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File 156528145761.png - (773.79KB , 780x815 , beachpoleese_day.png )
130632 No. 130632 ID: 11f77a

It's the sandiest day ever where quest characters can hang together at the beach! Bask in the aura of ultraviolet rays and salty air.

You best behave lest the beach police catches you—for they'll be doubling down on their lewdness protocols. We're also hiring.

Previous Beach Days:
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No. 130831 ID: eeb7d9

Now is almost as if they WANTED us to make that one reference.
No. 130835 ID: 891b91
File 156707091272.png - (415.74KB , 800x800 , beachday_2019_1.png )

Suddenly, a black SUV careens onto the beach, with lights and sirens blaring!
No. 130836 ID: 891b91
File 156707092607.png - (177.74KB , 800x800 , beachday_2019_2.png )

Thanks to an improbably-placed beach ramp, the SUV launches into the air, headed for the ocean!

"Ready, Agent P?"

"Ready, Agent R!"

No. 130837 ID: 891b91
File 156707093909.png - (420.13KB , 800x800 , beachday_2019_3.png )

The occupants of the SUV land stylishly on the beach as the vehicle maintains an airborne collision course with the kraken!

AGENT P: We heard the Beach Police need help apprehending that kraken!

AGENT R: So we're takin' over! This beach is under federal jurisdiction now!

GENERIC BYSTANDER: Who the hell are you guys?!

AGENTS P & R: We're the FBI...
No. 130838 ID: 891b91
File 156707095890.png - (556.21KB , 800x800 , beachday_2019_4.png )

AGENTS P & R: ... The Federal Beach Investigators!


AGENT P: A direct hit! Nice driving, Agent R!

AGENT R: Fried calimari, anyone?

AGENT P: Agent R, did you really have to shave off all your wool?

AGENT R: Hell yeah I did! It makes me more aquadynamic! And quicker to draw!

No. 130839 ID: 18f1c5

Hollywood just called. They said they want their car back.
No. 130842 ID: 214cda

No. 130844 ID: 8275cf
File 156714777293.png - (412.66KB , 739x684 , KoPbeach13.png )

Princess Reefa: "that was the absolute worst rescue I've ever recieved, you nearly blew me to smithereens! My father will have your badges when he hears about this!"
No. 130845 ID: dc503d

i really don't think that was a rescue operation
No. 130858 ID: 1f812f
File 156735790811.png - (320.69KB , 1024x768 , Leimahtaabeach.png )


Leimahtaa takes notice of Reefa.

Leimahtaa: "Usurper! I will not let you leave this place alive!

The sea begins to boil.
No. 130860 ID: b5fb67
File 156736335465.png - (756.39KB , 1093x998 , Beach Day 2019 Grapple Escape.png )


"No WAY am I going in that damn bucket! Now let me GO!"

Sarah uses her TK abilities...
No. 130861 ID: b5fb67
File 156736336239.png - (628.23KB , 1203x981 , Beach Day 2019 Grapple Escape 2.png )

...to shred Herocea's bikini bottoms.
No. 130862 ID: 9c4f92
File 156742443427.png - (170.79KB , 1080x820 , alice_beach_day_2019.png )

This was supposed to be a relaxing day at the beach. Why does Alice keep coming to these things???
No. 130863 ID: 802ece

dude, just eat it. free meat!
No. 130864 ID: ad51b8

Hey look at it this way, at least the fire isn't pointed at you for once and you're surrounded by nice, non-flammable water to hide in if needed.
No. 130873 ID: 9876c4

Nonflammable boiling water, even!
No. 130877 ID: 8275cf
File 156756386725.png - (457.99KB , 739x684 , KoPbeach14.png )


Princess Reefa: "by the gods! a fire demon!"

The princess produces a holy symbol

"by the will of Palitum I do not fear you! your ilk have no power beyond that which mortal hearts give them, and I will give you nothing! begone from this holy place!"
No. 130881 ID: 0ad690

I'm pretty sure that's not a demon, reefa...
No. 130882 ID: 91ee5f

That’s a fire dragon. Holy symbols and prayers won’t have any effect on it!
No. 130883 ID: 171ffc

What if the dragon's religious?
No. 130885 ID: b3c4cf

More like, since the previous Beach Day. She just really want to get her hands on some seafood, doesn't she?
No. 130886 ID: 8275cf
File 156775371658.png - (411.58KB , 739x684 , KoPbeach15.png )


Herocea: "How?!"

Herocea drops both Sarah and a pile of squid
No. 130887 ID: 9c4f92
File 156776349066.png - (129.02KB , 1080x720 , additional_quantity_of_cephalopod.png )

Moriko: "Fine, you can have it!"

Moriko rids herself of both bikini top and squid.

Elena: "Give me a second, off you get you little-"

Something heavy thumps to the ground behind Moriko.
No. 130888 ID: 9c4f92
File 156777021701.png - (122.12KB , 800x1000 , succumb_to_unfathomable_bloodlust.png )

It's free meat, it's self defence, Alice has to. One bite can't hurt!
No. 130889 ID: bf2179

yep, go wild.
No. 130890 ID: 11f77a
File 156779732282.png - (549.21KB , 960x796 , vik_4.png )

Victor: G-get... off me... Sashi!

Victor: Getting... sunburn! Giant... squid!

Victor: Cybil neeeeeds my help!

Sashi: Only if you promise to give me your allowance!

Victor: Fiiiine! Just--ow! Let me free!

Sashi: Aaaand scrub the saunas for the next month!

Victor: Yes! Yes! Git off!
No. 130891 ID: 11f77a
File 156779739257.png - (536.43KB , 960x796 , vik_5.png )

Victor: Haha! Yes! Get ready to eat nitro, Ackbar!
No. 130892 ID: 11f77a
File 156779743846.png - (478.80KB , 960x796 , vik_6.png )



No. 130893 ID: 11f77a
File 156779761253.png - (577.58KB , 960x796 , vik_7.png )

Victor: Huuuuh...

Victor: This t-shirt cannon requires a specific type of ammunition.

Victor: It's breezy of a sudden...
No. 130899 ID: bef60d

Welp, better call in Eudora.
No. 130900 ID: 15a025
File 156781127041.png - (6.48KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

Marsh: "Never thought I'd say I miss the cold weather back-."

Skedif: "Pardon again ma'am. Could I bother you for another orange juice?"

Marsh: "Sure. I think I might have to pour something for myself here too. I'm not used to this hot weather."
No. 130901 ID: 15a025
File 156781129434.png - (4.87KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

Marsh: "Huh, that's strange? Who put all these chains and locks on my cooler?"
No. 130902 ID: 15a025
File 156781131376.png - (5.63KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

Roxie: "Oh, there you are. Where'd you get the watermelon Candy?"

Raven: "Over here! Would you like a piece?"

Roxie: "I'm not sure..."

Candy: "What? Don't tell me you'd turn down some free fruit? Come on, it's pretty good."

Roxie: "Alright, sure. Cut me a slice too, please."

Raven: "Huh? That's strange. Lucy did you see where the knife went?"

Lucy: "Don't worry, it's right over here."
No. 130909 ID: 1f812f
File 156788335380.png - (471.46KB , 960x926 , lewdincrease.png )

Lizzy:"Hey, how does that thing operate? Is it purely mechanical? It's not magic is it? What's the power supply? How do you get such a complex effect from such a compact design? Can I take it apart to see how it works?"
No. 130918 ID: 8275cf
File 156806751265.png - (348.99KB , 739x684 , KoPbeach16.png )

Vivian continues her battle against the Kraken

she's a little worse for wear from all the explosions but her enthusiasm and enthusiasm haven't dulled in the slightest
No. 130920 ID: 891b91
File 156811191978.png - (293.49KB , 800x800 , beachday_2019_05.png )

AGENT P: What's that? I sense... nudity!

AGENT R: Oh boy! My favorite state of undress!

AGENT P: This isn't a nude beach, Agent R! Hurry, we have to put a stop to it immediately!

AGENT R: This will surely be the most difficult challenge I have ever faced in my thirty-minute career as a Federal Beach Inspector!
No. 130921 ID: 891b91
File 156811192967.png - (439.98KB , 800x800 , beachday_2019_06.png )

AGENT P: That is inappropriate beach attire, citizen! Use this conspicuous black retangle to cover yourself!

AGENT R: Huh, these things are kinda neat...
No. 130922 ID: 891b91
File 156811194391.png - (424.91KB , 800x800 , beachday_2019_07.png )

AGENT R: This goes against everything I stand for, but rules 're rules! Nice dick by the way.

AGENT P: Agent R, where did your uniform go?!

AGENT R: What, that old thing? Ditched it. These conspicuous black rectangles are a helluva lot less restrictive!

translucent censor bars: https://imgur.com/a/OaKdNLN
No. 130936 ID: 1f812f
File 156816905790.png - (338.89KB , 1024x768 , gettheebehindmesatan.png )

Reefa: "Wilt in the glory of the sun, for you are nothing but a shadow of evil. Know that your stench cannot stain the purity of our heart and wilt before our courage. Your hellfire burns only with the heat of sin, the true believers give you no fuel. Our faith is our shield, fear your only weapon. Begone, unclean one. Be cast back into perdition and trouble the righteous no more. Return to the depths of the hateful pit that spawned you!"
No. 130937 ID: 1f812f
File 156816907777.png - (146.71KB , 1024x768 , snort.png )

Leimahtaa snorts.
No. 130956 ID: b5fb67
File 156843195163.png - (1.61MB , 1431x1125 , Beach Day 2019 Sand Fall.png )

Sarah falls and conveniently grazes a nearby bush. She hits the sand with a THUD.
No. 130957 ID: b5fb67
File 156843196060.png - (1.29MB , 1200x913 , Beach Day 2019 Sand Fall 2.png )

Elena: "Hang on, Sarah! I have a towel for you!"

Sarah: *embarrassed whimper*
No. 130958 ID: 8275cf
File 156843514472.png - (347.29KB , 739x684 , BD19Oken.png )

Oken: "Hey the BDPD doesn't need you perverted FBI pencil pushers around streaking and making a mess of our operation.
we're far better equipped to get this nudity problem locked down."
No. 130960 ID: 1f812f
File 156848138007.png - (357.28KB , 878x861 , weaponsofmassdresstruction.png )

Oken: "I will not stand for this! I won't let amoral degenerates like you prevent me from bringing order and decency to these proceedings!"

While Oken is ranting, Lizzy steals borrows Victor's t-shirt cannon.

Lizzy: "So you just push this button here?"

Victor: "No! Do not shoot it!"

Lizzy: "Fool, bunny does as she pleases."
No. 130961 ID: 1f812f
File 156848147072.png - (201.07KB , 1024x768 , moredakka.png )


No. 130962 ID: b3c4cf

Oh deer. Well, at least Oken's badge was spared.

I wonder what the Kraken thinks of these subjugation attempts.
No. 130964 ID: 11f77a
File 156848565664.png - (719.14KB , 1021x883 , cyb_10.png )

Cybil: FBI? FBI?! Listen here, land-shark. The BDPD has, uh, everything under control and we don't need your faces stickin' in our business!

Cybil: I'll have you know that the More Kraken, discovered by oceanographer Deln Jebediah More the Third, is listed as an endangered species and you shouldn't resort to such reckless violence you brought upon it.

Cybil: Not only that, but you've polluted its natural habitat with your vehicle, and you'll be penalized accordingly!
No. 130965 ID: bef60d

Maybe firing cybil’s bubble at the squid will defeat it?
No. 130976 ID: 8275cf
File 156870057042.png - (293.91KB , 739x684 , BD19Rynh.png )

The bucket squids freed from their red prison go on a rampage!

Rynh: "Hey! What the hell!? Get this thing offa me!"

Jehral: "The officers were saying not to mess with the squids. It's probably better to let nature take its course."
No. 130978 ID: 91ee5f

No, the officers were saying not to mess with the giant squid. These normal sized squids are fair game.
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