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File 140210673378.jpg - (154.28KB , 1024x768 , Damned Discussion Dammit.jpg )
82184 No. 82184 ID: 189a54

It seems like a few people actually dig this, so imma put this here for people to talk or give pointers or whatever you do.
No. 82192 ID: a36601

Seems pretty cool so far. First thing that came to mind when I saw the time left thing was Devil Survivor's death clocks. Didn't expect not being able to change them though. Did you take inspiration for the timed death thing from a specific source, or did you come up with the idea independently?
No. 82196 ID: 7f9410

I wonder if the protagonist was spared by the sea for a reason, rather than mere chance.
No. 82287 ID: 14faaf

Of course they were, how else would they still be alive to become the protagonist of a quest?
No. 82312 ID: 13ef94

For some reason I think protagonist is somehow connected to it, in worse case scenario he may even causing it without knowing.
No. 82325 ID: 189a54

The timed deaths thing was an idea that I pulled out my ass back in 9th grade for an english project, actually xD I found it while looking through my old stuff and thought it would be a nice thing to put in a quest. I can't express how many flat-out dumb rules and conditions I cut out of it before I started this, it was a really stupid thing to start with xD
No. 82337 ID: 5f54f5

Maybe, but it's still an interesting thing to work with as a power.
I can't help but think it'd be sort of a cheat way to tell WHEN you can kill someone (that dude looks burnt, I can't do fire attacks though, so maybe not now.) Then you get a fire wand and go (Now I can kill burnt guy!)
At the same time however, it could throw you off, because you might be going (He's got a stab wound on his eye, I just have to hit that!) Or one might see a multitude of smaller wounds and have to manage to replicate all of them in a fight, and there's just general puzzle shenanigans one could set up with that premise (Inb4 other suggesters hate me for this!)
No. 82349 ID: a36601

Thanks for rewriting some parts of this update due to my question. I started typing it out before part 1 came out and finished after.(I still need to learn to type faster) I figured(after deleting it once) I'd just leave it to be answered later. Again, thanks for the prompt response!
No. 82350 ID: 189a54

No problem man, I kinda write the responses to go with some of the updates on the fly anyway so it wasn't too much of a hassle :P
No. 82405 ID: 189a54

How do you guys feel about the dialogue colors? I was planning on just using colors for party additions like Dallum, but for longer things all that greentext is a bit hard on my eyes xD If any of you have some issues with it I can add in some colors for different people/types of people to make it easier to follow.
No. 82526 ID: ca0da5

I'm guessing it's more that the bond's effect on Ramos caused him to call upon some pre-existing force inside of himself.
No. 82529 ID: 4fe51c

The ass-kicking part of himself?
No. 82556 ID: a36601

>The ass-kicking part of himself?
Nah, that's ever part of him.

I also gotta say, I like Toko's name for those with death clocks. "Limited"s. Fits well.

So Tavern; did you expect almost everyone to snub the god's offer of power?
No. 82557 ID: ca0da5

>I also gotta say, I like Toko's name for those with death clocks. "Limited"s. Fits well.
I also apparently came up with the name "Host" for Ramos, but I was really just saying the simplest thing I could think of to refer to them.
No. 82560 ID: 189a54

Yeah, I kinda expected it would be like that xD My guess was that most of you guys would refuse, but at least one would suggest in favor of letting him help.
No. 82633 ID: 189a54

Blaaaaaargh, blocks of words xD Sorry about that, I'll try to find a way to cut down a little bit on sheer text next time.
No. 84643 ID: a36601

Yo tavern, how come you start up so many quest with cool ideas/settings but you don't follow through with most of them?
No. 84697 ID: 189a54

Mainly due to me being ADD as hell when it comes to ideas xD I think of a thing then I want to instantly start doing something about it, even if I'm in the middle of something else. It can get a bit annoying because when I think of an idea I go all-in with like full outlines and stuff xD It's getting a bit ridiculous though, I think I'll probably get back to Damned, actually see it through and then work on one of these other things.
No. 84719 ID: a36601

>full outlines
You are very good at world building; the reason why I like damned so much is that you have the perfect amount of in quest world building vs plot. The other quest I like in order are Heavens helper(I wanna see how he reacts to the outside); Hammerhead because I like the trope of the end of the world legends are coming true; and the dwarf fortress one just because I can see it going somewhere cool. The other ones are kinda meh for me.
No. 84720 ID: 189a54

Yeah, those are the ones I thought I did right too :P Imma take them one at a time I think, starting with this one.
No. 85424 ID: d8a627

Since you don't have a group discussion thread I hope you don't mind me posting this here... But about Closet, those echoes remind me of Trapped in The Drive-Thru. Is that intentional, or is there a different reason for that all?
No. 85426 ID: 189a54

Yep, intentional :P And yeah it's fine if you post here about other things, I really should have made one thread for everything instead of separate ones.
No. 85427 ID: d8a627

You could contact Lagotrope and ask him to convert the thread, or merge them all together. Not sure if the latter is actually possible, but I doubt it would hurt to ask.
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