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File 150626496599.png - (11.17KB , 605x291 , seattle2064.png )
11468 No. 11468 ID: f10010

Do you like Shadowrun? Do you like MUDS? Nova.
If you don't, then frag off.

This is an RP heavy MUD I found recently and I'm thinking I might as well promote it. More people could liven it up, and I think that could be alright.

It's got a whole lot of cyberware, bioware, and magic or whatever too. Be an ork rigger with a drone army mounting shotguns with explosive slugs. Maybe be a street samurai with a monowire whip or a monokatana. You can get away with a lot of character concepts in shadowrun. There's a shortband radio system for IC mudwide communication, cell phones, and self-piloting vehicles with GPS coordinates to get you places you want to go. Build your own goddamn cyberdeck if you're patient enough. (but it takes a lot of stuff to get started)

But remember the 'Shadow' part of Shadowrun too. There's wetwork, but if you do dumb shit and go on a murder spree you're not a shadowrunner, you're a serial killer and you probably won't last long. Even Lone Star notices if you're coming down the street with a gyromounted autocannon.

Another cool deal is there are RP runs. Player driven or staff driven, they take it from a mud with mobs and stores and autojohnsons to full on tabletop, the NERPS stuff that might not have a code implementation work just fine by diceroll.

If that sounds like a good time to you, grab some mud client. They have Duckclient for chrome, mushclient for windows, mudlet for whatever the hell else. Some of you might have some others already.

Grab one, and point it at: mud.seattle2064.net : 4000
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