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File 135215614402.jpg - (55.90KB , 411x600 , mg5j.jpg )
63113 No. 63113 ID: 1377ae

So I think I could unhaitus either "Mom's Fault" or "Gardens of Babelon".


(picture unrelated)
No. 63114 ID: bf54a8

do what you want, i'll be waiting.
No. 63115 ID: 4183c9

You hate us?
No. 63119 ID: 60d45e

Maybe. /slow wink/

Anyone prefer one to the other.
No. 63121 ID: beeca1

Mom's Fault, please.
No. 63129 ID: 9e628e

Okay. Will be posting 2 days from now or so.
No. 63138 ID: beeca1

Yay! That was one of my favorite quests. It was so awesomely weird.
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