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File 126124325215.gif - (1.93KB , 240x240 , icon.gif )
7878 No. 7878 ID: cc4b74

Exactly one year ago yesterday, a very confused rabbitgirl woke up in a box.
Expand all images
No. 7879 ID: 119b5c
File 126124418578.gif - (7.92KB , 701x683 , Ruby_2.gif )

No. 7882 ID: 9f8e6a

Manly tears, because of nostalgia.
No. 7883 ID: 0a190d

God mode activated.

All items activated.
No. 7884 ID: 034a30

Happy Birthday, Ruby. Thanks for everything, Weaver. <3
No. 7885 ID: 119b5c
File 126124762864.gif - (9.78KB , 701x683 , Ruby_5.gif )

No. 7887 ID: 4cfa72
File 126125095016.jpg - (838.74KB , 750x3000 , AM.jpg )

No. 7888 ID: 1e1932

Happy b-day, Ruby.
No. 7889 ID: 9ded94

Oh, how time passes by.

I'm gonna have to read through the whole thing again now!
No. 7891 ID: 15eeed

Yeah, I was wondering where the Ruby anniversary thread was yesterday.
No. 7892 ID: e024d0

Let it never be said, the romance is dead
"Cos there's so little else occupying my head
There is nothing I need except the function to breath
But I'm not really fussed doesn't matter to me...
No. 7893 ID: 339d58

Sheesh, has it already been a year?

Happy birthday, herbivorous bunny girl!
No. 7894 ID: a62983

Just payin' my respects to the fuck year of the hell yes, you are the greatest bunny girl ever!
No. 7895 ID: 23c193

Never gonna catch her never never never?

Oh fuck it, happy birthday Ruby~ <3
No. 7898 ID: c50a92
File 126127749724.gif - (28.60KB , 701x683 , tom.gif )

Happy anniversary, Ruby and Tom. Manly tears.

Also, thread needs moar Tom appreciation. Pic related.
No. 7899 ID: 34470e
File 126127808262.png - (82.97KB , 1006x427 , 1233682014945.png )

Happy Birthday, Ruby Quest!
No. 7900 ID: d56ac0
File 126128316737.jpg - (1.00MB , 2560x1600 , rubygroupshot-16by10wallpaper.jpg )

I had forgotten how huge my ruby pic folder was.
No. 7901 ID: 339d58


I think it's funny that people are still discovering Ruby for the first time, even a year later.
No. 7902 ID: bde1b8
File 126129259111.png - (58.84KB , 495x344 , Puppet Show.png )

Oh Ruby Quest, the things I drew for you...
No. 7903 ID: 339d58
File 126129498268.png - (40.90KB , 480x640 , rubyvalentine.png )

I should have drawn more.
No. 28563 ID: 861a25
File 12927457777.gif - (12.95KB , 700x700 , 1283644764_theweaver_like_sunday_morning.gif )

It's that time of the year again.
No. 28564 ID: f32ea3

Jesus, has it been two years already?
No. 28565 ID: 08ce8c

What, no furr tits, clitoral hoods and half-kobolds? What a shit quest.
No. 28568 ID: 55e935

Geez. We've been around that long, eh?

I miss those days sometimes.
No. 28572 ID: 1963d1
File 129277691695.png - (156.68KB , 850x1575 , Ruby_Story_time.png )

Happy birthdayversary, Ruby!
No. 28575 ID: ef9c73

Woo, good times.
Wonder how Ruby and Tom are 1 year after their escape?
No. 28579 ID: c700ce

Recruited as secret agents by the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, currently still in therapy to get through what they experienced at the Glen, soon to be taken on a new mission or two. Otherwise quite happy together.
No. 28585 ID: 55c4cf

Isn't it two years now, not one?
No. 28586 ID: f32ea3

Yep, it's been two.
Which makes this thread a year old, which is even weirder.
No. 28591 ID: 2563d4
File 129280860951.png - (13.23KB , 646x512 , rubyquest-firstroom.png )

Alright then. Enough pissing about. Let's get this fucking done.


Boom. Fully playable first room of Ruby Quest in an appropriate engine. Help me wrangle the horrible tools, people.
No. 28595 ID: ef9c73
File 129281121382.png - (98.08KB , 549x725 , Ruby Quest - Ruby Final.png )

Alright folks, time for my contribution to Ruby Quest.
Source: http://vedtheflamedevil.deviantart.com/art/Ruby-Quest-Ruby-190185472
No. 28600 ID: 00ff42

There's a lot of things to improve on it, but I admit that Ruby's animation was smooth and awesome.
No. 28601 ID: 20fc85

: |_________|

I am in...
and when I mean I'm in, I mean I'm not gonna be that guy who says I'm in and does nothing.
I'm in.
No. 28603 ID: e973f4

Okay, it might just be because I'm tired and unfamiliar with the engine, but I cannot for the life of me figure out the wording for even the first command. :L
No. 28614 ID: e973f4

Scratch that, finally figured it out.

On a side note, I can't say I really like this engine much. |V
No. 28633 ID: 2563d4

...anything specific?

Well I don't know of any good alternative for text/graphical hybrids other than Sierra's later SCI engine (they used it that way for e.g. KQ4 and ICEMAN), for which the tooling doesn't seem much better (although I may look into it). What's the issue?
No. 28639 ID: e973f4

I think my biggest issue is that I've been spoiled by blitzing through the first two Monkey Island games not long ago and am missing the idea of knowing what things are called.

Spending the better part of an hour trying to figure out what the game wants me to call the light in the locker is not my idea of a fun time. |V
No. 28641 ID: 2563d4

Well, what did you try? I've already added the synonyms I can think of to the parser.

(Also it's set to be crazy-liberal with the lights off. "Push red labion terror beast" will work. :| )
No. 28645 ID: 3392ab

I kept trying "Push/hit/press/touch/punch light/button." It took me a good 5 minutes to realize I had to specify the colour. :V
No. 28656 ID: e973f4

I didn't say "red," basically.
No. 28715 ID: 8555c2
File 129304934567.gif - (20.99KB , 650x307 , 1229664275390.gif )

No. 34542 ID: fa517c

My mother told me once of when
A young hare ventured from her den
And as she danced in field and glen
The world sang joy about her.
But wicked hateful things abound
And that young hare these evils found
Then whisked her up from off the ground
And glen was left without her.

The wicked power tore asunder
And with this cruel and fateful blunder
Cast her to a world of wonder
Would she e'er see home again?
And so hare flew that mournful day
Over the sky and far away
And down and down, beneath the sea
To a place unlike the glen.

A world of men and man's design
A place where God's light would not shine
A Hell of steel beneath the brine
Where misery's echoes boomed.
And all around her there were others
Beasts like her, all sisters, brothers,
Locked up, all, with one another,
In deep sea-dark, entombed.

And in this crypt far from the shore
The hare lay down upon the floor
Imprisoned there forever more
And left to all her sorrow.
Her tender world was lost and gone
So joy and happiness foregone
She slept and cried and prayed for dawn
To wait the coming morrow.

The hound was still, the birds said naught,
The fox denied he had been caught,
The bear cried "This is just our lot",
And surrendered to his pain.
But the cat stood up and shook his head
And rising from his metal bed
He said "For now, I am not dead,
And I will not die in vain!"

He cried aloud with much disdain
And tore about his stark domain
And said "These walls cannot contain
A force as strong as I!"
And the fox just laughed, and the birds all cried
And the bear knotted up himself and died
But the hare looked on as the poor cat tried
To break him free and fly.

He shook his chain with all his rage
And flew in anger 'round his cage
Decrying this dark mournful stage
And the hare stood up as well.
With passion did she then respond,
She chewed her ropes and broke her bonds,
And freed the cat, they ran beyond,
They ran to flee that hell.

And what became of cat and hare?
Did they break free to purer air?
To guess their fate we shouldn't dare
Perhaps their tale closed well.
But for all the beasts trapped in the Nether
All life from out the loch and heather
The flock that could not work together
Are sure still trapped in Hell.
No. 34543 ID: fa517c
File 130175295013.jpg - (18.15KB , 282x284 , win.jpg )

That is pure awesome, epic win, art, supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus, fantastic, stupendous, god tier, porn for the soul, and every other positive label and reaction image in the internets.

And so would you be if it were still her birthday, but I forgive you because even my internet rage is made impotent by just how damn good it is.
No. 34544 ID: e973f4

We can see your IDs, dude. I know you were trying to get people to read your poem but you just look like a self-congratulatory jackass.
No. 34546 ID: 9b6c31
File 130175898389.png - (29.01KB , 161x164 , sheogorath.png )

Ha ha, are you aware that we can see your ID?
No. 34547 ID: bf1e7e

Especially given that Weav wrote that poem way back while Rubyquest was STILL RUNNING and posted it on /tg/ =V
No. 34548 ID: fa517c

hence why I posted the congratulatory, it wasn't hear I wanted to congratulate it.
Solution: post it, congratulate it

Never said it was mine, thought that was obvious enough to not have to spell it out.
No. 34578 ID: 64eb2b
File 130181285483.jpg - (38.20KB , 250x250 , youllhavetotryharder.jpg )

A swing and a miss. Backpedal harder next time.
No. 34584 ID: 78edaa

I'm pretty saddened at all you people that don't remember this poem. The first two posts don't seem to be trying to take credit from my perspective.
No. 34588 ID: f88f02

>Don't remember

Ha. Hahahahah. We're calling him out because most of us, by this point, have it memorized.
No. 34600 ID: 8e2e95

can't make fun of you...
cause I've memorized it too.
No. 34601 ID: cc04a7

Not so much memorized as we all recognize it. I highly doubt that many people here are THAT much of a fanboy.
No. 34619 ID: 8e2e95

well, the last part of the poem at least
No. 34622 ID: 0b01fb

Ruby should wear a tophat one day. It would look cool.
No. 34625 ID: fa517c
File 130187033929.png - (43.63KB , 575x728 , blue.png )

I too would like to see that.
No. 34626 ID: 78edaa

I was basing that post off of "people to read your poem". And are you telling me that the image posts are mocking him for posting the poem even though everyone would recognize it? That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me; why would someone that just went through expect people to not recognize..
No. 34627 ID: fa517c
File 130187063182.png - (13.59KB , 196x264 , Red_in_Blue.png )

Actually I changed my mind, I want to see Red in a top had.

Does anyone here have the talent to do that or add it to this pic, I tried photoshopping one in with gimp but the blue colour of the original meant it just doesn't look right.
No. 34648 ID: 2de37a
File 130189185183.png - (21.56KB , 400x300 , redtophat.png )

>I want to see Red in a top hat.
No. 34654 ID: fa517c

It's cliche but I'll laugh anyway.
No. 34805 ID: 676156

Hey Weaver, I have no idea how else to reach you. I wish you'd post an email address or something. Anyway, I want to make a serious offer to turn Ruby Quest into a movie. I know this probably seems like a piss poor attempt at trolling, but I really mean it. I think that Ruby Quest would make a fresh and valuable contribution to the horror genre, and I know that its intelligent storytelling would adapt well to the film medium. I have contacts with a prominent horror director in Hollywood who is looking for the next Paranormal Activity. I think Ruby Quest is that.

I don't know how I could prove that I'm sincere. Email me, I can give you more details and we can start talking about adapting the script, if you're interested. My email address is anonrebel at gmail dot com.

Please, Weaver. I think this would be a really incredible movie.
No. 34809 ID: b50003

You didn't think maybe you could talk to him in IRC? Because that would work better. Also even if you think it's good, and even if your director buddy agrees, you still need somebody to front the money. And who's going to want to risk money on a story about a bunny rabbit who doesn't remember anything reading notes all the time, especially when it needs plenty of special effects money for each character.
You'd have to make a hell of a pitch. And the script would need a lot of changes.
No. 34811 ID: bc7124

It'd make for a better adventure game, really. But I support your endeavors anyway.
No. 34812 ID: 676156

The characters would become humans in the adaptation, otherwise, there's no way it'd get picked up. There would be a few changes like that to make it more mainstream, but I definitely don't want to violate the integrity of the original piece, because I think it's just so awesome.

The director would front the money, but it'd definitely be a low-budget type of movie. There are ways to make things like gory zombie bears look realistic on a tight budget. Like I said, adaptation would change it, so that's why I want Weaver to help guide Rubyquest through these changes. I like his vision.

Also, what's the information for the IRC room?
No. 34813 ID: 676156

Actually, maybe the director would get someone else to front the money. I don't know. It's irrelevant. The point is, I have a connection with a guy who's a big deal in Hollywood and he wants to make a horror movie. I think Rubyquest is perfect. That's what matters.
No. 34814 ID: 8c73c8

could also make it fully animated. furry critters are all the rage in animation.
No. 34815 ID: 543aa6
File 130213708763.png - (48.00KB , 543x491 , yes he blends.png )

I've sent you an e-mail, but you can also hit me up on IRC at server irc.rizon.net, room #rubyquest.

Obviously I'll need something concrete to go on, which I understand you probably won't want to give out publicly. If you're serious about this, then of course, I am at least willing to listen.
No. 34816 ID: cf244d

With a good animation team, that would be fucking awesome.
No. 34817 ID: bccf7b


You know, you could make it like one of those curious little foreign films. Now to just find someone to doctor the footage for all the CG effects. That or lots of pigs' blood.
No. 34818 ID: 98a59d

On the movie note.

I've always imagined it very well computer animated (Pixar I would wish), having almost no music (more environmental sounds) and rather sparse dialogue. With the frame-rate slowed down a little during particularly 'unnerving' sequences like ruby using 'the eye' to give an 'off' feel a bit like claymation.

However, all things concerned if it couldn't be well computer animated it may be better animated by hand. I can't really see how it would work live action.
No. 34820 ID: 2563d4

>adventure game
Well, I tried, going for the tech niche I think best fit it, and got a load of people telling me that text parsers suck.

Which was really quite motivational, as you can imagine.
No. 34821 ID: 8e2e95

I don't know about you all, but I feel as if this in claymation would seem a hell lot creepier than if in traditional animation...

Then again, if drawn with a cartoony feel... and detailed gore/horror things, It'd probably make me crap my pants.

[can see wondrous use of After Effects too...]
No. 34825 ID: 317eb0

If I made a RubyQuest movie, I'd make a "silent" claymation thing, but with environmental sounds, and a narrator. An even-toned, eerily calm-sounding narrator, like they had on old british children's tv. He would describe what the characters are doing and saying, and even suggest things to them - all with the same tone of voice, at all times.
No. 34836 ID: bc7124

I thought it'd be drawn like one of those classic little Disney animations, all cheerful and happy... and then they find Stitches's corpse and it gets all the worse in the contrast.

Almost like Epic Mickey except even more terrifying.
>Implying Epic Mickey is scar-
You know what I meant.
No. 34838 ID: a41aaf

I'd always imagined it as stop-motion with puppets, with the old Watch With Mother-style narration.
No. 34848 ID: 1963d1

Hell, with something like a Ruby Quest movie, it'd have to something animated. No live action, is what I mean. Live action would just KILL IT.

Note: Something unrelated to what we're talking about. I have just found out today that a good portion of people have never read RQ in the original threads. They used the condensed mirrored versions instead.
Seriously? What the fuck? Who does that?

No. 34851 ID: f09384

Get Lauren Faust. Lauren Faust can do no wrong.

Seriously though, at first it was weird imagining RQ in claymation, but the more I thought about it, the more fitting it seemed. Claymation just has something spooky about it. Check out 'Adventures of Mark Twain by Huck Finn', certain parts of it are pretty creepy.

Ah, wishful thinking.
No. 34872 ID: 8c73c8

also think of nightmare before christmas and James and the Giant Peach, Coraline, all pretty fucking creepy.
No. 34884 ID: dad664

>Lauren Faust

My Little Cjozepaj: Murder is Magic
No. 34889 ID: 43d730

Even better idea.
Switch around with the different bits PERCEPTION FUCKERY, or even completely at random to screw with people.
Or go into creepyass claymation mode for the horrors, while everything else is animated cleanly.
>faust/Flash style Ruby and Red are walking around
>"Could you get this tarp down, please?"
>Suddenly, claymation stitches
>Red starts laughing in faust/flash style
>Keeps laughing, ruby reacts in horror
>Red's head turns to claymation as it goes all crazylike

Or just
>Ruby has headache
>Eye boils open in claymation
No. 34903 ID: 8e2e95

Holy crap, this actually makes sense... as in transdemensional, demon substance found in the demon room thing is clay, along with all creepy things... and everything else is cutesy disney-like animation.

Suddenly, crazy contrast as everything starts becoming claylike until by the end, everything is claymation... until they open the hatch and suddenly...
cutesy disney animation again (except ruby and tom)
I dunno, just what I'm seeing
No. 34927 ID: 6cb915

Allow me to demonstrate love in Claymation.

From Beyond, by HP Lovecraft. I could so see RQ done like this.
No. 35015 ID: a41aaf

...Yeeep. That's pretty unnerving.

On the subject: Trapdoor. A mostly light-hearted 80's British children's show with occasional descents into horror, e.g.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pa9LPhq6VZ0
No. 47370 ID: 5a8693
File 132420695939.png - (69.81KB , 1233x292 , repercussions of ruby.png )

Three's a good number.

Also, happy belated birthday, Weaver!
No. 47371 ID: c71597

Hey I remember that one, was one of my favourite shows as a kid.
No. 69533 ID: 2f4b71

>with occasional descents into horror
The noise that spider makes still unnerves me.
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