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File 132943522007.jpg - (9.88KB , 222x251 , 1322400253779.jpg )
8019 No. 8019 ID: 8ff502 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So I'm new to tabletop games, and I'd like to start a game of CoC. I have a group of people interested, but I was wondering how we would go about this. Are they any tips, rules, etc. I should know about running this, and CoC in general?
No. 8021 ID: 274a74

CoC is not D&D, or many of the other games you may have heard bandied about. Do not treat it as such.
Make sure you do right by the lore, it's 60% of the game.
Make sure the players understand they are not going to "win". CoC is a brutal game, at times, where the few victories are presaged by defeats in spades. The easily butthurt need not apply.
No. 9947 ID: 943463

Indeed. Well-run CoC games should not include much in the way of serious combat; any character significantly better in combat than their *player* would be is already trending towards munchkin. (That's a good way of gauging it, really: could *you, the person sitting at the table rolling dice, do that?)

Also, go watch the Spoony Experiment video talking about Call of Cthulhu, combat, and characters: "If you stat it, they will kill it".
No. 10446 ID: 74af9b

Try to be careful not to get player that are too jaded of CoC. In many cases for me and most of the party is was, "Hey, lets race to zero sanity!"

File 137020879045.jpg - (130.58KB , 800x660 , site_rwcb_4.jpg )
10153 No. 10153 ID: 26ec54 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

I posted about this on other /tg/, but some folks here might be interested, plus this board moves nowhere as fast, always a bonus.
Anyways, I'm making a Redwall RPG using a customized d20 system (classess, economyless, almost no magic).
I'm finished with the PC races and am almost done with the "class" system.
I'm tweaking skills, specifically reworking Craft and Perform, and introducing Alchemy, Brewing, Cooking, Mining, and Sailing.
I'm rounding off the feat selection, trying to simplify it somewhat.
I've yet to start NPC rules, such as stats for vermin and other beasts. I've reworked distance and time, added additional rules for healing, and I'm almost done with weapons, armor and equipment.
I'm also making a random vermin name generator.

I've been rereading the entire series and taking extensive notes about the setting, the capabilities of the races, scale, distance and time, mannerisms, spiritual beliefs, and pretty much anything else that catches my eye.

Here's most of the first 2 chapters:

If anyone has questions or suggestions I'd love to hear them.
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No. 10404 ID: ad215a
File 138539619754.jpg - (107.00KB , 960x758 , 317514_10151327188723085_994147228_n.jpg )

I am working on a world map. Wildly conjectural of course; but fun fact, if you map out most of what has been depicted in maps and such, it turns out sort of looking like the middle of England. If you squint.
No. 10405 ID: ad215a
File 138539636567.jpg - (149.83KB , 1262x746 , tumblr_mgsae8Tz8T1s3tunno1_1280.jpg )

And I'm trying to be as comprehensive as possible.
Hell, I determined the lunar cycle is about the same length as ours. This setting will be internally consistent whether it wants to or not.

Is there anything in particular you'd want to see?
No. 10420 ID: d298a1

Some someone on /tg/ is making a Redwall game using the REIGN system.

What the fuck is Reign?
No. 10421 ID: e6c99d

REIGN is a spin-off of the One Roll Engine, by Greg Stolze


It does low-powered fantasy well, and it is extremely mutable (the designer of the game goes into detail in the companion book, The REIGN Enchiridion, about why he made the design choices he did and how to modify it without breaking the game).

I'll admit I'm a fanboy for REIGN, and felt it might be cool to adapt Redwall to it, but as one of the guys trying to develop the Redwall One Roll hack, I really appreciate the scaffolding you all laid out.

No. 10443 ID: 30df25

Have a look at the one-roll chargen. It's pretty good.

File 139630006746.png - (712.17KB , 1000x1500 , BloodlineProtector4.png )
10438 No. 10438 ID: d17222 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Rolling for hidden rolls on Bloodline Protector here.
No. 10439 ID: d17222

rolled 1 = 1

1 - rock
2 - paper
3 - scissors
No. 10442 ID: cb0eaa

dice 3d4-1

File 139256853103.png - (11.90KB , 312x295 , slowpoke.png )
10430 No. 10430 ID: 5b4b49 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Just realized something, reviewing the Hobbit Cartoon.

>Crush, smack! Whip crack!
>Smash, grab! Pinch, nab!
>You go, my lad!
>Ho, ho! my lad!
>Goblins quaff, and Goblins beat
>Goblins laugh, and Goblins bleat
>Batter, jabber, whip, and taver hoooooo!

Versus a certain module series.

>Goblins chew and goblins bite
>Goblins cut and goblins fight
>Stab the dog and cut the horse
>Goblins eat and take by force!

Pic related, it's a picture of me.
No. 10431 ID: e607cd

So what you are saying is, certain intellectual properties intimately linked with (but legally distinct from) dungeons and/or dragons may have borrowed inspiration from the literary work of the man responsible for 90% of the modern fantasy genre's groundwork, especially as it relates to dragons and dungeons? Astounding.

I mean this particular connection never became obvious to me either, but I am not surprised that such things happen.
No. 10432 ID: a87e3a

Personally I don't think the two are related at all.

File 125118788219.jpg - (99.54KB , 288x288 , -3c7_yhst-14664268937570_2056_444488008.jpg )
1683 No. 1683 ID: d6a592 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Pic unrelated. I'm not sure if anyone is interested, but I gotta post this somewhere and tg/ needs some love so here's something I whipped up for GURPS 3e out of boredom and frustration:



Each defense starts at -5 points, plus the normal attributes and bonuses in conventional GURPS 3E (the defenses are Dodge, Parry, and Block).

For each attack, the ATTACKING player chooses a body part to aim at and the DEFENDING player chooses a defense to use.

The attacker subtracts the defender's defense score from their weapon skill, and then tries to roll at or below it (they roll 3d6).

If successful the attacker chooses one die to represent damage dealt (multiply by the number of damage dice you would normally roll, then add/subtract any other modifiers).

If the attacker chose to aim at ANY body part, he/she chooses another die (aside from the damage die) to represent the body part hit:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 1684 ID: d6a592

I thought this would work better than the standard critical rolls for one-roll attacks,


Critical = rolling triples (all three dice rolled show the same number on their faces)

Critical Failure = Fumble

Critical Success = Triumph/Trump (haven't chosen which sounds better)

If you roll triples AND you roll at or below your skill, it becomes a TRIUMPH/TRUMP, and acts the same as a conventional GURPS 3E critical.

If you roll triples AND you roll above your skill, it becomes a FUMBLE, and acts like a conventional GURPS fumble.

A roll of 3 is always a Triumph/Trump, and a roll of 18 is always a Fumble.

Rolling 4 is not a critical, and rolling 17 is not a fumble.

Pros: players with high skill have more critical successes, works well with the one-roll combat mechanic

Cons: players with low skill have more fumbles, GMs have to deal with slightly more fumbles and criticals

File 137694361185.png - (649.70KB , 1466x1494 , Discworld_Political_Mapp_by_BlamedThande.png )
10325 No. 10325 ID: 0e2370 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I'm really lazy/bad at drawing my own dungeons, caves, encounters.
I was looking for some sort of software I can use to generate dungeons/ caves and what not automatically.
I downloaded autorealm but there is no support or anything for it to tell me how to use the program.
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No. 10335 ID: 0e2370

I'm to lazy for paint
No. 10342 ID: be79e2
File 137871179742.jpg - (99.82KB , 1024x731 , 1364358314645.jpg )

What do people use (besides minecraft) to design ships in games?
Campaign Cartographer has Cosmographer
which can be used by those who know how - but how many own it - through either purchase or having it "fall off the back of the tubes" ?
I'm guessing the next two suggestions are sketchup or MS Paint.
No. 10359 ID: be79e2

I have used (and don't laugh) a copy of "My Sweet Home" it is not great for curved / angled features but gives you a 3d image with skin-able objects. I know it is not perfect and I just started out - It's not CAD but it works -sort of.
No. 10390 ID: 0e2370

Op here. I ended up finding some really high quality discworld maps online.
For every thing else I end up using Fractal mapper to give the basic shape of a place then draw the rest in in photo ship. It's a bit of work but achieves the desired effect.
No. 10399 ID: 30df25
File 138483055744.png - (664.90KB , 600x600 , tmp_foAQasLq.png )

This is my favourite tool for making land maps. Always does islands, but they are very very well-made islands.

File 137628751209.jpg - (92.61KB , 700x600 , tozol quest.jpg )
10290 No. 10290 ID: 4693fa hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]


Hello all! I'm planning on running a semi-homebrew game of Deathwatch, oriented around a team of Tozols (a la Tozol Quest) on their mercenary misadventures, as well as their fierce battles for survival.

I'd love to recruit some players for it, if at all possible!
19 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 10379 ID: c16a16

Session 8.

Log: http://goo.gl/9RtGrI

How much deeper does it go? Just what have they done? - Sgt. M. Lyran
No. 10383 ID: c16a16

Session 9 done. Log: http://goo.gl/GCQBTM

In which tozols have breakfast, and check out their new ride.

A short one with little in the way of plot developments, as Veirs' player was attending to important RL matters and we felt it better to wait on him.
No. 10386 ID: c16a16

S10. Another very short one. http://goo.gl/xZZOEK

Mostly planning and talking.
No. 10393 ID: 965d20

Heya all, Gerald here. May be a bit late for tonight. My plans for the night got promptly overrun-- I'll do what I can to get there ASAP!
No. 10397 ID: c16a16

11. Log: http://goo.gl/h51NoM

In which Marik steals the spotlight for a bit.

File 137096986748.jpg - (154.27KB , 730x1095 , Slightly_Damned_Psuedocover_by_raizy_png.jpg )
10174 No. 10174 ID: 07ede0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Salutations, /tg/. I am currently attempting to create an RPG based on the webcomic Slightly Damned; http://www.sdamned.com/2004/03/03142004/ . I'm currently trying to get the thing finished, polished, and publishable; I have the author's permission to do this, though we've yet to work out all the details of the monies. (Yes, that does have me somewhat worried.)

I am here asking for people to look over the mechanics and make sure that I'm not barking up the wrong tree - or worse, completely ripping off the RPGs I somewhat based this mess on.

If people are even remotely interested in looking over the comic and/or the PDF as it stands, please post in this thread, or sign up for the forums and look for my thread (hint: it's in "Fanstuff" under the SD section). I will post the PDF if/when anyone shows interest.
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No. 10257 ID: 5b4b49


XD I was more worried I'd chased you off or made you mad or some shit. Damn you depression + pessimism!
No. 10260 ID: ca1c58

No worries. No, it's interesting. I'm just stupid busy.
No. 10321 ID: 5b4b49


Still busy man? :/
No. 10346 ID: ca1c58

Unfortunately. My new job is pretty killer time-wise.
No. 10363 ID: 5b4b49

Okay, updated the PDF. Hope it's all decent; made some edits to formatting and game design itself, based on earlier feedback.


Skill Focus thing again.


File 132668583674.jpg - (11.89KB , 288x356 , 1324032374509.jpg )
7891 No. 7891 ID: a8be1c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Thus Spake the Orky Fella:
Hey y'all, trying to make a good trap style dungeon in D&D 4e, similar to the good old grimy days of 2e when I first started. The party, while having played some pnp, have not actually played D&D before, and I want to teach them caution and care, to approach things with measured amounts of guts and glory, suspicion and malign.
Any tips that you have here, things that you lot remember from your youth or things you have sprung on your own players? Starting at level 1, and open to a lot of ideas. The area is a classic underground cave dwelling that is under a river.
60 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 8386 ID: bb1703

The Orky Fellow returns.
My updates are short these days, following a severe drought of gaming happening.
But this one is quite fun (sorta).
The group decided to rest out in a underground graveyard of a abandoned dwarven fastness.
Deciding to sleep in shifts, I had them make perception checks and such to see if they noticed anything. I rolled a shitton behind the screen, just to fuck with their metagaming minds (do this a lot recently), until I roll one of the special numbers of 60/70/80/90. I got a 90, time to JUST AS PLANNED them.
I have a magic mouth, planted by the BBEG necromonster in the center of the room, start to speak to them in the most obnoxiously effeminate, flaming gay voice I can muster after 22 hours of no sleep. I must have done a good job as the group replies to the goading with groans, ooc jokes and general aggravation at the idea of being found out.
>stop letting Thin Man escape and maybe you could have moved unheard of
The sorc does a detect magic, and finds it on the floor, the ranger points it out (damn sky high perception) offhand. The warden walks over, asks for a description of the mouth, I tell him it's a big mouth, big teeth, with no lips, think Cheshire Cat. He (predictably) smashes it with his hammer, and eats a trap, blinding, glittering powder spews from the broken teeth.
>glitterdust was always one of my favorite spells
I tell him he is blinded, save doesn't end, and tell the rest of the group he sparkles in the light, setting off a new round of Twilight references, disparaging homosexual slurs and so forth. The sorc does a detect magic on the powder, and is surprised when he is told it is NOT magic (I decided to not make this so simple, use your skills people). The sorc chats with warlord, deciding to simply wash it out of his eyes. The warden then feels a
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 10237 ID: a51e45

Holy shit, this thread is still here?
Well, since it's here, and so have I, I will pace out the end of this particular story.
The group breaks out, having had a decent rest, and sallied forth along the trail already blazed to trails untested.
The warlord asks for a moment to say a few solitary prayers to the dead, as the paladin did not, and leaves back to the crypt, his torch bobbing into the darkness.
>the warlord's player had to leave due to drama within the group, apparently he hit on the one player's girl who was also playing
Returning to the crossroads, they took the turn they demurred on prior, traveling down a long, worked stone hall with many turns and twists, eventually coming to an odd length of hall studded with disembodied arms and legs.
>you know where this is going
No. 10240 ID: ec2e47

One of my characters was in a hall similar to that one once. I just started hacking the limbs off with my greataxe until some skeleton archers showed up at the other end.
No. 10264 ID: ca1c58

Dunno if you still check this, but I'm actually interested in the exciting conclusion. The whole thing was a fun read.
No. 10352 ID: 5b4b49

For the love of God, MOAR. This is like if you took Old Man Henderson and made him a dumbass instead of a badass. And then made four more.

Seriously, this is hilarious.

File 137692704344.jpg - (271.49KB , 1024x768 , larping.jpg )
10324 No. 10324 ID: b87de2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Anyone have any suggestions on where I could get any good larping gear or equipment? I was thinking of maybe trying it out.
No. 10327 ID: bdb3f8

What's your budget? I know where you can get a full set like that image, but only if you are willing to drop a couple grand on the whole project.
No. 10345 ID: ca1c58

what country are you in? or what larp? Check the website and see the photos to see what kind of gear is commonly used.

File 137263363507.jpg - (411.22KB , 1279x1673 , 36.jpg )
10242 No. 10242 ID: 2bafff hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Carrion Hill image thread time!
4 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 10268 ID: 2bafff
File 137445220105.jpg - (85.17KB , 588x1017 , 21.jpg )

No. 10288 ID: 2bafff
File 137626592243.jpg - (44.94KB , 557x720 , 18.jpg )

No. 10289 ID: 2bafff
File 137626970536.jpg - (74.38KB , 1259x851 , 19.jpg )

No. 10332 ID: 2bafff
File 137747305699.jpg - (71.23KB , 750x1106 , 15.jpg )

No. 10333 ID: 2bafff
File 137747771151.jpg - (83.46KB , 733x1075 , 23.jpg )

File 137594052835.jpg - (1.96MB , 3877x2968 , Justice 001.jpg )
10283 No. 10283 ID: 3cbb6a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Alrighty, so a group of friends and myself are currently playing a game that one of my friends made. It's kind of like a cross between the dark, apocalyptic nature of Dark Heresy and the tech-based cyberpunk nature of Shadowrun. While I personally love it, I'm also the new guy at the table and so I'm not that great at the whole roleplaying bit. The question I have is how to work with other player-types. For some odd reason, no matter what character I end up playing, he evolves into the leader of the group, even when I went out of the way to make a meek, scientist who was literally brought along to examine things. A sequence of events always ends up changing the character I start with into a much more aggressive, and headstrong person. That being said, because I end up leading the group many times, I also have many struggles with my teammates, specifically one who refuses to cooperate with anyone if it means he isn't doing something awesome. If he misses a shot, the game is broken, if he fails a check then the skills aren't right, if he gets corrected, he jumps into super-defensive mode. How do I deal with these kinds of players? It's always the same person too, and I generally get along with every other player type, in and out of character.
No. 10285 ID: 3cbb6a

No. 10286 ID: 780473

Playing different character types means you always need to keep the character in mind rather than making a hasty decision (which, based on your gut/intuition, will be your own decision, not nesciscarily your character's.)

You may try shooting for a second-in-command for instance, a position where you can use your own drive for authority to prop up someone else as the leader.

As for complainers, if he's really a problem you'd likely need to agree to handle him as a group, not an individual.
No. 10287 ID: 3cbb6a

I really do try and keep the character's motives and ideas as the drive for the story but like I said, it isn't my fault that my characters get pushed into a leadership position. It usually ends up that way because either the team gets separated, the original leader dies, or the rest of the team becomes grievously wounded.

File 136428147252.png - (162.29KB , 743x962 , Kerosis-1.png )
10097 No. 10097 ID: ec1490 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Because character sheets gotta go somewhere.
No. 10104 ID: ec1490
File 136459393487.png - (167.45KB , 743x962 , Kerosis-1.png )

No. 10280 ID: cf8f63
File 137544941289.png - (11.72KB , 800x600 , Zehrahlixia hat.png )

HP: 21/21
EXP: 0/10
Attack Dice: d6
Evasion Dice: d6
Coins: none
Tracking I
Visual Acuity I
Survival II
Craft Literature (Tombdog Remnant) I
Equipped: Shirt&Skirt, Mantle
Inventory: Shirt&Skirt, Mantle
Weight: 0/20 pounds
Dominant hand: Left

Backstory- Zehrahlixia was the daughter of a beggar, who was exiled from House Kaliaxix as part of a scandal. While the beggar now is no more than yet another ghost in the town's tomb, Zehrahlixia was not content to live on the pity offers and wait until she joined her father, and spent more time out in the wilderness, slowly and painfully learning how to survive out there. In time, she eventually honed her skills enough to become an outsider-in-waiting, to the house that she actually hails from, despite not being aware of it.
No. 10282 ID: 5663f2

ok, because of both schedule conflicts and because I can't connect to IRC for some myterious reason, I probably won't make it to tonight's tombdog meeting. Sorry!

File 137350018356.jpg - (267.17KB , 1261x1488 , 0.jpg )
10250 No. 10250 ID: 2bafff hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

6 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 10270 ID: 2bafff
File 137471103909.jpg - (116.93KB , 1261x740 , 48.jpg )

No. 10271 ID: 2bafff
File 137471895719.jpg - (42.41KB , 531x750 , 4.jpg )

No. 10272 ID: 2bafff
File 137472783029.jpg - (68.65KB , 931x898 , 57.jpg )

No. 10278 ID: 2bafff
File 137531435178.jpg - (19.71KB , 519x530 , 59.jpg )

Mr. Ghosty ghost
No. 10279 ID: 2bafff
File 137532321365.jpg - (17.18KB , 459x552 , 67.jpg )

File 135040211604.jpg - (7.05KB , 211x228 , dorfs.jpg )
8807 No. 8807 ID: e0f5a9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hi everyone. I'm the administrator of a new minecraft server dedicated to a role-play based version of Dwarf Fortress. We have been in testing for the past two weeks and are finally ready to go live. We already have a small populace of 5-10 people but are looking to invite even more players to join us!

On the server, players can take the role of any character within the three traditional main races (Dwarves, Humans and Elves) and also the monster race of Kobold (Cutebolds & Scaleybolds). We aim to get as close to Dwarf Fortress in roleplay as we can, utilising the dwarf fortress wiki pages on races and community fluff development (such as cutebolds, delicious lava and the dwarves legendary hatred of trees...) as inspiration for each race.

We offer a fairly rules-light gameplay- other than a few things that are beyond the control of plugins, anything mechanical that a certain race can't do is handled by plugins, meaning that you don't have to worry about rules-heavy moderator influence. Just join and have fun!

The main aim of this server is to provide a setting as close to Dorf Fort as possible in a 3d RPG environment, with inter-racial antagonism as the main driver of FUN. Want to declare war on the elves and raze their precious forest, or would you rather politik your way to a peaceful solution and build mighty civilisations? The method is up to you the player and your race.

To that end, to create potential for conflict each race is designed to have something the other needs and have particular abilities the other's don't. This promotes trade and hostility between the three major racial groups as well as the pesky Kobold thieves that blight them. Competition to create a civilisation is also implemented, racial moderators watch the growth of civilisations and reward dilligent effort with various things; with a loose tier based system incorporating both construction and roleplay you can
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 9927 ID: 7a7940

> /g
That'd be a good thing to have in the server info post on the forums as well
Also /help 1,2,3,4,5
No. 9928 ID: a061bb

Hi everyone. Admin here again. I'm posting just to let those of you interested know that the server, including the plugins and approach, but not the thematics and overall concepts are currently being overhauled. The past few months have been very useful for us as far as what works, what doesn't and a l
ook at further plugins to provide further support and fun. We expect these to be implemented at latest by the end of january, along with detailed explainations of form and function on the forum. I look forward to seeing you online.
No. 10152 ID: 65080c

Hi everyone, Admin again. Like I said in my last post (an ice age ago) the server has updated significantly in the time between, including having a new host.

Our new IP is

Feel free to join, but be aware that you can't yet assign yourself a race without the help of a moderator (We're working on it). So if one isn't online, try again during our peak hours of between 5pm +0Gmt and 5am +0Gmt. We're a friendly group and try to make certain that everyone involved has a fair run at RP, all we ask is that you respect the setting and each other.

Our wiki is provided here: http://dwarf-fortress-role-play-classic.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page

Look forward to seeing new players!
No. 10176 ID: bdb3f8

NEW new ip is by the way
No. 10269 ID: dc49e4

These guys are utter faggots. I got banned permanently because some guy lied and said that I was flying. I skyped an admin and he told me that I would have to convince my accusers to agree to have me unbanned.


Would not recommend.

File 134021875802.png - (35.85KB , 308x350 , polls_tabletop_roleplaying_1436_468849_answer_3_xl.png )
8519 No. 8519 ID: f13b39 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hey, first time poster, just wondering if I can get some advice.

My brothers, some of their friends and myself want to start playing a tabletop rpg, but we don't really know where to start. We were entertaining the idea of Dungeons and Dragons, but that doesn't sit well with most of us because we don't like the genre of High Fantasy. Does anyone know of any other tabletops, maybe within the realm of sci-fi, or post-apocolyptic, or something in that vicinity?
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 8524 ID: bdb3f8

Paranoia is not really a beginner's game. Fun certainly, and you don't have to invent your setting, but gameplay is intentionally very different from your standard RPG.

Darwin's World I don't know. sorry. Apparently it is supposed to be D&D postapoc?

Dark Heresy is one of three RPGs in the Warhammer 40k universe which differ largely in character power level. Presumably the other two would also be okay if you are familiar with that setting.

Eclipse Phase is post-singularity, where much of the population does not have bodies, and many that do are no longer human. Evil AI controlled by aliens broke Earth, so we live in the rest of the solar system.

If you don't know what Fallout is, you just haven't been paying attention.

Traveler is often jokingly refereed to as the game where you can die during character creation. There are lots of charts. It is built for high space travel adventure, but you can turn it into anything else just by staying on a certain planet.

I am also shocked that Shadowrun has not been mentioned. It is the quintessential cyberpunk game. Evil corporations, cybernetic enhancements, magic, and computer hackers.
No. 10259 ID: 9a2d8f

Space Gothic was also a very Fun Game, with not too many rules and a nice low-sci-fi setting
No. 10263 ID: 10ca6c

I had a reply here recommending Apocalypse World, but then I realized this was a necro of a 1-year-old thread. Damnit, stop necroing!
No. 10265 ID: 2f4b71

>Paranoia is not really a beginner's game. Fun certainly, and you don't have to invent your setting, but gameplay is intentionally very different from your standard RPG.
That's one of the ways it works well as a beginner game. No pre-conceived notions to dispel. You can also feasibly play it with very minimal dice rolling (the GM disregarding any rolls and choosing what sounds coolest is one of the core gameplay mechanics).
No. 10266 ID: 10ca6c

This thread's over a year old, you know. The original poster's long since started a game or several with their friends already.

Damn necroposts.

File 137098226605.jpg - (92.34KB , 674x501 , 674x501_126266_216980_1338415572.jpg )
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Basically, I was annoyed at Pathfinder, 3.5, 4th, and Next not doing what I wanted; so I began making a set of houserules for Pathfinder to mitigate the glaring problems I noticed.

Then they sorta took off and I completely re-wrote them from the ground up.

Then I started making races and a lore and realized I had bitten off more than I could ever manage to chew myself.

So, I'm asking for help, suggestions, playtesters, anything to move this along. The ideal plan is to eventually publish this as Either way, here it is; I'll be buttdating some stuff about classes and races later tonight; stay tuned.
No. 10179 ID: 454d6b

I've updated Rake, https://sites.google.com/site/d20reborn/heroes-of-legend/archetypes/rake to have some neat mobility-based abilities; I'll be filling out his Infliction tree this afternoon.

I've also got Warrior updated and almost ready for level 4-5 play, but I'll post that on the site when I have more time.
No. 10221 ID: ca1c58

I don't think there is currently enough here for me to intelligently comment on. You should probably finish filling out the rules. An example of play would be nice.
No. 10239 ID: 67e689

If you need, I can probably playtest it for you.
No. 10248 ID: bac511

When a system is built from scratch, there is usually an idea of what kind of games this systems is suited for, since this determines char gen, resolution mechanics and whatnot.

Have you given this any thought?

File 1243570617603.png - (32.11KB , 390x300 )
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No. 9401 ID: de023d

well what do you expect this place is so slow anyway

No. 9405 ID: 87583b
File 1243661567758.jpg - (25.48KB , 287x387 )


No. 9421 ID: ffe8c0


No. 9445 ID: 94892a
File 1243804151238.png - (132.34KB , 300x300 )

Because no one had gotten around to this one yet.

No. 10238 ID: a01b62


File 135249453444.png - (16.01KB , 512x512 , fishbowl.png )
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Because stuff keeps needing to be stored somewhere!
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No. 10193 ID: 405647
File 137133183398.png - (17.61KB , 200x170 , pitch.png )

No. 10194 ID: 405647
File 137133184889.png - (13.73KB , 200x170 , neburi_stealth_f.png )

No. 10195 ID: 405647
File 137133186803.png - (15.35KB , 200x170 , requires.png )

No. 10196 ID: 405647
File 137133188681.png - (11.29KB , 200x170 , cereblot.png )

okay i think that's it
No. 10201 ID: 9ddf68

I look

I have a feeling we are going to meet these guys soon...ish

File 136960959902.jpg - (515.22KB , 1261x1636 , 38.jpg )
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Thought I'd go ahead and create a thread for this
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No. 10173 ID: 01531c

No. 10197 ID: 2bafff
File 137141733118.jpg - (67.34KB , 424x510 , 27.jpg )

these dudes
No. 10198 ID: 2bafff
File 137142249049.jpg - (324.40KB , 1261x868 , 40.jpg )

encounter in the corn-maze
No. 10199 ID: 2bafff
File 137142447694.jpg - (280.66KB , 788x1138 , 74.jpg )

No. 10200 ID: 2bafff
File 137142628323.jpg - (160.12KB , 867x1092 , 30.jpg )

his true form

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