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File 133972003404.png - (286.48KB , 700x598 , portrait.png )
56077 No. 56077 ID: ecb09c

Discussion of DeerlingQuest! You can also use this thread to ask either general questions of me, or IC questions of the characters.
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No. 58755 ID: 6a13b9

I meant the outfit colors, thanks for clearing that up. I was thinking about doing some fan art. I actually was a little tempted to give the Gonner disciple black cloth with white writing.
No. 58867 ID: 6808dd
File 134525896641.png - (576.42KB , 1000x613 , oberinglade.png )

lalala concept art
No. 58871 ID: 6b0693

No. 58872 ID: aa5df9

I like how the body seems to go on for miles.

Also, waterfalls from treetops? Could it be the glade is located 'underground'?
No. 59152 ID: e3f578

The only thing I can think of that deer can do that can be considered disgusting while requiring flexibility in any form is 69 rimjobs.
I know its a vulgar question but well, I can't really help but ask it, is rim jobbing a thing in deer culture at all? It's the only thing I think they can actually do that we do that we consider sexual that ISN'T kissing.

That is unless they have no rims to job, which makes me worry about what they do with food after they're done eating it.
No. 59155 ID: fa9f7e

They do have different erogenous zones. Maybe rubbing their bellies like dogs, but with their own antlers or some such weird shit?

crotch mandiblesssssssssssssss
No. 59157 ID: e3f578

That's not really disgusting though
Then again maybe ti is only calling it that because it would invade ti's personal space.
But the things ti knows about other people should not only desensitize ti to hate, but to most disgusting things as well including the invasion of ti's personal space since it's all in the thought. So my mind flocks to rimjobbing.

I can only think of rimjobs since the canoncity of croch madibles is really debatable and if it is true, that full nude of Gunther would detail that they are retractable to the point that we could be fooled into thinking it's just a harmless, bare smooth crotch.
No. 59158 ID: 8dbc01

there are no crotch mandibles

(deer do have sphincters and urethras, by the way.)
No. 59160 ID: e3f578

I figured that, but I forgot to spoiler the second paragraph to get in on the joke.
Just making another joke that the mandibles are like those desert spiders, hiding and waiting for prey to appear before pouncing for food and then hiding again underneath their rocks/smooth crotches.
But now I've started a new epidemic, deer rimjobs. oh nooooooo
No. 59213 ID: a21b1b

I'm guessing Verheim's powers only work when ti's within a certain range of the secret-keeper? Otherwise, ti might wind up knowing every secret in the entire world.
No. 59215 ID: 4a328b

No. 59274 ID: a25043

Oh Deer God, no wonder ti's so melancholy all the time. Ti's seen it all.

... ti would make a great cop, however.
No. 59275 ID: fa9f7e

Eh, if "my talent says so" is a good enough reason for a search warrant, I suppose so.

Which brings up a question: What's the police force like, if any?
No. 60416 ID: 8dbc01
File 134688897048.png - (125.02KB , 700x600 , psa.png )

Hey guys!

okay, so i am now fully settled into art school and I'm having a very nice time but i am also super busy! updates aren't gonna be coming in as quickly as they used to (for ALL of my quests, but i'm posting this in the deerling discussion because i think it's my most popular quest.)

i know it didn't work very well last time i suggested it, but i think i am going to try to get on a schedule - deerlings and fudgequest twice a week, katherine quest three or four times a week. i am actually gonna try pretty hard to stick to that now because i feel like it would help me stay consistent.

i really hope to stay away from a haitus as long as the one i just had, but things will be slowing down! thanks for hanging in there, guys. OuO
No. 60450 ID: a21b1b

OK, I can't be the only one who thinks the new Frohlich bears an uncanny resemblance to this lady, can I?

No. 60484 ID: 0c61b9

Are you kidding. You are now in art school.

I love your quest and style of storytelling, but NOW GO AND LEARN/GRADUATE/ACCOMPLISH THE FUCK OUT OF THERE
No. 60493 ID: 16ce15

don't know who the is, but the new Frohlich is definitely female looking. you held out this far, Fractal, but this time you've made a deerling with a gender.
No. 60553 ID: 16b9bd

Hey, this isn't some kind of compromise or work, we're just having fun together. As much as I love your quests, I just wish the best for you. Yes, go and accomplish the fuck out there.

> definitely female looking
Just like Andrej Pejic.
No. 60573 ID: 16ce15

not exactly, she's a female who looks androgynous while the Frohlich is an androgynous who looks female. the difference lies in that humans have a concept of androgyny while deerlings don't have the concept of femininity.
No. 61258 ID: f2c20c

I have become confused on how the fi/fir/fin and ti/tir/tin thing works. Nobody in the quest has ever used fin or tin, I noticed- what are they for? Fir and tir appear to be used for both singular possessive and second person singular- his/her and him/her. Fi and ti are obviously he/she. Perhaps fin and tin are reflexive pronouns? Like himself, herself?
No. 61265 ID: 8dbc01

Thanks for all the well wishes! :D

androgyny (by our standards) is what i've been striving for in all the deerling designs - i guess i just pushed a little too far towards the feminine side with Verheim's mate!
actually on that note i wanted to just point out that realistically, there WOULD be deerling who wear skirts/dresses, use cosmetics, or have very long hair, but because i know how strongly those things read "female" i've been staying away from them in the designs.

It depends on where you are. Ahornblatt (Gunter's home village) has no police force or jail, because it is very strictly expected that those living in the village will be civil and non-violent, and that if a crime occurs it will be worked out between the victim and perpetrator. Deerling are generally extremely peaceful, especially among their own kind, so violent crimes are extremely rare and most crime is theft or other civil/petty crimes.
larger cities do have police forces, jails, and courts, but even there violent crimes occur at extremely low rates. even robberies are typically non-violent - thieves typically use their talents to commit their crimes as opposed to physical violence.
No. 61287 ID: 501c8d

erm, fractal?
>"..fir mouth twitching defiantly as fi reaches up to rub angrily at her watering eyes."

btw, how are you doing in art school? loads of fun? and how often do you expect us to see you?
No. 61298 ID: 8dbc01

FUCK i always do that
i do end up gendering the characters in my head - i can't really help it - and sometimes i slip up, especially since the pronouns rhyme!

art school is going very well and i'm really enjoying it! i really was hoping to update a few times a week, but my work load varies quite a lot. i am going to try to get a little more regular though!
No. 61317 ID: 501c8d

well, you're a human trying to write about vastly different non-humans. it's ok if you fuck up from time to time.
No. 61329 ID: 34cbef

just stopped by to say it's a cool quest, i enjoy reading it
No. 61413 ID: a21b1b

Are draw stones just normal, non-magical lodestones? Is Mina's condition a genetic (or this world's equivalent; geologic?) disorder like albinism or the like? Did you mean to have Lutzi introduce tirself as "your Frohrer's cousin instead? Because Mina's From acted like she knew Lutzi while Verheim didn't (and if Verheim's tir cousin, Lutzi is even more disgusting).
No. 61414 ID: a21b1b

Is Verheim Mina's sibling or parent? Eltern = Parent?
No. 61415 ID: e3f578

FRACTAL's said before she ain't into incest (when discussing all possible relationships for FUDGEQUEST, saying that she was for all pairings except Hamilton x Harriet).
Unless incest isn't a thing for deerlings, or FRACTAL doesn't consider cousin pairings real incest, you don't have much to worry about. And Verhiem detects secrets, ti doesn't read minds. Ti could merely find some hedonistic secret activity of Lutzi's disgusting (I hypothesized rimjobs, though it could be easily ti's promiscuity and lack of commitment if Verhiem still follows deerling standards despite ti's talent.)
No. 61418 ID: e3f578

>though it could be easily ti's promiscuity and lack of commitment
It's now that I realize that is not something Lutzi keeps secret and would not qualify. I'm honestly surprised Luzi has any secrets, and in fact takes ti's revealed but unmentioned secret in pride to Verhiem. What shame could ti possibly have! Unless ti doesn't kiss and tell, that might count as a secret.
But who could ti drybone or rimjob that could be disgusting?
No. 61420 ID: a21b1b

OK, but if they're cousins, they've probably met before and Lutzi would know about tir talent.

Who's the Traurig in the picture on the wall? Tir horns don't look like Verheim's.
No. 61728 ID: 8dbc01

Verheim and tir mate both know Lutzi, just not very well (Verheim did refer to Lutzi by name when ti answered the door.)
Also, yes, drawstones are just magnets. They're a novelty to deerlings and considered to be a pretty cool toy.

Also, the family tree goes like this: Lutzi and Fritzi are both Verheim's cousins. Fritzi's Frohrer has two siblings, both of whom are also Frohlich, and each of them has had at least one deerlet (one of whom is Lutzi, and one of whom is Verheim). Verheim's mate (whose name, for the record, is Gertie) is not related by blood to Fritzi or Lutzi.

I might draw up a family tree after I update tonight to help out.

Also, to clarify a bit more - the exchange between Verheim and Lutzi was just an offhand sex joke! You guys are looking a little too much into it.

The Traurig in the picture is Mina's older sibling. This indicates that at some point, Verheim and Gerti's relationship has changed enough that the dominant personality has switched! (As a side note, it's pretty neat that after such a significant change in the relationship's dynamic, it has stayed strong and healthy enough to complete the ritual successfully.)
No. 61730 ID: 8dbc01

Ah, I also just noticed that part of the confusion may have been Verheim's introduction dialogue, but ti was only introducing tirself for Gunter's benefit. And again, Lutzi knows the family but hadn't interacted with Verheim enough that the talent had come into play. Sorry, the dialogue there really was written in a confusing manner and it didn't portray the family relationships the way I meant it to.
No. 61742 ID: a21b1b

I'm guessing the heartthrob on the poster is "in" a play? Does recording technology more advanced than a still camera exist?
No. 61743 ID: e3f578

I'm honestly surprised idol worship exists in such a religious land.
No. 61744 ID: 8dbc01
File 134940904178.jpg - (820.66KB , 2772x1794 , familytree.jpg )

okay here's the family tree i promised! i probably could have shaded in traurigs or marked them F and T or something but whatever

yes! kristof von eckendorf is a relatively popular stage actor. there is no video technology - deerling will travel to major cities to watch their favorite performers in plays and other performances. kristof is known for tir lead roles in romantic dramas that many might consider a little tacky, and is very popular among most frohlich mina's age.

actually, you are not far off. the kind of behavior mina is displaying - i.e. expression intense adoration of a romantic bent for someone who realistically could never be your mate - is considered pretty dangerous, foolish behavior and is generally looked down upon and discouraged. it's a little more tolerated when a deerling is mina's age and not really at the point at which mating is a serious concern, but in a few solar cycles you can bet fir eltern are going to sit fir down and have a long, serious talk about taking those posters down and focusing on finding a mate to create an absolute bond with.
No. 61745 ID: 4a328b
File 134941028785.png - (2.24MB , 2772x1794 , I_HOPE_YOU_ARE_HAPPY_FRACTAL.png )

No. 61749 ID: d5c260

are there pedo deerlings who are like into those without markings and no breasts uh I mean antlers?
No. 61754 ID: e3f578

Oh boy these are cool!
And oh no, deer parents are pushy about the grandchildren like they are with humans! Oh deer, I don't suppose parents of Traurig are a little less pushy though, seeing as how trying to get grandchildren may get their child, that one of the parents died temporarily to make, killed.
Oh god, speaking of that situation, how do the families of the Traurig feel towards the Frohlich mate after an unsuccessful ritual? I mean, the parents are probably REALLY pissed if they're alive too. I mean, I'm sure a few are understanding, but the funeral must be TERRIBLE for the Frohlich. All the Traurig's friends and family there, knowing that fi is the cause of all that gathered sorrow. For empath Frohlich's like GUNTER, the funeral would be so much more awful. On top of experiencing the shock of some of Fritzi's emotions, just being within range of the funeral must have been horrible for Gunter. Imagine being the SUBJECT of all that hate and sadness, Gunter probably would turn into a dribbling insane patient.
Lief is kind of an asshole for asking for Gunter to kill ti for the ritual and getting mad at fi's refusal. The amount of crap empath's would have to deal with in this culture... do empath's get any special treatment in comparison to deer with other talents? I mean, how do parents react when their kid is an empath? Their siblings? Their friends? Not only do they have to deal with the emotions of others constantly, others might have to worry that their emotions around an empath like Gunter to be faked or hijacked.
Are there any talents in which a deer is typically shunned and/or witch-hunted in this society for having?
No. 61778 ID: 8dbc01

Deerling are definitely pretty pushy about offspring because it's considered sort of a social duty, and so discouragement of what is considered dangerous behavior is partially about keeping the deer/their future mate safe, and partially about fulfilling a societal obligation.
Empaths don't really get special treatment or consideration, and nor do any other talents. Because it's considered rude to ask directly about someone's talent (you're supposed to infer it via interaction or wait until they mention it themselves), deerling spend a lot of casual interaction not really knowing what talents the people they're around have, so there's no real protocol for dealing with certain talents because a lot of the time you're not even going to know what they are. There are loose, unspoken etiquette guidelines, but for the most part, people have the general mindset that you would be naive to think that someone wouldn't use their talent consistently throughout day to day life. In the case of empathy, it's generally considered sort of a low blow to use your talent to influence someone to an extreme degree if they don't know about it (but if they know about it, it's sort of a "they know it's coming, they should be aware that emotional influence is a possibility) sort of thing). But also, depending on how good you are at using your talent - they can be honed and (to a certain degree) strengthened! - you can't really do TOO much to a person's emotions without them noticing that there's an outside force at work, even if they don't know you're an empath. Gunter can't do more than general atmospheres and slight nudges before it becomes obvious to the target that he's using his talent.
No. 61831 ID: eb6589

Gunter's decided to be a guy again, I guess.
No. 61937 ID: 009aa8

Clausa and Carsten - three children, 50% failure rate.

Dem grandparents know whats up.
No. 63699 ID: e3f578

Hmm, I just now thought of a question, and I'm not entirely sure if it has been answered, or if it's technically been answered before.

You say that Deerling's do have that societal obligation to have children. Does anything particularly bad happen to those that shun that obligation? I mean, obviously Lutzi has and it looks like ti still has good relationships with everyone but it might be because ti's attractive and probably figure ti might one day still settle down?
OR has ti's parents just settled that one their little deers isn't going to have kids of their own and deer keep to themselves that much that they aren't curious, so Lutzi's case might be a little different than the average deer that shuns their reproductive duty?
No. 65108 ID: 6808dd
File 135566686005.jpg - (21.46KB , 500x375 , guntercosplay.jpg )

i .... i know them and we're buddies but it's like a total surprise she just popped this into my inbox and was like "look i'm the first deerlingquest cosplayer!!!" and i just

(ALSO ahem i'm done with finals and i have a month off so i hope to get back to a regular update schedule)
No. 65119 ID: 726ea6

Oh, neat. Looking forward to it.
No. 65122 ID: bdb3f8

wow, that looks really good.
No. 65129 ID: 6808dd

it's really just sort of a social stigma. imagine the "school slut" at your high school. she still probably had good friends and people who liked her and whom she had fun with, but there were plenty of people who disliked her even though they didn't know a think about her, and the title of "school slut" was something that followed her around in whispers. that's kind of what it's like to be a deerling who clearly has no plans to have deerlets. there are still going to be people who like you and are friends with you, and people may, for the most part, be nice to your face, but there's always going to be whispering behind your back and a general sense that the others are "better" than you somehow.

"oh, lutzi? ti's certainly good-looking, and a talented tailor, but - oh. well, you know. ti isn't the type you'd do the ritual with, if you get my drift."
No. 65169 ID: 6808dd
File 135576766536.png - (331.08KB , 598x920 , mantiscommg3.png )

also i've been filling the void left in my soul by my inability to update by getting commissions from cool artists!

this one's by vilkest on furaffinity! she's a huge sweetheart and a super trooper and the poor thing had to redo my entire piece bc her computer crashed ;u;
No. 65170 ID: 6808dd
File 135576777499.gif - (117.28KB , 406x960 , gunterfloat.gif )

i also got a gif diptych from crownkind on tumblr! i'm asking her to tweak a few little details for accuracy's sake but i'm super happy with both of these so i'm just gonna post em right now anyway
No. 65171 ID: 6808dd
File 135576779673.gif - (151.61KB , 406x960 , lieffloat.gif )

aaaand part 2
No. 65971 ID: 6808dd

from now on the official disthread for all my quests is here: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/65967.html
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