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Joandventure by Sir Double-Faggot


  1. Prologue, Episodes 1 and 2
  2. Episode 3
  3. Episode 4
  4. Episodes 5 and 6

Joandventure is a quest run by Sir Double-Faggot. Even though most people keep calling the quest "JoanQuest", the official name, adopted after initially changing titles for each individual thread and a first thread with no title at all, is "Joandventure". And by that it is meant that you all are communist scum. It originally ran on 4chang's /tg/, but moved over to the /quest/ board, having been banned some months earlier from /tg/ due to violations of clear rules and internal consistency of mod policies after the ban was temporarily lifted for whatever pointlessly retarded reason the retardedly pointless people (again, more communist scum) involved in the lifting of said ban had in mind.

The quest consists mostly of massive mammaries, hats and huge awesomeness. Also includes John, who is known for huge beauty and remarkably prestigious hair.

Considering the recent update rate, Joandventure can be assumed to be 110% better than anything.


HA HA HA YEAH RIGHT. Should have ended in the 23rd thread on 4chan's /tg/.


The arbitrary new title for the continued Joandventure on tgchan.

Considered by some to be a pointless abomination that never should have been.

But the aforementioned "some" never learn.



Joan is not flat.

Has huge tits, and -10 Strength.

...And voices of huge retardation in her head. Poor girl.


Likes massive mammaries for some reason.

John of Huge Beauty and Remarkably Prestigious Hair.


She may have overdone it a little.

Half-dorf, half-viking. Has a bad habit of causing unintended minor collateral damage. Her power level has been described as being over seven thousand.


It's a girl.

Scientist with moustache similar to that of Charlie Chaplin's. And Hitler's. Spends most of his time being deceased.


Charging its weapon which works loosely on the basis of light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.

A robot with a butt. Spends most of its time being sapped and disassembled.


Normal greetings.

Dorf. She is married to a human viking, and has been known to correct him with a mace to the head. True love at it's finest.



Viking. Never fails to eat his porridge.


Not pictured: hands not being kept to self.

Uninjured, flat. Can't keep her hands off of Joan's naughty bits, for reasons that were never explained.

Tom MacTavish

That claidheamh da laimh is not there for compensation of any kind.

A highlander with intentions to join an attack on a fort.

Minor Characters

Nameless Avenger

He has lost his... CAR. Have you seen... IT? It's cool, like... HIM.

He is looking for his... CAR.

A bunch of other people too bothersome to remember at this time

Someone write something or other. This page needs pictures too.

Other Appearances

John appeared in Fight Quest.


Appearances by the cast Inside the Quest.

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Spoilerth tiny.png This quest has (fan) artwork that is not safe for work. See the NSFW gallery.




None whatsoever.

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