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File 133695795294.png - (84.26KB , 810x653 , besmartposter.png )
54629 No. 54629 ID: 5b22d6

Discussion thread for the Galapagos Galaxy! Post any discussion, questions, comments, praise, or criticism for Psychogenic here.
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No. 54630 ID: 5b22d6
File 133695811018.png - (419.66KB , 1200x1280 , refs.png )

Not that anyone will. Which brings me to the real reason I made this here thread: Some day, over the rainbow, probably around the next timeskip, we will be visiting a race besides the Koel. Please vote as to which one you would like to see!

A) Koel (cont.)
B) Avari
C) Ziljin
D) Mausen
E) Variacosa

Attached is a reference sheet of each race, their genders, and how to tell them apart, so you know roughly what they are. Feel free to ask any questions you need for a more informed decision.
No. 54631 ID: fc72e1

I like avari but we can never have enough lizards. Ziljin.
No. 54632 ID: 0006f5

avari, so we can find out what their hands are like
No. 54633 ID: f2ec53

Ziljin's mighty tempting, as they seem to be a race which would have some kind of major social taboo against fist bumps or something.

I can't say no to limbless worm things somehow apparently having a high tech society though!
No. 54639 ID: cf49fc

No. 54640 ID: a43a6c


Also dude this quest is one of my favorites, even despite the slower update speed. Just puttin' that out there.
No. 54641 ID: 5b22d6

Variacosa are... well, maybe I shouldn't spoil it for you. You'll find out. ;)
No. 54642 ID: 0ef96e

No. 54644 ID: b9e291

To be fair, Koel are caterpillars as children. But Variacosa is best caterpillar! Variacosa.
No. 54676 ID: f2c010

No. 54677 ID: d9c7bf

No. 54678 ID: f72f26

Avari, there's been enough bugs so far
No. 54679 ID: 31015f

Going with Avari
No. 54683 ID: ce15d1

suffocating dogs
No. 54789 ID: 5c94e7

>Variacosa: ???
>Variacosa are... well, maybe I shouldn't spoil it for you. You'll find out. ;)

But Samuel, I already have!
No. 58938 ID: 061a93
File 134535323636.png - (160.50KB , 800x600 , blessingofthenight.png )

WHOOPS so I didn't update for two and a half months. To make up for it, have another quest in what I am currently calling the Psychoverse! Yes, Edge of the Void takes place in the same setting as Psychogenic, the Galapagos Galaxy.

Here, have a picture of Captain Taelor's ship. Remember: Be smart, do your part!

Side note: While drawing in 1600x1200 and shrinking it is a great idea, the amount of times I forget to shrink is a little more than irritating.
No. 59814 ID: 061a93

Classes have me pretty swamped recently, so I might not be able to update for a little while until I can get it under control.
No. 63829 ID: 061a93

Alright, brought Edge of the Void back from the (edge of the) abyss, and I'll try to update it as much as possible over the next few days. Who knows, maybe I'll find time to update it a few times a week after that.
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