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File 140677274578.png - (50.75KB , 800x800 , QuestDisOP.png )
84312 No. 84312 ID: d470e9

For, as one could guess, discussing Fen Quest.

Some of you may know that Fen Quest was an intermission for Chee Quest. This may be a reboot, but other than that, it will have nothing to do with Cheelop. It will not even be part of the same universe, so the rules of cheeverse (what rules there were) will not apply.

To elaborate this, which requires heavy CheeQuest spoilers, Cheequest steamrolled into Fenquest near its ending, crushing any sort of proper ending. It was most likely my biggest mistake questing, and did play into my deciding to reboot it. Secondly, the reason why it doesn't take place in cheeverse is a matter of constraints. At the end of Cheequest, her world was effectively rebooted, promised by the gods to have it play out approximately the same, with the promise of Fen and Lily living happily ever after and so on. I'd rather not have that promise, among other things people could safely make assumptions about. Nor do I want to just redo it as-is while still in the chaos god's dream, if just because the looming threat of Chee inevitably crashing into Fen's life isn't something I want even if it occurred after the end.

I would much rather start on a clean slate.

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No. 126608 ID: 10c408

Yes, because even though there was just an attempted attack doesn't mean there wasn't going to be more.

RIP Sir Hydril and his group. We gotta step up our observation game if we want to prevent causalities like this.
No. 126609 ID: b970b2

I'm not sure what there was to detect, Butterknife was being incredibly suspicious, but I didn't see anything solid pointing towards her intentions or mutant ability.

Granted I am trying to be more aware, I didn't notice the eye thing with Ghana before someone pointed it out.
No. 126610 ID: 91ee5f

To be honest, I think it was a 50/50 chance we could’ve caught Butterknife before she escaped or she would’ve killed us if we tried.

Fen said that he couldn’t detect any mana from her, so that makes me think that she was either trying to hide where she was so she could escape or whatever she did to kill everyone required her to use mana and she couldn’t do it again for a while.

Since we didn’t take a chance to try and catch her, we’ll never know if we would’ve caught her or if she would’ve killed us.
No. 126611 ID: eeb7d9

I knew there was going to be an attack, but not like this, and specially not to Hydril. I was sure that the assassins were going to attack Fen again at some point, not this. And it made me really nervious. It has been a while since a felt that we could actually die if we fucked up.
No. 126612 ID: bb78f2

This really may only could be interpreted as a warning of the threats we are facing. One of those things that we think we could have done something about, but really we could not.

We like to think we have full agency or control over what can happen in a quest, but the reality is we don't even have that here.

There are chains of events out of our reach, just because we rubbed up against this one didn't mean we really had a chance of affecting it, maybe it could affect US, but not the other way around. This is survivor's guilt we're feeling.
No. 126616 ID: 10c408

Hindsight being 20/20, here's what I believe the red flags were that we should have followed up on, in no particular order.

#1: we didn't check with Hydril, or anyone else for that matter, about the validity of Sir Impelus's emblem. We took her word that it was genuine and didn't fact-check this after it was shown.
#2: she begged us to leave/stay outside right after getting cleared by the front desk pawn.
#3: She also wanted us to wait outside when we first ran into her.
#4: we took her word on way too much stuff through the entire thing. Not only the inherent discrepancies with her mana but also that she's been delayed a lot by proving her identity to various other groups of guards. Something that would have been easily proven one way or the other by flagging down some guards.
#5: Fen himself mentions that she "could have swallowed something" while waiting around outside in the post just before butteknife coughs up whatever enchanted blade she had.
#6: we also went along with her request to stay outside during the whole thing.
No. 126617 ID: 298905

Even if we picked up on all that, I don't think there's much we could have added, apart from the slim possibility of talking her down somehow. She seemed entirely out of our league, combat-wise.

Though, now I think of it, I did notice Hydril and his pawns all weren't wearing armor, and Fen and company were. If we'd been wearing our helmets, maybe that could have slowed her down enough to do something, but we weren't. If she's that high-class enough an assassin I'd bet she has a magic sword, anyway, though.
No. 126619 ID: eeb7d9
File 154360641088.jpg - (3.57KB , 236x213 , spiderchart.jpg )

Hey, speaking of Fen's and co combat-level, wouldn't it be neat to have some sort of chart to see how much skill they have right now? Kinda like a spider chart? We can go and update it each time we see some kind of progress. Or to at least compare Fen's abilities with his companions. Just to pass time.
No. 126620 ID: 10c408

Only if the control group for expressing/comparing skill levels is portrayed as X# of cats.
No. 126622 ID: b1b4f3

Considering how high the skill ceiling is, it'll have to be a logarithmic scale or something.
No. 126627 ID: e1d580

No. 126628 ID: eeb7d9

What would that be?
No. 126633 ID: c0641d

Looking back at the hints provided by Zizi and Butterknife, and taking the interpretation of one >>912697 into account, part of me suspects that what happened to them (along with possibly Lord Shup, if we consider his suspiciously sudden breakout into the world of magecraft) may have been similar to what happened to preboot!Fen. I haven’t read that far into the original Fen Quest myself, though, so there might be disparate details I’m unaware of.
No. 126634 ID: e1d580

Essentially... Confirmed not happening from IRC discussions. To avoid spoilers for preboot Fen, the force that intervened for that version of Fen is not active in the current setting.
No. 126635 ID: eeb7d9

For what i can see, almost EVERYTHING has been changed with few exceptions. Even Fen's personality is different. Don't worry about the original story, they are two different things.
No. 126640 ID: 91ee5f

We’ve all been hearing about how some mutants win the “mutation lottery” and get a useful mutation.

I keep thinking that if Fen somehow got mutated, he’d not only win the lottery, he’d win the fucking mutation jackpot and get a really amazing mutation!

But that’s just me and wishful thinking. I’d rather avoid mutating because we honestly don’t need a mutation.
No. 126644 ID: eeb7d9

I am fairly sure that there must be more safer ways of "powering up" than that. Besides, it kinda feels like cheating a little. If Fen survives, if not, is suicide.
No. 126645 ID: b1b4f3

No guarantee Lily would still like a mutated Fen, either.
No. 126646 ID: bb78f2

Honestly, it sounds like to get the powerup we need to get anime as fuck, we need to like, perform a dragon break, Elder Scrolls style. Like some sort of CHIM bullshit.
No. 126651 ID: eeb7d9

On a serious tone, Cheese did make it sound like is more of a realisation of oneself. We have being doing the training alright and even harder than before. But we are still lacking that "Oh now i get it" moment. At least that is how she made it sound like when it happened to Zizi and Butterknife.
No. 126658 ID: 10c408

Problem is, we can't bother Cheese to give up the answer. Blood oath and all that.

We can and probably should try to get more information out of Zizi after the campaign is over with.
No. 126659 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah she already told us anything she could about that, but still, it was quite informative.

>Ask Zizi about it.
If we can get an proper answer out of him, that is. You know how bad at teaching stuff he is.
No. 126660 ID: 91ee5f

>safer ways of "powering up"
What are you talking about? I never said that Fen should mutate himself for a power up.

I just said that if he ends up getting mutated, he’d have to be pretty damn lucky to get a useful mutation and not end up like one of those mutants that’s stuck in one place and needs others to take care of him.
No. 126661 ID: 298905

Lily might not be into mutants, anyway.

I mean, you never know, but...
No. 126662 ID: eeb7d9

My bad, i misunderstood. I guess we will have to wait and see.
No. 126670 ID: bb78f2

Lagotrope, what are you doing!? You can't design a character that looks like THAT and make her a waitress that's probably going to only be around for two or three pages. You put together Krystal from Star Fox, Minerva Mink, Nala's Sex Face, and Jessica goddamn Rabbit and dunked them all in Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce.

It goes against all sense of character design! She's in a robe with enchanting green eyes for christ sake, she's supposed to be a huge villain! What is she doing here?
No. 126671 ID: eeb7d9

I see i wasn't the only one stunned by this new character. The shenanigan possibilities are endless.
No. 126672 ID: 91ee5f

>she's supposed to be a huge villain!
Stereotyping someone based on what she looks like? Shame on you.
No. 126695 ID: deec6e

Good ending there. Looking forward to the next Fenthread!
No. 126696 ID: 8269f3

It might be some time till the next thread but I really enjoyed this one! Shame about the original sword though, hopefully someone finds it down in the Mausoleum
No. 126700 ID: eeb7d9

I had a nice time too. Let's hope we get more action next time around.
No. 126702 ID: 6243e7

This was a lot of fun.
No. 126707 ID: 864e49


I for one think Kylia is just fiiiiiine.
Hoping we see more of her in the future, maybe she'll end up on the Fen squad.
No. 126708 ID: 91ee5f

You know what I just realized? We used to also use a bow and arrows, but ever since we came out of the anomaly after running into Garlic Soup the first time, we stopped using them.

Does anyone think we should do some archery training or should we not worry about it?
No. 126709 ID: 298905

Well, the reasoning behind that is that arrows don't really do any damage to undead, and that we're running around underground in a tomb, so there usually isn't enough space for ranged attacks to be a huge advantage. That's been proven wrong to an extent, there have been big open spaces, but not a lot of them.

Nested realities is sort of a recurring theme in Lago quests, so while the old Fen Quest's reality-or-lack-thereof isn't exactly the case any more, I wonder if there's something going on that's somehow similar? Like, the spirit of the land is one giant sleeping/dreaming entity and magic and kobold souls are just its dreams and you have to realize that? Realize your individuality is an illusion and then try not to care? Something like that?
No. 126712 ID: 91ee5f

Well I just thought that arrows could be enchanted to actually do damage to the undead. Like, didn’t we have some arrows that could glow in the dark in a previous thread? I think they were used to light up areas around us.

Anyways, couldn’t we have something like enchanted arrows that explode when they hit something? Or maybe just set the undead on fire? Or, I don’t know, anti-undead arrows?
No. 126713 ID: 298905

Most undead are just cheap zombies, so most of the enemies you'll be fighting wouldn't be worth the expense of an arrow like that. Your wizards' time could be better spent. I'm not sure if there is specific anti-undead magic, in any case. When Fen was offered an enchant for his sword, it wasn't brought up as a possibility.
No. 126714 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, cheap zombies might not be worth it (unless they’re in a really big group), but those arrows could be useful against the bigger zombies, like the body Garlic Soup was using when we first met him.
No. 126716 ID: eeb7d9

We don't really have use for arrows now, but if we use poison and stuff it would come handy in the future, at least as a tool.

was thinking... Maybe it has something to do with the sacred beasts? They are not gods but they intervene directly in the kobold world after dying. Fen is a draconic kobold, so maybe he should go to the place of origin of his kind and somehow make a conection there. Maybe that is what happened to Zizi and other extraordinary characters.
In the old quest, Fen had the "favor" of the God of War, but gods don't exist in this world, so maybe there must be some other thing that gives power to the strongest.
No. 126728 ID: f46e5e

Is there a 'usual' wait time between threads and if so what is it. even just a months or weeks. I want to know when I can start hoping for the next thread
No. 126729 ID: 90f3c0

Nope. Lagotrope runs like half a dozen quest, and how he balances them tends to be... inconsistent. Sometimes the next thread starts without much delay, sometimes he focuses on other quests for a while.
No. 126731 ID: bfb318

It's true, and as much I'd like to be able to set specific dates and hold to them, I don't have a good record with sticking to rigid schedules.
No. 126734 ID: eeb7d9

Don't worry, it comes faster if you forget about it for a while, or just read some other quest he's doing. Eventually, you will be reading your favorite quest without realizing it.
No. 126739 ID: a9af05

We were told that the undead may have robbed some of the mythril nobles' tombs of their treasures and if we found any, we're supposed to return them for a reward.....or be killed if we attempted to keep them.

I'm kinda curious if some of the treasures are weapons. Because if they are, would we be allowed to borrow them for use against the undead or do we need to return them because someone will think that we're attempting to keep them for ourselves?
No. 126740 ID: f5c62a

Already seen, we bring them and receive a ticket for an equivalent weapon from the armory.
No. 126741 ID: a9af05

Where was that? I don't remember that happening.
No. 126744 ID: eeb7d9

I think it was when we pulled the cursed sword from the Ice worm It had an enchantment and we exchange it for another enchanted sword that we currently have.
No. 126746 ID: 91ee5f

Are you talking about the sword that a wizard discovered an enchantment on it that made whoever held it easier to be possessed? Which caused Zall to put Fen under quarantine out of concern that he might become possessed by the necromancers?

Because that didn’t seem like something that was stolen from a mythril noble’s tomb. Other than the “make you easier to be possessed” enchantment, the only significant thing about it was that it also had a lightweight enchantment.

I think that was just a normal sword that was enchanted for use by the necromancers’ undead soldiers and not something that was stolen from a mythril noble’s tomb.
No. 126747 ID: eeb7d9

If that is the case then i don't know about recompenses from stolen tomb items.
No. 126748 ID: 15a025

Little late to the party, but this was a pretty great thread.
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