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File 144882002848.png - (32.28KB , 800x800 , BTE3-Title.png )
96269 No. 96269 ID: dd338c

The ITQ for Lago specific quests.

Previous BTEs:

Current main ITQ:

Previous ITQs:
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No. 123292 ID: b1b4f3

>I've not heard about a dragon knight dying
What about the rogue knight?
No. 123296 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah, that answer actually surprised me. Isn't that the whole reason why Zizi is so famous, and by extent, Fen?
He DID kill the rogue Dragon Knight, right, or am i mistaken?
Someone do correct my if a am wrong.
No. 123297 ID: bfb318

I made a goof with Shup's answer, as he is aware that the rogue dragon knight died. His answer has been revised.
No. 123301 ID: bb78f2

Giant, Az, if this question has been already answered, I am so sorry but...

What are your feelings in regard to Clifford the Big Red Dog?
No. 123302 ID: bffeb2

OK Polo from after its revealed that you were alive: How many breeding requests/odd fans/things in the mail that really shouldn't be in the mail have you gotten?

>bolters exist
I'm guessing they're not the diamond tipped, filled with uranium kind and are just semi automatic mini rpgs.

I don't know why Penn but you are adorable.
But now imagine if those biological commands were real and still worked and because of all the stuff with sapphire only you could access them. If you could look at another belenos straight in the eyes and give them a command, and they would follow it without question, how horrified by yourself would you be?

>Blade Runner
But what to Belenosians think of old future sci-fi where the machines are good? I'm guessing these kind of things are despised by the tribal holdouts.

>What do neumono men do to clean up when they're done jerking off?
>How the hell would I know? I have women for that. Probably whatever aliens do.
Then why did you answer? Kappi you answer this question!

Was there ever a time were Polo just got up and fucked right off without saying a thing.

>my children
I meant him having offspring with a female predator. Do you mean that cause he can't even handle you nuemono kids that he'd be unable to handle predator pups? If so then give the guy more credit then that.

So what you're saying is that there IS a possibility that you and Polo have some kind of weird clone child.

Well there goes the best ending.

Now I'm not sure whether you're upset because the question implied you suck dick or that it implied you have a small mouth, or both.

I kind of see you as the koboldverse version on Pilon sorry.
Maybe it's the eyes, or maybe its that you were a kind of enemy that became a kind of ally, or maybe its the fact that you also have funny size things going on with your body.
Oh right a question err... could higher up nobles demand sex from a lesser noble?
What are the stories like of nobles that have really abused there power?

If you were to find out that someone you specifically spared when you were in the army or someone with a grudge against you hunted down and killed Fen just to spite you would you seek revenge?

So it's like America

Does the empire have sports teams?
No. 123303 ID: 3abd97

>OK Polo from after its revealed that you were alive
That's not how it works. You're not getting any answers from future-Polo until present-Polo gets there.
No. 123304 ID: bffeb2

Oh one final thing Shup did you expect this level of craziness to happen Lilly gave Fen, a barbarian whos stated goals was to one day go to the northern empire and become a noble, that dragoncloth?
Was the whole you ordering training for Fen and letting him get all hopeful part of some plan to one day get your own personal kingslayer?
No. 123308 ID: b59fad

>I wouldn't know.

Well gosh Lily aren't you marrying a noble for the sake of supporting your family? You want to make sure whoever you marry is extra doubly convinced to never think twice about the expense of doing that. You should try learning all the tricks that'll make having you around as pleasant as possible! So ok maybe you can't practice exactly but you should familiarize yourself with the theory. I'm sure there's some sort of kama sutra equivalent instructional manual for the marital arts kicking around somewhere with instructions and information and illustrative woodcut printed pictures. There are probably concubines and higher-class professionals you could ask for advice, too.

On that subject, what's the state of erotica in the empire? Are there bawdy songs, perfumed-garden-esque literature and poems, and/or artworks in circulation? Paintings? Crude printworks? Murals, friezes or statuary?... Graffiti? Dirty jokes?
No. 123313 ID: ee2d6e

>Well there goes the best ending.
He only said he wasn't bi. Could still be pan. Or something else entirely.
No. 123355 ID: caf1de

but we get answers from the asteroid and the actors and they're in the future-present
No. 123356 ID: 3abd97

Characters have consistently answered questions from their 'current' perspective on the timeline.

So Polo has always answered questions from 135 AW ("the intermission was recent for me"), Rokoa from 185 AW ("the intermission is something I did 50 years ago with Polo I'm looking back on now"). Pilon started out talking from 135 AW, then jumped to 185 AW after he appeared on the Asteroid for the first time, and then never went back.

We're never gotten access to a version of an Asteroid character who's more ahead in itq than we've encountered them in the story.
No. 123357 ID: 7fad5d

tl;dr: No spoilers from BTE
No. 123359 ID: ae1644

Problem is that by the time we get to ask post mission polo questions I and everyone else would have probably forgotten this completely pointless inquiry.

Lets try compromise a little. Lukratsa after the movie came out how much fan mail/requests to fuck did Polo and Rokoa(who everyone already knew was long gone) get that you are aware of? How much did you and Tammi get? How many of those requests were for you or her to be "in character"?
No. 123382 ID: 91ee5f

This one is directed at anyone that would know what to do in this hypothetical situation and the answer can come from someone in the Ultra Hives or on the Asteroid or both locations:

A Salikai has made contact and wants to peacefully coexist with the Neumono. There are no tricks, traps, or strings attached, this Salikai is willing to do whatever the Neumono want. Also, this Salikai is all alone, no Arkots or allies of any kind.

Based on this, what would the Neumono do? Would they accept the the alliance with this one Salikai? If so, how long would it take for them to start trusting this Salikai?

To Rokoa and Kappi: If you continue this relationship with each other, what are the odds of Rokoa allowing Kappi to put some kids in her sometime in the future?

To Christmas/Valentines Polo, Katzati, and Ramella: When all of you got in bed together, describe as best you can, just how amazing your “group activity” was? And if you guys said anything to each other, how much of it was really you talking and how much of it was the effects of the love beam talking?
No. 123647 ID: 8c0673

How well do neumono handle burns? Are incendiaries common anti-neumono weapons?
No. 123662 ID: 186f53

Would Leaf be diagnosed with the gnoll equivalent of autism if the gnolls had an equivalent to a psychologist?
No. 123771 ID: 85e349

So, Ramella, I think it's fairly obvious at this point that people are implying the Salikai are going to use their experimental Rokoa-clone-darts on you.

Regardless of whether or not you actually believe this, if it were confirmed to your satisfaction, would you try to run away, do something to convince them you're too valuable to dart, or what? Obviously, giving up is pointless, since you want to COMPLETELY LIVE.
No. 123966 ID: 1fbbcc

We know neumono hives usually use large communal showers, but does anyone use large communal baths? Is it considered a luxury thing that only rich hives would indulge in?

Speaking of rich hives... hive vs. rogue gets all the publicity, but are there any significant class tensions between wealthy hives and poor hives that causes problems?

With the topic of divisions between hives, I also want to ask if there are any observable general differences between old pre-uplift hives, split hives (descended from an old hive but considers themselves new) and totally fresh queen-rogue-formed modern hives? In terms of attitude to their place in the world, each other, et cetera.

And do hives with a king or queen consider themselves superior to ones that currently don't? Is a hive without one considered unfortunate or deficient? Without a single authority figure, do such hives face problems in directing themselves? Does the bureaucracy assume hives will have kings/queens and give a harder time to those that don't?
No. 124061 ID: 39e3f1

Asteroid fuzzy folks: Your fur/feathers grow to a certain length and then stops, right? Like, if it sheds or gets cut it regrows to the same length, but past that it won't, right? I'm wondering, are there any products for tricking your hair into growing longer? Some sort of hormone treatment for the follicles? Like you could use it to get fluffier overall, if you like the look or you're going somewhere cold, or you could use it to grow certain patches artistically?
No. 124065 ID: 91ee5f

Considering what happened to this David guy: >>105857 , yes, there are products that increase feather/fur growth.
No. 124555 ID: be3691

Likol, you had a “we ain’t rabbits mug” mug. Where do you even get something like that in an underweb-controlled life, and why? How offensive is being called a rabbit to you? Has that ever happened?
For that matter, you seemed to have a normal, well-adjusted grasp of life out in the normal world, but I don’t think it was ever established when you would have had a chance to experience life in in the non-underweb world prior to your run. What’s the story there?
Also, how is Neumono heaven treating you? We miss you.
No. 124672 ID: 9125e0

Hey Kappi I dont remember if this was asked yet,But can we get a diagram of the housing.I would like to see what the room layouts for the cheep housing,To the more expensive?

I would expect that you would know this info as your the quartermaster.
or just what your house layout is?
No. 124673 ID: 5f1126

Considering human cultural dominance, do most aliens grow up watching a ton of human shows/movies, playing human games, et cetera? And since there must be so much by now that, as aliens, you haven't seen, do you get a bunch of older "classic", "essential viewing" media thrown your way, or do they just try to push only newer, more profitable stuff on you?

tl;dr did you non-humans grow up watching old human cartoons
No. 124897 ID: 7cf41b

So, it seems implied, and reasonable to assume, that the commonest form of religion among neumono (or the closest thing to religion) is a sort of self-hive-worship, where they revere the "spirit" of their own hive, with the king or queen as a sort of avatar or half-divine figure as a focus for that.

My question is, how close to the trappings of religion can that get? In very large hives, especially, where the queen can't get to know more than a fraction of her hivemates personally, does the reverence take on more abstract elements, maybe? Carrying around icons of the queen (like a step further than Likol carrying around that plush of his?), having little shrine-like things like a photo of them in some prominent place, or having regular "religious" functions, like maybe once a month everyone gathers to line up and have some sort of brief communion or personal moment with the queen, or hear her give a speech, or things like meeting up once a month with a bunch of other hivemates to formally focus on hive feelings and talk about events in the larger hive? I think we've heard suggestions of hives having their own little festivals, but how about other kinds of communal rituals? It seems like maybe some or all of these sorts of things could have a positive effect on hive cohesion.

Maybe any king or queen of a huge hive want to comment on this sort of thing? Trying to get as much meaningful time with as many members of your hive as possible seems like it could become a full-time job in itself, and it seems like most of you don't try to do that.

Are there like... sub-queens/kings? Hive members who aren't anything near king or queen themselves, but who are exemplary examples of the hive, and maybe end up being sort of like relays for your influence and help keep the hive together?
No. 125338 ID: d2e2ce

Hey, Captain. How hard was it to set up a sex dungeon in Queenwood and rope a bunch of guys into doing kinky military RP with you?
No. 125340 ID: d2e2ce

Actually wait, how the fuck does an art hive make a living anyway? Presumably the art scene isn't all just money laundering.

Speaking of which, oi, Silverstream, what's business like and how do you prevent yourselves getting used for money laundering and the like?
No. 125341 ID: 5f3f48

"Art Hive" just means that art is central to the hive's identity. That doesn't necessarily preclude them from other income streams, or mean that they're incapable of anything else. And even then, there's a lot of creative fields the hive could own a business in, or that individual members might have gotten jobs in if they were so inclined.
No. 125345 ID: d2e2ce

That's cool and all but to be honest I'm more interested in the in-universe answer
No. 125460 ID: 32dc9c

To anyone who participated in the ultrahive wars (eg. Rokann, Marra, Rokoa...), How violent were the wars in general?

Were there any laws of war to be followed (for example about the treatment of POWs or civilians) or was it a total bloodshed for all the hives involved? Actually, how many lives were lost in these wars?

Was there any peacekeeping initiative organized by the aliens to keep the violence as minimal as possible?

Any interesting/notable stories or events that happened?
No. 125461 ID: a1c591

Dr. Renson, or anyone who’d know: how common/rare is it for people to practice medicine on other species? In the event of someone having a medical emergency in an area that’s predominantly some other species, would there be any effort to try and find a doctor of that person’s species to treat them, or would that not be a factor? Do other, similar professions (therapists for example) ever cross species barriers?
No. 125509 ID: 27bc37

To Story Seeker:

I have no idea what I'm doing, or if this is even the place to ask this. Here goes.

Has your adventure come to an end (at least as far as we are concerned) or are you just "doing laundry" so to speak.
No. 125515 ID: e1d580

I'm pretty sure SS could provide a funny in-universe update on his stuff in here, but if you want a more unambiguous OOC answer the Story Seeker disthread is probably a good place to try if you can hunt down which page it's fallen downwards to. For what it's worth I'm reasonably sure it's still on the list of quests to do, just lower-priority than the more recent/bigger projects.
No. 125516 ID: afdebc

>if you can hunt down which page it's fallen downwards to
Protip: you can look up quests on the wiki (which has an actual search function) and follow the link to the dis thread of your choice much faster than manually hunting through pages or the catalog.
No. 125517 ID: bfb318

Normally what the couple of above posts say is true, and the wiki pages, in this case https://tgchan.org/wiki/Story_Seeker , are good for just keeping track of threads, but in this case there isn't actually a Story Seeker dis thread.

So for the meta answer, SS isn't over, it'll have more stuff at an undetermined date. Also I'll probably make a disthread around then just so it has one, no matter how belated.
No. 125547 ID: 2f83e5

Now that we are on the topic I want to ask a question to SS.
SS you did a great job improving the conditions of the kobolds (and other races) in Spearstone. Do you think is possible for other races to stop seeing Kobols as just slaves or savages? Or do you agree with Reilqin statement and Kobolds do really shine in the servitude of other races?
No. 125863 ID: a44332

To Shup: Have you ever met the Emperor face to face(plate)? Like, did he ceremonially hand you your mithril seal or something?
No. 126499 ID: 7450a1

Panica from Luvi's story in The Rogue: There is no tactful way to ask this. Why is your pregnancy so weird. Why. Why so big. Why is your freakish alien pregnancy weird. Why. Why. Explain. Why.
No. 126535 ID: 094652

Luvi: How many date / marriage requests do you get weekly? How do you deal with these requests given your... attitude against rejection and other negative actions?
No. 126554 ID: 298905

Shup, or another person who would know: Non-kobold creatures can be enchanted, right? Like those dogs that react to the fields being trespassed on? I was wondering if there are any other animals that commonly get enchanted for things. And, the obvious next question: can you enchant non-kobold people, from outside? What if they were born and raised in the kobold lands, somehow? I can already imagine some border nobles hiring non-kobold mercenaries just to have a more special and intimidating entourage.

Neumono question: I can't remember if this was ever answered, but if you got a big enough bunch of neumono babies and raised them in constant contact with each other, isolated from other neumono, would they grow into a hive with each other?

General Asteroidverse technology question: Has anyone tried blend AI with cybernetics? Like, through some implant in their brain, using a partial AI to expand someone's knowledge or skills directly. Like, for the cyborg parts with complicated uses such as an arm that can flip out an array of complicated tools or something, instead of having to somehow learn to make a bunch of unnatural impulses using a nervous system not designed for more than fingers and a few joints, you'd basically jam in an extra chunk of artificial brain that already has all the "instincts" for how to use them and which can handle the weird alien feedback it gets. Maybe even up to more radical things like, to bypass the danger of sentient AI, you make a shell of an AI with everything but the sentient bit and a biological person's brain jacked into the saddle to take it's place with a set of neural implants, thereby giving them insane haxxor computer powers?

I mean most people besides neumono probably wouldn't want to risk that kind of brain surgery, but is it possible for the sufficiently unethical/illegal/wealthy person?
No. 126567 ID: e1d580

Yo, to any Asteroidverse lads, how do you rate the different species' pussy? Tits too, if any species has them and they're different from the standard model. We got a rundown on cocks and cum so I figure the other side needs some love.

Korli, any chance you'd know? Ramella maybe?
No. 126822 ID: 8950e3

Zirkala, did you ever punish your skeleton alchemist for chemically castrating Story Seeker? I haven’t followed his story in so long I’ve forgotten her name, and I remember him saying her potion wore off around the time he started learning actual magic, but that doesn’t make what she did any less monsterous. I remember the reaction when we realized what she’d done being unanimous horror and disgust.

I imagine it’s probably hard to reasonably punish an undead minion who you want to keep employing, but still. Have you thought of anything yet?
No. 126873 ID: 465a14

Yo neumono your hives gotta get new blood sometimes right? If the individual hivemates don't meet enough new people by themselves do hives ever arrange meetups, like are there dating sites for whole hives at once? How often do hives arrange orgies for breeding?
No. 126879 ID: a9af05

To Dame Frais from Fen Quest: What did you think of Fen when you first saw him? Did you ever think he would make it as far as he has so far? Did you ever expect to be good friends with him or did your friendship with him come unexpectedly?
No. 126889 ID: 470289

How do Brothel Hives deal with rogues who want to get pregnant, and do they ever use customers sperm to get pregnant without informing the father?
No. 127145 ID: 7582e1

(same poster as >>125863 here)

To Sir Zall: Do nobility or children thereof get any "skip the Pawn stage of the army" privileges? That would explain why do few of your knights are disciplined.

To Cheese: This Might Wizard, does he only upgrade soldiers? Because I thing there would be a good market for upgraded runners, capable of running long distances without stopping often and without dropping dead at the end.
Even with the teleportation network, if you need a fast reply a week can be too long.

To anyone knowledgeable: Are there any farm animals in the kobold lands?
No. 127148 ID: bd22be

Do Kobolds like being pet?
No. 127173 ID: daffb0

Ranger Pink, from the Omega Wave Force: if it's not rude to ask, how old are you? You come across as young at heart, but some things came up when Polo was looking for you that made it seem like you and the other rangers might all actually have been around for a while. How old is the Wave Force? Are you all the original founding members? The way the gun narrated your backstory to Polo made it seem like it was designed for passing it around sometimes. Have you had any extra or replacement members before Polo?
No. 127205 ID: 58c855

Glitcher, would it be possible for other CAI members to reproduce, or is that only possible due to you and Rulekeep's unique natures? Also, what would an Alison/Sevener kid end up like?
No. 127880 ID: 080aaf

Mac: Why are we still here? Just to suffer?
No. 128559 ID: 0ab3ed

To Loviro, how does AI programming in the real world compare to you eork in the simulation? Has any of your knowledge carried over?
And also, what do you think of Arza?
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