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File 132817546037.png - (30.51KB , 500x500 , disctitlecard.png )
48871 No. 48871 ID: d6af4f

The discussion thread for that one quest with the green guy and the mimiga cutebold psycho
Edit: This discussion thread can serve to cover all quests within asteroidverse and any offshoots. Fen Quest has its own dis thread at https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/84312.html
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No. 120682 ID: 91ee5f

Another holiday special has come and gone.

But I’m just wondering if we’re going to make it some kinda tradition to take an entire year every time Lagotrope makes a quest involving a holiday?
No. 120683 ID: bfb318

Hopefully not. Any future holiday threads will have effort put into short run times.
No. 121044 ID: 300f7e

Are vernauts still a thing?
No. 121048 ID: d2e2ce

They're as much of a thing as they ever were- very rare, thought nearly extinct, and confined to one planet.
No. 121338 ID: c59ec7

I have to confess I'm a bit confused about the state of the world in The Rogue. From Raox's posts in ITQ, I got the impression that there were real programs and public works in place to help rogues, but the setting currently feels very rogues-against-the-world. It sounds like rogue social services have been completely cut off from funding, and they're staffed by a skeleton crew of the absolute least qualified people. When I see that, that implies to me some kind of purposeful, spiteful political plot, like you occasionally see to defund social programs in real life. But I don't understand how that could succeed when there's an ultraking backing the rogues. Maybe this is taking place before Raox came to power or something like that, but I am still curious to know exactly what went down.

Basically, from the ITQ posts I got the impression that the rogues problems were /in spite/ of real social services, not /because/ of it, so I'm just a bit surprised it's turned out to be such a dystopic, worst-case scenario. To be frank... "You'll be punished for committing suicide in an inconvenient way" is so over-the-top I kinda lose a sense of scale for the story.
No. 121339 ID: 60797c


We don't know exactly when Mac's story is taking place, or where. As far as governments go, we know there are two ultrahives, that there used to be more, and that there are civilized cities/towns outside those ultrahives' control. But those non-ultrahive centres have seemed implied to be around city-state scale, whereas the ultrahives have seemed implied to be large superpowers, since they have spaceports. So, there might also be issues at a more local level. I would guess that the ultrahives contain lesser state- or county-like regions, with their own bureaucracies and budget balances and maybe some of their own legislation. So, even if the larger ultrahive has a lot of decent policies and mandates about rogues, it'd be very easy for a smaller sub-ultrahive/state to say "oh but we really need money for [other thing]" and cut their spending on rogue social services to almost nothing.
No. 121356 ID: 3abd97

I think an important part of the context is that Raox spoke up for rogues and got responsibility for them dumped on him- on top of whatever his existing job and responsibilities were. So even if he's doing the best he can, from the inception, any rogue services programs aren't getting as much time / support / funding as they really could be in order to be effective.

The specifics in that speech Luvi had to read were terrible-bad, I agree. That's exactly the wrong way to try to rein in or help a psychological trauma victim.
No. 121390 ID: 0f7290

What seems more unusual to me is that there aren't non-government groups with an interest in helping rogues. I'd imagine there are at least a few bleeding heart hives who have a strong enough general desire to help people to overcome their distaste for rogues, at least in ways that don't require them to actually meet them in person. Even if those hives focus more on other charitable causes or tend to not live on the homeworld, where neumono seem to be at their toughest, there are still plenty of wealthy individuals and companies who'd want to look good and get tax benefits by being charitable, and rogues are a big, visible social problem. I would assume there are religious organizations, too; their help would come with some strings attached, but it would still be something.
No. 122033 ID: 4af5a8

>Rogues who had hives are terrible because they have a hole in them that their hives used to fill, and the vast majority of them never come to terms with it. They try to fill it with drugs, religion, work, other neumono, and anything else they can get their hands on, and they fail.

Well that's really depressing. This sounds like even in a total post-scarcity world with all economic problems solved, rogues would still be miserable. I'm starting to wonder if any solution to the rogues' problems is even possible. The best I can think of is amassing enough Three Stripes (or Dastrika) clones to give every neumono an empathic correction when they're at risk of going rogue, but using predators is a whole other can of ethical and existential worms.

...Now I kinda want to get off the asteroid just so we can see how society has progressed in the time since Polo Quest.
No. 122069 ID: 82a884

In a total post-scarcity world with all economic problems solved, it's easy to imagine there might be actual progress in mental health treatment/whatnot for rogues that might help mitigate the misery. Not to mention crying over your lack of a hive in your private luxury starship is nicer than crying over your lack of a hive in Murdermugging Alleyway.

>I'm starting to wonder if any solution to the rogues' problems is even possible.
The only thing I can really think of that doesn't involve mind modification would be having some way of computer detecting and analyzing empathy, such that you could maybe database an enormous number of hives and compare the empathy of a rogue to see if there were any potential replacement/matches in the database. Even then I'm not sure the chances of finding a matching hive would necessarily be anything other than a crapshoot.
No. 122085 ID: a43366

This is kind of late since I didn't notice it until today, but hopefully I can clear up a few things that won't spoil anything about The Rogue.

One of the things I am trying to do is give you the viewpoint of Mac specifically, and by extension the viewpoints of all the characters she meets. So while you can assume most of the characters are honest and accurate in what they say and experience, they all have biased points of view. There is still a lot of context about the situation rogues are living under in Queenwood specifically and the Tree at large that are planned to be explored which may (or may not!) assuage some of your concerns.

Hopefully you will stick with the story and some of your questions can be answered organically within it.

As for a quick clarification, The Rogue takes place in 139 on the Asteroidquest timeline, so about 4 years after Poloquest. This likely won't be too important, besides giving context to where in the story this takes place.
No. 122223 ID: 186ed6

No. 122224 ID: 186ed6

Need more Three Stripes lol
No. 122450 ID: d2e2ce

If anyone's interested, I'm organizing a Best Neumono poll. Preliminaries are here.


Vote for which neumono you want to see in the actual polls, feel free to select as many as desired.
No. 122451 ID: 82a884
File 152402741970.png - (320.10KB , 1400x1000 , He would find this creepy as hell I'm sure.png )

>Best neumono poll
>Best neumono isn't even an option in the preliminaries

It was three months ago why does it still hurt
why do I feel this way

No. 122452 ID: d2e2ce

And ahead of time, the answer to "why isn't X on there" is because they didn't appear ITQ. I used that as the metric since it can actually be objectively measured unlike "I like this one, add pls", it prevents me from drowning in hundreds of neumono, and I figure that anyone liked enough to be asked stuff is liked enough to have a shot. If you want to see a specific character on there then get them an appearance ITQ.
No. 122455 ID: 7e3575

>Polokoa, Rokolo and other neumono from their timeline/s aren't on the list

They had ITQs, you have a non-Lago neumono (Koror), you have alternate timeline version neumono, so why not? I mean obviously Polokoa would just landslide the victory so she'd generously not participate, but what about the rest? That'd also open the question of demi-neumonos, since we had a couple of those, which would be interesting. It could also sort of satisfy >>122451 because Rokolo's version of Likol did get an ITQ.

There was a pair of possibly-double-fictional characters who answered a bunch of sex questions once, too.
No. 122456 ID: 90f3c0

Likol actually did have an ITQ appearance >>111967
No. 122457 ID: d2e2ce

Well, damn, the ITQ guide needs some updating then. I'll add him to the poll and notify people of the update. It's designed so people are free to go back and edit responses for this exact sort of situation where I miss a qualified neumono.
No. 122458 ID: d2e2ce

Oh, right. Good news, mate, Likol's an option now. Enjoy.
No. 122463 ID: 5f3f48

>Likol actually did have an ITQ appearance >>111967
>Well, damn, the ITQ guide needs some updating then.
That Likol ITQ is currently linked off the Unnatural Selection page, since that's the quest where Likol is a major character. (Instead of a barely named side character who dies very quickly).

The conflict here is the itq guide(s) on each quest page in the wiki were set up for reader convenience- make it easy to find the characters for that quest. (Which is why itqs from Unse, Polokoa, and The Rogue, for example, are listed on their own pages instead of buried an omnibus. If you want a massive omnibus, well, you can read the raw itq threads)!

The big Asteroid itq guide is set up the way it is because there's several stories with two many shared characters to cleanly divorce, and split up by when things were said so archive readers can read itqs at the same pace as they read through threads, if they so choose. (So they aren't missing information revealed in itq when it's relevant in-thread, and preemptive spoilers are limited).

Wasn't ever set up to be a single comprehensive list of every character.
No. 122469 ID: 82a884

I don't need a poll to tell me that Likol's the best I have my heart for that, but I appreciate that he has been added.

And I appreciate your efforts at helping get him in.
No. 122470 ID: d2e2ce

tl;dr: New poll here, can only pick one this time- https://goo.gl/forms/Ird9rCWUzvYLKQTn2

Okay, so I got nearly 50 responses way faster than I anticipated. I grabbed 13 neumono who got over 10 votes, and the 3 highest after that to round it out to 16. I considered going with 16, 8, 4, 2 neumono in each successive poll but decided that would take way too long, so for the sake of not losing interest I'm holding the semifinals with these 16, and the 4 highest will go to the finals.

Here's the OFFICIAL COOL NEUMONO CLUB- these neumono are officially the popular kids.

Polo- 24 votes
Koror- 19 votes
Rokoa and Katzati (tie)- 17 votes
Kappi- 15 votes
Pilon- 14 votes
Likol- 13 votes
Jessica, Roxie, and Agent Polo (tie)- 12 votes
Korli, Officer Rokoa, and Mac (tie)- 11 votes

These three are also in the official club but they'll always have to live with the knowledge that they got pity invites to fill out numbers. The shame will never leave them.

Giant and Sniper Clone (tie)- 8 votes
Az- 7 votes
No. 122485 ID: d2e2ce

So I've written a bunch of lewd fics and people convinced me to post them in more public places. They all feature neumono, either wholly or at least partially. If people are interested, here you go. Note that they generally all involve some fetish stuff because I know my audiences.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DD7KJ2BPf-gXTNC8XFoVDboWzumba7PIRYUZCZnsZm0/edit?usp=sharing Great Coach Rokizuka. A Jessica/Kappi fic. Rokoa decides she's tired of them being awkward and coaches them on how to get over sexual tension. I wrote this in one night after a friend convinced me it would be funny, and Jessica's voice isn't quite as close to her canon self as I'd like. Might edit it someday to try and fix it.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VikjSyAjGQzyBJjze0S4vabyVQk264kHUY5oAI1JsQ0/edit?usp=sharing Katzati writes a fic. A Katzati/Polo fic. In a hypothetical time after Polo Quest is resolved, Katzati writes a lewd fic while in quarantine and gets interrupted by Polo's visit.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Fp-JVAyT4wBntsSYe0FNlJkpEm_M9qVOoD2wkUepNpI/edit?usp=sharing Koror and the Amazons. A Koror/pygmies fic, written before the appearance of actual pygmies in Koror Quest. Koror lands on the island and makes the acquaintance of some thirsty pygmies. The first fic I wrote, ended up way longer than I expected so I decided to make a show of taking it too seriously.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BkWmdKoeHRTCcUe_dBIl0bwntBHyFja1_pwg95rJ1jk/edit?usp=sharing Koror and the Crystal Skull. A Koror/Ceridwen fic. After Koror crashes into the ocean, he's abducted--rescued by a mysterious stranger and they adventure through an ancient temple in search of treasures. Written a fair bit ago, before a lot of development in Dragon Romance had happened.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Bdp6xhClOnZHGLPUIydvWkoXyvumexbGjnEiY8O2h7k/edit?usp=sharing Make Love, not War. A Polo/Rokoa fic. In a divergent intermission where the assassination failed, Rokoa and Polo flee to safety, finding some way to occupy themselves until Sealock can extract them. For this one, I tried to stay true to the characterization and arrange the situation so that it would be realistic for them to bang without getting too convoluted. Polo's still noticeably sluttier than canon, but it's porn.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AoJI2RzxgFyJOsIinWaNp_dwhUWnyORz2DqtJlwuC_E/edit?usp=sharing The Six Million Zeny Neumono. A Sharpa/Pilon fic. Sharpa tries and eventually succeeds to convince Pilon to get a certain implant and satisfy her cybernetics kink. Character kinks in the fic may or may not exist in canon.
No. 122490 ID: d2e2ce

tl;dr: Final poll here, turned on anti-vote-stuffing settings but now that means you have to sign in: https://goo.gl/forms/a80tyvyHPeeMhuyn2

You can view results by adding /viewanalytics to the end of the URL, but please vote for whoever you actually like and not just whoever you think is going to win.

Here's the OFFICIAL BEST NEUMONO CLUB- these neumono are the best. There's enough variety for everyone to hopefully like something from the list, but we haven't determined the BEST OF THE BEST yet.

Polo- 8 votes.*
Katzati- 7 votes.*
Likol- 5 votes.
Koror- 4 votes.

*So, the bad news is that there was some odd activity with the votes going on and I'm not entirely sure if people were trying for shenanigans or I was just overly paranoid. Blank responses from some people who I assume were trying to see the results, a couple instances of two votes for the same neumono at nearly the exact time timestamp which could be charitably blamed on doubleposting from poor connection, and also close-knit groups of votes within a few minutes. I don't know if those were coincidences or people were trying to canvas votes. But the fact that whenever weirdly coincidental vote times appeared either Polo or Katzati would suddenly catch up or creep ahead by exactly one vote makes me assume the worst.

I deleted a bunch of responses that seemed off, so I apologize if you voted legitimately and got nullified, but even without the deletions the top 4 would be unchanged. They might be in a different order, but the same group would still be in the finals, so maybe my worry was pointless.

Just in case, please keep in mind that the poll is a popularity contest that exists for fun and some banter about the contestants. There aren't going to be actual consequences or prizes, and it's still going to be a matter of taste who the best neumono is, nobody's going to change their opinion of who they like because of poll numbers. It's not worth ruining the fun by being underhanded, if anyone is.
No. 122491 ID: 82a884

>"forgetting" Likol even though he was the viewpoint character for two recent 1000+ post threads
>when he still manages to get to the finals, trying to sabotage Likol by making me cry at his description so I can't vote
What about YOUR dirty tactics, huh?
No. 122492 ID: d2e2ce

I think you're joking, but in case you're serious, I didn't forget he existed, I forgot that he answered stuff ITQ. A lot of questions aren't to specific neumono and who answers them tends to be fairly random.

Not sorry about the tears, though, I'll cackle evil laughter about my trap succeeding.
No. 122493 ID: 82a884

Yes, I was trying to be funny. Didn't intend to sound like I was seriously trying to criticize the way you were running the poll.
No. 122495 ID: d2e2ce

It worked pretty well, I keep the serious hat on about the poll.
No. 122496 ID: 91ee5f

>Blank responses from some people who I assume were trying to see the results
I’m going to admit that was me just once or twice. I wanted to see who was winning and I didn’t know about adding /viewanalytics to the end of the URL. Sorry about that.

>weirdly coincidental vote times for either Polo or Katzati
Well that sucks. This was meant to be a fun thing and yet some people just feel the need to try and force their favorite to win the vote.
No. 122498 ID: d2e2ce

No worries, I had the same issue before I did a bit of googling to find out how other people could view the results directly.
No. 122512 ID: d2e2ce

Since it's been a bit over a day and there haven't been any new voters in a while, I've closed the final poll. The results are out, and the very best neumono, the creme de la creme iiiiiiissss....

👑POLO👑, #1 with 7 votes, just barely ahead of...
Likol, #2 with 6 votes, who had slightly more of a lead over...
Katzati and Koror, tied for #3 with 4 votes each.

Total participation went down a bit, possibly because of fatigue or because the anti-cheat measures worked. Either way, it's been a great ride and there were some surprises along the way, so I'd say it's been worth it. Maybe I should make polls a monthly thing for other races or more specific traits like cutest or best dressed.
No. 122513 ID: 12b116
File 152432629947.png - (166.91KB , 954x1119 , canon best neumono.png )

Why did we need a poll to tell us what was already confirmed fact?
No. 122522 ID: a363ac
File 152440097283.png - (221.03KB , 1000x1119 , 152432629947.png )

No. 122524 ID: 9aca35

damn I missed the entire thing, would a single extra Rokoa vote at the applicable times have gotten her further?

not that it matters now, Polo is good for the top spot.
No. 122525 ID: d2e2ce

Nope. She made it into the semifinals, but only got 2 votes. Even if you'd voted for her then, she'd have tied with Pilon at 3 votes, and still been below Koror's 4 votes. At least you can feel secure that you didn't make her lose.
No. 122527 ID: 3804c3

It's okay I didn't know this was going on either.
No. 122530 ID: 2aba49


I missed it too, but I would have voted for Polo anyway
No. 123394 ID: ad7c25

Okay now I've just had a thought (I'm sorry), if the only difference between Unnatural Selection and UnseUnce is the sex then does that mean that in Unnatural Selection when Allison had all the AIs brought out from the Belenos sim that there were cannon versions of all the characters we've met in UnseUnce? Like is there a cannon version of Incoming Wife and Justice Husband in the CAI city?
No. 123395 ID: 3abd97

It's possible, even probable, yeah. If you take the view that Unse Unce is just us replaying the same Belenos sim with a different strategy.

But there's been hints that there's some degree of randomization that make different instances of the CAI battles not exactly the same. And things in Unse Unce were slightly different as soon as we showed up: like the brothel Vinyl works at, or Yallows not being around at all. It's possible that might mean some NPCs show up in one version of the sim, but not others.

Another possible example of that: we know Arbiter is a reincarnated Diamond- that means in one of the early cycles, someone rescued the Diamond Emperor from the simulation. But Diamond was dead when we played in canon and Unse Unce. Which means they either played a different Belenos sim than we did (one that takes place in an early year maybe? Or one where a different emperor was killed off?), or they found Diamond hidden and alive somewhere and we missed that particular secret.
No. 123397 ID: ad7c25

This does make me some what happy but you know what'll make me real happy?
Guys help me out here, how many cycles had passed till Glitcher and Rulekeeper stp everything?
No. 123398 ID: 3abd97

>Guys help me out here, how many cycles had passed till Glitcher and Rulekeeper stp everything?
The current cycle is 3119, if that's what you mean.

Although the total number of cycles was longer. Likol and co stopped the experiment and reset things a few time. The cycles included in those earlier "archcyles" of the experiment aren't included in the current count.
No. 123408 ID: ad7c25

So with over 3000 cycles is it not within the realm of possibility that the Ultra Non-Cannon Extravaganza may in fact BE CANNON!
Yeah no I didn't think so either and while that would make me happy enough that I couldn't leave the house without being arrested I and we all can hopefully take comfort in the idea that one of those cycles has placed a sex fiend Allison into Unnatural Selection cannon.
No. 123422 ID: caf1de

Looking through we never did Party Gang 1
No. 123646 ID: 8c0673

I'm really sorry if this has been asked before, but are there any plans to continue Polokoa Quest?
No. 123650 ID: c518a0


Yes. If I can overcome my inability to get anything done.
No. 123651 ID: 7fad5d

How egg
No. 123782 ID: 9125e0
File 152986648445.jpg - (2.16MB , 4032x3024 , 0B625BF5-7F24-48D8-95B8-29A34D3FD708.jpg )

spent like all night on this but is amazing I used a Image of a ITQ for Reference
No. 123783 ID: fcd056

No. 123785 ID: 15a025

That's pretty rad!
No. 123786 ID: 9125e0

No. 123801 ID: 9125e0
File 152995755193.png - (1.94MB , 2001x1125 , 726134C4-4A55-4C64-BE77-E4DA38ED2DD0.png )

Also my gta crew .btw that Emblem was the first one I ever attempt at making on GTA and it took me forever to get it done
No. 124003 ID: eafb40

Are you anywhere online? Neither your DeviantArt account nor your FurAffinity account have updated in forever. Do you've a Discord or a Tumblr? Are you on the OPP forum?
No. 124004 ID: 44b1bb

Let us know so we can stalk you on the internet.
No. 124016 ID: 9125e0

Yeah Jukashi let us be your internet stalker hideing in the bush's waiting for Polokoa Quest 3
No. 124028 ID: 44b9db

Seeing the new Polo quest thread with Penn go up was actually the highlight of my day.
Thanks for creating Lago.
No. 124102 ID: 9125e0
File 153123729975.jpg - (2.15MB , 4032x3024 , ED1C8218-6F87-4639-81C3-93EC8AC91BEF.jpg )

So in Anticipation for the next Pen quest update I made a new shirt,I really liked the movie poster shirt from dating a murder neumono so I made an attempt to make it.
Sadly I do not have very many colors to work with witch means it’s off color.

Next shirt I’ll try to make will be the “Polo does it from behind” shirt XD.

Also I don’t know if this has been ask before but Lagotrope is there a chance for some asteroidquest merch at all
I would die for a three stripes plushie.

Also one last thing
Lagotrope you made my day too when PoloQuest 7 came up,your one of if not the Radis Quest author on the internet.
No. 124138 ID: bfb318

Thanks, and good stuff.

To answer the question re: merchandise, I've considered the possibility, but there's likely too small an audience to really do any kind of significant investment towards merch. Basic standardized stuff (stickers, t-shirts, mousepads, basically 2d stuff printed onto various surfaces) is more doable though, with very little investment required.

A three stripes plush though is pretty high up, as it requires finding someone with the skills, knowledge, and materials to make a custom shaped plush like that. I'm unsure of anyone who does that sort of thing, save for businesses that only do wholesale at a required quantity of 500+ or some such.

Admittedly, if not for the requirements for a plush, a three stripes plush would be the first merch done. Maybe someday.
No. 124139 ID: 9125e0

Thanks for the response Lagotrope I appreciate it.

I would love t-shirts and stickers too.

Well keep on Questing.

....One day il have that ThreeStripes plushie one day...
No. 124140 ID: 9125e0

I think its Kind of funny that the first time I saw anything AsteroidQuest was on CoD blackops2
he was spawnkilling my team pretty hard and his calling card emblem was ThreeStripes,so it kept flashing across my screen for a good 5 minutes of getting spawn killed.
Bout a week later and I fownd Tgchan and AsteroidQuestIntermishon#1 was the threed I randomly picked to see what quest were.

ever since Iv roamed CoD lobbys looking for that man. lol
No. 124141 ID: 9125e0

sorry but its late and I miss spelled some things
No. 124142 ID: 3b108e

For plushes, talk to Crows, the author of Frontier Quest. He has a source for custom plushes and some other people in tgchan have done business. I think someone got one of Katzati.
No. 124177 ID: 9125e0

so im trying to start up a quest
but i dont know how to make a thread can somebody help me?
No. 124179 ID: 90f3c0

Just use the form at the top of the main quest board. https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/

Also, there's a quest advice thread for question like this. https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/121761.html
No. 124182 ID: 9125e0

thanks it rely helped me
No. 124183 ID: 9125e0

thanks it rely helped me
No. 124211 ID: 166e1c

Faraday cage can prevent electromagnetic fields generated outside to affect objects inside but don't prevent electromagnetic fields generated inside to affect objects outside. Being inside one prevent you from receiving signals but you can still send.
No. 124217 ID: b1b4f3

Not so. Microwaves use the faraday cage effect to contain their radiation.
The blocking effect goes both ways, BUT the cage has to be grounded for that to work. If it's not grounded, then yes, internal signals can escape.
No. 124218 ID: 5b93d3

Technically grounding is only required if you want to pass signals in and out (e.g. running a conductor through the cage). If the inside is isolated, then grounding is unnecessary (and potentially counterproductive).
No. 124401 ID: 1fbbcc

People seem to be putting a lot more stock in the idea of the ASE seeing Penn as a leader or object of admiration in herself than seems wise to me. Like, I think that "biological reincarnation" sounds a lot like one half of a true reincarnation, the other half being mental, body + mind. That Penn is basically a vessel pre-made for a takeover by some brain download seems like one of the more likely scenarios, and for all we know the ASE does have some sapphire brain scan they dug up sitting around waiting to go - if you wanted to entertain some indiana jones ancient conspiracy thinking, maybe the ASE are even descended from some cult that's been holding on to such a thing for thousands of years. Secret imperial/science/technology cults seem like they would have been a thing for the tribal belenosians.

The way someone looks at their god, and the way someone looks at the spare parts they could use to build their god... those would be close enough to be mistaken for each other, I think.
No. 124435 ID: 9125e0
File 153232185141.jpg - (2.74MB , 4032x3024 , 9C6B358C-85C4-4064-BC96-569095C51669.jpg )

So a friend came by and surprised me with this

I didn’t even know he know what asteroidquest was

Only complaint is he missed a stripe he said he’ll fix it Though.
No. 125107 ID: 9125e0
File 153540170790.png - (594.31KB , 1074x778 , 3672257B-2ED1-414A-963B-9B50BFFE0D77.png )

I know it’s probably pretty bad but I was trying to learn how to make clouds and it turned into me drawing Quokko....

I bet Likol and you are up there counting the stars...
No. 125157 ID: bfb318

Very cute Quokko, also (belatedly) a surprising medium for Three Stripes. Thank you for posting these.
No. 125263 ID: 864e49

Hey Lago updates!

I was just thinking to myself yesterday that its been awhile since and Lago activity and was think that he was probably taking a sweet vaca.
No. 125264 ID: 91ee5f

No, he’s been sick and was recovering from an illness.

But it is good to know that he’s feeling better now!
No. 125267 ID: eeb7d9

Glad to see him up and about.
No. 125269 ID: 465a14

No, Lago actually was on vacation in Vegas. He recovered a fair bit ago.
No. 126071 ID: afdebc

>"What happens if you cut a neumono in half?"
>That was already answered in ITQ. One of the earliest questions in fact.
Specifically, that was answered here. >>51355

>If they had the means, material and even the materiel to clone anyone, of any species and make an army, they would have had much better security forces other than a gaggle of crazy rokoa brain dart victims
In general, cloning tech does exist in the asteoidverse. Here's Polo talking about clone rights, and even clones used as soldiers. >>68968

Now, cloning neumono reliably and/or repeatedly the way Vanski and/or the science hive is doing is something of a recent breakthrough (although one could quibble that dart clones are cheating since you're copying over / altering an existing person instead of growing a new one entirely from scratch).

You're right that Vanski is making sub-optimal use of his resources in ways that don't make sense using experimental neumono clones for defense, but that kind of behavior is consistent with what we've grown to expect from him. (One could argue Vanski couldn't access conventional soldier-cloning tech for other species, but given the reach we've seen OPA display I don't believe that for a second).
No. 126072 ID: 10c408

My argument was more about the logistical problems involved in cloning, rather than the availability of the involved tech.

He is being hunted by the entire world, after all. A fact that he likely wasn't prepared for and is now scrambling to manage before his house of cards collapses on him.
No. 126073 ID: 10c408

My argument was more about the logistical problems involved in cloning, rather than the availability of the involved tech.

He is being hunted by the entire world, after all. A fact that he likely wasn't prepared for and is now scrambling to manage before his house of cards collapses on him.
No. 126076 ID: 977456

Interesting. So you can regrow small parts quickly. So you just need to keep removing small pieces, keep them alive using standard brain-in-a-jar technology, then stick all your small pieces together once you have enough volume to start regeneration. And you can even speed up and improve the process by continuing to add more bits from the donor. So long as the donor is never missing more than, say, half-a-kilo at any given moment, you should have your clone up-and-running in a few months. Once you have multiple near-identical donors, the process can accelerate, and the donors can continue to be active provided that they have sufficient medical attention.
No. 126077 ID: b1b4f3

The brains from the various pieces would be desynched and probably fight one another.
No. 126078 ID: 10c408

As was pointed out, the brain matter migrates away from damaged areas and you have no way of determining what's even 'in' the removed section, let alone the neumono who has been donating.
No. 126080 ID: 094652

So the neumono body adapts to repeated amputations in the same part by taking the neural instructions to regrow that specific part, along with most of the brain for that matter, and shoves it somewhere else. Similar to how scar tissue is a crude but adaptive reaction to severe damage, only this is an evolution for regeneration and not defense.

Makes sense. I think I have an idea.

What if we ARTIFICIALLY SIMULATED repeated amputations to various areas, without physically amputating anything, and condensed the brain into a smaller area - like an actual brain? How hard would it be to convince a neumono's body into thinking their limb was amputated, by simulating the environmental factors involved like adrenaline input and partial sensory deprivation? The body is tricked into thinking a part has been decapitated, then re-attached a similar part with near-perfect synchronicity. Since it's the same limb and same nerve pathways, the sync rate should be preeetty high. But in theory, the body reacts. Less neural activity in those specific portions, more in others. By the end, you have a functioning brain of sorts in a compartmentalized area. Still dangerous, but an interesting field of study for Vanski.
No. 126082 ID: d5442a

The neumono's body may reduce the amount of brain power in a limb from amputation, but I doubt it would entirely remove it. Neumono aren't amoebas, they have skeletons and muscles and those take up the space they need to take up, so brain matter probably isn't evenly distributed so much as it collects in a few particular nodes, like a set of mini-brains. Those mini brains may be more or less developed compared to each other, but they probably don't disappear.

Simulating amputation is also probably more than just a matter of nerve and hormone stimulation. A neumono's body probably has some (usually subconscious) awareness of its own empathy and would read the absence of its limbs in that way.
No. 126085 ID: 977456

Fascinating proposal! I wonder if a compression of the mental tissues would increase processing speed. By concentrating the mental tissues in an easily-protected and low-exposure location, say, the base of the torso, one could retain most of the Neumono's advantages while overcoming their slow reaction-times. Additionally, by minimising the mental tissue in the less protected regions, their recovery times from and resistance to typical combat injuries(such as dismemberment and high-calibre rounds through the centre-mass) could be almost trivialised, while shooting from hard-cover would have minimal long-term risk.

Perhaps electrical pulses could be used to disrupt the function in the desired areas. This could even result in a net increase in mental capacity should the suppressed tissue return to full function. On the other hand, if it resulted in a disconnect with the effected regions and, for want of a better term, a civil-war, or cancer, then it could potentially be weaponised directly. Being consumed by, or consuming, a past version of themselves would be disruptive to morale and incapacitating. That said, an effective delivery system that wouldn't be better used on sedatives or explosives would be difficult to produce.
No. 126092 ID: 40ae85

>an easily-protected and low-exposure location, say, the base of the torso

That... doesn't seem like it'd be a good place for a brain. For a lot of reasons. I don't think it's easily-protected or low exposure, and has a bunch of other disadvantages.
No. 126095 ID: 10c408

Neumono brain matter isn't distributed into sets of 'mini-brains', it is it's own additional layer that covers most if not all of the body.
No. 126096 ID: 40ae85

I wouldn't think so, that seems really sub-optimal. You could get the same redundancy with nodes, without getting in the way of your skin, muscles and bones, and probably take advantage of the bones to provide some protection instead of having literally all damage be brain damage. Basically a nervous system with some of the key junctions pumped up. Neumono must have at least some concentrated brain matter, since their skulls are pretty big can't be full of only sense organs. So if they have some brain concentration there, why not some near other key areas like the forearms, near the stomach, base of the spine, et cetera?
No. 126097 ID: 10c408

Okay, I went and looked it up on the wiki. I got some of it wrong, but they still don't have nodes or mini-brains.

And yes, this distributed placement is a bit inefficient for reaction times and learning but the sheer amount of punishment they can endure AND recover from given time and food is a helluva trade off.
No. 126100 ID: 977456

The torso-base doesn't require much mobility and is central and low for balance, so can have more armouring than any other part of the body. It is less used and exposed than limbs, so no need to throw it in people's faces where it could get bitten. It's much lower than most senses and armaments, thus the surrounding terrain is far more likely to protect it from direct attacks and shrapnel. It really seems like the best place for a critical location in a super-soldier, which seems like the appropriate MAD SCIENCE goal.
No. 126101 ID: 40ae85

The torso base is already full with your reproductive and digestive systems, the latter of which is subject to a lot of variation in weight (that's why the hips are basically shaped like a bowl, to be able to carry them). The stomach is the one area with vital organs that DOESN'T have any sort of bone protection like the skull or rib cage provides higher up, and the reason it doesn't have it is because the lower torso is a major area of articulation, being subject to all sorts of twisting, bending, curling, stretching and flexing. The torso is also the area where most people with guns are going to be trained to shoot, especially in neumono, for whom being shot in the gut is the canonical best way to quickly disable them so that's where everybody aims.

Any roughly humanoid biped with its brain in its lower torso will have a brain with:
- no in-built protection from bones except from the hips, which will only protect from a very low angle and then only in a limited way
- a lot of varying pressures placed on it by the creature's movements if it is called upon to do basically anything athletic
- even more pressure put on it by the weight of the creature's food (remember that neumono eat more than most other species)
- about as much distance from most of its major sense organs (sight, hearing, smell, taste) as can be imagined, slowing its reactions greatly and making it much more likely that it gets cut off from those senses by any bodily harm severing nerve pathways
- a high chance of serious medical danger whenever it wants to try make babies

Also you can't actually armor it heavily because the lower torso is where your legs attach and if you want to be able to run fast you are very restricted in how thick/free of gaps you can make armor in that area.
No. 126225 ID: 6266fc

Thrice dammed by all the god's! I was just beginning to really like Miss (the pomi), and then that thread ends!
Okay, I have a mission for you, (yes you,the one reading this), should you choose to accept it.
You must make the arduous journey to fanfiction.net once there you must write a Hok+Miss romance fanfic. I don't even care if it's cheesy or poorly written or barely legible.
I would do it myself, but then I wouldn't be able to enjoy reading it now would I?
Should you complete this task for me, not only will you have my sincere gratitude, but I will also officially owe you one Major solid. That's major with a capital M, and not something I take lightly.
No. 126269 ID: 300f7e

I've always found the concept of Jammer Cities weird, Empathy is a major neumono sense and plays an important role in communication. It would be like if a human city forced everyone to wear masks.
No. 126484 ID: 8f8fac

Panica from Luvi's story in The Rogue: There is no tactful way to ask this. Why is your pregnancy so weird. Why. Why so big. Why is your freakish alien pregnancy weird. Why. Why. Explain. Why.
No. 126485 ID: e1d580

Wrong thread, this is the OOC discussion thread. You want Behind the Ears.
No. 126486 ID: 91ee5f

Wrong thread.

Try asking again over in the BTE thread here: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/96269.html .
No. 126561 ID: 36a114
File 154317686483.jpg - (171.64KB , 640x1136 , image.jpg )

Hey look, I found a picture of Polo's father.
No. 126650 ID: bdb209

and who's the mom? doomguy's rabbit?
No. 126735 ID: 83c3f5


Big boss is the mom.
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