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File 132817546037.png - (30.51KB , 500x500 , disctitlecard.png )
48871 No. 48871 ID: d6af4f

The discussion thread for that one quest with the green guy and the mimiga cutebold psycho
Edit: This discussion thread can serve to cover all quests within asteroidverse and any offshoots. Fen Quest has its own dis thread at https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/84312.html
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No. 127278 ID: daffb0

I don't think the protagonist being a secret space princess is a concept that movie invented, and Penn does it better.

Also, not enough hot dudes.
No. 127279 ID: daffb0

Thought: A few decades later, if it got out, Penn's story could TOTALLY be retold as a "based on a true story" action romance drama movie with hot dudes and love triangles.
No. 127281 ID: afdebc

If you were a different gender in a past life, that wouldn't necessarily make your current self trans. If you're going to accept the idea of reincarnation, a lot about a person can change from incarnation to incarnation.
No. 127282 ID: 58c855

while we don't have an actual definition of what biological reincarnation means in the context of Penn, i think it's safe to say that it does not mean the same thing as the human definition of reincarnation
No. 127285 ID: 58c855
File 154740582245.png - (77.89KB , 800x800 , pennsuke.png )

on an unrelated note:
No. 127287 ID: afdebc

You're comfortable making the (unfounded) assumption that "biological reincarnation" literally means "genetically identical", but you're going to balk at my using the definition of the word reincarnation in a highly general sense?
No. 127290 ID: 58c855

it seems more in line with the Belenosian's whole deal, that's all
also i just think itd be neat if Penn was trans
No. 127291 ID: daffb0

I dunno. A big part of Penn's character is her fixation on her goal of having a normal life, even to the point of unhealthy behavior - she was literally repressing her own memories of who/what she is until forced to do otherwise, and there are a lot of clues that she's been avoiding any hobbies, pastimes or socializing that could draw attention to her. The only thing she's allowed herself to excel at is her studies, which for her species is still normal enough to pass, and which actually has some possible undertones of addictive behavior for them. She's not really 100% mentally well, is what I'm getting at, and if she was revealed to be trans, that could have... less than excellent implications.

You could certainly see some metaphorical link there, if you try. What with her trying to assert her own identity and have a normal life under that identity, in defiance of a previous identity that most people who know about it think of her in terms of despite her wishes. That might have the same implication problems, though. Plus it could apply more generally to themes of overcoming a family reputation or things like that, so it's hardly specific.
No. 127292 ID: 58c855

fair points, honestly. if Penn DOES get revealed as trans, i feel like a complete anticlimax in the reveal where it just gets mentioned offhand would be the best way to go about it.
after all, trans people don't really need external motivation to be trans. wanting to distance herself from the Sapphire Emperor or wanting to spite the Silhouette Empire would be secondary to just straight up wanting to be a girl

worth noting is that transition would be _really_ easy for belenosians. drugs work extraordinarily well on them, as evinced by the exaggerated effects of steroids, so HRT would likely take effect over the course of weeks as opposed to the months or years it takes with humans
No. 127293 ID: b1b4f3

Penn being trans because she carries Sapphire's genetic data doesn't make sense unless Sapphire was also trans.
Like, if the genes were male then Penn would also be male! Gender dysphoria doesn't happen because you've got chromosome issues, it's more complicated than that.

It'd also be very sad. We're talking about an illness that can cause serious depression and cultural/social rejection or isolation, on top of her existing problem.
Though now I'm wondering how Belenosian society handles transgender issues.
No. 127294 ID: 91ee5f

>Though now I'm wondering how Belenosian society handles transgender issues.
You could ask in the BTE thread to see if someone will answer.
No. 127295 ID: daffb0

Previous BTE answers have suggested that belenosians all still carry a ton of genetic modifications, with a theme of making them "better" but also more generic. They tend to not be very thin or very overweight, to being vaguely attractive but not remarkably, et cetera, and there's some very strong hints that a lot of the modifications done to them are the kinds of things that would tend them towards being good, productive, obedient and especially non-disruptive citizens, by the standards of the ruthless superscience empire that did the modifications in the first place.

So, while they approved of things that made people better by their standards (cyborg upgrades, uploading yourself to a superior robot body, etc.), and probably encouraged changes that would emphasize the unimportance of sex or gender (such as becoming an asexual robot or freely fluid jetal), simply changing from male to female or vice versa on a permanent basis actually implies significant personal and societal importance to one's sex/gender and therefore is probably something the imperials wouldn't have approved of so much, and therefore would have taken some action to discourage. Their ideals, from what we know, were departure from nature rather than embracing different nature, if you get me.

Point being, the biological factors of being transgender (though there are other factors, of course) are probably rarer in belenosians than they are in more natural species.

Culturally, well, belenosian post-ruin tribal culture both lacked any decent medicine and apparently placed high importance on being able to have lots of children, which is the sort of thing that tends a culture towards not having a high tolerance of transgender identities. So, imperial culture wouldn't have much tolerance for mtf or ftm, and tribal culture not at all, and those are the twin stars of belenosian culture overall so it's not a good outlook. Moderates between those two might be better about it, though, and we can hope that AQverse human culture is good about that sort of thing now, and it's a big influence so that might help too.

Overall, though, there are probably less transgender people among belenosians than any other species. Which is ironic, since yes, their medicine is the most advanced and their bodies the most receptive to modification. Not only with hormone treatments but things like nanobot skeletal reshaping, and cloning hormone-treated organs for transplant, and so on.
No. 127296 ID: 58c855

you're on some weird shit if you think being transgender is some sort of illness or horrible curse
No. 127297 ID: b1b4f3

It is by definition an illness. Transgender people have Gender Dysphoria.
Also it makes people miserable? Like, by definition it causes distress and likely depression, because you feel like you're in the wrong body and you can't fit in with society's gender norms.

I understand there's some weird subculture that glorifies it and makes it out to be some kind of mental state that frees you from the need to adhere to those gender norms but that's just not reality. People crave acceptance, and counterculture can only go so far; rebellion is just one way to cope.

If you're simply bothered by the stigma of calling it an illness or disorder... would you say the same thing about depression? Or social anxiety? What about bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia?
No. 127298 ID: daffb0

This angle of discussion is probably not going to go anywhere good for anyone, and it's not the place for it anyway, so how about we stop?
No. 127299 ID: b1b4f3

Eh, it just annoys me when people say being trans is somehow a good thing. I was close friends with a transgender person and it sure didn't help them in any way.
No. 127302 ID: 58c855

this is the last thing i'll say on whatever nonsense you're trying to convey: the reason being trans has a tendency to be a package deal with depression and other such bullshit isn't because it's inherent to being trans, its because it's inherent to being treated like shit for a long span of time over something you have no control over.

being treated like shit in ways such as: having a core aspect of one's identity being treated as an illness, people acting as though your very existence is disgusting, etc. etc. various other things you were probably aware of peripherally but chose to ignore in favor of being preachy and acting like you know what's best for someone when you evidently cannot even imagine taking a _step_ in their metaphorical shoes.

Experiences are not universal; many of the trans people i know enjoy their lives perfectly well, and i can assure you that its not in spite of being trans. If being trans _was_ suffering, it'd be because of people like you spouting view like yours to trans people who haven't gotten the chance to inoculate themselves against your specific strain of bullshit and them falling into a self hatred spiral because they actually _believe_ that sort of drivel. While I doubt anything I've said here will get you to be any less presumptuous and holier-than-thou, i still hope what I've said gets _someone_ to be less weird about trans people.

Argument done, discussion over, it's now time to talk about everyone's fear-boner over Rokoa.
No. 127305 ID: b1b4f3

Holy shit dude.
No. 127306 ID: d2de35


No one is getting anywhere with this argument and this is not the place to have this discussion. Any snippy asides on any side are going to lead to bans being handed out. This got too far out of hand and I'm ashamed I didn't intervene earlier. Move along.
No. 127432 ID: 32afab

Just a reminder that it was a year ago today that we lost Likol.
No. 127445 ID: 10c408

Why must you do this to my heart.
No. 127446 ID: 32afab

I've thought about him every goddamned day since, so I couldn't just let the 29th pass without any sort of mention.
No. 127448 ID: 864e49
File 154882212834.jpg - (76.92KB , 619x595 , 131744500907.jpg )

He will be forever remembered.
His sacrifices will not be in vain.
No. 127490 ID: b970b2

Likol did what had to be done. We just need to make sure Vanski gets his dues for the evil he has caused. A reckoning cannot be postponed indefinitely.
No. 127498 ID: 58c855

Likol was braver than any US marine
No. 127507 ID: 470289


Moving into the second thread of The Rogue after this (hopefully shortish) prologue section, I wanted to get a better idea of what readers felt about the story. I have an unfortunate tendency to waffle on a lot of stuff, so having some hard data to make future decisions off of would ideally help me make the story better for both you and me. Or maybe it won't and this is just a dumb way for me try and understand something that's not really understandable. Either way, hopefully we'll learn something.

If you're a Rogue reader I would appreciate you filling out the following survey or if you have feedback I didn't make a question for just ask it in the thread.


No. 127548 ID: 9125e0

*Pouring out liquor for Likol*
He will forever be remembered, and so will those who were lost to help him complete his goal.
No. 127657 ID: 470289

Hi again!

It's been about a week and I've gotten some good feedback from the survey. Thanks to everyone who participated.

The survey will stay open for stragglers but I have reviewed all the feedback already sent and will be taking it all into consideration going forward. I can't promise I'll please everyone, but I do promise to do my best to make an entertaining story and deliver entertaining content you haven't seen before.

Once again, thanks to all readers of The Rogue and I hope you keep enjoying it!
No. 128516 ID: 0ab3ed

Hey, so, I just finished reading Asteroid Quest up to Penn Quest 1, then I read Unnatural Selection, then I finished the remaining Asteroid Quest threads.
I have some thoughts, although they're split up between compliments of what i liked, critiques of what i think didn't work as well, questions about the plot, questions about certain world details and just minor comments and I won't post them all, unless someone wants me too.
It was really good, mostly. Actually, its hard to talk about a story as long as the entirety of all those threads as a cohesive whole. But it was good enough to continually engross me, especially Unnatural Selection for some reason.
I think it would be good if Unnatural Selection was placed on the Asteroid Quest wiki page now, since it has become directly related to the events of Penn Quest. It would kinda give away the reveal that they're in a CAI, but that doesn't take away very much imo, that reveal comes in thread 5 and it was still impactful even though i already vaguely knew it. In fact, knowing that they were in a CAI made the start more interesting if anything, because I had a context for what was happening.
I do have one question relating to UnSe; When previous Glitchers had been killed/eaten by the guardian beast, why hadn't Likol's alarm been triggered? I got the impression that the guardian beast transferred everything it ate to the Ring Shell, and that Likol's alarm was to trigger if an AI made it to the Ring Shell. So why hadn't it happened before with the other Glitchers who got eaten?
No. 128544 ID: 49a777

>>128516 Personally, I would like to hear your other questions, which I will attempt to answer to the best of my ability.

To answer your already available question: the alarm didn't go off because of an AI entering the RS, it may be programmed to, but Glitcher doesn't have an ID and couldn't be detected anyway. When the alarm went off, it was because material from block C entered the RS, meaning that it was the material that Rulekeeper threw into the guardian to provide Glitcher with a shell. The key difference between our Glitcher's encounter and previous ones is that, when the guardian assimilates the Glitcher's core, it rips it from that Glitcher's shell, when that happened to our Glitcher, the tooth and a whole bunch of strings were tossed in after him. This is assuming that I remember correctly, as I had reread thread 15 (the one with the alarm going off) but not the other relevant threads.
No. 128558 ID: 0ab3ed

Well, one thing i didnt quite get was the Ring Shell language thing. Like i got that it translated the ordinary speech of the contestants into something unintelligible, but i didnt really get how it specifically encrypted them. There was something about using the corrupted logs to translate it? Likol said he had to teach the Ring Shell morse code. How did Glitcher spell out that message he leaves in english?

Also what was with Likol's empathy double? Was that the version of him that Vanski had tried to use the predator to make him become? That was the impression i got, but it wasn't explicitly stated, and it seems a bit weird they would turn their computer scientist into a guitar player.
No. 128569 ID: 465a14

>Also what was with Likol's empathy double?
As stated in the quest, Likol's fragmenting. He's old enough that he's nearing the end of his lifespan and his body is falling apart. It's a common symptom at that point in their life- consider it a neumono version of Alzheimer's or dementia.
No. 128570 ID: 465a14

Specifically- this was mentioned when he visited a doctor to figure out what was happening, and that was what the doctor thought was happening with admittedly limited information. It's fairly explicit that Likol was tampered with in some fashion or another and very likely that this interacts somehow with his mental state, but the primary cause appears to just be being nearly at the point of death by aging.
No. 128571 ID: b1b4f3

No, it was practically spelled out that the empathy double was an implanted personality to try to bring him under control. To make him stop caring about things.
No. 128586 ID: 49a777

To answer the language question: The RS uses some language of its own, it was stated that it was not, in fact, an encryption, as it did not use an algorithm to change the letters; this is a direct translation of one language to another, so as Glitcher was becoming more, uh, attuned to the RS, he lost the capability to understand English, the corrupted logs were already in the language the RS uses, so when written out, Glitcher could read them and send it back in Morse. Morse code was, to my knowledge, just thrown in there as something that could be detected by the outside, Morse code was also put into block C, so it only worked because it was present in both places and relied on patterns rather than written language. The conversation was taking place in three languages, words were translated from English to Morse to RS, then back again. Glitcher most likely left the English message that he did before he lost the ability to read, write, and understand English. As of this moment, I don't think anybody has successfully translated RS to English (though I may have glossed over whether or not the contestants have, I know they were working on it).
No. 128598 ID: c81ec8

Lagotrope, may I use characters and material from AstroidQuest in a quest of my own?

If asked I'll supply a laundry list of all the stuff I would want to use.

No. 128602 ID: 5fc3a0

I don't mind (I'm assuming this is outside of AQ canon), though I would be curious what you'd want to use.
No. 128609 ID: e948d8

Thank you sincerely.

And yes, totally outside of the cannon.

Here's a basic list of things, though I wasn't super thorough.

Neumono as a whole.
The Neumono homeworld.
Salaki. (I think I spelled that wrong.)
Yich eater.
The Asteroid itself.
Some misc stuff that I can't immediately recall, but will list out if requested.

What I plan to do with these things is a super secret, that I don't want to talk about on public channels. Not that I'm trying to go over your head, just that I want it to be a surprise.

Thank you again. No complement I have the vocabulary to issue does justice to the quality of the AQ universe and it's characters. And in turn, I find it difficult to express the gratitude I have for you letting me use them.
No. 128626 ID: 0ab3ed

Another question, why did Vanski give Likol a fake CAI and a fake possibility to escape? He was waiting where Likol got out of the river and just recaptured him immediately, so what was he actually trying to do setting that scenario up?
Also, how did the ASE manage to put self-detruct codes on hugs.exe but not actually stop the program from being put on Likol's goggles? The CAI said something about 2 seconds but it wasn't really clear what exactly went down.
That's something that was kind of an issue for thread 17 in general actually, imo. There was a lot of stuff building up this mystery around what had happened when Likol had tried to escape and why he couldn't remember it, but there was never really a 'reveal'. We were told what happened, but we never saw it, and only in loose details. Like what was with that note on the laptops written in blood saying not to connect it to anything? It didn't seem like anything actually happened when it got connected. I feel like it would have been solved if there had been just one more flashback that went through some of what had happened in the base.
No. 128627 ID: ab1fe9

I think part of those questions being unanswered is just how quests are structured. We could have had the answers, but we missed them. We didn't take the path or do the thing that would have given the reveal. So... tough luck. That sort of thing is what gives a sense of stakes to your suggestions.

It's also still possible for some of those that they'll still be revealed. Or that the sense of frustration with the mystery is intentional, to enhance the atmosphere of dangerous secrecy that Polo and Penn are each going to be trying to penetrate.
No. 128681 ID: 49a777

I seem to remember mention of Hugs.exe being made for the purpose of general use by the hive to help with things, but I don't know if that was me or if it was actually mentioned at some point. If this was the case, ASE putting some weird sequence of nonsense as a self destruct trigger, let alone a self destruct trigger, would make much more sense, as they would be able to control were the AI was able to go, but not limit its capabilities. Again, I don't know where I got this information, so take it with a grain of salt. It would also make sense if, due to the CAI's tendency to say and do strange things that may or may not be factually correct, the ASE guys referenced were Likol's hive; this assumption, however, does not account for the self destruct code, so I do not think it true.
Vanski's loyalty test, if you can call it that, was a bit odd, yes, but I just assumed that its weird nature was due to his... mental instability.
No. 128713 ID: 5ba090

Eh, I didn't really get that impression from the thread, that those were mysteries that were optional for the readers to solve. Like, quests vary between being more gamelike and being more storylike, or being both, and thread 17 at least seemed much more storylike. But it feels like it missed a scene to me. It doesn't really bother me though, I know that keeping track of numerous story details while writing serial fiction can be hard, and Asteroid Quest has a lot of plot-important details. This was meant to be the kind of criticism that is hopefully helpful to Lagotrope, just a description of something that didn't seem to work as well and why.

That makes more sense, I would like to read whatever you got that from is though.

A more general question, have we learned anything about the other neumono who went through Polo's training and developed the ability to go silent? In ITQ or elsewhere?
No. 128717 ID: ab1fe9

>I didn't really get that impression from the thread, that those were mysteries that were optional for the readers to solve. Like, quests vary between being more gamelike and being more storylike, or being both, and thread 17 at least seemed much more storylike. But it feels like it missed a scene to me.

Well, I don't agree. Yes, the information is missing, but I don't think the story suffers for it, and I even think it's been enhanced for Polo and Penn's quests, later. I'm sure we could have searched out those mysteries, if we wanted to and were smart enough, but if they were optional then we chose not to (which might have been wise, as they could have a price) and if they were essential then we simply failed. We can do that. Even "storylike" quests, as you call them, can have details missed or tasks failed. The suggesters have some responsibility for how a stories goes as well as the author.

Even just in and of itself, though, the feeling of questions unanswered suits the atmosphere of the quest itself. Likol is a scientist - having questions to answer, being surrounded by mysteries, is appropriate to him. Having those questions be hard to solve, with an air of dread around them, reinforces the frustration and fear he's feeling, and the sense that something that he values (the search for knowledge) has been tainted and become bitter for him. And when the quest ends, and he's taken away with those questions unanswered, yeah it's unsatisfying - it is for him, too! He doesn't want to go. He's not at peace. His future is uncertain but almost certainly horrible, and he's had to resign himself to never getting what he'd really want. Because we haven't gotten an answer to our questions, our feelings line up with his perfectly. I mean, if we had gotten all the mysteries revealed, and felt that we were satisfied and sure what was going on, would that have been the right feeling to have while watching Likol go to his doom?
No. 128722 ID: 465a14

Basically only ITQ. Polo is the only complete success. The others are all from her hive and can't maintain it to the same degree she can, iirc if they had any others who could go silent at all it was only for short periods of time and it was painful/harmful to do.
No. 128726 ID: 864e49

By the way it's been awhile since wev'e seen any activity from Lago.
They ok?
No. 128809 ID: 465a14

He's been around offsite. I assume he's busy, or if he actually did get sick or something I didn't see mention of it.
No. 129394 ID: 1ed92d
File 155761501449.png - (143.01KB , 662x781 , Mac the NOD Trooper.png )

Behold, the true face of the Rogues! Only the Brotherhood shall see us through!
No. 129447 ID: 1ac5eb
File 155806763177.png - (439.84KB , 1400x1000 , Luvi drones about cartoons, you stare at her ches.png )

Got some rogue pics done. gonna upload them... eventually. Here's the first.

Art by GraphyGraphie. They are super nsfw, so fair warning if you look em up.
No. 129448 ID: 1ac5eb
File 155806890456.png - (929.29KB , 1500x1200 , Beware the Lesbian.png )

No. 129449 ID: 1ac5eb
File 155806931785.png - (2.46MB , 1500x1125 , It's porn_ That's the joke_.png )

There was a misunderstanding about what they were going to be paid for.
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