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File 156528145761.png - (773.79KB , 780x815 , beachpoleese_day.png )
130632 No. 130632 ID: 11f77a

It's the sandiest day ever where quest characters can hang together at the beach! Bask in the aura of ultraviolet rays and salty air.

You best behave lest the beach police catches you—for they'll be doubling down on their lewdness protocols. We're also hiring.

Previous Beach Days:
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No. 130633 ID: 828432
File 156529951220.gif - (33.42KB , 512x512 , Beach.gif )

"All hail Her Grace, Lady Moreno Ellaine of the Royal Blood, second of her name, Princess Regent!"

Reno considers herself above the law, especially where regulations on lewdness are concerned.
No. 130634 ID: 828432
File 156530257025.gif - (22.29KB , 512x512 , Beach2.gif )

Eth says she's happy she gets to experience the beach for the first time.

Thorne says she wants to join the Beach Police, since it'll probably give her an excuse to beat up Eth.
No. 130635 ID: b5fb67
File 156530758505.png - (594.77KB , 1200x1190 , Beach Day 2019 0.png )

No. 130636 ID: 15a025
File 156530860197.png - (6.17KB , 800x600 , 1.png )

Marsh: "Alright, you got all the glasses numbered Roxie?"

Roxie: "Yeah."

Marsh: "Alright, go setup the limbo game then."
No. 130637 ID: 15a025
File 156530861974.png - (4.20KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

Roxie: "Yeah, already done as well."
No. 130638 ID: 15a025
File 156530864324.png - (5.97KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

Marsh: "Alright. Thanks for helping Roxie. Now it's time to start advertising."

Roxie: "Yeah, I'm going to go hop in the water and try to see where Candy wandered off too."

Marsh: "Suit yourself then. Cold drinks! Ice cold drink! We got it all to cool you off!"

Marsh: "Special offer! How low can you go? Grab a drink and play some limbo! Each glass has a number at the bottom to tell how low you gotta go. Prove your skill and win another drink free! How long and low can you go?"

Feel like taking a shot at limbo? roll a 2d5. The number of your first roll is how low to set your bar. A 5 gives you the highest and easiest spot, a 1 has get all the way down to the lowest spot. The second number you roll gives you an idea of if you make it through. Since everyone's characters are different heights, I'll leave the odds of success are up to you.
No. 130639 ID: 11f77a
File 156530987969.png - (462.91KB , 700x604 , kyzil_1.png )

Kyzil: Park it there, dolls.

Kyzil: This spot is perfect to watch losers lose!
No. 130640 ID: 6a2d5d
File 156531320870.png - (80.82KB , 2040x1260 , kaboom.png )

Well, best hope no one's in the water yet.

Isador doesn't seem to have any control over his newly-found electromancy powers.
No. 130642 ID: 3d1dd5
File 156534734028.png - (37.43KB , 720x1080 , volleyball_da_rules.png )

Deem: "Goooood morning, I hope everyone's enjoying the sand and showing your defiance of the Sun's searing rays."

Deem: "Stay between the flags when swimming and keep between the minimum and maximum coverage swimsuit guidelines. Remember, there may be children and kobolds present!"

Deem: "Participation in the volleyball games this year means a fun time and a free drink at the beach bar! If regular volleyball doesn't excite you enough, OPTIONAL FIELD RULES have been added for a heart pounding adventure. Try them out!"

Pick one or roll a d10 for effect:

No. 130645 ID: 968283
File 156537870366.png - (34.53KB , 1024x1024 , tsu-beach-day-fkini.png )

"Whoooo! Who wants a taste of this fish? Heheh!"

Tsunami from Nice Save. Check out all the alts here (nsfw) https://k0bold.com/nsfwart/tsu-beach-day.zip
No. 130647 ID: b5fb67
File 156537879128.png - (487.51KB , 1000x1261 , Beach Day 2019 1.png )


Sarah: "What do you think? Should we go for modifiers?"

Elena: "I don't know... what is 'more squid?'"

Sarah: "I'm sure it will be doable. We're all athletes here!"

Elena: "I'm not really an at-"

Sarah: "Don't worry about it! We'll do just fine, I can feel it! Let's so do some volleyball!"

Sarah and Elena await contenders!
No. 130648 ID: 11f77a
File 156537896771.png - (490.43KB , 800x691 , vik_1.png )

rolled 4 = 4

Victor: A game of ducking under flimsy sticks? Please...

Victor: This'll be a cinch.
No. 130649 ID: 11f77a
File 156537977190.png - (409.98KB , 800x584 , vik_2.png )

rolled 3 = 3

Victor: Crawling out from under a Chupian dogpile's easier than this...
No. 130650 ID: a451fc
File 156538520521.png - (595.27KB , 1883x1115 , Beachday2019ArrayanSprite.png )

SPRITE: I don't think this beach is fishing allowed
ARRAYAN: We'll know when someone tries to stop me. Emphasis on Tries. I'm excited to fish somewhere where the fish won't try to curse me.
SPRITE: You'll at least leave the loincloth on like I told you to right? The beach police seem serious about the whole appropriate clothing thing
ARRAYAN: Getting sprayed with cold water on a hot day seems like more incentive to not wear clothes but fine.
SPRITE: Also maybe wait until that lightning cat person is out of the water...
No. 130651 ID: 11f77a
File 156538601028.png - (498.24KB , 800x584 , vik_3.png )

Deemus: I heard dogpile!


Sashi: Can you get any lower than this, Vik?
No. 130653 ID: 3d1dd5
File 156539206862.png - (148.42KB , 1120x850 , deemgeoneers_vs_junes_FIGHT.png )

rolled 10 = 10


Hin: "I'll take you on! You in, Moriko?"

Moriko: "What does this activity involve?"

Hin: "You hit the ball over the net, get a point if it touches the ground inside the court on the opposite side, impress Deem and can't hold the ball except to serve."

Moriko: "I will participate."

Hin: "Great! OK, let's get some RULES in here."
No. 130654 ID: b5fb67
File 156541978541.png - (693.01KB , 1390x1394 , Beach Day 2019 MoreSquid.png )


Sarah: "What a strange modifier... anyways! Zero-zero! Servi- ACK!"

Sarah is immediately assailed by several squids. More squids, even. Despite this, the ball gets served and makes it over the net!
No. 130656 ID: 11f77a
File 156545332938.png - (461.66KB , 750x639 , eud_1.png )

Eudora: Alright chumps, when you're all done playing patty-cake it's time for a real match against team Punch Buggy!

Eudora: Who dares?

Eudora: Ganymede, stand in the corner and don't move.
No. 130657 ID: 8275cf
File 156546655038.png - (241.28KB , 739x684 , KoPbeach4.png )

Princess Reefa:'hello citizens of beachday 2019! I hope everyone is having a fun, safe and socially appropriate good time!

on behalf of everyone here I would like to thank the BDPD for ensuring this wonderful event stay clean and family friendly for all to enjoy!

finally an important reminder to respect everone else and the all the laws in place.
This applies to everyone regardless of caste or status. not even royalty like myself are above decency and etiquette! '

No. 130658 ID: eeb7d9

What is this? the 900's? Get those clothes off! You will suffer a heat stroke!
No. 130660 ID: b5fb67
File 156547739976.png - (274.07KB , 738x683 , Beach Day 2019 MoreSquid 2.png )


In an attempt to dislodge the More Squids, Sarah kicks off several of the cephalopods...

...which land right on Princess Reefa with a loud *splut.*
No. 130662 ID: 8d26c4
File 156549748622.jpg - (367.88KB , 640x720 , Macha1.jpg )

Lil' Macha: Cyyyybil! I wanna be a BEACH POPO like YOU!! Did Mr. Victor like the Pokémon game I gave him at Christmas? Did you like the juice Mama gave you? Do I get a gun!? Can I bite people? Cybil, did you know LOODS make BABIES? I figured out that Mama and Daddy and Mimi do too much LOODS and then gross stuff happens and I get ANOTHER sister! Did you know I have TWO sisters? I figured out the LOODS make babies. I don't want any more babies. So I figured out ... I figured... Did you know LOODS make babies and if I am Beach Popo I can stop people from making SO MANY BABIES! I'M TIRED OF BABIES! DID YOU KNOW MY MOMMA LIKES MAKING BABIES A LOT? Cybil you never made a lood right? I figured out that's why you don't have babies is because you're not LOOD like my momma and daddy and mimi are.

Macha finally stops briefly to collect her breath.

Lil' Macha: Cybil if I am a Beach Popo do I get a gun or do I bite people?
No. 130668 ID: b5fb67
File 156556682783.png - (1.06MB , 1444x1432 , Beach Day 2019 MoreSquid 3.png )

rolled 10 = 10
Sarah attempts to dig a More Squid out of her bikini bottoms while serving.

Sarah: "Zero-zero! Service!"

The ball goes over the net towards Hin.
No. 130669 ID: b5fb67


No! No more squid! We're doing 6. RANDOMISE SPORTSBALL now!
No. 130670 ID: ad51b8

the squids are invading!
No. 130672 ID: 8275cf

squid-pocalypse now!
No. 130673 ID: 58b4f3

>Sarah attempts to dig a More Squid out of her bikini bottoms while serving.
I've seen enough Japanese media to know where this is going!
No. 130677 ID: 11f77a
File 156562305445.png - (378.66KB , 800x620 , cyb_1.png )

Cybil: Slow down there, cadet! Quite a long line of… uhm, exciting questions you have! Mr. Yamelle-Dama loves your gift and likes to have lots of, er, pokermen to collect! Yes!

Cybil: So you want to be a lifeguard like me, huh? I’m flattered!
No. 130678 ID: 11f77a
File 156562309494.png - (459.28KB , 800x599 , cyb_2.png )

Cybil: Being an official Beach Police Officer takes a looot of responsibility, though.

Cybil: We don’t stop the lewds with guns or biting, but blowing a whistle and yelling at them! Repeat offenders get to take a break in the Beeeeeach Jail!

Cybil: Take this official beach visor and plastic whistle and look for any inappropriate behavior to report back. Collect enough points and you can win some beach prizes!

Cybil: I’ll even let you use the MEGAPHONE if you do a fantastic job.
No. 130679 ID: d120e3

>giving a whistle to a child
what have you done.
No. 130683 ID: 3d1dd5
File 156569917291.png - (33.91KB , 800x1000 , beach_2019_hindered.png )

rolled 6 = 6

The volleyball becomes a beach volleyball on this serve. How dastardly!

Between a ball switch and the distraction of additional squid on the court and in the audience, Hin fumbles the return.

Hin: "Ack! You can keep changing the rules? Well two can play at that game!"

Hin serves the ball.
No. 130685 ID: b5fb67
File 156575852823.png - (417.52KB , 1000x1061 , Beach Day 2019 Whoops.png )

rolled 8 = 8


Elena runs up what she thinks would be an easy block...

...but then barely dodges out of the way as the light, soft beach ball becomes a hard and deadly bowling ball.


Sarah: "This is starting to get dangerous! Also, I guess we're tied now?"

Sarah, not even attempting to serve the bowling ball, gets another volleyball and serves it.

Sarah: "One-one, service!"
No. 130686 ID: 8d26c4
File 156576625340.jpg - (465.09KB , 640x720 , WhistleblowMacha1.jpg )


No. 130687 ID: 46e450

>giving a whistle to a child
No. 130691 ID: 1f812f
File 156582604681.png - (273.05KB , 1024x768 , excessivemollusk.png )

Defiance of the dice gods and the shrill whistling and braying of a goat child has caused the emergence of a More Kraken.
No. 130693 ID: 4ce75d

It is everything I could ever have hoped for.
No. 130695 ID: 864e49


No. 130699 ID: b5fb67
File 156585512366.png - (573.28KB , 1400x831 , Beach Day 2019 4.png )


Sarah spies the kraken emerge from the surf.

Sarah: "Damn it! I didn't wait a year to have an overgrown Squidward interrupt a volleyball match. Hold on while I deal with this."

Sarah runs towards the kraken. Elena adjusts her bikini bottoms.
No. 130702 ID: 3d1dd5
File 156587992579.png - (116.96KB , 900x750 , whose_cat_is_this.png )


Deem: "No water hazards between the flags!"

Being made of clay and difficult to electrocute, Deem picks up Isador and prepares to deposit him outside the flags, next to the kraken. This will clearly neatly resolve both problems and definitely not just make one or both of them angry.

Deem: "Clear the water! Sea monster on the beach!"
No. 130703 ID: 6a2d5d
File 156590739057.png - (20.85KB , 1760x1280 , AAAA2.png )

Isador doesn't seem too fond of that idea, much less fighting a gigantic creature he's never seen before.

"Hey wAIT WHAT-"
No. 130708 ID: 8d26c4
File 156592420797.jpg - (336.50KB , 640x720 , Spike1.jpg )


No. 130709 ID: 8d26c4
File 156592513684.jpg - (210.93KB , 640x720 , wut.jpg )

Sarah: Wut.
No. 130710 ID: 8d26c4
File 156592586292.jpg - (289.12KB , 640x720 , Spike2.jpg )

Spike: THROW ME!!!
No. 130711 ID: 8d26c4
File 156592748161.jpg - (288.69KB , 640x720 , wut2.jpg )

Kitty: Just chuck the idiot at the squid, sweetie.
No. 130712 ID: 8d26c4
File 156592811609.jpg - (204.64KB , 640x720 , Spike3.jpg )

Spike: There's a squid?
No. 130713 ID: 8d26c4
File 156592813892.jpg - (260.71KB , 640x720 , wut3.jpg )

Kitty: Oh holy cow. Toss him now.
No. 130716 ID: 8275cf
File 156594371590.png - (214.33KB , 739x684 , KoPbeach5.png )

Princess Reefa: Small child and/or thin dwarf what in the world what in the world are you making such a racket about?
No. 130717 ID: 8275cf
File 156594389786.png - (345.80KB , 739x684 , KoPbeach6.png )

Princess Reefa:'is it that you smell the succulent roast flesh of these deliciously cooked sea creatures? I'm more than willing to share if so!'
No. 130721 ID: 11f77a
File 156597288296.png - (473.67KB , 800x609 , cyb_3.png )

Cybil: All parties must proceed with utmost caution! Hnngk!

Cybil: Dammit! A close call. Shin guard damage. But vitals are still in check...

Cybil: Initiating a blinding screen in response!
No. 130722 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156598006936.gif - (40.64KB , 800x600 , Beach Day 2019 - 1.gif )

Raven: "Phew! Thank you for helping me carry all these watermelons, Lucy!"

Lucy: "It's no problem!"

Raven: "Now we just have to cut em, put em in these biodegradable plates and hand em to whoever wants some!... Wait, where did I put my knife? Dang!"

Lucy: "... I didn't bring my axe. I knew I should have brought it."

Raven: "Uhh! Actually I have an idea! You can break em open with your thighs!"

Lucy: "Uhwhaaa? My what now? Are you sure people will be fine with this?"

Raven: "I can't speak for everyone, but I'm sure enough wouldn't mind...?"

Lucy: "Well... Alright. We did bring lots of em, I can break a couple open until we find something to properly cut them open..."
No. 130723 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156598007717.gif - (231.60KB , 800x600 , Beach Day 2019 - 2Anim.gif )


Raven: "Hhh-Heck Yeah!"
No. 130724 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156598008471.gif - (61.31KB , 800x1200 , Beach Day 2019 - 3.gif )

Lucy: "There! Ah, wait, Raven. Even after I pull the cracked watermelon apart with my hands, we just end up with 2 big pieces, how are we suppose to cut them into proper portions to hand out?"

Raven: "Oh don't worry, we can cut the rest with this knife!"

Lucy: "..."

Raven: "...hh hahah Don't be mad please. "

Raven: "I swear some people will like the ones you crack open!"

Lucy: "That seems unlikely, but ok."
No. 130725 ID: b5fb67
File 156598171691.png - (861.55KB , 800x1033 , Beach Day 2019 Launch Spike.png )


Sarah: "Okay, if I aim this right..."


Sarah: "Gonna need you to stop talking now."
No. 130726 ID: 8d26c4
File 156598308308.jpg - (206.00KB , 640x720 , Combat.jpg )

Sarah attacks!
No. 130727 ID: ac7374

Raven you devil! Bless you.
No. 130728 ID: 8d26c4
File 156598316497.jpg - (208.97KB , 640x720 , Combat2.jpg )

No. 130729 ID: 8d26c4
File 156598328256.jpg - (217.81KB , 640x720 , Combat3.jpg )

Kraken was hit for 213 damages!
Kraken hit with GOD DAMMIT SPIKE for 3 turns!

Yes, it's a real status ailment.
Yes it is.
No. 130730 ID: 1fd9ec

Thirsty bird.
No. 130735 ID: 3d1dd5
File 156610216220.png - (122.33KB , 900x720 , bolleyball_intermission.png )

Hin: Something more important than volleyball? Laaaame. I swear, one squid and everyone panics. It's ridiculous, isn't it Moriko?

Moriko: "..."
No. 130736 ID: b5fb67


Uh oh!
No. 130737 ID: 8d26c4
File 156610692127.jpg - (344.17KB , 640x720 , Macha3.jpg )


No. 130738 ID: 91ee5f

No, you fool! You’re going to summon another More Kraken!
No. 130740 ID: 9501a2

Just so I'm not holding anything up, not going to be in a position to do beach day stuff until the weekend. If needed, take liberties!
No. 130741 ID: 1f812f
File 156617313378.png - (306.63KB , 698x694 , Goattoss.png )

No. 130742 ID: 1f812f
File 156617315069.png - (119.70KB , 726x481 , blastingoffagain.png )

No. 130743 ID: 1f812f
File 156617322168.png - (248.22KB , 747x768 , theherowedeserve.png )

Jehral: "Did you just throw a child into the ocean?!"
Rynh: "No, Jehral. I LAUNCHED a child into the ocean and I know in my heart that it was the right thing to do."
No. 130744 ID: 2df440

Yay! Mission accomplished!
No. 130745 ID: b5fb67
File 156619838197.png - (1.11MB , 1000x1093 , Beach Day 2019 Launch BowlingBall.png )

"Bowling ball... GO!"

Sarah TK throws the bowling ball at the kraken.
No. 130747 ID: f57349

Don't worry. Macha got violently launched into the ocean and then fought a squid while being insulted by Rynh on the very first Beach Day, so if she dies from that now, while she's younger, it'll cause a time paradox.

...okay, maybe that is something to worry about.
No. 130748 ID: eebdb0

But Macha was younger when she was older, now she's older than when she was old as a child.
No. 130749 ID: eeb7d9

I understand that you had to do it, but maybe you overdid it a bit there? Someone is going to have to go pick her up, before the parents find out... especially her mom.

I want a pice, thank you!
No. 130750 ID: 8d26c4


Macha was a spirit at that point, and basically not really all that physical. Right now she's an actual 6-year old child, she can't swim well and will definitely drown (and could drown even just a short distance from shore) so I'm working on rescue and had to scrap a picture of Nem going into action to reel in her daughter in exchange for Nem launching into action to save her daughter.

>I understand that you had to do it, but maybe you overdid it a bit there? Someone is going to have to go pick her up, before the parents find out... especially her mom.

Don't worry, Rynh is too popular to die, right? She's got a quest to finish or something? Nem's not allowed to kill before the actors have finished their parts.

(Keep this passive-aggressive shit out of the thread, it isn't just a vehicle for you to tell your story uninterrupted.)
No. 130751 ID: b1b4f3

Why are you being a big drama baby about this? Just handwave it so she's within swimming distance of the beach.
No. 130752 ID: 75cede

It's absurd for you to be complaining about a character running around being a nuisance getting their comeuppance. Not to mention suddenly talking about realistic consequences for something as cartoonish as getting punted dozens of feet into the ocean.
No. 130753 ID: 567477

This day is cursed! CUUURSED!!
No. 130754 ID: 8d26c4

Just replying to someone who voiced concerns over the same thing going through my mind.
No. 130756 ID: 094f95


Beach Days are supposed to be goofy collaborative nonsense. You know, for fun.
No. 130759 ID: 8275cf
File 156627928878.png - (246.81KB , 739x684 , KoPbeach7.png )

Vivian Hearth: 'Thar she blows! push me fasted Ladis! once I harpoon this beasty the bounty will be mine!'
No. 130760 ID: f57349

Could have Macha bounce off the water like a skipping stone a few times https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/a_zone_ch04#22 then crash into Vivian's boat. Minimal risk of drowning if there's a floatation device and semi-friendly fish-person.
No. 130761 ID: 8d26c4
File 156632397120.jpg - (73.25KB , 640x720 , ForJames.jpg )

Just for you James. Best lifeguards are mermaid lifeguards.
No. 130763 ID: 094652

Suddenly, space sharks. From space. Literally.

... Wait, they don't have spacesuits.
I think they're dead.
No. 130766 ID: b5fb67
File 156636568598.png - (457.51KB , 1000x1035 , Beach Day 2019 AngryKraken.png )

The kraken, now with a bowling ball and a Spike embedded in its body, becomes enraged.
No. 130770 ID: 11f77a
File 156641480501.png - (655.34KB , 1046x796 , cyb_4.png )

The enraged Kraken continues to toss Cybil around.

Cybil: H-hey! Tail pulling is off limits!

Cybil: Come on, gimmie a break here!
No. 130772 ID: 8275cf
File 156643022644.png - (314.51KB , 739x684 , KoPbeach8.png )

Vivian's harpoon hit's it's mark!
Vivian Hearth: "I strike at thee!"
No. 130773 ID: 8275cf
File 156643037672.png - (255.67KB , 739x684 , KoPbeach9.png )

but the cable wraps around her boot yanking it off has the tentacle flails

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