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File 124715616238.jpg - (125.07KB , 778x583 , IMG_1992.jpg )
778 No. 778 ID: 273495

Hey everyone, 4chan still seems to be down so this seems like the right place to come

I got my hands on some silicone and I'll try some casting later on based on my own knowledge of the stuff (inb4 horrible, horrible failure) but before that I'd like to ask a few things from you lot
-Anyone have a good plan for sculpting Valhallan-style fur hats over Cadian helmets?
-Is citadel Snow Scatter the best way to make snow bases or are there better ways?

Thanks in advance folks
>Pic demi-realted, he'll be in the final army
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No. 781 ID: 273495

Snow scatter works pretty well. I've seen some tutorials about baking soda and sugar and PVA and shit but really they seem like a huge hassle to me
No. 783 ID: f74047

Sugar is a bad idea. It tends to melt and/or get sticky.
No. 784 ID: 95ab41

um... I mostly work with Tyranids and Tau for conversions... so the best idea I can propose for Valhallan style hats on Cadians would be to make a small cylinder of green stuff fitted over the top of the Cadian helmet, then some green stuff ear flaps, and then take a modeling tool or toothpick and poke texture into the fuzzier parts of the hat, like the front and the ear flaps
No. 785 ID: 273495
File 124716555668.jpg - (137.10KB , 778x583 , IMG_1995.jpg )

Ok thanks for the warning there
I was wondering if shaving down the cadian helmet's back knob thing and top would be enough, then adding the fuzzy bits on the front.
I mean the Cadian helmet already has (some sort of) earflaps and some of the artwork (priest entry in IG codex for example) shows fur hats with those earpeace radio boxes
I really need to do some more experiments on this...
>pic of a failed attempt, camera isn't working properly so I can't show the more recent ones
No. 839 ID: 273495

So, uh, will you be hanging out here from now on or will you go back to 4chan when it comes back online?
No. 854 ID: 43a399
File 124717602958.png - (125.17KB , 329x436 , RHG.png )

Script! Wassup mah niggah?

I'm trying to convert up a Raven Guard successors Chapter Master. I have a slew of High Elves bits, some Chaos and some Eldar. How would you suggest I do the bird of prey motif?

pic related, my Honour Guard. Must be more over the top then this!
No. 855 ID: 273495

Depends really.
I prefer 4chan for now, I need a lot of trafic to keep me going (which is why I prefer 4chan to normal forums) and at the moment this place is just too slow.
I'll give it a fighting chance though. And probably visit from time to time anyway.
No. 863 ID: 273495
File 124717646112.jpg - (25.68KB , 370x370 , 19998_page.jpg )

-Base it on Kor'Sarro Khan
-eagle head backpack from commander sprue, cut the heads and remount them at an upwards angle, then mount wings on the backpack. Swooping hawk Exarch at least
-beaky helmet + laurel wreath + High of General wings Lion El'Johnson style
-Aquilla from the Primaris psyker/Jarran Kell's banner/similar for the guard of the sword, possibly small eagle head for the pommel
-Small wings on the greaves Hermes style
-those winged pauldrons

No. 865 ID: 6abd52

Since /tg/ is always cluttered with hundreds of fa/tg/uys, I'd just like to say that your work never ceases to impress me. I <3 you Scriptarius.
No. 870 ID: 43a399
File 124717669926.png - (132.96KB , 287x317 , RHG2.png )


I didn't know they released a model for Khan. :O I'll take your ideas into consideration!

moar Honour Guard
No. 871 ID: 43a399
File 124717672228.png - (122.93KB , 339x380 , RHG3.png )


No. 873 ID: 6abd52

I liek your Honour Guard
No. 875 ID: 273495

Thanks. Feels good to get some credit. It keeps me from remembering why I don't like Warseer, Dakkadakka and BoLS.
>Damn you BoLS...
Can't you ask your LGS to mail order one for you?
I guess the plastic commander with some Assault Marine legs would work too
No. 877 ID: 43a399



I've posted some stuff on B&C. I'm just annoyed by the iron fisted rulings concerning anything remotely not Power Armoured.
No. 878 ID: 273495

For the commander you might also want to
-have wings on BOTH pauldrons
-replace the gem in the middle with an eagle head
>-give him a full cape made of feathers
No. 880 ID: 6abd52

While you're here, I have a question that you might be able to answer related to painting. I'm new to it so please excuse my stupid.

How do you get vehicles to have a solid, uniform color with NO BRUSH STROKES. This confuses me. No matter what I do, you can always tell where I was painting, and none of my vehicles have that nice, solid color.

How do you make that happen?
No. 882 ID: 273495
File 12471771248.jpg - (102.88KB , 900x675 , 1244732769718.jpg )

Bell of Lost Souls aka the guys who keep hiveminding me from the future.
They are like the Simpsons of conversion. You think "hey I could do a pretty kickass model of this" and BAM, BoLS has already beaten you to it,

My hate for the others comes mainly from the fact that they make me realise again and again just how low-end mediocre I am at converting.

And for mr. Drawfag, some winged marines
No. 885 ID: 43a399
File 124717723018.png - (145.18KB , 368x392 , RCS.png )


>feather cap

I did something like that for my Shrike conversion after chopping up the metal wings of a Reaper miniature.

Pic related.
No. 887 ID: 43a399
File 124717725321.png - (141.69KB , 366x350 , RCS2.png )

No. 889 ID: 273495

Well, a sprayed basecoat helps to give an even basis, and thinner paints tend to set more smoothly leaving less evidence of brush strokes.
Also enough layers should help. But sprays do wonders. I guess the citadel spraygun should work well.

I'm no painting expert so if anyone who knows his shit is reading this please advice.
No. 890 ID: 065c25

No. 891 ID: 6abd52


>My hate for the others comes mainly from the fact that they make me realise again and again just how low-end mediocre I am at converting.

>just how low-end mediocre I am at converting.

No. 892 ID: 43a399
File 124717728142.png - (181.68KB , 388x348 , RCS3.png )

No. 893 ID: 6abd52

Thanks. Much Appreciated.


Shut up, Nick.
No. 894 ID: 065c25


see, and he agreed with me
No. 896 ID: 6abd52

So? I'm still learning. And its a bigger deal coming from Scriptarius than you. <3
No. 898 ID: 065c25

You loved it last time it came from me, came everywhere from me...

No. 899 ID: 43a399
File 124717758598.png - (265.62KB , 445x559 , RCM.png )


Full on wings on Space Marine models look, in my opinion, kind of bad and unwieldy for transporting or use on a game board so with my particular motif I will just use plasticard to make smallish faux wings that look like they are apart of the armour. I'll probably have them facing diagonally at a 45+ degree angle upwards from behind the shoulders or off the back pack. Or something.

I don't even use Chapter Masters in game so he can wait for awhile. Looking at characters to crib special rules off of.. maybe Calgar? I all ready have 'count as' Sicarius and Shrike. Still need to buy a Terminator Librarian and mount a Storm Shield on him..

Pic related. Librarian. All ready has a pistol holster so I may just call him Sicarius.
No. 900 ID: 273495
File 124717763789.jpg - (78.09KB , 544x700 , 1194244893997.jpg )

Wait did you ever post pics of this on /tg/ because that look familliar to me.
Ok well maybe mediocre.
But FAR from great.
THIS is great.
>ok so I can tell pretty much every bit they used and the only reason I can't replicate it is because I can't sculpt...
But I'm still certainly not god tier.
No. 901 ID: 43a399


I make all my non-drawfag posts Anonymously on /tg/. I'm terrified of being carried away in a wave of digital pitchforks and molotovs brandished by angry Anons.
No. 902 ID: 273495

Are those the arms of the Vanguard sgt?
They're a separate component???

Also true on the wings.
I'd take Lysander or Pedro myself but that's just because I see Space Marines mostly as IG with possible 2+ armour saves and big blasts replaces with mass Scouts
No. 903 ID: 43a399


Hm, on second thought.. Hey Script does the Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour box come with bits to convert him into a Sorcerer? It's plastic, looks more ornate and has better looking bits. I may just use one of those for my Librarian.
No. 904 ID: 6abd52

Not script, but he has pieces that make him a Lord of Tzeentch, if that counts.
No. 905 ID: 273495
File 12471780773.jpg - (122.48KB , 648x486 , IMG_1787.jpg )

It comes with a staff, a tome and a helmet for the sorcerer version
That staff makes a great axe handle btw.
Not sure it'd make a great Librarian, but the Terminator sized cape is awesome
No. 906 ID: 43a399


Yes. I actually traded my Vanguard Veterans away and forgot the arms. When I asked the guy about it he didn't care and so I kept them for my bits box. Then I got this idea that a Chapter Master with a Relic Blade would be awesome, converted it, read the rules for them and face palmed.

I got rid of the Vanguards partly because I don't like the stats ( cool abilty, it's failed me every time in playtest tho ), partly because I like converting my own stuff and I couldn't make them fit my army theme cohesively. Most of their metals feel like they belong in an Ultramarines or Imperial Fists army.
No. 907 ID: 43a399


Oh. So it's metal? :(
No. 910 ID: 273495
File 124717848567.jpg - (250.93KB , 1565x1633 , ECKSBAX.jpg )

No it's a plastic kit
wrong pic
No. 912 ID: 43a399



My idea was to file down all the Chaosy iconography or green stuff over it. Namely the pointed arrrows, the jagged edges and random faces\Eye of Horus icons. Should leave that studded trim along the edges which is what I want to make it look like a throw back to the Great Crusade. Cape is also a MUST.
No. 913 ID: 43a399


I didn't notice the skull pauldrons. Those'd fit on a loyalist very easily.

Does anyone know where I can get some small raven bits to mount onto the Terminator's box frame? They're suppose to be psyber ravens playing Hugin and Munin to my Epistolary's Woten..
No. 914 ID: 273495

Filing down is gonna be a right bitch so I'd suggest just using a Loyalist Termie and giving him bitz from the Chaos Lord (cape, staff etc)
Also the skull pauldrons are from the Chaos Terminator kit, not the Lord.
Only small raveny bits I can think of are those that come with the Dark Angel Veterans kit.
No. 916 ID: 273495

The Scriptarius thread while aparaently the newest thread here is the THIRD MOST POPULAR?
My god man you're like some kind of e-celebrity. Only the Chanwars/board improvement and Drawfag threads have more posts and are well older.
No. 921 ID: 95206a

......its Scriptarious, for gods sake.
No. 922 ID: 95206a

......its Scriptarius, for gods sake.
No. 923 ID: 95206a

Huh. Sorry for the double post. Corrected my spelling error in that last one but it posted the first one too.
No. 925 ID: 273495

Scriptarius has earned his fame among us, it's rare to see suck a friendly and contributing namefag who keeps on the level even after his rise to fame.
No. 928 ID: 43a399

It doesn't help that most of /tg/ would have sex with him if they could.
No. 929 ID: 43a399


No offense bro. I just think that is both weird and hilarious. In that order.
No. 931 ID: 43a399

One last question; is the Chaos Lord's cape attached to the back section of his torso? And is the back section of the torso separate from the front like on normal Terminator kits? I want that part of the model to convert into a 'halo'. Just clip off the arrow points and it'd be perfect.
No. 932 ID: a29c65


I am sure that everyone who plays WH40k has dreams of fielding a unique and awesome army that will intimidate opponents and be admired by spectators. Anyone who freely offers useful advice and photographic demonstrations as to how that goal might be accomplished has both my respect and gratitude.

I would still prefer to have sex with Scarlett Johansson.
No. 933 ID: 43a399


Wouldn't we all?
No. 993 ID: 273495

The cape is a separate part that fits over a Terminator back

I tend to find sex to be overrated. Or maybe my partners just aren't that great. Meh, that's off topic.
No. 1310 ID: 273495

Too many quests on the front page
No. 3535 ID: d86d2c

No. 8285 ID: 6d95b4
File 133349132536.jpg - (255.91KB , 810x627 , 1333274764801.jpg )

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