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File 153713964282.jpg - (61.70KB , 500x776 , I+defend+you+little+princess+with+every+inch+of+st.jpg )
11575 No. 11575 ID: dbc7c8

Post an image of fantasy art and I'll give it a backstory. Others can join in if you'd like.
>Feodor and Ásgerður
The last two living members of a tribe descended from giants, Feodor, is the 6"11 brother of Ásgerður, a more manageable 5'11 woman. The two travel the lands teaching people thier crafting techniques, and seeking half-giant men and woman to...continue the tribe.
How's that?
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No. 11576 ID: 51d5a1
File 153714144533.jpg - (44.31KB , 500x385 , enhanced-buzz-24985-1280249191-6.jpg )

Can post art that I did? How much fantasy it needs to be?
No. 11577 ID: dbc7c8

Uh, alright. Low fantasy, urban, high, steampunk, whatever the fuck man.
I'm bored. Now then
The Skelk are the results of a experiment, where a wizard combined a doppelganger, mimic, and a mannequin all into one creature.
Deformed, and prone to epileptic seizures, the Skelk survive by morphing into statues and large busts, usually of beasts, though some can appear as broken human statues. Thier mouth, albeit small, can unhinge and has a bite force strong enough to easily crush a childs head. So far, only 64 have been found, and it is believed they cannot breed, so people are mostly safe from them.
No. 11578 ID: 51d5a1
File 153721961518.png - (352.43KB , 1024x744 , beef.png )

No. 11579 ID: 51d5a1
File 153721964018.jpg - (60.65KB , 583x371 , yellow.jpg )

No. 11602 ID: 5bad2e
File 153729709979.jpg - (88.73KB , 736x490 , df1d987cd3e6d50b6e701dcc232ebb79.jpg )

No. 11616 ID: dbc7c8

The Melaga are a species of Equine and Canidae descent, resulting in a hardy and fast beast used mainly for moving supplies across long distances.
Geoffry is an imaginary friend that, upon realization of his imaginary nature, nearly zero-summed.
Instead, he became as "real" as he could.
Been 40 years since then.
The giants agreed to help build a cross-continental railroad not for money, but so that they could use them as toys, photoshoot sets, and out of a want to do something.
No. 11624 ID: 733bd9
File 153853296368.png - (254.78KB , 310x375 , tumblr_inline_pfzmw1tpbE1wn0dcd_540[1].png )

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