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File 146033005642.gif - (12.08KB , 800x600 , 000 Dis.gif )
99036 No. 99036 ID: b66b01

Discussion thread for 2Frames Quest.

Been seeing comments on other places saying that discussion threads are pretty "why not?", so I might as well put this here.
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No. 114124 ID: ca0e20

Assuming she's even the type to give tittyfucks canonically... =P
No. 114576 ID: ca0e20

Apparently I never responded to this, but it's a simple response anyway.

Thank you! I did try to make her cute! =3
No. 114577 ID: be0718

If you think that's a bad thing you may have seriously misread the tone of the quest. We dealt with the last mermaid by pretending to be her dead lover.
No. 114580 ID: ba56e6

This exists, felt you should know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxRfqsGmY74
No. 114751 ID: e8f4bd

You could still go with the lewd suggestions but simply censor the art. Either through perspective, random objects incidentally blocking the view, random clouds of steam, or the good old censor bars / pixelization.
No. 115059 ID: ca0e20
File 150428148911.png - (594.79KB , 1200x1200 , JUL - Rosie Mostly Nude post.png )

Last month's Patreon pic! Also first pic I drew from scratch specifically for the Patreon Bonus pic.

No. 115319 ID: ca0e20

For those who wants to know, my Patreon is a tip jar now. More info: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8401432/

No. 115487 ID: ca0e20

I don't know if anyone are keeping tabs, but I came up with a concept in the last couple of days for a NSFW quest that I wouldn't be against doing. The joke Patreon Goal is still the current requirement (other things need to happen for that to go down) but the idea of me down a lewd quest one day just got a little more plausible.
No. 115488 ID: a363ac

No. 115583 ID: b93a7b

whats the lewd concept?
No. 115589 ID: ca0e20

I still want to think about it more since it's super early, but most I can say is that sex in that quest would have a tangible purpose. Sex only as a reward or for "character development" it's too thin for me to want to bother with.

Though, while I bet the approach I want to try would be seen as bad to some, it's currently the only way I've come up for me to want to put lewd in a quest. So far at least.
No. 116634 ID: ca0e20

Just wanted to mention stuff that affects the updating of 2Frames. I don't like being transparent about it cause I'm not great at keeping up with longer term plan beyond what to do daily, but I feel like I should mention something since 2F is entering some stuff that might be the start of the end of the current chapter. I'm not way into leaving things off static for 2 weeks as it currently is already with the last update, but anyways.

First to quickly mention that the main thing keeping me away from updating 2F and Shark Quest right now are commissions. So that's mostly why 2F went without an update for almost a month.

The other thing I want to say is that I'm planning on holding a commission sale in the upcoming 2 weeks. Which means, as hinted at before, that I might not be able update either quests during that time. It's possible I'd find time, but if it goes like last sale, I don't think I'll have time. I'm saying this cause stuff is picking up in 2F especially, and after writing the next update, I almost want to focus on updating Shark Quest for the rest of the week since. While the current spot would be bad to wait 2 weeks on, the next update would be even a worst spot to have a "break" on.

The other thing to mention is that it's likely that I will have enough money to finally reach my year long goal that I've been saving money for all this time. If that is the case, then that means that I'll be able to focus less on commissions after this sale/October. After October, I plan to basically only being open for commissions on every other week. The other weeks would be when I'd work on quests. Considering I wanted to finish 2Frames's current chapter this summer and we're not quite there yet, I do want to try and reorganize my priorities to make finishing 2F's current chapter more feasible. For one, if we can finish the chapter before the year's end, that would be great. Gaps in updates are killer for momentum too.

So it's possible that I'll write the next Shark Quest update after I eat and depending on how fast/efficient I am at drawing the update, I might update SQ once or twice today or tomorrow. Then another gap in updates (or not) and then first week of November will be focused on quests again with a new monthly schedule to hopefully update 2F and SQ more often.

That should be it for now.
No. 116646 ID: 87353e

Hey no worries, its cool if you have to take a break to get other things done.
You've been pretty consistent with your schedule of updating either of the quests atleast once a week with a fairly decent chunk of content and anytime you missed a week I figured you were probably busy with other stuff, which is wholly reasonable.
For me atleast, I don't mind the wait between updates and it gives me more time to ruminate on potential suggestions.

Oh and since this probably isn't said enough, Thank you for taking the time to run theses quests! They are a lot of fun to take part in.
No. 116650 ID: ca0e20

Oh! It's definitely nice to hear. Glad to hear you enjoy them and thank you! =D
No. 116651 ID: 41c9bc

Go make that green, dude. No worries.
No. 117684 ID: 52b57e

And it's back. And we got stabbed.
No. 117688 ID: 87353e

Is anyone else thinking The Portal traps the souls of people sacrificed as a power source and the Mystery Door might lead to where we can free them or wreck something vital to the portals functions?
No. 118034 ID: ca0e20
File 151131500972.png - (59.33KB , 800x600 , Darkest Raven Stress.png )

Been playing a lot of Darkest Dungeon lately and this recent suggestion would totally stress Raven out. =P
No. 118044 ID: 66a4ca

Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.
No. 118053 ID: 87353e

What darkest dungeon character classes do you think the main 2Frames party would be?
I could see Rip and Raven being a Highwayman & Grave Robber respectively.
Lucy as easily a Hellion or perhaps Leper given her feelings of self loathing and perception of being an outcast deserving of a self imposed exile.
Emerald feels kinda tricky to pin down since Plague Doctor, Occultist, and Antiquarian all kinda fit her specific back row brand of style, especially if you have seen the official background comics for Plague Doctor and Occultist.
No. 118054 ID: ca0e20

Yeah, I'd say it's tough to give them DD class since the classes definitely are a bit less conventional than most games. 2F is way more like a DnD/RPG type of characters, so I feel like answering that question is akin to figuring out what DnD class fits the Darkest Dungeon classes.

Going with general personality and etc. that's even harder because Darkest Dungeon is, well, darker. While 2F characters aren't 100% happy and etc. I feel like they are still doing better than the characters in DD, though I don't blame the DD characters lol.

Having said that, I might just give classes to them without really thinking about how "statistically" accurate they would be.

As weird as it might be, I'd almost have Raven be a Man-at-Arm cause I noticed that if you pick certain abilities for him, he can be at the fourth spot and just continuously buff his ally and debuff the enemies. While also being able to fight (assuming he has the ability to do so and moves up front).

I'd agree that Highwayman could generally fit Rip.

I might go with Hellion for Lucy just cause of how powerful Hellion seems to be. I always trust her at position 1 to bring some heavy damage.

Emerald is indeed tough to figure out since no class relies on magic like she does, or at least not powerful magic. I also have not seen the comics. Could check for them if I don't forget, after I'm done with the game. But I'm kinda gravitating toward Occultist just because of the darker nature of his abilities. Even his heal spell gives a bleed effect.

I'd have to check the abilities positions again since I dunno who should be at 3 or 4, but I'd say:

Raven(Man-at-Arms) and/or Emerald(Occultist) - Rip(Highwayman) - Lucy(Hellion)

Would be the classes and order I'd go with lol. (I don't like going out without a Vestal though, unless the Abomination is there. But still, tricky.)
No. 118055 ID: 87353e
File 151136654579.jpg - (1.44MB , 1000x1768 , Occ_final_logo.jpg )

Yeah I agree the darker themes of DD make some of the picks really tough personality wise, I can definitely see Raven as a back row Man at Arms party buffer now. I had lightly considered her being a buff Jester but he just seems too grim compared to the man at arms doing the same thing.

That's also the exact line up I was thinking about haha, Lucy and Rip are definitely front row with Emerald and Raven in the back.
I was also leaning heavily towards Occultist for Emerald not only for the skill set and her place in the formation but also because of the uncanny parallels with her and the Occultist comic.(see pic)
The Plague Doctor too since their background and lore items hint that they were kicked out of their university because of their experimentations.

As for not wanting to set off with out Vestal I definitely know that feel lol.
But apparently you can beat the Heart of Darkness with out any deaths if you bring a party of 3 Plague Doctors and a Leper. With the power of math and stacking crit/dmg buffs to get a big enough crit to skip the fight mechanics and one shot the heart. Its very silly.
No. 118097 ID: 15a025
File 151147799359.gif - (119.55KB , 800x600 , A 2-frames thanksgiving b.gif )

A happy Thanks giving to 2 Frames!
No. 118098 ID: ca0e20

Cute scene! =D

Ah yeah, the math is beyond me though, heheh. =P
And that's an interesting comic. =o
No. 118099 ID: 33cbe7

Is this the secret ending to 2 Frames where you just cook with Emerald instead of knocking her out and fleeing?
No. 118100 ID: ca0e20

Yeah, and after 15 minutes, Emerald flies Raven over to her sister's shrine with an helicopter. So that Raven can place her mother's urn next to her sister's urn.

Then they shoot some goddamn guns.
No. 118101 ID: 15a025
File 151149578441.gif - (34.14KB , 800x600 , Super secret 2 frames ending B.gif )

I couldn't resist doodling this up.
No. 118102 ID: ca0e20

So great! =D
No. 118486 ID: ca0e20

Just another heads up about Commission sales. I'm having another one for pretty much all of December, minus the last week which I'll take completely off. Though it's not impossible that I might update either quests this month. I limited what I'm accepting as commission to sales only so it's possible that I would get some time to work on quests during that time. Otherwise, this might be another update-less month... Well except the one I just did.
No. 119740 ID: ca0e20
File 151639556221.png - (69.46KB , 800x600 , FinnWoo.png )

Alright! Shark Quest part 1/first thread is finally complete!

Main thing I want to say is that I don't know when the next thread will start. Probably not soon. Right now, I plan on focusing completely on 2Frames, quest-wise. 2F accidentally became this thing that takes me kind of along time to update once even when I work on it until I finish it (instead of doing other stuff, or nothing), but it's pretty much near it's end game for the first chapter, so I want to at least finish that that way.

I am planning on opening for commissions eventually soon, but generally I do want to try and work on 2F as much as I can. Kinda balancing both things, but not really focusing on commissions like I've been doing. For one, I don't think there will be any sales anytime soon, which is part of why I mostly focused on commish at the end of last year, even after getting a GPU like I was saving for. But yeah.

I guess I should promote this. If you want to support my quests with dollars, you can support my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jiggydino
Patreon is the biggest way to make me do so less commission in favor of quests, so consider supporting if you can! And I really meant dollars or dollar too. I don't mind $1 supporters. Every little bit helps!

Also, Discord server over there: https://discord.gg/EZ4sCYh
This should have 5 uses left. If they get used, I'll make a more permanent one. What don't you just make one now? Meh. lol
No. 119747 ID: 9f8ce2

Sounds like a plan.

As for Quest talk, apparently bardic magic isn't a common thing? That's pretty interesting. Wonder what else raven could do.
No. 120006 ID: ca0e20
File 151703247928.png - (159.10KB , 800x600 , Happy Raven.png )

Felt like drawing Raven during while I'm artblocking and I'm taking all opportunities of art motivation to draw, lol. Here's a happy Raven. =3
No. 120086 ID: ca0e20
File 151726055058.png - (480.78KB , 978x1200 , Lucy by SE post.png )

Friend drew a sketch of Lucy and I liked it enough that I ended up inking and coloring it! =D

His FA, since he apparently has not posted the sketch there yet. Unless I just missed it:
No. 120088 ID: ca0e20
File 151726072259.png - (1.02MB , 900x1200 , Lucy by SE Sketch post.png )


Sketch version that they drew. =3
No. 120578 ID: 15a025
File 151845232816.png - (5.19KB , 800x600 , 2 frames 2 year ani bee2.png )

Celebrating 2 years of 2frames with a little sprite scene.
No. 120592 ID: ca0e20


Nice. =3
No. 120985 ID: a65225

Okay, so this hasn't actually been used for discussion in a long time, but I feel like now is a good time to revitalize it.

So, it's clear Raven's song is... something else. It more or less got past a other dimensional miasma, and it sort of got past a magic nullifying sword. Not to mention that it's something that a lifelong witch and some very experienced individuals seem to have no clue about.

Now it's affecting an ancient, Eldritch device of Untold Demonic Power that generally needs a blood sacrifice to get going. Got to imagine that anything that can pull that off has to have some juice behind it.

Question is, do we want to take the risk and try and go for what might be a magical short circuit? We could either be speeding it up, or causing it to destabilize and possibly blow up or something. Best case scenario is that whatever she sings causes it to either die out or weaken ferociously. It's a big risk, but potentially we could end the problem here and now.

I really hopw someone else has thoughts on this.
No. 121000 ID: 87353e

Just to clarify since it has been a while and there might have been a misconception, Raven's Song only produces any tangible effects if she preforms it in its entirety, exactly as she was taught how to sing it. Just humming the tune has no effect other then making her feel better psychologically because its a comforting melody to her, as shown in >>/quest/807894 .

Since Raven hasn't actually invoked her song yet, I think this is a case of correlation not being causation in regards to the portal acting up right now. It could be reacting to just Raven's presence specifically since she seems(?) to have a strange connection to the Ruins, what with the visions she has been having since her arrival. Or it could be that the Portal itself has just now reached the terminus of its powering up phase and is now fully primed to receive a sacrifice.

As to what the song might actually do to the Portal, given our previous attempts haven't had any volatile reactions like conventional spells do and seems like a safe way to defuse and disperse the Dark Energy of the Portal. It's at least probably safer then trying to physically smash it while its juiced up or potentially overloading the anti-magic sword if used alone with out weakening the Portal first. No matter what I think we are going to try the song on the portal at some point, its just a question of when.

So then its more like do we want to blow up our spot right now by testing singing to the Portal and probably also cause Ophi to spot Marigold and Poppy before they are ready? Do we have time or the capacity to move to a new hiding spot with out being seen, to then start singing and act as bait to draw Ohpi's attention towards Raven only and not the Bees, giving them an opening to grab her and the captives before the Portal does any more weird shenanigans? Or do we just hold off and wait to see if anything worse happens, hoping that someone else on the attack team gets Ophi to turn around again so we can jump her?
No. 121006 ID: a65225

Oh yeaaah, probably right about that bit about the humming. We might be able to at least shift positions.

...still want to know just what's going on there though.
No. 121058 ID: 4324ce

Wonder what she could have that keeps her magic working despite a powerful anti-magic sword...

But yeah, didn't think of just chuckin' shit at her.
No. 121059 ID: 91ee5f

>Wonder what she could have that keeps her magic working despite a powerful anti-magic sword...
It’s not just that, it’s that her magic is working perfectly despite being in all this purple stuff!

Remember Emerald’s magic isn’t working unless she draws magic runes on objects, Ophi seems to not be having that problem!
No. 121063 ID: 87353e

Don't forget that Ophi also has a Spell Foci that she is using to cast magic, just like Emerald is using the spare crystal lamp. Its some kind of crystal ball or hollow glass orb.
No. 121315 ID: f6b57a

Okay so WHAT.

Why did she suddenly open herself to possession? I thought we were pretty fair about this all.
No. 121326 ID: 87353e

Ophi has been super desperate since we captured Ava and it seems like they both had some kind of interaction with the entity while poking around the portal. Who knows what level of influence it had? I mean it seems to amplify negative emotions to its advantage and she had a full blown panic attack.
No. 121563 ID: ca0e20
File 152117060886.png - (260.72KB , 600x800 , Lucy Vista View.png )

Here's a simple 1 hour doodle of Lucy. =P
No. 121577 ID: f6b57a


Also, what the fuck @ latest update. Just who is this chode that keeps bodyjacking people?
No. 121584 ID: 87353e

Whatever it is, Daemon or not, can apparently puppet people from across dimensions if they have significant negative emotions or unresolved traumas.
Though if that's only because of Ophi being a direct host for it, I wonder what makes Rufa resistant or why it hasn't or couldn't convert her yet like Basant, willpower maybe?
Poppy and Emerald make sense as easy targets. Emerald is pretty much patient zero here, and Poppy had her blood sucked by the portal.

If the charged portal is acting as a relay booster for it we might need to switch targets and have Lucy try to smash some of the channels on the portal arms to cause a signal disruption.
I'm just afraid it might reflect the force of the blow back on her or catastrophically release whatever massive amount energy its been building up if we try that with out Ava's sword to disperse it.
No. 121591 ID: f6b57a

I'm particularly worried due to what the thing said. Sounds like Raven is, in its eyes, a massive threat.
No. 122559 ID: ca0e20


Is this the game?!? =O
No. 122926 ID: ecf44d

I think that whatever becomes of the party, we at least have a nebulous goal to work towards in the long run:

These 'songs' that apparently can cause an interdimensional entity to take a look at you and go 'yup, those pipes of yours are a problem that need to be solved'. Hope Ophi has some intel on that whole thing.
No. 123185 ID: ca0e20
File 152709797024.png - (5.93KB , 800x600 , Emerald the Armadillo.png )

Quick thing I made. I've been thinking about how much Emerald doesn't look like an Armadillo, cause I didn't really find a way to make her look like one in the first thread. Though I used like, less than 10 minutes coming up with her.

Then in thread 2 when I changed the resolution, I just uprezed the main cast for the most part. So Emerald just ended up looking a lot like a canine. Her and Rufa shouldn't look this much the same. lol

Anyway, I felt like doodling her as an actual armadillo to see how similar/different she'd look like. This is also very prototype though. I plan on changing things about the characters once this chapter is completed, some redesigning, and Emerald will still get worked on a little bit more. But this gives an idea of how she'll look.
No. 123188 ID: ba56e6

Maybe a little narrower on the armored part? It would make it easier to depict clear eyebrows or lines around the eyes. I notice you use both quite a lot with Emerald's expressions.
No. 123189 ID: ca0e20

Yeah, with this version, I was tentatively checking into maybe making her cartoon shape the armor around the eye to use for expressions. But yeah, that's one of the things that might not stick once I actually redesign her.
No. 123513 ID: 40197f

I think at this point I'm gonna accept some failure.

I was meant to focus on 2F this year until it was done and I expected that to take the first 3-4 months, but because of my dumb head, I ended up not working on it as much as I wanted and there's no way I'll finish 2F before July.

That matters, cause that's when I'll re-shift focus to commissions again. Since I'll want to hold a shark week sale that lasts all month of July. I'm bad at updating 2F even when I try to fully focus on it, so I think my output of update will practically stay the same anyway. I wish I was a better human.

So yeah, more updates for this month (hopefully) but I'm probably gonna shift back to commissions for July. Might have to use the last week of June to prepare or something.
No. 123527 ID: b1b4f3

Aww, I hope the ending won't be delayed TOO long.
No. 125594 ID: 40197f

Alright! Finally finished the 2 Frames Quest Chapter! I really should have finished earlier, but better late than never I guess lol.

Most I want to say now is that 2F will be on hiatus now. I do have to focus on other things, and it doesn't help that it takes kinda forever to make a 2F update. Especially compared to, say, a Shark Quest update. I dunno how 2F will look once I update it again, but I have thought about how I might change it at least to make it update faster. Though that can range from different approach to drawing the frames to getting better gear, maybe.

Having said that, it is possible that I end up working on another quest from here to when I update 2F again. For one, I want to say that I'll definitely update Shark Quest before I update 2F again. But it's possible I start another hopefully smaller thing first. I've been wanting to start something that would be way more light and low stakes so I can update when I'm bored or whatever, but even that I didn't want to start anything before the Portal Chapter was done. I have no real plan for quests right now other than taking a break from them while I figure other things out.

I'd point to Patreon now, but I have been thinking of redoing it, if I redo it, to be centered about animation and only animation. So if anyone supports it now, it would still be for it's current tip jar reasons. But yeah, my quests are not stellar enough for Patreon, lol. Not even my animations I bet. Anyways.

I already started, but I am now re-reading 2F to see how it works as a story all in one go. So far I do enjoy parts of it. Obviously some parts could be better, but I do like how certain parts are, like the goofy stuff the characters sometimes do.

But anyway, enough rambling out of my mouth! For anyone that read 2Frames and enjoyed it, thank you for sticking around and I hope you've enjoyed this, even with my slow update at the end there! =D
No. 125595 ID: e4abb2

I'm glad to have read it! Came for sharks, stayed for bird brain. I enjoyed all your works and look forward to seeing more!
No. 125600 ID: ac4925

I loved this quest and I was glad to see this chapter finale. It's a very satisfying conclusion.
No. 125602 ID: 40197f

Glad you do!!! =D The sharks are very alluring, and the bird is silly. =P

Glad to hear it! Also good to hear the finale was enjoyed too! =D
No. 125620 ID: 15a025
File 153771948771.png - (4.96KB , 480x640 , Farewell3.png )

It was a very fun quest to the adorable end!
No. 125621 ID: 40197f

Still nice! =D
Glad you enjoyed the quest! =3
No. 125627 ID: 87353e

Congrats on finishing! 2 Frames has been such a wonderful and endearing quest that I'm grateful to have had the chance to participate in. You said the updates towards the end were slow, but the effort and consideration that went into crafting them shows and they were worth the wait. Good job!
No. 125628 ID: b67388

Will look forward to the return.
No. 125630 ID: 40197f

Oh my... That means a lot to hear, thank you! =O =D

I'll wish it won't be long, but I don't know how good I'll do those other things. It's all like... life related, ugh, lol.
No. 125639 ID: b67388

No pressure, friend. Wish you luck with said life related business.
No. 126246 ID: 40197f

Hey, I'm dumb and decided to try and make a short quest for Halloween even though I shouldn't be questing! Here's Batty Quest!


I do intend to have it finished on Halloween, so we'll see I guess.
If people like it enough to want more, I can always make another thread one day to have the bat do more stuff. But yeah. gonna have to end it on Halloween lol. Hope you guys enjoy! =D
No. 126302 ID: 40197f

And that's a wrap! Hope this silly lil' thing was enjoyable! =3

Happy Halloween! =D
No. 126303 ID: 91ee5f

It was enjoyable!

I really hope we get to see more of Keese sometime in the future!
No. 126304 ID: 87353e

It was a very good and silly, also stories with parallel adventures going on in the background are always fun. It makes you wanna learn more about Gargoyles and Hunters and what adventures they get up to.
No. 126305 ID: 40197f

It's possible! I was even thinking that it would be an option to run a quest using one of the other characters, if I want to try something a bit longer with these characters. But that's more thoughts than concrete plans. It might be something I only do next October for example. =P
But yeah, Keese is a neat lil' fella. =3

Glad you enjoyed that aspect! I also enjoy those so it was fun to try one!
No. 126307 ID: a9af05

I enjoyed it as well!

My only complaint is that it's a liiiittle hard to see Keese whenever he/she is being held by a gargoyle. Maybe next time, you could make it easier tell them apart?
No. 126308 ID: 40197f

That's cause he's STEALTH!!! =O

Really though, it's mostly cause none of the characters were really planned. I wasn't even planning on Keese befriending more/all the Gargoyles like he did, so it's why all characters were pure black, lol.

For this quest, I tried to only use a black pen on an orange background with sometimes white highlights to make certain poses and details more obvious and only used different dark grays so that Keese didn't completely disappear.

If I use these characters again, I could give the Gargoyles slight hues to differentiate them more.

Anyway, enough sleepy rambling. Glad you enjoyed it!
No. 126429 ID: 40197f
File 154171736628.png - (453.84KB , 808x1184 , Raven by SE post.png )

Friend from last time drew Raven this time! Some months ago. I got distracted, lol.


No. 126430 ID: 40197f
File 154171740648.png - (930.44KB , 808x1184 , Raven by SE Sketch post.png )

And the sketch he made. =3
No. 127012 ID: 40197f
File 154579996689.png - (23.83KB , 493x577 , Lucy outfit.png )

Random doodle of Lucy. Wanted to see what kind of outfit she might wear if Raven had her change clothes proper. Had a vague version of this outfit in mind for a while for some reason.
No. 127014 ID: 87353e

In my imagination I was like, Oh this is what Lucy would pick out to wear if the party was heading into a snowy climate region.
Everyone else would be bundled up in layers and it would take all they could to convince her to also put on a thick fur cloak for warmth.
I hope we get to learn more about our new friends and the interesting cultures they come from. We had a chance to ask Lucy about what being Wantagar means, but it kinda got passed over since the focus was on trying to cure her affliction.
No. 127019 ID: 40197f

Yeah, figuring out how to balance action with character development/lore is something I'll need to figure out. It was easy for me in this chapter to think that things needed to be on all the time, to the point where even once Raven got a journal to read, she only got to it some times after and had to read it while doing other things. I guess in my mind, I was just constantly worried things were too boring if they got slow for too long. Though I guess considering the circumstances, maybe that was natural.

Once I get to continue 2F, there won't be anything absolutely urgent apart from "Let's figure out if we can cure this purple", so maybe I'll have more chances to let the characters breath and hopefully it won't be boring lol.
No. 127431 ID: 40197f
File 154879164922.png - (365.11KB , 833x1012 , Mad Lucy.png )

Doodled a Mad Lucy.

Realized I have not done much perspective stuff in a while so I want to try and do more again.
No. 127441 ID: 130f18

mad cow
No. 127615 ID: 40197f
File 154957911808.png - (20.36KB , 744x586 , Lucy and Raven Outfit Doodles.png )

Raven is here now. =P
No. 127618 ID: 87353e

Our good good bird bud. The little shoulder mantel is a nice touch. It just feels right for some reason.
No. 127621 ID: a9af05

Raven is just tall enough to be at the perfect height for motorboating Lucy! >:3
No. 127623 ID: df5c09

While she is the right height, Raven unfortunately lacks the mouth and lips needed for motorboating.
No. 127648 ID: a9af05

No. 127829 ID: 40197f
File 155038138247.png - (90.42KB , 800x600 , Varona and Shelly.png )

Doodle of these 2. Wanted to draw the mage again but decided to do a one pic scene with her and Shelly!
No. 127915 ID: 40197f
File 155079095750.gif - (34.79KB , 400x400 , Raven Goofy Dance.gif )

Random thing I did on a whim. Kind of an animation doodle.
No. 127936 ID: e51896

thats 6 frames, not 2 frames D:

Just messing. Besides, the 2 frame cap has been broken long ago in this disthread.

Nice dance, what do you suppose Raven calls that dance?
No. 127945 ID: 40197f

Either the "Oh god someone made me dance on the spot and I don't know what to doooo!!!" or the "Me, the artist, didn't go in with a plan dance". =P
No. 127950 ID: 91ee5f

Or it could be the “Oh God something is in my cloak and I can’t get it out!” dance.
No. 127953 ID: 40197f

That sounds more like what the dude at the end of BattyQuest was doing. =P
No. 127986 ID: 40197f
File 155141278547.png - (24.01KB , 646x730 , Modern Lucy weights.png )

Another Modern Lucy doodle!
I still miss doing quests.
No. 127989 ID: 130f18

/quest/ misses you too
No. 127992 ID: a9af05

We miss you too.
No. 129677 ID: 0d5cb3

Currently thinking not running quests makes no sense for me. I stopped to free my time up to do important life stuff, so I wouldn't feel guilty if I ran out of time for quests. But I proved in the last months that I still won't do anything responsible, even if I don't have obligations. Well... self imposed obligations. Though I went and told myself that I'd try to open for commissions at least one batch of 3 per month for the entire year, and that ended up still being a thing that I'd focus more on than doing that other stuff. But that still shows how weak I am as an adult human. Anyway.

At this point, I feel like doing quest can potentially be a thing I should do to keep myself sane. Main thing I need to make sure though, is that I don't do like I did with 2F again. Updates that took way too long. Which I was aware from the start not to do and still went and did it by not completely purpose. But I guess I was stubborn and stuck with it. So whatever I do, if I start again, I have to make sure it's simple enough to, say, update multiple times in one evening.

... And by keeping things simple, I can potentially still do step 1 that I was meaning to do while still updating a quest.

Current potential plan for quests is what I always expected to do. Once I update again, it'll be Shark Quest. A SQ panel always was faster to make than drawing a single frame in 2F was, worst case scenario I would art block hard enough to take longer on a simple panel, but it was still faster than a 2F frame. So SQ can be a test of what happen when the main quest I update is easy to update. I think I mentioned it before, but ultimately, once I update 2F again, I do plan on changing the style. Mostly by not making it lineless. It will kinda look like Shark Quest, but with more colors and etc. But I want to make sure I'm in a good place to update 2F again, so it's more likely that I will focus on Shark Quest and other new quests for a long time before I go back to 2F... if I can resist being away from those characters that long that is.

And for those that likes the lineless style, I want to say that I like it too and am proud (believe it or not) of the Portal Chapter. It's not the best thing ever and it has lots of faults in every aspect, but the full package is so nice to me. I like how it looks and most of what happens and while we only see a glimpse of the characters, I still like to see what we saw of them. To stop the ramble, I mainly want to say that I want to work myself up back to the lineless style. As things around me and my skill get better, I want to get to a point where I can either update in that style faster, or that it would be more a manageable thing for me to update in that style despite that time it takes to make things that way. As crazy as it may sound, I do believe I have it in me. Just not in my current state.

Anyway, I wanted to spew some words cause I've been thinking this for a bit and this evening, I have been starting to see a certain image in my mind of how things are and what I do to myself for the sake of doing things the "right way". I still don't know what the right way is for me, but it's not by finding another way to make me sad. And thinking about not updating quests has been a new source for me.

I still have to think on stuff, but yeah. If I missed something, ask away and I'll try to address it and stuff.
No. 129678 ID: b1b4f3

Yay, more quests.

You'll get better at being responsible with practice.
No. 129685 ID: 87353e

Hey! Great to hear you're gonna start questing again! But no matter what, you do you to find a rhythm that feels right and works for your real life schedule.

As for responsibility, once you find a good routine to get back into and stick with it, then it just becomes practice until its second nature. Try to recognize bad habits and break them before it becomes too hard. But remember you're only beholden to yourself, so only prioritize what you think feels right for you.

I might be a silent reader for SQ, but I am excited to see where you go next on your projects. 2 Frames was my jam and short one offs like Batty Quest are pure delight!
No. 129691 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156091495466.png - (136.78KB , 800x700 , Ava Pants.png )

With quests on the mind again, here's Ava!

Was thinking about how I'd get rid of the idea that my 2F character are cartoon-y enough to not have to cover themselves as much. Ava being one of the offenders with this, this is the kind of tight shorts I've been thinking of giving her for a while. So, here's a doodle showing it. Weird to do for a character we might not see for a while if ever!, but yeah I do like doodling her sometimes. I also tried to make her face a bit more barn owl-y.
No. 129720 ID: 0d5cb3


New Shark Quest thread! =D
No. 129794 ID: 864e49

Go on Jiggy, try make a frilled shark cute! I dare you!
No. 129823 ID: 0d5cb3
File 156220951672.png - (24.07KB , 590x400 , Raven and Lucy Pose.png )

Nothing new, but I drew Raven and Lucy for a new Patreon Banner a while ago. But since I'm not doing much with it in the way of not advertising about it at all, I wanted to show these 2 anyway. I do like how they came out for the most part.

For what it's worth, here's my Patreon in it's current form: https://www.patreon.com/jiggydino
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