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File 130628046082.jpg - (44.18KB , 328x500 , Tau Fire Warrior-328x500.jpg )
7058 No. 7058 ID: 402d3f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

40k thread?
40k thread.
Im looking to start a new army. I like Tau a lot because of the whole technology thing so I'm thinking of doing a steam-punk thing (and secretly considering chaos Tau). suggest a color scheme or another army(no smurfs or chaos marines.), but just talk about the game in general.
No. 7067 ID: ca3eb4

Fluffnazi that I am, I rage at your mention of chaotic Tau.

And steam-punk? With massdriver weapons? What?
No. 7069 ID: f7aa74

kroots suck, period
No. 7075 ID: 402d3f

its OK, i understand.
this is my basic idea, not really part of chaos, just allied with it. by steam punk i meant that i would kind of try to strip back that sleekness the tau have. not actually steam punk, just lots of pipes and cogs.
No. 7077 ID: 694e74
File 130637111464.jpg - (18.66KB , 275x428 , british-officer.jpg )

British Tau?

File 129230571758.jpg - (434.10KB , 1099x699 , 1248408102594.jpg )
5606 No. 5606 ID: 0405f3 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Since TES:V Skyrim has been announced, decided I would dump some Elder Scrolls art I'v collected. Given that it's one of my favorite settings.

I just hope they decide not to abandon the lore like they have been know to... at times *coughObvlivioncough*
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No. 6933 ID: 544dd4
File 130551854996.jpg - (93.25KB , 503x650 , Ascended_Sleeper_by_chrisbeaver.jpg )

"Horribly news everyone! They cut Mysticism, Athletics and Acrobatics, albeit I would have been fine with them simply merging the latter two."
No. 6938 ID: 63401d



Newfag to Elder Scrolls here. Bought Obliv on steam, suggestions as to what required mods/ect I should get/use/need/want/help computah?
No. 6943 ID: ef90b9

At first: Try to get the addon, Shivering Isles, if possible. Should be rather cheap now, but is actually better than the main game (personal oppinion).
But avoid Knights of the Nine and other DLC like a plagued peasent.

Refrain from using major game changing if you want the original experience (You can try out one of the many overhauls for a second run).

Look for a mod which squishes out the last bugs and inconsistencies.

Depending on the PC you use, you might want one of the performance optimisers, since due to a bug Oblivion slugs down your RAM and/or graphic card memory after a while.

I personally would recommend a mod like "Natural Environment", which changes lightning conditions and adds weather effects (which are a bit broken in vanilla). It doesn't affect gameplay, doesn't cost FPS and only adds to the atmosphere imho.

There are tons of mods which only change aesthetics. I like the one which lights up the citie's windows at night and the "Better Landscapes" series, which have done a great job on the variety of the landscape, but the drastic changes might be a turn-off for a first time player. Also the mod which adds a few travelers on the road (but that one was a bit buggy last time I checked, so caution).

Lastly, depending on the type of player you are, you might try on of the mods which change the trading system (which is not that great in vanilla), the leveling system (which could definitly need some improvement) and the need to sleep and/or eat once a day.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 6963 ID: 63401d


Thanks for the information. As far as the DLC goes...well, I got all of it gifted, so its not like I paid for KoT9 at least. :P
No. 7057 ID: 402d3f

nice flea
ordinators are assholes.

File 130584083314.jpg - (43.27KB , 505x600 , Magic_Scroll.jpg )
6998 No. 6998 ID: 753cdd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

How are D&D magic scrolls supposed to work? Other classes of magic items just have some sort of permanet spell placed on them or in case of wands and staves they actually store the spell and release it when triggered.

Meanwhile magic scrolls just seem odd. I mean it's piece of paper or some other material with spell formula on it, wizards can learn and memorize spells from it, yet somehow it can be made into instant spell generator that doesn't need any sort of preparation to cast the spell. By that logic, shouldn't wizard be able to just pull a page from his spellbook and use it as a scroll?
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No. 7034 ID: 753cdd

I am sorry, but writing the spells into yout spellbook is free. So there's probably something missing from "spellbooked" spell, so I wouldn't allow it.
No. 7039 ID: b21009

Well that's one of those loopholes that would get blocked very soon. You can't re-add a spell "for free" since, according to the D&D magic system, you only "knew" these spells because they were recorded in your personal spellbook in the first place (and a personal spellbook is, supposedly, filled through extensive study). Tear them out and you can't put them back anymore because you no longer "know" those spells.

On a less related note, magic in D&D is a pain indeed, but designing a viable spellcasting system from scratch is considerably harder than it might seem at first glance. I tried that during my attempt to create a lightweight MLP: FiM roleplaying system and I'm still on the fence on how it turned out. My group's unicorn doesn't cast much and more playtesting is needed.
No. 7040 ID: b21009

I feel I wasn't clear enough. Think about spells in terms of tab A slot B.
"A" is your word, gesture, thought, whatever - it's always with you. "B" is everything else. It takes a lot of time and effort to create the B part. Those come either from you spending months of off-screen studies or by a scroll scriber who makes a living out of it.

So when you prepare a spell, you sort of copy the B part into your mind for the remaining day and voila: the spell's at your disposal. When you cast from a scroll you just use someone else's effort.

Logically, if a player wants to use their spellbook page as a B-part blueprint, I see no reason to turn them down, but later they won't be able to just write it back in a minute, because they only know the A part.
No. 7043 ID: 6cb915

It didn't used to be, however - to ink a spell into your book actually was quite costly, except for the very, very few spells you learned for your class abilities.
No. 7044 ID: 35e1a0

yeah, think 200G per page. and a spell is one page per lvl. so a 4th lvl spell cost 800G in magic ink and stuff to write into your book. in 3.5 at least.

File 130554182832.jpg - (199.43KB , 509x534 , hobbit.jpg )
6940 No. 6940 ID: 753cdd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Are hobbits (halflings etc.) separate species or just a subspecies of homo sapiens?

Half-hobbits were never mentioned in LoTR or any other notable fantasy work featuring them, but it was never said that they can't produce fertile offspring with common humans.
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No. 7014 ID: f5fe2f

Tolkien did call them different races rather than different species, you know.
No. 7033 ID: 753cdd

Yeah but in Startrek even creatures from different planets, even no humanoids are "race".

In fiction "race" == "species"
No. 7035 ID: 2563d4

Tolkien could be a complete hack and still abuse less terminology than the Star Trek writers. Also, sci-fi, and ISTR it's actually stated in-universe that they have to use their fancy future medical science to allow crossbreed freaks.
No. 7036 ID: bf1e7e


>Yeah but in Startrek even creatures from different planets, even no humanoids are "race".

All of the primary aliens in Star Trek were created by the same alien super-species that came through the universe and made all of their genetic codes fit together to spell out a 'good job!' message.
No. 7037 ID: bf6085
File 130617104212.jpg - (30.75KB , 600x340 , shatner1.jpg )

Also, hot alien sex - wait...

File 130519940475.jpg - (158.07KB , 1600x1067 , 1257470338324.jpg )
6870 No. 6870 ID: 77a042 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Well /tg/chan you certainly seem alright. Slower than regular /tg/ and with a healthier concentration of name/tripfaggotry but I don't see the unwarranted self importance or elitism seen in other, smaller chans (ex. 7chan).

But I can't help but feel like this isn't /tg/ enough. So, let's fix that with one of the most generic things one can ask on /tg/,

What If the the Emperor woke up? Do you REALLY think he would do away with a 10,000 year old government right off the bat and try and start from scratch, is there any real chance he would negotiate with the xenos, and just how fucked is everyone else?
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No. 7009 ID: 176570

Wait, doesn't the astronomicon keep going as long as there is a sufficiently powerful psyker sitting on the throne? I remember somewhere that for a short time the Emperor had some Alpha minus grade psyker (or something to that effect, pretty powerful but not as much as him) sit on the throne to maintain the Astronomicon because he had to go face down Horus. Following that course of logic if the Emperor woke up the Astronomicon wouldn't go out unless he actually left the Golden Throne. In fact, if he regained enough strength to wake up then the Astronomicon would probably get BRIGHTER.

But that's just my take on the situation.
No. 7010 ID: 176570

Oh yeah, and if the Emp' dies, the universe is still fucked.
No. 7028 ID: 45be60

Nah, if the emp dies, the Imperium and Tau are fucked. The Eldar (fucked anyway) retreat into the Webway, the Dark Eldar do absolutely nothing different, the Orks enjoy the new status quo quite a bit, and the Necros just stay in bed.
No. 7029 ID: 35e1a0

uhhh, pretty sure the necrons are going to wake all the way up. and set up that great warding stuff everywhere making any warp based travel impossible and the nids can't fight them cause their weapons leave no biomass to re-eat and they aren't made of biomass at all.
No. 7030 ID: f5fe2f

The Emperor is in no way hindering the Necrons from waking up. They're just taking their own sweet time.

In the long run we're looking at Necrons v Orks v Tyranids
My money's on the Orks.

File 130362254144.jpg - (91.57KB , 556x700 , 1294398464155.jpg )
6585 No. 6585 ID: bb2d23 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I have a question, could anyone direct me to some Drow Fluff? believe it or not, Google doesnt hold a lot, and the one site I did find useful told me about 5 novels to read in order to have Drow Fluff. Is there a streamline version, and where would I find it? Picture Related, its my face when I made a Drow thanks to my DM's homebrew on Swordmages and limited races. (Ganasi were not allowed) Also, I have been told by my DM to steer clear of Drizt, or else I will be reading Mary Sue escapades 9.0 In the mean time, Ill find what little Drow pics I have.
10 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 6640 ID: 8c73c8

just so you know, this is a picture of drizzit. he is a drow ranger that was disgusted by his people's ways and managed to leave menzobarran. he is neutral good. has a magical panther statue that summons a intelligent magical giant panther from another plane. not entirely sure how he a mary sue, he sometimes got his ASS KICKED, and everyone distrusting him makes sense because trusting a normal drow is a good way to end up dead. those that do trust him were hard fought victories. only person who trusted him right off the bat was a little girl who didn't know you were supposed to be afraid of drow.
No. 6649 ID: 43d730

I believe one of the reasons most people have a low opinion of him is the piles of philosophical interludes where he angsts about whether he's worthwhile to the world while casually slaughtering hundreds of giants and orcs.
No. 6770 ID: bf1e7e


his pre-3e stats also have him having outrageously high stats and a drow CAN NOT have the levels he has in the classes he has. So there's that too.
No. 6859 ID: 734f64

Not sure if you already read something pointing out that drow have litters of children, and they fight to the death in womb.
No. 6912 ID: 73d9a7
File 130535710888.jpg - (106.98KB , 1576x569 , 1305898234624.jpg )

Speak of the devil I have actually.....

Pic Related.

File 130389001859.jpg - (48.78KB , 575x800 , 1252435047900.jpg )
6637 No. 6637 ID: 5bada8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

A few days ago I went down to my lgs to play a game of 40k. I had taken a break until the knights got redone and I came to play with the new dex. Immediately I was greated by the sight of well two that guys. Both always get the newest dex to munchkin. Both were playing paladin lists with proxies. ugh. Anyway I found a new eldar player to battle. I have a history of fighting the local clubs eldar champion and so it would allow me to compare the new dex and the old against an army I knew well.
No. 6641 ID: 911e41

>Cool story, bro.
No. 6841 ID: 97c16a

And it was just one little fight but your mom got scared? And maybe said "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel Aire?"
No. 6880 ID: 63401d
File 130522187919.jpg - (61.67KB , 294x294 , e_i_eiqphpurytxvtsaqbpizlliwvvuublkdxkysdeappdypgc.jpg )

No. 11510 ID: 7fad5d


File 130361379106.png - (839.99KB , 982x848 , fruitexamples.png )
6572 No. 6572 ID: fa517c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Plants for a fantasy setting, NOT plant type monsters.
18 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 6654 ID: b4e796
File 130399490548.jpg - (403.47KB , 1017x1431 , Alchemy Begins in the Forest 301-1.jpg )

Well then, here go a few more pages.
No. 6655 ID: b4e796
File 130399492516.jpg - (472.89KB , 1001x1431 , Alchemy Begins in the Forest 301-2.jpg )

No. 6656 ID: b4e796
File 130399494320.jpg - (466.06KB , 1012x1431 , Alchemy Begins in the Forest 301-3.jpg )

No. 6657 ID: b4e796
File 130399496042.jpg - (448.07KB , 1012x1431 , Alchemy Begins in the Forest 301-4.jpg )

No. 6658 ID: b4e796
File 130399500001.jpg - (410.63KB , 1011x1431 , Alchemy Begins in the Forest 301-5.jpg )

File 130328029128.jpg - (1.95MB , 1600x1600 , ef6afd64590706a87a4cd0a1812ff1e7.jpg )
6431 No. 6431 ID: 6cb915 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

It's pretty much a rehash of the usual OGL content of the Expanded Psionics Handbook. the Psions get a few nifty powers to toy with but otherwise are just wizards with spellpoints, and Wilders get a hell of a lot more out of their surges than they used to, and Psychic Warriors are pretty much the same, with a sort of Ranger style combat specialization....

And then you have the Soulknife. The class got completely rebuilt, almost entirely from the ground up. Fighter will have a better AC unless the Soulknife burns a feat and spends some bladeskills, generally speaking, but the damage potential is fairly high. Not fighter high, but easily keeping up with cavaliers, rangers, and barbarians. They also have two good saves - but not their fort save, which makes them an interesting contrast to the other combat monsters around. The Psionic Weapon feats also grant a minor addition to general damage, so that they have a use beyond 'spend your focus and do a coupe of d6 damage extra).

I was impressed by them, and they are pretty customizable. Thought, opinions, flames, hatred, settign fire to puppies, likes? I'm not posting their art, because their artists were pathetic. There's a point at where 'cheap' is not worth the savings.
No. 6635 ID: 8f9461

This is somewhat related...

I've always been disappointed that 4e never had the soul knife. I was wondering if there were any way to convert/create the soul knife for 4e.

Fricking hate the monk mechanics so inb4 reflavor.
No. 6638 ID: c36069

From what I understand they would be a standard character except they would use the alternative 'inherent bonus; system for their weapon boosts, stat boosts, etc, making them the equivalent of a low magic style character in a normal magic world. I don't know for certain but I think it would be in the DMG 2 or 3, under alternate world systems.

I'm not a 4e player, mind you, and I don't like the system, but it is good enough. Other than the 'inhrent bonus option' applied to a melee striker template of some sot, it's just prohibative to develop the slew of powers unless you pulled the thing they're dong with vampires and werewolves - no power selection, just a straight progression of abilities.

File 130122368281.jpg - (321.56KB , 700x700 , aafeb4ecee9159dad9ac8d40b897725c.jpg )
6189 No. 6189 ID: 40cb26 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Ok guys, so I've got a little project I'd like to share. It's pen and paper final fantasy game and I'm aiming high with this, going for themey flexible and most of all fun. Been poking at it for a while and I'm trying to get it developed but it's hard to do alone without feedback! So have a look and tell me what you think as I roll this out.

I've got a site thrown up here http://ffelements.wikispaces.com/
But to prevent tl;dr syndrome here is the lowdown:

-System is based on 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Because when they said it was like a vidya they had a point, but it clearly didn't go far enough! It adds an MP system and a new power type to use it on top of everything it had before, and makes a number of tweaks besides.

-Which game of the series is it based on? All, any and none in particular! It is intended to include major elements from all parts of the series, but leave all those parts independent and modular. For instance, limit breaks and materia? Take them or leave them it works either way. Blue magic and summons? All the styles of those have some play. Combines classes with a Job system, with variants planned.

Anyways, right now the About, Attributes and Warrior class pages are the most worth reading. Everything else is hardly alpha, but I'll be updating what is there asap.

No. 6197 ID: 197105

It' looks interesting, that's all I can say really.

Keep it up.
No. 6211 ID: 40cb26


Right now I'm hopping between the classes, working on their basic functions and how they erlate to each other. Like how the warrior role is based on OAs and Strikes trigger on [W] powers, every class will have a gimmick in how they work. I've actually made some progress but no single part is ready to post, so here's a little sample of where I'm at right now.

Black Mage - The big thing here is hammering out the [M]agic damage dice mechanic, getting the language right and considering how powers and classes will interact with it is non-trivial. My bigger worry is I'll be tempted to make a new variable for every other class, but proper use of keywords and such should prevent that.

Knight - The reason the warrior doesn't have marks is this class relies upon them. Features will be based on defending, while their command will use Marks directly for addition effects. Think of Power Break and its ilk as a kind of mark effect and you start to get the picture. The flashier knight stuff is reserved for jobs based around the knight, often with a mage multiclass. Dark Knights, Holy Knights, etc.

Monk - A fun one. It's features will have all kinds of counterattacking methods. Uses [W] for it's martial arts and blitzes, but it's command actually replaces the effects of [W] instead of adding to it like the warrior does. And not just for simple damage, but changing the targeting and adding effects and taking advantage of the effects it added in a series of combos. Considering using [M] for blitzes as well, it would mostly work the same way.

Thieves - All about getting that combat advantage. Not just for damage as the Rogue had but also for stealing and other advantages. The features and the Sneak command depends o
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 6213 ID: a41aaf

>Final Fantasy RPG
Relevant to my interests. I'd best go learn for D&D works then. What advantages does this have over FFRPG (apart from not needing a pile of different dice)?
No. 6218 ID: 40cb26

The Returners game? I haven't looked at that in quite some time, so I couldn't give you a point by point comparison. But what I remember was a poorly balanced hodgepodge of mixed up themes and complicated rules. Plenty of effort to imitate the videogame mechanics in a literal sense looking like they were made for computers instead of people. And too many damn percentiles!

...Just had a look at it on the wiki, and it still seems to be the case. Not to say its unplayable, I think the balance is better now and there seems to be less off the wall mechanics, but it falls far short of what it could be.

Now the advantages here? Most of it starts with the fact that the D&D 4e ruleset is simple and well balanced. Not to say it's perfect: some find the mechanics so simple as to be boring, can't stand the narrativist angle that encounter powers bring, and the actual material made for it isn't always as good as it could be. For the first and second points Commands help a lot, since it adds a dimension of what you can do, and forces the other powers to be more about how you do them. As for the third well... I'm working on that, now aren't I?

Beyond that it's meant to be damn flexible, even with considerably less classes than Returns has jobs each will have far more builds available, able to multiclass and qualify for numerous jobs. A red mage can easily be a strong double caster or a martial magician, dragoons will be quite different if you start as a warrior or knight. Or you can go red mage dragoon, that works too.

Ack, better stop now before I keep rambling. You learn how core 4e works (I'm keeping most of those mechanics) and I'll keep writing it up instead of going on about goals. Later!
No. 6605 ID: 40cb26

Been slow going but I've had good progress on the underlying mechanics lately. Here's a bit about commands I particularly like and wanted to share:

Command Type:
Command abilities are divided according to what powers they work with and how they effect them.

Special techniques wielded by the user that work as or through their weapon. They replace the value and effect of [W] in qualifying attack powers.
>Martial (no requirements)
>Punch (requires a free hand)
>[Weapon Type] (requires an appropriate weapon to be wielded)

The effect here is really quite elegant: Monks get their Martial Arts and Punch Arts to effects that fit their style and mirrors their 4e counterpart. Knights get their Sword Arts, and a bunch of other Arts based on weapon skills become available. And it all uses a unified mechanic that fits them quite well, effectively using weapons as the powers implements. You just know that describes the likes of Cyans, Agrias' and Steiners sword skills pretty darn well.

The other command types aren't quite as elegant (or at least not finalized) yet but I'm getting there. All the other powers are based on commands and so can't really be finished until I hammer this mess out.

Ah well, I'm having fun.

File 130173665802.png - (1.47MB , 779x1053 , DtD.png )
6207 No. 6207 ID: cf244d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Gentlemen. Today, I give to you a grand gift. Dungeons The Dragoning. It is a mighty system that allows the creation of grand heroes, from Ork Werewolf Fighters of Khorne to Dark Eldarin Promethean Paladins of The Raven Queen to Human Paragon Guardsmen of Sigmar.


You will MARVEL at my role playing system!
9 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 6302 ID: cf244d

15 paragraph 5 line 4 "Lyran" should be "Lycan"
195 line 5 "Great wheel" should be "Great Wheel"
195 paragraph 4 line 11 "dice" should be "die"
196 under Characteristic Tests line 3 "determins" should be "determines"
196 under Characteristic Tests line 12 "pagents" should be "pageants"
196 column 2 line 5 "secuction" should be "seduction"
197 column 2 paragraph 3 line 2 "environemnt" should be "environment"
203 line 3 "momement" should be "movement"
210 paragraph 6 line 7 "damge" should be "damage"
212 paragraph 4 line 12 ".." at end of sentance should be "."
219 under Lost Eye line 1 "haves" should be "halves"
219 under Lost Leg line 2 "Losting" should be "Losing"
221 under Unconsciousness line 1 "Unconsiousness" should be "Unconsciousness"
221 under Unconsciousness line 4 "unconsiousness" should be "unconsciousness"
221 under Unconsciousness line 6 "unconsiousness" should be "unconsciousness"
221 under Unconsciousness line 8 "unconsious" should be "unconscious"
224 column 2 line 3 "refuation" thould be "refutation"
225 Wordplay doesn't specify characteristics used on the Test
226 Disposition table has multiple different effects for same numbers
231 column 2 paragraph 4 line 3 "dwarves" should probably br "squats"
236 column 2 paragraph 2 line 9 "weath" should be "wealth"
No. 6355 ID: 6cb915


Really, WH40K's influence on the word 'heresy' has got to be stopped.
No. 6397 ID: cf244d

Khorne - The god of battle. The blood god. He enjoys killing dudes. Khorne is a god of honorable combat and slaugter. Of battles fought for glory alone and for dirty, drawn out fights for life and country. Khorne loves every type of warfare found in this world.
Worship of Khorne is purely through bloodshed, either from one's enemies in victory or one's own through earnest struggle. Khorne has only a few simple commandments for his followers:
* Spill blood in his name. It can be your blood or the blood of your enemies, but do not shy from violence.
* Do not trust in sorcery, and do not seek to learn its secrets - magic is the way of the weak.

* Fight in honorable combat, not against the weak or helpless.
Slaanesh - The god of excess. Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Slaanesh is all about doing what you enjoy, and not holding back for anyone. The drive to be perfect, the love of doing something just to do it. The excitement of the novel. The joy of art. That's what Slaanesh is about. Worship of Slaanesh is extremely varied, ranging from simple hedonism to elaborate and exacting rituals that take days to complete. Slaanesh orders its followers thus:
* Turn away from no new experience, unless it would kill you - try everything once
* Stand out from those around you To blend in with the crowd is to lose who you are.
* Tempt others with what you enjoy share drink, invite them to lavish meals, and turn them to hedonism.

Tzeentch - The god of change. Change we can believe in. Tzeentch is also the god of hope, because hope is nothing more than wishing for the future to change. In his mind Tzeentch listens to the hopes and plans of every mortal and every nation; and through his own complex plots and manipulation he alters the course of history to achieve some great plan beyond mortal knowledge. Tzeentch asks for his followers to do the following:
* Be fl
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 6442 ID: 43d730

I was thinking more the reactions of the churches (heresy, not blasphemy) from syncretising Bahamutian ideals from upbringing, Khornate ideals from experiences, and Lunar ones from exaltation.
No. 6570 ID: 30df25
File 130361108478.png - (148.49KB , 826x1169 , Dungeons The Dragoning CharSheet.png )

So YOU'RE to blame for this!

File 130338452373.jpg - (56.98KB , 905x601 , 1188615417374.jpg )
6466 No. 6466 ID: 5bada8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

hear about tgchan on tg
Think it will be like leaving /k/ for opchan, come here see primarchs daughter thread and exterminatus high. somuchwin.jpg

You guys awesome pic related
23 posts and 23 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 6494 ID: 5bada8
File 130338608909.jpg - (71.71KB , 750x600 , 1213718780612.jpg )

No. 6495 ID: 5bada8
File 130338638121.jpg - (136.20KB , 600x600 , 1261631530716.jpg )

No. 6496 ID: 5bada8
File 130338639914.jpg - (669.17KB , 765x990 , 1261580120684.jpg )

No. 6499 ID: 6a3226
File 130340204636.jpg - (83.16KB , 750x600 , 1241814845744.jpg )

Mmmm I recognize some of this, good stuff. Just gunna warn you though, it's a bit slow in the actual /tg/ board. Most active board here is /quest/ but more posters of any sort always welcome.

Also, we have an IRC or two, anyhow, welcome, have something from my old collection
No. 6505 ID: cf244d
File 130341416695.jpg - (82.66KB , 750x600 , 1254697493405.jpg )

pandas and cats

which breath fire

File 124946044194.png - (1.98MB , 1488x1131 , Paladin.png )
1418 No. 1418 ID: 033b20 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So /tg/ my groups Paladin driver messed up his Tech Use skill and drove off of a cliff.
My question is, should I make it fall?
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 3913 ID: bde1b8

You're using 4E in a modern day setting? That must have taken a ton of edits.
No. 3915 ID: f95872

Or no edits at all, just make custom stats for tanks and guns and shit. Characters function exactly as normal, except maybe give a tech skill.
No. 3916 ID: d8fe4d

How big off a cliff was it?

1 or less = Crew shaken
2 = Crew stunned
3 = Damaged- Weapon destroyed
4 = Damaged – Immobilized
5 = Destroyed – Wrecked
6 = Destroyed – Explodes
No. 4206 ID: 962221

I admit, I loled...just a little though
No. 6400 ID: 8f9461
File 130301932633.jpg - (123.22KB , 1024x511 , 1302406485499.jpg )

I'm doing the same thing with my group, to an extent. I just redid all the vehicles from d20 modern into a mount format like in AV1.

I made firearms, ammunition, and fuel super rare.

And this is all in Dark Sun. Brilliant, no?

File 130224365547.jpg - (155.71KB , 634x796 , narulebook.jpg )
6241 No. 6241 ID: 900c9c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Anyone else psyched about this?
No. 6242 ID: 900c9c

I prefer the Babylon Five rules, but good to see that the game is still afloat, the system is really pretty good.
No. 6262 ID: 900c9c

The new signs and portents gave away some of the rules for the Hawkwood fleet, the Meson cannon is fucking close range death!
No. 6378 ID: d91eef

Just got the minis in the mail! They look great!

File 12471829825.jpg - (161.77KB , 700x1000 , ontopalone.jpg )
939 No. 939 ID: 119cbb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So the word on the street is that not only has Mektek.org been granted the rights to host the full downloads for Mechwarrior 4 and it's booster mech packs (the ones you used to have to pay 40 dollars for)...


...but Videos have begun to pop up in regards to a new Mechwarrior game project in the Unreal 3 engine by Smith&Tinker and Piranha games, as well as several interviews in regards to the upcoming title. Apparently another PC/360 title, so I'm expecting watered down gameplay to a degree, but according to the interview, will be made to feel much more desperate than the last games, and the video pretty much dictates that the Unseen will also be making a reappearance in the games....


...I just can't get over how awesome all this news is... the next few months are going to be distilled excellence for me.
29 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 6282 ID: 900c9c

As a Lyran Officer I have never succumbed to the cowardice of a Fedrat.
No. 6283 ID: 6c4270
File 130232254410.jpg - (27.48KB , 454x365 , grouchomarx6.jpg )

as a lyran officer you never left the country club
No. 6286 ID: 900c9c

That's a load of horse-hockey! The Captain leads from the front!
No. 6287 ID: 6c4270
File 130232877891.gif - (5.97KB , 204x203 , game_citadel.gif )

Leads from the front?
From the Front-Stage seats at the opera-house, you mean.
No. 6296 ID: 900c9c

It was a great show...

File 129494301297.jpg - (83.64KB , 500x547 , 1290744028310.jpg )
5799 No. 5799 ID: 08b764 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hi folks! Is it okay to write and post erotic fiction on this board? I just want to ask so I don't break any rules.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 5801 ID: 08b764

I wrote the one about the ogress on 4chan's /tg/ a little while ago. I just wanted to start on a new one and was wondering where it would be safe to post it. Thank you for the information!
No. 5807 ID: 4812df

yeah it's fine
No. 5809 ID: 20fc85

Fapfiction is alright here... considering there's another just a few threads below you...
No. 6292 ID: 6cb915

Maybe I'll start posting over here.
No. 6293 ID: 6cb915

Note to self, there is an XS here already.

File 129728584251.jpg - (83.41KB , 810x340 , 1258135636839.jpg )
5954 No. 5954 ID: 9a86e9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I picked up the Mongoose Traveller corebook sometime ago and have most of the supplemental as .pdfs. My gaming table and I have had some fun rolling up characters, even if they somehow manage to make EVERY roll and have enough money to retire even before play starts. But I digress, I need some assistance. I cannot comprehend how this game is supposed to actually work. I get the mechanics just fine, although the rules for space combat are spread so thin through the rulebook you could see through them. Where I get hung up is writing a game session in this system. Are there any Traveller players or GMs around that could give me a crash course in GMing this?

For example, I'd like to start a campaign with the players salvaging a derelict spacecraft and then turning them loose to explore the system, maybe find some work, and jump out. But find the book sorely lacking in ways to build NPCs, etc.
No. 6290 ID: d4369b

Check out the collected White Dwarf articles, which examine this in detail:


Also have you checked out the CT guides 76 Patrons and 1001 Characters? Lots of inspiration there. Also check out the BITS guides - 101 Plots, 101 Cargos, etc.

File 12934304439.png - (451.72KB , 1280x771 , sergalbaker.png )
5728 No. 5728 ID: 0c9433 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Strange/funny/awesome character ideas you have and would like to impliment in a tabletop or freeform roleplay

Pic related. He is a dirty dustback who is fluffy and bakes pies.
18 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 5815 ID: 891283

Yeeeeeeesss...should one require the players to write up magical incantations for their attacks, assume those are automatically done, or just do without? Perhaps incantations as a power multiplier? Usually big long incantations are signs of someone's crap about to get beaten out. Not always, though.

...I'll shut up now.
No. 5816 ID: 43d730

I could see charged incantations or something, where the more rounds you spend nattering on and doing ceremonial stuff.

Gnoll Lamashtu heretic, convinced of the sanctity of all children, not just the monstrous ones. Also a very good clown. Something like the joker crossed with Gamera.
No. 5817 ID: a41aaf

Loyalty of NPCs directly proportional to the damage you have inflicted on them.
No. 6226 ID: 815d12

You need to watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Nyatorrents has them. Make it pthrough the third episode for true plot revelation.
No. 6227 ID: df0b78

The spellcard system from Touhou Danmaku Yuugi might be the only useful thing from the whole manual. It allows you to customize range, area, effect, targets...

File 129679501568.jpg - (99.50KB , 453x604 , CharacterSheet.jpg )
5848 No. 5848 ID: f88f02 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]


Fled /tg/ thanks to fucking assholes. Continuing discussion here until tomorrow.

This is the current character sheet, not including Popularity and Inventory, which are on a second page.

Grades and Popularity generated by rolling 2d6:

2- F
3- F+

4- D
5- D+
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
15 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 6031 ID: f88f02

While you're mostly right, you should read the logs I've been posting. The rules have been refined over time and we are approaching the point where we can release a pdf. So yeah, there's been progress! It's just not readily appaerent.
No. 6033 ID: d4f82f

So OP, you gonna post a link to that PDF here when your through with it? Saw the original thread and was joyous to find this one here, where there's no chance of losing it due to other-traffic.
No. 6034 ID: f88f02

Here and in 4chan's /tg/. I promise it by the end of this year!
No. 6178 ID: d4f82f
File 130064954358.png - (28.29KB , 426x324 , 1298175787754.png )

awesome, I eagerly await it.
No. 6203 ID: e10ce4

Note to self: If character has tits...

Suddenly... In the darkness. LESBIANS.

File 128461348437.jpg - (301.42KB , 1200x812 , 1236439576071.jpg )
4244 No. 4244 ID: 962221 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

What are you all playing?
29 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 5718 ID: 8c1304

Playing a version of donjon(http://open.crngames.com/src/donjon.html) so modified that it doesn't even roll the dices the same way, planeswalkers overpowered with high tech-high magic in a multiverse kind of setting incorporating old settings we played, mostly as fun way to revisit old places but is starting to get a real plot.

Preparing everything to start a Mouse Guard campaign, but i'm not discarding the less grimdark, trekie Rogue Trader one...
No. 5723 ID: dd45d7

Mouse Guard, you say?

Any chance this would be online?
No. 5724 ID: 8c1304

Nah, I had a few bad experiences trying on-line campaigns. And my English sucks anyway.
No. 5735 ID: cf2533

When you said Donjon I really got exited for a moment. But sadly it didn't turn out to be the game based on the comic series. Cause I really would love to find that one translated.
No. 6200 ID: 9e7f1c

Started a 3.5 campaign using useless classes, in the first session we had a samurai, a favoured soul, a beguiler and a knight. We are expecting an hexblade and a wu-yen in the next one.

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