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File 132817546037.png - (30.51KB , 500x500 , disctitlecard.png )
48871 No. 48871 ID: d6af4f

The discussion thread for that one quest with the green guy and the mimiga cutebold psycho
Edit: This discussion thread can serve to cover all quests within asteroidverse and any offshoots. Fen Quest has its own dis thread at https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/84312.html
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No. 126078 ID: 10c408

As was pointed out, the brain matter migrates away from damaged areas and you have no way of determining what's even 'in' the removed section, let alone the neumono who has been donating.
No. 126080 ID: 094652

So the neumono body adapts to repeated amputations in the same part by taking the neural instructions to regrow that specific part, along with most of the brain for that matter, and shoves it somewhere else. Similar to how scar tissue is a crude but adaptive reaction to severe damage, only this is an evolution for regeneration and not defense.

Makes sense. I think I have an idea.

What if we ARTIFICIALLY SIMULATED repeated amputations to various areas, without physically amputating anything, and condensed the brain into a smaller area - like an actual brain? How hard would it be to convince a neumono's body into thinking their limb was amputated, by simulating the environmental factors involved like adrenaline input and partial sensory deprivation? The body is tricked into thinking a part has been decapitated, then re-attached a similar part with near-perfect synchronicity. Since it's the same limb and same nerve pathways, the sync rate should be preeetty high. But in theory, the body reacts. Less neural activity in those specific portions, more in others. By the end, you have a functioning brain of sorts in a compartmentalized area. Still dangerous, but an interesting field of study for Vanski.
No. 126082 ID: d5442a

The neumono's body may reduce the amount of brain power in a limb from amputation, but I doubt it would entirely remove it. Neumono aren't amoebas, they have skeletons and muscles and those take up the space they need to take up, so brain matter probably isn't evenly distributed so much as it collects in a few particular nodes, like a set of mini-brains. Those mini brains may be more or less developed compared to each other, but they probably don't disappear.

Simulating amputation is also probably more than just a matter of nerve and hormone stimulation. A neumono's body probably has some (usually subconscious) awareness of its own empathy and would read the absence of its limbs in that way.
No. 126085 ID: 977456

Fascinating proposal! I wonder if a compression of the mental tissues would increase processing speed. By concentrating the mental tissues in an easily-protected and low-exposure location, say, the base of the torso, one could retain most of the Neumono's advantages while overcoming their slow reaction-times. Additionally, by minimising the mental tissue in the less protected regions, their recovery times from and resistance to typical combat injuries(such as dismemberment and high-calibre rounds through the centre-mass) could be almost trivialised, while shooting from hard-cover would have minimal long-term risk.

Perhaps electrical pulses could be used to disrupt the function in the desired areas. This could even result in a net increase in mental capacity should the suppressed tissue return to full function. On the other hand, if it resulted in a disconnect with the effected regions and, for want of a better term, a civil-war, or cancer, then it could potentially be weaponised directly. Being consumed by, or consuming, a past version of themselves would be disruptive to morale and incapacitating. That said, an effective delivery system that wouldn't be better used on sedatives or explosives would be difficult to produce.
No. 126092 ID: 40ae85

>an easily-protected and low-exposure location, say, the base of the torso

That... doesn't seem like it'd be a good place for a brain. For a lot of reasons. I don't think it's easily-protected or low exposure, and has a bunch of other disadvantages.
No. 126095 ID: 10c408

Neumono brain matter isn't distributed into sets of 'mini-brains', it is it's own additional layer that covers most if not all of the body.
No. 126096 ID: 40ae85

I wouldn't think so, that seems really sub-optimal. You could get the same redundancy with nodes, without getting in the way of your skin, muscles and bones, and probably take advantage of the bones to provide some protection instead of having literally all damage be brain damage. Basically a nervous system with some of the key junctions pumped up. Neumono must have at least some concentrated brain matter, since their skulls are pretty big can't be full of only sense organs. So if they have some brain concentration there, why not some near other key areas like the forearms, near the stomach, base of the spine, et cetera?
No. 126097 ID: 10c408

Okay, I went and looked it up on the wiki. I got some of it wrong, but they still don't have nodes or mini-brains.

And yes, this distributed placement is a bit inefficient for reaction times and learning but the sheer amount of punishment they can endure AND recover from given time and food is a helluva trade off.
No. 126100 ID: 977456

The torso-base doesn't require much mobility and is central and low for balance, so can have more armouring than any other part of the body. It is less used and exposed than limbs, so no need to throw it in people's faces where it could get bitten. It's much lower than most senses and armaments, thus the surrounding terrain is far more likely to protect it from direct attacks and shrapnel. It really seems like the best place for a critical location in a super-soldier, which seems like the appropriate MAD SCIENCE goal.
No. 126101 ID: 40ae85

The torso base is already full with your reproductive and digestive systems, the latter of which is subject to a lot of variation in weight (that's why the hips are basically shaped like a bowl, to be able to carry them). The stomach is the one area with vital organs that DOESN'T have any sort of bone protection like the skull or rib cage provides higher up, and the reason it doesn't have it is because the lower torso is a major area of articulation, being subject to all sorts of twisting, bending, curling, stretching and flexing. The torso is also the area where most people with guns are going to be trained to shoot, especially in neumono, for whom being shot in the gut is the canonical best way to quickly disable them so that's where everybody aims.

Any roughly humanoid biped with its brain in its lower torso will have a brain with:
- no in-built protection from bones except from the hips, which will only protect from a very low angle and then only in a limited way
- a lot of varying pressures placed on it by the creature's movements if it is called upon to do basically anything athletic
- even more pressure put on it by the weight of the creature's food (remember that neumono eat more than most other species)
- about as much distance from most of its major sense organs (sight, hearing, smell, taste) as can be imagined, slowing its reactions greatly and making it much more likely that it gets cut off from those senses by any bodily harm severing nerve pathways
- a high chance of serious medical danger whenever it wants to try make babies

Also you can't actually armor it heavily because the lower torso is where your legs attach and if you want to be able to run fast you are very restricted in how thick/free of gaps you can make armor in that area.
No. 126225 ID: 6266fc

Thrice dammed by all the god's! I was just beginning to really like Miss (the pomi), and then that thread ends!
Okay, I have a mission for you, (yes you,the one reading this), should you choose to accept it.
You must make the arduous journey to fanfiction.net once there you must write a Hok+Miss romance fanfic. I don't even care if it's cheesy or poorly written or barely legible.
I would do it myself, but then I wouldn't be able to enjoy reading it now would I?
Should you complete this task for me, not only will you have my sincere gratitude, but I will also officially owe you one Major solid. That's major with a capital M, and not something I take lightly.
No. 126269 ID: 300f7e

I've always found the concept of Jammer Cities weird, Empathy is a major neumono sense and plays an important role in communication. It would be like if a human city forced everyone to wear masks.
No. 126484 ID: 8f8fac

Panica from Luvi's story in The Rogue: There is no tactful way to ask this. Why is your pregnancy so weird. Why. Why so big. Why is your freakish alien pregnancy weird. Why. Why. Explain. Why.
No. 126485 ID: e1d580

Wrong thread, this is the OOC discussion thread. You want Behind the Ears.
No. 126486 ID: 91ee5f

Wrong thread.

Try asking again over in the BTE thread here: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/96269.html .
No. 126561 ID: 36a114
File 154317686483.jpg - (171.64KB , 640x1136 , image.jpg )

Hey look, I found a picture of Polo's father.
No. 126650 ID: bdb209

and who's the mom? doomguy's rabbit?
No. 126735 ID: 83c3f5


Big boss is the mom.
No. 127271 ID: 58c855

Considering that the Sapphire Emperor is a dude, and Penn is his "Biological Reincarnation" (which i'm gonna assume means she's genetically identical), it begs the question: is Penn trans?
No. 127272 ID: 465a14

they are not even the same species, one is a robot slime and the other is flesh and blood
No. 127273 ID: daffb0

It's not actually known for sure whether Sapphire was a dude. The belenosian simulation used in UnSe is basically Arza's historical fiction. Various questions and answers about how accurate accounts/simulations of belenosian history are in UnSe and BTE have indicated that there's very little trustworthy information, and more specifically, in the case of the emperors and other ancient high nobles, the ideal was to transcend nature entirely and become some sort of asexual machine person. Because of that they were all modified heavily, or uploaded their brains to different bodies, and there's no real information about what gender they might have started as. Plus stuff like, the word "emperor" was probably an english translation of a non-gendered word in the original language, that sort of thing. I think Penn's grandmother also suggested in BTE that she isn't necessarily totally identical, possibly just partly so. It's not even known how accurate the term "biological reincarnation" is to begin with.

As for the question, I don't think there's any direct evidence against it in any canon material, but it seems unlikely. With the situation she was already in, it would have been a messy enough thing to have been hinted at in her flashbacks. She also seems barely cognizant of gender at all in her internal monologue unless something directly confronts her with it, so that would suggest it's not an important topic to her, which it probably would be if she'd been through gender identity stuff herself.

As an aside, though, it strikes me that medical tech for belenosians is probably advanced enough to make full biologically perfect transitions. On the other hand, they're not long off a culture that has strong taboos against any modification to one's "natural born" form.
No. 127274 ID: 91ee5f

>Penn is his "Biological Reincarnation" (which i'm gonna assume means she's genetically identical)
So it’s basically the plot of Jupiter Ascending, right?
No. 127278 ID: daffb0

I don't think the protagonist being a secret space princess is a concept that movie invented, and Penn does it better.

Also, not enough hot dudes.
No. 127279 ID: daffb0

Thought: A few decades later, if it got out, Penn's story could TOTALLY be retold as a "based on a true story" action romance drama movie with hot dudes and love triangles.
No. 127281 ID: afdebc

If you were a different gender in a past life, that wouldn't necessarily make your current self trans. If you're going to accept the idea of reincarnation, a lot about a person can change from incarnation to incarnation.
No. 127282 ID: 58c855

while we don't have an actual definition of what biological reincarnation means in the context of Penn, i think it's safe to say that it does not mean the same thing as the human definition of reincarnation
No. 127285 ID: 58c855
File 154740582245.png - (77.89KB , 800x800 , pennsuke.png )

on an unrelated note:
No. 127287 ID: afdebc

You're comfortable making the (unfounded) assumption that "biological reincarnation" literally means "genetically identical", but you're going to balk at my using the definition of the word reincarnation in a highly general sense?
No. 127290 ID: 58c855

it seems more in line with the Belenosian's whole deal, that's all
also i just think itd be neat if Penn was trans
No. 127291 ID: daffb0

I dunno. A big part of Penn's character is her fixation on her goal of having a normal life, even to the point of unhealthy behavior - she was literally repressing her own memories of who/what she is until forced to do otherwise, and there are a lot of clues that she's been avoiding any hobbies, pastimes or socializing that could draw attention to her. The only thing she's allowed herself to excel at is her studies, which for her species is still normal enough to pass, and which actually has some possible undertones of addictive behavior for them. She's not really 100% mentally well, is what I'm getting at, and if she was revealed to be trans, that could have... less than excellent implications.

You could certainly see some metaphorical link there, if you try. What with her trying to assert her own identity and have a normal life under that identity, in defiance of a previous identity that most people who know about it think of her in terms of despite her wishes. That might have the same implication problems, though. Plus it could apply more generally to themes of overcoming a family reputation or things like that, so it's hardly specific.
No. 127292 ID: 58c855

fair points, honestly. if Penn DOES get revealed as trans, i feel like a complete anticlimax in the reveal where it just gets mentioned offhand would be the best way to go about it.
after all, trans people don't really need external motivation to be trans. wanting to distance herself from the Sapphire Emperor or wanting to spite the Silhouette Empire would be secondary to just straight up wanting to be a girl

worth noting is that transition would be _really_ easy for belenosians. drugs work extraordinarily well on them, as evinced by the exaggerated effects of steroids, so HRT would likely take effect over the course of weeks as opposed to the months or years it takes with humans
No. 127293 ID: b1b4f3

Penn being trans because she carries Sapphire's genetic data doesn't make sense unless Sapphire was also trans.
Like, if the genes were male then Penn would also be male! Gender dysphoria doesn't happen because you've got chromosome issues, it's more complicated than that.

It'd also be very sad. We're talking about an illness that can cause serious depression and cultural/social rejection or isolation, on top of her existing problem.
Though now I'm wondering how Belenosian society handles transgender issues.
No. 127294 ID: 91ee5f

>Though now I'm wondering how Belenosian society handles transgender issues.
You could ask in the BTE thread to see if someone will answer.
No. 127295 ID: daffb0

Previous BTE answers have suggested that belenosians all still carry a ton of genetic modifications, with a theme of making them "better" but also more generic. They tend to not be very thin or very overweight, to being vaguely attractive but not remarkably, et cetera, and there's some very strong hints that a lot of the modifications done to them are the kinds of things that would tend them towards being good, productive, obedient and especially non-disruptive citizens, by the standards of the ruthless superscience empire that did the modifications in the first place.

So, while they approved of things that made people better by their standards (cyborg upgrades, uploading yourself to a superior robot body, etc.), and probably encouraged changes that would emphasize the unimportance of sex or gender (such as becoming an asexual robot or freely fluid jetal), simply changing from male to female or vice versa on a permanent basis actually implies significant personal and societal importance to one's sex/gender and therefore is probably something the imperials wouldn't have approved of so much, and therefore would have taken some action to discourage. Their ideals, from what we know, were departure from nature rather than embracing different nature, if you get me.

Point being, the biological factors of being transgender (though there are other factors, of course) are probably rarer in belenosians than they are in more natural species.

Culturally, well, belenosian post-ruin tribal culture both lacked any decent medicine and apparently placed high importance on being able to have lots of children, which is the sort of thing that tends a culture towards not having a high tolerance of transgender identities. So, imperial culture wouldn't have much tolerance for mtf or ftm, and tribal culture not at all, and those are the twin stars of belenosian culture overall so it's not a good outlook. Moderates between those two might be better about it, though, and we can hope that AQverse human culture is good about that sort of thing now, and it's a big influence so that might help too.

Overall, though, there are probably less transgender people among belenosians than any other species. Which is ironic, since yes, their medicine is the most advanced and their bodies the most receptive to modification. Not only with hormone treatments but things like nanobot skeletal reshaping, and cloning hormone-treated organs for transplant, and so on.
No. 127296 ID: 58c855

you're on some weird shit if you think being transgender is some sort of illness or horrible curse
No. 127297 ID: b1b4f3

It is by definition an illness. Transgender people have Gender Dysphoria.
Also it makes people miserable? Like, by definition it causes distress and likely depression, because you feel like you're in the wrong body and you can't fit in with society's gender norms.

I understand there's some weird subculture that glorifies it and makes it out to be some kind of mental state that frees you from the need to adhere to those gender norms but that's just not reality. People crave acceptance, and counterculture can only go so far; rebellion is just one way to cope.

If you're simply bothered by the stigma of calling it an illness or disorder... would you say the same thing about depression? Or social anxiety? What about bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia?
No. 127298 ID: daffb0

This angle of discussion is probably not going to go anywhere good for anyone, and it's not the place for it anyway, so how about we stop?
No. 127299 ID: b1b4f3

Eh, it just annoys me when people say being trans is somehow a good thing. I was close friends with a transgender person and it sure didn't help them in any way.
No. 127302 ID: 58c855

this is the last thing i'll say on whatever nonsense you're trying to convey: the reason being trans has a tendency to be a package deal with depression and other such bullshit isn't because it's inherent to being trans, its because it's inherent to being treated like shit for a long span of time over something you have no control over.

being treated like shit in ways such as: having a core aspect of one's identity being treated as an illness, people acting as though your very existence is disgusting, etc. etc. various other things you were probably aware of peripherally but chose to ignore in favor of being preachy and acting like you know what's best for someone when you evidently cannot even imagine taking a _step_ in their metaphorical shoes.

Experiences are not universal; many of the trans people i know enjoy their lives perfectly well, and i can assure you that its not in spite of being trans. If being trans _was_ suffering, it'd be because of people like you spouting view like yours to trans people who haven't gotten the chance to inoculate themselves against your specific strain of bullshit and them falling into a self hatred spiral because they actually _believe_ that sort of drivel. While I doubt anything I've said here will get you to be any less presumptuous and holier-than-thou, i still hope what I've said gets _someone_ to be less weird about trans people.

Argument done, discussion over, it's now time to talk about everyone's fear-boner over Rokoa.
No. 127305 ID: b1b4f3

Holy shit dude.
No. 127306 ID: d2de35


No one is getting anywhere with this argument and this is not the place to have this discussion. Any snippy asides on any side are going to lead to bans being handed out. This got too far out of hand and I'm ashamed I didn't intervene earlier. Move along.
No. 127432 ID: 32afab

Just a reminder that it was a year ago today that we lost Likol.
No. 127445 ID: 10c408

Why must you do this to my heart.
No. 127446 ID: 32afab

I've thought about him every goddamned day since, so I couldn't just let the 29th pass without any sort of mention.
No. 127448 ID: 864e49
File 154882212834.jpg - (76.92KB , 619x595 , 131744500907.jpg )

He will be forever remembered.
His sacrifices will not be in vain.
No. 127490 ID: b970b2

Likol did what had to be done. We just need to make sure Vanski gets his dues for the evil he has caused. A reckoning cannot be postponed indefinitely.
No. 127498 ID: 58c855

Likol was braver than any US marine
No. 127507 ID: 470289


Moving into the second thread of The Rogue after this (hopefully shortish) prologue section, I wanted to get a better idea of what readers felt about the story. I have an unfortunate tendency to waffle on a lot of stuff, so having some hard data to make future decisions off of would ideally help me make the story better for both you and me. Or maybe it won't and this is just a dumb way for me try and understand something that's not really understandable. Either way, hopefully we'll learn something.

If you're a Rogue reader I would appreciate you filling out the following survey or if you have feedback I didn't make a question for just ask it in the thread.


No. 127548 ID: 9125e0

*Pouring out liquor for Likol*
He will forever be remembered, and so will those who were lost to help him complete his goal.
No. 127657 ID: 470289

Hi again!

It's been about a week and I've gotten some good feedback from the survey. Thanks to everyone who participated.

The survey will stay open for stragglers but I have reviewed all the feedback already sent and will be taking it all into consideration going forward. I can't promise I'll please everyone, but I do promise to do my best to make an entertaining story and deliver entertaining content you haven't seen before.

Once again, thanks to all readers of The Rogue and I hope you keep enjoying it!
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