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Prima's First Mission by Apples

Young, brash Futa Force agent Prima Tarus was sent to investigate allegations of Sapient Rights abuses on the planet Azberia. Unfortunately. her ship was shot down by mysterious forces of unknown allegiance. She barely managed to bail out and now must make her way through possibly hostile territory to safety and rescue, hopefully completing her mission along the way.

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Prima Tarus

The heroine. Prima Tarus is a newly commissioned agent of the Futa Force out on her first solo mission. She is a woman of action, capable of acting with lightning quick reflexes but often making impetuous decisions that come back to bite her in the ass (like rushing to get to the cover of a nearby tree line without grabbing her emergency supplies first). She has a body enhanced by sciences both miraculous and subtle. She also has a fully functioning penis with magical properties.

Quests by Apples

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