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No. 177 ID: b44a84

In the event that you actually want to discuss my humble attempt at a Collective game, this is the place to do it... Have fun.
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No. 188 ID: 481b76

I'm enjoying it so far - the art is very, very good. I know you're also waiting for participation, so just try to keep at it. One suggestion, for parts that require multiple pictures or for sections where it's pretty clear what we'd be doing, is to just upload a series of images all at once.

Good luck!
No. 192 ID: 2023c6

Thanks for the suggestion and feedback. I'm currently cut off from my Photoshop-PC, so I won't be able to upload any more tonight. :/
No. 403 ID: 6b26df

I changed the style a bit. Which one did you prefer?
No. 405 ID: acdc9b

I liked the old one more. Less messy.

Plus the use of color was awesome. (unless this new scene is just using gray and the lack of color isn't part of the new style)
No. 426 ID: 6faa8c

That first girl near the start of the quest? I want to see her again. She's adorable.
No. 444 ID: 77e036

Yeah, messiness...
Sorry about that. Turns out, I just suck at drawing straight lines.

You might meet her again...
No. 445 ID: acdc9b

Actually, I think the style is growing on me. Gives it a feeling of the unreal, as though it's just a dream that's slightly out of focus.

I'm really liking this so far.
No. 446 ID: 77e036

I'm glad to hear that. I promise things are going to get more colourful later.
No. 447 ID: 77e036
File 124950409754.png - (197.73KB , 800x600 , 065.png )

For Trip!
No. 451 ID: 6faa8c

No. 452 ID: 227d44


Fixed for you~
No. 453 ID: 227d44

Moon, I fucking love your style.
No. 454 ID: 77e036

Just for you, Trip.

Why, thank you, Leaver!
No. 455 ID: 227d44

No problem. Besides, as a shitty artist, I can recognize better art styles immediately!
No. 457 ID: f4b4a0
File 124951919785.png - (35.52KB , 215x353 , Corvifolk.png )

I am still hardly worth your praise. Daniel's face never looks the same in any two pics.

Yeah, I need to sleep now, butI've got a little goodie for you guys as a parting gift.
No. 458 ID: 227d44

At least you can draw basic shapes consistently.
No. 459 ID: 6faa8c

Will two-tone show up again?
No. 462 ID: f4b4a0


Hey, Trip. I got a quiz for you. What does one do, when one wants to see someone again?
No. 471 ID: acdc9b

You're style is incredibly messy. It looks rushed. And yet it works perfectly because it almost makes the viewer strain to see what's going, as though the image is slightly out of focus. I absolutely loved the scene with Maja. Such a normal occurrence, yet the fact that we can't see her eyes makes it feel sinister, like it's leading up to something epic. I love it!

Call them?
No. 472 ID: f4b4a0

Yes. I'd love to be able to say that that is intentional, but it's not. D:
Thanks anyway.

Now assume you don't have their number.
No. 473 ID: acdc9b

Heh, oh well.

Well, it depends on the setting, what skills and material I have at my disposal and how much time I have and how badly I want to see them again.

I could hire a private detective to case the area where the meeting took place, gather evidence and testimony to establish a reliable account of what took place. If no cameras happened to catch sight of the target, bring in a sketch artist and circulate the resulting image in the local media.

If absolutely no trace is found besides my own memory, then I'd turn to a hypnotist and a sketch artist.
No. 474 ID: f4b4a0

Search her...
That's what I was aiming for.
But your ideas are awesome anyway.
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