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File 133625034621.png - (126.64KB , 862x462 , questdis.png )
52240 No. 52240 ID: b0d1a8

Place for me to put TL;DR information and a place to discuss Kobold Village.
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No. 52245 ID: cf49fc

Let us plan our Grand Crusade to unite all the lands under our rule here.
No. 52246 ID: b0d1a8
File 133625446195.png - (164.21KB , 509x564 , questdis1.png )

2500 initial budget (shared with supplies)
25 to hire
50 civ skill
25 tool(if applicable)
50 mil skill
Base Skills
Build Mud hut
Basic Foraging
Dig Hole
Basic Traps
Basic Knife Skill
Basic Cook
All Kobolds know how to do these things regardless if they have a skill or not. Skilled Kobolds will need an additional 25 if they need tools.
Villager Skills
Unskilled Kobold
Base Skills
Can be trained into any job. Kobolds with a skill can also be retrained but takes longer.
Woodbold (need tool)
Cuts wood and makes wood walls and furniture.
Earthbold (need tool)
Can mine stone and also builds stone walls and furniture.
First Aid
Treats injuries and mortal injuries that a kobold can get. Unable to treat supernatural problems.
Plant Processing
Animal Caretaker
Grows, cares, and processes plants and livestock. Is also great at foraging.
Fish Cleaner
Catches and cleans fish.
Weapon smith
Armor smith
Metal Crafting
Smelts and works metal into tools, weapons, armor, and other items.
Wood Crafting
Stone Crafting
Clay Crafting
Cloth Worker
Leather Worker
Makes various items like bone or leather armor and also small crafts.
Kobold Hunter
Free Ranged Equipment
Costs 100 + Hire Fee
Animal Hunter
Hunts wild animals for food. Is ok at ambushing and stealing things.
Military Skills
Base Skills
Armor User
Shield User
Better Knife Skill
Military skills do not come with armor or weapons. Must buy at store.
Melee Skills
Possible Skills (only one)
Hack and slash.
Poke and stab.
Bludgeon and maim.
Ranged Skills
Possible Skills (only one)
Faster, less powerful.
Powerful, less faster.
Weak but deadly.
Expensive but devastating.
Small and hard to make.
Larger and more common.

Tell me if there's any errors or something.
No. 52248 ID: d1f1b7

We must get kobolds with skills needed to be future marines.

Also, serfs.
No. 52249 ID: 0d2bec

No. 52250 ID: 369d34

Are some of those civ skills missing their "need tool" note? I kinda doubt a smithbold can work without an anvil, hammer, and other tools.
No. 52251 ID: b0d1a8

you get the anvil separately but your right the Smithbold does need tools as it's not a dwarf. I think that is the only tool related error.
No. 52252 ID: b0d1a8

I'm also working on the prices of Stuff right now.
No. 52253 ID: b0d466

So hiring a WOODBOLD would cost 100, correct? Or do you have to specify like, WOODBOLD (Woodcutter) and the other skills aren't included?
No. 52254 ID: b0d1a8

Skills under the job, Woodbold and base skills are included. This is the same with all civilian jobs.

Also its not explictly stated but you can get a kobold with both military and civilian skills.
No. 52255 ID: 0d2bec

My vote:

10 farmers.
5 miners with mining equipment.
1 smithbold with applicable equipment.
2 woodbolds.
2 craftsbolds.
3 otherwise untrained crossbowmen w/ weapons to serve as guards.
One swordsbold, to serve as personal bodyguard and confidante.
No. 52258 ID: b0d466

Woodbold (100)

2 Earthbold (200)

Doctorbold (75) + Blowgun (50)

2 Farmbold (150)

2 Fishbold (150)

Kobold Hunter (125)

Smithbold (75)

Swordbold (75)

Bowbold (75)

1500 left for supplies
No. 52259 ID: 5029d1

great, we have a army and nothing to feed them. good job dumbass.
No. 52260 ID: 0d2bec


10 farmers isn't enough?
No. 52261 ID: 369d34

Farming takes time to produce food. We'd have to pack in enough rations to last everyone until harvest. And if there's a crop failure, it'll get real ugly, real fast.
No. 52262 ID: 0d2bec


Farmers have skill in foraging, too. I figure that the colony would be better off starting on a strong agricultural background as opposed to one reliant on hunting.
No. 52263 ID: 0d2bec

Here, let me revise the list somewhat.

5 farmers.
5 fishbolds.
5 miners with mining equipment.
1 smithbold with applicable equipment.
2 woodbolds.
2 craftsbolds.
3 otherwise untrained crossbowmen w/ weapons to serve as guards.
One swordsbold, to serve as personal bodyguard and confidante
No. 52264 ID: b0d1a8

Mandatory Tools (These are spare tools)
Tools needed to do a job.
50 Pickaxe and Spade
50 Woodcutting Axe
50 Smithing Hammer
Convience Tools
Tools that make a job easier.
25 Fishing rod and net
25 Farming tools
Food and plants
10 Crop seeds
10 Dye seeds
10 Cloth seeds
5 Plant
5 Meat
10 Prepared
5 Flower
5 String
10 Cloth
25 Leather
10 Clothing
25 Quiver
10 Bag
10 Rope
10 Bandages
25 Soap
10 Medical Equipment (crutches, splints, etc)
5 Bucket
1 Plain Rock Mugs
50 Copper Sword
50 Copper Spear
50 Copper Mace
50 Bow
50 Crossbow
25 Blowgun
150 Musket
5 Basic Arrows (10)
10 Copper Arrows (10)
5 Basic Bolts (10)
10 Copper Bolts (10)
50 Powder and Shot (5)
25 Partial Bone
50 Full Bone
75 Partial Leather
100 Full Leather
125 Partial Copper
150 Full Copper
Inquire for other items. Prices will vary.

Here's the item costs for those who want it.
No. 52265 ID: 369d34

I assume the "flower" is actually "flour."
How come spare tools are 50 in the store when they're only 25 when bought with the settler?
No. 52266 ID: 0d2bec


3 farmers.
3 fishbolds.
3 miners.
1 smithbold.
2 woodbolds.
2 craftsbolds.
3 otherwise untrained crossbowmen to serve as guards.
One swordsbold, to serve as personal bodyguard and confidante

5 crop seeds.
5 cloth seeds.
10 copper bolts.
Full leather armor for the swordsbold.
3 pickaxes.
2 wood axes.
1 smithing hammer.

50 rations of any type except prepared.

Fishing rod/net and farming tools.

No. 52267 ID: b0d1a8

You don't need to list the tools if they come with the kobold. It is more expensive in the store because you only have to pay half of it when you hire a kobold.
No. 52268 ID: 0d2bec

So the tools won't break ever?

Excellent. :D
No. 52269 ID: b0d466

Woodbold (100)

2 Earthbold (200)

Doctorbold (75) + Blowgun (50)

2 Farmbold (150)

2 Fishbold (150)

Kobold Hunter (125)

Smithbold (75)

Swordbold (75)

Bowbold (75)

2 Fishing rod and net (50)
2 Farming tools (50)

20 Crop seeds (200)
4 Cloth seeds (40)

10 Plant (50)
30 Meat (150)

Sword (50)
Bow (50)
2 Blowgun (50)

50 Arrows (50)

Full Copper Armor (for swordbold) 150
Full Leather x2 (hunter and bowbold) 200
2 Quivers (50)

Medical Equipment (10)
3 Buckets (30)
1 Rope (10)
2 Bag (20)
3 Bandages (30)
2 Soap (50)

10 Plain Rock Mugs (10)

10 Clothing (100)

Last 100 on another Full Leather
No. 52271 ID: 369d34

2 Fishbolds: 150 ('Cause the river is right there. May as well use it.)
6 Farmbolds: 450 (6 forage then plant, then 2 to grow, 4 to handle foraging. Switch to all grow after sucessful harvest.)
1 Kobold hunter: 125 (Primarily to scout at first, and get meat and pelts. Secondarily to watch out for incoming trouble.)
2 Woodbolds: 200 (Two to clear space for the farmbolds at first. Later, one to cut timber, one to build stuff from it.)
1 Smithbold: 100 (To repair and maintain the starting tools, replace lost ones, and make better ones later.)
1 Craftsbold: 75 (To work the pelts from the hunter, and make containers for food and stuff.)
1 Docbold: 75 ('Cause someone's going to get seriously injured, and it's always the damn metalsmith. Does cooking and hauling when not doctoring.)
3 Earthbolds: 300 (Getting the shinies out of the rock, and keeping the smith in metal and ore.)
1 Macebold: 75 ('Cause bashing kills most everything.)
1 Crossbowbold: 75 (To kill it before needing to bash it.)

Hiring total: 1625

1 Partial copper armor: 125 (For the macebold.)
1 Copper mace: 50
1 Partial leather armor: 75 (For the crossbowbold.)
1 Crossbow: 50
20 copper bolts: 20 (For the crossbowbold.)
40 basic bolts: 20 (For the hunter.)
2 quivers: 50 (For the hunter and the crossbowbold.)

Weapons, armor, and ammunition total: 390

1 spare smithing hammer: 50 (The smith can make more tools, but not if he loses his hammer.)
2 sets of farming tools: 50 (To help get the crop planted faster, and harvested sooner.)
2 fishing rods and nets: 50 (They're 'bolds, not bears. They won't be catching much with just their hands.)

Tools total: 150

10 meat foods: 50 (For the start of the trip.)
20 plant foods: 100 (For the rest of the trip.)
6 crop seeds: 60
1 dye seeds: 10
1 cloth seed: 10
2 bandages: 20 (Won't have cloth for more bandages for awhile.)
1 soap: 25 (Don't need infections from the doc.)
2 buckets: 10 (One for the doc to wash up in, one for the well.)
2 rope: 20 (Always need rope.)
1 bag: 10 (For harvesting seeds.)
20 plain rock mugs: 20 (Everyone gets their own mug!)

Food, seed, and other supplies total: 335

Grand total: 2500
Total kobolds: 20 (Including the leader.)
No. 52272 ID: 551d90

Sounds like a pretty decent starting loadout to me, except you didn't cheese for any free barrels.
No. 52286 ID: 166adc

Can probably do with a few less farmers, and even an earthbold, and replace them with a slightly greater number of villager bolds that can be adapted to whatever situations that present themselves when we get there.
No. 52289 ID: 5029d1

how about less bolds with more skills? you know, multitaskers. leave us room for more food and supplies.
No. 52296 ID: 369d34

How about dropping two farmbolds and have the macebold and crossbowbold work as basic 'bold unskilled farmhands when there isn't a threat around. That'll free up 150 coin.
Spend 50 on upgrading the partial leather and copper armor to full versions, 50 on more food for the trip, 25 on another set of farming tools, and 25 on various supplies: 2 more crop seeds (10c), 1 more rope (10c), and 1 more bucket (5c). (The ropes and buckets are for wells, BTW.)
Oh, and buy 2 fewer mugs. That leaves 2 coin in the leader's pocket to buy rolling tobacco and rolling papers, to add to his theme look.
No. 54562 ID: f2ec53

I think at this point we really need a tech tree of who makes what where from what if we're going to make any useful suggestions. Or, barring that, a cheat sheet of differences between how this quest and DF work.
No. 55873 ID: 197830

I vote that the hunter be named "Mkollbold".
No. 56139 ID: b0d1a8
File 133983852194.png - (418.91KB , 1024x1024 , dragontrans.png )

Ill make the quest less awkward to suggest in soon.
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