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File 130256983884.jpg - (224.32KB , 700x563 , 1302482383570.jpg )
6319 No. 6319 ID: 13b3e1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Hi I'm making a modern-day GURPS game that's like a cross between STALKER and Just Cause 2. Here's some backstory!

The spacious island of Hatai is hotly contested between the Human and Hyaenid factions for its strategic value as well as rich deposits of oil and metals. It is host to a long-dormant volcano, long strips of forest, and large, beautiful beaches. The two warring factions struggle to set up air bases, bunkers, and military bases, each attempting to gain the upper hand on their opponent. However, scattered around the island are ruins of buildings that suggest something was there before either of them. Abandoned bunkers, power plants, even the destroyed tops of skyscrapers lie defeated on the ground in places. A massive road and bridge system was already in place when they arrived. As the party fights in the struggle for power, they may uncover some of the mysteries of the island, perhaps even solve where the previous inhabitants went, and why.

Please note that despite all the Hyaenid propaganda, you will probably be playing as a human soldier unless you have a really good reason!

This is a 100 point, -40 disad, -5 quirk, TL8 game. There is a 5-player cap.

In: Raycaster
Interested: starburst98, Emzee
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No. 7440 ID: 1c952a
File 131144576419.png - (220.29KB , 1700x2200 , Kevin Jackson 2.png )

No. 7441 ID: 1c952a
File 131144580562.png - (79.17KB , 1700x2200 , Kevin Jackson 3.png )

No. 7563 ID: 05514e
File 131380579958.png - (295.08KB , 1700x2200 , James Duncan.png )

No. 7564 ID: 05514e
File 131380589297.png - (224.73KB , 1700x2200 , James Duncan 2.png )

No. 7565 ID: 05514e
File 131380606808.png - (96.23KB , 1700x2200 , James Duncan 3.png )

File 131353052864.jpg - (92.19KB , 600x774 , 1313397083878.jpg )
7555 No. 7555 ID: 2703d2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

just got this and was looking at character creation.
It's fast and looks great for something like "Firefly meets Traveller" but I do have a question about Professional Edges. Are these something you level up and aim towards or something you can use right away?

They seem very much a way to replace character creation with "jobs" but how would you get the points for this and any other edges?
I guess you could take 2 minor and one Major Hindrances
then if you qualified for the Professional Edge?
Could someone fill me in?
No. 7559 ID: 6a5a08

Pretty sure you can take any edge as long as you meet the stated requirements and can take an edge at the time. Level doesn't seem to matter unless you need at least a certain rank to take it, such as Seasoned.

File 131302664576.jpg - (430.88KB , 2480x3992 , pso-series-2-racast_forprint_forsite.jpg )
7530 No. 7530 ID: 81b3db hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Recruiting one or two more players for a Mutants and Masterminds Campaign that will be taking place once a week on IRC! Here are the details! Please post if interested!

Frontier is a game that blends Wild-West settings, pulp fiction, space exploration, and anime robots. The players are elite Bio-Androids, with powers and ability's comparable to comic book super heroes, or high powered mecha. They are a group of fortune hunters traveling to a large region of space simply known as the Frontier. Here the communication systems and sensors only travel so far making everything feel remote. This creates a place where exploration must be done in person; a place of discovery and potential, where settlers might travel to find a new life, while criminals travel there to disappear or wreak havoc in a place where it’s easy to hide and the law has no meaning.

Imagine yourself fighting off bandits in the emptiness of space, with blaster fire flying in every direction. Imagine yourself discovering a ruined civilization, only to discover what destroyed it as well, deep under the earth. Imagine yourself speeding across the rooftops as you fight horrors unknown. Imagine yourself sitting back at a space port, having yourself a drink and enjoying the entertainment and gossip from the locals of wanted bandits, new finds, and legends of strange creatures. Or facing off against renegade imperialists thirsting for lost glory. Or in a standoff against a lone gunman, who has left all others before you a piece of scrap behind him.

Here’s a quick list of what you might be doing out here:
-Exploring planets to make claims on the resources found there, dealing with violent natives where they’re found, or even reasoning with the more intelligent ones
-Facing off against giant space horrors and beasts the size of a battleship
-Protecting high speed caravan ‘trains’ as they fly through space from bandits and h
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 7541 ID: 4c7b39

Alright, I have an idea for a character. I'm going to try to get some pictures commissioned and up by this weekend, but no promises.

Anyway, the way I usually make my characters is that I take a song or a series of songs and try to write a back story around it. In this case, I heard Wild-West and immediately thought of two things; those two being "Wayfaring Stranger" by Johnny Cash, and the Wild Wild West movie.

Of course, the former kinda shoved the latter out of the way, I'm guessing for the betterment of all.

Basically, I want to run a kind of nomadic character. He was an evacuated in a cryostasis pod on a nearby habitable, but rather desolate, planet ignored for it's rather bleak environment and low resource count. The caravan, mid-evacuation, had to FTL jump or lose the entire train. Fifty years later, a cryogenically frozen guy finally gets thawed by a passing ship due to a emergency beacon installed in the pod. He has since been exploring both civilized space and uncivilized space looking for clues or hints of where his derailed train has went, making a quick buck by prospecting harvestable planets along the way.

As for aesthetics, I'm thinking futuristic with a desert-punk/cowboy kind of theme, with hints of exotic knick-knacks picked up in his travels. I'm thinking he's going to act like he has his ear to the ground, friendly enough, but will snap up rumors like freshly baked cupcakes, and, when confronted with a weird, new sight, will say something to the effect of "Wow. I haven't seen something of this marvel since I was prospecting TX-757."

I'm thinking a lot of his abilites are going to be based around free movement and adaptability to odd situations.

No. 7543 ID: 81b3db

Looks good. Gives me plenty to work with as far as adventure hooks go. Leaves plenty of room for places your character might have met the other PCs (or the other PCs parents given the 50+ year time skip) and a basic idea of a power set.

Though he sounds like he'll probably be more skill heavy which is hardly a bad thing. Years of experience as it were over fancy tech. Which I was hoping to get one or two of naturally.

Give me a ring on IRC sometime. I should be lurking on the #tgchan and #RubyQuest channels a decent portion of the time. Not hard to catch.
No. 7550 ID: b19ffd

Hey, a few more questions that I think need to be publicly known, both of which I'm kicking myself for not asking earlier.

First, what's your IRC handle? Just Bribri, or is it different?

Secondly, what edition of the rules are we using? Second? Third? DC reprint?
No. 7551 ID: 81b3db

Yeah just Bribri. Occasionally Anvis or Soleil when I'm IC for other games. I likely won't be on much until late today. Lots to do.

We'll be using 3e for this. I have more experience with 2e granted, but I may as well give the new version a spin.
No. 7554 ID: 81b3db
File 131336007235.jpg - (56.07KB , 810x573 , tempest.jpg )

Right! I'm hoping to see all my players thus far at a discussion session on Tuesday at around 8:30PM Eastern time (-4 GMT).

We'll be talking on IRC Channel: #FrontierIC Server:Rizon Lurkers are allowed within reason.

File 131044756363.jpg - (348.28KB , 1161x984 , 1288747784311.jpg )
7381 No. 7381 ID: d5ae2a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I'm looking to incorporate Sergals into D&D 4th edition.

Now that you are done laughing, I felt like the approach I took in crafting them as a PC race went over pretty well, but I would like a second opinion and I can't think of any other place where I can find what I am after in that regard. I am very serious about this and positive feedback and constructive criticism would be very much appreciated

Info is found here:
No. 7385 ID: f5fe2f
File 131046403055.png - (818.37KB , 973x1261 , Sergal_4e.png )

Uploading the old 4e thing because why not. Yours looks like it's basically this but updated to the newer 4e. Except the skills are different, but yours seem like they work just as well to me. I see no problems.
No. 7387 ID: 049dfa

>Unnerving Presence - Sergals confer a +2 Racial bonus to intimidation during combat encounters. Sergals also confer a +2 Racial bonus to intimidation while bloodied.

Kind of ridiculous, but intimidating in combat is basically useless anyway so it's not overpowered or anything, just silly.

>Sly Tongue
>Because you choose to converse in a witty and coniving manner, you are typically sly in your approach to life. You gain the Sergal "Sly Tail" style feat and +1 to Stealth. (And the other parts of this feature)

If anything you should gain -access- to a style feat based on it, not just straight up get a bonus feat. Also Sergals aren't losing enough for all of these free bonus skills compared to other races.

>Ferocious Charge

Okay there are a ton of things that are shady here.

Most racial attack powers, while they generally let you choose the stat with which to attack, they still lock you into one on damage (See: Dragon Breath).

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 7389 ID: 9cb4b3

The 4e thing is not balanced at all, and was done based on what the late-night /tg/ folks were saying was balanced. I've never really run D&D games, I've always played Rifts/Gurps/World of Darkness instead, so I just trusted them on both the 3.5 and 4e stats.

Turns out, they were way wrong on both, and I've just never bothered to fix them because I don't really have experience statting things for D&D. I have the original .pdf files for both still, I think, if you guys can come up with something better than what is posted here.
No. 7390 ID: d5ae2a

thank god I asked then, jesus this needs work.
No. 7522 ID: 9b0836

You're going to have to repost this if you want us to read it again.

The pastebin is not there anymore

File 129973866293.jpg - (63.01KB , 600x668 , unconqueredsunyes.jpg )
6038 No. 6038 ID: 657bec hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Because people wanted it. Namely, Theta][Sigma, Seven01a19 and Cruxador; I'll select one or two other people as well. Tripcodes please; we'll be playing here, pbp, in another thread that will be made when the time comes.

I still don't know what I'll do, so post what you'd like to see or cool ideas you have. I'd also recommend you come up with character ideas and post them here before getting into character creation and whatnot, particularly since I've yet to decide what house rules and whatnot to use. I am, however, limiting things to Lunars (best preference), Solars, Abyssals or Dragon-Blooded.

And no hax please, of course.
161 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7463 ID: d86f54


Oh, I just wanted to see if I saw them. I have... bigger plans.
No. 7465 ID: d86f54

rolled 10, 8, 7, 6, 3, 9, 2, 6, 3 = 54

Alrrrright! Gant will move up to the enemy archers and cast Titan's Icy Breath, a spell from the White and Black sorcery book, page 66. Area affected is 10 yards by 10 yards and 100 yards long, from in front of the caster; I'm assuming our enemies lined up (more or less) to fire at the camp, so this should be good. Here's the relevant text from the book:

"Roll the sorcerer’s (Wits + Occult) and add a number of automatic successes equal to her Essence, as an attack against everyone in the spell’s area. Characters cannot block this attack, though they may dodge it. The spell has a raw (lethal) damage of six dice plus attack successes. Anyone who suffers even a single level of damage from this spell has his movement rates halved and the Speed of all his actions increased by one for the remainder of the scene."

I -think- this means that I get 3 successes (for Essence 3) in addition to the whole roll itself, of 9d10. Tell me if I'm reading the rules wrong here, or doing something wrong. In either case, this is going to h-h-h-h-hurt if it goes off well. Here goes!
No. 7472 ID: d86f54


So... eight successes, plus six damage die, best as I can tell. Should I roll them now, or wait?
No. 7479 ID: ab9565

Ah, well, Sorcery in combat is a little complicated. What happens is that you drop out of combat - that is, you still operate in combat time, but you can't do any of the normal things people can do just by being in combat, like move or defend yourself - and use the Shape Sorcery action (or sequence of actions for the higher circles of sorcery). That's when you spend the willpower and motes. Think of that as "charging up" the spell. Then, once that's done, your next action will be the Cast Sorcery action, which is when you make all the rolls, assuming that you haven't been prevented from finishing the spell. Then you have to roll to Join Battle again to see how long it takes you to act again.

I note that you say you move in the actual post, but you wouldn't be able to do that, so I'm just going to assume you hover, which I will allow you to do. Also what you should have done is saved the end of that post for the Cast Sorcery action, which you'll be doing later - if you haven't been interrupted during the casting.
No. 7480 ID: d86f54


Well! I clearly am new to exalted. If I'd known how cumbersome combat casting was going to be, I might not have taken Sorcery at all!

Done is done, though. Gant will move to the spot indicated (however many ticks this takes) and place himself hovering out of easy melee reach, THEN try to cast his spell (going by what I rolled earlier, unless you want me to reroll).

File 130373488110.jpg - (155.61KB , 1024x768 , a3f1f102dd04db8c9c3a6c7a6794f33029590b31.jpg )
6606 No. 6606 ID: 360b06 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Heya folks,
In an attempt to get myself to actually organize my /tg/-RPG picture collection, I've decided to use you guys as an incentive; hopefully your anticipated clamoring for pics will spur me to actually finish the damn project.

Every time I complete a sub-folder, I'm going to upload it to Mediafire and post it here, this'll also help me in that there's no way I can load my entire folder at once, so it gives me an extra push to be specific with my organization.
Every time I add 50 more pictures to a particular folder I will update the corresponding upload so ya'll can keep apace.

And, oh yeah, I hope ya'll enjoy them!

Folders Below:
23 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 6901 ID: b5ebec
File 130530710205.jpg - (126.44KB , 994x762 , Hornet\'s Nest.jpg )

.22 rounds you say. Funny you should mention that.
No. 6909 ID: 63401d
File 130534581513.jpg - (116.31KB , 600x600 , do want.jpg )


No. 7007 ID: 360b06
File 130588076832.jpg - (192.25KB , 825x550 , seriously, thats cool.jpg )


Cyborgs-Robots-Androids-Power Armor- 220
No. 7008 ID: 176570

Goddamn, I've GOT to see if the Marshal will stat this out in Deadlands now.
My thoughts exactly, compadre.
No. 7471 ID: d9246e


I'll keep the folders up until I can do this shit properly.

And I've had some complaints; there will be less borderline Gnoll porn in the next collection...

File 130335589281.png - (1.15KB , 800x120 , title.png )
6452 No. 6452 ID: 1578e2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Ok, tried this before and it flopped entirely, but we're doing this again.

We have enough DF people here to warrant a proper succession game. I figure we can run it normal style, that is one year from Granite 1 to Granite 1 for each player, take turns and write up nice little synopses for each year, with pictures.

I'll take first run. I suggest we never have a list of more than a couple players in line. I also suggest a week time limit on playing your year, since you can do it in a day with a decent box and taking more than a week wrecks all the fun of having a succession game.


That said, I'm going to give till say midday tomorrow for suggestions for worldgen parameters, embarkation parameters/locations, and anything else the other players feel might enhance the game for everyone.

Otherwise I'll default to a small region, embarking in a temperate/cold area with a river and no aquifer, with my standard embark package.

Any suggestions?
195 posts and 91 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7371 ID: 1578e2

Suppose I should paste the save. Way to go there, champ.

No. 7373 ID: 049dfa

I'll sign back up for another go.
No. 7374 ID: 1578e2

1. Squeegy
2. Asplosionz
3. ClockworkSeal
No. 7392 ID: 1578e2

Squeegy flaked out because steam sales.

Asplosionz is up.

1. Asplosionz
2. ClockworkSeal
No. 7467 ID: 1578e2

Asplosionz flaked out 'cause DF crashed (understandable!).

Seal flaked out 'cause work and trip to spelunking.

We're out of players!


File 130344403880.jpg - (358.21KB , 614x920 , Tower_of_Babel_by_ZackF.jpg )
6514 No. 6514 ID: 3a325b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

The Tower of Ages

The world is in turmoil; as the Age of Sorrows turns towards the future, the face of Creation changes every day. The edifice of the Realm, once so powerful, has lost its central pillar, the Empress; the supports that have been hastily erected to keep it standing are cracking, and if they are not held, soon the Scarlet Empire will collapse upon itself. The kings and queens of old, bright with the essence of the sun, have returned; and their light entices other ancient powers from the shadowed corners where they have hidden so long. A multitude of forces, terrifying and glorious, do battle with each other over the fate of the world. All the while, the kingdoms of mortal men still struggle to survive.

On the fifth night of Calibration, six years after the disappearance of the Empress and the return of the Solars, a great tremor rocked the entire world. When the Unconquered Sun returned to the skies, those eyes that turned north saw a sight that baffled the eyes and boggled the imagination; a great tower rose from the horizon. So tall it was that its top was lost in the storm-driven clouds of the far North, and so broad that even on the slopes of the Imperial Mountain a clear day and a keen eye could see its line against the sky, tilted like the spear of a drunken behemoth.
38 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7258 ID: 400170

Elicia ponders this matter deeply for a few milliseconds before dashing out of the tent towards the source of the arrows, waving her arms and screaming at them to stop.
No. 7395 ID: dad664

Adrianna gave a soft huff as she swallowed the food within her mouth, chasing it with a quick gulp of her drink before wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. "Well, it was a pleasant couple of days without anyone shooting at me at least!" She hops to her feet, giving a brief stretch before giving a nod to Guarana and Tharn. "Be back in a wee bit, m'dears." Turning on her heel she charges after Elicia, the red whip of her ponytail flagging behind her as she charges to catch up with the fellow Lunar. Giving a glance upward she notices the incoming hail of arrows, the sea-lass closing her eyes briefly as she focuses inward. Thick bone-like plates begin to surge up over her skin, overlapping upon each other like heavy natural scales as they grow thick enough to grant better protection to areas unprotected by armor, Adrianna's eyes snapping open as the sudden change ends and she bolts forward [Armor-Forming Technique; +6 Bash/Leth Soak, +2 Aggr Soak, -2m]. She sidles up next to Elicia, giving a grin and a nod over at the other woman, before returning her gaze towards the emanation of that hail of arrows. "I really don't think asking them nicely is going to work, luv, hope you've got a back-up plan!"

DV: 6

Personal: 22•/22•
Peripheral: 34•/40• [8 Attuned; -2 for AFT]

BASH: 21 (+6) [27]
LETHAL: 18 (+6) [24]
AGGRAVATED: 0 (+2) [2]
No. 7400 ID: 10d022

Elicia nudges Adrianna and whispers to her, "It can work if we try it! The diplomatic solution is always the best solution. We have to find out why they're attacking us. If all else fails... I'm better at hand-to-hand combat."
She holds her hands up high, palms forward, and inwardly summons all her charisma as she begins to step forward, calm, determined.


Her Changing Moon caste mark appears as a light glow shimmers around her, and a commanding tone enters her words. Her eyes glint, cool and soothing, her steps firm and unafraid.

"Stop! Stop your fire! Please, stop this mindless violence!"

[5 motes to First Charisma Excellency

Parry DV: 3
Dodge DV: 3

Personal: 20•/20•
Peripheral: 37•/42• [-5 for FCE]

No. 7457 ID: e6ceaf

Elicia steps forth just as another volley of burning arrows streak from the shadows, again finding their marks on tents, wagons and two unfortunate soldiers, though those injuries seem accidental and their fires swiftly snuffed. The inanimate targets are not so fortunate: over half the camp is now aflame, and fireball sends splintered planks of wood through the air as a small barrel of firedust, collected from the misplaced desert, explodes with a deafening blast. Silhouetted against the angry red glow, the people running around the camp are but shadows... but some of those are not allies! As the Exalted watch, horselines are cut, beasts sent running and packs snatched away by elusive man-shapes that dash towards the forest.

As the Lunar makes her plea and the brand of her Caste burns on her brow, alarmed cries sound in the woods; those who hear it and can understand the ancient tongue of the Old Realm can understand it as a recognition of her Exalted nature, though in a dialect that's hard to comprehend beyond that.
No. 7464 ID: d86f54

Gant observed the spectacle from above with a chilly demeanor, one hand clamped tightly around his silvery staff. As he soared above the King's tent, fire spread through the camp, causing panic and confusion. Though he had been prepared to be targeted when he rose up into the air, none of the missiles had come toward him, and instead they had again fallen upon the flailing members and supply tents of the expedition. Even worse, from his vantage point, Gant could see that some of the figures in the camp seemed to be acting with ill intent... saboteurs, infiltrators or worse.

"King Tharn! I will worry the archers! You have enemies infiltrating your camp!" he yelled down and hoped that the Monarch could hear him, and that his own plan of action would go off without a hitch. The lovely Elicia's attempt at diplomacy would not stop the fires, nor reach the ear of every raider intent on stealing or ruining the expedition's stores in this ambush. No, to stop them in their tracks altogether, something more... spectacular would be needed.

Gant steeled himself, took a deep breath and then, trailing a glowing white fog through the air, dove towards where he suspected the largest row or line of archers would be, aiming to position himself along its edge. His bat-like wings buffeted the air furiously as he descended to their level of the jungle, instinctively ducking and weaving to avoid any errant arrows sent in his direction. As he dove the aged exalt pooled his essence, rapidly uttering the arcane phrases required for his spell. As more and more of his power drained from him, the snaking white fog around Gant thickened and shone brighter, until he seemed like a falling star descending upon the archers who had fired upon Tharn's camp.

Before they could even react to the sudden presence of the glowing Dragonborn, the self-proclaimed sorcerer of Watcher's Wake finished casting his first and most potent spel
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 130618021281.jpg - (81.91KB , 459x601 , Forgotten Realms v1 campaign set.jpg )
7042 No. 7042 ID: cab4cf hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Does anyone here play AD&D anymore? Because we have a party going on in Forgotten Realms and could use a DM to strap us together on an adventure. We've lost ours and have been forced to run lame stuff for each other, something we really suck at.
15 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7360 ID: 62b1b2
File 131014160633.jpg - (89.46KB , 520x572 , cantdictionary.jpg )

All of you, come to #oldfagsunite on the suptg server (irc.thisisnotatrueending.com, 6667 or whatever port).
We play AD&D 2e almost exclusively, though I am not sure if I can promise anyone is going to want to pick up where your old DM left off.
No. 7361 ID: f5fe2f

I'm not from the old days, but some of those definitions seem a bit sarcastic to me.
No. 7372 ID: 62b1b2

They are SO sarcastic; cony-catcher, for instance, means thief. It is like an in-joke for planars, who love to fuck with primes, in general.
No. 7391 ID: ab6eee

From what I've learned of your little place, you have too much "2e = gritty and deadly" -attitude, as well as some people I dislike to be around with. But thanks.
No. 7450 ID: 62b1b2
File 131148314682.jpg - (147.18KB , 391x517 , Eduard_von_Grützner_Falstaff.jpg )

This board is super duper slow.
Which person were you?

File 127327669878.png - (107.19KB , 1038x750 , map9.png )
3653 No. 3653 ID: dd0a5e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Alright, After leaving for a little while I've been working on a project that might be a bit..huge. It's a game unlike much before it. We have an entire site dedicated to play and a wiki as well.


Follow the link and look around. If you want to join please do. Its a bit like questing though on a larger scale.
44 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 4029 ID: d2f365

No. 4427 ID: ea0b12
File 128493284774.jpg - (942.27KB , 2048x2048 , 4chisland.jpg )

eherm. We are currently bogged down due to college...my apologies folks.
No. 5714 ID: 754124

Oh hey, people are playing this again.
No. 6187 ID: 6fc6a4

Still moving, also looking into FATE system
No. 7380 ID: 649f7c

aaaand after a crash of the old one new site


File 130817749790.jpg - (21.83KB , 263x342 , Deadlands.jpg )
7227 No. 7227 ID: 6f1545 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I've been looking into this game called Deadlands. I've had an off and on relationship with this game but a recent binge on the game Red Dead Redemption has put the wild west back in my blood. Has anyone here actually played this game before? What's it like? Is the system any good?

I think I might pick up the core book for this at my LGS if it's any good. I have a few ideas for a campaign. One includes helping a black ranch owner who's moving out west fight off zombies and racists and the other one includes Louisiana and a lot of vampires.

So, any stories, plot hooks, or anything at all?

On another note, /b/ fucked up and got all of 4chan down, including /tg/.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7233 ID: 6f1545

I was looking at the new Savage Worlds book for it and liked what I saw. It was pretty good for what I wanted. The only steam punk part of it that really gets in the way are the robots. The wild west is probably the only setting I can't stand robots in.

Rules looked pretty cool. The option of using a poker set for spell casting looked pretty cool.
No. 7234 ID: 8e18cd


Oh so they're still using the poker set for spells? Awesome. What about the chips, are they still in?
No. 7235 ID: 6f1545

I haven't read through it all yet, but from what I've gotten out of it the poker set thing is entirely optional. The chips are still there for good I think. They adapted the 52 card thing into the existing magic system for Savage Worlds in a way that it can be entirely ignored unless you're bored of rolling. Then again, I haven't flipped through the Savage Worlds main book or read the entire Deadlands book so I'm probably entirely wrong.
No. 7330 ID: 45be60

My recollection of Deadlands is that the steampunk components were pretty minimal unless you went out of your way to include them. But our group had someone intending to eventually become a mad scientist, so experience probably not typical. It never overpowers the western feel though.

And using poker supplies for combat never gets old. Wear a cowboy hat if at all possible.
No. 7376 ID: b9bd4f

My DM is an insane genius. The first town we wnet to turned out to be alive and trying to kill us. Eventually it got fed up, summoned a bunch of undead soldiers from the civil war, and then sprouted a bunch of FUCKING SPIDER LEGS out of the bottom of a clocktower and chased us down. We fought and killed a clocktower with spiderlegs. We now hate clocktowers with a passion.

Some people in the group also run thier own Deadlands games, where the REAL weird shit happens, including a town beset by EVIL CLOWNS and killing the angel of death by dropping a zepplin full of nitroglycerin on him.

tl;dr play deadlands, you will like it

File 130921675609.png - (825.79KB , 900x900 , fullmap.png )
7324 No. 7324 ID: 60d73a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Greetings and salutations, those-who-don/tg/ive-up.

My name is Dave, and I don't role-play. Maybe someday I'll learn to, but for now... meh.

I built this web app that lets GMs generate maps on the quick using a bunch of hand-drawn tiles by several very classy people. You can check it out at:


As I'm not an RPer, I'd love your thoughts and feedback on how I can make my mapper surge forth with more awesomeness.

Thanks in advance, and don/tg/ive up.


P.S. Pic related, it was generated in my mapper.
No. 7326 ID: 835a2d

Very handy and useful! Kudos!
No. 7327 ID: 230919

The city section seems like it probably needs a few more map sources, but then you probably get more demand for dungeon/cave maps anyhow.

Overall, looks good.
No. 7328 ID: 60d73a

It's really all based on the resources people in the community feel like making in the first place.

If you're interested in contributing some tiles (of any type) or know someone who is, I'd be happy to add more.
No. 7331 ID: cb841b

I hate drawing city layouts and you just made my life ten times easier. Thank you!

That said, IMO the maps look better when all tiles are from a single author, so it would be nice if I didn't have to uncheck everyone all the time.

Other than that, great job. I know a fewlazy DMs who will really appreciate it.
No. 7337 ID: 60d73a


Yeah, sorry about that. Before, you could double-click to single out an artist source, but when I rewrote the back-end that caused some weirdness. It's on my list of things to fix soon.

File 130126045815.png - (113.08KB , 750x2210 , 11bans.png )
6190 No. 6190 ID: 33ab71 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Apparently /tg/ is currently being moderated by 11 different mods.
31 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 6465 ID: 35ae80

>these kids playing with banhammers have only been around for weeks.

Several months at least.
No. 6530 ID: 41f341
File 130347236463.png - (61.88KB , 800x600 , tgkarma.png )

Related image, you can see here how long the mod we have has been around.
No. 7308 ID: c128ad

the current mod is hilarious at how bad he is

he leaves ban messages up instead of just deleting the posts and banning them so threads derail into nothing but


Hell, I just got a warning for saying "I'd rather see Verity come back, at least she was entertaining" in a thread that was about posters that were gone, the reason I got was "that furshit will stay out, the banhammer is out and ready if you try me"
No. 7309 ID: 0cb05b

I just hope that you're as stupid on 4chan's /tg/, because I'd LOVE to see your brainless carcass permabanned. Sage, because this thread has NOTHING AT ALL to do with traditional games, and would be deleted with several bans if /tg/ had good mods.
No. 7321 ID: 049dfa

Seriously? It had been two months, this thread was long dead, why the fuck would some dumb shit post in it now?

If you want to bitch about 4chan's /tg/, go do it on the general board in the topic set aside for the purpose. This is /tg/ - Traditional Games, not /tg/ - 4chan whining.

File 124416381721.jpg - (32.68KB , 500x300 , 1240111315283.jpg )
53 No. 53 ID: ebf8f1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I know lots of people who like playing RPGs, but nobody who likes GMing them.

Is this common?
40 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7214 ID: 70e6ae

I hate GM'ing because I suck at it.

But if I could run a satisfying campaign, I'd enjoy it.
No. 7215 ID: f11446

About half the enjoyment comes from revealing the plot of your own story. I don't believe any published adventure can be exciting enough to motivate you running it from first encounter to last. And of course, players can just read the adventure elsewhere and force you to stray off from the book.
It's the thrill of watching players react to your laid out traps, pulling information from your NPCs, making theories about what's going on and noticing something you'd never think of. Many times I caught myself giggling and rubbing my hands while reading players' posts.
No. 7216 ID: 7a3b1d

> And of course, players can just read the adventure elsewhere and force you to stray off from the book.
Our That Guy from back in the day did the opposite.
Whenever anyone wanted to take a break from creating things from whole cloth and run a premade, he'd go torrent it and read it and metagame the shit out of things.
Then again, this is the same guy that for his first time playing Morrowind went with a speedrun guide so he could 'beat' the other group member that bought it at the same time.
No. 7270 ID: a8a734
File 130851497140.png - (144.58KB , 905x746 , Rarity_Bathrobe.png )

I'm almost a full-time DM in my group. I enjoy DMing a lot, although I would like to be a player in a campaign with a realy good DM at some point. I have a bunch of character ideas I really can't use because I'm almost always behind the DM's seat.

Also, my tastes as a DM and the players' tastes don't completely overlap; I'd say they sort of 70% overlap, but from feedback I've gathered that they like my lighter-hearted, sillier, more escapist scenarios more than my more serious ones. We all like dramatic stuff, so it's good, but sometimes I just want to turn the grimdark meter down from 'platinum' to 'vougishly light grey'. Sigh, the trials and tribulations of a DM...
No. 7290 ID: 8b9dd7

Run dark heresy and turn the grimdark meter to standard Warhammer 40k.

Though I really desire to play, there's none who can DM, I would but I've proven quite horrible at remembering. I was wondering if there was some IRC's I could go to for online play?

File 130853225340.jpg - (65.79KB , 250x326 , 40krp-dark-heresy.jpg )
7279 No. 7279 ID: 598506 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

How would you feel about modifying Dark Heresy so that it uses a roll over system rather than a roll under system (i.e. you have to roll d100 + your skill and hit 100 to succeed)?
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7281 ID: 598506

No. 7282 ID: 049dfa


because thanks to the margin-of-success rules you don't lose any amount of complexity by inverting the rolling system.
No. 7284 ID: 598506

Actually, I would say you do--less head math. Subtraction is much harder for most people to do in their heads (in my experience, at least), and if you roll over 100, you simply need to drop 100 from your roll to figure out your degree of success.
No. 10883 ID: 355d5a

best of all
No. 10884 ID: 355d5a
File 144012145605.jpg - (61.87KB , 801x534 , dump.jpg )

File 130249851593.jpg - (513.12KB , 750x870 , 1301801780241.jpg )
6304 No. 6304 ID: 6cb915 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

While most people seem fixated on the "must have full attack" aspect of a gunslinger, I am curious as to weather or not a Dead Shot Gunslinger could be a viable build. With muskets doing 1d12 damage, taking signature deed to make it a no-cost deed, and getting Deadly Aim and Gun Training, it seems to me that it might not be entirely unfeasible to make a dead-shot gunman workable. That would also free up the usual two-weapon feats that the usual 'full attack only' builds would require. Since it would stack with precision damage, you could potentially make a rogue or assassin using this sort of build as well.

Thought, options, monstrous insults, etc?
8 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7209 ID: 4c0a14

But there are several hundred years between that and the early handgun.
Just because metal pipes and stuffing gunpowder into them have become popular, doesn't mean that anything that isn't a machinegune is readily available.
No. 7213 ID: 98141e


It's like saying iron swords are okay and then someone demands spanish steel.
No. 7217 ID: 28e94e
File 130783586382.jpg - (12.11KB , 599x133 , 6-chamered_wheel-lock_revolver_(Germany_1590)_by_W.jpg )

The filename says it all
No. 7220 ID: 543375

Gunslingers can full attack at first level (assuming this is pathfinder platest round 2)

Rapid reload allows you to reload a pistol with alchemical cartridges as a free action.

I'll double check with muskets, but I'm fairly certain you can also somehow.
No. 7221 ID: 543375

Here we got:

When using rapid reload, the action required to reload is reduced by one full step RAW: Fullround to Standard to Move to Free (specifically skipping swift in that order RAW)

Two Handed Weapon with Paper Cartridge and Rapid Reload = Move action to reload, costs 1.2 gold a shot.
Two Handed Weapon with Metal Cartridge and Rapid Reload = Free action to reload, costs 2.0 gold a shot.

As thus when you full attack with a musket, you're paying the extra 8 silver per shot for the d12 damage as opposed to the 1d8 damage for a pistol, but you're also firing more realibly.

The only feat you need to do this is Rapid reload which you ought to have with your favored firearm by at least level 3, but you are more than capable at level 1 to full attack with multiple shots.

The only question is whether or not your DM allows metal cartridges and this ruling determines whether or not your gunslinger will be a deadeye focused gunslinger or not.

File 127365619567.png - (81.85KB , 800x1209 , Intimidation Failed.png )
3693 No. 3693 ID: f04685 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Got a cool RPG Campaign you're in? Drawn something for it? Got stories to share about it? Post 'em in here! Doesn't matter if it's still goin' or not. Let's post some arts!
81 posts and 32 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 6982 ID: abcbff

From what I understand, it was determined that the specific configuration of people necessary for the Layridin campaign was unlikely to ever be assembled again.
No. 6986 ID: 1854db

Oh my god, is that a tiny bat riding on the Umbral?
No. 6990 ID: 3e6377

It's the umbral's familiar. The umbral is a WITCH WITCH BURN IT AT THE STAKE i mean see also >>313699 and >>313727
No. 6992 ID: 1854db

That is one of the most adorable things I've ever heard about.
No. 7218 ID: 049dfa
File 130790379795.png - (1.53KB , 100x100 , AggeiaAvatar1.png )

guess I'll post this here

Layridin (Journey setting) races + some racial feats for D&D 4e. I hope to eventually fill out a setting info dump to accompany it, and a even a monster bestiary eventually as well. But for now, here's the races set up so you can take some and kill some goblins and kobolds or something.

This is basically a first draft, so there's bound to be some errors. So, just a heads up

File 124702976080.png - (126.35KB , 400x400 , adviceelf1.png )
698 No. 698 ID: 678525 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

What's the most fertile fantasy race?
45 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 3435 ID: f52552

Five interwebnetbucks on semen breath or some kind of magical quality to their sperm.
No. 5121 ID: ae0714

Broo, from RuneQuest. Cross with almost ANYTHING, as long as it has an orifice. Sometimes even a wound.
No. 5122 ID: 3af16b

>From RuneQuest
No. 7211 ID: f0e3ae

Race = race are strains of a sentient species which can crossbreed. Races: Asian, caucasian, latino, african would be human races. Great dane, poodle, etc would be for dogs.

Species = creatures that cannot crossbreed. Humans, horses, rabbits, dogs..

Anyways, of important note are:
Goblins and kobolds: Very small, mature very quickly, reproduce very quickly, die young. Think rabbits... they are most fertile in the term of "have the most children in X years"
Crossbreedability: Low
Rate of reproductin within species: Ridiculously high

Humans: Uniquely able to crossbreed with any other humanoid and some non humanoid species. Breeds fairly quickly but has fewer children and at an older age then goblins/kobolds.
Crossbreedability: Ridiculously High.
Rate of reproduction within species: Above average

Devils, andgels, dragons: Can and do breed with anything and everything that is alive (including non sentient animals). Most breed with members of their own race, very slowly, require many many years to reach sexual maturity. Most breed very little... its presumably the occasional crazy horney male that shapeshifts into animal/humanoid form and impregnates anything moving that causes so much half breeds.

Crossbreedability: Anything alive, no exceptions.
Rate of reproductin within species: Very slow

So... which one of those is the "most fertile"? that depends on how you measure the word "most".
No. 7212 ID: f0e3ae

oh god I am so sorry. I don't know how I missed the date on that one. That confirms it, I need sleep.

File 130657828471.jpg - (18.38KB , 300x300 , ec.jpg )
7115 No. 7115 ID: 753cdd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So, how exactly do Posthuman Studios earn their money? Eclipse Phase books are available for free vie Creative Commons licence so nobody has to actualy buy them and Eclipse Phase is generaly considered to be rather mediocre system. Yet the production values of their products are pretty high.

Fucking Postuhuman Studios, how to they work?
14 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7149 ID: 753cdd

>If you've got something great, a thread or two on the relevant board on 4chan will get a huge audience.

I strongly doubt it. You'll get called on "viral" and ignored even if you are actually good at what you do.
No. 7150 ID: a6008c

Well that's just a matter of knowing your audience. You don't go into /tg/ and say "Hey this is my game check it out!" You go in and say "Hey I heard about this new game, has anyone else played it/heard about it? It might be neat!"
No. 7152 ID: 753cdd

>You go in and say "Hey I heard about this new game, has anyone else played it/heard about it? It might be neat!"

Even this will bee recognized as viral.
No. 7153 ID: f5fe2f

No, you're better off going "hey look at this awesome thing I made!" If you own up to being the creator, folks won't call viral on it. In places that aren't /v/, folks don't really call anything viral, though.
No. 7154 ID: 2563d4

Probably because that's what it is. Or maybe astroturfing. I'm not quite up on terms used for shitty social marketing practices.

File 130559782883.jpg - (115.68KB , 1024x748 , elesh-norn-grand-cenobite.jpg )
6949 No. 6949 ID: 6930ef hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

We need a Magic General.
Talk about cards here. Standard, casual play, whatever.
1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 6980 ID: 4485bb

Herp derp conceding does not use the stack.
Yes, you can even do it while mindslavered or while a split-second spell is on the stack.

Points for creativity, though.
No. 6988 ID: b21009

>Chaos Confetti
Hah, this game has a card which lets you cover the gaming table with confetti? I'd expect a game of this level to be more conservative, but that must be a fun card to play.
No. 6991 ID: 2563d4

If memory serves, you make that confetti out of a card. A card that people paid money for and covet as if they were made from shavings of the True Cross.

There's a copypasta that lurks about of someone using it to teach a That Guy a lesson. (So is, naturally, probably a complete fabrication.)
No. 6994 ID: 120db2

It itself refers to an old, old card called Chaos Orb, which you didn't tear up, just dropped onto the field from at least three feet to destroy something.
The story goes that in the early days, at a tourney, a desperate dude tore his into little pieces to scatter all over his opponent's side of the field, thus 'touching' most of his permanents and destroying them.
They don't make cards like that anymore, sadly.
No. 7143 ID: f5fe2f

It's silver-bordered. It's not a "game of this level" thing. Silver bordered cards can have whatever rules the designers please, and are intended to be silly. Off the top of my head, Blacker Lotus also requires you to tear the card up.

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