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File 125427722759.png - (565.20KB , 1080x1316 , part 4.png )
3625 No. 3625 ID: ea5d5c

Discussion for 5 Project. This is extremely convenient, I must say, as a majority of the replies in the original were theories.
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No. 3772 ID: 6faa8c

Man if a girl started crying at the sight of me I'd leave too
No. 3773 ID: 8f3850


He's a surgeon. Sweet.
No. 3774 ID: 59334b

Oh shit, he's a contractor!
No. 3775 ID: f4874e

Seems like he's depressed by how he dropped the scalpel.
No. 3776 ID: 59334b

Never mind. That's number 2's room
No. 3777 ID: b1dfdf

New guy has scalpel, resercher lady was killed by a slit throat. Has he been here before, maybe?
No. 3779 ID: 8f3850

>Have Four try to watch the guy
Nice plan, lol.
No. 3780 ID: 59334b

That seems like the case. Maybe we can bring him to our side
No. 3781 ID: 8f3850

I have a sudden urge to stick alignments to every character.
No. 3782 ID: f4874e

So he did know her.
No. 3783 ID: 25db32

No. 3784 ID: 8f3850

whose hand is that?
No. 3785 ID: 59334b

The crying isn't from 5? Shit, what the hell?
No. 3786 ID: ea5d5c

No. 3787 ID: 8f3850

This guy was 2's friend.
2 exploded.
Guy cries.
No. 3788 ID: f4874e

Its probably 4's hand.
No. 3789 ID: 59334b

No. 3790 ID: 8f3850

Can theorize to a certain extent

*The guy was 2's friend, or at least a close acquaintance.
*The guy was probably watching Room 0 to see if 2 was with them.
*The guy may have come to this place to find 2. Now that 2 is gone, we will know what else motivates, or can motivate, him.
No. 3791 ID: 8f3850

Maybe we should try acting batshit insane to try to attract the man, too.
No. 3792 ID: f4874e

Doesn't sound like a good idea, might get 4 killed or something.
No. 3793 ID: 59334b

I guess he went to room 0 and approached the researcher to ask if she could save no. 2 from exploding. When the researcher couldn't provide the information, I'm guessing the guy killed her with a scalpel
No. 3796 ID: 8f3850

>"My sister."

No. 3797 ID: 95bbc6

Five is True Moe, Four is Lawful Moe, One is Truly Baked
No. 3798 ID: f4874e

Gah that hit me right in the gut.
No. 3799 ID: 7eda8b

Have you guys considered getting an IRC channel? This thread is going to get very large very quickly at this rate.
No. 3801 ID: 8f3850

Seems like a good idea.
No. 3802 ID: 8f3850

You know, depending on how he reacts, we might need that scalpel.
No. 3803 ID: f4874e

I personally like it here, but it's up to 5 to decide.
No. 3805 ID: ea5d5c

I concur, but I don't really know anything about IRC channels.
No. 3806 ID: 12f282

He moved away from the door when 5 started crying because of his scary eyeball.

And now he's crying because his sister is dead.

Hopefully, since he loved his sister, he'll be nice to the other girls, and we'll be able to convince him to help them.
No. 3807 ID: 8f3850

I'll make one.
No. 3808 ID: 7eda8b

I think you guys will prefer the immediacy of a channel.

They're not hard to make or to join. Just download software or pick a webclient, choose a network and type in a name.
No. 3809 ID: 12f282

>"You want out, right?"

"I couldn't save my sister. But maybe I can save these little girls instead."
No. 3810 ID: f4874e

How can we see pictures on irc?
No. 3811 ID: 8f3850

IRC channel made.

1. Go to Home in tgchan.org
2. Click the #tgchan link under IRC tab
3. In the same server you connect to, type /j #fivequest
No. 3812 ID: 1b47bc

The quest will still be on the thread, but discussion will move to the channel.
No. 3813 ID: e06ea4

http://www.rizon.net/chat.php and the choice of a channel name is all you need.

This thread doesn't have a single picture at the moment, but you could still put them here and link in irc.
No. 3814 ID: a7e570

IRC would be alright for discussions and whatnot, but not the actual quest. People would just clog it up.
No. 3816 ID: 8f3850

I made the channel, but it's nothing with you, OP.
No. 3817 ID: b1dfdf

I'm not so sure about letting our guard down. Guy doesnt seem hostile to us, but things seemed ok right before 5 got shot, too.
No. 3818 ID: f4874e

Gah I'm no good with irc.
No. 3819 ID: 7eda8b

It's not hard. Click on http://www.rizon.net/chat.php and type in a nickname and the channel name. Don't forget the pound sign.
No. 3820 ID: 9dcd8f

Gah. So I keep forgetting to check this thread while the other one goes on.
Multi-tasking... rather difficult. And now an IRC? Gah too busy...

Well you kiddos have fun. I think I'll just start lurking and screenshot-ing the thread for archival rars once OP is done with the story for today.

And have we decided what we will do from here on out? Stay here? Go back to /a/?
No. 3821 ID: ea5d5c
File 125428612882.png - (202.75KB , 1187x1654 , 5concept.png )

No. 3822 ID: 8f3850

We all saw 4's origins coming
No. 3825 ID: 9dcd8f

...I assume everyone's on IRC now.

Can you tell me how we decide on the next thread?
I suck at multi-tasking from /quest/ to image dumping to IMing to work and adding IRC will kill me.
No. 3892 ID: 8f3850

Main thread has a new post. Discussion on IRC.
Server is Razon, channel is #fivequest
No. 3911 ID: 9dcd8f

IRC newfag here. I have no idea how to get here.
No. 3912 ID: 8f3850

For ease of access, go to the [Home] page of tgchan. Click the #tgchan under the IRC tab. Type [[[ /join #fivequest ]]] in the same server window.
No. 3917 ID: 8f3850
File 125437330853.png - (21.25KB , 635x448 , wat.png )

My suggestion.
No. 3923 ID: ea5d5c
File 125438128253.png - (123.41KB , 640x480 , 11 3 color reference.png )

color reference, since they don't have one.
No. 3943 ID: ea5d5c

Since the link is dead, here are the archived threads-
No. 3983 ID: 6756f8

I just posted this in the wrong thread, so:

"Rest of the story" link is dead, can I get a new one?
No. 3984 ID: 6756f8

Oh lol, I should remember to always read through a thread before posting in it.
No. 4020 ID: 9dcd8f

New rar that's been updated today:

;_; I missed so much yesterday. IDF is sad...

I have no idea what happened to the old file. Maybe I accidentally deleted it.
No. 4021 ID: dd1372

Awesome, thanks a lot. I actually managed to find 5 and you guys again, so I'm pretty happy. When I checked out to see how people from /jp/ treated 5, and how /tg/ just deleted the thread, I frowned, but eh, that's 4chan for you.
No. 4025 ID: 9cc8fd

/tg/ had something deleted? Whoa, you sure? At least the thread about moving here wasn't deleted, just filled with whiners.
No. 4042 ID: 12f282

Some things to think about:

11 said he'd already been into the medical room and encountered Faceless.
Faceless had some shallow cuts on its chest that could have been made with 11's scalpel.
So who cut off Faceless' arms, and how did it end up lying in a bed?
Why didn't 11 see M2 (male 2) and Scytheman in the medical room the first time he went in?
Is the stuff covering Scytheman's mouth and eye related to Faceless (ie: is Faceless faceless because of that stuff?) It would make sense for it to be some sort of contagious disease since Faceless and Scytheman were both in the medical room... and if it is, we don't want the rest of the experiments to catch it.
Who put that camera in M2's eye? Is there someone else watching the lab through M2's camera eye? We need to be careful with M2.
No. 4053 ID: ea5d5c
File 125462430135.png - (214.09KB , 640x480 , #2 10 Haily color reference.png )

moar color refs.
No. 4057 ID: ea5d5c
File 125463825731.png - (552.42KB , 1238x1747 , numbers.png )

Totally forgot to post this haha. More arts.
No. 4058 ID: 12f282

Stupid sexy shirtless Eleven.
No. 4083 ID: 12f282
File 125472348145.png - (165.19KB , 469x428 , 34i2xe1.png )

OP posted this in the IRC channel.

"Problem, Protagonist?"
No. 4165 ID: 12f282

So... M2 was tsundere for 10, and apparently still has feelings for him, if his reaction to both 10's and his own precious memories are any indication.

But somewhere before 10 lost his mouth he went from being a moe crybaby to being an ass?

I was so cheerfully prepared to use M2 as the Character Everyone Loves to Hate, but this... ;___;

And don't even get me started on 4's memories... I wonder if she had any reaction to them, or if she'd butchered them so much as a psychological defense mechanism that they don't even affect her anymore.
No. 4166 ID: faa945

I don't think 10 is an ass...he sorta looks like he's crying in that last shot.

It could be he lied, considering that there was a good possibility that they'd die trying to escape.

4 is...yeah...
No. 4167 ID: 632862

I think M10 was just lashing out when he said that to M2. I mean, M2 had just tried to *strangle him to death*. M10 has been attacking M2 ever since, but neither can die, apparently.
No. 4415 ID: ea5d5c
File 125524284365.png - (77.86KB , 251x218 , 11 bitches and whores.png )

Yet another meme edited in a very 5Project fashion.
No. 4417 ID: 12f282

Stop being a misogynist Erebun-kun, I love you. ;__;
No. 4829 ID: 12f282

List of objectives (feel free to add to this):

- Rescue No. 5
- Get on No. 11's good side (impossible?)
- Resolve tension between No. 2 and No. 10?
- Find/recruit remaining live male experiment?
- Learn more about Hartmann facility?
- Learn more about the portals?
- Learn more about Alexander/Iada?
No. 4830 ID: b114ff

will someone post the irc information? server and channel
No. 4831 ID: b114ff

never mind found it, thanks green
No. 4833 ID: 12f282


Mission Control/Voice With An Internet Connection: Protagonist
Heroic Bystander/Action Survivor: Protagonist
Cute Mute: No. 5
Viewer Gender Confusion: No. 1 and No. 2 (male)
Badass Adorable: No. 1
Cloud Cuckoo Lander: No. 1
Psychic Powers: No. 1
The Lancer: No. 11
Jerk With A Heart Of Gold: No. 11
Big Brother Complex: Subverted; No. 11 had ulterior motives
Jerk Ass: No. 2 (male)
Ho Yay: No. 2 (male) and No. 10
Love Makes You Crazy: No. 2 (male) and No. 10
Shrinking Violet: No. 3
Trauma Induced Amnesia: No. 4
Meganekko: Hailey
The Ditz: Hailey
Tested On Humans: Self-explanatory
Tykebomb: The test subjects
Overdrawn At The Blood Bank/Only A Flesh Wound: Most of the test subjects
Crowning Moment Of Awesome: "What are you going to do, little boy?" "Shoot you."
Crowning Moment of Sadness: No. 5's "death"
Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: No. 11 giving No. 5 his shirt
No. 4835 ID: 12f282

The Pollyanna: No. 4
You Are Number Six: The test subjects
Magnificent Bastard: Professor Alexander
Hellish Pupils: No. 11
Red Eyes Take Warning: Boy in the blue screen
You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Justified with the test subjects as a side effect of experimentation
Magical Land: Through the portals
One Hit Kill: No. 1
Kryptonite Factor: No. 1's medication
No. 4843 ID: 12f282

Thread 1: http://archive.easymodo.net/cgi-board.pl/a/thread/25790666
Thread 2: http://archive.easymodo.net/cgi-board.pl/a/thread/25796377
Thread 3: http://archive.easymodo.net/cgi-board.pl/a/thread/25800435
Thread 4: http://archive.easymodo.net/cgi-board.pl/a/thread/25827976 (was spammed, but there are a couple plot posts in it)
Thread 5: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/556119.html
Thread 6: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/56795.html
Thread 7: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/62935.html (current)
No. 4874 ID: 21cc48


No. 5024 ID: 12f282

More of these:

Chronic Hero Syndrome: Protagonist
Healing Factor: Most of the test subjects
I Want My Beloved To Be Happy: No. 10
You Must Be Cold: No. 11 gives No. 5 his shirt (but to preserve her modesty, not to keep her warm)
Break The Cutie: No. 4
Tear Jerker: The Memory Machine
The Scrappy: No. 2 (male)
Tall Dark and Snarky: No. 11
No. 6042 ID: c5f90c
File 125792583956.png - (95.31KB , 640x480 , 5dtohc.png )

Eleven lurves Taylor Swift.

No. 6171 ID: c5f90c
File 125818663554.png - (13.98KB , 640x480 , n46paw.png )

Okay, so. P5 has too many quests, and that would mean a lot of threads. So let's just make this a discussion for all of her stuff. Yay.

Also: Tom from PrincessQuest.
No. 6182 ID: 12f282

Eventually I will get Maria to hug Tom.
No. 6202 ID: 068b0e

But what if there is an absence of notes to read?
No. 6213 ID: 12f282

>Question Roland! First, question him about the smell (Maybe there's a dead body hidden around here). Then ask him what's so bad about demon/human relationships. Wink.

Going by what Vandis and Rhell are saying it looks like the demon/human relationships that have transpired in this world are between leafmunchers and humans.

Relationships between redeyes and humans would probably be more difficult:

[On the wedding day]
Demon Groom: Wow honey, you look good enough to eat!
Human Bride: Oh, thank you darling!
Demon Groom: No, I'm completely serious! [drools]
Human Bride: Er...
No. 6215 ID: c5f90c
File 125831215465.jpg - (33.72KB , 491x349 , sadfrog.jpg )

No. 6217 ID: 068b0e

I must say, the art in these quests is beautifully done, and I don't even like anime style! The airships one is my favorite.
No. 6218 ID: 7eda8b

Totally. It's very impressive.
No. 6220 ID: 754774

I have fun with mixing cartoony style with anime.

I make up for the simplistic style in Princess Quest by going nuts with coloring. The first part abused this especially.
No. 6222 ID: 754774
File 125832993385.png - (100.29KB , 640x480 , normal maria.png )

Oh btw, Maria in my normal animu art style.

I kind of prefer her simple.
No. 6224 ID: 12f282

Tom x Maria pl0x
No. 6228 ID: c5f90c


Kill Tom pl0x.
No. 6229 ID: 12f282

Kill c5f90c pl0x D<
No. 6230 ID: c5f90c


No. 6231 ID: 12f282

Who said I'm a GIRL?
No. 6235 ID: 5d5878

>Implying the Implicating of Implied Implications
Break it up, children.
No. 6236 ID: c5f90c


>Implying we're going to listen to you, you big jerkhead.
No. 6237 ID: 43d730

No. 6599 ID: c5f90c
File 125912132248.png - (112.39KB , 640x480 , 12591205312.png )

No. 6619 ID: 65354e

So... Project 5 is over.

While this means more Princess Quest (which I love, yay) I'm a little disappointed that it ended so abruptly.

...any chance we can get an epilogue post for each of the characters? :3c
No. 6620 ID: 754774

Not really, as it accounts of knowing too much, but;
-11 goes home. Had a bitch fit when he realized you were lying about Taylor Swift hosting SNL. Ruined the couch with a spit take when she actually did. After venting every ounce of his rage in the facility, he is much less bitter, and actually shows regular kindness to others.
-10 and 2 are employed by the same agency Hailey belongs to. 2 is less of an asshole after some time with reversing the effects of the Conditioning Sessions and learning how normal people make friends. 10 no longer harbors a crush, but he and 2 are attached at the hip.
-1 lives with Hailey.
-3 lives with you.
-4 is in the hospital to repair her body, which is not in exactly the best condition, what with her melted organs, broken spine sloppily repaired with a parasite, and head trauma. Alexander is supervising, and she's expected to make a full recovery (and to live with you).
-8 pretends he can't do anything and is being put into foster care. He's rather happy with it. Considerably less stressed after learning he didn't kill 4 after all.
-Alexander, 5, and Ruiz (guy attached to IADA) are living near you, out of convenience and Alexander's need to be as intrusive as possible. As Alexander and Ruiz were employed to Hailey's workplace as well, you have to babysit 5 once in a while.

Best End, really.
No. 6623 ID: af3e6d

Huh. I suppose I just confused myself about what was going on. Oh well. Good ends are always er, good.
No. 6651 ID: c5f90c

Four, living with us?

Hahahaha, my End was achieved!
No. 6711 ID: 65354e

Is Tom blushing in that last image? :3c

And considering 5 Project has ended, may I suggest trashing this big ol' thread and starting a new one for all of 5's quests?
No. 6713 ID: 755410

Of course.
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