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File 138961850193.png - (655.54KB , 782x572 , 138938974914.png )
79051 No. 79051 ID: 011678

Throwing this up here for anyone who wants to know what the hell im doing with this quest..

Basicaly im doing a Vote's style quest instead of a pick and choose, right now were in the intro desciding Gwen's life prior to reaching skyrim, alongwith exactly how she gets there and in what state.

for those intrested i can also tell yuo what the other options would have lead too, and were the points of no return where.
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No. 86319 ID: 2ec61a

only the dragonborn can shout, aka people with dragon blood. a part dragon learning dragon powers from dragon writing, easy.

and yes, the runes you learn shouts from were made by dragon claw, dragon alphabet is scratches and dots(by tapping with the claw instead of scratching)
No. 86323 ID: bb78f2

Regular people can shout with lots of training and focus.
Greybeards and Ulfric are regular people.
In the fight with Ulfric at the end game, does he actually shout in combat at all? I know he killed Torigg with his voice, but I don't know what shout. All I know is that he at most probably knows one or two shouts, and they're probably not the full ones.
No. 86325 ID: 879a42

I saw a video of killing ulfric while siding wit the imperials, and after some back and forth between tullius and ulfric and each of their bodyguards, ulfric used a shout after drawing his weapon and rising from his throne.

It looked like and sounded like fus ro da, and it sent tullius flying on his ass, so we can safely say that's what it was.
No. 86726 ID: abc218

next updates are comeing, poses have been a bit of a dick so its taking a while =3= sorry for the delay.
No. 87005 ID: 534cc4

No problem, good luck with the updates.
No. 87098 ID: cee02c

/ollies in randomly punching
And im back! not much to choose for the next update beyond what Kick ass way you'll deal the final blow ;)
No. 87105 ID: 534cc4

(How about arrows In both its eye sockets and then a leaping slash in the head with an axe?)

So in this quest will we need a dragon soul for EVERzy shout? That's gonna be a lot of dragon encounters. How about one soul could maybe power 3 shouts or something, or three words of a shout in this quest.
No. 87199 ID: 2ec61a

not sure where else to ask so 'll do it here. is empirequest(aka Dragon Commander quest) dead on arrival?
No. 87222 ID: d641fa

Ive been in a bit of a artistic funk recently that i seem to be getting over, so im going to try and continue All the quests i started, it seems to be a thing with me where ill start a quest but not finish it and i really want to get over that, as while this is all fun and games it is somewhat rude to present something that will go nowhere..
No. 87313 ID: bde7e5

OK os available perks are as follows.

You qualify for All the tier first tier perks which increase there respective stat success chance/damage by 20%, first tier perks available are for All schools of magics, One handed weapons, two handed weapons, block, Stealth, pick pocketing, enchanting and alchemy.

The only skills available right now that have other effects are Steel smith, wich allows for the creation of Steel armor and is the first tier of the Smith skills, And Quick hands, wich allows you to pick locks without being noticed.
No. 87314 ID: bde7e5

Bear in mind you already have the perks listed here http://tgchan.org/wiki/Dovahkitty
No. 87581 ID: 235046

Health and magicka increased.
Quick hands And novice Destruction chosen.
No. 87978 ID: 482c6a

While we fiddle about with the last few bits of the quest line, im gonna throw the doors open for people to redesign gwens hair style, for now simply use the pics I posted before http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/src/141157494218.png and http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/src/141151381538.png
to give yourself a idea of her facial structure and how the hair will work with the rest of her.

Don't worry about her not having enough hair, they have enchantments and magic to grow it the right length ;)
No. 88031 ID: 185cb8

I dunno, I liked the fluffy / messy hairstyle she was sporting before the sudden sword shave. Drawing a blank on how to improve that, at the moment.

I would like to note that now we've got one Cthulhlu quest about a dragon, and one about a (would be) dragon slayer. Cue inter-universe strife!
No. 88035 ID: bb78f2

I will say only this.

Olivia Wilde's Tron Legacy Haircut
You're goddamn right.
No. 88037 ID: e97201
File 141902021411.png - (259.65KB , 584x526 , gwenhead.png )

Rou for the head
No. 88038 ID: e97201
File 141902026374.png - (249.88KB , 666x616 , gwenhead2.png )

Rough sorry. And you manlike this dirtbag?
No. 88040 ID: bb78f2

Huh, didn't think it would look like that on her.
I was thiking more flat in the back, like Paz's from Gunnerkrigg Court. This is the best shot of her hair I think that let's you see the curvature.
I mean, I love Olivia Wilde's hair in Tron but Paz's hair is what I was actually thinking would look great on Gwen. It helps Paz and Gwen have the same hair color.
No. 88041 ID: bb78f2
File 141902296678.png - (31.42KB , 200x180 , gwen.png )

More like this I guess.
No. 88043 ID: ea0ad9

That is an awesome looking hairstyle.
No. 88045 ID: fee736

Personally I'm a huge fan of long and/or full hair. Something with body and life.

Her old style wasn't too bad. Maybe something a bit below the shoulders?
No. 88046 ID: 8f06da
File 141903082909.png - (240.22KB , 584x526 , cat lady.png )

How does this look?
No. 88047 ID: 9db9c3

I love both of these XD
ill work on them as well as some longer designs tomorrow.
No. 88051 ID: fee736

Pretty good.
No. 88069 ID: a19cd5

I dunno, I was a pretty big fan of the sorta mussed-up do she had for a while. Love me some short hair mang
No. 88076 ID: bd8f7b
File 141907306860.png - (260.26KB , 584x526 , test 1.png )

more hairs
No. 88077 ID: bd8f7b
File 141907308149.png - (260.66KB , 584x526 , test 2.png )

No. 88078 ID: bd8f7b
File 141907309407.png - (260.86KB , 584x526 , test 3.png )

No. 88079 ID: a19cd5
File 141907382373.png - (266.91KB , 584x526 , PHAT LOCKES.png )

However if we DO gotta go long...
No. 88080 ID: 1d00b5
File 141907393526.png - (235.54KB , 584x526 , cat_pre_hair.png )

Maybe Gwen had a big powerup after that last fight and after lots of yelling we arrived here?
No. 88084 ID: 8f06da

yelling = hair gel
No. 88091 ID: 1005b9
File 141912034104.png - (2.15MB , 2338x1700 , gwenheads.png )

These are all good :) working on some more and finishing the next update, So much shopping to do!
No. 88133 ID: fee736

Middle top and bottom right are nice, tho bottom right is looking a little flat.
No. 88161 ID: bb78f2

Cthulhu, why did you list some of the spells we already have?
No. 88162 ID: 2ec61a

those are the shop's wares. just because we know them doesn't mean the shop doesn't have them in stock.
No. 88169 ID: 742b4a

I feel like if the scarf wasn't there, she'd have a huge neck.
No. 88173 ID: 20e221

HAh! nah its normal size, shawl is just bundled up around her neck.

ill always list spell books as they are the quickest way to teach followers spells, so having a few under your belt, even the ones you personaly know, is gonna be a good thing.
No. 88174 ID: 20e221
File 141934465785.png - (1.16MB , 2338x802 , heads2 the headaning.png )

Ok i think these are the four finalists, im really leaning towards the longish dreadlocks..
No. 88176 ID: 1ae57f

I like far right.
No. 88177 ID: bb78f2

Left shows of femininity but is also a practical haircut for combat. Three is also practical but not nearly as fun.

Votin' number one from left.
No. 88183 ID: 20e221
File 141936457547.png - (339.68KB , 538x583 , hairsecond.png )

First of the final two contenders.
No. 88184 ID: 20e221
File 141936466450.png - (314.54KB , 488x583 , hair.png )

Second one and my personal fave
No. 88190 ID: ea0ad9

Personally I liked the far left best, but with these two as the finalists, I'm gonna say dreads.
No. 88192 ID: 76eb68

Iiiii kinda prefer the first one, mostly because I´m not a fan of dreads.
No. 88195 ID: 1f8505


Go with the cornrows.
No. 88196 ID: 6c42b7

Fluffy head is better
No. 88203 ID: 20e221

I have made my decision at last, and will have to live with it until the next close encounter/dragon hair scorching
No. 88208 ID: 742b4a

...yeah, her head is definitely longer than normal under that scarf in the latest few updates. Once she got out of the dungeon her chin got noticeably higher than the tops of her shoulderpads; this should not happen. While she was in the dungeon still it was fine.
No. 88215 ID: 170ec0

thats my fault, part illustration error and part movement of her shoulders lowering the pads.
No. 88274 ID: 170ec0

As you can see i went with the dreads, if just seems to really Really suit her in my head..
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