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File 133647729704.png - (16.59KB , 592x583 , mook.png )
52422 No. 52422 ID: 0d2bec

Mook. Made in MS Paint, yo.

What do you think about it?
No. 52430 ID: 48bd6c

pretty funny, I love it
No. 52519 ID: 0d2bec

Thanks! I honestly have no idea what I'm doing. This is my first quest, and I've never drawn anything before.
No. 52559 ID: 5029d1

woah woah woah. you actually didn't draw anything before this? holy crap. this is REALLY good then.
No. 54527 ID: 0d2bec

Yeah, I never really drew anything aside from occasional MS Paint scribbles. For the art direction I kinda look at Order of the Stick for shapes of things and stuff. Other than that, I have to guesstimate.

It's been really fun, so far, but I have issues drawing motion and stuff like that.
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