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File 132979877229.gif - (14.13KB , 439x304 , team.gif )
49542 No. 49542 ID: af4958

So I heard you guys like quests. Just a silly thing I put together to do aside from my webcomic.

I run it exclusively through tumblr, but I'd appreciate feedback if you have it.

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No. 49543 ID: af4958
File 132979930789.gif - (18.42KB , 800x600 , promo_poster.gif )

Bandit's Quest is a quest-style comic that stars a bandit named Anda Bandit, who has recently just joined up with a corgi mage named Corwin Frostpaw.

I will be switching the format up a bit when this prologue act is completed, but really that's just making it more traditionally comic-booky. It will still have animations as well.
No. 49544 ID: 2f7168

welcome to tgchan ! cool to see this being announced here
No. 49545 ID: a9ba96

Oh my god this is an adorable thing you have there
No. 49546 ID: af4958
File 132980032754.jpg - (163.24KB , 800x600 , tryhat.jpg )


Thank you. :D
No. 49547 ID: 9c7c3b

I told myself I was going to read a few pages and then suddenly I've blown through all of them. Seriously, this is awesome! Good work!
No. 49548 ID: e3f578

Oh my gosh
Someone made a Corgi main character
Seriously that's all I ever wanted
No. 49551 ID: af4958
File 132980796466.jpg - (99.50KB , 500x582 , corwin.jpg )


Thank you! I certainly hope you guys will submit commands. Anonymous commands are always welcome.
No. 49552 ID: e3f578

Don't say that.
Don't you EVER say that.
Have us not suggest, have us not suggest for as long as you can.
Cherish it. You gotta cherish it. You do.

No, I'm serious, you're barking for VULGAR suggestions that will make the characters explore areas of their sexuality never even VENTURED before.
No. 49553 ID: b6edd6

Selective comment ignoring does tend to be necessary for sanity.
No. 49555 ID: 459534

Just finished reading this a little bit ago, and I'm impressed. It may be too early to say anything really substantive about your quest, but it's certainly getting me excited. If the rest of the quest turns out as good as what you've got so far, I'd fully expect it to wind up as popular as Prequel. Maybe even as popular as Homestuck itself, if you play things right.

Since you appear to be a new author (to tgchan, at least), would you consider making an ATA post? Only if you're so disposed, of course. [Note to self: Compile ATA questions to make them easier to find and pick from]

Also, fair warning, I'm falling for Anda. :I I mean, look at this!
That's adorable! She's just crying out to be snuggled!


Corwin: Snuggle Anda!
No. 49557 ID: af4958
File 132981262899.jpg - (93.27KB , 500x591 , bandit_profile.jpg )


I am not sure what ATA is, but I would be glad to do one of... those. Just help me understand what it is I should do.

I appreciate the feedback. I am just having a lot of fun with it, and I am going for something a little looser than my regular comic, Cosmic Dash (http://cosmicdash.com/). I actually have a neat little twist in mind for BQ to play up the meta-aspects, and I an excited about it.

I would also TOTALLY love to know how to get this up there alongside the ranks of Prequel and Homestuck.
No. 49560 ID: a9ba96

ATA is "Ask the Author." Just scroll down to the thread with the microphone, there's plenty of questions posed by the various members on the site for quest authors to answer at will.

As for popularity, just keep at what you're doing. It's too early to offer any specific criticisms (besides "oh my god this is adorable") but you have everything in place right now to grow a sizable fan base as you move on. Your art and writing certainly have the charm for it.
No. 49567 ID: af4958
File 132984040399.gif - (15.99KB , 391x600 , bandit_panel_test.gif )


Thank you, I'll be sure to post there today.
No. 49595 ID: 3af16b

>I would also TOTALLY love to know how to get this up there alongside the ranks of Prequel and Homestuck.

Maintain a schedule. Interact with your readers, hit cons if you can. Give your audience place to socialize. Don't be afraid to build memes, they're what ultimately ensure your intellectual property gains new followers through word of mouth.

Little time-waster games that you give away will help spread the word too. Look at what all the successful webcomics have done, because largely that's what Homestuck is doing too.
No. 49597 ID: af4958
File 132995550935.gif - (8.28KB , 417x433 , banditfullbodyref.gif )


Some of those sound doable. Unfortunately I am too poor for cons, but I will see what else I can do. As for the socialization aspect, any suggestions?
No. 49605 ID: a9760c

Off the top of my head: Forums, Twitter use, group on Steam, Formspring page, and maybe even weekly Skype chats once there's enough followers to warrant it.
No. 49608 ID: af4958
File 132997554001.gif - (11.84KB , 800x600 , corgi_thanks.gif )


I'll wait on the forums. I'll probably use my existing twitter and formspring accounts. I don't get the use of a steam group, but I'd support one if it were made.

My twitter is https://twitter.com/#!/hpkomic, and my formspring is http://www.formspring.me/hpkomic

Anything you guys want to know about the comic or something else?
No. 49611 ID: af4958
File 132998129067.gif - (35.36KB , 800x600 , showcorpse.gif )

I'm starting the next set of panels a little early. I figure you guys have been cool, so I'll show off what I have.
No. 49612 ID: af4958
File 132998249378.gif - (6.01KB , 432x584 , shoopable.gif )

This is a thing. Have fun with it.
No. 49621 ID: 0d7a83
File 133001398824.gif - (8.34KB , 432x584 , critical fail on creativity.gif )

Herp, Derp, welcome to Quest.
No. 49641 ID: d5ee6f
File 133007470366.gif - (32.21KB , 430x583 , yiff.gif )

No. 49642 ID: d5ee6f

What's the stance you take on suggestions? Doing it like a game or with an eye for narrative?
No. 49644 ID: af4958
File 133010008471.gif - (25.51KB , 432x584 , ohgodwat.gif )




Basically, I am getting a narrative in place, but I follow suggestions as diversions. For the most part I eventually get things back on track.
No. 49795 ID: af4958
File 133050838818.gif - (82.18KB , 800x800 , test-panels.gif )


It liiiiiiiives.
No. 49796 ID: d5ee6f
File 133051018691.png - (278.30KB , 561x1000 , corgibutt.png )

Thank Lagotrope for this!
No. 49800 ID: 50e7bc

That is quite the spiffy layout! You're going to upload the prologue, right?
No. 49802 ID: af4958


This is cool! Thank you. I'm not used to seeing corgis with long legs though!


I'll probably keep the prologue tumblr-exclusive.
No. 49822 ID: af4958
File 133063006618.jpg - (461.43KB , 651x800 , 275_38849_2561330613905.jpg )

Got this from a art exchange I am involved with twice a month. She is going to be adding the scarf soon.

No. 49873 ID: af4958
File 133075253254.gif - (44.92KB , 800x600 , shatter.gif )

You guys should drop some commands on the comic soon page for act 1's first page next week.

No. 49913 ID: af4958
File 133089359742.gif - (34.05KB , 932x534 , character_select.gif )

No. 49919 ID: d3ccca

I'm liking what you're doing with this, but I hope you're prepared for suggestions including sex and lesbians because that's what tgchan specializes in.
No. 49932 ID: 1854db

I wish I didn't have to enter an email to suggest.
No. 49945 ID: 4bdd79

I just used the author's email.
No. 49951 ID: af4958
File 133101008301.gif - (7.84KB , 400x100 , inv_magazine.gif )


Should I be worried about this? Is this some sort of exploit?


You can use a number of services through the current system. I don't even really look at e-mail addresses, so your horrible secrets are your own.


I am sure I can find some comical way to deal with these sorts of things.
No. 51009 ID: af4958
File 133377910428.gif - (5.87KB , 288x344 , tadashi_poster.gif )

I recently got a mention on Nerf Now, but he said people should ask for fanservice.

Is this not enough?
No. 51028 ID: 0d7a83

Those Speedos need to be 20% tighter.
No. 51030 ID: af4958
File 133382084053.jpg - (336.74KB , 1000x1000 , lootandletdie_v2.jpg )


I will make a note of that for the future.

I am working on a donation wallpaper of Mama Bandit right now.
No. 51047 ID: af4958
File 133384040973.jpg - (162.14KB , 500x773 , lootandletdie_blog.jpg )

I dumped a large version at my dA account:

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