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File 134974471407.png - (18.89KB , 702x658 , Tell.png )
61900 No. 61900 ID: befc95

Can I put this here? Is that okay? Does it even matter?

I don't care, I'm putting this here. Someone ask me stuff, I need to flesh this shit out.
No. 61902 ID: e94f05

How tall is the tall?
No. 61904 ID: befc95


Not very tall, but with all the taller Talls gone, he's tall.
No. 61908 ID: dc4a44

Will we fight the shorts?
Do we have to go wider?
No. 61909 ID: befc95


By fight do you mean eat? Because Shorts are round and pudgy and make a fine meal.

Wider couldn't hurt.
No. 61982 ID: 9ae18b

Will the tall ever get his mane brushed?
No. 61985 ID: befc95


That's silly, he doesn't have hands! Now, if he could find a creature with hands he might be able to convince them to spruce him up.
No. 61990 ID: 9ae18b

Does our tall have a name or is he just Tall?
No. 62217 ID: fa56fc


His name is Thinyg.
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