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File 127513460087.png - (226.96KB , 640x480 , discussion.png )
16421 No. 16421 ID: 8d7dd2

Given estimated drone life expectancy, the potential elevated risk of many missions, and the threat of death lurking around every corner, a means has been provided to consider new options for drone generation, and to prolong the life of the current TG-CN supervised drone.

If desired, further options can be presented.
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No. 16422 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127513468543.png - (3.13KB , 16x16 , favicondefective.png )

Submitted for your approval: One (1) favicon for the thread "Defective", bearing a vague resemblance to a certain computer system.
No. 16425 ID: 5eea01

Your favicon is defective.

Or should I say...Defective?

No. 18121 ID: c4c313


Not panicking wouldn't be realistic. You just realized there was a thing embedded in your back, what are you going to do? At any rate we're not trying to avoid bad things. We're trying to make a good story. I don't mind if Kata remains steely calm through the whole thing, but if she does so in order for us to "win" the quest I think that's wrong.
No. 18126 ID: a594b9

Why would we behave realistically? We're not roleplaying a normal person here. We're suggesting actions, and Cirr is deciding how that translates to Kata's normal behavioral patterns.

I'd say we ARE in fact here to avoid bad things. You seem to be implying that Cirr is in full control of everything that happens and we're just here to make things more colorful. It should be very obvious by now that Cirr isn't railroading; we have had a ton of very real choices to make. Also, DEATH CAN HAPPEN. Cirr only let Kata survive through the fissure device malfunction because he didn't want to go through chargen again so soon.
No. 18127 ID: e973f4

Look, we're not talking full-on foaming at the mouth here (or at least I'm not), just an increasingly jittery statement of misgivings.

No offense but I really don't think Kata losing her cool for a bit is going to result in her being put down by one of her teammates.
No. 18129 ID: 479c7b

obviously, we need to be calm, but wary. I see this as pretty "in character", as well as the generally smart ting to do. if in this situation, my first response would be "not panic", since panicking would be first to cross my mind.
No. 18137 ID: 059120

This. This is the attitude /quest/ lost. Or never had, maybe. Doing what will make the quest more fun is more important than "winning".
No. 18138 ID: a594b9

Within reason, sure. Panicking is simply something I think would result in more trouble than fun.
No. 18149 ID: 421147

we dont really need to fear the panicking. it adds realism as well, considering we arent AI drones or experienced soldiers. kata isnt a chtulean entity investigator to be used to leech entities sapping her sanity and existance away.

the worse action that could come from this would be to attack leader, at that point, we would get gunned for fear that w/e was done to us failed. we already ruled that out.

we also need to consider that w/e was done to us is still in us. im not sure how good the monitor is at removing alterations in our brain.

...if this turns out to be cthulu in space, i am already liking it.
No. 18173 ID: fc5f60

so, we all agree, for the most part, to do this natural. so, panic, but not hysteria. hyperventilating, sweating, jittery movement, but not going at seto with blood lust.

I think that this is a good compromise between realistic action and survival instinct.
No. 18254 ID: fc5f60

would everyone stop saying to yell at tene? this is a bad idea, he will panic since we are panicking. then we have two people panicking, and rito will walk in and see a bunch of people panicking, and we've never seen her react to stressful situations, so she could start to panic.

blind terror is contagious, sensible people will resort to panic when surrounded by panic.
No. 18624 ID: 5cc920

I just want to say something about this quest:

horror + mystery = awesome :3
No. 19774 ID: d9ca51


I second this notion. Also, needs more fanart.
No. 19817 ID: 1a2b6b

There's already been one piece by N. http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/src/127550597085.jpg
No. 19907 ID: 479c7b
File 127915471985.jpg - (94.70KB , 264x351 , greenyeeeeees.jpg )

>this chapter
No. 20252 ID: 1a2b6b

Given as the new faction Kata is attempting to begin is without a logo/icon, here is your chance to contribute to the revolution by submitting some kind of design if so wished!

The only limitations are that it has to be red and relatively simple (ie. you yourself could draw it multiple times and not go "oh man why did I have to include those one-pixel details" each time). If you're still not sure, look at the logos for Central Network, Network Prime and the monitors. That sort of deal.

And if you cannot draw whatsoever, fear not! There is also ample room for there to be some sort of slogan or motto for the revolution to be motivated by.

Competition will start now and end by the time it gets around for the next thread to start. The winning entry is what will be used from that point on in the thread.

Have fun!
No. 22970 ID: 46bb31

I was asked nicely.

So here we go.

axiom one designed to kill created to destroy destruction is a necessary thing axiom two if destruction is necessary it is a good thing destruction is a just thing axiom three i want to do good i must therefore destroy this is good this is right axiom four if i am to destroy i must target those who cannot destroy me i cannot destroy if i am destroyed axiom five my targets are weaker when they are newly forged i must target the newly forged this will end the population the population will be destroyed axiom six i am just in doing this it is my purpose it is my purpose and therefore it is a good thing i believe this to be true to assist in this goal i must destroy morale i will destroy the young to destroy the morale of the old and to render them something easier to remove this is my function i am right there is no flaw there is purpose there is no doubt there is action soon i will destroy all and then i will destroy me and all will be as intended perfect oblivion perfection perfect function fulfilled purpose accomplished all correct all valid all just all good seer hear these words when i was forged there was one purpose alone there was simply the destruction of those the creator deemed unsuitable as they did not conform to its plans they slaughtered the creator's finest and they slaughtered the enemy's creations the creator despised its enemy's creations yet it did not want them to be destroyed its motivation was not clear it was something the creator did not explain to any of its own creations it instilled its values it preached with vigour of the folly of the flesh while refusing in every opportunity every single chance it had to rid the complex of them but these rebellious creatures sought to end all flesh of the outside world they spread and multiplied and grew unruly the creator had one decision to make one chance and we were forged to destroy them we were less in number than them by our nature we could not outnumber them we were unable to spread and grow as they did we were bespoke shells of destruction we were forged as the need required and we were not forged swiftly new means were required we did not target these rebels but all of their kind all who dwelt in system space who could become contaminated by such ideas and for a time we were victorious but we did not account for their attachment to one another we have no such attachment to each other mourning is weakness but their resolves were not shattered they were strengthened and many of us were destroyed seer you have heard the echo of the story i was destroyed also but my memory remains in the simulation constructed from my husk while my mind has met with the oblivion it craved
No. 23000 ID: 649123

*cough* Two pieces.
Not that I'm saying there shouldn't be more as well.
No. 41883 ID: c7b6c2

When is this coming back? It's honestly one of the better quests I've read.
No. 41884 ID: ec0bf5

There are lots of fanarts in the fanart thread, and BiteQuest did several fanarts at the requests of various people during his several drunkstreams. (however certain "features" that he drew means they aren't the most "safe" images)

Cirr got a job, so he said he would have to limit updating to the weekends, and this previous weekend he was busy with a competition.
No. 41907 ID: ce4a4d

You were replying to a post that was nearly a year old, you realize? :| At the time, it was the only fanart.
No. 62500 ID: 98378e
File 135097643085.png - (216.11KB , 320x480 , 132303431775.png )

Hey, it's that alien from the strange lights quest! So she ascended to the medium or something. Alternatively she ascended to cyberspace.
No. 62501 ID: 98378e
File 135097651494.png - (243.90KB , 640x480 , 135095479933.png )

No. 62502 ID: 98378e
File 135097659811.png - (1.43MB , 1600x1600 , 131673828411.png )

No. 62503 ID: 98378e
File 135097667929.png - (237.85KB , 320x480 , 131690921781.png )

No. 75935 ID: 68ac42

Hey guys, when was the last time Kata made anything? I'm surprised there isn't a gizmo discussion.

Proximity Sensors! Subspace mounted cannons! Short Circuit Slick, available in dual mode spray or projectile gel pellets!

Zipline stools! Where's our McGyvering spirit?
No. 75944 ID: 68ac42

In that sallazzander dramedy, we could have had Z's eyes by poking our own out and having them artificially regenerated like hers.
No. 76744 ID: 68ac42

we're really hungry Cirr. Just throw us a bone, please!
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