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File 125506744544.jpg - (49.07KB , 343x371 , bgquestsdis.jpg )
4276 No. 4276 ID: 91c71b

Bg Quests Discussion! For all your questions, fanarts and anything else u need :3
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No. 4280 ID: 6faa8c

Yay bg~!

One of the few... er, only people to ever fanart Operatorquest, let alone read it. <3

You're always free to fanart my characters.
No. 4282 ID: 6faa8c

More on topic, I miss Jenquest...
No. 4301 ID: 91c71b
File 125510389291.jpg - (222.71KB , 768x1099 , eri4.jpg )

No. 4303 ID: ee0a11
File 12551059409.jpg - (13.54KB , 282x182 , HNNNNNNNNGGGG.jpg )

No. 4407 ID: 179e50
File 125522906416.jpg - (227.51KB , 582x1326 , nurseillu.jpg )

Nurse Illu~
No. 4409 ID: ba29b2

I'd play it.
I'd play it so hard.
No. 4420 ID: 6faa8c

No. 4460 ID: 31091f
File 125530359018.jpg - (163.78KB , 630x823 , webeargifts.jpg )

No. 4461 ID: 31091f
File 125530371279.jpg - (434.07KB , 1453x721 , bsod.jpg )

something old...
No. 4463 ID: 31091f
File 12553038261.jpg - (250.01KB , 854x913 , creamadventure.jpg )

No. 6444 ID: e05400
File 125866617572.jpg - (213.73KB , 738x749 , eri_attemp.jpg )

gettign ready to restart my quests...

... if i can get used to teh new stylus

No. 6445 ID: 954933

No. 6446 ID: 6faa8c


No. 6451 ID: 4bb122


Cotton candy...
No. 6452 ID: 5d5878

No. 6458 ID: f4963f

I love me some bg quests.

Good to have you back.
No. 6563 ID: aaca08


No. 7285 ID: e8c175
File 126024177161.jpg - (124.04KB , 715x541 , insidethebaww.jpg )

well... ...

i guess... i'll go back to my ship...
No. 7288 ID: 6faa8c

Nu, jen dun go! We miss youuuu
No. 7289 ID: 51d0f5

Can't really think of anything to ask, tbh.
No. 7291 ID: 697b23

Yes I think that'd be for the best.

Alternatively, perhaps you can answer how you and the others in Jen Quest became such Mary Sues.
No. 7292 ID: f21281



Bad Durandal.
No. 7294 ID: 6faa8c

You keep that up and you's asking for a sunderin'.
No. 7296 ID: 632862

You're using that term wrong.
No. 7297 ID: 697b23

No I'm not.

Or "Prove it." if you'd prefer. In fact that goes for all three of you, and anyone else. Jen Quest practically went point by point through what it takes for a character to be a Mary Sue and applied every goddamn one of them. Beautiful characters with every necessary skill, for whom everything goes right. The entire galaxy bends itself around them so things go their way, and everybody loves them.

Oh please do attempt to argue that they are not, in fact, Mary Sues. I await your attempts with baited breaths.
No. 7298 ID: c0f3bf

It's a party, they're supposed to be like that.
No. 7299 ID: e8c175

theya re the protagonists of their own story in their own universe... :v
No. 7300 ID: 6faa8c

>everything goes right.

I am absolutely certain one of the girls wanted to be shot. Yep. Sure.

Missing an eye and your tongue? Also, it's a bg quest.

>every necessary skill
Each of the ladies is skilled in their own area.

>The entire galaxy bends itself around them so things go their way,
Happybot did half the work.
No. 7301 ID: 632862

So basically you're complaining that they're too good at the job that they were being kept as slaves for? I mean, all four of them were basically running the core operations of the ship before they left... aside from Eri, who was just a medic and has been pretty useless.

As for the good looks... well, there's the rule of cool for that, and also they were slaves. Ugly slaves don't sell well.

Besides, a "Mary Sue" is used to describe a singular character who lacks flaws, not the ENTIRE CAST AT ONCE. Individually, each character has flaws, even in their personalities, and there has even been conflict due to that!

So yeah, you're using the term wrong.
No. 7304 ID: 697b23

Alright, through a very helpful IRC conversation with Rosque I realized I was unnecessarily harsh.

I didn't mean this as an attack on bg, and it came across that way, and I'm sorry. What I should have said was that bg, if you want people to ask questions feel free to post that. You don't need to try and guilt people into asking things.

But I didn't say that, and I apologize.
No. 7305 ID: 27f7dd

So >>317085 makes you feel guilty?
Tell me about your mother.
No. 7306 ID: 697b23

Har har. Bawwwing about no one asking questions and threatening to leave because of it is an attempt to guilt people into asking more questions.

More to the point, I've already apologized, so shove off.
No. 7308 ID: e3f578
File 126025332766.gif - (220.37KB , 480x366 , haters-gonna-hate.gif )

You know, I spent a long time thinking of what needed to be said to go along with this image.

But you know what? How about no more stubbornness.
No. 7310 ID: 0cab1b


>>317105 here, dynamic IP blah blah
I'm just saying that I saw it as a simple prompt rather than guilting, and I made a bad joke to go with it. Wasn't harassing you.
No. 7312 ID: 697b23

Huh. Well it seemed like it to me but I guess I was mistaken. I'm sorry bg, and my apologies for ruffling feathers.
No. 7342 ID: 5ba271

Well maybe if you updated that quest we'd have something to ask about you lazy faggot.

Also, I demand an Illu quest at some point.
No. 7604 ID: fe0817

Does anyone know whether the discussion thread for JenQuest is alive somewhere? I am interested in finding out more about the ending and people's reaction to it.

... Eri's ability to have children has nothing to do with it... uhhhhhhhh.... yes.....
No. 7628 ID: 35cea2

Redmoon is pretty awesome and people seem to like it despite its apparent lack of posts at the moment.

Red's robot suit is also p dang cool.
No. 7669 ID: 49ff17
File 126091534197.jpg - (48.14KB , 293x429 , redpressconf.jpg )

...finally, i would like to thank every person that took the time to see our work, the whole crew and i are very grateful...
No. 7672 ID: 49ff17
File 126091895229.jpg - (45.52KB , 293x429 , redpressconf1.jpg )

... unfortunatelly, the producers are not very happy with the numbers...
No. 7673 ID: 49ff17
File 126091917211.jpg - (44.59KB , 293x429 , redpressconf2.jpg )

... i cannot blame them really, but me and the guys would really like to finish the story, at least finish up the first season...
No. 7674 ID: 49ff17
File 126091949330.jpg - (45.62KB , 293x429 , redpressconf3.jpg )

...so, that will be all... i don't know... if someone has a question...
No. 7675 ID: 65ce72

Take off your shirt!
No. 7676 ID: 49ff17
File 126091965154.jpg - (41.47KB , 412x252 , redpressconf4.jpg )

...i guess not...
No. 7734 ID: 518b93

It's because posts keep getting deleted from this thread. Funny how that works.
No. 7736 ID: 8f8f69

red. What's your favoritate foodstuff?
No. 7737 ID: 8b7db1

Pretty much, the only one of your quests that I know anything about is Cutegal... and I have a hard time thinking of questions for it.

Besides the general observation that being a student in that school is hazardous to your health.
No. 7740 ID: 43d730

I know!
Favorite teachers, what the neighborhood and city look like, and possibly a character map.
No. 7749 ID: 8c2522
File 126102367895.jpg - (121.65KB , 664x656 , cancellingishardwork.jpg )

No. 7750 ID: 5ba271

Putting on some winter weight, eh bg?
No. 8590 ID: d96788
File 126265208966.jpg - (51.17KB , 881x838 , JenQuest.jpg )

the RedMoon Facility Fired the SNC weapon...

the little revelion in the wasteland area has been suffocated... the CGA will continue to reign unopposed over the galaxy...
No. 8591 ID: c0f3bf

Goddamnit. Someone call the Doctor.
No. 8592 ID: f21281
File 126265312391.jpg - (11.84KB , 512x288 , eleventh_doctor.jpg )

srry, busy crashing lol.
No. 8593 ID: c1b520

Oh my god what is that back there? That is creepy.
No. 8607 ID: cd1936

new to tgchan. Was wondering if you have any plans for continuing JenQuest. It's my favorite quest so far.
No. 8678 ID: 8f4081
File 126283499968.jpg - (113.22KB , 633x814 , jen_.jpg )

No. 8683 ID: 9891a9

We'll take that as a definite maybe.
No. 8684 ID: 6faa8c

No. 8686 ID: 1afd58

Not pictured: The fact that this is actually not a smile but a frozen expression as she moved to hug her love, right before the planet exploded. She's actually floating in space, long dead.
No. 8689 ID: 64e6bf

I thought something was off. Those eyes look dull and lifeless...
No. 8693 ID: 488063

Also why she doesn't have legs.
No. 8696 ID: 1e1932

Jen sure has evolved a lot since her first incarnation.
No. 8762 ID: 62202c

because its just an unrelated picture i drew :V
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