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MintQuest by The_Fool

MintQuest is the story of a cat girl named Mint, who seems to be a student at Carolyna Highschool. She has a friend named David, who specializes in electronics, games, all that kinda thing, and there is Sarah too, a cow, as one of her teachers. However, strange things begin to happen around, such as a sudden change(s) of environment and multiple, blood-filled deaths.




The basic female protagonist. She's studying at Carolyna Highschool with her friend David. She is a studious one, her interests mostly in the culture field.



He is Mint's best friend and, more importantly, a bunny. He studies along with her even if his likes are more in computers and electronics.



Sarah is Mint and David's teacher, but she also teaches other students. She's a cow who is quite unsure of herself. She can speak to spirits using her little horns.



A strange, violent man. His face is shaped like an upside-down omega letter, or perhaps like a "r" and a sideways 5.



Sarah's reflection in the mirror was seen with a face that looked like an inverted Pi symbol. It is unknown if this character's intentions are good or bad.


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Part 1

(Will be added shortly)

A story

Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.

Once upon a time, there was a boy
His name was David, he lived in joy
Frolicking in happiness, like a blissful sim
Sadly little did he know, what would befall him.

(To be updated every chapter)

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