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File 136095632979.png - (114.06KB , 600x500 , dis.png )
67488 No. 67488 ID: 389f2b

is this a thing people would want i do not even know

talk about sad eyeless children with me and also silly cat ladies
No. 67517 ID: ccb386

Who's a cat lady? Are YOU the cat lady?
No. 78109 ID: 13fb8c

I did my usual binge of story-reading, and I like this! I like it a lot. Your art style is very scribbly and that makes it look nice too. It's been over half a year since your last update, though, and that makes me a little sad. Hopefully you didn't lose your gumption completely; I think you're a good storyteller and you shouldn't give up on that. I don't think you have, but just in case, I mean.
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