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File 136545346057.png - (402.78KB , 610x900 , SsenRanseur.png )
69825 No. 69825 ID: 772c81

Howdy tgchan. I'd like to put this thread about Lamia quest here, so that I have someone to talk to about it during the down time. It's relatively popular on the 4chans these days, so hopefully I'll have someone to worry about it with.
No. 69826 ID: 772c81

And, for a suggestion of today's topic:

How the heck do we stop 7 vampire thralls, their master, and THAT vampire's master with a minimum of deaths on both sides without burning down the library the fight is taking place in?
No. 69835 ID: 01159a

Mage spams sleep spells, Lea can deal mostly nonlethal damage, Tricia can do bugs against the thralls, Peri/Mari and Ted take the vampire, and we take the vampire's master.

if the vampire's master runs, we can either help kill the vamp, or use the non-pointy end of our ranseur like a quarterstaff for nonlethal bludgeoning attacks to the thralls.
No. 69836 ID: 1987c1

Can we trust Ted? When his true colors show it's pretty clear that he's like one of those snooty classist butlers. He's been trying to get into the library for years. I doubt he's going to help us if he gets a shot at grabbing the book.
No. 69837 ID: 772c81

I don't think we can really trust ted, but we can offer him a legit book if he doesn't betray us. Might work.

Also, we're immune to our own bone dissolving venom. Is it a stupid idea for us to bite ourselves so that if a vampire bites us, their teeth melt?
No. 69839 ID: 47a120

We know where ted lives and its not like he is going to murder us.

It would be deliciously ironic to kill the vampire lord by biting him.
No. 69895 ID: 772c81

Well, apparently we're going to go on a crazy mountain crash course to get dragon blood to cure a girl of vampirism that may or may not even deserve it.

I'd almost rather just give the overseer his mask back and tell him to have the vampire cooperate truthfully with our investigation. But I don't really have leverage to force him to.
No. 69897 ID: 5bc98d

Is there anyone else that we need Dragon Blood for, if this doesn't pan out? Could it fix Lea's scars? Solve Peri/Mari's merging problem? Make it so Princess Mumei can walk again? Anyone else who could use/deserve the blood more than Helen?

(Also am I the only one who got EG's horrible name pun regarding Tricia? Her last name is 'Greats.' Her father is Alexander, and her mother is Katherine...and Alexander can turn into a horse.)
No. 69898 ID: 772c81

Many of our friends have some sort of affliction dragon blood could help with. Even more people need it, since there is the asylum of vampires, let alone all the people out there with terrible problems we don't know about yet.

I am hoping a drop'll do ya, so we don't blow all the precious tiny vial of dragon blood we get on one person.

Oh, and here's my stupid plan to get the information, coins, and blood out of the dragon: Claim to be checking local dragons for a magical disease colloquially named "Hoarde rot", caused by a certain type of rare coin. We need samples of his blood, along with any of that rare coin we find. We chat him up about information while searching.

This bluff is terribly stupid, but it's all I got.
No. 69899 ID: 47a120

We don't need dragon blood to cure the vampire of vampirism. The paladins have the cure already. We need to find evidence on whether she was magically compelled or acted of her own free will, lacking evidence of magical compulsion she will be executed for her crimes.

As for getting stuff from the dragon, I would go with making a trade instead. Go on some quests and give it stuff.
No. 69901 ID: 772c81

How will rushing to the dragon den help prove her compulsed?

I thought the entire reason for the rush was to cure her so that we could question her sanely and maybe still have to execute her even then. Or am I just a big dummy about all this?
No. 69903 ID: 5bc98d

Could Uncorrupted Dragon Blood purify Citadel/Dragon-Who-Was-Of-Shadow Corruption? I mean, it would be why Dragons couldn't be forced to be how Citadel/DWWOS wanted them to be.

And if it does, could it be used to fix the Lantern Coins?
No. 69932 ID: 943463

>And if it does, could it be used to fix the Lantern Coins?
We should definitely try this. Easy to test.

We ought to start by telling it about Citadel and that we fight against it. Given how strongly the Old One feels about the Dragon who Was of Shadow (will *never* be tempted, *never* be corrupted, etc), I suspect it'd feel similarly about Citadel (which doesn't even like dragons that much).

Ssen's blood is already poisonous.
No. 69940 ID: 772c81

>tell it about citadel
This is interesting. However, it might ostracize us for it, since we're a paladin with authority granted ostensibly by citadel, and anyone with gifts given by the dragon are kicked out of the cool dragon club. We may be able to convince him we're of the light, working from the inside out, but that may or may not fly. Best plan I heard so far, though.

If that doesn't work, let's take it to a metallurgist.

Also, do you think people can eat meat we've bitten? We're going to be hunting for the group and all.
No. 69971 ID: 943463

Correction: turns out Ssen's blood is *not* poisonous:
No. 69994 ID: 943463

Today on Lamia Quest, we raced through the treacherous Dark Peaks, relived childhood traumas (bags!) with the Dragon who Was of Shadow, and taught metaphysics to another dragon.
No. 70005 ID: 772c81

That was a fantastic session. It's going to be so much fun explaining to the dragon what religion is, and how religion is not actually a dragon.

Which is in a nice contrast to how tragic the story of the bag is.

So, how are we going to introduce ourselves to the dragon next time? Entire string of earned titles?

Also, who are the "unexpected guests" we are getting next episode?
No. 70009 ID: 943463

Entire string of earned titles, definitely; it also serves as a nice index of stories to tell him.

Old One also said we needed to DISCUSS blood.

We do need to leave a decent chunk of the day for returning and dealing with Helen.

After we deal with that deadline, we should make use of any additional doses we get (we really need at least one more, and ideally two more).

And beyond that, we'll have a pile of information from Old One to go on.

Definitely wondering about those "unexpected guests" as well, though. Did we make a mistake letting Ted go first back through the circle?
No. 70011 ID: 943463

>It's going to be so much fun explaining to the dragon what religion is, and how religion is not actually a dragon.

I don't know that we want to try to correct Old One's understanding further; I don't really see anything fundamentally wrong with his interpretation, nor would he (or we) get any more value out of his understanding the abstract nature of the Light. We don't need to change how dragons see the world; if they want to keep believing that only a dragon could be stronger, er, AS STRONG AS as a dragon, let them. Seems like approximately zero chance that Old One will join the Light's horde/hoard directly; having him understand the Teachings and treat the Light as a powerful dragon he should ally with seems like the right result. And if he wants to believe that someday he'll have a Flight of Dragons with the Light, does that sound all that different from how others believe they'll join the Light in the afterlife?

Personally, I think the Light heard our conversation with the Old One and hasn't had this good a laugh in a long time.

We've already seen that the Light has many interpretations, stories, and followers. As long as the Teachings remain essentially the same, it doesn't matter if the details of the story change in the telling to fit the audience.

And speaking of stories, while I think we'll need to keep the details of the Old One's existence and location a secret, I think the story of bringing the Light and its Teachings to a Dragon will do wonders for Ssen's reputation as a paladin. Even Isen would have a hard time making that story any more over the top than it already is.
No. 70019 ID: 772c81

Yeah, I am a bit worried about that blood discussion. I've already made my internal peace with having to execute or incarcerate Helen- hopefully incarceration, so that we can change the laws later.

Also, will we give him any name we choose for ourself, or just the titles? I think the only one we actually chose was "dawnchasers", which would make us a dawnchaser.

I only really want to correct his misconception about it being a literal dragon because he said he wanted another flight of dragons. I don't want to disappoint him down the line with "citadel isn't actually a REAL dragon!". No need to fuck with last-of-your-race blues. The afterlife thing may or may not assuage that. Guy seems lonely.

And I'm not too sure with keeping the old one secret. I'm already of the mind we should share the secret of the books, since they're goddamn treasures. Maybe once we fully shake the citadel influence from the current town we can tell them about the dragon?

Also, I can't shake the mental image of a dragon going door to door with "Have you heard the good news about the light?"
No. 70040 ID: 226e64

Still, if we can get ONE drop of blood, or two. (Princess Mumei's bound feet still really irk me.) Having a 100% effective and all-encompassing panacea can NEVER be not useful.
No. 70041 ID: 772c81

Eh, it's not feasible to make sure everyone has a perfect life. Though we can sure as heck make inflicting mumei's condition on a child a crime in our eventual institution. I completely agree on the panacea part though- I'd love to have some wizards study it, or to dilute it and see if it has an effect, or to attempt to produce a living culture of it using regenerative magic, and any number of other things.
No. 70073 ID: 93172c

Since I always miss the threads I'll post here.

Next time we should tell Adahn and Ava that we can teleport them back to Bronze Peak. We should also tell them of the risks of either that or the trek back on foot. We would have had to fight a lot of harpies and there are only the two of them. Unless they've seriously leveled up (which I doubt) they could have some problems. On the other hand it might delay them and buy us time to get other shit done.

Adahn has some serious issues to work out regarding Ssen. She stole his thunder and he has to find a way to deal with us being his equivilant of Gary Oak.
"So you didn't save Stone Hall, so what? If I hadn't stepped in it would have been someone else. Another paladin maybe, or some other adventurer, and you'd be just as angry with them. Everyone screws up some time, even when they've done everything right. Are you going to let that define who you are?"

I suggest that Ssen or Peri spar with him, see what he's got and if possible help him improve. If he pulls his "Whatever" bullshit we'll need to call him out.
No. 70076 ID: a9fcd5

Well, I was thinking we can use the both of them as bait to get one of the Dramatae into a situation where we can kill them. See every time we've encountered the Dramatae, we've met them as a group, except that Isen assassination thing. And since at least one of them will be watching the Lightbringers, once we lure one out, we can take it down.
No. 70077 ID: 772c81

Yeah, teleport is the best idea for them. I am a bit worried about teleporting us though, we have to be firmly coiled on the rune before doing it. I don't want to think what would happen if we got cut off.

And you might have the right idea with the defusing of the gary oak situation. If we offer to spar with him, maybe train him a bit so he could be closer to beating us, hey, maybe he won't hate us so much.

I think the last question we have to ask the dragon is how to fight an enemy that can stop time. Though I am not entirely sure about BAIT exactly- we need to escort them, perhaps, to wherever her hometown is. which is basically the same thing as baiting.
No. 70106 ID: 772c81

Okay, well, last night's thread was pretty productive, but we lost our freaking lightbringer. Sure, we still have one, but damn if it wasn't a mistake to let him sulk and "whatever" outside.

Also we lost little dragon status, which is a shame. We won't be getting that back for a while.
No. 70458 ID: 770099

The Mer that came with us, Dana, mentioned not feeling right around Paladin King Trevor. It sounds similar to the effect Citadel has on people when trying to control them.

Trevor Slattery, a drug addicted actor hired to play the role of the Mandarin. Any chance he could be related to Paladin Trevor? Not literally but being used in the same manner. What if he's been put in charge of Coral Gate at some point to act as a potential future instigator? Or worse yet was twisted into taking on that role?
No. 70459 ID: 76b151

Ya, I was thinking the same thing. A tool of the dramatae for their plans. Maybe as a Bringer of Darkness... maybe as a miniboss to give the new Lightbringer some 'experiance' Or maybe just as an example of why you should not associate with monsters.
No. 70582 ID: 3b3043

As I was re-reading the latest one, i noticed that Tragedy's mask was displayed openly. Now why would a Dramatae display his real mask? I'm sure that his mask is nearby but notso openly displayed.Also the book with the Bear script,carry it out with us or someoneports back to the White Tree Conclave and leaves it there.
No. 70605 ID: 3b3043

I probably won't be around for the start of today session so this is me wondering: Can Lea do Batman-style Silent Takedowns? She's fights Hand to hand so can she do a sleeper hold or something? It could be useful in a quiet infiltration of Tragedy's mansion.
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