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File 125627263785.gif - (34.04KB , 634x708 , strip.gif )
5059 No. 5059 ID: b8d3e4

So there's this ancient, crappy Windows-based Strip Poker game from 1994 that only lets you play one on one and has numerous other stupid limitations. Why do I bring this up then?

Because you can make your own challengers!
It takes a bit of work and some outside compiling but it's pretty simple in terms of materials.

SO HERE IS THE PLAN: Make campy, dated strip poker entries for various Quest characters! This is fantastic and cannot possibly go wrong.

DISCLAIMER: Since this is basically just a means of winning a bunch of sequential images you don't have to make it about stripping. You could make it about someone playing in a big sunny field. You could replace losing articles of clothing with hardcore sex acts. Hell you could make a linear adventure with on-image word bubbles in which you progress by winning poker hands and eventually reveal the mysterious endgame!

Included please find:

The Strip Poker "shell" EXE which you load up characters with. Character files are in DLL form. One really low-quality "test" DLL has been included, for Nan. This was done in about ten minutes SO DON'T JUDGE ME MANNN.
You'll also find a third item, a folder with instructions on how to make your own character DLL!

How to Use
When you play, be sure to go into options and choose "Show at normal size" so the images aren't stretched/squashed. It's also a good idea to set starting money to 1,000 instead of 3,000 since that takes forever.
Every time either person runs out of money they'll remove one article of clothing and get back in the game for +$1,000.
In-game, if you're confident of your hand, spam bets of 500 (the max amount). Betting less is pointless and takes forever.
Finally, if your opponent runs out of money, you don't have to actually PLAY the final hand. Just get them to bet their last dollar and they lose.
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No. 55911 ID: 1963d1

This link is 403'd for me? Any ideas why?
No. 55912 ID: c811c4

No idea, it's working for me, so it probably isn't a universal issue.

After the second to last image, there wasn't really much else to be done unless I did a back view of - oh. Hindsight.

Vote Time

Technically I said I'd do Rokoa next since she got second in the last vote, but instead I'll just do another vote to give another character a chance for me to spend 3 months to do a few images.
No. 55913 ID: a9298b

No. 55917 ID: f72f26

No. 55918 ID: e3f578

No. 55919 ID: 132b99

snake tits.
No. 55920 ID: e894c0

No. 55922 ID: 049dfa

punyglocks again
No. 55924 ID: 516a9d

No. 55925 ID: 7c31d2

Does Lagotrope count as a character? Because if so I vote for him
No. 55926 ID: a83682

No. 55927 ID: c460ad

No. 55932 ID: c891d3

Sure Rokoa why not.
No. 55934 ID: eba9b6

No. 55976 ID: 7a2594

Rokoa foh' shizzle
No. 55980 ID: c74c7d

No. 55981 ID: f7ae22

No. 55991 ID: bd67a0

No. 55992 ID: 9d7673

Hilt & Lilu
No. 55993 ID: b0d1a8

No. 55994 ID: 51cbdf

Row-row-Rokoa, gently down the stream.
No. 55995 ID: e3f578

Switching vote from Polo to Rokoa
No. 56000 ID: f453e3

No. 56645 ID: 02d6c5

In light of recent events, Polo AND Rokoa in the same game.
No. 56647 ID: cf49fc

As much distaste as I have for strip poker, voting for Polo and Rokoa. Because honestly, I want to see the holocaust involved.
No. 56648 ID: c3c502

Hell, if you put coffee cake in the pot, Polo might even agree to play. (Rokoa is crazy. And enjoys fucking with people. She'll be easy to persuade).
No. 56649 ID: d7e757


Yes please.
No. 56710 ID: 886a4d

Both of them sounds good.
No. 56711 ID: c460ad

Voting both if at all possible.
No. 56712 ID: e3f578

I wanted Polo in the first place so I'm going for broke and say yes totally both
No. 56717 ID: c891d3

Okay I can't not vote Rokoa and Polo.
No. 56718 ID: 997ce7

No. 65610 ID: 55c4cf
File 135671019441.png - (259.43KB , 494x800 , ZanedllPreview.png )


All current made character.dlls that I am aware of, including the new Zane.dll

This package includes the basic game for Windows XP users and a modded DOSBox for Current computers, with a DOSBoxPortable exe that you can click and it just loads the game.

Thanks Squeeg for compiling dlls and helping me organize this, Dylan for programming some magic for easy playing, and Seal for bitching about the thread's instructions and coaxing Dylan into making it not a piece of shit.

have fun!
No. 65611 ID: e53b4d

i am still the king of strip poker

bow before my compiling

(and hit me up if you want me to do it)
No. 65619 ID: ec6d4c

Pretty cool, although having to juggle the windows around every time a different sized picture loads is kind of annoying.

And some of the images are just too big to view at all. Gnollflakes in particular is ridiculous. I'm playing strip poker with a cropped head. :p
No. 65626 ID: e53b4d

You can resize the window and move it around so that it's less difficult to see. LawyerDog's layout is great:

Also click on Options and set it to "Show at normal size."
No. 65632 ID: ec6d4c
File 135676913403.png - (249.76KB , 1030x768 , wellpolowasntinthegameyetso.png )

Thanks, that does make it easier. Although there's just no good layout for a few images.

...also, I am having entirely too much fun fooling around with this silly windows 3.1 emulation thing. :V

(If you try to feed it anything besides a .bmp for a background it gets upset at you).
No. 65636 ID: e53b4d

The solution is to emulate Windows XP in a VM so it can be any size you want.
No. 65699 ID: 38e348
File 135701667593.png - (11.03KB , 120x120 , pokerpreview.png )

Happy New Year from Jukashi and the Undermind! Radde and Piyerra.

No. 66136 ID: 49f442
File 135823461408.png - (6.54KB , 120x120 , DemePortrait.png )

New .dll

Special thanks to Squeegy for compiling it, and Seal for finding me a program with which to try and do it myself now.
No. 66140 ID: 684a79


The best character makes an appearance! Doubly awesome!
No. 66142 ID: 695191

This file seems not to be up anymore, can we get an upload elsewhere?
No. 66148 ID: be7fd9

Here you go.

No. 67579 ID: 65449b

Speaking of mirrors, here's a Demesi .dll mirror:

No. 67583 ID: 332f47


How did I just notice this? This excellent. Nice use of the medium.
No. 70409 ID: 4fdf94

Would anyone happen to have the Homestuck dlls or a link to the Mediafire?
No. 70566 ID: 3c70d1


There you go. All that came of my little experiment. Sburbchan got taken down before we could do more, not that many were lining up to make them in the first place.
No. 70645 ID: 4fdf94

Thank you so very much.
No. 70671 ID: 3c70d1

No problem.
No. 77887 ID: 30df25

I've converted them to pythonpoker format.
see >>77885

(polite sage)
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