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File 134229652028.jpg - (19.80KB , 866x501 , ship.jpg )
57146 No. 57146 ID: f5832c

Just thought id throw this up here, mostly to keep track of were the characters been and what theve found, hopefully it will make my amateurish attempts at a quest a little easier to keep track of :P

This is a layout of the parts of the ship weve seen so far. dotted lines are assumed walls, black squares are doors and the black areas are places with no light.
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No. 59508 ID: f5832c
File 134619356643.jpg - (108.40KB , 1033x1348 , Map.jpg )

Updated map with floor arranged top down, the upper floor being the highest they got so far.

things uncovered so far.
Robots x 4
improved tools x 4
Bullets x 30
Very pissed off crab thing x 1
Food x ...some..
Bag x 1
A small Japanese rabbit
A one armed jewish fox
A previously drunk six armed alien
A large biped alien missing half a head
Evidence of at least one giant space spider
A tree
blankets x 1
Porn x 1
No. 61047 ID: f5832c
File 134810153014.jpg - (202.85KB , 1195x858 , IMAGE0191.jpg )

a color version of the room of shitty perspective, went with black and white since im not all that happy with the coloring job i did.
No. 61048 ID: f5832c

also i didnt make it very clear, but the open doors at the back are were the characters are, i should have put something in therr to tell you that -,-
No. 61061 ID: 6a1ec2


No it was clear.


Thanks! Now I can see there's some guy still in cryo that the sludge is looking at. And uh... that red stuff isn't more sludge. And that's a snail monster not somebody's guts hanging out.
No. 61260 ID: f5832c
File 134861869276.jpg - (149.47KB , 1073x1880 , Map.jpg )

Oh god why did i design the room like that! im trying to draw it from there perspective and its a freaking nightmare!
almost done though.. hopefully..updated the map with a few things, it's not really to scale, but if it was engine room would take up practicaly the whole page -,-
No. 61644 ID: 011678

this will be rough as hell cause ive got no spell check atm but bear with me..

Reguarding that thing on Korroks face.
short version, a semi-permeable force-field that allows unrestricted access by solids/liquids but filters oygen/nitrogen to non-leathal levels.

Loooong version.
Korroks people come from a world that suffered near total bio-sphere (if thats even a real word) collapse nearley two million years ago. What basicaly happaned is not long into thier version of the industrail revolution they discovered how to make plastic's, the effect was devastating. imagine it, the "Dark satanic mills" of victorian fame not only churning out smog, but noxius gunk into the water and plastic junk onto the ground.

Eventualy it got into the food chain and brought almost the whole thing down, a planet of five billion was reduced to bearley a hundred thousand, huddeling in caves carved from the landfills, facing a bleak future of long and slow extinction.

fortunatley for thier decendants, the sudden change in enviroment threw evolution into overdrive, adapting them to use the chemical waste to thier own advantage (plastic in the blood is used to plug cuts and re-enforce bone ect) and thrive in the most hostile of enviroments.

the down side of this is that a pure, unpolluted oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere is actualy toxic to them in large ammounts, they literaly over dose on it. hence the need for face masks when exploring such places, idealy however they would have a full body suit but these are very expensive and most blue-collar workers can only afford the (comparativley) low tech face field.
No. 61645 ID: 011678

ill probably replace this with a better typed version later, so dont worry to much if its too hard to read.
Cant seem to long in.. hmm
No. 63166 ID: 8d7792
File 135225584317.gif - (480.01KB , 209x500 , flee.gif )

Animated running version of the latest update, cant make it any bigger for some reasone...
No. 63180 ID: 1e72ae

Very cute, it reminds me of puppets in a puppet show.
No. 63401 ID: 12c19f

Is the thing on Korrok's tuckus a fat tail or a bizarre arthropod-like abdomen?
No. 63416 ID: 8d7792

Its sort of like a abdomen, with more in common with insects then mammal internal structure.
Internally his species isnt too strange, they have a heart, stomach, lungs ect that function broadly the same way ours do, the odd thing is were those organs are in the body :)
No. 63421 ID: 12c19f

So does he have a exoskeleton or is there a ribcage structure back there?
No. 63586 ID: 011678

pretty sure this is never going to come up ever in quest, but if im braking some rule about spoilers just let me know :)

he has a endo-skeleton (internal) comprised of a bone like material, and his tail dose indeed contain a ribcage like structure.
No. 63590 ID: 2f4b71


Non-depressing actual anecdote: I once lived in a student house that was infested with snails. Not rats or 'roaches, like a normal person would get, but snails. Wake up, slime trails everywhere.
No. 63601 ID: 12c19f

Snails to me are one of the least depressing mollusks. They're so laid back.

I'm only intrigued with Naoko's issue with snails so we may help overcome it during this adventure.
No. 63603 ID: 8d7792

Eeeeeewwwwww that would freak the hell out of me..
No. 63604 ID: 8d7792

Turns out the deppresing idea i had dosent make any sence in context, as japan dosent have anything like detention, But youve given me a idea for a funny one :)
No. 63787 ID: 8d7792
File 135309673125.jpg - (50.60KB , 711x587 , CCI16112012_00002.jpg )

Heres the picture i came up with, but i may not use it, having difficulty writing the scene for it.. hmm..
No. 66414 ID: 1a8973

Thats it, the next aliens they meet are going to be god damn bricks with googly eyes!! This shit is hard to draw -,-.
Of course having said that i think ive actually used the easiest to draw of the races my brother and i have thought up -,-
should update tommorow.
No. 66420 ID: 78c6ea


Just like back in high school, the snail was my only friend...
No. 66617 ID: 1a8973

Welp my pc just died a terrible terrible death, fortunatley ive got the OS disk and im going to d oa full reinstall/repair if i can so this ten minuete break may go on for sometime -,-
if it all gose tits up ive still got the old one im posting from, but im not sure how long it will last.
hopefully ill be back later, cya
No. 67005 ID: 78c6ea

Dang... good luck.
No. 67157 ID: 011678

heres a break down of all the info i dumped on you in that last update.
Alvari = extinct race, once ruled everything but turned on iself. Think fuding hillbilly clanns with accsess to hyper-technology and youll get a accurate picture of the race as a whole.
Aius = sociopathic race of lizard/insects, will attack anything simply to see what happanes if they do, think the joker crossed with a over excited dog.
No. 67283 ID: 5d98c3

Sounds like their race must have pissed off every species in existence. Why hasn't a more powerful race, like the Star Police or the Evil Religious Isolationist Aliens destroyed them?
No. 67296 ID: 011678

Three reasones.
1) there are no more powerful races, and they outnumber the races that have the same technology level as them almost a million too one
2) there some what isolationist, as long as you dont attract attention (ie, invent something they havent managed to figure out/do something they cant) they'll ignore you infavor of mantining and improving the Hive.
3) there just so damn usefull, a labor force of trillions that will do literaly anything you ask them too, from building your new colonys to wiping out a pirate stronghold, is more then worth the pice of a few worlds obliterated.
plus, all scocietys need a few people around who are willing to kill with no questions asked..
No. 69794 ID: f595d3
File 136537829083.jpg - (582.56KB , 869x3357 , 1.jpg )

Larger less blurry version of the last post.
Chillise, ruining dramatic moments since 2013
No. 73391 ID: 011678

ive been wnating to go over this explination again, as i dont think i did it very well, giving the Aius a sort of mary-sue untouchableness that i realy want to stay away from, so here gose.

The Aius are almost like wild animals in the fackt that if you know what your doing you can easily out run/think/fight them, but if you make the slitest mistake or (like the infamous Bear Man) start thinking of them as friends then they will turn on you before you can blink.

As a species they are totaly fixated of the betterment of thier Hives first, and Species second. every single Aius, from Worker to Queen, is mearley a tool to further the Hive and thinks nothing of sacrificing itself for the greater good, they have a hard time recognising that other races value the lives of individuals and this often leads to conflict as they hunt and feed on others, but it also means that anyone they attack can kill them with little worry of revenge attacks.

They mostly stick to thier hives, mining building and inventing, the ones youll see walking the streets are either Worker caste's looking for supplies or specialy breed Scout castes exploring the surface, these scouts are the ones to watcxh out for, as they are the ones who will tell the hive of any advanced tech you posses, wich will most likley lead to them attacking you to take it, as they only thing that can justify thier terrible lives is to be the Best. At everything.

Your right to think that others would plan thier downfall, and its kind of a open secret that this is the case, in fackt one of the lesser known reasones they helped form the council is so that, after what they see is a inevitable genocidal war between the Great Four, civilisation will still survive, and not sink back into barbarism like it did after the ALvari.
No. 73392 ID: 011678

im also working from the asumption that any outside observer wouldnt have the context nesacery to spot the differneces between cultures, leading them to assume a planet has one giant super-society, all differences that are so obvius and important to us would seem totaly trivial to them, and vice versa.

so while scholars and other learned people know the differences, for the population as a whole, casual rascism is the flavor of the day.
"Man, Aius are all Nuts!. ah well at least they can read, not like those filthy little feg."
No. 73398 ID: 9ddf68

which one is the Aius again, the thing that took our hat, the goat guy we're traveling with, the snail guy we're traveling with, the crab thing, or the thing that is trying to arrest us?
No. 73400 ID: f595d3

Aius, Half-head the hat thief.
Feg, Korrok of lythiria
Lolumalas, The snail, they havent mentioned his species's name yet
the other guys species has been mentioned, just not in conection to him :)
No. 73694 ID: 011678

the thing i love/hate about doing this quest is that ill spend days sketching and inking only for someone to sugesst something so wonderfully Brilliant/exciting/insane that i have to redo half the panels, as simply ignoring such things just feels wrong to me...
No. 74750 ID: f595d3

Not dead, just sleepy.
hopefully the next pages will be up tommorow.
sorry for the slight(large) delay
No. 78203 ID: 2f4b71

Hey cthulhlu, you still alive?
No. 78530 ID: 100739

Sorry to have dropped off, got swept up in like five other things that kinda piled onto me -3-, im going to knuckle down and get back to updating though, thanks for bearing with me and sorry i didnt say anything until now.
No. 78578 ID: 100739

Ok i should have the new pages up tomorrow, im just finishing the intiror of the vent's, they needed a little work to get properly Escher mind fuck'y.
Im also running low on the pen's i use to color, so ill switch to pencils, thinking about it this might speed stuff up some what -3-
No. 78585 ID: 2f4b71

>Escher vents
>The Pointer Sisters - I'm So Excited.mp3
No. 78612 ID: 100739

I cant rember if i said this before but i think pointing it out would clear up a little confusion regarding why the aius are allowed to run around when there so psychotic.

you know those other aliens in the propaganda picture? the ones straining with the leash? each of those races is just as powerful as the aius in both technology and physiology, the whole council came about when the Great Four (as they are known) realised a war between them would result in extinction of all sides.

Learning the lessons the Alvari refused too, they formed the council and a myriad laws to ensure that when the end comes and they wipe each other out life continues to flourish and advance.

Everything ends, but ends are beginnings, they want those that follow to see that they tried, and to think of them kindly.
No. 78814 ID: 47fdde

Happy new year one and all!
Thanks for sticking with me through thick and thin for one and a half years worth of Questing!

Ill be putting a break in the story soon cause the main thread is now fast approaching 1000 posts long, but fret not as the interlude will be short and sweet, featuring a face we've not seen in a while, before returning to the main cast.

Things are planned for the second half.
A spreading Infection.
A hunting Insect.
A place untouched by life for fifty million years.
And a sleeper, waking from a long dream, bringing nightmares with him.
No. 83040 ID: 50338d

Wait, humanity exists, as a space-faring race?

...that's kind of confusing. Naoko's and Amy aren't human, but they appear to have an earth-comparable background in language, culture, and technology. Heck, they even make references to places with earth place-names. I'd assumed for a while earth just happened to have animal people in this setting, but this makes it odd. Especially since they also made it clear their world is pre-contact, while the humanity mentioned in itq is post-contact.

That leaves us trying to account for two "earths", or at least two worlds that have weirdly had a very similar development, in a setting where you've clearly made an effort to make aliens more alien to one another.
No. 83053 ID: 2f4b71

Or that there's a significant time period between when they were abducted and the present day.
No. 83060 ID: 86591d


he..hehe..HeHeHe..HAHAHAHAHAA! *cough* i mean yeah that is strange isn't it.
No. 83061 ID: 50338d

Let's see. Control-F-ing through the threads, Half-head refers to their rooms as human dwellings, and the space-cop addressed Amy as human. That might be consistent with their being a time gap due to the abduction, and their knowing of future-humans.

Oddly though, Lolumalus doesn't call them human. In fact, he really seems to think they're from a pre-contact civilization, and even explains how they would be returned home in a manner to ruin their credibility. That really doesn't make sense, when he explains his species and humanity are supposed to be close allies. You'd think he'd have at least seen a picture, once.

Something still doesn't add up. >>83060 And I'm relieved to learn that's apparently due to plot, and not a plot-hole.
No. 83072 ID: 86591d

I want to direct your attention to more things, but i just know that if i did id end up spoiling the whole thing, and that would be bad =3=
No. 83075 ID: 2fd516

They're probably genetic manipulation test subjects.
No. 84122 ID: 6d3b18

So, uh, what's up with this? >>/quest/585570

Is interlude II supposed to be one panel long? Was it supposed to be part of the last thread, but managed to escape onto its own? Or is it supposed to be a thing that's going to continue?
No. 84130 ID: 7c32ed

Just one panel long, a little intro for that.. Thing there..
No. 84131 ID: 7c32ed

Just one panel long, a little intro for that.. Thing there..
No. 84166 ID: 6d3b18

Okay, intentional, then. Stuff wiki-ed.
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