dismal home. The Greater Daemon took the new name Gaud, and gifted his loyal followers the gift of mortality, allowing them to live amongst the races of Alt as equals. This creation myth has a lot of holes in it, however. The few Daemons still alive that witnessed the Ascension of Gaud say that he became the prince of the third circle himself, and that the Daemons that followed him were not made mortal, but given baronies in the third circle for their service. This does not dissuade the Gargoyles from embracing their alleged heritage, though.

Physically, Gargoyles stand at just above 6 feet and weight between 290-350 on average. Females tend to be slightly shorter and lighter than the males. Gargoyles are completely hairless, save for their eyelashes, which bot males and females groom meticulously. Gargoyle have sturdy torsos, powerful limbs, and thick layers of fat to protect them from the elements. at the ends of each arm and leg are 4 incredibly strong talons, which are powerful enough to dig into solid rock. their talons, thick muscular tail, and special muscles in their legs, all allow them to "perch" from various vantage points. whatever use this has to Gargoyles seems lost in their modern culture, but the habit of perching on ledges and walls when bored is pretty common for Gargoyles, especially teenagers and young adults who have nothing better to do.

Makeup is very important to Gargoyle fashion. most Gargoyles, male and female, spend a lot of time during their morning ritual applying this makeup, and to be seen around town completely naked in the face would be a social foix pas. in contrast, Gargoyle clothing is quite spartan. Gargoyles tend to wear plain shirts and pants, undyed and often made from simple raw canvas, with a long leather coat worn on top to combat the damp cold of their homelands.

Gaudians believe that the greatest good is the destruction of evil. Evil takes the form of Tyranny, injustice, greed, and hedonism. Their distaste for worldly pleasure in all forms leads other races to view them as stuffy or humorless, with which Gargoyles proudly agree. Gaud also teaches the virtues of charity and compassion, leading to many of those same people mocking the Gargoyle lifestyle while depending on it for food and shelter.

The center of Gargoyle life is the church, and so similarly the center of a Gargoyle burg is the Cathedral district. The Cathedral normally serves the entire town and so must be built to accommodate several thousand people at once. The Cathedral is surrounded by church dormitories and services, which allow the clergy and laypersons to tend to the massive building without having to leave the premises for food or lodging. The Burgermaster is commonly a member of the clergy, and so rarely does a burg have a town hall or office of any kind. The Burgermaster simply takes meetings in his or her dormitory.

Life in a Gargoyle burg is usually quiet. Rarely do Gargoyles build their cities near the border due to the cost of constructing and maintaining the massive cathedral, so incursions are a rarity. Most goyle industry involves the cultivation and refinement of ores and jewels, along with a bustling brewing industry (although few people other than other Gargoyles would dare drink most Goyle drinks). Gargoyle jewel cutters and Smiths are legendary amongst craftspersons for their consistent quality and attention to detail.

Gargoyles take to Crawling less commonly than other races, due to their stoicism and sedentary nature, but the ones that choose to become Crawlers are most commonly Gaudian missionaries. Gaud has a very aggressive doctrine when it comes to spreading the gospel, and missionaries take full advantage of the freedom of movement afforded to Crawlers in order to advertise their faith to as many prospective learners as they can.
No. 129382 ID: ad51b8

so is Emerald a bit of an oddity for a gargoyle since she seemed pretty hedonistic at the bar or does she just "let her hair down" after a few drinks?
No. 129383 ID: 9ffa1f


Emerald is part of a subculture that most Gargoyles call "glittering strata", or glit for short. She wears minimal makeup, doesn't say her prayers every meal, doesn't wear a clearly visible Aegis on her neck, and is sexually liberal.

Older, more conservative Goyles think of Glits the same way you would think of young arrogant punks in your community, whether it's Gopnik, Chavs, or other assorted hoodlums. Punks are a bit of a common theme in Crawler. Adventuring is not a job that attracts average people, after all, but I think you can agree that there is something sexy about counter culture. Especially when we aren't the ones being rebelled against.

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