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79561 No. 79561 ID: 0c1a69

The discussion for a quest about whelps. Whelps are (or will) be explained several updates in. If you've got any specific questions about what's already happened, ask away.
No. 79563 ID: 0c1a69

Some answers to questions already brought up:

Morphodite was a term my family made up to define a male with female traits. If it has any origin beyond that, I'm not aware of it. In whelp quest, a morphodite DOES have the ovaries, and can get pregnant, but at a reduced chance. The exact result can vary from individual to individual, but usually just means longer span between eggs or eggs that can't be fertilized anyways.

Hermaphrodites in Whelp Quest are the opposite of morphodites. They are females who happen to have a penis and testes as well, but their sperm tends to not be as potent (can't penetrate the egg), or comes in lesser quantities (the testes aren't as active).

Unisex is the proper balance of the genders, with neither an atvantage nor disadvantage in any of the organs, just the advantage of being able to be impregnated or to impregnate (which in combination might be seen as a disadvantage by some). They're no more potent or fertile because of the presence of both genders.

The decision of gender won't have much effect early on in the story, it's just there for the record.
No. 80351 ID: 0c1a69

If anybody's actually following this discussion: Whelpquest should be returning shortly. It turns out I was wrong and mistaken when I said I fixed the art program, but now, it IS fixed.

I've got a multi-parter coming up though, and there's going to be some variety in it, so it might not be as quickly as I'd like.
No. 80352 ID: e9e331

like as a co-writer or a co-artist?
No. 80357 ID: 0c1a69

No, there's a change that will happen from time to time, but I'm still the only person working on it. You'll see once I get around to it.
No. 80493 ID: ca0da5

Just mentioning that I relocated my computer, so my ID may be different now.
No. 80498 ID: 113912

Tripcodes and logins. These are tools for establishing continuity/record. Perhaps look into them?
No. 80503 ID: ca0da5

Tripcodes are done with # followed by a code, right? And personal ones use ## then the code?
No. 80508 ID: 53ba34

No. 80530 ID: ca0da5

Yes, Humils, Kubils, and Ohirgils are just fancy names for Humans, Kobolds, and Orcs. That last one was a little more tweaked than the other two, of course. I ought to try drawing up a Gufthem to show you guys what it's supposed to look like.
No. 80736 ID: 53ba34

i'm gonna say it here so you don't miss it, don't LIE in your suggestions. it confuses EVERYONE and can make things a huge hassle.
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